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The Sntinel-urnal Company.
TnomsoN & RIoHEY. PnoPs.
SBibscription 01.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Bates Reasonable.
Entered at Pi0kens Postomee as Secoud oians
Mail Mgtter
Preclnct Box Lands at 'lPkens witlh a
Dozen Votes In it, ,Eleven for Ansel,
Eleven for Lyon and Twelve
for - Carey'
On last Friday afternoon, while the
county officers, several citizens of the
town and county, including Congress
man Legaro and Solicitor Boggs,
were sitting in :ront of the court
house enjoying the mountain breeze
and talking about the weather and
election, Laurel Fork box came in.
It had rained nearly all lay, and the
executive committee had just ad
journed, after declaring the result of
the election.
All the boxes were in except Laurel
Fork or Horse Pasture, as it is some
times called. Laurel Fork is situate I
in the nortwest corner of the county.
the most mountainous part of the
State. It is almost completely shut
off from the. outside world. Foul
years ago an election precinct was
established there. It is about thirty
miles from the court house. The
highest vote that ever they polled was
twenty-four. This time only twelve
votes were polled, a good many of
them having moved out. Inquiries
were made about the box at Laurel
Fork, and some said they did not
believe they held an election; others
said that they did; so the election
was declared without the vote of
Laurel Fork.
The vote between William Ellis
and Noah Moore, for county commis.
sioner, was only two votes in favor of
Ellis, and about two hours after the
executive committee had adjourned a
man was seen coming in the direction
of the court house with an old-time
school satchel on his back. It was
seen at once that it was full of some.
thing. Some one in the crowd called
out. "Yonder comes the box from
Laurel Fork."
T1he man came up to the crowd and
made himself T~- ohn
* - up
satchel off his back, which was as wet
as water could make it, opened it,
and said. "Gentlemen, here is the
box from Laurel Fork." Some one
said It was too late, but he presented
the box-to the Hon. J. P. Carey, and
It was opened in the presence of the
county chairman.
It contained all the votes and elec
tion returns nicely fixed up and the
bearer at once gained the sympathy
of the crowd. The Hfon. J. P. Carey
received a unanimous vote. He at
once presented the man with a dollar
and sent cigars for each one of the
voters. He also sent word back by
the man that each one would be pro.
sented with a nice hat when theyi
cune to town.
IMlis received two votes, and Moore
received six, so if the box had been
oaunted Moore would have been
ahead of Ellis. Tillman receivedi
eight, four having scratched him;
Ansel received eleven, Sloan one,
Lyon eleven, Youmans one, Jones
one, and Walker eleven, McCown
and Sullivan received the total votal.
T.Lhe voters were- J. L. Morgan, J.
M. C3hapell, P. S. Chapell, J. M.
Chapman, Martin Aiken, W. A. Pat
terson, W. 0. Holcomnbe, J. C.
Chapell. The last three were the
managers. As far as could be learned:
not a single candidate visited Laurel
Fork during the campaign, but Laurel
Fork at once sprung into notoriety, e
and there is no doubt that the candi
dlates hereafter will look after the t
voters of that precinct, as it holds v
the balance of power.
Death of Mrs. Hassle Taylor Phillips.
Mrs. Hassle Taylor Phillips died.
recently at her home In Alabama. o:
Further particulars of her death are t~
unobtainable, except that she had w
been In a sanitarium and had had an iv
operation performed. She was well
* known to many of our citizens, being le
a daughter of Earle I'. Taylor and at tt
one time residing in Pickens with her te
* .parenis and going to school here. ci
She leaves seven chidren. Her re
parents, M~r. and Mrs. E. P'. Taylor, hi
the time of her death. .d<
This is a picture of "The Fall
spellable and entirely unpronouncei
Brevard, N. C., and also "Whitewat
and are about three miles above "Ai
lina, Cumberland Gap and Chicago
the bubble that busted about twenty
pretty place and may be developed
ol. It. W. Silmpou, of the Trusteen to Cal
Mleeting to onIsder the Trade.
Andereon, Sept. 1.--Col. R. W.
