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The new Laxauve
that does npi grip. g
or naushte.
Pleasant to take.
Farniers' Union
-Conducted by thc
South Carolin" Fariners' Educational and
Co-operative Union.
Communications intended for this depar
nent 9hould be addressed to J. U. Stritling
Pendleton, South Carolina.
Farmers' Cotton Exchange.
Why not producers of cotton ru
their own cotton exchange, an
have their own prices published i
the newspapers?
Who has a bettor right to d
this business for the cotton growe
than the cotton growers them selvo
Cotton farmers just because yo
have been acting silly all you
days by allowing others to pric
your stuff for you is no good rea
son why you should continue alon
this silly line when you now kno,
better how to attond to your ow
afbitire by lning up in an organize
way with your follow oraftsmle
who are in it with you.
Como across, brother, and joi
the Farmers' Union.
Where is the fairness in makin
the cotton growers lose the bagginj
and ties while these same Mat
chester spinners make consumer
of their manufactured )roduct
pay for the boxing and wrappingi
These conditions of trado coul
not exist if the producers of cotto
would come together in an orgai
ized body and put their best bus
ness mon in charge of their affai
of trade as to these. Manohesti
Educate the farmer in his bus
ucss and he will soon learn that ti
only way that he can ever expe(
to take care of his own interest i
setting a profitable price on h
cotton is to combine his strengi
with others so as to meet combin
tion with combination. Con
along and join the Farmers' Unio
Farmers, wake up and Qght eu
cossfully in your own battles. Y<
have labored, struggled and pa
taxes for others, and upon their i:
telligence and thrif t, today, deper
the welfare and prosperity of ti
nation, You have been soldiers
civilization. We have reduced
wilderness to subjection anld ha
made it iruitful. You have endur
loneliness, hardships, severo t<
and privation in order that othc
*rmight be Isd. The factory. t
railroad and the mill all livo<
the farm. People talk of labor
the source of wealth, and so it
but it is the labor of tihe fari
And yet, those men who should
the most independent men in t
world, are dependent on the ca
tains of industry, the promote
the laboa loader and the cott
bears, It is time to end this c
pendence. And unless the farm<
arouse themselves they wiull ha
to be content to have their busine
controlled by others and he call<
* a fool or a hayseed always.
It may be asked why the spec
* lators, etc., object to the organizi
Lion of the farmers? There a:
many rensons, each of which is.t
argument in favor of the form
organization, when consider<
from the farmer's point of vicw.
We farmers have3 established thi
Union in order to establish justic
provide for the comrmon defens
- promote the general welfare, at
secure .:tho blessings of liberi
to ourselves and our prosperity,
To fight the battle alone is to I
lost. Association with others is ai
absolute necessity if we would b
~uccessful. In Union there i
s#rfegthi and success. We can so
this illustration every day in th
buginess world. J. C. Rice.
> gnee County, 8. C.
~ome fariners seem to act u >o0
the palnsipal that mere scrubb
t is the more they muns
~ This reminds us of th
~ littleboy who was-buying knives a
~ 0oet at d selling them at
/ OOtB. e said he would have t4
ol lot of knives in order L<
N ~n Amoney out of it.
~ *,~ujMgoyrnmeut has offer
e to mesurgents whi
don the& arms and return t
y 'ap has ezste*oe Ito a com.
~ wii~ithe diamod Match Com-.
~~W o ~orm an tt haltonal
Laxative Fruit Syrja
:ens Drug Company and Dr. R. F. Smii
can be greatly increased by giving
special care to the health of every
animal and fowl on the farm.
Sick poultry, sheep, cattle, hogs,
horses, etc., depend on their livers
to keep them well.
Stock and Poultry
- es Medicine
keps their livers working and
therefore keeps them well.
Black-Draught Stock and Poul
try Medicine is a pure, natural,
vegetable, blood purifier, and acts
by regulating the stomach, liver
and bowels.
It prevents and cures Hog Chol
era, Chicken Cholera, Colic, Dis
temper Coughs, Colds, Constipa
tion, Fever, Loss of Appetite,
Wasting Away, and all the com
mon stock diseases.
It is a perfect iedicine for gen.
eral farm use. Try it.
