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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, August 22, 1906, Image 4

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All 113' llso o1' Umo ca1114 tIPt to) he
1i'*soeilated Nwith 1l'0 ut' )084 vertigo).
'fho 131111.10 Is t11u0 Of tilor or other
dkcu~t ofiho rqinl, (I;'clll f the
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11M When 1441lMi1'~lpr 1tOjiae.
intive FrQ t Syrut
2s Drug Company and Dr. R. F. Smit
Secrotary Richard Cheatai, of
the Southorn Cotton Association.
trecd the agricultural departient,
and now "Cheat'" is up a troo him
self. Temptation lis the greatest
muck rho of thon all.--Wilming.
ton Star.
has a very baid effect on your sys- 1
t, l1n. It disorders your stomach I
utic di.tive apparatus, taints your
blood! iid causi;es constipation, With
all its fearful ills. ]
h hd ord's
is ai i)l tonic, liver regulator, and
Hood puriefir.
It !N I of the polisons causedl s
by ver ' iY ot bile, and quickly
Cutes hizte: hi:dadIes, dizziness,
wss of o.petite, iniusea, indiges
.t' n, :onstipation, m.ilarh, chills
nd fever. piwke, norvousniess,
b Ity ! Pa, and all
n uf. hPsiatorod liver.
i is I a ectih.r tic, but a gentle,
- h ! .. r mn~inde, Which eases
Pricc 23c at all Druggists,
he-n a girl has a poor figuro it's
SIu bho is too uotlest to talk
u' nel ,Lhinjgs.
1 A R lN T141 Li V.Ul 1,1vi iV.
( .I t\ .1 ic' i mve F iti.f Syrip gjivos pe1
a.:.t1 lit relit'f inl eao of i bitmai coinsti
*';tion 1-'I it ScI mniiiilaipa 1te liver and r-e
-ores lits Icc itura accition (of tho bowels
S%.ncii' irr:tn ' he or ganhke t-pills
er wr' mar iidhrb.:tW.,byhesl nottau
so"(.7 01 i ' l w : ot, p lo -t
Ntu - :ccc .e-tuberih,,fc cii cI Salve;
:ill rccise i tI. stiit es.lIutc' ie s Drug~
t 1 uc of 1cri , a wet whot
TI t1: ' 4 vrc it. 15 clk.
was~ii'I a~ h,:cein a thauyyelt thr cR
hc II . h ie pile lwniligintaoes
- i Ic triedc . licklen' Arnien lvHe;
. wliich tu uil I .', y ie ,t le t' i tcii91
.i* :i i ,a tra cmins," wies A. M.x01
. I l *rneo oftFarini, 'a. i s for d
c: l'le.ers, Cat, lins ma' WHtic.d l25t
.. w - ... -.... ... .
rcNely~ nil .'ccc w o are smt.
at lconenHth ris
Itd is- ic uic lul olave, ai boco save
inc;~i' :a holci ycieIldci 1t De itrt,' Witb
cc r i :dg al iinw togzin~ pridcl flor immer
a e s i I. Is r y1 ar the i s'; it rl ri , etr i
hlidsti bicc- omn imiitatoer. 2.l mitre
li i lloc -cccc '.ii en ine irDeW its Wirc
cvlh 'ah--. MitcM hvc cIcicckcns ucurug ucil.c
W tclc ill tvii lli ir ir nt i 11 e| 00110
t 100ki youi ,~er wlciio dctOisn ctive.
og c to thcie (aui ii hurch'd i she~ doesi.ui'c
:n!c r.' I i't wcc rbciIc ' acvt St~ipitas wll c'u
4.'.vccim thigcib.c ai weary'ii or' starvia!