Simpson, president of the board of
trustees of Clemson college, stated
today that he would call a special
meeting of the board as early as pract'
cable to consider the now famous cow
trade and other matters involving
criticiFin of the college and its man
agoent. lie is recovering from an
illness of several weeks and is not yet
able to attend to any business. He
referred especially to the caustic
criticism by Col. Stribling in regard
to the purchase of the nine cows for
$1,800. Communications have ap.
peared in country newspapers, criti.
cising the college. At Greenville
Mr. McMahan, one of the candidates
for governor, also took occasion to use
some pointed language in reference
to Col. Simpson and the college.
Election Declared,
The County Executive Committee
met on the 30th of August, 1906, and
after tabulating the votes cast in the
primary election on the 28th inst.,
declared the result as follows: J. P.
Carey elected to the Legislature; J.
B. Newbery elected Probate Judge;
R. T. Hallum elected Superintendent
of Education; G. W. Bowen elected
Coanty Commissioner, and the fol
lowing candidates will run in the
second primary on tile 11th of Sep.
tember; C. E. Robinson and C. H.
Carpenter for the Senate: J. A. Hin
ton and Fred Williams for the legis
lature; E. F. Looper and Joel H.
Miller for Supervisor; John P. Smith
and Noah B. Moore for County Coin
missioner; W. H. Williams and D. F.
Sutherland for Magistrate, Dacuaville
The managers in the first primary
will conduct the second election.
eJ. J. Lewie,
County Chairman.
It's a aignilicant fact that then strong -
est animal of itsi sizo, the gorilla, also
has the largest lnngs. Powerful lhngs
means power ful ornatures. How to keep
the breathing organs right should be
man's chiofeat study. Like thousands
of others, Mrs. Ora A. Steph)lens, of Port
Williams, 0., has leanend how to do this.
She writes: "Three bott los of D)r. King's
New Discovery stopped my congh of two
years and cured me of what my friends
thought onnsumption. 0, it's grand for
throat and lung troubles." Guaranteed
by Piokens D~rug (Co. Price 50o and
$1.00. Trial bottle free.
Dr. L. 0. Mauldin Moves to (Greenvlleo.
D~r. L. 0. Mauldin,of this place,bas
gone to Greenville where he is to be
hereafter located in the Haynsworth
Qonyers building, ou the corner of
Washington and Laurens streets, for
the practice of the Eye, Ear, Nose
and Throat Specialty.
Tkrough his usefulness as an able
md capable physician and surgeon,
D~r. Mauldin has endeared himself
o the hearts of the people of this
own and county and we regret to
ee him leave us.
However, we take consolation in
he fact that he has gone to a city
,ithin easy reach of us and to a place
laat is larger with a more central
mcation where he can be of service to
greater number of people.
He is a South Carolina gentleman
the true type, whose solid charac
r and graceful and genial manner
Ill win for him friends of all with
horn he may come in touch.
He Is a graduate of Clemson Col
ge and of the Medical College of
c State of South Cnrolina, has
ken post graduate work in medi
ne in Washington, D. (3., and has I
cen tly returned from abroad where I
has been, the pat year, doing I
ecial study in the bospitals of Lou- ~
n and Vienna.
6." That is the local name they go by
ble. These falls have been called "Cc
or," but "The Falls" are on Cove oreek
mt Sarah" Alexander's. It is said the
Railroad, that long cherished dream of
-five years ago, ran about fifty feet at
some day.
Card From M. F, Ansel.
To the Democratic Volurs of Pickens A
County: of
I take this means of expressing my Mi
sincere thanks to the many voters of wit
Pickens county who cast their ballote vei
fur me as governor of South Carolina wL
or. the 28th ult. I feel very grateful we
for this manifestation of their confi mi
dence in me, and am truly grateful wl
to the people all over the State for go
the splendid vote given me in the first ve
primary. as
I now ask that all of my friends H4
turn out on the 11th of September ph
and let us roll up a large majority, th
and I respectfully solicit the solid u[
vote of your county on that day, b i
promising to give to the office my un. he
divided time and best ability. te
Very respectfully, N
M. F. Ansel. be
Greenville, S. C., Sept. 3, 1906. m
A Uuaranteed Oure.
