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Appbings ofPLocal and Personal
-MAIs Francis Robinson of Easl y,
AC, is visiting Miss Helen *ogte
this week.
nMr. Duncan Baker, of Charles.
ton, visited 1on. doorgo 8. .Legate
gono to
dciends aR d
ito are at
Chick Sprin'g for about two weeks
. -Messrs. Jack Lewis and Claude
Hester visited at Clemson and Sonoca
last Sunday.
Mrs. R. S. Cithcart, of Charleston
is visiting her sister, Mrs. B. A. Ha
good in Pickens.
---R Bauce has gone away this
woek to seerol places on profos
sional business.
-Miss Florido .Carey is on an -x
tended visit to frrends and relatives
in Seneca and Walhalla.
--Mrs. T. P. Rizur and daught r,
Miss Lona, of Augusta, a , are on a
visit to Ms rs. . .. randy.
-Mi Ze> Broyles of Anderson
has returned bou after visiting the
Viisses Ashmaro Jur two weeks.
--Misses lua and Maka Boggs
-turnol homo Modally fromti a t wo
%veeks vsit. to relativesi at Calhoun.
-Dr. Robert hKu ksey and wire
lave gone West for a month or so
or the iouefit of Dr. Kirksoy's
-Alrs.George S. Morrison who has
noen visiting Mrs. W. If. Johnson il
i3ackens, has returned to her home in
-Mii Helen Boggs has been in.
1isposed for the past tow days but
wo aIre glad to note that she
is well again.
- Mc). Baker will give a concert
at Pleauant Hill Baptist Church en
Friday night, August 24th. Evety
body invited to come.
- Miss Lucia Folger is quite sich
at her home in Pickens, much to the
Ir regret of her many friends who hope
for her a speedy recovery.
-Miss Berta Long has returned to
her home in Nowbeary after spenj
ing three mouths here for recrertion
belore going back to College.
-A. Brandon Taylor and eister,
ablie 1tools to clean off the grave-yard.
. -Priofessor Audliew Bramil ett left
this woek fo.r Atlanta to take a posi
tion) as Professor at Colloge Park.
HereitoforeJ he has boen teachin g at
Georgia Tcch.
--J. It. Aehmo~re, carrier of route
3 las lost his Waterman Ideal Foun
tain Pen. It has two gold bands on
it and( a clip) for holding in pocket.
Return and get reward.
--Mrs. S. Hi. Clarke anid Mrs. S.
S. Williame, of Elberton, GIa., mother
andio sister to Miss Irene L. Clarke,
are ini Liberty for the musicale by
M iss ('larke's class Monday night.
--Mr. isaac N. Miller, of Easley,
Rout No. 1, brought to -this office a
muammiuoth aIpio. It mneas ured 14
inches around( and weighed fourteen
onneesV. 1t wats of the Seqiuin variety.
-The Liberly Township Singing
Convention will meet with Enion Isop.
tist church the first Suuday in Sep.
tomber. All lovers of mnusic are in
vited to attend and bring song books
anid well filled baskets.
--"Bill" Jeans, thme reliable stand.
by of the Pickons R~ailway hats gone
away on a twi weeks vacation. Dunr
tng his absence Capt. Taylor is at
the throttle and handles the "Limit
ed Expross" like a veteran.
--Miss Lula Eharlo, a charming
young lady of WValhalla spent last
week with the Misses Hester at "Oauk
land Hoime," on the Central roadt,
four mules south-west of Pickons.
Sho spent Monday in Pickons with
the A\lisse-s Ashmioro on her way to
her hmou.
Miss Irene L. Clarko's music class
will give a recitalat in the school ai~d
itor-ium at Liberty, on Mlondav-, Aug
-* 27th. A very ologant program has
boon arranged for the occasion and
all who attend will be highly enter
tatined. A dmissiomn will be 10 and1
15 'e(ints. See program elsewhere in
this paper.
