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IokeR Rntinel-Journal
illmos11,HD ERlY wEDNWsDAY MoltNINCI.
Tho Sentinol-Journal Company,
THOMPsoN & IicrEy. Pnors.
Subscription $1.00 Per Aunumi.
Advertising R1a10 Ro1oab
ntered at M oOnh PostoiHoO as eofnd olaS (
Nanl Mattier
Wj ,NLsjA Y, AUGUST S. 1906.
Vilonorables Julius E. Boggs ' a1d
Vyatt Aiken are both announced in I
his paper for Congreen from thi',
he Third, Congressional District
.'hey are both good men, anI true,
nd the district will be well taken
are of no matter w hich one happens
got oeckted.
[his paper is peculiarly situated ii
his rave: Mr. .Boggs is a follow
)wnlsmIan3, neighbor mid friond to
,.1i editor, and at one time editor of
lis paper; ho0 IS sVIe'd h143 IowII,
Junt.y and State well 11ad h11uld 11.
u electod to the oflice to which he it
spiring the interss of the diatrio
ill be in good baidr. Mr. Aikei ,
lually our friend. Ile is a pluantil
Cntleman, in in lefatigable worc:o.
Id stando high in the eyes of tb<
coplo anmd the estination of his col
nglies: ho has beeni faithful to th
'ust repoacd in him by the votors of
IC Third District and we ciwtt go
ack on-him or fight his recod whiol
clean, straight. and hniest1,
Both these hoioiable genutlinni
AvO friends in this counfy, wh11" o r
or frious ati S(uppl orte in of Ihi.
iper, we are takiing io,> part in (b(
mnly cinpaigl. 1111 l' I Js ren
mns thlis paiper is Striectly ont of, th1.
Prsons w'iah ing to "st" th e
mtlemon thriouglh the columns of
.is paper can do o it our regui,
.npaign ratos, but art icles lerog'a
ry not insertcd at any prico.
NiII)UOLa.Alt NAl VED) i(l4'ItE1ENT8 itl\
I)OIAlU RSi 1.itN1f),
TIM ut'erage, tan does 1)10, mavo to ex
7ed ten per cont. of his (c'rntiigs. - UrL1
mat, spond nine dollars in living expen
m for every dollar saved. That being.
to Oatso heo caninot, be too care-ofuil Ibut
unocessary OXp(neHOS. 'e'y oft-I 1) Ivw
mts properly invested, liik o lnying scoe I
)r his garden, vill save sevend dlliuo
iarrhioen Itomtedy'. It costs but afv
iints, andu a botti of if, in the h.owt u ofter
tvos a doctor bill of several dllIars:
uinter, Liberfy.
r'affic Association of South carolina
This oflico has receiv'ed a letter and
a (3xplanatory circular signed by V.
f. McMaster, socreterry' of the Tralilie
.asociation of South Carolhna, in
hich it is urged upon every town,
Inmost ne a mattor of self proicatoin
> unite in the effort to scutro thatii
pi1sistoiLnt anagemenlt of th ItIraflie
Lusineoss of the counutry as will i nanu
rainist u njuti discriminations, andt
nlalo merchan ts anda bus1iness~ me,(
find~ a stale b.asis upon wh h to
urto. This will intare to the ti
tate benefit of t ho people, and, after
!l, t ho pe(ople ned the priote(ctioni
'erhaps P.ickenis umight finda it to) her
itercots to look inlo (ho work and
'itsI of the Tra~ ile A ssocia lien of
oth Cbarol ina, anld we C')nunenld I he
itter to our thoughiltful M~ayor and
111 v rr NOw.
