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Eutered April 28, 1903 at Pickens, 3. 0., as second class matter, under act of Jongrese of March 8, 1879.
MAut south Caroina Lag Behind.
Clintop Chronicle.
The legislatures of North Caro
lina and Georgia have both abol
ished the '1bucket shop" .businei
from the-ir respective. States and
we feel sure that South Carolint
will do the same.
Mother Was Hoodooed.
st. Matthows Commercial AdvanCe.
A small Kansas boy was once
called in to view lhia new born baby
brother. lie looked it over with
dissatisfaction, and finally asked:
"Mamnia, where did this thing
Come from?" "An angel brought
it, Jimmie.'' "Wuz you awake
when he came'?" "Certainly, Jim
mio.' "Well, then, mamma, all
that I have to say, is that you are
dead easy. I'd like to see any old
angel put off such a looking thing
on me. But I reckon we are stuck
unless I kin work Billy Green to
trade it sight-unseen for one of his
spotted pups."
. Look on the Bright Side.
Hock nH11 Itecord.
The man who gets mad at what
the newspaper says about him
should return thanks three times a
jlay for what thb newspaper knew
about him and suppressed.
Gook Work in Laurens,
Lauronsville nerald.
They were not fighting Ben Till.
ma:i , oh, no. They were simply
fighting for prohibition. Yet the)
scratched Tillmnan's name in thii
town, to the tune of 125 votes out
of a total of 224, at Club No. 1.
The Mdarning After.
Greenville News.
It must be really a fact that
citizen Josh Ashloy was left al
home. It was so much like E
droam at first, but a full realiza,
tion of the ti'emeondous downfal
of this renowned philosopher it
gradually dawning upon the publig
Passing of the Bosn.
Hlartsvillo Me'ssengcr.
Nothing is more evident in the
rebult of the primary election jusi
held in this State than the fael
that the people of South Caroline
will not submit to the dictation o
any man or set of men. * * Thi
election of Lyon as attorney gen,
oral (which now seems assured
will be the greatest triumph foi
law and order, decency and hon
esty that has been accomplished ir
the politics of this State for man'y
years, and this victory of right ovo,
wrong is more than worth the cosl
of the pritiaries to the people.
One Hiarmoious Whole.
Fairfax nuterprise.
It is' strange how any man, beini
the son of a woman, could for at
instant doubt the oneness of hi
nature with her's, or be so lost tV
all sense of justice Os to conceiv
* of woman's comradeship as any
thlIng but an inspiration to peace
and progress.
Keep P'rollts at Home.
Aikeon .Journal anud Rieview.
Under local option Aiken count:
can. establish a county dispensar:
which would keep all its profits fo
* the people of this county instead o
'dividing with 18 counties that hay
no dispensaries.
"Ole lien" andt "Ol. Scratch."
Uarolin~a spartai, -
If "Ole Scriatch" had made
vigorous Oampaigni against "01
Ben," the result wouald have bee
astonishing to our great leade
who delights in leadirig the blind
Dependts on Point of Viy
Andersoun Iail.
SIt must ble tally a fact that cit
zen Josh Ashley wasleft at hon4
It was so much like a 4reami u
first.-Greenville News, 'The get
tieman froan Honea Path is still<
the opinioh ta t' it was a nighi
A mnan never realizes how ur
popular he is until he begins I
Only a few peoplo make good in
an oiergency.
An aotor seldom retiros until he
is played out.
Even the 4o--callod white lies
are more or lis tainted.
The scorn of egotism is 'a harm
leis as the blurs of ignorance.
Any man possesses the ability to
be as big a fool as he pleases.
But tho coat doesn't make the
man-not even a coat of tar and
An evil doer is one who believes
in doing others before they atte nipt
to do him.
Of courso, the man who thinks
as highly of himself as you do of
yourself is conceited.
Batween some men and sponges
the only apparent difference is that
sponges will take water.
Some women look upon a hus
band as a money-earning conveni
ence rather than a domestic necs
Any girl who has a dimple and
understands the art of working it
can malce a dignified man act like
a monkey.
The world extends the glad hand
to the lucky man, but all It hands
tho victim of tough luck is a little
cold sympathy.
At the age of twenty-five a girl
is willing to marry a widower vnith
one child, at thirty be will tolerate
two children and at thirty-five she
d oesn't care how many he has.
Most victims of appendicitis are those
who are habitilly constipated. Orino
Laxative Fruit Syrup cures chronio con
stipaticn by stimulating the liver and
bowels and ieetores the natural action of
th e bowels. Orino LAxiative Fruit Syrup
d oes not nauseate or gripe and is mild
nmid pleaant -to take. Refuse :sibsti;
tutos. Parkins Plarmapy, Liberty, and
Pickuns Drug Co.
The department of agriculture is
making preparations for a
thorough enforcement of the pure
focd act, which goes into effect
January 1st next.
is making big
fall will be headqui
'Watch this sj
There are hundred
Pelvic Diseases, endang
will write to me I will
in treating this class of
IX view of the great multitude of
women suffering from some form of
female disease and yet unable to find
any cure, Dr. Hartman, the renowned
gynecologisthas announced his willing
ness to direct the treatment of as many
eases as may make application to him
during the summer months, without
Miss Mary Mayger, 200 Delhi street,
Philadelphia, Pa., writes:
"Before taking your medicine I was,
completely run down.
