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Entered April 28, 1903 at Pickens, S. 0., ats second class mnatter, u~nder act o6f Con~gress of Mirb8 89
Burselu of'
1110 11 Ofiole
--0oiaItietei by the
Solitti CairollInn IrtnerH Ftuiatiossai and
uo-Olierative U1ion.
a lsiiti iaaatI5ih2 biteiktiga f ir iN depart
, inelat s .I(IIlo b e ncid4ressed 3 .. Srnig
pe*ilueto, sutiuth Carolina.
For good icasons National Presi
tieti R. F, Duckworth, of the
F m11 ' Unhion, hs Oalld off the
cofttoni prico-mhing Imeotilig in
Atl.anta calb-d for Anigust 2d.
Said mie einlg to beC l04edV41 to comtil
mielico in 'T'exn rkana, Arkansas,
A I of September.
From eve-ry quarter come.s re.
orsl f the( oer gro.wthl of cotton
af -111 w Which eIXperS kinow that
tills oxtiaord ilily larg8o s1pply of
vi r pro'(uictio tof stalk has beei
maiin at t he exip.-Oiiso of t he frui
i lini p lssibilitles of the ili d, there
lore he flattring show of large
stadlik in somo territories is very
ieCept ivo aid may I ad many to
overestimate their crops. It is not
btalks with forms 12 inches apart
that. counts, it is the thick-set
bolls from two to three incht.s
apart on medium btalks that indi
cales a fine crop,
We have before us great stacks
of letters and newspapers from all
over every cotton state in the South.
A glance over the news from the
cotton fields of the South as writ
ten by the real farmer himself, is
veiy encouraging, indeed, as to the
deterliiinatioit of farmers to come
together and take charge of their
own affairs.
In our sister state, Georgia, we
note that they have now in the
Farmers' Union over 45,000 mem
bers and they have jast begun in
oarnest, and their meetings already
published, numbers for August, 72
different places. This educational
caipaign of the Farmers' Union
is now on in earnest in all the cot
toti states. These farmers have
gone into line all over the cotton
territory in a systematic way that
bids fair to create something like
a real revolution in the 'manage.
inent of our whole cotton interesta.
From every state comes the glo,
rious news of large enthusiastic
meetings and the springimg up of
Farmers' cotton warehouses in all
the cotton states. The cotton far.
mers have stopped digging in tho
fields'for awhile and are digging
and throwing their fortifications
ready to defend their interests.
The cotton farmer has learned
to watch both the bunghole and
spigot < his business. Ho no Ion
ger continues to pour in the good
* stuff at thle bunghole and never
look out for the leak at the spigot.
-The farmers Union man of today
has been educated up to the point
* where he can understand that
* there is two important features of
h isa business-one is to produce
good crops and the other is to get
good prices for that crop.
WVhere is the good of produciog
good crops, if the good crops bring
to the farmers actualy less money,
and profits than poor crops have
dojne? Thue unorganized cotton far
mners have for years been spreading
hefore the cotton tradesmen and
speculators of the world a great
* and grand feast, whilo cotton grow.
ers themselves have stood around
the festival table with a gag in
their owvn mouths placed there by
each other.
Farmers, will you evor learn the
leeson, the one most inportant los.
sons before you-that if ever there
is anything done fof the interest of
the farmers, that farmers them
selves must help each other? Novel
*-go about catering to men in othei
occupations to help you when yoi
have not tried to heolp' your owa
* interest by joining with your fel
low craftsmen, your brother far,
me r.
Ry request I hereby call a busi
ness meeting of the South Carolina
LFarmers' Educaltional and Co.oper
ative Union to meet at Clemsoi
College Wednesday. the 8th of Aug
for the purpose of considering an
*business of intei-est to the Stat
Each county is entitled to one at
ditionlal delegate for eaoh 200 mien
bors or fraction thereof.
Supervisor's. Report of Claims Filed
and Approved for the Quarter
Ending June 30, 1906
J M Po'rter, road wk $1.00
Pickens Oil Mill, meal and
h1ulls 14 14
F R P.orter, aid pauper 5 00
r #T Porter road wk 6.50
W P Parsons, road wk 11 25
IV R Portor, aid panper 5.00
Pickf:ks Oil 1ilt, imleal and141
hu1lls 5.66
J le Parson.,, III E q 1180
\V P Parsons, r1ad wk 2192
W P Parsnua, bridgi) 0 05
Dr. W M Ponder, post mor.
