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ach, pid xver-.And
Chronic to tipation.
Pleasant to talle
'The Watch of the man In the stree
Is sot by the Stnen.
Time Is a pOreniluly interesting sub- E
ject. Before the clironometer III the 8(
jeweler's window a iprocession is con
stiaitly iWHsiig. Tho banker pulls out
his $700 repeater, eitnares it with the
cironometer and inovis on. The oico
boy with just as much dignity consults
the dollar tineploce tiut bulges his lit
tio waistcoat: loth are equally idker.
the spell of tiine.
As most persons know, Iipgland sup
plies the world with that valuablo but
impalpabl coimmoity, that purely ar
itrary thing whIell we carl time. The
merldian of the Royal Obsel-vatory at
G;rcenwlch Is the polit from which the
day of tho civilized world is reckoned,
but in America the United States Naval
observatory in Washington determinel
Gr('ee1wichfi tuineI and distributes it by
- In the end the watch of the nman in
the street is sot. by the stars. Out of
the vast nunber Iii the iealven ther
are soio (), visiblo either to the eve 1
dr the camera which aro known to bo
practically lavarialo. 'The astronoiner
Selects on1e )f them. 'I'lrou:, te
-transit Iinstrumen11t.-t-alesl pmintedI
at tle imerldin-ho watches. 1elegraph
le key In hand. On1 the 4ens of the
telescope are (levelil liues. The
- center one marks the mid \jia. As the
star crosses eitch of these. lnes tie
Operator prepsss his key, tho wires of
. wVhieb (olet wvitl a ailtomatic -
Corlig '1Ika' at Chronograph.
This show s at, wlt tiue the star
Cro."Sed the merlian. Astronoi leal ta
bles deterilino the tino at which it
should have crossed. Comparison tf
the stflUnrd clock with theso tables I
shows whether or not the clock if,
- right.
Tho time is distribilted it il)oni.
Three minutes before 12 o'clock itI i
sands of telegraph opelrators 4t i si
lenco waiting for Ohe eli ( f the key
which shall tell tlein h11'1t tihe' "md er I P'i
clock" in Washigtmn hegun to
speak. At ono 111111It bfr ( it be
ghis, beating every seem1i until the
fifty-fifth. Then. lifter the pause,
comCs It single ba-t. whleh inarks exaet
no-on, and for anothir day the world
knows that it has the correct time to
the fraction of a second.--Youth' Com
. pan fon.
Don't be reckless, espelially in your
1)on't give to th Lorld and then go
out Mid rob a widow.
Don't nequiro the borrowing habit, or
the day will come When you will rim
out of friends.
Don't marry an indolent muan expe r
Ing him to brace up, or you may have
to tako in washiug to pay for tho
Dozn't be o mean'1-l' m.iinded.. '. tIm t you
N . .cani 8ee no0 g~ood ini a man11. 1[te m1ay'
be the. thiit to ioani youi wns ini tIi'e
oIf nieed.
Don't lay upi (en rylhing for a rainy
(lay an13l go hung ry ail liroughi life.
*Besides, where you are goiig it malfy
D Ion't sp~read bultter on both slies of
*youri bread just because you have $3 in
your pockets. An earthquake many
COmle along antd shake the change out
of them.--Denv~er News.
Developmuenut Of a Vhictr.
Th'le dlevelopinent of a chick within
the egg is onie of the mlostI woie1rfuli
things in naturn. At the, endi of the
fifty-eighth hour of iiue'uhio t41 ho
heart begins to beat, two vesijele4 are
seen andi a few htours latler the aui
cles also appear. On tho foaurth day3
the outlines of the wings may he per
. ceivedl and1 somuetimes of the head also;
oni the fifth day (lie liver 1.s visIble; on
the si xthi other iiterna1 or'gans app11earl.
In 100 hours thle beauk i: fruly fornwid;
in 200 hours the ribs arte clearly devel
.01)e(; In 20 hiour's (the feartersu aro viin.
