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Th eiecaon ilk thit .couuty was
very qg oc<rly, ovorybody
having the iranId loexady made up
00 to wio thoy Wo i jote for boore
they went' to the poll, therefore
L.L V~hV Ijg k.0 countr
uyi, t the threo boxos will not poll
over100 votes.
Mr. J. P. Carey is olected -on the
n . .cmeratulaited
c - hlIs made.
c-un uOr
C 1.etor for the sonate; Looper ind
Alor for tuperVieo; J. P. SnAith ,
W'liami F and Noidi Moore vro the
thiee higicst, so far, for the commis
LA one'0s placo and the tree boxes not
he-d from makia it impossilo to
dui.ido which twu A the three will bt
in the t (ond racte; Garvin and Edens
fo<r (reastrer also run over.
I I1he cIgressiohe' rc Ailan
hV: s ggi y '10 ')o-3 Sized1 maj.>rity ,
touch to t regret cif M'. Bogga'
nunj frionds 11ad (jespce' ly thoso in
t h unty.
I and forty-nino of the
crats of the county
utm irately ecitched Tillman's
name cif of their ticket. - The State
vote in the county is as follows;
'1 :llmr i, 2,145; Ansel, 1,780; Blease,
4S9; Brumson, 67; Edwr-de, 4; Jones,
9; Manniig, 107; NcMahan, 17;
Sloan, 80; McLeod, 2,894; McCown,
1.136: Morrison, 641; Ragin, 106;
~4,15: Walker,
Hazel News Notes.
Dear Sentinel-Journal:-As I
haven't seen anything lately from
-s section I wil try and give yOU"
mnyb,' readei.a what news I, can rake
been plentiful and crops
fairly well.
'iicted( meet ing closed at
An ioch .imaptist chuiirch on tbe 181,h
inset. with two accessions to the
chi" ch .and the church greatly re
vive(d. lT) metinig wvas conducted
b~y Rev. Ben~jamen~l Holder and Rev.
W.. 3, Sherifl.
R'v. l1. F. Morpl'veo and R1ev. W.
r l. Wccthecr arn running a series of
met'ngsl .at 110113 Springs Unptist,
The Singing Convention at Antioch
Baptist church wyas by all means a
grand success. It was conducted by
PrAofs. John A. D~urhom, of West
intetr, anid Johni F. Leslie, of Eas
1ley, anjd ol herr Prof. Durham is a
gr aduate e a .tor *me Buebush K~eiflLr
Comcpany13, ct Dayton, Va., and is
given up P the best singer we
have in the South. It sure is a grand
he at inde(Ied to hear hiin zing and
M~r. WV. N. Walker, wife and
+ daul~ghlter, Maggie, of Atlanita, GIa., i8
visiting relatives and friends in this
his brother, A. J. WA'allhor and wife,
fromi AlIpharette, G~a. Tlhoir many
friends are delighted to Bee thetm
back to old South Carolina again.
P'rofe. .John A. D~urhamn and Johni
F. Leslie was the guest of Mr'. and
1'acley . ..................182 2061 7 2
Liborty .... .............10" 136 43
C3e~nrl. ....... ..........il 121 211
.six Mile...... . . .-..I
l''.nsioy Mill............. 160' l 7
Gle'nwvood Mi ll...... 1$ 2 3
N'orris.................. .. :0 I
Caecchee.. ... .......... .' 7c( 6:
(lap Hill. ....... ......... 8 15 *1
(.alhcoun,......... ..... .0 f.0 :3
C3ro,.well... .......... .18 g4
(Croll Plins..~.. . .. 21 :3t1 p
Paeratora.... ........... i A* 7
l110g(e' store.. ..........48 9 13
P'umpkintown......,.....11 90 4(1
Letatoe .. ... ... ........-.28 29 17
MileCroek. ...............10 78 23
1Iolly sperincg. . ...2 0 10
1,nOp ce Gh .. .... 2 2) '
L ul -otk ..........
P4'sCre . .
New Wrinkles
Base Ball Game Played by
A short time ago a very unique gc
he town-on the one side and the mon
3 d all had to play wrong handed to
Fas present to wittlesa the game.
The ladie weore dIi essed-t in 1. in1
white dresses and woro caps trinnmuodi
with red. Pickens is noted for her
beauitiful women and they looked a
very handsome picture as they drove
into the grounds waving red and white
bunting and singing "Aunt Dinah's
Quailting Party. " The men, on the
other hand, appeared inj thle most
g'rotesque costumeis iumginable.
Each costuime was9 an individual stylie
and color, and no such conglomera
tion of bolorota, Mother Hutbbard3i,
u.sun honnntw ostrichi Olumesi
126h inst.
Mr. A. T. Winchester hog just, t
turned from a pleasant trip to Seneca
iiud Westminster and other points on
the Southern ranI way.
ifhiS escapI I Ut h ate baskt
You may he01r from me aga"I 11d
soumething more abouit Mr. Wmches
ter~s trip..o I ilrigoY
takefromdiour mid on Mayviiu the 21st
wiuh god neighbor Geoged Mforams.
eaifughty-en anyey ofke ra
verkandysoe andur astvey dpovew
inoterounca wvm n from irginitan
werein nd forhfinesAu, hadinehss
Qatng joaity. He Tas arter of the
latesJames Mc~damns, iMs.Alia.