Headache and Backache.
"My back and head ached all the time
and I was so nervous that it was impos
sible for me to attempt any work.
"After using two bottles of Peruna
there was a wonderful change and I am
now a well woman.
"I cannot express my gratitude suf
ficiontly and I am recommending it to
all my friends."
Dr. Har.tman's treatment will be con
ducted by correspondence.
1he medicines prescribed can be ob
tained at all drug stores.
Comolete Treatment.
The Doctor will prescribe all modi
cines, applications, hygienic and diet
ary regulations necessary to effect con
plete relief.
Furthermore, all correspondenco wfl
be held strictly confidential.
reduIct~ions inl manliy I
e nlow' inl the Eaisterr
R.1 terIS fOr (()rr0hCt fle
ace for ouri adlvertisec
s of thousands of women ii
ering their lives by neglet
give them the benefit of n
Bnilre System Affected.
Mrs. James Goiloher, Norwood, On
tario, Can., writes:
"I was suffering from systemic ca
tarrh for about two years.
"In damp weather I was utnable to do
my work, as my back and sides would
ache, and I thought if I did not soon
find a cure I could not live long.
"1 saw where Pernna had cured hun
dreds-who had suffered as I was suffer
ing. I decided to try it.
"After taking tMe first bottle, I felt a
big change.
Completely Cured.
"I have taken five bottles and I am
completely cured.
"1 thank Dr. Hartman for his kind
advice to me."
Dr. Hartman's offer will hold good
during the entire summer months. .
Any woman can become a regular
patient by Pending a written statement
of her ago, condition of life, symptoms
of' her derangements, and previous
Dr. Harimana's Advice.
Mrs. Lizzlo Sharpe, 20. Friendship
street, Providence, 1R. I., writes:
"Home time ago I wrote you, asking
advice in regard to my health, doserib
ing my symptoms.
"Following your advice and Ziking
your medicine for only five wteks, I
am thankful to say I am a well woman
ineOs to m~ake room f(
emarkets and alr'ead1
r'chandIise at the rig(h
ment, we have somet
R I '-~
r America suffering from
ting treatment. If they
iy extensive experience
-S. B. Hartman, Al. D
"I had suffered for a number of years
with constipation, indigestion and fe
male troubles of the worst form. I was
unable to do my housework without
Salsfactpry Results.
"After taking Poruna I have expe,
ienced the most satisfactory results. I
ant like a new woman.
"I do allmy own housework for seven
rooms, thanks to Peruna.
Recommends Perana.
"I -want to recommend Peruna to all
who are similarly affiheted.**
The principal remedy which Dr.
Hartman relies upon in curing eatarrhal
diseases of women is Peruna.
Hundreds of women sufferers find
Peruna a household remedy. Many of
these women have written letters of
thanks for the benefit they have ob
Dr. Hartman's xperience.
As is well known, Dr. Hartman Is the
President of the Hartman Sanitarium,
an institution which has a department
devoted to the treatment of female die
He is thus brought to see a great many
of such cases every year, the most of
whom return to their homes to com
plote their treatment by correspond
Those wishing to become patients by
correspondence should aiddress Dr. H. B.
Hartman, Presidont (A the Hartman
Sanitarium Columbus, Ohio.
~r the eormouf0Is stock
nelw goods have beg
t prices.
hing to tell you.
F ou think all ready-made t1.mlnaLo
Clothes are alike, you
haven't seen ou r Schloss cioth
es. *fhe way they look is one
differen cc and a big one. Ex
tra good styling and tailoring
is responsible for that a nd the
materials are as good as - the
Just drop your prejudice
against "Ready-Made" long
enough to try on a Schloss
Suit. You'll find it far better
than the average custom-tail
or's work.
We have all the latest styles.
Come and see them- 5CHLOS BR03. Co.
rine ClothesMokers
DAMTfW" oon~ Ntwl Yom~
Suits $10 to $30.
H12o South Main stree,
. b Greepvilee, 5. C.
A Letter from Pickens.
'lic Experienee of one Intelliget Patient.
PiloENR, S. 1., Heptembor 2M, 19016.
Black Beauty, Dear Friend:
How do you likomo in my now glanos? I got
them from Dr. F. R. Newtoiin, 219 N. AfAsa 4t.,
G ronvilio, S. (1. Thiieyre theo latest stlylo. T1hey
aro boalth ray glamonA anl tley rent my oyes from
bondacho And tihe hot suu.
They're just gioat.. No matter which way E
0-look I n0 overyi1hmag just as4 well a- wiheni I was a
colt.. iUnforo t got hmt ' 1m stumalod over overy'
pbbI)O in the road, bit now its all differenmt.
Take my rdvioe, whon yonr night trouiblen you go L.' Mian Hiawatiha Hotel ii
Pickonii, rmOstlay mn Weinesliday, sojptombr 2th amd l, as 1no dollt tMi
will be Dr. Newtons last visit away from his offlow fm ave-m . of fall huinsis ,;o
hoavy at h1omo1.
Everybody Come.
of new fall gooki.

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