11)1e; ini 2t8 hioursa the eyes appear; in
288 the rilbS ar1e comp1leted andit the
feat hers on the brueast ; In 30 (te
Jliug storuinch and1 breast have aii
sumled at naturaln ai1pearancee. On the
eighiteenth daiy the first falint piping of
the chick is sometinws4' nuile .
Noisy (ld I.oni410n,
Moderni ('tiles are not ats niolsy as
1th'eZ ofher days. 1 or xampile, In
London in theiQn iof01 ing (h'orge 11.
the streets were st 'til hbledl and1 the
Y. pack hiorse of Eliz'abethian memlory had
been replaced by heavy carts and wag
one. Barrels of beer andi~ heavy (cases
were dragged about oni drays of Iron
avithout wheels, and to add to the tu
mult heavy signs In imminse frames
of ironwork hung out in front of shops)
and houses and croaked interminably.
Street cries never ceased for a miomient
all day. All the smalnler n1eessar'ies,
such as pins, thread, string, ink, straps,
fBsh, milk, cakes, bread, druigs, herbs,
1 atches, were hawked in the streets.
-- Ftort saratogn,
With the hisetor'y of/Ol iraitoga theI
names of Schiuyler and Livinugstoni iire
closely associated. IFort 8ar'atoga was
built. In 1600 by Major Peter Philip
Schiuy'ier, and around It grow up a
:* >I mall settlement which suffered mrany
1 i~ssitudes during the troubious times
theO, next hundred years. Lying oin
.jthe thoroughfare from Canada (to New
I'ok, this northern v'alley of the Hlud
~0'WAS always in dispute ini the
roengh and Indian .wai',. and1 ini thet
otition tuttil the great battle of
~ ~-4 *d&-'-he first victory over which
i' ~d~~terlean tflg waived, anmd ono, of
t~~~ toen decivo battles of the
.*4 The actual. batttlegrotend Ia sov'
le'a j~1s away from the settienient
n pvtted today .by mainy stones
the ta~e deeds of our Amek-'
. :he 11ousD stilli stanuds in
~ e~s~rold was Confine~d as prislonor
i which he escaped in time to
o -ietide of 1attle towvard vie.
jot rack News.
xative Fruit Syrul
0I-119 Comnpany mid Dr. R. F. Smi
Secrotary Richiard (Nientam, of
ic Soutfrorn Q,149n Association.
-d bAgribulturaI -dopartment,
11( POW 'Ohoat"Js tip a troo him-i
M1. Teml)Lation is the groatost
licok rakco of thiom al.-Vilming.
)11 Star.
of a womani's ille Is the nlame often
given to ' chango of life." Your
mneniss come lit iong, iInterval%, slnd
grow scantier unttil they stop. The
change Lists three or four years, atI
catises mluchl 3)li ii ad sliffe: ug,
which caii, hQ.ever, be curWd, by
Woman's Rfuge it Di~trets
It ijuicky roikeve!; the patin, n(rlv
oIIsIILes'. ii tdaifity, III is, aNels,
fauinting, dwiiiovss, hot andJ col
Ii i'he'., woaknI(1I", fired feeling, eat
( 11(101 j Niii i'riig yom :itltrouigh
tii ' ' dwj.ill , 3I and build
111II) y ou I S'.3 eo.4111 forI (tic rtst of youir
Yo C131 1 v't It at all itruggists In
'1j . 4 nSP ii ~tJIil/d4, w ho ',
NV 1. 11 giiI11l; P. pIoor figure il';
I 81"ng h e1( is too 1iiiolt to 0111(
Ili,4 lit 513(3j) tliig4.
)ritto .1 invitivr Fruit Syrup givt'os, per
mitti0t, rolief ill case,( oif 13311itllfll 0011i.
pnO hii -%A it M-tillilia3te' tile liveri nd ro.