If you suffer from Dyspepsia or Indi- cO
gestion in any form, gas, belohing, bitter an
taste, offensive bad breath, dizzy spells. HC
sour stomach, heart flutter, nausea, gas
tritis, loathing of food, pains or swelling CI
in the stomneb, back or side, dee -seated an
kidney or liver trouble, then they will
disappear in a short time after taking
Tyner's Dyspopsia Remedy, made
especially to euro Dyspepsia, Indiges 'eO
tion and all Stomach Troubles, even of Wil
the worst cases. Tyner's Dyspepsiai ca
Remedy expells the gasses and sweetens OP
thie breaths. It cures Sick Headache, an
Colic and Constipation at once. Drug'- n~
glints or by express 50 cents a bottle.. IU
Money refunded if it fails to curo.
Medical udvice and circular free by
writing to Tyner Remuedy Co., Augmusta,
Ga. __ _
Card o Tr-ranks. A
Mr. Editor.-Ple~ase allowv me, C
through your columns, to express
to the people of Pickens county
my sincere thanks -and high ap in
preciation of the very flatteringt
vote given me on the 28sh inst. m
I trust to merit their favor on the t
11th inst., and if elected will en
dleavor to disoharge my duty and DI
Ihbor for the host interests of a'l tI e
p iople. Respectfully,
C. E. liobinsoe.. ra
No one wvould buy ai sailboat with sails
that could not be renofed. The:.re is
always that pssibility of a littlo too th
mnclh wvind that makes a c .utionis manil of
afraid to so unprovidod. The thiiukinag th
man, whose stomach somnetima-s goes taW
back on him, piovides for his stomach (I<
by keeping a bottle of Kodol For Dyjs.
pepsia within reach. Kodol digests
what you eat and rc*torea the stomah sh
to the condition to p~roperly lprform its Al
functions. Sold by Piokens Drug Co. W
To the Sligers of Ickeun and Adjoining Y(
WVo as~e invited to conduct an all
day singing in Columbia, S. 0., dur- s
ing the State Fair in October. To
encout age this movement the rail.-"
roadls have oil'ored a rate of one fare
for the round trip, and the officers of H
the Fair Association effors a' rate of ~
25 cents admission for the first day
andI a free pass the sccond day. AllJ
leaders and lovers of song are rc -
quested to meet on the third Satur
day and Sunday in September in the
Easley Cotton Mill church for the
purpose of conducting a two days
singidg and arranging to go to the
State Fair. Business meeting Saitur
day 2 p. m. Every one are reque sted
to come. Let us make this a grand a
suiCCess. C. 0. Vuight.
In these days of rush and hurry cour-.I
tesy is often forgotten. In the mad, poll: [
mell rush of our life little things are'
done to offend that we rather remained ;0
uindone. A hastily eaten meal and its|
resultant headlachea may cause us sooial
rsr financial loss. The wise man ,or wo
nan is the one who relieves little ills of y
~his sort by a little dose Kedol For Dye.
epsia. It digests what you eat anrd puts I
rour stomaoh back into shape. Sold by 6.
Pickens Drug (Jo.
-Married at the residenoei of W u
L, Williams, of Loopors, on Sunday, iR
september 2d, Mr. Joseph Turner to
dfies Eva Hendricks, W. H. Willia'ns,
lutary P'ublio ofliciating. The
ong couple have the congratula-,
lons of their many friends.
the Indian n1amo is b1,th uni
iaestAe," a very pietty fall near
a tributary of Big East-toe
t the Kirk survey for the Uaro:
a trunk lino oad by Pickens.
ove these falls. It is a vary
A. 4). U.ath Dead.
i great slik came to the peop e
Pckens when it. wa., known tha1
'. A C Heath, of Waxsaw, N 0,
s stricken with appusplexy and died
' Eon. He wits in Albertiail
en death emne upon him. He
at over from Waxsaw to Albor
irle to sltay tt one of his storts
le his son went North to bug
odsi the poople of Pickens we.re
ry much interested in Mr. Heath,
ie was a member of the firm of
itth Bruce Morrow Co., of thii
ice and did much to help build up
a town, and always believed in the
building of other towns and State s
bides his own, and all the time
ilding up his own State. He is in
rested in four or five a ge stores in
)rth und South Carolina and will
missed very much by his fellow
The -many faiends of Mrs. T. L.
vens, who is a daughter of the de
keed, extend tht ir sympathy to her
I all her family. In respect to Mr.
tath, Heath-bruce Morrow Co.
sed their doors on last Monday
I crepe was put upon all the doors
Vheuyou have a cold it is well to be
y, careful about using anything thai
I cause constipation, Be particularly
ofuli about preparations containing
ates.. U~se Kennedy's Laxative Honey
I Tar, which stopsthe cough ani
yves the bowels. ol by Pickem
ug Cp.