i treatic' teilciits top~iii d lciver it is
ac~ ureac-iistakc cto htsh ci t i th sron
Indicticonv olcttian cin ui ccd . ic ntfci ebleduc
wor . S r with -il t he, c (lt-innccclhc andt' ailldc
ithelIW ill wtc li order itscci af i d i tsecei htow
une l o r li vecilc ii~it.IiI- c ome ct,i ve."ti
14'. ~ I ' cGoaldenit- .cc-lcid ic , 1)is.coveryi
tr ibl "c by n i'~ ts c onderfu3i l ct1rol of 'thet
V canlii f dii 3cc si oaci i ution I tc IicccrPit -ciii
I.to c 'I rm la tvty fth st n c ,
i ? lcuici. ch-ii i'o jic ihe cystem u from c po
'ciial c's cccel i lli) s ctl d stctcI ,\ jjcp
hve o t heI Vci nirden i mpciccs d uponi s itc byu
3d 'cN lt-ve hii teri hdcc i tic h . t c nor-il'
L~iccli. I:00 itor vaiablce-c ca ct(10 cclnted Ii tiltai
1~'i fou brathc onsca cti iat'- or' irrel r howi e itls,
feel wea.~ o ly ii-. ciso ndnciict. cre net-tli
'(YaIL ui' or li d itis c f cct ligihic cicirnaiei t
c. t'ohn nuse a'c-c'- c mhit t Ie it sour *isings" h.
throt at r nt :pt . sa il 3-chu i ainkiin
CAiilie ti k ftoar tand tocid-ser. cn me i
un' JillV rei)ve yIo f.
o *' eu inur pem n nti n ot--ir '
ho' Il bread and hie is ,rd l en esa.
Stomachin Lv,
trouble and
Chronic Constipation.
11, Easley.
Women a , Well as Men
Are Made Miserable by
Kidney Trouble.
Kidney trouble preys upon the mind, dis.
ourages and lessens ambition; beauty, vigor
and cheerfulness soon
-. disappear when the kid
neys ao out of order
or diseased.
Kidney trouble has
.- : become so prevalent
that It is not uncommon
for a child to be born
af flicted with weak kid
neys. If the child urin
ates too often, if the
rne scalds the flesh or if, when the child
caches an age when it should be able to
ontrol the passage, it is yet afflicted with
>ed-wetting, depend upon it. the cause of
he difficulty is kidney trouble, and the first
tel) should be towards the treatment of
hes, important orlyans. This unplea;ant
rouble is due to a diseased condition of the
cidneys and bladder and not to a habit ;as
nost people suppose.
Women as well as man are made mis
-rable with kidney and bladder trouble.
ind both need the same great remedy.
rhe mild and the Immediate cffect of
Swamp-Root in soon rcalizcd. It is so:d
>y druggists, in fifty-_'^'
'cnt and one dollar ," I
i You may have a
,ample bottle by mail ,
ree, also pamphlet tell- nomo of v!Aupl-noot.
ng all about it, including many of the
nousands of testimonial letters received
Corn sufferers cured. In writing Dr. Kilmer
w Co., Binghamton. N. Y., be sure and
iiention this paper.
Don't nalke any mistake, but remember
lie name, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer's
3wamp-Root, and the address. Binghamton.
4. Y.. on nverv bottle.
Wln you want pleasant laxativo
it t is ensy to take and cortain to'tet, use
Jhamel'orlain's Stomach and Livor tab
ott. For iale by Pickons Drug Co. and
'. N. Hunter Liberty.
(irierl toti, South (O rollita.
iattive exitiiiintionm will h hheld' ir i he
[o unty tIn rt llouse oi n hi y..1 ty6, at li . Iml.
ie I re 'Tui ition i ehiolarship to oe ciiounly of
South tIi nrli4111nia awardel by the Co unty Supt.
,)f it ftion atidt Jidge of l'roibite. ionrd anl
f u runisherooimi inl Dotiry, Iit nmith. All
t-.indict for adiIsion are permiIt ted to coin
etei fo r lnb yce S1hob irsp which jlly
,105 ,1 yeair. For entlogne iniforumili i, -dNe
Every person shoulo know that good
health is impossible if the kidney are
Airanged. Foley's Kibuey Our will cure
kinney and bladder disease in overy
rormi, and will build up and strengthen
theose organs so thoy will porform their
Inndt.ions lproderly. No dangen %i
llright's di(l'osesc or diabetes in Foley's
Kiduoy Cure Is takon in time. Pickens
Drug Co.
Children like Kennredy's LaXative H-Ion
ey and TlrT. The plonntest and best
colugh syr up1 to take, beenitse. it tonrtains
no opiiaters. sold by Pickons Drug Co.