4,tov OI'll te tiet lil30 niol~l of (1ho ilowell
without irrl'it llI' I hcse olVli138 Iike publ
ori orilit 3~p , ea111 art ies. 1 oleH niot, iu an
vt i ii~' l 1111 P, il and33 p()IUN(1
to I '.fl31 ;3t invitiliv II Itil Vei ) 1)11t
wl-i nieiv Liirur Lthem ido, ii by(331 g ot
W loot' l Cal . , 1 11 1t. glI i Wo tl. 25ho
Cleanses the system
thoroughly and clears
sallow compeidons of
pimples and blotches.
It Is suaranteed
Lth, Easley.
The Cause of Many
Sudden Deaths.
rhere is a disease prevailing in this
country most dat orous be'cause so decep.
tivo. Many sudder
deaths are caused by
it-heart disease,
pneumnonia, hearl
failuro or apoplexy
aro'-often the resuli
- .of kidney disease. 1i
kidney trouble is al
lowed to advance the
kidney-po is o ned
blood will attack the
i vital organs or the
kidneys themselves break down and waste
away cell by coil.
Bladder troubles most always result frorr
a dorangoment of the kidneys and a cure I.
obtained quickest by a proper treatment ol
the kidneys. If you aro feeling badly yot
can mako no mistake by taking Dr. Kilmcrq
Swampaoot, the great kidney, ilver anc
bladder remody.
It corrects inability to hold urine and nctIld
Ilg pain in paslng it, and overcomes thai
unpleasant necossity of being compelled tc
go ofton during the day, and to get up many
times during the night. The mild and the
cxtradrdinary effect of Swamp-Root is soor
realized. It stands the highest for its wowt
derful cures of the most dim(rensinf o s,
Sv.amp-Rot is pkarlsau to I:1.e gtI roki
by all drugglits in fifty-cent and one-dollar
si::.A bottics. You inay
hi-:.ve a sampf bottlie of
thU' v.'no i rful ( . iIIs.
:ery an.id a book that _
t' l all about it, both onlo or swamp-noot.
- fre! ly inail. Addre'ss Dr. Kilmcr & C.
Pi'irhamnt an, NI. Y. Wlen writing mcntion
re:ding this generous ofer in this p tper.
Don't niake any ri1alake. but remember
the name. Swamp--Root, Dr. Kilmer's
S.rmp-Root, and the addrcss, Binghamton,
N. Y., oil cvery bottle.
When you wnnt pleasait laxativo
lbh It i4 Psy to take and certain toet, isE
Cham berlain's Stomnolh and Liver tab
lets. For sal )y Piekens Drug Co. and
T. N. 1i luter Liberty.
U5 I'S.I.i0h1E OF (iti,F.sTON ill
Chritrieton, South (nrolii.
isntrace exinnthm wlill e li eh fis'Iil 0 in the
cortitty 'ourt l So 1Ion ritn,.it lyti. at 9 . ll.
i ne F-ree ''ilItion Scholarslp i hi ctia, voulty of
Soiti ('arolinnt iatwairded by the 'ounty Stiil.
oll ni 0eat h1t ittit .iuge of I'robate. tim ittit
I it nilshli room it llorinitory. $1 I ntll hli . Ali
i'ahittes for %uylmission are permIittedi to (on
I piete for vt' lit, Inoyce selholribiips whihii imy
ilun a year. lor etinlogile in firinitt lon. ihtil 1(ess
Ilitrrison Italuolpth. Pi'ledet.
Every person shoutlo know thit good
1health is impossible if the kidney are
(deranged. ,ioley'F Kibuey Cur will cure
kiunuty ani bladder disearo in every
form, and will build up and strengthen
thcao organs so they will perforin their
ftindtions prolderlyv. No dangen of
Bright's disonse or diabetes in Foley's
Kidney Cure Is taken in time. Pickens
Drug Co.
Children like Kennetly's Laxalive Ilon.