Price 25c for a large can, at
s all druggists and dealers
n Great damage has been done in
the town of Mazatlan, Mexico, by
Kennedy's Laxative Honey and Tar is
ir the the origibal laxative cough syrup and
combines the qualities necessary to re.
lieve the cough and purge the system of
cold. Containes no opiates, Sold by the
e Pickens Drug Co.
a The crop will never grow with
n the manure that stays in the barn
s lot. Get it scattered.
When two strong men com to blows,
even it they are well matched, it is not a
ke pleasing sight, but if the man who gets
the worst of it will use DeWitt's Witch
* Hazel Salve, he will look better and feel
botter in short order. Ue aure you get
0- .DeWitt's. (Good for everything a salve
is used for, including pilos. Sold by
U Pickens Drug Co.
>- Hlomer Wheeler, a well known
d young ma'n of Seneca, while stand..
eo in~g on a slippery rock, fell as he
yf was about to enter a swimming
a pool. Hie struck on the back of
e the head and it is said concussion
ad of the braini may cause his deathl.
10 _Make Kiday and Bladde Right
a5 01F GOOD.
a, "'I have been afilicied with kidney and
bladder trouble for years, passing gravel
-r or stones with excruciating pain," eays
be A. H. Thurnes, a well knowvn coal opera
tor of Ruffalo, 0. "I got no relief from
moediomo until Ibegan taking Foley's
p- Kidney Unre, then the result was sur
re, P)rIing. A few doses started the brick
dust- like mthstanen and now I have ,no
on1 paiin across my kidneyvs and .1 feel like a
a 0- ilw man. It lots d1ono inn .$10))0 wvorth
of good."' Foley's Kidney Cure w'ill
irs oro overy form~ of kiudney or bladier
Ve ,hsonaso. For' ll by P ickens Drug ( '.
and1( R. F. Smnitih Eusley.
d Foley's Kidney cure
makes kidneys and bladder right.
Bears the ,,4The Kind Yoti line Always Bogki
3r - -
iWhat Do. They Cure ?
T1he abosvo question, is often asked coni
cornintg D r. P'Ie'ree's two leading nudi
ja ci, "olen Medical I )iscoverO " and1(
"F"avorito P'rescription."
0, Theo aniswer isi that "(Golden M[edical
Discovery " is a miost po1telnt alterative oJr
3, blood..puriflor, and tonic or inivigoratoir
d and acts especially fav'orably in a cura
tieway upon all the mucous lining surz
yfaces, as8 or the nasa I passages, thironit,
.bronchiall tubes, stomiiach, bowels and
bladder, curing a lal'ge 12er cent, or Catar
Srhial oases whethler ti io disease8 afftects the
0nasal [passages, the fthroat, larynx, broni
chia, stomach (as catarrhanl diys)ppsla 1,
bowols (as imucous diarrhea ), bldder'
o uterus or other pelvic organs. Even in
the chronic or ulcerativo staIges of the'so
5 affections, it is often successful in alffect.
5 The "Favorite Prescription " is ad vised
a for the cu ro of one class of diseases-those
pecu Ilir weakniesses, doranIgemnonts and1(
Irrogulari thus incident to wiomni only. It
is a powerful yet gently acting inivigorat
lug tonic and nervine. For weak worn
has caused the break-down, "Favorite
j I rescrition " will be found muost offective
n' bthe Winlu the strength, regulating
OIth woaly ctions. subdnuini palii
tcoadiLio~' ho liltliy, goou -(1ilI
3 A book of particulars wrap~s'oach bo(t tle
giving thei forn mh (,f both me'dicin 111(
t. quoting what scores of emninenit mod0(
ical authors, whose wvork(s are conisulted
by physicians of all the scho~ols o~f practice
as n d~os in prescribinig, say of each in
gre entntering into, these medicines.
The words of praise bestowedl on the
evoral ingredients enteriug into Doctor
Ijerce's medicines by suich writers should
have more weigh~t than any amount of
non - profossional testimonials, because
such men are writing for the guidance of
their mnedjcal brethren~ and know whereof
1ohmedlicines are nan-alcoholic non
secret, and contain no harmful iiabit-. a
forming drugs, being composed of irlyceric
extracts of the roots of native, American
medicinal forest plants. TFhey are both
'sold by idealers in medicine. You can't
afford td accept as a substitute for one of
those medicines of known comnposition,r
a Secret nostrum.. -
ero' Pejlets. small, silar-con ted,
o.o take as candy, regulate and Iin I
V tski~cts liver and bowels.