.\A I * Ii i ,iil~sc, a juow Ier,enure's Tired, .\dr
init. 81eii i. Swol len t't. Saimple' semit li i13
liiiw. nit uns t A dress. .\llt 5 S O lstdi
lbr ctaudrens eafe, aure. Noe oplatee
Ie sur to hei properiy equaliped-otalin the STEIV.
I-N andii you C.ANNOTC (.0 wnNG. We sakel
R IFIL ES . fromt $2.25 to $150.00
P'IsSi . . . from 2.50 to 60.00
SIKoTGUNS . . from 71.50 to 35.00
A .k your idalr ans iInsist Send tor no-pag ie lus
r in t aii esII f te l ~ g i t Io oits
dlire, I, carra:g chargr'.r ought tohiave it. Moamued
pq/aid, ulponi rcept of for four cents In stamips to
salg price, cover postage.
Our attactive three-enltr AlumIlfI~inu itanger will be
scnt .anyw he for so cents in stamps.
'9 P'. 0. lDox 4196
Ohicopeo Falls, Mass., U. 8. A.
WVANT1ED)-500 cords5 of tiry pin
wood at once. We have for sale plenty
or co(ttonl 141od moa l11n hulls at raocson
abl)o prices. P'ickOIn Oil Mill Co.
tf TI. C. Ibbinson, Jir., Mr.
Does 0vil still, your whole life fill?
Does woe betide?
Your thoughts abide on suiido~?
You need a pill!
Now for prose and factn-DleWilt's litte
IEn lv Risers are the most loleant an~
mliable pills knowvn todaty. Their novo
gripo: Sold1 by Picons Drug Co.
l'or YOUNG LADIES, Roanoke, V.
openrs sopt. 25. 1906. On)te o f the it-ndlig schools
forr Young I... iep ini the Mouth . New hutldings,
ianfoi, ini eut.pmenst. Camnpri ten acores. Glrand
mrounini scenery In Valley or Virglinir, fmnmed
for health. European andi American teachers.
Ftull course. (Conservatory ardvantagesw In Art,
lfriqtic andf Elocutlon. Certificates WVeIlesley.
Nudents from It0 states. For catalogine adtdreaa
MIA TTIP. 1'. nIAllItis, President, itoanokes Va.
R. F. D~. No. 5 EASLEY, S. C.
had failed. Rheumacic
Johns Hopkins Hospital
of Salem, Va., and D. A
remedies and the dooto
Almost a Miracle in This Ca
Dillon,S C
Bobbitt Chemical Company:
Gentlemen-In Septeiber. I99. It
matism In a very bad form (inflainmata
month after the disease started I had I
my work and go to bed. It continued
worse until my arms and hands we
drawn. so much so that I could not t
My legs were drawn back till my feet
my hips I was as helpless as a baby f
is months. The muscles of my arms
were hard and shriveled up. I suiffer
many Limes over. Was treated bv six
physiciansin McColl. Dillon and Ma
none of them could do me any good. t
P. Ewing. of Dillon came to see tie.
me totry your R -EUMACiDE. le g
bo of the medicine and I began t<
and before the first bottle was used ur
t get better, I used 5% bottles and %
i1etely cuired. That was years aro
ealts hs been excellent evei sinc
had no ,yiptoms of rheutnatism.
furt tier that ibegan to walk in about
after I began to take RHEUMACIDE
aid ot crutches: in about three mnonti
began to take it 1 could walk as goot
body, and went back to work again,
Ycwrs truly. JAMES VI
No appetite, loss of strength, nervous
ness, headache, constipation, bad breath, i
general debility, sour risings, and catarrh
of the stomach are all due to indigestion.
Kodol cures Indigestion. This new discov
ery represents the natural juices of diges
tion as- they exist in a healthy stomach,
combined with the greatest known tonic
and reconstructive properties. Kedol Dys
pepsta Cure does not only cure indigestion
and dyspepsia, but this famous remedy
cures all stomach troubles by cleansing,
purifying. sweetening and strengthening
the mucous membranes lining the stomach.
Mr. S. S. Bail, of Ravenswood. W. Va.. says:
I was troubled with sour stomach for twenty years.