--Mr. J1. (1. Kennmmore who has
been away from this county for six
teen years, camne cilL this summer to
visit his miother, brot hors and other
relatives. Atar a pho asunt visit lie
my tui ned to his home at Sess, Kan.
nil , on the 14Ith instant. Waide Ross
rt turned with him oni a prospecting
h cur,
.Miss, Lucia Folger ontertaine I
on Wednesday evening at her, boanti.
ful homo op Main.Street a very. jolly
crowd with "Progressive Euchre"and
"Five Hundred" The evining was
very pleasantly spent by all thot o
who attended and after the games
were finished it was found that -Mr
Ernest Folger and Miss Francis Rob
inson had won the prize for winning
the mnoet games. Very delicious re
freshments were served and the even.
iug was a complete success. Those
who attended Were" Miss Pauline
Izar of Orangeburg; Miss Francis
Robinson of Easley, Miss Lucia Fol
g6r, Helen Boggs, Floride Carey,
and others.
Gentlemen: Ernes't Folger, J. P.
Carey, jr., LoRoi Boggs, Bruce Boggs
M. 0. Long, Christie Robinson, Jor
ry McMalion of Charleston, Mr.
Baker of Charleston, J. M. Niokles of
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin A. Hagood
entertained with "Five Hundred" on
last Thursday evening. The table
were very neatly arranged. The oven
iog was very pleasantly spent and
the beautiful music which was pro
d(uced by Mrs. Cat-heart, of Charles
ton, 8. C. was enjoyed by all. After
the guies wore finishod dolighlful
rofreshments were served. A "Cake
Walk" was participated in and Mr.
C. H. Alexander and Mrs. Catheart
were winners. Those who attonded
were: Mr. and Mrs. Goo. S. Lo.4are,
Mr. and Mrs. C. 1H. Alexander, Mr.
and -Mrs. T J. Mauldin, Mrs. Cath
cart of Charleston, -Miss Pauline
Izlar of Orangeburg, Lucia Folger,
Helen Buggs, Floride Carey, of Pick
Gns. Gentlemen: Dr. L. U. Maul.
din, LeRoi Boggs, J. P. Carey, Jr.
"At Oakland Home" the country
residence of Mr. and Mrs. IR. A. Hes
ter the Misses Rester entertained a
very jolly crowd on last Friday nighl
with a "Lawn Party". The lawn was
beautifully decorated and the bench.
es and chairs arranged so that each
couple could talk about the "Weath
or". The parlor was very pretty being
decorated w ith different species of
ilowers and ferns where some chatted
while others were otherwise occu
pied ou the lawn. Cards were arran
god very "onto" so that when a gen
tieman would draw a card his part
ner's card had to make sense with his.
III this way no young man got to talk
to a young lady but a small space of
;mn. Delightful refreshments wvere
Mary Garrett ot bNorris, U lova .Lo
per, Cecil, Rana, and Pearla Iheater,
of P'icns; Messia. L. 0. Mauldin,
Cbris-tie Pobinson, Bruce Boggs, J.
P. Carey, j-r., Dr. Roper, Loe Rope',
Thiom Garret-t, Fulton Robincon.
A strawv ride was greatly enjoyed
by the young people of town on last
Tuesday evening. The crowd occa
sionally indulged in singing the old
familiar songs, but as each young
man had managed to get by the lady
he wishedl to talk to a good many
flights of oratory was heard and
astronom:ical d1isserta tions wvere made
and while this talk was indulged in it
was not heavenly bodies always that
was under discussion, as most of the
talk was about "the divine light" that
radliated "from those heavenly eyes of
blue" that so brilliantly and lustrous
ly t"winkled and shone from that par.
ticular "star" at thbe young man's
side. TIhose composing the party
wvere: Misses Lena Rizor, of Augus
ta, Gia., Pauline Izler, of Orangoburg,
rLla Earle, of WValhalla, Vesta and
Boasie Ashmora, Nellie Grandy, 110l.
on Boggs, Jane, Mary and Annie
Purdy and Ola Richey. Messrs.