Now is titm timei( to buy13 1'unbr
;holie~, Ch oleni Dia rrhioeji leiemedr. It
cer'tuain to b~e neceded sooner or' hita'
ndl whenu that. to comest you will mn
t badly-3oin will n1eed it (Iinicly. lIus~
1. now, it may13 O~ve lhfe. Fr s des b'
ickone Drug 4 o. and T.1. N. Jiunti c
L~et ouvery mnan iteetetd read th.
awn aiffecting (the cottoni woyeighi
lqstion for the townt of Pozkeui, and
cour'O his proper registotinto01 on)0
4le him to vol 1 Evory manl who
alls cotton. at P.ickens marke'ht can
ow vote in the election for cotto,.
eigher provided he take the preCanu
on to register wvith the (Clerk of the
iwn council of Pickens. bit over~
i-.n interested see to it that tie is
eoper1f entitled to v'otei in this elet..
on, an<d if you sell e:>ton at Piel:en,
*d.artowety-oneO yers of age y'oi
- 'o, certainly interosfed. CJomo ou
* d register in' duo time.
to %axaiveHoney and Tar' is
oI tinal laxative cog syrxup .and
* neI~fs t he q ualities ntece'ssary to.r)e.
thd coiigh and purge the systom of
,Vntamiosino opiates, Sol by the
ko Ding 0o0
~~kt th mater of the ciottoni
V ~hvpection which comes oft' th
,4tj 9t.f Aggjiut. Thig is ofi a
71;' f 0%oce to thbe pitrons .of
th' Cotton Market as any
ote frW Ii Ield this year. Get
yi ~ lo tjeget ri the
op~ outi, and be
Senator Tillman at Pickens.
Som1o things Which took placo dur.
ng Suniator Tililmai viiit to Pickens
I'ho Easid3.),band was in attenfidanloo
mid . had onlvoned the i 0wd2. eIt.
several stiring air, Cbe nouirbad0
mrrived for the sonatol to Oppear on
tho stand and as he approached( it at3
utlUzabtfo adiniree 1ope(1 uip on the
tild anid with lk Inighty )f3tentorion
oeo volled: "Three Ofoors for Till
ian; Three Choors for Tilliman, Three
hoors for Tihlman." But no re
ponso was -heard and tho eifort to
tir the flame of gone by days was
ebukod by perfect ilenco.
When the Senator was introduced
Lad aroso to make his speech the s -mo
>ainful silence prevailed.
During his spoechl he asked; "'Why
lavo you people voted for ine and
ept me in oflico thOe eigtooen ' ears?"
An enthusinatic admirer num ered:
'3cefii. wo belioved you to be an
I'ilbnail: "Yes" atnd for ono other
'onl~t; you know what it. i,!"
Admirer 'Nol"
Tililiall "!Because I had moru
slenso than you havu."
Congressmatin Logare had a sont (Ii
the rtandt durin' O'e pe41c 11n'
hS ailbout hl1 f 1 b1ro iugh offe ro 1 I b
'Sonator a glaw of water. ile r. p -
1that a wV1d in o16l ui J h ro
,villh wate..
Thes feature of his sech theo
Ovolt Fl, ()'It 1 ,11 (! OI tia i ' l " t
\Vrougt out4, L t4he heariitic, tapp. .
was ait, the cIhm whi it h 1t (.1 (f h!
lectuirs in 1 he N -Oh on il- 1! c,
pie ion and a i h!o 1.ad tolt i
L .that, then- was oi <a tengh Yl
C. cm C)ItIi Co l t-I b h1t 1. 1iC (vm it-(
r' Itl 111.11 J1 ( l0 t O < . o .
I. i It is . a 1 t th at he uiln-c e
ibe Lmnied( th- trainl at Pickena 4f,11
il-oyv overy- scat in thlefar we v; -en
pied mid i it a iim tws vicated f l
i a111d that10i h e on Uhe st l uis 1e
.I aetUtig the ecar Steps all !1h
waiY. I1 i i I tlso t a lit no io e Od I :
PIwMAnd hill) and4. t.111m" wh<.1 !., -
ri-.'ed ait. ud y n nm t hhl 4
qhw, tn (1 411 lt,tenion whaktever, ari,(
Ith.at ho satki (n at box aM, therile -1roau
stli n lom to ill 1111$ 1 on o of thr .
roadI menl got at ebaar for- hill.
