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he So: .nol-Journal Comp ny,
J. L. 0. '1'iIOM PSON, EMuTol.M
ubEoription $1.00 Per Annum.
Adveraiising Rates Reasonable.
ored at Pickens Postoffice as Second Class
Mail Matter
PYEDNESDA Y, AU(1TS'i' 1.", 1906.
The Race For Governor,
Tho peoplo of this section of the
,ato have little to hopo for,, 09 com.
g from any of the candidates for
overnor in the race '-this present
If the action of the majority of the
eople voting in thu oloction held in
As county lest spring is to be taken
s an index to the real wishes of the
eople on the whiskey question, then
111r people in Pickens county wan
irohibition, and we believe that is
he desire of tho majority who have
teighed the matter well and dispas
lonately. There ore two candidates
n the field, we believe, who ar1e out.
ad out prohibition men, but their
'ecords are not establishod and their
ollowing, consequzentlv, is not a fac
,or in this race, especially as the agi
iation is centered on the platfots of
the other cantidates. They are prat.
tically eliminated from considoratior
as materially affecting the race, how
ever much we doplore this fact,.
One of the candidates, at leasb, fI
vors the whole dispensary inachinor
as it is; some favor the dispensar*
with amnodmonts saiflicient to war
rant against, graft and wrong iii it.
management, while Mr. Anse], th
only candidato of pionnnenue from
the upper section of tle State, favont
a schome of county dislpenfsaries,
whatover that may mean in its opera
tion; pod the wholo propositionl
affecting the whiskey question
RO enveloped in so much tunceitlainty
and weighted with so much politic>
and stradillijng 1 hat. ihe laympan--t1(
man that dues iho voting-mus1t s'tt I
these qucstions for hiniself.
Ati for Piekons counly, w.-uo im
favor of the thiigs OiMd hIt.- : to th
ohlmination of the whishey ('%, i
possible, and if t hat cannot be r -oi
plilieod, thou wo want that nm1age
mont and tindling of the
that wilt most neaw ly appr'oi ai
suppr 101n of whiskhey e1*ih. W
cannot close our' eyes to tho iNeI l~ aI
''is is a problemi and is ovil, and( il
is One with which "' mut grapple~
as a 'e-- 'o cannot acepi
11tain our self
I in subjection
.orL of absoluts
-.ALion, would amount to littNi
moure than a substitutoetof other n vh
for thiose we now Luow. so well, o,
perhaps it ighlt be better expea
by saying that no0w n' mron.. in iri
ger dlisgiuises wonl h!mazlk w here evih
already know.n are lurking, and tli
happy achijevemients of the inst nol
be0 nulhhliied.
Un~zder t he Jir'ic: law, Piel.a n
coun~ity now.'. hasi prlohibition, and w(
do( not krniEw wha'i~t wo lio 1id have
un~der any) refoi mn of theo lieor Jan
contemplat ed l y thle I litftorms of thio
candidatos fo" Gov'eru r', c..ept t hose
w.ho O'0o0 o ud (outl C indhidtes(. onl
the prohibition platformfl.
Wo will not luin back to Iblings of
a year or' two y.t' rUgo, ainl we d0 unot
holiev.e this issue will he deterrinedji('
by any'. consideriatiozns whiebh ha'o ats
their origin or' pi'os tI)(Ihe I it in ter
cots or the w 11 of the p- >ph', for'
politics im'ake the plat forms id shiap"
tho opinions of' candidatos, and1( issues'
are clouded inl a miazo.( of comnplicai
Lions that only an itelligent connjd.
oration of the matters by the people,
themselves, who w.ill vote init elligent
ly and mndopendently cau I tr.