Stomach and Livet
trouble and
Chronic Constipation.
'h, Easley.
Over-Work Weakens
Your, Kidneys.
Unhealthy KldnCys Make Inpure Blood.
All the blood in your body passes through
your kidneys once every three minutes.
The kidneys are your
blood purifiers, they ill.
ter out the waste or
Wpurities in the blood.
"if they.are sick or out
of order, they fail to do
their work.
Pains, achesandrheu
matism come from ex
cess of uric acid in the
ki ouble. (blood, due to neglected
Kidney trouble causes quick or unsteady
heart beats, and makes one feel as though
they had heart trouble, because the heart is
over-working in pumping thick, kidney.
poisoned blood through veins and arteries.
It used to be considered that only urinary
troubles were to be traced to the kidneys,
but now modern science proves that nearly
all constitutional diseases have their begin
ning in kidney trouble.
If you are sick you can make no mistake
by first doctoring your kidneys. The mild
and the extraordinary effect of Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, the great kidney remedy is
soon realized. It stands the highcst for its
wonderful cures of the most distressing cases
and is sold on its merits
by all druggists in fifty
cent and one-dollar siz-.
e-. You may have a
sample bottle by maii onio or Swansp-ioot.
free, also pamphlet telling you how to find
out if you have kidney or bladder trouble.
Mention this paper when writing Dr. Kilmer
& Co., Binghamton, N. Y.
Don't make any mistake, but remember
the name, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, and the address. Binghamton,
Y., on every bottle.
Oures Ooidss Prevents Pneumonia
Alen's Foot-Etie, a powder, vures Tired, A i.
lng, Swenting, Swollen feet. Sainple sent Fi,- I,
al% .SamiiIi)e o f FoO'T-NA-: SANIrARY (oans PAII. It
rrt:w invslition. Addr(eS, A llen S. OJl.ted, Le
Hwt N. Y
Ebr chlUdrent safe. sre. .Po oplates
A. A. Herron, Finch, Ark. writea:
"Foley's Honey aind Tar is the bt
prepaatttont for cougha, colds and lung
trouble. I know that it has oured con
supl)tion iii the firt singes." You never
honrti of aiy one uising Foley's Honey
and Tar and not being satisfied. For
s1o by Pickona Drug. Co., and R. F.
Smith Ealoy.
0ne way to got good roadi in a
community Is for each mau to take
an interest in the roads passing his
farm, Instead of leeling that the
state and County work is a legiti
m ate opportunit~y for shirking.
A bath cleauses the skin and rid8 the
pnres of refnae. A bath makes for bet
ter fellowship and citizenship. Not only
shld, the ontaide of the body be
cleansed, but occasional use of a'laxative
or (calthatiC opens the bowels and clearts
the systteim of Effete matter. Best for
tii tro DuXitt's Little Early Risers.
Pleasatt little pills that do not gripe (or
sicken. Sold by Pickens Dr ug Co.
For YOUNG LADIES, Roanoke, Va.
Opeona Sept. 25. 1906. One of the Icealtng Huhook'a
for Younig JLroe in the~ South . New lmtIbling
pianos and equ.pmniit. Camipua ten acres. Grand
miounrain scenery rn Vairey of Vitrginia, fameid
for hiealth. E'uropean ant! Amerienn, teachera.
Full coursie. (Cnuaservatory advta~tiges in Art,
N luslc aiu Elncutlan. Certlilentra WVellesey.
Mindienta fromi 30) stares. For catalogue address
liS .A T I'. iAltais Prs et (ioank rVa
aernesitly reqiuest all younnr persons, rno matter
ho imited their meansli or edneiation, who wish to
obtain a thuorourgh business training and good posi
tjoi to write by first mai for our great haif--rate
affr. Stua 1i1 ineponclencoand Probable frtune
The Ga..Ala. Business College. IMacon, Ga.
T[he sworn: s tatreent of the in m ,r
faciures proteeta youi from opiates in
K innedy 's Lax. tive Ihoney and Tar-Lihe
cough syrup that drives the cold out of
your system. Sold by l'iekeins Drug
You antto ITwhat you are aiming at
-be it bird, beast or target. Make your
shots court by shooting the STEVENS.