- His spevel onl tthe dispoLatry i ou
fell ol itoly ground. TPhe people (
Picken s aive thelseilves set a0a
it a tl ( he v tplsion 4is hean2ii (:r1
mylv iol.s luit N H iitor ilh1an ill.
tired o. cautse repnhetoit ratihi
1 Tohao flPc it.
Noneht i nt eoinu' aj~ therat ana (1(
tam i af ilb .he n rtheen twl AfPi
t.ick dogt ii esohinel, anal gets weIc
(t')T wtomahe bnc overworked muW)
t'iVl(ri, the sal (dast our fetor eyehs
Yo ui don'tihav toi strve -to irAeiusto
stmc, K~tODOLiic~ FOR DYSPEP set
gats0i80 whati yo iuleat n ive it a~ nut
tjuts it back iniI 1condititt; agi. eu
cant fel e good wiit h ( nterd stomatb
Trvt Kool Hoi~ hl .f ickes Drngil Co.
Not ice is: i orchy t givn h ianle
1hwtin il be~ he i ii the it towo Pi
PfI ickus, ith at. --lri elct. ' ito be h,
\on ltaht t hi ltunlay in Auigusxt
1900O, the l une 1:inll~ig he18hnc'dy
Auguth il) AUust, 1 90 6whe .dc io t su
'I'Clron. reient ithin'r tet coiu
[ofvc Pin whcon arh patos of iuh
<pni0liytin In-for byllz t. urtig pnli
ig'oCuni of P ickleti lall ul e al
iiowe( 1d to oteI( opl s odc
Notdii th is as ive it hth wasl o
Reisra olllb open Ia inan the~ tw
5 f Pickn. tCagUos"tr r
Wedneaday (tthnei HQhcnda y ordgus
ho 15th dy of Auguil1000, t.
heClerk of thl Town Otinic,'oi ofh
l'ckwnso. ikn il aet l
'inlfe vogutr une I he aw19r0i.
The folwig res appinedMa
u/tiedto open ffP1I, pI'ol, cndne
,nd decire THT Ci eleci~on, aspro
. J.Lowis, D.U LbR STiNG TN AqND
Pis oend atr 1c Ma. adcooa
5, . m.v QN~ tbls
oi aoni ;l htunhgrby rd.
V. J. Mc' lu
*' 11 (' a
~-w-~~; -~- JFor Infants' and Children.
thg he5 omdi w B1w Bears the /
1Vromoles DigestioitCiec Ott t
.dlx~i~ma l~"v
j ow~d, at v meu pi r . r
1.4au4!t ja''d*
I&A el$ 'Ys t4
/,4 dnubtrnr
Wo its,(. o& I Ha l l ." Few vot ( - 11a .
Mess Mid lO'o-' ov 1I
~o I1 )dC. ~ ~ it~~ ai~T
w~ g
hii OtNJ~ Nrj Vf'.n ~ r& alIT
1 a.,.4'a~ ai , aV:4 C Ia' c
iii~~~~~~ cr Ilil If Iatat fl -
\,11 ' a 11121'lIii 111 1'I' -40 '.A .a ~ ''aOo~s tr~.~n~Iaono
after. your im Iuls. s3e tVi't.fle t. it will
procuoev (II yor hi elingt by <di
gesl ing Your food anld biolpilig yourl storu
achi toiJot itolf into simpo. MIty storn
lich aro overworked to the point whero
they refuso to go further. Kodl di
gests yoir stomach tho rest it nods,
while its reconiitrictivo proporties got.
tile Stimacli baick into working ordiei*
Kcdtl relieves flattilenco, mour stomach,
palpita ion of the bovart, belohing, cta
-ont b:Y Pickens Driug Co.