O'y andt~ Tarl. The plenanhtest and be4st
s'o11(d sytil to I ake, 1 I-ciinat ji eii tiji
ill opiates. Sold by P1iecnn Drug CJo.
en' Foot-l1)- latie. ai p'owler, (lres Tl're'i , A~ (i.
In0g. Swentingu. Sol'll rfeet. :apleI sentl I' l' Fi
alls Saitiple ofI FoolT I.: 55as:Aany I'n lull PlI
lin'ew i (lction. Aidress. A Ile . olmsi'te', I
tios, N i .
Dours tho h Kin o lv wy Boughi
You wanht to H IT what you are alning at
--be it bird, beast or target. anke your
shots count by shooting the STEVENS.
Fror 41 years STEVlIENS ARMS have
-carried off PRi E 1IER HONORS for AC
CUR ACY. Our linot
Rifles; Shotguns, Pistols
- f ssou c't t T vr .Iioctpll ~pu?
/'ess /"'t/.rf. upon ecae (or present ant
receiptofcatailoi.price pro't(spective shooters.
Bleautift:1 three-color Aluminum Hanger will
be forwaurdcd for ao cents in samaps.
., Stevens Arms & Tool Co.,
P. 0. Box 4096
W~ANT.fEI-500o eor'ds of driy piny
Iwood at 01n(e. Weo have for sal plant
of c'ottoni aeed meaO~l anld hullsq at ralOSOn
able pr'icos. Piokons Oil Mill C0
if 'T. C. Robinson, .Jr., Mr.
Does evil still, your whole life fill?
1Does woo botids l'
Yourti thoughts abido on suicido?
You n(eod a pill!
Now for proso and facta-DelWiit's litto
En1 iv Risers are the most pleasant an
reliable p~illk known todlay. Tiheir nove
gr'ipo: Siold1 by Pickens D~rug Co.
For. YOUNG LADI ES, Rloanokce, V.
Opens5 sep't. 2A. 19041. onioot thle lendiing Hohoolis
bor Young I,...o in the South.* Now buihfings
jOInos 1and equ.pmenlt. Camipus toll acres. Orm-n
mnountahutS'isceney in Valley of Virginia, famied
for health. European and Ameriean teachem.
Full courne. OUnercivatory advantages In Art,
Music andi Etocuton. Certficeates WVelleeley,
ilflt i ro m0 tates. Pn Ctogtne addr ese
Mus-. UDEm*i Altni8 itoA'IwntOiI, V o es.
R. F. D. No. 5 IEASLEY, S. C.
'.'-W' r '
Also a Sp ,cjfc r cl 4t11
arising frorn Impurijtics- c
n 1 11 iI T
Attalt.s. one to two tapofl
vater, after se3cdMtc
INoL P ttemc-rons,
No appetite, loss of strength, nervous
ness, headache, constipation, bad breath,
general debility, sour risings, and catarrh
of the stomach are all due to indigestion.
Kodol cures Indigestion. This new discov
ery represents the natural juices of diges
tion as they exist in a healthy stomach,
combined with the greatest known tonlo
and reconstructive properties. Kodol Dys
pepsia Cure does not qnly cure indigestion
and dyspepsia, but this famous remedy
cures all stomach troubles by cleansing,
purifying, sweetening and strengthening
the mucous membranes lining the stomach.
4Mr. S. S. Hail of Ravenswood, W, Va.. says:
"I was troubled with sour stomach for twenty year.
Kodol cured me and we are now using It In milk
for baby."
Kodol Digests What You Rat.
Bottles only. $1.00 Size holdint 2% times the trial
size, which sells for 50 cents.
Preparod by 9.0. DeWITT & 00., OHi0AGO t
Sold by Pickens Drug Co
clerarceo and a r . nt - ut -
-JoB V
Job work of ev
clone here with n
Railroad and
Letter a ndc Noteo I I
and~ Statemennts
an dl( at reason
G3ive us
A Sure Cui
Q ails, Bruises, Contracted Musc
Frosted Feet, Burns, Scalds, etc.
rnation, and drives out Pain.