The people must nettle the issuesb~ anid
they will and ought to rcquir'e of tv.
cry candidate a clear' expriessio.n (of
his views upon the leading (luestions
that ai'o for' detortninatit, nd thei
ruan whose views most neatrly lit the
floods of the voter w.ill r'eeni'o his~
support, regard being had also to the
fitness of the man to represe.8(nt his
What is here said as to the r'ace
for Governor applies with equal lii
99ss and. appropriateness t o the can.
didaites for the Senato and1( House ofi
\ hat Business Men Say About the
Tley alf silid "0 bu1t mei; I sain
an I . '1l say 'yes" algali. Pick
Scounty has as flnch right tc
jfLon liquor nafGeorgia cr North
r~aolina, Thiousanad i (dollare are
't from ickons dqtlnty ent ry yea
v0 ~ biskey. Geord and N rIh
%rol na get the fitt.. Whly niot
Jcpthe nioney u4ii04'ncoiunty?
d ye. sdaha
Ests W11nting to Get I He
promi'lfot citizenor of Ulckerns is
11 touch with representativofm Nr
ho; . capitLste, rpreisnl( tg asyn
Ucat a for the Oxploiting of, electrical
laftni- They are looking at Pickens
is a good point to eOthblish a plant
S s* ply (cee'ricity for its munifold
IseS, throughout thu counv. They,
yo 1low, can got a franchise here
aud all 1he local help they want.
Now for ehtio rghts, sewerage,
vatarworks and a moderta t:urist ho
el np we I -o in the fight with any
>ld town.
This place-should get busy and al
r) establish sanitariums. We have a
ahance to exploit our curative proper
Lies before tbo world, can got help to
do it and should do so.
This is the place of plm )fs for astb.
mntic its we cou produce witnesses
to testify.
Try a htt,:e KODOL 1I-Oli OYSPEPSIA
nftor your ialt. Sao the effect it will
protwee on youir general-feeling by di
go..iug yonit food and holpingyour stom
aci to got itsa f into shape. Many stom
uch are overworked to tho point where
they refuso to go further. Kodol di
go. your stomach tho rest it noeds,
whe.,o its rcc:mstructive properties got
tho at)macti back into working order.
Kidol relieves flatulonco, sour stomach
palpita'i' n of thbe boart, belhing, cte.
sold by Pickt i Dro1g Co.
Electric Lights.
A let ter wh % ritievu lo one of our
m'litines imin 1-it wok by a firm
isk~ng if an electric plant would pay
hera? That they hr: 1 $250,000 to in
vest bIt. wanted it fow subscribers out
of our townO. Wo should al tiake
stock ;n this as the town iN in great
need of e'h "tri ih and wa1il ter
worhs, atil if we get the lighting
111111lt t at rwork. will be o iy.
h'leo lottl wiI replied to in this
mannIIw er: "Think that we can get
(Ithers to invost inl the plaut aO we
ar' very ainxious to got lights an'
'wateI rworl'si in ot'" town. Will givA
yoIt all Ile infot dnation that you need
Im regaNrd to this miatter oud n'l also
inlveSt it) 6111n3." Let every perOn-31
in Picheiis think over this and agree
to take lights and make the establish
ig of tihe plnt. m) assured thing.
A S weet brst atIs to the joys of a kiss.
lou ivonlblo't wail. to kiss your wife,
S114)1 her or ,,.:cotliert with it bad breath.
'toll can't have a sw, t. breath without a
healt!hy I'Umlach. . '11 c-1n't ha1ve it heill
Il.y Stonmdb without p1ifiet digestioll.
111-r i4 ly n1)e mm 1111l0 y that, digYest%.
"%% '.a 6-. and I'. Iw. the breith as
- - a it: ! th.t! loinetiv is KO.
l) )L I'I R 81> . I'll ; A it is i reliof
' sur --znh, pi poationl of the heirtI,
:t.l ) r aItnuns . isitg from disorder
- of t ie sinnitlh aind ligestioin. Take a
u1' olc' after .30otr inioals and s
if it wih da) f.- V)I1. Ol by' ick
us~ Orng Co.
d rowlings From Zoke.
I4iFuan 1J.mIl: As the clouds are
still leak inhg timelt hanUgs heavy on
my hinds and I e 'U find nio hot ter
e isional ly t ho sunt breaks th rough
and 1 (ch11h inito a1 gable, rub on a
little color wheni along comeis a
-' Ptrsh mover01 aml gullby washer''
and1( 1 e-,i elimb uj' and do it ov'er
.1un, which makos a lnan thjink
hanrd t hils.