Te hoixitivo dl'bet f Chonborlai's
Stomaci aind Liver Tablets is so agree
Able and so natural that you do not renl
izo it; is th (ffect of it medicino. For
.alo by Pickeni Doig Co., and T. N.
Hunter, Liberty.
Tiese retic I hree commo uailinents for
Which Ch)br0i'0ai an i so
inlly valuable.. If IroImpty pplied it
will tavo Yon timo, mnoney and unlring
whIeI troubled with any one of theso ail.
Im n In. For ile h% Pickens Drng Co.,
tnd T. N. Iunter Liberty.
iii ttninnln . u'ril i he ad~jiu istitht,
It l llr ill ad4 vanici. The lfe 1Jit Vo.ti 1 t arl
.%Ail :I, - ht
, 'ickenis' liubljoet to the
. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I 4 e e' nud n 1e evee ne tdlebtc IF fo r r'( -
t t i ie-s It m I it I Thinll Dkttliet.
n ,1 volers in t ap
I-h i:: 'thnl r elei on nt I I Il'lltiih .\Iriken
Wptl lit' -i
To~~ ~~ N T.T.:.EAT J.;.
'N r I . lt I f w . Gt.1. cliti i h eI
I Ir St ! , S(, l.t t t i7,
I - i i uL ji lt )S!;u- o I ie D l
141 I](. ' i t'l . I jti e itii De nti
3 :iii.t- i it its ; I - m, ttily
!-I' IItte i:;tii i th te r li tit :ht il* m
- l'r inall y .
i ti h i'' U o li .: t e. Robitit
- itas.i l rnnt'.t n t I'ientii h ltel
iti>it it it'i st Itis it yt u'tt the n)ltlri c o e
-I tition-jol
FO Iii'i' t'i Ut i: itF i sI , ' 1; 1el~dlll ft
hi Umay in " lt f - ti n I4)1re1
I%. :111t -w e l , it' it e tA .it h eil'c ita
i' len lit l l or :je s ilon a s fot ilenato
F1:- l') tikn 'titvJhjeil o th: lN-Ition )
F ll le111fl( t i 11, 1.' im tr elucETAT IV1.:
The oi oy l t nie k! Pfii b bn .bth hre t
it a tnni 'itt i n tli it "tiebite for rI-leci<*
tf o eI ll i e m l
unty. (ubject to the ne ion o Nf telin rt
teel I l t h nl~ t l ei i t l. ii l W(' I lle t li ,
W et heIy 11)1e 11.. un s l' 'ae.
It ntIt.i a e f r t e il u e o e i e
t 'l. ii l'ttkel in1 ever i wvIp o represent tile eopit
%I lI' ! I )(.( thIlt it' l . , reI'll IllttI'3'
#IMrtt ('11ll," lls %%it t'it21iut l t si of owfr~ d I-r
iu r it itI ' i' n il' 1 bi( e 1ct (e4 I l i ti
11 liti inl I et - f'l 1' f. -rm ofl ep l o til
ut i1(111ef!I tICt h'il ' (" N i )11w Ii rlit', elce tl
httil t'gIIje1l to Ithekti sein entic h p~i ie
I IInoiny nyl ttitill I Ii' a 6uitd 'te for the
it 1 0 re. (' I l't e t m i suj t' to tieeullo
"V t h I I cr i , pe n r elec( I i t 6-n , kt III.
'ly ie 1m Inlyfi li o f \\'. .i n Mplv ats
Filt ttin ilIe hiti bi Antg lb it f e ln
of1*- il.'el Crest ni-iiiiijebjtet tto t e netion of th
()I ft(l. Di heDe'via i p ina y le ti n
.h FOivl is Tf,() S lptn 11e i,
Tlie it a y f i n-bof i.e o.(r viit k i n
Pi1.0 o C unt '_ltlt e -iject to (1( t he re1 su),)I
VIIIIf I, the lh: l -ri. .