* APo rter-Gillespie.
Married at the residence of D)r .1
Cannon, at Pickens, on August 26
'06,.Mr. Leo Gillespie, of Norti
urolina, to Miss Lizzie Porter, o
chens county, M. F. Hester, N. P.
his usual polite manner performe<
o marriage ceremony. After thi
ariage-the bido and groom wen
the home of. the bride's father, Mr
mes ?orter, wh) ore there were I
3e repast awaiting them. The'
11 spend their honeymoon at th
ittery Park Hot9i, whore all at
ngements have 1l3on mande for thei
Good1 for the congh, removes the col(
o cause or the cough. That's tho wor~
Kennedy's Laxative Honey and Tar
a original laxativos cough syrup. CJon
ns no opiates. Sold by Pickens Dru
The Defeated Uandid~ate's P'rayer.
oW pity, Lord! Oh hord, forgiye.
id let a defeated tianiidiate live.
cre niot their promises full and free?
I they not promisll0 to vote for me?
x, but aulas ! whoen they went to thle pollis
Qy voted otherwise, dtarn thoir Souliiy
vs tSam.Kendall, of Phiilipsburg,Kan.
jnst cover it over with JRuoklen's Arui
Salvo and the Salve will do the rest.'
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re Eyes. Only 25o at Packens Drug
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FUeart Beat
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r bad blood? You know, for
ood blood Is good health ;
ad blood, bad health. And
ou know precisely what to
ike for bad blood -Ayer's
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ndorsed It for 630 years.
Dn! e e e e of bad bod Is &uggmh
bses ane throetn absorbo Into the blood.
We have nio seorete I We publish
the formnlaa of anl oa mame~l...
TI a many friends of Hlon. C. E. Robinson
rempectfully aqotiunco hhit as a candidate for
tIe Senate fron thiN coutnty, subject to the ac
tion of the voters in the DeliitoerntiC primary
lion. U. 11. Carpenter 18 Itereby iumounced as
it canidicate for reelectiott as State Setiator
fron likei county stibject to the actiott of
the voters in the Demiocrittle.
Tixe many friendis of Pred Will ainki ahitottn ice
ha11 it s k entil lit 'e i or 1 .f r It 1 It epresitt
Iives blijCl t to tihu lcanuerutiu pritatary lic
I tanoimce anyself as it emididate for the
lHotuse of itepreseitativesi subject to the action
of the voters in primary election.
-1. AnoiuotE HINToN.
The inany friendi of It. 1). Oarvin take piens.
tire it annoutning him nr a atndidate for the
offiee of Conuty Treasurer, subject to the restilt
of tile Dentoeratic primary.
I Hereby announce ayself its a enntdidatb for
ofilce of County Treats re, of P'lekeii coiinty,
amtbject to the actioni of the voters it the Demi
ocratle primary electiont.
A. L,. 10uiens.
'ite ltany frieid s of j0 l-: i. '11 1, L I E R here
by mtimnoutce hdin its a nidalette ior tie olitce
or Sue'6rvisor of Pickens Coutity, subject to tile
.etiot of the voters Ili te i)elnoertttie primary
E. F. Leoper 1s hier-ly atitoi itel t , it itntli
diate for tie oftie Stapervisor of i'cketis cotiuty
subject to the ietioni of tite voters lin ite tetto
crattle printary election.
Mr. Jolh P. Smit is herelby noinitated a
eandidite for re-election t tthe oillee of oounty
ConmiiootIer. stibject to the restalt of tile
prituary election.
,Te inany friends of Notli It. Moore lierehry
Raitiounice lilitis t attimdihiate for the tilee of
County Comittissioner for i'ickeits coiintty, sab
ject to tile aetion of the Demnocratic voters tt
the apiproehing pritary election.
