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arzurs' Union
Bureau of
South Carolina Farera' Educational and
Co-Operative Union.
Comninieiationuj Intended for til depart
inent should bo addressed to J. U. Stribung,
Pendleton, South Carolina.
They Won't Stick.
A member of another Union
while talking to a member of our t
Union a few days neoi', said that he -
was afraid that. the farmers wouln't
stick after they had met and put v
a price on their cotton.
(Hore, Brother Stribling take a I
few drops of this camphor. Maybe /
that will kenp you from "throwing
- No "they won't stick" Now i
wasn't that fellow playing soma I
Mweet music, ifter knowig that c
cotton wont froin eev.u cents to ten
and a hilf in July, if the same year? t
And didn't lie know that our man
knew that this rise in the price was i
brought ahout by the farmers "a i
vtickin'?' a
Say, Colenel, don't you think I
you could cut the "double shufflie" h
after that fellow's music, when you t
romember that the Union met at
Toxarkana, last September and put
the price of 'eleven cents on their
cotton and that standing shoulder n
t- ehouldor they are still getting 0
that price? Poor fellow, we don't -
know what impression he wanted -
to make on our man, but the kind a
that he did make was that a mem- t
bor that is always talking about
the other fellow not sticking, is al
ways the very first man to kick out Y
of the harness when things don't L
go to please him. Now, from what
we-can learn this fellow has listen.
ed so much to the man that don't .
belong to the Union, till he is not.
only real bilous, but he has oven %i
gaught the "Itch." So we would (
advise hirm to stay away from town, t
got out of the unuin for awhilo, and 11
1-'-c his dues and get him a box of
i'armflers Union Pills and take three
after each meal, thereby getting hiis
stomach right. Also get a box of
Farmers' Union Salve and give
himself a good greasing and quit
scratching so much in company,
and when he is well of the above
diseases let him go back to his
Union and try and be a mun.
Our Union met last Saturday
evening, the 21st and priced our
cotton, and now if the other Unions
don't want our price, just watch
usstay by thle price they set, first,
last and all the Limo.
W. L. Casey, Secretary Five
Forks Un ion No. 1.
Crop Liars and Cotton report Leaks.
.All along we have been doubting
that it was true that quite a nunm,
b 'r of our cotton jlanters had sold
their crops of cotton before they
had planlted it, and had since sell
ing out been engaging themselves
to aid the gang of crop liars. But
after some close Obse'vation aind
investigations by others we are
forced to admit that there is more
or our cotton planters engaged in
this very rotten and demoralizing
work than we had any idea of.
-This is a statement coming from
one of the best conservative men
in one of the best cotton counties
in South ('arolina, Last week we
met a company of three special cot
ton crop reporters g-ing all about
Our county making up a special cot
ton crop report. One of these men
was a half breed cotton buyer and
cotton planter, or~e was a lawyer
*that is often times engaged to work
on the shady side of lawsuits. and
the other was a real jolly drummer
who was having a good time but
had never been in cotton in any
way before, This special agent
crowd reported ibis county's crop
.of cotton at 871 arnd two weeks
*oarber, when every farmer in the
county knows the orop to be two
weekfs later and that the large sappy
growth of stalk is at the expense of
the crop of fruit.
Another regular cotton crop re.
piorter in this samo'icounty is the
drunken son of a wealthy b~usiness I
man of the city who sent his son
* out to the country for reformatory
iiuself a fine full fledgod cottoi
,lanter asd is endorsed by th
Juited States Government wh<
'urnishes the large franked enve
opes for the return of this experl
-otton planters report, which wai
ianded in as ninety per cent con.
H1olyMoses, what will become oi
L country whose chief industry it
laced in the hands of such oha
udges? Farmers, it is your faull
hat these conditions aro herE
mzoug us.
We believe in cotton reports, bul
,o believe in the cotton groweri
naking their reports to each otbei
[ke other occupations are doing.
Lnd the best way to atop the leak.
ges of Government roports is foi
roducers of cotton-to stOp givini,
a those reports to a sot of men whc
as been proven guilty of selling
ut the interest of the whole SouL
>r some that have gone to the
rusted Government scoundrels.
Where is the house-wife that
ould continue to pour fine 'wine
uto a jug that she know had al
long been leaking? Where is th(
irmer that would put his corn in
ii left pocket when he knew thal
x ere was a hole in this pocket?
Foley's Honey and Tar has onre
inny cases of asthma that were consid
red hodeless. Mfrs. Adolph Bucuing,
31 Wesl Tpird St., Caveuport, Iowc
'rites: "A severe cold contracted twelv
tars ago was neglected until it fina1ll
row into asthma. The best medica
kill available could not give me mor4
ian temporary relief, Foley's Hone3
ud Tar was recommended and one flstj
init bottle entirnly cured mo of asthmi
hich had been growing on me fod twelvi
cars. If I had taken it at the start :
1onld h'ave noen saved years of suffer
ag." Pickens Drug Co.