Kodol cured me and we are now using it In milk
for baby."
Kodol Digests What You Eat.
Bottles only. St .00 Size holdin* 23% timea the trial
size, which sells for 50 cents.
Prepared by E. 0. DOWITT & 00. 0HIAGO
Sold by Pickens Drug Co
maesra u tiautite-i o hair.
gr wh.
volver 1a l oitoistore ctruiy
Ilair to its Youthful color.
Job work ofeo'
don ehere with i
Railroad and
Letter and Note 1
and Statement
and at reaso1
Give us
A Sure Cu
Galla, Bru~,Ises Contracted Mu
Frosted Feet, burn., Scalds, et<
rnation, and drives out Pain.
promotes a free circulatIon ol
natural elasticity,
pE$T LI.iME?
N Mrs.YE. A. Slutpson, I
Ta.. wits:" I ave
Boi Springs, Ark., for ec
getc more relief fromi De
tan any medicine or any
jnclosed find postoffice ox
large bottle by Southern:
608.DAND ,
cured thousands of cases of Rheumatism al
le cured John F. Eline and ethers, of Balti
the greatest hospital In the Wrorld, had faile:
Olmstead, the Norfolk, Va., contractor, afte
rs had given up hope. Rheumnacidu cured M
se of rheumatism she had endured fe:
kuge. 18. Huhe, of At*ns Vaafo te m
)otre-There is a reason wihy it cutzcs :.Rheu
I a cag science, and while powerfuI enou
6 Liveup of the blood, It- operattes b~y purely
re badly most delicate stomach, and builds uif
so them
->r nearly
il legs
rion. but ..f
it me onle
A puey eetlz eadytatn arg
Vas an a pl otl n b olt re i o a dtr
C(o a loadveicIW
asary amle ote aytingad everyltie,.n am FsY0
c Ile t nd Peasame ases of Rheuaoe t t al
I'runks, Va i -,Int' F i hi n gs(i ,% t. Thie isr
flou, at ahn F h. e wi an bythers c o Boa too
tAh cleate hospima fI the ood korn a ioj
WERo King stoVY -nd ShttnoU Plo-t g(ry) 1;143
.he bsteof v ther kNool m.k, t. awar, it
18. Yofpatronage raicel and yu ile toshie aedo
P. ghs .--A , erons owking Ve, ate r of l W o..q I
Foic kiu Tere is barason wearyy at cpr osbo.
OAveuple n of th l ood tn of'ate fiin ure all'
Trot baly m std k t stovoaih and bui1ttI0':tPo~--tv ols tCC
othe to I
ry d scigtin
deatn s ndds
Com mercia
ta n g
eads, BillHead
tA doe lnea;y
for Rhuatisme 6lCuts, .o iyu wii j-ae
1 r s- ,C n Bu in *o
ish BloodI byin the Mscles~~aue Yu ~
RAUMT rvqfSj
(a0 C a it te of 'xv yl11g1e11evrtuiu, 11( ; o
hin I I ee ti e nlu fo a h oet )th n
er o r,$1.00 . end b hder b h a la og
Your atroiage ~oiiitC adyo ril you inaking
mai3 al o cn
moneyyto buyua big fa
ret. WVonlin't it b)
c7Y 3yo Oi n lil wu, a big fa
t 5 CliThere are3( )ton
__________ landl is iue.sing~t in
5, (1-~ ( nea ~1 y ASee tih
C.10. PIC%..tuS, . C. L- P. Slfth, T. P:.1
4 j ~CiIrOd niove- to 'etut
Omor Rhuuma.TiNOPCyts,
W00r Lmtelc, tif oits
DR0,) teFbosTie,~ KINO. M C)
;ociIs.x~xmjDPOSIT WiI
bib heuatis, bt ITen cent cott
x hae eer tieua * Many people hav
dc o IO.Sn eSafe hkIuvers havc
ITTEGNIEand failed to get
Linimet Co.an-account with t!
U. . 4. Interest p~aid
rt.o'o will o~
ter all the doctors and all other mans
more, after the famous specialists of.
J. Rhoumiacido cured Austin Percelle,
r they had spent large sums on other
rs. Mary Walborn, of Hig h Point, N. C.,
r 20 years. Rhoumacido cured W. R.