Jerry McMahan, of Charleston, iR. E.
Bruce, Lelloi and Bruce Boggs, .Roy
Grandy, Christie Robinson, Brandon)
Taylor, and J1. P. Carey, jr.
Mrs. Wade Hampton Johnson en
tertained a number of hei' friends at
a six o'clock tea, last Friday evening
in honor of her guest, Mrs. George
S. Morrison, of Columbia. A delight
fuld evening was spent "over the tea~
cups)," by those prOsont. Th0e guests
attendling were: "M edames Mande
Cox of Washington, L. S. GIrandy of
.Oheenville, A. M. Morris, W. GI.
Lewis, C. E. Robinsuon, E. B. WVebb,
J1. T1. Ric-hey, C. N. Bowen, ,J. L. 0.
TLhoeumpson, and Misses Ejsic Earle,
Florence Boweni and1 Ola Richoy.
-M. 0. Aiken was ini wn Mon
(ky with a enr-iosity, i.: Whe shape of
an egg, which had am circuor' (place
around one side of the hll and in
this circle were the seombhu:co of h t
te "0 U" being two letters very
plainly discertuible to the eye. other
latters were made ont by the aid of a
Turnip Seed
So our fresh stock of
the well known Buist's
Tui~rnip.j) Seed. The best
results are received
when you sow them.
Pickens Drug Co.
Miss Irene Clarke's Annual Concert
1. Clayton's Grand March . ....... ........ ........ Cliarlii ). Blake, op. 188
Misses Clarke and 'l'illie Ford.
2. Sunset (Nocturne) ........... ........ ....... .......... Edward M. Read
Mi[s Annie Belle Brown.
3. The Acrobat Polka ............... ............. ... ........L Streabbog
Miss Addic Mc-Whorter.
4. Swoet Violet........ --- - .............-..................W. SmIiallwooil
Miss fay A bercrom bie.
5. Song-Would You Care? ....... ........... .. ....... Charles R. liarris
Misses Clarke, Annie Boile Brown and Tillie Ford.
0. Duet-At School March.....-.......................... ..L. Streabbog
Missos Addie McWhort- r anl Vivian Algood.
7.'Cricket...................--- . ..........................M. H . ( Cocl1e1
Miss Mabel Hunter.
8. Step By Step March ..........---............................ . Streabbog
AMies Olive Belle Crane.
0- Firelly...............---- . --..............................M 11. Cochran
Miss Inil McGraIvey.
10. 'l'he Sweetest Song Ever Tol.ld......... ........... .. .......I. .M. Stulte
. .Misses Ulnrke. Ford and Brown.
Lt. The Sack Waltz................................. John A.. Metcalf
Miss Jessie Maic Parsons.
12. Duet-Through Field and Forest, oi. 47. ......................M. \gel
Misses Ford and Ola Smit.h.
13. Dird's Morning Song.................. ............ ...R. Streabhog
Miss Olive Belle Crani.
14. (lown Dance.......---.. . ----................H.L Engelimatn
Miss Addie MelWhoro r.
15. Prince Imperial G4alop........... ......................Chales Ioot
Miss Mab~el lluntir.
Miss i'iaijmu ono3*Lw.
19. CJolumbus March . Guiseppe Creatoro (D)irector Croatoare Famuous Italian B~imd
Mr. Willie Hunt.
~20. TheoBrooklott--------------------.--...--................Henry yde
Miss Vivian Algood.
21. Duet-My First Piece..........---..--............ ...........L. E. Ort
Misses Cla ike am1( Mleda Byrd.
22. Hleavenl y Rest (Roveirie).- . ----. .--. ..................Richard Gloerdele
Miss Tillie Ford.
23. 1Uet-March of the Little Men. .. . ....... .. ..... .. ..... L. E. Orthi olg L
Missoes Clarko ad Mc~ravoy.
24. Waves of Thes Ocean -Galop................----......... D. Ulalk
Miss Annie Boile Brown.