Orino Lavative Fruit Syrup gives per
innent relief in case of habitual consti
ntion as it stimulates the liver and re
ores the netural notion of the boweli
'ithout irritating these organs like pill
r ordinary oathartics. Does not nau
mate .or gripe and is mild and pleasan
) take. Remembor the name ORIN(
tid refuse subetitutes. Pickens Drii
lears the The Kind You lHav Always Bought
Ladies and Miss
81 and 4 cents ribbons l<
1 lot 25c white corded Madras a
Don't forget that we have j
inducements both in prices andi
3 Contradictory Verslone of the Foune
dation of the Order.
I knew, as every schoolboy known,
the legend that a certain i'Countess ol
Salisbury dropped her garter at a ball
and that the kIng, picking it up aii(
the smiles of courtiers, handed itto hei
with the happy and now immortal
phrase, "HRon soit qui mal y pense.'
But this legend, I recalled, bad had t(
go the way of the story of King Al
fred and the cakes, the story of Wil
Hlam 'ell and the apple apd many anu
other pretty fairy tale of history. A
last I went to Sir Nicholas Harris Nico
las' "History of the Orders of Knight
hood," where I found a delightful mast
of contradictory authority produced.
The tale of the onalign and unie ol
the order were first told by Polydorc
Vergil (1410-1555), who wrote la th(
time of Henry VII. and Henry Vill
and who said that the lady wias "th
queen or the king's mistress." Segar
whose work, "Honor, Military And
Civil," appeared in 1602, 250 years ift
er the order was founded, 'was the filrs
to say that it was the Countess of Sal
isbry. Other writers say that it wai
the Countess of Kent. John Anstif
(1669-1744), 'garter king of arms, wh<
published several heraldic works, ridi
cules the whole story. le confeesei
that an author of Henry VI.'s time
who wrote in Latin and whose work Ii
now entirely lost, upheld it.
Raphael Holinshed, a chronicler, wh<
died in 1580, tells the story in detal
and says the lady was the queen, whicl
surely rather spolls the significance o
the legend. Sir' Harris Nicolas him
self 'thiuka the story is not Improbable
although he urges the fact that Jear
Froissart, who is the best contempo
rary authority on the reign of E0dwari
III., while he has much to say about
the order in his hundredth chapter
does not refer to It, andi Nicholas ad
mits that this tells very much againsa
the supposed origin of the story, bul
Frolesart may have thought the mattei
too trivial to relate. By the way, I fee
very much aggrieved that 0. C. Macau
lay in the abridged volume of Froissar
that he published through the Macmnli
lans shoild have ruthlessly cut thi
hundredth chapter.
It is not. I may add, claimed that th
Incident caused the fouuldation of thi
Order of the Garter, .but only that I
gave Edward. III. the idea for naminj
the order which he had resolved t,
- founm in any ease. In the absence o
any other solutom than that whc
rests on these shadowy foundations
think we may still go on accepting th
; pretty legond, but I repent my expret
- sion of dissatisfaction with the popuhi
L histories that they should leave sue
natters as this seerely alone,-Loi
r do Sphere.
Bringing It Home.
Bob-Don't you think that love is
species of Insanity? Ethel-Sometimei
Who has been falling In love with you
--Smart Set.
for a song. \Ve are dlosing on
on Sailors whart sold for 25l and 50 el
it. 5 cent ribbon 2b cents. .
It yo
sig reduction on vw
t 16jo. 1 lot embroidered Mull, th
to cldao at 38e. 2 pieco Pongu
$1.25 be
ust receivedl Bolid car-load of Rook lil
Arrangenent In 'Vse in Colorado%
Fainou'RSpud Reglon.
The seed potato 4Aitter illustrated Is
a machine used In the Greeley district
of Colorado. It Is said to Ie on the
whole satisfactory.
A wido bench Is boxed in on both
eildsi 11nd one side. It i. divided Into
two or three comai'tmiiits. these be.
lug oipen lin the front, whieh corrm
sponds to the side box.ed in. To each
of tiese compartmentm Its attached a
sack on hooks, and along one side- of
the bench in the middle of each comi
partment and .rllht over the oponing
of the sack is fixed, in an -upright posi
- tion, a shoemaker's or common Steel
P table knife.
, Potatoes to o cut for planting are
i shoveled into tho compartments of the
box, and in front of each compartment
0 a man takem his position, being scated
I on a box or stool for comfort's sake.
I Ile seizes the tubers in rapid succes
sionl and by puInllg them against the
blade uickly cuts one Into as many
pieces as desired. The pteces are then
dropped into the open sack. It is
claimed that by this indirect method of
using the knilfe two fairly good cutters
can cut each day all the potatoos or
dinarily required for the use of one
A Proud Man.
"Did you see that proud mia going
out Just now?" asked tile Cashier.
