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appenings of 7o a-iid Personal
--A Brandon Taylor has gone to
Chick Springs for a few days.
-Miss Jenoie Blassingam is visit
ing the MisSes Ashmoro this weekt
-Mr. Harry H. Horris, of Green
ville'VIibod here lriit Saturday and
--Tils Eva Rampley, of Atlanta,
Ga., anf the guest of M;1 Eileno
- i. I " aweek.
Wtv, Aelen Buggs hna gone t
A , Iielt friendi otd relatives
two weeks.
-The Misses Poster, of Greenville,
are the charming gursti of Miss
Nellie Grandy this week.
-Miss Marguerito Watt,'of Green.
Ville, is the cbarming guest of the
Misses.Purdy this week,
-Mrs. T. L. Bivens left last Sun.
day to attend the burial of her father,
A. C. Heatb, of Waxaaw, N. C.
-The Hon. Jamed '. Carey and
Judge R. 0. Purdy went to Walhalla
lost Monday on professional business.
-Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Gassaway and
children spent Sunday in Pickens
with Mrs. .J. R Ashinore, a siter of
Mrs. Gassaway.
-Mrs. A E. Freeman and Migs
Ethel Jenkins returned hone Satur.
day from a week pleriantly spent
with frirnds at Wil'am1ton and
-Mr. J. U. Clinbksaleb, of Ander
son, was among the visitois, here last
week on his retturn to the Univeesity
of Tennessee, where he if, taking a
law course,
-Mr. John Roper, who iN just re
eovering from a spell of typhoid
fever, is improved sufficiently to visit,
this week, his daughter, Mrs. E. H.
Craig, in Pickens.
-Furman Holder has accepted a
position us clerk in the grocery de
partment of Folger, Thornley & Co.
for the ensuing year. He desires the
trade of all his friends and guaran
tees to give them satisfaction.
-Mr. Zade Cox, who ba been in
Washiugton for the last ten yeara, is
at home visiting his father and
mother. His many friends are glad
to see him beck and to know that ht
is getting along fine and enjoying
good health.
-Earnest Folger has just returned
from the Northern markets, where he
has purchased all of his fall goods
and lhe asks all of hisu customers to
- md and inspect, whether
.or not. Earnest is a good
Iwe feel when we buy any
bim thait it is first class
that we are getting the
worth of our money.
--J. R. Ashmore, who has had
charge of a rural route for the last
year, huis given up his psition and is'
tback at home, "behind the counter,"
clerking for Heath-Bruce.Mor row (Co.
His many friends are glad to see him
back at the business, as "Runfe,'' as
he is generally called, is a'fine clerk.
His motto is, "Treat Everybody
Right." le asks the patronage of
all his filends and will try and pler.4e
them if it is in his power.
-Julius E. Parsons, the old ro
liable clerk for Heath.Bruce Morrow
('o., has decided to leave the "Dear
Old Form" once more and try his
hand at selling goods. Julius is
considered the best clerk in town and
-is very popular with evezy body and
his many friends in Pickens can't do
without him. Hero is hoping that
"Julo" will stay with us and, incideni.
tally bis uamployers, He'ath-Bruce
Morrow Co.
'3' -Charles N. Blowen, of the staff of
clerks of Heath-Bruce-Morrow Co.,
has gone North to buy. the fall stock
of dry goods for this firm, and is
expected to be gone about a week.
Cbarlie is a very reliable clerk and
magnificent salesman and those who
expect to buy their fall clothes had
betteqr give him a chance to show
4 thern what a fine judge he really is
of dry goods and clothing, so "drap"
-in fr equently and purichase from him.
% Mr. R. L. Heondersen will begin
on petember 17th carrying the mail
-on itoute No. 5 of the rural route
Sand his many friends
I' uch success. Mr. Hien
r "1 thought of in Pickens
V vr ' feels satisfied that he
coimpeen man in every
respect 'and that.hewl eplt n
tacecoMrin to. his patrons at all
6Nee Mr.Henderson ivlll still c~n.
tinue to take pictures as he gets off
his mall route about 2 O'clock, and
after that time he will bo found in
his studio and he still solleits the
trade as before. His many friends
wish him much success on his aiail
route and hate to give himi up fromi
his studio a great part of his time,
but we think that lhe can take care of
both' as he is fully competent.
Zeter Lawrenei, Obarged With -ApAu1t or
TwO IMtte Girls, Arrested.--eodEvd
in GreenvSine Ja'i.
Last Saturday night about 11
o'clook the few ptople who were ut
aind on the streets . were throwr
into a furor of rage and excito
ment, when Mr. H. Frank Smith, of
the Priffin church section of the
county, came into town and con.
suited with some of his friendh
and Sheriff Jennings, .1llug of the
foul crime that had been attempted
against the porsonas of 1i8 two
little innOcent girls, aged about
seven and nine years respefully.