Corn in thbis sectLion is taking on
th ap~~iaan II of the)' nursery bean
I4 lanmd it is a wondermon1t to
nIu11 how t he far~mer will save his
fl.ddhetr withIouit th11 1usoof ai ladder
umud it is sti' growmitg.
I was downi at the (Coun1ty Seat
last weolc andi I no0ti:ed that, the
man) in the overal Is is vory mu ich,
in evidenice. There may he those
who feel that they arel a lirttle
ab e him O 111 in tihe socil scale, but
atft(or all lbe is the backbone of bus
I as8, tho bil der of the cities and1(
the counltry, and the on 10who knops
11 0 wVheelsN of progress turiing-,
and1( if tiI ro is ai spot on earth too
.o') d for t.heC ho:.es t wVork inig mn
t. mutst, h avo beun one of' the mis5- (
akes of' natuiro. P'ick tus is comi-i
(Ig and shie is comuing1 t > stay. The
unn11her of work i pole at tho \
olonmll I, lFolger, 'l'horleby & a
-I an ud Craig Brlos'I.irick blocks w
nim I Icath- Bhruce- Mot row Co's. n
argewhuo wasl~918 aiS1 refresh ing ti
ight and I flt. Ii ke a veritable lUip da
\ an Wiiukbe and1 kitaned up1 against k
1 post to ru b t mas Iloff ( m iy back b
fo tis pople we Iro not0 the&re bj
when~ I went to $leep) up here on
kO)Ih g.'- th posshntiest and
cihronic1 grutmb)ler hats goine from r
theo dry goiods box and evet ybody"
was talking for PIckons andl~ it
-ito Pig iron could nlot hold p
a1 townl downi wherel its PLpe>i
Jha ain't it. amet now for the .
Soutmoi ieb lJournlal to got unde~lr the
lod and( Poot its biorni for P'ickens?~
As you hive (10n1 by mne as I have i
often done) by < thoers (cut me off
youi' lhat) .I hatve t') runf altund t o
counitry 1 nd( borrow a copy, for'
it is when out in the sticks and
away fra~ home thlat w ' aipreci-~
ate "'the little coantry paper fromi
the'1d some to n." W ar an,
The Kind You Have Always B
in use for over 80 years, h
and ha,
All Counterfeits, Imitations a
Experiments that trifle with
nfants and Children-Exper
What is CA
Castorla Is a harmless subsi
gorie, Drops and Soothing k
contains neither Opium, Mo
substance. Its age is its gua
and lays Feverishness. It
0011. It relieves Teething %
and Flatulency. It assiilla
Stomach and Bowels, giving
The Ohildren's Panacea-Tlh
Bears the I
The Kind You Hai
In Use For O
m"P o6NTaui COTAl'Rf W VT AU1
ions to know who is married and
who passes over the river, we are
intereste1 in the coming and going
of the home folks and read with
interest the locals and accounts of
tho ball games, But we want
imore than that; we want Picken
ad Pickens Counlty, and the time
is ripe to )laco a live man in the
field and "toot your horn" for the
county, the town, the business in.
teroests and the editor, Shako up
and watch her grow.
0 * *
I am sonowhat of a kicker my
self and I wish to register my kielc
lou-i and strong with the County
Coininissioners. We wish them
to remember that there is a coun
try up here that is tributary to the
County Seat and us folks have to
travel the roads to get there. herut
roadsr, or vather, t.he right of way,
,are horrible1 and the bridges more
so. Just boar us mn mind gon tie
meni. If you doubt my "o-d for
it, climbil into a lutmber wagon and
drivo uip hero and you will be sat
isfied that all men are inot liars at
all timos.
'The other day I heard a man say
he should vote against Henry Farr
on account of the dog tax, giving
that as his only reason. I relied,
"My friend, you1 will never (10 it,
fur you are too good an American
citizeon to down a man for doing
his duity.'' Funn~iy aint it? What
a furor that measly pup created.