:. famious New York specalists failed.
mnar is the latest dicvrnf rnedi
1-h to svweep ai!!crrns awld cosn ut
tvii-n ' Gout,
t ao the tr ardlL e rm ns
i ,ti ta I Imon i at. th1 Old 'ita-nd,". wvith a
moeir interi tIh sal at vr elo figts. I
the ha spen larges. Tll thom tha i
ling akrt aclose profit.
ha1ve t-hein al- S,, U ITS, P ANTS, UND 1.)R
mland wve will mak th1 m 0n)Close pries on
n folksz on clothing. Sho1;e-,s, Hate0, Undorclothing,
inle of these, goo)kds, we i-ave u vor carried.
at Lprices t'bat <hdfy conpotit-ion.
nice, mnattiu.. Oarp-ting an~d rugs. Agent 1(-1
Rsiary 01h71ogS iin overy3 we.Ill regulated family and
s:'r. At Vw:AI, Tinware andl other waio that
i~ ss me f'orw u-l and matke settlemiert
Thtrh.. is theI ani'il Ioat toomch. I~ stako' to muc
rm, aiil so~ yeio r tyuin t o nake ar livig on ai anal farm
huig one ni iO ayin a)( Iit lhr f htyu.asi
Iibetter tghere a heO prc of good Pari Ni's soNlttl tha
r:1i- wher evr :wt e of he grunnil i s~ or i f oi
nol of acre of Cetil hi a. inhs Houtwest alogth ing
inhc oac yar. od ehve1 o are
ag thre. Thet tip calit het inm .tvr itteep e
d tipc tt ton a poting n li outhws, on viaof tho
n H d L 't atI Very WlI ra egSto-oer wailb al
a3V rI' an; ihr:ie it ino reh ab1 nt ontli vaof tiht*
ry Promise5f adn i'kvor Hod aud Fae suope,t
or detentl ion fro faince; on gtgo dlood youare
rnm wtroho merchurya oninmi to mx t. ts oo mut
Vi'm* td l'ou ltey iret ni~Ii o aivtain t erain enfrm
itii cu r. an in g aln Co isa of: wh yor r aedsunder
sia- -- h e Mryae of orioe treatent and w ozi fo yo
ax er ous gancoi c i1.'Qa .D.N . i h o
.i Wsi l atuton, h a fi le iii' i ch o it colig Wpecialo t in lin o
,' I id n weis' bot o dal andtow ' toe $1r)ni a ancie . iIi
0 ou tiles eeitpd th Sall avncado
o n trivancol kown" toite mdie nt p~rofos ion. Ore la y
i t dern''R in ovr rrpcan eI de o vm y non e u pn0
( utlraId ansid etltntui oftenants reg tl y 'l qua lifed gt O
an: d lR iensed ri ' phyc a beig i charge. i ug li; i'
o mp lo noc 0 r Isea ing m est Iaccur, ptanta t
y hsisuin u termsjfor Prant,. entsfro
(Iito 10.0 por n~ (medcines included)isand we g110( the ss
nnreit f ii'a cretiithin a spooded mtime.~ ~ o as5
I' auc as isidn~Rern Baertoublog,~isitai Ith tit sw am,
i h Riit.upure Hd ('l . Urain. Loss, tiu i n ~ofn vt
Dii fthasc " L'ii, Tu of n m lgnn touleist aa r f thi
Nono,~"i Thti , Ci Hied1 ~adi. I ,n .i ( ofg ICe fo anE nQ
(i. iIhro n , Ulanas tiof Womesuli fpch si polacemeBnt~
lu ti fe enerat uoic'tlng yp iti blank1 fosrghotDi mal. e
iuruon has pu otsc retnof mony iss te cuntry.~
sei:bee ~i robed~i~a and ilar'l e for their moe.
tri r th eR reruppdwt itiouia),fa S
Iem Xodayvoe.y and ur monay wi at beer sf.icl
ontrmc deposi tos. ela rfsiun u ~I~~IJ
t'oior rsovryWrp'H. n C. Shily, CoebuEaier,
en iai a cucn t withnuns theLibry uank. SMI

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