. PgENETRATES the Pores,
promotes a free circulatIon of t
natural elasticity.
Mrs. 1. A. Shmpson, s0o
TRenn., writesar " I have b
liot Springs, Ark., for asi
. ewore relief fromi Bali
han any medicino or anyti
Znclosed. find postoffice ordi
larg~e bottle by Southern E
Ballard SnowI
11 Not the.*'niere teinporary rcelief that
Hot the lit-tle hielp that the( doctoi
a tstrong (.1 vtre)s1! t
LE e5 M
not the little ep ta edc
a stron arid ioro
p u o - .n two ole ::, an .U I
4 ( d e.. h 1s been orien fjrom m I nsteI
1301 Jams .,
Sample bottle a.nd booklet FR!-EE:
It You send five cents for postage BIT
14 -1
R. E DITOlt Please &y In your roalors an' my friends
Complet.4 line of Reliale good1 wich i have fr their
fact, at the prices which) I iim quoting I onsiderl theo ga
arry a littlje of "ainythiing and ovnrythin, n am soilling at
/EA R and IlE4AVY KNIT S11llRTS;- alt-o, at good lino of ()V
From11 nJow unltil Chrislt~lm We initeC the laisto 31all a1
l1) DRY G OODS. D11LESS G 00181, N OT ON S, e t.c.
-Will mako , hie same o- frer asg the above to 01h0 m1on1 fo;lis
I runics, T'alises, Gents' Furnishings, etc. Te nicest line of
Flour, salt and barbed wir, by th. ca.r o.d to go at pric
A complete hno of the good kind of furniture and nico
ron King stoves an~d Chatitanoogaf Plows-two verly nwe8cssary 1
be best of their kind on the market. Chinaare, Glasswnre
ears3 well.
A (ulle liof Ufdertakes' goods and i nice Ier i se.
Your patronage solicited and you will bo treated rilght.
\mVi II m08k1 ) i G. m fe sIh b~ t .1)m'i14 c
an eigstsu and dis-ooaPow- ()vr Iicsand
ia s B l ng .id te o as1yuWllb rm Iclrg
donei08 neatlyn heL
for Rheumatism, Cuts
SprainsrWounds, Ol
SoCo rnmeBu i alnsi
28,1Lamo Back, Stiff JointS,
loosh 13111u Tisuese th S
Craig St. IiKnoxvillei
1inerheumatism, butiI
res Snow Linhuentv'ry
n I haveteerotried.t
rr $f.0r hutSe m ute
isroon, ue nim .
loosns he Fbros Tisue, A re yIou, mkn as mue
makod ivn h uclsOIP~in llIN y1ou au.Thtr
money to ua bi4lttgfar,
rent. Woul' it our beiters
tithuhtsbte Fi Coltnet cote thaE
land s ineonsiniinlvlue o
riorEO.Sendme A fr t~o~r thev toies
I~ulc4 ol e the firs
Co. rt ~ccotnt iot te o
LIure Ineveoresturdn with
(. s
the old "remedies" gave,
'; presciptions give; but
3 CUi. That 1,s what
m'1 causal by arn cxces of
ir as a l d requires
If .-1fm.
ya ..: a
y th. utire ystem
od I a 0 s
R EII o Oon. o -'ezI se5, k
Ind LA
a0 Cand Contag!ou
r1 ',d Poison.