For 4r years ST EVENS ARMS have
carried off PR EM IER HONORS lor AC.
CURACY. Our linetr -
AltIesd Shotguns, Pistols
* t teSTv~ in Sen z4icts, aat pI
If yu cnnotobtin, of corn te Output. A
*we thip direct, ,x- ivauab ,eb~ook ofrefer.I
deuo nefor prest and
ri ptocatog ric prspcive shooters.,
Beautiful three-color Aluminura Hanger will
,be forwarded for so cents in asam s.
J. Stevens'Armi & Tool Co.,
2.0O. Boz 4036
-P. D. No. 5 EASLE3Y, S. C.
sweeps all tl
d 'Makes Vcu Well All Over." Those pains are
treatens the entire system. Headaches, Pains, 1
cling indicate that you need
MiiChy. eMan o.July 18, 195. Cured 80
~ Tc~c.Co. a~uo~.M.had suffered
ikr irs I wa., I l! up, last N1overnher with Methodist mIs
- - - n s.huIa (etaIin more. after Jc
utnacil ei have not been bothered WIlkes of Dill
- ovvvy *;Idrid orr n i shnet and was were drawn u
tV. ;.!l i I n e i ed had the same ro- at ones. Sam
t IIi 10Z -owvi~vcde. Now, I an, Wulased to
ii has 1 *:,) tacc-zsatry for me to take 'Ally
b hod t hat I re-) m tthcded it to has had the
119 resuilt;. Yotirs very trufly.
p. RANAGA'N. Mannager.
Quincy Industrial Cooperative Society. The
ATll TH0.
R. E DITOR: Please say to your rea-lors and I
Complete liine of lieliable goods which I hav
fact, at the prices which I am quoting I ctn
carry a little of '"anything and everything," and at
WEAfR oiid HEAVY KNIT SHIRTS; also, a good
From inaow tilil Christmas we invite the ladi
Will mako t be same offer as the above to th
Trunks, Valises, Getis' Furnishings, etc. The ni
Flour, salt and barbed wir- by the car load t
A completo line of the goo.d kind of furnitur<
A fall oeo oraes goods and a nice
Your patronage solicited and you will be tret
P. S.--All~os~ persions owing. the estate of W. T.
/ory ( descript i on
teatnelss and~ dis
Are you mit
manking all you,
moy to buy a]1
COmmi ne rcial rpmps
youl can ownI a I;
tLighee ae1i
heCotton Belt
- - -- -land ifs 10 in rasin
a b rj pi ces. 8n
ICO., PICK ENS, s. C. L. P. Smith, T.
A We No
We FuifiI
- ecured never to
for Rheumatism, Cuts,
reSprains, Wounds. Old.
Soe6 orns, Bunions,
Clos, Lame Back, Stiff Joint,
ops Irritation, subdues Inflam
s, loosens the Fibrous Tissues, N
the Blood, giving the Musclos N. K.e 'IN
T ON RARtTH -....-m CONH
00 Craig St., Enoxville D PSI V
been trying the bath. of
istic rhetuatism, but I e cn
lIard's Snow' Liniment ~ Mnypol
thing I have ever trled,
der for $1.00. Send me S-eboesI
Express." -
Tr ThES OENUINE n aldt
Liniment ~O.Ten a c nt <i
~. A.Interest pC
$1.9o wil
M. D .. D
No appetite, loss of strength, nervous
ness, headache, constipation, bad breath,
general debility, sour risings, and catarrh
of the stomach are all due to indigestion.
Kodol cures indigestion. This new discov
ery represents the natural juices of diges
tioni as they exist In a healthy stomach,
combined with the greatost known tonic
and reconstruc tive proper ties. Kodol Dy s
pepsia Cure does not only cure Indigestion
and dyspepsia, but tis famous remedy
cures all stomach troubles by cleanising,
purifyf'ng, sweetening and strengthening
the mucous membranes lining the stom'fach.
Mr. S. S. Ball, of Ravenswood, W, Va., says:
I Was troubled with sour stomach for twenty years.
Kodoi cured mei and we are now using It In ilk
Kodol Digests What You Eat.