Hunc, cos. Mvalin iudineul Mu.e
ofndi couy, and s. Soalomra
ion of ' 'banora. Mie ' Hba ley,
sodir, h mg ert fl1ihI 1) IuI'yI
thog inthecva. Ebl e
r.nA. Rifes Jeinm. r bde, Lu.
turned' fromrpleas trp So
odl ~srvivor nd pr othe oon
try. Suhwer recodedhwayor
years HeBleave thve ste a t
daughater. to eishm his eody
L'erce tio lSo ashlerin (.
In Mremoi adRm
-A oried oldier goe. Cld n
Hio le, dugepr ofavidecHl frt
tak fr.m eoros Beon ay the 2esi
Hike wa couty. y's(faor
starke lysto uIC atou tont
deor hreyaeorehais deau.pey
ancestr cam9e fro: Vi10gim t i ;o 3
and joli8y. 8He5wa4 a1 brte of te
lat Ja2m M9 dams, Mrs. 4Ae iaM
20u... Mrs. M3ind Burdin2e, Mij
18u of 4. ..lnz 5 .. 2 in 12 9
81 i 5 , 2 1; 98, 23 d hi:, 37 o
hroug th 3 ev wi I. I 0 19a~
:or a Gay Time,
:o Tell Which Was Tother.
kens' diamond by the young 1 ade f; o
ill dressed out in women's toggory
tthering over soon on this diamond
bc - h allOe 0ne Of the gentle
imt n to catch the ball with his skirt.
Thus1., with tho assistance of tho
trained dog and the barrel staves, tho
umpire was compelled to walk Chi
narrow path of the married muan, ani
ho decided always in favor of the
ladies. AIR in all it was a groa,
game, filled wvith novel features anil
clover stunts. At the end of tht
seventh inning, when thet Sky wal
clear and cloudless, and while tho
crowd was laughing itself hoarse
theo tmpire called the gameo "on ac
eount of rain," and announced tha
4to 8 in favor o
shstc of
ow IB is'
d. The bes
s1o1,wit the m.ssaceo i
umpi1 as ofomellh o lk Lbo
theroprratmht the ariedma, ah
horgn didwaou irtng favor orii
Laxast ive a it wpas aigion
lsun ts. th ive nd of wth
sarenthriesn, whthrsko nas
lear oiand loudleld and hlen to
For~ iimie by~l~ thce Damg Co ad
F. unth f anv.adaiouc i
Roarstho t 8 Kin flavor o 0
-Si StO'r(ofSuto
d.J rfl NwberyRt la
.l'l1lJ IfO WTI;U I3l
iiigI i 10 t 50 i tlg hm.O
4i pe 65 50~ 109i ~Piff ot
Ouir ani nualL
t inuo thvoughout
ducions along a]
at a s3ofng.
20C White Lawn to go at i
White Lawn -to go at toc. i oi
mercerized White goods to g
broi(leries to go at a big !acrif
Oxfords in ll 1 colors, wh."ite,
go at 25 per ceut discount.
The immense clothing trad
stock, but we still have some r
can buy a suit at 25 percent d
suits and serge coats.
Domt miss this opportunity
thle imimense fall stock we are
Just receivedl a solid car bari
and hay, with prices right.
Our stock of stoves, hardwv
from implements, of every di
. complete.
' avs the best, and the be
our new
Clothing, Shoes,
Goods a Specialt
UI ats, Wak-Ove
and M'itchell WXa
at ueste ieTble No 4
ko. ER'ective Miarch 10 1910(
ReadDownRoadi Up
No 12 No) 0) STlATIIONS No 11 No9
Mi x el. Mixedi M ixedixe
4:40 pml 10:10 an iv Piucen r 2:55pmi 7:;r pin
4 :4~ jpm 10:15 nmii IFergustoni 2:.15ipm 7:30 pin0
4:65 pin 10:55aint *Parn soitu ::30pm~ 7:20 pim
5:00 pit i 1:001 am *Aihit's :1pmu15p
5:10 pina 11:05 nmt 'Mitteitil 2:'ttjipm 7:10 jpm
5:15 jim 11:15 nmtt ar IEasley Iv 2:15pmi 7:0t6 pm
*Flag StationsK
All t ralins dally excepti Sniuidy
No. 10l conniects w iii Soti ther i lii Rilwayn No 391
N1or anyonnect r wih Soi IHrftaiway N
No. 1 onnectw~esoo 111Inl.a oo 2eeuc with So u thierne Itallway No I I
No I1 coneiccts ~ wih Souathern Rilway% No.10
-~~ J'rT TAYLORl lon Matnger
Aruria anid D~epartumro of Trains, Greenu
- villo. S. V. Effective A pril 34, 1190(.