The mereliants of Pickens are
wide awake business men and lib
ertal users of printers ink, but I
wonder if it over occurred to thorn
that a "first Monday'' or salesday
wouldl be a groat trade winner. By
offeing special inducements on
that day, music, street stands and
amiusomnts to enitertain the crowds
"first Mondoay" in Pickens would
sooni become a feature and people0
wo'uld gather fro'n far and near to
moo, buy, trade or swap. Blow
our horn on the ''first Monday."~ 1
In inearhy overy house in Pickens
onty~ may be found a big four I
ound( catalogue senit out b~y soein
Opartmont store in the East or C
Vst. It is a pretty thing, with s
mice red cover and filled with C
onderful bargains, and catches E
~any a dollar that belongs in the 'I
11 of the home merebant. In these
Wys of prosperity the farmer is si
oking to the improvement and Ui
antifying of his home, and lured "n
the description and low prices Di:
'uds is money for a first class ali
ticle of paint (?) and receives a De
ixture of adulterations. What a I
>enny wise, pound foolish" pol Ca
y. Mr. Farmer, you, pay your N
Linter as much per day as though BI!
~~ ro'
We like best to call T
a food because it stands so em- of
Phatically for perfect nutrition. si'
An yet in the matter of restor. in
lmg ap~petite, of giving neyw ba
st rength to the tissues, especially s
to the nerves, its action is that th
of a medicine.
71 ii
Mght, and whichi has been
as borne the signatuare of
S been made under his per
ipervision'since Its infanxey,
ko one to deceive you In this.
nd Just-a-good" are but
and endanger the health of
lence against Experiment.
iitute for Castor Oil,9 Pare.
iyrups. It inc Pleasant. It
rphine nor other Narcotio
rantee. It destroys Worms rs
cures Diarrhoca and Wid
'roubles, cures -Constipation
tes the Food, regulates the
healthy and natural sleep.
3 Mother'st Friend.
ignature of
re Alway Bought
rer 30 Years.
IrouSTRC, mare Vonstipation
he was using first clats goods, and
he will tell you that he cano
cover as much surface per day. In
a year or two your tufflhas chalked.
peeled or cracsed and you tre
ready to ropaint and you ar ready
to blame the painter. Givo th e
boys a shance; go down tor yoday
homea terchant and buy the beat
you *an buy backed by the mer
chant's and manufacturcr's guaran
too and get satistaction for your
self and painter. The best is the
c'.oapest, it goes farther, covors bot
ter, sprends fr.:er, lasts longer and
looks better. Give the boys a
chance; you can't expeut first class
work front fourth ch.ss iit'rial.
What holds good in paints holdsl,
good in all other lines. Tbe best
is the cheapest. Moral :'trade with
your home merc'iant; sayn your
monoy and your temper .
As it rained the first (lay of "dog
dlays," according to thn oldest set
tier we may look for rain for forty
days. If this prov's true your
Uncle will be looking for his rich
kin folks or some good friends wl )
woul.l be pleased to entertain him
'or forty days or more. Failing tot
find them he will announce as a
candidate for any ollice where
there is very little work and very
big pay.
WVhen I was at the Count y seat I
dropped in at the court house and
met a number of the candidates
After lietening to those fellows for ~
a time I decided I was in the post
Lion of "old dog Tray." While i
know that my reputation will not
bear me out, I have too much re.
gard for the truth to remain long
in suich cor.pny, so I came back
to the mountains wvhero they don't
balk that way. Uncle Zeke.