0-4--- 1. . se - ~ - -- .. .e -
No a~luur n Frw
I~ir o is outfu Coor
Car e l ieee arim
Railroad an
es, h adahcnstiatn ba reath,
Seea ebiltyineur-Jinsund ar
ftesoAaral ue Cdoun
Kod aurs, BruigestConTaediscov
ery rpres n th ANTrlis oha dgs
ti astyisn, a drheatsto ach,
comine wihtETgrATES w thoic
e psaCremoes no only cindiulation o
cues alstomach tlesy. cenig
t~r. S S. Bll rso R . Awod so, WV. sy
wastroubedn., oritc fo twnt years.
sie whi s nts edi50cets an
Prpard b la0.eT botl 0b. SOhernQ :
Sodballarsdu Snow
$7' O ls
Rheumatism Is an Internal dis
ease and requires an Internal remedy.
RHEUMACIDE "Gets at the Jqlnts from
the Inside," and that is the reason It Curs
all other remedies have failed. Rheumacide
te poisonous germs and acids out of the blood
danger signals, warning you of a disease that
ad Tasto In the Mouth, that "No-Account"
vcar-old r-jrs. Mary Welborn of High Point, N. C., 'nr she
tO years. Cured Rev. J.. It Wheeier, TO yeors old, a ii ding
istor. of Rv.terstown, McI. Curc John F. Eline. of gaiti
hns Hio'i)jns Hospital had conpletofy taled. Cured James
Dn. S. C., cfter he had beoos in bed three years and his legs
p Irnst his back. latter get. u bottic. from our Druggist
pie bottle and booklet FREE It you send 0 cents for postagle.
-es Danger in Delay.
ny friends that I am "still at the O!d Stand," with at
e for their inspection and sale at vcry close figures. In
sider the goods are'Rare Bargains. Tell then that I
n silling at a close profit.
, We have thin aFo, EUlTS, PANTS, UND R
line of OVERSHOES.
es to call and we will make theni close prices on
) men folks on Clothing, Shoes, Hats, Underclothing,
cest line of theso goods we Lave Ever carried.
o go at prices that defy competition.
e and nice matting, carpeting and rage. Agent fri
necessary things in every wL Il regulated lamily and
Glassware, Agateware, Tinware and other ware that
L. GuyMcFall
Mclall will please come for ward and make settlement
he Land of BIG CROPS
king as much off your farm as you ought? No doubt you are
man. The trou ble in the hind costa too miuch. It takes too much
ng farm, and so you atre trying to make a living on a small farm,
are renting one and paying a goodl share of what you raise, ii,
.it be better t~o go wvhere the price of good land is so little that
ig farm-wherol every acre of the ground is working for you
is paying you good profitn?
iousaada of acres of fort ile land in Srouthw~eat along the line of
Rentc that can be bought for from $~3 to $10 an aero. This
g in value each year.
the Southwest at Small Cost
Southiwest wvould convince you that your best, interest lay in
sactthng there. The trip can be made at very lithtl expense.
On the first and third Tfuesday of each month you pure ase a
round trip ticket to any point in the Southwest on via of the
Cotten Bel. Route at ve'ry low rates. Stop-overs wvill be al
lowed for you to examlino any locality you are interested in.
E 'rite at once for free copies of books describing this won
derful country and fot' full information about coat of tickets.
P. A., Cotton Belt Route. 203 Equitable Bldg., Atlanta, Ga.
ver- Disappoint Our ratient8.
I Every.Promise and Never Hold Out Faise Koies
aionr witon the knife or bougle and varlennele
pnordtnonfromn business; Vohtagl~osa Blood 9Sq
return, withoix* mercur or mineral mixtihr.; Li.5 of
The Dr. ~ing ?xdicai C. i n ia uist bu
I act e ramta f(eri nf b~e us y an
cos ntin 1no. toe tef mouttagro ealen g
byatago o ine rniaebtldo.
iENCE oA CH ep t0 obEArSz.nl"*e. i.Y t5p~
DOurasuressoeai s tosbiat atnd f
*uOr ofoex are ATIONg AND ADinoaF~~v.sp
tED e . a .'woMt ay n a e A~.tiania
:ot o tihas p ou to t lo oe ntecut
ettemodin ey Delayst are deos. Ope
1.hmtodaye andeflour a mnd ey ill be1) safe,
s n tiene dposictasbigi hre
tI..CC. Shirey, asher
,I opna accuntns n wit Librty Bank

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