NOTICE.- The ginhieries and saw
mill of Thos. 1. Gassaway, deceased,
will be ready to receive custom on
September 15 They will be run by
iamuel Pot ter, of Pickens.
FOR RENT. --Good three lores
rarm; tWo good tenant houses on
place; three miles below Pickons on
Liberty road. A pply to W. I.
Kennmore, Central, R. F1. D. N). 2.
Because hier stomach was so weakened
by useless drugging that sihe could not
eat, Mrs. Mary H. Walters, of St. Olair
St., Columbus, 0., was literally starving
to death. She writes: "My stomich w.s
so weak from useless drugs that I could
not eat, and my nerves so wreoked that
I could not sleep; and not before I was
given up to die was I induced to tri
Electric Bitters; with the wonderful re
suilt that improvemeLnt began at once,
and a complete cure followed." Best
health Tonic on oarth. 50c. Guaranteed
by Pickens Drug Co.
Notice of Fiunal Nettlemnent
and Disclarge.
N OTIOE is hereby given that I will
make application to J. 1). Newbery
Esq., Judge of Probute for Pickens
county, in the State of South Carolina.
on the 19 day of Sept, 1906, at 11 o'clock
in the forenooa, or as soon thereafter as
said applieation can be heard, for leave
to make a final settlement of the estate
of Nero Halum deceased, and obtain
discharge as administrator.
22aug4w Adminietr.itor.
WV. H. Brown, the popular p)ension
attorney, of Pittsfield, Vt., says: "Next
to a pension, the best thing to get is Dr.
King's New Life Pille." He writes:"they
keep my family in splendid health."
Qunick cure for Headache, Constipation
and Billousness. 25c. Guarantecd at
Pickeuns Drug Co.
If you want to sell your land in
town or country or buy farm or tim.
ber land or town prioperty see or
write me and I will save you money.
T. E. AL.EXANDE, Real Estate Agt,
Walhalla, 8. 0.
"MM Early Risers
_ 6 fa ou littlo vills.
Graded School Notice.
Thte Pickemns( Graded Schlool wvill comn
mtence itsa session of 1906 1907 on the 10 h
of Se'ptember, 1906. Each pupil will beo
reqmired to pay at matriculation fee of
(Ifty cents on entering school. Ptupils
can register, and are requestedl to do so,
during the week prior to the opening, at
which t imne they will pay tmntriculation
fee. liegistration books( wvill be open
fronm 0 to 1i at. mi., and fromt 4 to 5 p.
in,, each (lay (hiring wveek bieghl.ninig
September 3 in pirinctipail's room at
school htouse.
A tuition fee of $1.00 per month for
gradles one to four inclusaive and $1..50
for grades five to nine inclusive, will be
chargedl all pupiils miatriculating whto
reside outside of tile solhool dlistrict.
By order of Tlrustees,
Jounty of Pickens,
By J. R. Newbery, Esquire, Probnte
Whereas, A. J. Boggs, C. C. P., hrs
made stilt to mec to grant him letters of
administration of the estate of and ef
fects of J. L. ollins, deceased.
'ITIHBs AREi TH~iER'oRE to clie and
admonish all andi smngular the kindrc I
and( creditors of the said J. L. Colinus
deceased, that they be uind ap
ipatar before me, in the Court of Pro
bate, to be held at Pickens Court House,
8. 0., on the 17th dey of October, 1906,
after publication hereof, at 11 o'clock in'
the forenoon, to showv cause, if any they
have, why the said adnimnistration shiouldi
not be gratetd,
~ ~ )Oiven under my hand and
SEALS , seal, this the 5t hday of Sep
tember', 1906, in the 131ot yer-~
of our Indeopendence.
J. B. Newbery,
J. P. P.
I will apply toJ. B. Newbery, Prebate
Judge for Pickens ( ounty, on the 3rd
dasy of October, 1906, for a final settle
mont of the <itato of R.J J Hmellon,
deo s .1, and ask to bediismissed as
Mrs. Hattie F. Hasmilton,.
Sept. 5, 1906, Admiatratrix.