tom. 10.00
W P Parson road wk 21,75
le Pariot. road wik . 1.70
Picketnm dig Co., Ihugs &- 18.70
Rt N'Porter, aid paupwr '5.00
.J W Portor. corn 10.70
W P Parsons, bridge 6.58
Pickens Oil M-ill, meal and
hulls 17.43
J E Revis, Toad wk 6.00
Robiinson & Thornton, chain
gang supplies 33.68
R,bnson & Thornton, chain
gang supplies 16 50
0' I Rice,.road tax rot'd 1.50
C E Robinson, clerk & atty 16 50
R R Roark. supplies p h 8868
C G Rowland, magistrate 25 00
E W Ragsdale, Expense 5.35
L M rigdon. Bd Eq 10 00
L M Rigdon, road wk 5.50
0 E Robinson clerk & atty 16,50
P A Robinson bridge 10.60
E W Ragsdale supplies 9.40
0 E Robinson. clerk & atty 17.50
L D Stephens. coffin 2.00
T W Stewart road wk 2,00
J P Smith, salary &c 20 25
Robert Stewart,.bridge 89.56
B L Summey, road wk 6.75
Dave Banders. roa'd wk 6.75
W D Sutherland, Bd Eq 8.00
J 0 Stewart, Bd Eq 800
J P Smith, Salary 2150
J E Singleton, frdder 17.00
A 0 Sutherland, road wk 11.20
W H Sutherland, bridge 6.00
John Skelton, bridge 200
Sentinel-Journal, stationary 38.77
D P Smith, bridge 45.00
J P Smith, salary 20.00
Ladies and Misi
3 and 4 eents ribbons 1
1 lot 25o white corded Madras
Don't forgnt that we havo
indufcemenltB both in prices an<
Sentinel -Journal, stotionery 4 00
Joe Stansell, bridge 1 50
J A Smith, bridge 29 50
.1 A Sm: th. b, Idge 29.00
I W SiminionIs, d wk .90
Joe Stansill, r4ad A'k. 4 75
.J P) Th..nas brIg 1 13.00
a(oy3t Towntes, f.ider (1 '30
W F Towins, meat &c 9.9d
W F Towns, work on p f 15.001
A B Tall. y, gala y 20 50
Elis Tripp, r-ad wvk 8 00
.1 A H To wn , coit tio ,ee,1 500
W F Tow-.9 w.'iward 1 f 10000
A B Taicley, tni Ir - 20 50
W V Towns -work p) ' 4.70
T B Turner, road tax roi'd 1.50
W F Towns Latbor p I 2600
A B Talley, salary 21,50
A J Wiltbon , lumber 31.0
J W Willians, bridge 1082
D Winchester, bridge 2.00
A T Wii.ehoster, road wk 100
5t F Williams, bridge 200
J S Williams road wk 1 501
Major White, Guard 20.00
J S Wilson, bridges 44.36
J S Wilson, road wk 12.00
.1 S Wilson, road wk 15.00
Walker, Evans & Cogswell,
statiOnery .40
A G Wyatt, road wk 3.50
A G Wyatt, lumber 3.50
A G Wyatt & Co., chain gang
supplies .17.18
J S Wilson, bfidge . 189.72
Major White, guard 20.00
John Waldrop, bridge 375
W H Williams, magistrate 12.60
G B Williams, bridge 3280
M R White, supplies 6.45
M R White, guard 20.00
Mack Watson, bridge 2.25
Walker,- Evans & Cogswell,
booics &c 06.53
Barney Yates, road wk 1.75
B A Yate, bridge 2.00
0 B Yato, bridge 7.80
of trouble to contend with, spring forn
a torpid liver and blockaded bowels,
unless you awaken them to their prop
or action with Dr. King's New Life
Pills; the pleasant and most effective
cure for Constipation. They prevent
Appendicitis and tone up the system.
25o at Pickens Drug Co.
for a song. We are closing one
ies Sailors what sold for 26 and 60 ets
ot. 5 cent ribbon 2)1 cents.
It you
3ig reduction on w
at 16go. 1 lot embroidered Mull, tb<
to close at 8o. 2 piece Pongu4
$1.25 be
just received solid1 car-load of Rock Hill
I terms.
Many Persons Have
Or Catarrh of Bladde
President Newhof and War
Correspondesst Richrds Were
Promptly Curcd By Pe-ru-na
Mr. 0. B. Nowhof, 10 Delamaro street,
Albany, N. Y., Prosident Monteflore
Club, writes:
"Since my advanced age I find that
I have been frequently troubled with
urlary allmonts. Tho bladder scomed
irritated, and my physician saId that it
was catarrh caused by a protracted
cold which would be difficult to over
come on account ot my advanced years.
I took Peruna, hardly daring to believe.
that I would bo helped, but I found to
lmy relief that I soon began to mend.
The irritation gradually subsided and
the urinary diflculties passed away. I
have enjoyed excellent health now for
tho past seven months. I enjoy my
meals, sleep soundly, and am as well
as I was twenty years ago. I give all
praise to Peruna. "--C. B. Newhof.
suffered from Catarrh of Kidneys,
Threatened With Nervous Collapse,
Cured by Pe-ru-qa.
Mr. P. B. Richards,000 E4 Stroot,N.W.,
Washington, ). C., War Correspondent,
wiites: "lixactly six years ago I was
ordored to Cuba as staff corrospondent of
the New York Sun. I was in charge of a
Sn Dispatch boat through the spanish
American War. The effect of the trop
ical climate and the nervous strain
showed plainly on my return to the
states. Lassitudo, depression to the
vergo of melancholia, and incessant
kidney trouble made me practically an
invalid. This undesirable condition
eontinued, despite the best of treatnent.
