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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, August 22, 1906, Image 2

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-hIo Sontinol-3ourna1 l pay
T'i'rsw & RicHE~y,
lbseript Io j~l 1.00) P.er Aiun.
cd at I1iOkci:S 'lO I' toflCe as SeCond Cham
160~~*i . ~CII~ 1! 11101 VBV'b lVW (1111)10 R
t ~ ~ ~ E ktI~I~kl h 110 8 11 F i ui
1 Lceib , fu conlgress w0 ill t
t. * tui~ingcut. at girent dal o,'
ii ~uudu ut 10: 50 u I o'l~e
eth 11c hgA ki v r 11itute 0.:
trilig 1.
t out, fq.
)OM) Eii
Davcid K'1 ti II' 'i rn
li f 1) IIt 1~ , Il,
)d t'-' I8 k(' mowrd l0
1 to i;'1,C (~aJ ho I)ICAS.b1uI(
I a l.ifaills o1 it LOWly m r'
j1. ~ 1 i:i ad 3'Itl'o got oil
~~har ~ ~ Mi )ii '. lO .11 e 1 liur
'S ~ ~ ~ i~ t- 1:ei 1. ,l"8 W ilili..
N 11 rv\1 m0~Vtl)(hill )
'SO i. 10"( t ~ l o lnut1 2. ~ n d
Dmoeatik 2iNb of Pickous
nty. will 1eet Itt their ree'pective
frecincts on Triesday, Augdit 28,
1006 for A1th purpose of voting for
one United Stateo Seintor, ono Rtopro
s4entative in Congros, Qvernor and
Stato oflicers, and Cotnty officers.
There will .1 two tickot.,; for each
voter. The first for United Staios
Solntor, Governor, Lioutenant Gov.
nrnor, 3Ccrcta ry of State, Comptirol.
for Goueral, Stato Treaurer, Adju.
tant land Inspdctor General, State
Siperintendent of Educatiou, Attor
ney General and IRttilroad Commis.
?ioner. Tho scuoud ticket will be for
Congresq, Third Cong-emioUal Dia
%rict; two meImrs of the houso of
Representatives, Ceoimy Supervisor
Judge of Probato, County Suporin
tendenti of Education, Troasnrer, Au
ditor and two CounltyN Commissioners,
1lso a :wnauttor.
A fter the votes are. tabulated by
the roanagor, the boxes are to bi
turied over to thu executive commit
too of each club.
Poll8 at each voting pla-o mut bi
>pold at 8 o'clock, a. i., aud clos <
it 4 c'cluck, p. m.
At the Icloio of tho eiletioni 0th
#pe) the it ) ,!I it Loxl il c onlu t Ih
ballotsi th rin.lul
Thll C-)nstAy Extctivo Com mile,
wAI meet in Ile Court Ilouso vI
Puusda fbowngthe prhoary-N I.
tabullal the voutoi of th1 Douenriali
'. t tecoli1 priilury wil' l i d ab
l' d s : iptember I i . 11)1)1. Th4
duct it.
The ~oor ra a e- (at I,. CoulI
filmnse and hike oul 1,1h oxe-.
Tih follwinu alaard perS:,lli Ni
c d [ uct the o (An at (h( it- rrt .
1%ce precinlehs:
K :,- J 13. Jam iIoon, A. il
imun iiion, J1. i%' h itze el.r.
'h) rHt * N ; IT. Hu1tchiln , J.. 1
r luter. P. U. FArtecu.
C' i It h . E. B. St ,J. 1
illeniic , S. A. McAliator.
Pickes: V. T. Bates, 1 (. M.
r. D iIl, Richrdt IT. ak111er.
Loly Ls Gin); 1. L. Jols, .1. L
Looper, Mlarion Prucmar.
AL. Ednsi, W. C.O Kmeh.
I -A', I t ; IJ I . : o
- W lell e r, iu h p i,.. : od2 .
1 C.-oss hin.(;y A\M iu
. F(res Pindei r, it . W o. em.
C10i i cky . oT R. C1W11) it Wa
1 . teee Jl . U. Crill.
li . ..r !. i'~ .-\ . nm . ('lip l o
A!'ltirsti iom J IliIo \\'thn. /
l. Foiter, J to Rbino n. ~(~~~'
Mi tdlo dirIeek:ju J. 01. aCwen, W. o
Curtli(eiS. B.il Datn.II:ii('jt
illo:t i, C.oi . Low(' i s. t 'ii
Garrett, U. . (biredFl i. I t.I
Clild aoun ; W. R.h iTor Georli
Wl).f Ilnrim, J.l Henr Lawrence.
nihtlyMy . hL.(IiCh ii~ Graele Jt!