At first, Mr. Smith was so
wrought up, lie thought of taking
thb law in his own hands and made
for the negro with an axe, the only
weapon he had bandy, but Zeta
took to the '-tall timber" at first
intimation of danger. Then Mr.
Smith, rather than arouse the
neighbors and have a lynching
scrape, come to Pickens and told
his story in all of its harrowing
details. Sheriff Jennings, as soon
as he heard of it, got together a
tried and true crowd of deputies,
consisting of Congressman George
F-. Lgaie, 11. A. Noaly and George
Chapman together with his two
sons, Earle and Richard, and went
to the home of Mansel Homphill,
who lives just beyond Secona
church, which they surrounded
and upon demanding admittance
they got the man they were after,
They had no lights, but kept strik.
ing matches hunting for a lamp
and in the intervals of darkness
Z/eta, who was sleeping in another
room and finding all avenues of
ecapO out oiY, was making stealthy
steps toward the door through which
the sheriff had entered, his inten
tion being to take advantage ot the
night and make a break, but in
this he was foiled. He had not
counted on so many being in the
house, for while Congressman
Lagare and Hovoy Nealy were
covering each other's novements
by alternately lighting matches
and searching, Sheriff Jennings
quietly and thoughtfully dropped
inside the room by the door well
up in the shadow whore he could
obsarve all that was going on and
at.the same time guard this outlet.
Zeta saw what he thought was a
good opportunity to go through
this door, so began edging toward
it and ran right into the sheriff's
hands. He was brought on to Pick
ena ansl immediately hustled over
to Greenville and lodged in jail.
Considerable excitement wes
manifested, but no mob spirit ruled
and we doubt, very much, if the
prisoner had been placed in the
Pickens jail that thiere, would have
been any attempt ati a lynching.
We think the people are perfectly
willing that the law should take its
The story, as wye can gather, is
that the negro had been taking the
children at various times and play.
ing with themi and hugging and
kissing them and had made at.
tempilts upon their p~erson anid had
scared them into silence under
threats of killing them, but they
told one of their little neighbor
school mates, who in turn told its
mother, she carrying the dreadful
news into the Smith household on
Saturday evening. Zeta, who was
farming up there and kept his
mule in Mr. Smith's stable, drove~
up in a few minutes After the re
volting tale had been told to Mr.
Smith, who was so shocked at the
discovery that he could not grasp
the meaning of it in all of its
enorntity. As Zeta drove into the
yard Mr. Smith grabbed his axe,
the first weapon. of offense or
defence that came to his hand and
made for the black brute,' who im.
mediately threw time to the winds
and left for a section less temper.
tuous and stormy, landing at Man
sell Homphill's for a nap, but his
rest was rudely broken by the
sheriff and his posse and alter
court the probability is his nieck
will be rudely snapped.
The details of this bestial de
bauchery are too naumeating, too
revolting, too sickeneif,' too bar.
rowing to put intd public print.
'While Mr. Smith is commended
by the best element of the citizen,.
:ship of the county for the course
he has pursued1 in letting the law
take its course, there ar" seome whc
have an element of hna lessnoss in
themi and they censu.o hime for nol
heading a mob a di making wa'
with the brute without the formal
ity of a trial. We hope that th
true Oitlzenship of the county wil
do all they can to curb this spiri
and advise to let the law take it
See our fres
the Well kno
Turnip Seed.
results are
whon you
Pickens L
course. On the fourth Monday in
this month the court convenes in
this county and Zota will be given I
a fair trial and an outraged 1
humanity will be vindicated.
Minss Carke's Recital.
On Monday night, August 27th,
Miss Irene Cle'ke's music class gave
thei annual recitnl in the school
auditorium at Libe ty. Although the
audience was quite good still it was
not e's crowded as it would have ban
had the weather been less inclement. .
The exeicises were thoroughly en. i
joyed by all present, as was attested
by the keen and enthusiastic applause
that eoch selection eliciti-d.
Miss Ceorke was eleganitly dressed
in a rich and hantiful lece effect
over uile gra3nu. In her management
of the stage she was apparently at
great ease and was a master of diroc t
tion. 1
Every picce rendered, whether
song or instrumental, showed that I
the performers had been given per
feet training and practice. The
writer was never more impressed I
than by the touch shown by tie
entire class, end espccially by little
Miss Irmin Mcravey. This attested
the fact that as a music teacher Miss
Clerke is of the best, both in talent
and experience.
Miss Clarke will open her music
el-is work the first of Uctober in
conn 3tion with the Graded School
at Liberty. T. NM. S.
News From Route No. 3.
The health of our community is
very good at this writing.
Mr. W. D. Edens visited relatives
in Anderson county last week.
Mies Lillie Gilstrap, a charming
young lady, is teaching a flotrisLbing
school at Hampton.