R E~0AL C00 Pp's, BIAI.TIMOllE, MD,
that a ast IN I. the OP tAnd,". with a
I19pectiona andt sale at1 very close' figureso. ini
0(1s an ar.' lBargains. 'Tol thoma that, I
themi also, SF iTS, PANTS, U N.] -
Id we will maltke them close prices (n)
Onl Clothing, H P. a, Undorclot.liing,
these gook we Lyave ( ver carried.
es that defy coiapolition.
inatting, Carp 1eting and rugs. Agon t f-.
hings ill overy well regulated family and
Agateware, Tinware and other ware that
Guy McFall
iplease conie forwvaard ad mrake settlement
I off your1 harm ais yom ought.? No d1oubt. you are
nhi blai the land! costs~ too uniebl. I t lukes too much
so yon1 ;re l rying to ma)ke a living on at small1 farm,
ne' and2 paying ai good share (of whaiit. you riiso, in
to go where' the prico of good1 land( is 80 littlo thiat
(re (every 0ere of the groun is 10wO]oig for you
m goosnI profitso?
.es of fert ile hand in Soth iwest along the line of
onIJ 1h hioughlt, fori from 2'1 to $10 (n acro1(1(. This
:h yeair.
uthwest at Small Cost
v' i I! 0ld i ' onvine yo itat1 o m t ntrest, lay in -
.Ji Therip > onn het mudo att very lit hle e'xpense2.
odi third T.iuieray ofl each iuonth you pur lichaseo a
2ket to anty point in t he South west on via of tho -
Rtuito ait ve ry low riates. Stop-overs wvihlla bil
Sto <xfllnin(' any locnlity you nre in t-eaOsted inl.
ic0 for faee copits aof h'v ks desril.ing t his won.
y anth for fill in formation abomt cost of tichots.
n Belt Route, 203 Equitable Bldq., Atlanta, Ga.
nisndUovar IJ iut Fi~t 9 opes,
outhknforboutglo iani Varleoelo withIopf
uttion froma bcoxio~ne; (Conataloona Iloori hPoison
'at mtortiury or uainerai anixt:Gre; J-osai of tlanly
or P'ositively on rad; nto 4 t imuihot. but. ,ermanei'. .
lao litr. King Medlet (20. ie ani inst~itu ion ulnganizmedundertb
a of the state of Geo'rgiat for the trentmntL and cauro of l
qtus and ohronuic dli)A3ies. IDr. l. K King Lbn founder
insattiution, is thte chief const1iig specialiat, being iaisistO
I Staff of eminent 'physiltano-zhnd suonst~a~.
tar aucoe In the trec.tment of chrontic diseases is ungnsurp.
we nan both iedia tand electricuia agennie:.
ur ofices aire equtipped with ail tho galvanl0,faradic btt'
X-ray, violet ray, and Finteon rays In fact, overy oele101
trivanco known'Io ihe medice.1 profositaon. Our anit4Vt1t
torn int overy respept, and we employ niono Obuth 't
noed and efinelerit atfenduants, regularly qualified gr. UW
licensed phyasiisa being hi1 charge. tt~
'n emnploy no mislondinig metans to aecHito patl~v
ronago--no 0,.0. D.'a or iunskfod for lileoratuire are enp~6
hiii ittutiont. Or ternms for treatmfet averae fro t10asur
10.0)0 per mniuth. dpqcicines~ Ineluded) and we giete 8 1t
0 of a euro irhi iaspoofl linaccsflytotndpr4
IRN - DSASS.-e itr e All chronia diseases
RODIIC viS E"~ lmido1r tCb,Blih unmatismu,
Ptito, iydrc.1 1raI s.~ suba'tcia tarr Prtve
uaas atnr.qndibig iaooS of Eye and Ent
ni 1iroasos Ue...i Wornertt, suach as D)isplacements, .
d~~mi such weakn ti5a of women.
aturl D d et 7and gre- Aich or i fted. On requesi we
yo..nu tding symtpt0om blanks for home treatmient.
p)ut lots ot money in the country.
n rolbed and killed for their money.
>ney. Delays are dangerons. Open
:lay and your money wvili bc safe.
e dep~osits.
HI. C. Shirley, Cashier.
account with the Liberty Bank.
. .

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