FOR~ RENT.-300 aore farm, twc
iks1 north of rickens. Good t' nant
house and outbuildings on >lace. Apply
to laEdiirle.... Plokena, 8
S.C-Dr.od4 e
. . ..~
A*- K., Park, Greenvill,16
SO 0e-Dry Goods, N%
-flons andSto -
We are now showin the latgest aod
moSt stylish, h to-d . etock of UOw
Spring Goods that we iave over shown.
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ing this stock, and we do not hesitate to
state that me will give the best values
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where. WIotn you trado at Park's store,
you prolect your pooket-hook. That is
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pledge you the hst of store service, and
our goods must be what we say the are
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derwear department is full of the best
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will buy.
Mena and Ladies Oxfords to suit your
wants, .
Salesmen, Mr. Thomas Ligon and Mr.
Henry McKinney.
A. K. Park.
Vest End, Greenville, S. C.
Now is a good time when there are so many Sales going on
in our City, to find out how reasonable we have always been
selling our merchandise and for how less you can buy our
goods now than the advertised prices of our competitors.
We have still in our always superb stock, some very hand
some two and three piece suits which we are selling at remark
ably low prices considering the quality.
L. ROTHSCHILD, Greenville, S. C.
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good, at 20c the pound.
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ceries in town. Your patronage solicited and satisfaction
Try a sack of Copyright flour-pure and wholesome.
This week it is Laundry soap and washino nowdlers.
Cleanliness is next to godliness
J. McID. Bruce, I. M.N
CAPITAL - - - - $20,5o00
PROFITS - .. . . . 8g,ooo.o
DEPOSITS .. .. .. . - 140,OOO.Op
*: 5 Per Cent Interest Paid On Deposits-:
J. F. Banister, B. A. Hagood, W. M. Hagood,
J. M. Stewart, J. E. Boggs, J. McD. Bruce.
T. N. H-unter, H. '4. Richey, J. P. Carey,
I have a good line of
Among them are the recommendable old stylo Seth Thomas
Clocks with weights, which I am selling at special bargains.
And a new lhne of SILVERWARE. Also solid Gold and
Silver WATCHES. A nice line of Spectacles; I guaranstee
glasses to fit eyes. All kinds of repair work in the jewelry line.
11. SINIDiER, - -Easley, 8. 0.
HIENRY N. SNYDER, LL. D.. Presi. FtigS h o.
'Two degrees, A. B3. and A. M. Four
comrses leading to the A. 1B. Degree. Three new brick huildings. Steim
Nine Professors. hv't and electric lights.
Library and [ibrarian. The W. E. Head Master, three teachers ud Mat
Bunett gymnasium under a competent r'on live in the buildings,
director. 3. B. Cleveland Science Hall, Jndividu,'l attention to each nudent.
Athletic grounds. Course of lecture by Situated on the Wefford Campa.
the ablest men on the platform. xt Students take a regular course in the
sesion b' gins Setember 19. College Gymnasium, ,w 1, , ,."
Board from $1 2to $16 a month. For to the College Librarj
Catalogue or other information, address $123.00 P Y5 for bu
3A. (GAMEWELL, cli fees. Next a' sioi
Secret'uy, Spartan burg, 8,0-. ASN UR
' nburg, S. 0.
The next teachers examin'ation for
this count will be held at the Court
House on 4idaySeptember21, Examk COLLEGE OF CHARLE8TON
nation wilcommence rem ,at 9t
o'lcAll applicants ,ioulb ready 1785, oHA~IIIsTON , . 1.00oo.
|to commnence work at that time. 1 21s Year Begins september 1s.
Yor.sHllm Letters, Science, Engineering. One
Co. Slupt. Ed. doholarship giving free titition to each
SOME SPECIA LS. count of outht Oanolina, Tufion $40.
About it; 00 yards percale, yard wide, $11 a matnited Al an4I~~ formaitory.
g4ood heavy, stuff, worth 10c. At 5e as 4 r ent'dt O t o wadnn
long as it lasts. A lot of standard calico Boy ae scolrsi- to omete for 8100an
Sc. A little lot of Birown's Mule Tobac- yee Foclarsna&wey 0
co at 27c. Bulk soda in 1lb lota 2jc ~. Frctlge dr
Salts 1lb lots 24c. Come wh le I havc. FIAlmISON RAN IOLPH,
the goodsI. T, D. HIARRIS. r'Lesident,

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