Miss Boulah Lynch, of Route 4,
spent last week with her grandfaither,
W. D. Edens.
Mr. Bob Moeley and sister, Miss
Minnie, are gone on a visit to their
sister, Mrs. J. M. 'Silver, of Hender
sonville, N. C.
The Singing Convention at Antioch
was well attended and very much
enjoyed by all.
M~r. W. D. Edens was in Green
ville on business last week.
Prof. J. W. Baker is teaching a
flourishing singing school at Moua
tain Grove.
Misses Beulah and Lillie Lynch
weore the guests of Miss Texie Porter
last Saturday afternoon.
Miss Dora Gillespie returned home
last saturday from a pleasant visit to
her aunt, Mrs. L. E. Childress, of
Greenville. Pansy.
Free scholarships in Nurse Tr aining.
The Philadelphia School for Nurses
has purchased large properties a6
2219 25 Chestnut Street, Philadel
phia, and will extend the benefits of
the Free Course in Nursing to young
women of every rural community and
of the smaller towns and cities
throughout the entire country.
* The Course is two years, but may
be shortened to eighteen months by
six montbs' reading and study at
The School provides room, board,
nurse uniforms, gives full inistrue.
tions, and pays the st udents' fare
home at the end of the Course.
A special short course is provided
for those who cannot spend two
years in the study, but whio wish to
quickly prepare themselvos for self
T1he object of those who are pro.
viding the funds for this work is to
ultimately extend the benefits of
skilled nursing to every villag~e and
township in the land.
Nearly 200 F1ree Scholarships will
be0 available this year.
L aft , th Kn YueiteAla Bought
s 4f~f4VIeA4
JULY and
Our annual CLEAI
tinue throughout Jul
ductions along all lir
at a song.
20C White Lawn to go at 15c. 1
White Lawn to go at ioc. xoc White
mercerized white goods to go at 15
broideries to go at a big sacrifice.
Oxfords in all colors, white, black, -
go at 25 per ceut discount.
The immense clothing trade we ha
stdck, but we still have some rare bor
can buy a suit at 25 per cent discount,
suits and serge coats.
Dont miss this opportunity for bar
the immense fall stock we are buying
Just received a solid car barbed wir<
and hay, with prices right.
Our stock of stoves, hardware, furr
from implements, of every descriptic
Always the best, and the best is alw
We hope to have, our new building
pleted it will give us more room than
able us to display to a better advantag
we carry. Call on us for anything yoi
and our prices are always right.
Folger, Th
Clothing, Shoes, Hats
Goods a Specialty. E
Hats, Walk- Over SI:
and Mitchell Wagons
Ett'ective March 10 191006______
Read Down Road Up
No 12 No 20 -STATIONS No 11 No 9
Mixed Mixed Mixed Mixed
4 40 p 210: 40amlv 1i i a r : ~ 5 m
5:20 pm 12:05 am *Mauldin 2:20pnm 7:10 pin
5:15 pm1, 11:15 am ar EasleylIy 2:i5pm 7:05 pm
*Fliag StationsSip
All trains daily except Sundasy
No 9 connects with Southern ilwa Nov 2
S No. 12 conneets with So uthern i aiway No I
'I W"F1or any information app'y to
.1. T TAYLOR Glen Manager
V .ria and Depmrture of Train., Green.
S 8:30 a in, No. 48 daily except Sunday, for Latu
rearand intermediate statIons, arrive at X T
Newberry, Uouti a, Sute 1 net res
'l tail n etinag at Sa pier with A. U. .,
train No. 2 f r r e n nd, 'ns a ton
atn ea;ste r itie ad at 1anrn Wit Ii.
raing No8 2 far renwood A:46ui, y m~
Arr4imv o e ris xce5pt u na, forlatan
esand initermediate stations. Arrive at
Laurens 8:40. ___________
0 AIInmvar. - .
0 10:20 a mn, No. 87, daily except Sunday frain
Laurens andi initermaediate stationis.
.00 $5, dailyi e cept taHimlay, fromm -
'3:25 nN 5 al fro n arlotonr.tt uter g . H rrs
A ugusta, (Jreen woo Laureins. etc .
C 'arrs o. y2 mid e aran through between sl.Cm
J. ly. Ligon, A gt. Geco. T1. liryan Glen. A gt. c a dsb
OutEE~NViIl LE, S. C.
EretWilliams, (1. P'. A..,4 po n
R. M. lirand, Traf. Man. Augusta, GIa.oteth
TAKEN.ICF. Hrih is
From this date I will be in the Super, seed, U
visara offiee every two weeka Onl 'Tuea
day's after Saleday in each~ m~onth and Heb1
Tueaday two weeks after each saledlay
to transact business.
. 0. M. LYNOCH,
May 8th1006j iuervisor,
hi stock of
wn Buist's
The beet
.ow them.