Ao. Portte,' L. . ynhe .gl
,a - p 11IV r . D.ar hMauldin o, La.
tiley 10. LM18IIl) Cri.'o eeja
'yllu fromwe ho T. C.orpencer, J, O.
tlhe W . fll Grrsorn.iigil '
itie8 1.\1) W lt( no tl anyr Wa tA.
ofar'r, W.rr it. i:n jate ohn
Ghinmad .\wit:t U.0 thaotd, .ay
H.u~ iit prnnenoe B. li. He ors.1Ic
f cky Auditom;s E.ic I t i,, tod
Ly (urel aor(; J.t D.' thipel for
'Cin ord ermat t hbic my bei
ng thei WctmI>ant, oncc oin of
Creasurer ll.r \\ err wih the
amo I ta, hihd of hsaduyn
ibe fort taty osie apr)re ha
nigh o av. Ro~cudly h cll
axes. Mr.Fr had ouiy to Ia
byhi 4fo th Auio'soc
p gtablePreparon ro As -
fifg UICStOIARihs and Dowels o
r'rolnoles Digcstionflecrr't,
t iess and IRcst1.Coahis 1iw1itkI
IAm,:Norphinle nlor Miiicrid
AOf (Rd J rAPJri~c.
lion, our Sta ch 1)i-v i')11jf.
&ress 111)I o
Tv'~q 1
I )e i i A ug it 1 1.
Lo'ii i ll.] oul.
'--t itt
C :tj ii 1. i A ii.i I1Ii
iic i d l
S:41 til 'i
( ~l
6-4 11iui' %v.. 1 1.44 9: 99'(ting tl.9 A.9
v IT9
AA 91Y
A. K. Park, GreenvI
~ . C.-,Dry Goods, No
-tions 'and Shoes
We re 111n0 ow s'wAVingy the laRCget and
S rw4 stylish, 11> lo dalto0 Ptook Mf niew
{ Spring1 (oOds that we iavo' over shown.
T me uan1d monley ' was Spout' il SMlot
iying 11ii stook, nimi Wo do not besiitato to
i l1 ml will givo tho est Vlluc
i o l v the i onle ne 1 hacan be had anly
m t '. Vi-o yoli trii' at Patrk'i storo,
-i p (t. yIur pooket. I ook. That iN
ou. lusto. ii 'lm erio 10ick 1ou. .N Wo
S : you th Ibist ot -toro scrvioo, 1111d
0 V nds i luit be what wo say thle' ly aro
orI your nwnjoy giveni bank. Our show.
lr. ol wrlol dircvs goods is fino--Gi-eys
-il VI" 1 pil'l I aho BilkIs, Mohair, -
:tshimerui:; ail 83rgoe--from cheap to
t finlm d. Our Bla1ck goods are il-.
was II l w e not il't tho-m 1.un11 down.
Ouir Whit- (t, I, :nd printed lawin
- IWr MO complete that wo enlluot coll of
hiom. -Our prices on Ltoo groods from
"') coits to 50 ents;. Ouir shii and un
derwear d parnlleit is fill of the best
alus wc wor had.
f:idics vusts, 5, 10. 15 and 25 centH.
M ni's.vC.r, 25 & 50 et-, can't be beat.
.ecl on. Mli's 5w eI Shirts amld you
will buy.
nlland i ladiCS Oxfords. to fiulit yoIu' #
Halesmenit- Mr.ol Thomaill Mr. g
liity cH nny
.LK. Park 10
West End, Greenville, S. C.
N w is a g(xxl time when there are so many Sales going on
1i Our Ity, to d ut hoW reasonale we have always been
Siuir mrian'o:: and! for hw0%V IeSS yOU Call buy our
. n hm tiv ;dvertisd prices of our competitors.
hV ill in ur Avways; sperb stock, some very hand
.1m ~vtw ::.. thr'e picc.: suits which we are selling at remark
SAy low p1rics clsid rinIg the quality.
Greenville, S.
I ep the2 b ~ exa on) i w market and have all ilavors.
your lavor. IbIr for your imc creams and cakes and yott
.,;l ha c,1() C li o tr cem pai t
I.an coee, already g o n1111(, in one pound tins can't
he ha . a he pricc c the pound ind money back if not
satisIlied .
FrAh ul! cr uch:.i l in m, ce box--home raised and
ood, at Czo. th1e ponId.
Ice co]i- iriks of all kinds. P-est line of Fancy Gro
Inne m town. oI patronge solicit of Fa ;o
1le a in w s n\ iJ~ t o i , I lnI (IU S a a~ --.
.1. . .5-, . a l i
a :ant Cashier.
p p .e I I.- - - $ 0,500.00
i )11l )S1'TS . . .. . - I 4 'OO*
Per "i ( emn nteres;t Paid On D~eposits-:
D irectors
. aiH B. \. I Lagood, \V. M. hlapoct
J.\.St rt, J. . ggs, J. McD). Bruce.
\ ite.r , H. . Iichey, J. P. Carey,
on Ptunlilkinitowni rand. 10 Jilr nieri.
2 )~i(~1 (S 1 (l~P I' If iNi.\gr [ et
'ld cc I~!uI.~ci 'ti Tos. (1inninghanmj. Paurt, of the Butler -
h e aI .c c Jjne very'1eirab.lo lo neaq ~ r cijty limnit Thes~fCIo lotin are~
o long thi) car line-c-$60) each.
I huave a good lino ot
Am tong themJUul& ar the r''ci c nomedarblo old stylo Set h Thoma
Cloce wth vghtlwich I am) sel ing at special bari.a
A*. 4a r1c~w lineo, of $iIVRWVAR E. Alo) jiolid odainaed
Smiver WATC1I1ES. A ni~ce3 lne of Spectacles' T [gaando
glassosi to fit ecyos. A 11 kind of ipir work in th jowv~l' lino
HI. SNI!)ER~ h~~y .U

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