)M the Condition of the Pickens B .nk
localned at Pickens, 8. C,, at, the cJloP "
of business A ugust 11ith, 1* 06:
oans and Discounts (
)eemandl Loans 142,662.32 (*
veordrafts 6,374.g
oends an I stock owne~d l.y bank none
ankmng House 1,125.75 a,
'urniture and tlxtures 1,574 .28 a
ther Reoal 'Etate norne je
'uo from banks and banukers 2 3,524.29
urrency 1g
oldi Cash 2,97484 m
Iver, nickels, pennies pr
hecks and cash items , :3
Kelhanges for the Clearing House none Vo
--. ..jet
)tal 177,235.87 ole
p1ital stock paid in 20,500.00 ac
rplus fund none
najvided profitR, less eurrent a
penses and taxe'S paid 19,9gg1.g "oa
t to banks and bankers none JOII
(' impaid dividends flnn.*
lividual deposits subject to"'
ick 136,761.59 A
mand certificates none ber
ne certificates 1o10 tra
etifiedl checks ilolior
4hier's checks 7.40
e to Clearing House none ;ga
tea and bills red iscounted none su1~i
la payable. inclading time
tficates represenlting b'or.T
vednmoney nonetic
tat 11
tte of South Carolina, 177,235.87
County of Pickens.C~
Beforo meocame-I. M. Mauldin -al~e <I
tihe Pickens Bank 'who ben~ calye
orn, f ay a that tho above e'i vir~
( statement Is a true condit'o, oreg(1o. L
ak. ansAhown by the beooks f fileai Ir __
worn to and suibsord beforeN me
is 14th day of Augusst 901. r e
G. t. NDutKS, day
*rrect attest: - o. u..O ei
I. MtcD. Blruce, 0
l'. N. Hlunter, Director. Ai
W. ; . H ag'nd.
'Yot (41initot bi14hien ia lower aiiill to
Al lt atily wilen .0,1, feelitig Vtil. A
Lk do0 g siltarvea hlinself, a4111 te(s well.
Ito ist,1nu11ch oneo u~or-workost, nilI4
XVo reAtl thsame as your feet oi eyes.
ou don't have to atarvo to resit your
kos l) the work for your stonuloh, di
ests what you eat nud given it ia rost.
tita it baok in conditiou aniti. You
t't feel good with a disotlored stomaal.
ry Kodol. Hold by Piokenrul)"g Co.,
Kouiody's Laxative Ho oy and Tar is
1o the origil.d laIxaItive ('i011%1 S31tlj) 11111
imlbiueti the qualities ncesmisry to r<
ove 'ieo cough and purgo the sys' m of
>Ad. Containes 11o opitltto, Sold uy the
ickona Dig Co.
Oures Coldes Prevonts Pneumonia
A fu11 illilrti unllieils il&' r this head mt ib lw.
il for ini nil vnee. ''le feeI isQ50.A No nlrd.
ill be Itiserted iniers aeonpaiieI. by the
bOve amilioitlt.
-1lil1:x 1. Hoggs. of i'ikens. subjeet to the
0".s of thle primailry veectiott,
hereby ni iit4oe vivself it (an'4 41ate for ie
e 04tionl to gr4s fronm t- Thiiiiiitist-iet,
lljet to M. e atin (f the voiters il th4e i)
roichling j lanlary elevtion. Wyatt Aikeit,
'The 1loany fI lel41s o1,f W. G. 3ltiildin hereby
11i414ut1 Iee iII4t ai n4il4itale for State setiator
to1n Ili'keutx '"111ty, Siihjeet to fihe eiCiio.
11tIc prh14ry eletion.
Mr. 31. w. iie!ter is hereiy' annoutih1lleed 11S a
nneiIiciate Imr 1 he se t front l'ikenis cIunl1ty
llbjeet (t the netin of the voters in lie )emf
erafia- primary.
'he itinny rel%, '114i1s of [(Ion. .. I' . Robison
espeectfll1y II I ice hh1n41 is 4t e14tlitIitale for
ie 4ete irom ti 4o)ttity, itijet t( the I,(
.1(11 oft the voters ill the I lellielfai'- prialliry
''lle llniiy fI.ils of 1111. IJi . .1. res
442ttuIly antiottn41ee. blu11 41!. a i'nIiItillnte fhr 51tate
.enator Ihije4t 1 h14 e acti11 tof thie volers in
lie I)elltocratlc prilialry eletion1.
1lo. t'. I. Cirplener is lierelby fillatillied as.4
eitaliditte for iceleetio lits minte Seznalot
roin l'iekes votnty1 'ubject to tle 4e1iou I[
he voters in t lit emratile.
FOR 11o1usi. 01 ItEPRE'EB NI 'S
Th'le nintily If.rienls (if [lon. I nban MAluki here
4' fililCIU'lie Ii iai I14 1 ,it c tll 4'1411
[fulu'e inl, a",A al nntate for re-electiur
ithe lluIs1e of lIepresnol ti ti ves for l'itiken1
'Ountily, subjetto li ietit (if the denocrtit
'tler4s lit tile appnre4'h ing pr ry e1cetin.