25, Song-"If I Was A Boy, If I Wais A Girl (Comic)...... .... I. L. Blristos
Miss Jimmio Parsons and Mr. Willie hunnt.
26. "How Sweet T1bo Moonlight Sleeps"......... .... .... ......... .i. pee
M iss Minnie Leo Smith.
27. Duet-Sylvan Waltz......--.--.------.-.-.--.-................F. M. Dlavi
Miss Meda and Mr. WVillie Ihunt,
28. Pussy Wants A Cornor.-...... --........... ........homias Salvine o. 4.
Miss Irmiu McCravey.
29. Song-My Mammna's Waiting There.-..--.--..-..--.--..-..-. ----...Percy Wonriel
Misses Ola Smith, Jessie Maie P~arsons and Vivian AlIgood.
30. A T1wilight 1IyC......................... ............. g SelI(1(
Miss Meda Leo H tut,
:31. Song-"Making Eyes"...-..-..-..-..-..-.-.--....... ..........hrry Von T1ilze:
Twelve Young Ladie'.
32. Love D)1reams) (Reverie)..-.-.-.--..-----.--. --. ...... . . . . .A Brown og
Miss Clarke..
33. Song-Every Body Works But Father.-..---. . ...... ..........Jan H~avo3
Mr. Willie Hunt1).
N ervousiieh si lve roh
Then your blood musttiaidatbe lie
a cvry e, condition.y Youd diesio a
certainly knthowiverwhatbotlo takeo
then take it -Ayer's Sarsa- Bgau
parilla. If you doubt, then "
consult your doctor. We know
what he wilt say about this OEl'CA .
grand old familymecn.
Thuis is the first question your doctor wouli OI 1 tlclu ~to Ifi~iidc-i
ask: "Are youir boweis regular?" lie known i.Altl o flio~i~ noTbi
thatt daily action of the boweis is absolutely
ossential to recovery. Keep your liver afitive (0lt2(.Bl oai ~l os21
and your bowels regular by taking laxativeo nt t~ os2c oewieIhy
doses of Ayer's ynila.
MAde by.y.0. Ayer Co.. Lowell. Mass. ehi' ond0hlt rta
HAIR VIfIOR.rtitinAiloiltilllg nd W
AflUi CUR'.
CIIE1RRY PECTORtrie.Yorl~ttl..~Oi
Weo bavo no secrets I We publish oiie tn ilh
the frmula Inecaour cof ontom aantlieriatouhh
thei proper i r waten is to stit ur~ ics
(rr1tating thos orgaslike ptillsyrrd
O A .deT ~O T& T0~l .A .
JUL Y and
Our annual CLEARA
tinue through out July
ductions along all lines
at a song.
20C White Lawn to go at 15c. 15c V
White Lawn to go at ioc. ioc White La
mercerized white goods to go at i5 per
broicleries to go at a big sacrifice.
Oxfords in all colors, white, black, and
go at 25 per ceut discount.
Ihe immense clothing trade we have I
stock, but we still have some rare borgain
can buy a suit at 25 per cent discount. \
suits and serge coats.
Dont miss this opportunity for bargain
the immense fall stock we are buying.
Just received a solid car barbed wire an
. andl hay, with prices right.
Our stock of stoves, hardware, furnitur
from implements, of every description, n
Always the best, and the best is always
We hope to have our new building com
pleted it will give us more room than any
able us to display to a better advantage, t]
we carry. Call on us for anything you ne
and our prices are always right.