0:301 a mn, No.-18 daily except Sundayli. foii l.a i
reius atidt interiiaite statloni., arrive at
Lati uroeu 9:00l a mn.
12:5 y' pmi, No. 5:1 dadIy for Laueire. illito
N ewherry. Cotlumln, iii:1 I Num ie un -lirles.
ltti 'oiiecting ut Suiiupttr withi A. <:.b.
Titin No. 52 (or itihmottid. \igihingtont
andu (atelutrin cit ie, ma att Ldiiiin-, with I A
W. C. Train No,. 1 for Spaiitliti iug iindi
tin No 2 for G.reen wooid. A icislti, i'l'.
- 2::.9 p im, Newheirry 3. li pi. mi. 1,inmhiini I: IM
.Sumiter 1:24) p me, Chlsi~c'on ':1 I, Spat n-i
Augusta 5-*25 p. em.
1:-10 p mn, No. 43 1)billy exiet'j sNltudny. rir lauti
rtai1 iind interiinedhiiteI statis. A rrlve at
Lairrensd : 10.....
10:20 it en, No.87, datil> excvpt siiiday (runi
.... 1.p0 im. No, s:,, dilly exceptilt Siimlay, fromt
taurensan i ntiliitermeiicilte .tationsi.
3:25 p im, No. 5:2,1i1 daltt fro Iiharleston Sumater.
Columbnhii, NewiatY berry, Clio, Sp~artanhnrltg, J ]*
Augut~sta, GCree ooi 'iiLauiirenes. etc.
'Traiht No. 5'2 ttiim:4i thi rough beet we'en s *f
Charlestonl w~titout change
.1 ,'Iigon, A gi . Getoi. TI. 11ryane (Oni.-Agi. c
Gl41isN V I L IC, S. C.
I iinet Wiilliaum, (1. P. A.. 2
R. M. Grand, ITraf. Man.i Auetusta, Ga' O
Fronitt tisj date I will be in the Super
day')s after 8aledaiy in1 eachl 1(n0nth and
Twusdaiy two weeks after eaich iialeday
to transacmet business.
(J. M, lNNH,
MW 5t. -1nn6
Crop Out--Anything I
Wion anl Women al! m Dresses. Hard
rme of biie ball was played on the Pic
on tl - other; hovever, the men wore
vhat. I cy wert usud to. The largest gi
*' If. :. m*
\ ii Uw1m14us rw ha dl gathered
to witnesos the contest, und both
teams were loudly cheered as the
umpire, who wNas also dressed a a
lady, said play ball, and the game
Under the rules of the game the
men were compelled Lo bat. left
handed, and also to throw with the
left hand. There was very little'
kickin, because the young lady who
pitched for the ladies had her well
tra.inred pot dog by her side and
wheniever t mnpire's dcision failed
results al
Fwhen you
goI hor st % !uff, wvorth 10o. At 50' as
t 1 Bo k s d if n wi> 101h )9t. ' .
th o 'b. , D. It A1lt1f .
- I' h u'. rc star
h IC -r u1h
11 e 'oilw 11 il 0 I l or tc
j ..... .(1 :Ih 1 )1 241l 11(lly,
I [4.~.!Ant ''., e oauo'lid
Count y (o n iy
*1 5 185 . 1 J'. M "4 ,4 l. .i 1
II * 20 I4 4.. II . I
7l 3 6 i4 (1 -21 .' 3~ 39 I 384
I9 1 20 1x 12 0
9 324) 17 II 9:,.. I
il I9 It '4 3 . 9o
8 7 1 .. 7 '3 94
53 .9 i u
nd 40
LUARAN CE SALE1- will con
July and. Aigust. 3ig re
.1 lines. W hite goods to go
5c. i 5c White Lawn to go at 12%2C. r 2 1-2C.
White Lawn to go at 8 i-3c. . Beautiful line of
n at 15 per cent discount. All Laces and Eni
black, and tan for men, women, and children, to
e we have had this spring nearly cleaned up our
are borgains to offer, if your size is in the lot you
iscount. We still have a nice line of two piece
for bargains, we are obliged to make room for
ed wire and nails, fresh car flour and car of corn
.re, furniture, harness, saddles bug gics, wagons
-scription, mowers, rak("v nrl
st is always the chea
uilding completed b,
than any building
large stock of general merchandise
-lways pleased to serve
1-ats andI Gents .
y. Sole agents for, Stew&
rShoes, iron King~ Stoves
Wer ofIfr Great Bargains
y -- tiam space each
weekc for the bargains
we are goi ng to offer.
-larris is still in business at the same old stand by him-~
Come around and get some bargains in general mer-.
idise, but don't all come at once. I will sell your. a
pound sack of goocd four for 50 cents. And all
ther things according, minus Meat and Dried Fruit
which is as high as H aman was hung. Irish potato
seed, Bliss, Early Rose, ilurbanks and Becauty of
Hlebron, by the pec~k at any old p)rice.
J. F. HA RRIS, [sy m-in.si

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