Finally a brother newspaper nan,who
like myselt had served in tho war, in
duced me to give a faithful trial to
Peruna. I did so. In a Ahbrt time the
lassitude lef t me, my kidneys resumed a
healty condition, and a complete cure
was offected. I cannot too strongly
recommend Peruna to thooo siffering
with kidney trouble. To-day I am able
to Work as hard as at any time in my
life, and the examiner for a leading in
surance company pronounced me an
E4A risk."
In Poor Ilealth Over four Years.
Pe-ru-na Only Remedy of Real Denefit.
Mt. John Nitmmo, 216 Lippincott St.,
Toronto, Can., a prominent roerclhai:t of
that city and also a member of the
Masonic order, writes:
"I have been in poor health generally
for over four years. When I caught a
bad cold last winter it settled in thme
bladder and kidneys, causing serious
trouble. I took two greatly advertised
ighter Sale of
of our largest seasons in this d
.at 15cts. Ready-to-wear H als
Rtead-J-to wear hants whbat sol
Big Values
Bi to 10 cent, ribbon 5 cents. 1
want sonme extra Ribbons or a
hite dress goods ,ji
40c quality, to close out at 25o. 3
Not, pink and tan only, to closo at 37
Ldies Belts at
Its at 50c. -50c and 75c belt
Buggies, Studebaker Wagons, Star I
Oatarrh of Kidneys,
r and Don't Know It.
a i
Suffered from Oatarrh of Bladder.
kidney remedies without getting the
desired results. Peruna is the only .
remedy which was really of any benefit
to me. I have not had a trace of kidney P
trouble nor a cold In my systein.*
Pe-ru-na Contains No Narcotics.
One reason why Peruna has found por
manon t use In so many homes is that it
contains no narcotics of any kind. Pe
rune Is perfectly harmless. It can be
used any length of time without acquir
ing a drug habit. Peruna does not pro
duce temporary results. It is per
Inanont in its effect.
It has no bad .eftect upon the system,
and gradually eliminates catarrh by ro
moving the cause of catarrh. There are
a multitude of homes whore Peruna has
beon used off and on for twenty years.
Such a thing could not be possible if
l'oruna !ontainod any drugs of a nar- (
cotie nature.
Seasonable Got
eparment and wc are going to cl<
*vhat soldat 'T5e to $1.00, at ts.
d at $1.50 to $2.00, at $100
in Ribbons.
5 to 25 cent ribbon 10 cen tb. 25 to
n extra Hat, you can buy it for a
ist the thing you V
io'co Linon ZA iphorini, groen, tan, 20h ci
.i.2000 yards figured Lawvns 6.1 an~
Your' O)wn Price.
s at 35c. 25lc and 35c bolts oni
onder Steves, D)isc Harrowsa antd Ohartt
'"n I GUW.K4 3
Endel's Greater Sa
Begins Saturday, July 9, at 9 A. "M
High Grade Clothing
Followirig our usual custom every summer we wilI plamm cm sale our v ;
-o i-lock of High Grado Clothing, Tronsero, White and -Faucy Vets ts
I 1 3 per cent less than tlhe orginal price. It is not nece ary for u, t4.
ae oui stir ) to imarIk our gooda -- thy r are marked in pltin ligiurvs- Nol
n figuro the pIien yoins if. take off one third arid pay us tho diffeorea c(o
Id 0he suit in yours. The entire stocic of uLIOTHING goes in the sida
This season's g,-oods-Men's Youths and Chldirens' Clh.
ig-Nothintg Re-served: Blacks, Blues and 'Plaids and Fancy
its Every sale has a purpose. Our purpose in b1okdi ng
us sale is to clean out very spring and summer suit we have
ahand and we have pit the prices on them that will move
iem. You cannot buy the same grade of goods at these
rices anywhere in South Carolina. ihe sale opens Saturday,
fly 7th, at 9 a. i., for Two \Weeks. Remember the pha
id bring the cash----we will give you such valu(es for your
oney that you will go home happy. Come!
11 Clothing go in this sale, Nothing reserved.
No goods on approbation.
No goods charged during this sale.
All alterations must be paid for du ring' this sale.
12 South Main street,
*i. Endel, Ueenvilee, 5. C .
[here are Pictures
and Photographs!
For a photograph that is true in every
sense, just as the camera sees you, every
feature sharp and clear, every detail shoy.l
is what I give.
Only the hct material that is used will
be found in m y work. My many -satishcd
patrons, their repeated orders, is an attest
>f my good work. I do framing and enlarging.
N. D. TAYLOR, Easley, S., C.
man upj the reina1~nts.
Rtindyto-wearP hauts whatt sold $1.00~ to $1.5n) , ati 75e0
t0 conits ribbons ati 15 cont~s. 50 conta ribbon 25 oents
ran~t these hot dayTs.
hlity, to oso at 12&c. 1 l.L Pongeo Silk, small figures. sold for
I 8~3 values, will go for 5o the yardl.
Iy 15c.
runooga Roversilo Disc Plows, and we are in a position to offer you

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