Th Irinlsof9 N S ev r n tc yan on e
A. K. Park,
S S.-DOy4
-tions and
Wo are iow sthowi
Most stylish, up to I
Mpring Goods tihit w
Time and money N
ing this stook, al we
stato that vo will gi
for the 8u11 11101 N3 t]
where. When you tr
you protect your poo
why our customera
pledge you tho host o
our goods must be whl
or your mouoy given
ing of wool dreau go,
0 are very popular als
Casihimern aind Serge
fin% goods. Our I
ways full we dare not
Our White goods,
rM so comI~>lete that
them. Our prices o
6 cents to 50 Cents.
derwear department
vahtex ivo ever hadt.
idies vests, 5, 10.
0 Men's vests, 25 & 5
BWee our Mon'A 50
will by.
# M~ons and Ladies 0
# Salesmen, Mr. Thol
* Ionry MoKinnoy.
SWest End, Gr
Now is a good time 'whln ther
in our City, to find out how re;
selling our merchandise and f<
goods now than the advertised
We have still in our always s
some two and three piece suits
ably low prices considering the
I keep the best extract on 1
Get your flavors here for your
will have no cause for complain1
Luziannee coffee, already g
be beat at the price, 25C the p
Fresh [ill cream chese---in
good, at 20C the pound.
Ice cold drinks of all kin<
ceries in towvn. Your patrom~
Try a sack of Copyright I lo
This week it is Lauindry
Cleanliness is next to) godliness
J. Mc.Bruce,
-:-(5%Pecr Centf[nterest
1. F. Banister, 13. A. Hago
J. M. Stewart, J. E. B
T. N. Hunter, H. 'A
70 acres of' land ne
on PumpkIstown rond. i$10
12() acres near Tra
joiing lanids of Mr'. Thos. Ci
Watson old houmo. ~$15 por ac
\lso smna~l tracts ol land, 20 to 50 acr
We~P have also somec very desirablo lots
alonig the car lino-$60 each.
Gree nvi
o g a - aeomme
Cloek4 with weights, iw-hich I
nda OW' line of ILVERW
Silver WVAT1'OlES. A n'ice hoo1
glasstes to fit (eyel. All kinids of 1
* nana
Creenvi lies
loods, No
I Shoes
ogf thle hulget nd
ts epot of solew- #
> have over slown, #
As spout in sOlcot
do hot hesitato to
ve tho beat value
at can 1e had (ny
idO nt Park's storo, T
kiet-book. 'Xiatis
stick to us. We
store service, nl(
at we say they are
buck. Our show
:An i-4 finle-Gres
o Hilks, Mohaib,
is-from cheap to
aok goods aro il
Iet them rum down.
and printed lawns
wo cannot tell of
I thoso goods from
Dur shirt and un
is full of' the best
1 iand 25 cons.
) ote, can't bea bent.
os shirts and you
xfords to suit your
n1 Ligon and Mr.
2cniville, S. C.
e are so many Sales going on
ISOnaIble weV have always beeni
>r how less you can buy our
)rices of our comlipetitors.
uperb stock, some very hand
vhich we are selling at remark.
Greenville, S. C.
he market and have all flavors.
ce creams and cakes and you
round, in one pound tins can't
ound and money back if not
my ice box--home raised and
Is. Best line of Fancy. Gro
ge soheni ed and satisfaction
ur--pure and wholesome.
soap and washing powde.
I. M. Mauld in,
-- - $20, 500.00
- - 18,ooo.oo
- - 140,0oo.00
>W. M. Hagood,
oggs, J. McD). Bruce.
. Richey, J. P. Carey,
ar M~arietta, S. CX,.~
Vel.erTS Best,
uninghamn. Part ol' the' Butler
near city limits. Theso lots aro
)N & SO
lie4 S. C.
)( line of
lable old stiyio Seth Thomed
tin selling at special bargains.
AREi. Also solid Gold and
of SpectLacle; I guarantee
3pair work in the jowelry line.
Ezisle, S. U
- - mu,..

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