We her -013 n444inite l1t1. .iites I'. Catrey ao
n niltl1 li1ite f14r flte Iiose of lMrelitative
r44n1 tlat 44 .4nty. I1 t l lig lij to bie It 1111
,/ell litted * 1 every w4iay to lereset the poe(ple
ye feel 1ha-* hi1s electi1i will rellet honor upo
mr cou lity. 1114 will ablae the restil of the pri.
lary election.
MANI ratlul.
The iany frientis of Freil W*I llias1lltillloun til
iln 1 N li enil4ida4te for 11 .1114ne of Reprexenta
ives sulbiject tot il i)emiioerattic pritiary elee
I ann1iom e lityself 4ts it I'l ntiii(Iilt. fail- (ti
lhou1se of tepirellsentittiveS si hjeit Ito I Ite 1t1ilt
if the voers in loriinary ele'ti in.
-'- - .\ tll4iitr IlIXTON.
'I'lle lini1ly friellls4 of \\- L. r l t
tally a1n0ounle h41 4 nlil-ia for Wia' Ilfo 4i
1 hieprest-i1 Itlve's su44 hiect 14i lite ai-tiolllI ' (f ti(
.4oters fin the 1e)i'- primry election.
ThNae nmn frionwls of Bi. 1). Ga.rvini take p)tenls
0 re ii tilioVlieig h11"4 its 1 eiliidate for itll
1Ilice of couty 'I'renstrer. subje(t to tle restill
if the I)emcatierit' Ii li1n, v.
''lhe frienls of 0. S. Stewarrt nereliv tinil(1
111n i e i14itte for 4ihe Iif I !ointy T''reux4r0r.
'i ,kens (ou ntyv, s1ilb jeI t) o te ttiol (If I)etm
Icrat Voters it 'prilna election
A t tie olleitition1 of f441ly friels I herei
idliolitlee ivself it i-idiciites for reelecti t4
he o4lice ol ''rensti re of of Piekeis ('o4t1y
uilljeit 144 tie 4eit of tih( voter,, lit the pIri
luary elevtion. IL W. I"A. 14,
'TNit friewls oif .I4mes l'kn reeI1 n1 t re
1e0u111y I11i1i1u ne1' hii --1 - 41lihittev fior tht(
ftilee if 111ra ti t ' of l'i'ke s ('it44 y, sibjee1 l
0 thle alet i4 of the Dellneraitic 1a4rty' the 1rr
niary1 electioll.
!, hereby nlintuvse myself n vntalisitte fair flht
>1he of ( ornity 6TrlIhure of Il'Iekcens eoi.t
I4Ith eet 14o the 444'iona of thie 114'moelat41i. viiter:
1t thle pr1141ry 43eilect 14'.
-, TV. '4'tme4l1.
I lie reby3 I ntin il'ny 144elf s 4' ii444 44 liatIc fo
>11he of1 ('4414411y Tlrenislire, o4f rI '4ken4 'OIln4ty3
41nbject( 14) the 41 1cti of thle voters'4 iln the 1)011n
w4rnt1 Ie prti Ilil: elect ion1.
.\ . le44'en.
T1he friendis of N. .\ 4I 'istllhhler is hierebyi Ia
414Iiees him1 folr the1 ('1i4e o4 4144(f I'llrof 'i
1141 c(ot141y, sub ljectl. ti Ihe 444.1 10144f Ih vote14(
t (lie pirimailry election.
Theii lailnyl tri4e444s of .h tIles A. 11e4tulIck,
lereby un11111444te hliin ('ie4talllte 1for '4.u1n1y
aI l'itor Iof l'iektis 4'lll;4ly subljec4t 14' the 44i'01-l
>I thie I le. inwr414 pr414'Itnary' 1election.