)rug Co.
"Unmercifully Whipped."
Mr. Lee Roper, ,who is teaching
he Glassy Mountain school, has
iad some trouble with his scholars
nd on the 29th ult., he used the
)irch on one of the scholars, a Miss
lattie Leslie, a girl between the
ge of 13 and 14 years. For this
vhipping a warrant has been
worn out against Mr. Roper by
I. D. Lesley, who in his affidavit
iefore the magistrate says: "Did
vilfully, maliciously and without
ust cause, unmorcifully whip with
, stick or switch, four or five feet
ong, one Mattie Leslie, and did
hereby commit the offense of. as
anit and battery of a high and
ggravated nature. -
We have no comments to make
>n this rt the present time. When
he case comes to trial before Niag.
strate Harris we will'give the gist
if thi teulimony as taken to our
eaders, unless the prelimenary is
vaived, In which event it will be
ired in court. Let ub hope it Is
1o as bad as painted and if Mr
Roper had to use the birch at all,
Ye hope he was perfectly justified
n his act.
Honor Roll Mile Creek School
For month ending August 10th.
Attendance 100 -Laurens Duncan,
rommie Duncan, Sucie Duncan,
Ruby Hokien, Tillman Holden, Inez
Lumpkin, Bowen Parsous, mIe
Tompkin.', Lois Latham, Lillie Nix,
Clar ence N ations, Dorsey Nations,
H'u vey Boyd, John Revis, Will Rlevis,
I1cr Revis, Minnie Reese.
Scholorship 90 --Edward Chap
man, Nora Chapmnan; Laurens Curtis
Lillie Curtis, Lizzie Cax, Pearl Dal
ton, Bessie Dalton, Ruby Holden
Kizzie Holden, Mary Holden, Essi
Lumpkin, Lois Latham, May Bell
Mauldin, Olaud Nix, Hattie Ni:
Bowven Parsons, Gladys Parsomi
Morton Stephens, Adolphus Com
Eber Parsons, Clorence Nationi
Gwinn Parker, Shaffer Parker, Stell
Parker, Nannie Parker, Minnie Roeu<
Myvrtle Bovd. Willie Parker.
Virginia College.
Near R'>anoke, Va., "the Magi,
City of the South," is located one (
the most famous Sjuthern college
for young ladies -Virginia Col
lege. This institution is situate
on a commanding elevation, witi
mountains towering on every side
Half a mile beyond city limits, remotb
from the noise and smoke of indus
trial activity, it enjoys the quiet, se
clusion and freedom of country life
e'd( yet its p)upils can avail themselvei
of city adva'itagc when occasiol
anses. Electric cars run at frequenl
intervals. Of the mental training, i
should suffice to point out thai
students from thirty states are to bi
found here. For. thoroughness C
teaching, range of studies, equip
mont, Virginia College ranks ver;
high. The new buildings have ever
modern improvement--steam heat
electric light, bath and toiLet room
on every floor. A ciimpus of ten acre
surrounds the college. Pupils hay
special conservatory advantages I)
music, art and elocution. A wel
equipped library and reading roon
are provided. Discerning parent
note these material a-.vantages, bu
they place a higher valuation yet o
that delightful and en nobling socih
life which influence for good th
character of overy girl fortunat
enough to be brought within its
charming circle.
Disease takes nio summer
If you need flesh and
strength use
Scott's [mulsion
summer as in winter.
Send for free samnple.
SCOIe IXwNE. Chemistsk
soc. and $m.co; all druggists.
ZANCE SALE will con
y and August. iBig re
es. W hite goods to go.
c White Lawn to go at 12%Oc. 12 1-2c.
Lawn to go at 8 1-3c. Beautiful line of
per cent discount. All Laces and Em
nd tan for men, women, and children, to
ve had this spring nearly cleaned np our
rains to offer, if your size is in the lot you
We still have a nice line of two piece
rains, we are obliged to make ro om for
and nails, fresh ca\ flour and car of corn
iture, harness, sadidles bug gies, wagons
11, mowers, rakes and binders, is always
ays the chcapest.
completed by August i th. When con
my building in the county, which will en
:e, the large stock of general merchandise
i need, for we are always pleased to serve
Dilley'And Co.
and Gents F3 urn ishing
sole agents for, Stetson
LOes, IrOn King Stoves
3offer Great 1B
n our entire I
rs for Gentlemn . < -
ald Children.(
'M'1 I!liji space each
ok for the bargains
are going to offer.
still in business at the same old stand by him
iround and get some bargains in general mer
t don't all come at once. I will sell you'r a
sack of good flour for 50 cents. And all
gs according, minus Meat and Dried Fruit
as high as H aman was hung. Irish botato
liss, Early Rose, Burbanks and Beauty ot
*on, by" the peck at any old price

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