Folger, Tho
IHIats8, Walk-O( ver Shoe
- I'Jlr TAutI .:) NO
.liipOrhL(edes Ti.:ne table No I
I ffet ive Mn r(h 110 19(01
flond IDown Ilonti Up
No 12 No 10 STA TI ONS No It No 9
4:-I0 pin 10:40 alrn IV l'iekelkN nr 2:5ipin 7:35 pmnW
u:4 ttI 0 :unt .'rgnx~ou n pm 7:30 p
5:00) pin~ II:00 turn *A ritil's 2::25pm 7:15 pm
5:103 pun II :05nm,, *.\lnhiin 2:20pmi 7:10 pinl
5: I5 pin 11:15 tnm nur I~at.ley IV :2:5p 7bt, :05 pum
*Ilu.ag Stautlojus
All trinsu sh .Iy except Staiiny~ippr
Not. I0 ettitclts with Soui It e ni Itnilway Nit 30
No 0 .:innIets wIthi Southeor,, lInt iwa No 12
No. 12 COnntsl( witlh Sio i thrn Italway Not i
Not 1I i cotiett withi Sitn ther fljIt~ini y No 40
2WI'or ty inf~orinnttin aLpp'y to
.11T'TA Y LOR1 Geni ManagerI)O
Arrival ancl 1Ifopartiure of Traina, Green
vill. X. U. Eliective April 14, 11991.
6:0a m. Not. 4X Ilaily ex ept Sti lity, for Lan
relts uttl inteinteulint I .Dl tatins, tarive aut T I
Lant rint l:ENn ii ini.
Newhberry, (' onnhitt, Stumter aumoi Chatrles
ton eelittg ill ,..umte r w~ith A. C. L..
anul etnsterni litlie, and! it lureins wiIth iC. A
W . t. 'Trii Nt. I for Spairtnhultrg tutu
trin No 2 for i recoit ood, A ugilista, ett. ~ .'R
A rtivo Lnarensx I:35 p tm, CIlintot
2:22 y mn, Newhiert y 3.101 p. an, Couluiatliu I :-I5
Stwmteir 11:20 p Iii, Chat~ rlestonii 9: 10, Spit n-'
ht frg3: 30 p, mt, G1reenawiood 2:16 pam. p' mi
A tusita 5'25 ii. tm.
4:1 ii m, Ni. 376 I? t ly xptI Sit ity. forun
(Ill n N it rmdhtltiv xe staiti. Ar iat
:125 Nt,52 ~u~I ruui ~itrtWoiiSiiitr
&hutii iwlur3.(ittoiN" hiiI'iug ~ 1 ris Hsstl
A tagitilti U reiSlipperst
Irli. Nt r~tuuf, rt'iiitoialc~itisef COUDaoN
) (talesuii it ito lW attce
10:2 a. lirnio, r chIlly exceptaSuay fro2inun sc
Laureu naal nteothertethinons
.00p A.Io.85 Nb OTi exc whicaysfasnh
-ro tahsial intermediate ii tatiosp~ . seBi
3:25or m Nu.fl oaiy fro whareson 'uer.
Trnhys o.r5:tlnmi ra 'throughi bewen el ' lOerou,
, uhrton twot "chkagoe.
tOtia it )IGI LIIC , . .IC. (
I~ St W rin : '. A..
1 ay .\t. Ur 190Ta..( a. A glsa n
-NCE SALE will con
mnd August. Big re
White goods to go
Thite Lawn to go at 1 2Y.2e. 12 1-2C.
Wn1 to go at 81-3c. Beaultifu'l linle of
cent discount. All Laces and Em
tan for men, women, and children, to
liad this spring nearly cleanied up our
i to offeCr, if your size is inl the lot you 4
Ve still have a nice line of two piece
s, we are obliged.( to make roo for
dl nails, fresh car flour and car of corn
C, harness, saddles bug gies, wagons
lowers, rakes anql binders, is always
thle cheapest.
pleted by August I 5th. \Vhen com
building inl the county, which will en1
1e large stock of general merch a ndise
::d for we are always pleased to serve
niey And XO.
s, 1rn Kin Stove
re Witego to gor
cint discnt All aces odand Eym
<tfaoo fou for 50omn n cdents Andal
record ping mneat clanded upruit
ighw ar oHlaman was hmng. Iros otato
Ei alyse, s rbanksou and Bat of r
tbe chepec t ayol.rie
F.te lH AsRRISh.W n- .

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