Th'le 141144 fIia l o1 f i 1. '4. I 'lell h4t reby) 4411
441lIun' 1h41ini a 'aiI4lhllte for1 the ollici' of .'4i.
or for P'licen ('ounty(3. 41iihje4't t4 thie notion4 of
lie voterx Inl thle I hemoirai 14pIrhilary ele'tion,41
I hereby'14411 14n4u'e llself1 asi 4'inn lli'Ilte o
I' Islin'ation o~l(f P'iekets C'o1l4Int, $1ubljelt to lihe
('t1o4n of thie vo'(ter1s ofi the0 4l42inoier4tie' Pn inary
Al the 4a4lutatiott4 (If 144n14y voter'1.s I her'44hr
141hjec4t Ii to tlis govlertala.' th rjina4444r3 il'I
-. . N 00war:44
'l'hie 144n144y ficIls of ,.1 111, II. 31 ., 1 1 il lutm
.' l0l0 visor of' i'i('kenI: 4 41414ty, 41ub1j(.4t 14 >1n
11)4(ltIthe voters Ittn11 the ii'raiii I'lliniary
Alaj. (G. 31. Lynch'1a14 is ereby, niiilil for
'elecilto the hie 1(1 oi f Su4i penisor of 1'i4k
i(la l 111nty, 41iihject4 1t4 thet re44.1lt of the& I)einoi.
'a 1k' 14rnmary13
I. 1''. LeopI~er is haeureby annonn44I4eid 444 II 4444441.
414! for thie 441lige Suplervixsor of lPiI~ii-k 4"44 44.
Ih'jeot toI 114he ti('etl of the4 voters-4 ini 1th4 1ko.14
a141 1pr4144iinar electti.
A. 111 the olicita1ti (If frict~is I ha'etiv lat
r 4.tlle(' (4) the0 '4'lers ia lelmoath-li r -~~ll
W... WV. A lit 1 is ercar' anntiouil (4 ii a ('li
1141e for 1404111y S uerv'lisor 41iblert 144 the
104 r(of 1the. D~emiu aii 1 p4' tty in3 ~ pr1iman1
1421100 bl a at.'.-lut fo th-li
ilt CoIss'ioneo t)l'iik ---l
'tto (lienetto o411f thle I)eliiocrati4 (l l~ 144 lh
n41ary' electiont,
Ir. ,101hn 1'. Smiitth Is hiereby nininted414 44
elkIlace for re-eleion144 toI the om411(e oft (1(4ut -3
mniIxxioner, )4t1bject to4 thle resut t th . i
'tie initany frliani (of 0- . I iIIwen respec1ft1 II
t441'litCoinisslbiner (If Pic'4kenIs ('olutty3 sub
1to anoh action1 oIf thie 1'ters in thei prh1~iry'
-A. AleA lxler l i r heb no iInced41li at a nn
1410 for County13 ('omfliniionier sub1jce1 t4o t he
01o(f theO 1)04mocrati14( voterx Int prima -0;
the tllt' friendx (If Noah itI. -10(41-re herebyhi
o4114(e I lt l Ii 011 nlihintle for thle (illlie oh
'14) Ioni in r ofIorI P(t~iiiken14s iloty s
14ppIroachinI g plrimary11- c'ion.41
by3 ait nfle 441y41If I 4 (4441 Iinte foor .\iigli
) in lekensx TIowniip . 41ub1jec'4t to1 t' reaut
Ie Demlocrati(' primary'.
W.4. ('. IinAri.'.'rr
Itle (4artIilef ea tion~14111 o(11(f many143 frlindx I
tt offe(r for Maiglstrate1( for P'I4'kens town4s4Ial ,
(let to 14 the4 iti (f thle pr4imary1-3 11lection.
-JOJIN F. hlanat
e friotmx (If (1. (i Uenv 1114 lihv
ie himn as1 a1 0entuidate1 for re-',eltion toi
flice of Mngistrate Iat . tinral, 14ubjict to0
e0th (If the voters1 ii (ho 1)r1ivelect Ion.
oreby' anno4(tlne 1my3se1f ai enid nte11 for
II we'0igheri of IcIkens Ith1jCt to thle act Ioi
e2 voter1s ati thle elect5.tio .\. gustl4 lllh .
iereby' 41 linnounce4 myseiil f a4 eindaolalte for
i weigheor (If P4~ieen xubjeel0( the 1111tion14
(1 VOters at the e1leet1iin A tg.lust 18tlm.