"Proud as Lucifer. Know what ho
did? Found that I had made a mis
take in his favor and lianded ue back
the change. Now, I wonder why It is
that people are soa proud when they
have discovered that theqy are honest.
t I could rake In a lot of extra coin if I
avalled myself of the mistakes that
are made here every hpur of the day,
| but I don't on genernl prinucplea, be
cause I am naturally honest It's noth
ing to be proud of."-New York Som
oWhere Tuca Are ufnown. of
r Orsa,1, in Sweden, has lin thm course of
a generation tiold $5,C0,000 worth of
trees and by neans of judtcious re
PhInntg has provided for a saitflar ill
come every thirty or forty years. In
collsequellce of the developmieit of this
a 'onimercial wealth there are no taxes.
. Railways and telephones are free and
7 so are the schoolhouses, teaching and
many other things.
uighter Sale of !
e of our largest seasons in this dej
a., at 15cts. Ready-to-wear Hats wi
Ready-to wear hats wvhat sold
Blig VTalues i
81 to 10 cont ribbon 5 cents. 15|
Swant some extra Ribbons or an
hite dross goods jo~
e 40c quality, to close out at 25c. 3 pi1
e Not, pink and tan only, to close at 37~
Ldadies Belt~s at 1
Mls at 50c. 50c and 75c bolts
1 Bnggien, St,1hakere Wagon, S.. roi
Miss Clemontina Oonizales, Ilotel Pro
vincia, Guatemala, (I. A., in a recent
Lettor from 247 Cleveland Ave., Chicago,
[11., writes:
'I took Peruna for a worn-out con.
dillton. I was so run down that I poulk
riot sleep at night, had no appetite anc
telt tired in the morning.
'*i tried many tonics, but Peruna
was the only thiag which helped me la
the least Afler ad taken but a haii
!ottle I felt much better. I continuec
~ts use for three weeks and i was com.
plaetely restored to health, and wan
ibie to take up my studies which I hac
een forced to drop. There Is nothhnu
ietter than Peruna to build up the~
Iystem. "--Clementina Gonzales.
Address The Poruna Medicino 00.,
f Columbus, Ohio, for instnuctv free3
literature on catarrh.
In enso of utotnach autt( Iive'r freubi
lho proper treientu ii to stimuliate thecs
IrgnI without irritatinig them. Orin,
UnixItivot Fruit Syrup Iids(1 diges!tionl anl
timulatca theo liver anid bowels wi~vt.hon
rritating thioio organn like pilla or ordi
nary catLibartiCl4. It dloes not nonsensot'
or gnpew and iH mild an.1 piensant to take
For sale by Pickens Drug CJo., and Ri
F. Smith Easley.
seasonable G~
arment and we are going to
at soldaft 75c to $1.00. at ts.
a t $1. 50 t o $2.00, at $1 00
,o 25 cent ribbon 10 cents. 25,
extra Hat, you can buy it for
at the thing you
o0 Linen ZMphorin, gree~n, Lan, 203
2000 yards figured Lawns 6.&
~our Own Price,
d 35c. 25c and :35c boitsi
Ldnr Strves. DiscnTlarfownl and Oh
-Endel's. Grea
Iegins Saturday, July
Higah Grade C
Following our usual custom every summer
fire stock of High Grade Clothing, Trouser
83 1-3 per cent less than the orginal price.
close our stora to mark our goods -- they are
can figure the price yourself, take off one U
and the suit is yours. The entire stock of UL
This season's goods-Men's Youtl1
ing-Nothing Reserved: Blacks, Blui
suits. Every sale has a purpose. 0
this sale is to clean out every spring a
on hand and we have put the prices
them. You cannot buy the same gr;
prices anywhere in South Carolina, T
July 7th, at 9 a. m., for Two Weeks.
and bring the cash-we will give yot
money that you will go home happy.
All Clothing go in this sale, Not
No goods on aplprobation.
No goods charged during this sale.
All alterations must be paid for duri
H. Endel, 1;
There are Picture
and Ph
For a photograp
sense, just as the
feature sharp and c
is what I give.
1Only the be( m;
he found in my o
patrons, their rep .i
of my good work. I do framing and
clean up the remnants.
Re~ady-to-wonr' hats wh~at sold $1.00 to $1 .5()
to 40 cenIts ribbons at 15i cents. 50o cents ril
a song.
want these hot days.
qiality, to closo at 121c. 1 IAt Pongee Silk,
and 81 values, will go for 5io the yard.
only 15ic.
rttanooga Reversible Dise Plows, and we are in
ter SaIe-i
9, at 9 A. M.
we will place on saln our en
a, White and Fancy Veaf?4 at
It is not neccssary for us to
warked in plain fignres- 3,11
iird and pay us the diffelrnco
OTHING goes in the salo
s and Childrens' Clo i -
2s and Plaids and Fancy
ur purpose in holding
id summer suit we have
on them that will move
de of goods at these
he sale openfs Saturday,
Remember the place
i such values for your
hing reserved.
ng this sale.
South Main street,
eenvilee, S. C.
h Y iat is true in every
amera see you, every
:lear, every d'etail eibown
Iteriku tha-t ks usefill,1
rk. My niafy satisfied
ted orders, is an attest
ieargi Sg.
Isley, S, C.
bon 25i conts
small figures, sold for
at position to otflor yjoui
S. C.

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