.1.1), Mtoore
wiljljpply to J. 11 Neiwbory, Prob)te
go for Piqkens Coun ty 0on the 29th
of Augus~t 1936, for a final settle
It of the esto of Charlos Andersou
31sed, fantiak to be dlismlissdt I's
18.av444 Adebrat n .
.Park, reenvIll
S CA_"4Dry C.ods,No -
-4tons and Shoes- I' _ !
We are now ebowing the Jatgest and
# most stylish, ip-to dato stok of new
Si-Ing Goods that wb have over ahow.*
.i'o and monoy w1as spilot -is\eSleCot,
0 ing this stook, And wo do not hesitato to
state that so will give the best values
for the Fame mono3 that can ho had any
whore. Whoui you trado at Park's store,
you protect your pocket-book. That -is
whby our oustomers stiok to us. 'We
pledge you the best of store service, altid
our goods must bo whlat we say a
or your monoy given blok. Oi riach
ing of wool dress goods is fine (
are very popular also Silks, IM 1.i -
Unshiors and ecrges--f'om oh
fine goods. Orr nBlk goods
ways full we dare not let thei run
Our Whito goods, and prin' i lawns
are so compllto that we cannt -,oll of
them. Our prices on theso g .xts from
6 cents to 50 cents. Our shirt and un
dorwear departmet is full of the boat
values we ever had.
Ladies vests, 5, 10. 15 and 25 eonts. I
Men's vestv, 25 & 50 ots, can't bo beat.
See our Mon's 50 eta shirts atud you
will buy.
Mens and Ladios Oxfords to suit your #
Salosmon, Mr. Thomas Ligon and Mr.
* * IHonry McKinnoy.
olA. K. P ar k.
:0 \West End, Greenville, S.C.
Now is a good tine Mhen there are so many Sales going on
in our City, to find out how reasonable we have always been
selling our merchandise and for how less you can buy our
goods now than the advertised prices of our competitors.
We have still in our always superb stock, some very hand
some two and three piece suits which we are selling at remark
ably low prices considlering the quality.
L. ROTHSCHILD,- Greenville, S. C.
I keep the best extract on the market and have all 1lavors.
Get your flavors here for your ice creams and cakes and you
will have no cause for complaint.
Luzi-nee coffee, already ground, in one pound tins
be beat at the price, 25c the pound and money back if
Fresh full cream chese -- in my ice box-home raised
good, at 20c the pound.
Ice cold drinks of all kinds. Best line of Fancy
ceries mf town. Your patronage solicited and satisfa.
Try a sack of Copyright flour--pure and wholesome.
This week it is Laundry soap and washing po'n
Cleanliness; is next to godliness
J. McID. Bruce, 1 .M udn
President. CM ashdier.
CA PIAL. - - - $20,500.00
P~ROFl~ITS - -- - 18,ooo.oo
DEPI'OSIT1S .. - - - 140,000.0o
-: 5 Pe'r Cemtjfnterest. Paid On Deposits .:
D ireciors
J. F. Banister, B. A. Hagood, W. M. Hagood,
J. MV, Stewart, J. E. Boggs, J. McD. Bruce.
T. N. IHunter, H-. 4'. Richey, J. P. Carey,
7() acres of land niear Marietta, S. C.,
on Pumnpkmntown road. *10 por' acro.
1 20 acres near Travelers .Rest,
joining lands of Mr. Thos. Cunningham. Part of the Butler
Watson old home. ~$15 pe~r acre.
Aliso small tracts of lai.d';''.0 to 59 acres.
We have also s ie very desirable lot~s near city limniti! ThLese lots arc
along the car lino-$60 each.
Greenville, S. C.
I aeagoodl line oU
o 0 C K S
Aniong them are the recommendable ,old style Seth Thomas
Clck ,wth weights, wichlo I am sellimg at special bargames.
And a ew line of'SILVERWARE. Also solid Gold and
S~lver~ WATCIIF:S. A ico line of S1pectaclos; I guarantee
glaissos to fit~ eyes. All kinds of repair work in tihe jewelry line.
II. SNID)ER, - - iFasley, S. C.

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