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bnel-Journal Company,
ion $1.00 Per Annum.
dvertising Rates Reasonable.
Ickons Postoflico as second Class
Mail Mntter
3ession of the Press Asso
July at the Isle of Palms,
i beat meetings ever had
Nearly every paper in
was represented and in
tances the "better half"
i in evidence, and as a
ice it was a hard matter
he bachelor crowd in at.
upon the business see.
3ial invitation of the com
ving the Jamestown Ex
matter in charge, tb
sociation as a body wa
;o Norfolk, Va., and as th
the Exposition Company
wi every courtesy. The
ried out to the grounds an
round and found that thi
on is to be a much large
-king than was inaginec
'iiling the papers about i
'tIantic Coast Line Raji
t3ed a train at the disposa
asociation, and it 5:'30 of
fternoon they pulled ou
olk, arriving there at 8 a
day where they wore me
3mittee and conducted t<
iticello hotel and served
akfast. The Street Rail,
placed a special car at
sposal and they were
vhirled out to the grounds
ging carried around the
this pictures being takng,
sight-seeing over dinner
id ther at the Pine Beack
magnificently appointe<
just away from the Ex
grounds, and fronting or
in sight of old Poin
and Fortress Monroe.
ve two pictures, one takei
. ntes4 o*h ot Caro na
Unij hing the stakes are shown
with thes board across the top with
"S3. (1." on i#, and represents Mr,
1W. II, Aql), President of the
South Garolina Press Association
)igraking~ dirk for the building.
r.(FI Th~yojni man with the spade of
dIirt in hiRadu 1s J. Rutledge
~>McG ben ( M$thereen wood Index,
4 ~ while E~.*H. DeCamp, of the
(Ja frony ledger, is 'hold ing up the
handles of the Wheelbarrow. Miss
NiaOsteuin daughter of N. 93. 1
$Outen, o p - Watchman and
Sou her, &ttr S. &,isitting on s
Thbe othII Mote was taken by k
the aide 'ia tial Buiidirig, J
jt as thoj ~ i~~ e going out of 6a
the grouncfe
by the A$u0cittdib 19f6bAtb royal
hospitality accorded en. At six si
0olock that -4fte niv W
of the nuRbqr to I a d* the 1E
steamner To4h at t, f hier- h
hants and Miners Or nsp6ttation h
Company''e line for roviden
Boston, New York, etc., while some J
left New York that night for the*
dear old Palmetto ,State,.. whie
others went over to Washington, t
Old Point Comfort, and near by t
points to send Sunday. This editor
and his "better half," through the
kindness of the N. & W, Ry., was
carried by way of - Petersburg, on
their return home, and while in
that city he visited what was
known during the war as the l
"battle of Petersburg," the "blow-.
up," or the "crater," We sai
many rolics that had been picked
up on this bloody field and are
now preserved in e "relic-room" at
the crater.
The Association was adjourlied
in 'Norfolk, at the Palm Beach
Hotel. During the session there a
set of resolutionas were prepared.
we have received the following lotter
and sot resolutions, which we
publish :
Norfolk, Va., Aug. 23, 1906
A Mr. J. L. 0. Thompson,
,Editor, Sentino*l-Jouraili
SPickLens, S. C.
1 Dear Sir: <
s I am eniolosing you, ierowithi ia
r copy of the rosol ti(Ilo"ns ed < ]ur- I
, ing your rocent visi t. to Norfol k, as
. I toight you mighit dosire oi thor t
- to kcop theI as a plart of the c
1 record of your trip or possibly that f
you inight. d sire to publish them. a
The )pleasant remembrances of ,t
your visit will remain with me, and
I sincerely hope that next year you
will be able to spend much more
time with us, and that we will all
have equally good times together
again. With kindest regards, Lam
sours sincerely, A. L. Button,
1gr. General Press Bureau.
Virginia hospitality is known
the world over, but the South Caro
lina Pross Association has never
had it brought more forcibly to
mind than by the treatment ac
corded thom today. We believe
more strongly thtin ever in ihe
ability of Virginians, to use the
poet's exp~ression, "To' speed the1
parin an ecm tecmn
'uhweevrse,4n. ams i
tonEpsto getea nosm
b ut ittl ti m t o rove th e usti e y e
of te ttle
[' n comitelomte Jaeston sta
tvExpoioa gaetlma eeds un-a
bnd liwe ih to ptrsevso e
nothegmitne ofvte same uTice gat
Tesonh Exposiin Peses -
..0.s, tas , nrd bthe otr~inr ca
heo acred hrn a eehavofmah
,he hihesfctt g oplrosectsn bd;
ro thyes ofrte wratetn shn u- M,
History, Art and the. Science
kould eVer be perpetuated, and
a wi .ogsay at thSer .s
xposi i stands for so thi
Igher han many -6therg it hi
een our pleasure to visit.
34uoation is to be encouraged..
amestown does this; History is to
e made permanent-Jametown
oes this; and a proper app eoia'
ion of the great- event it *ishes
o perpetuate seems to have- been
naugurated under auspicious cir
The South .0 r4li a Press Asso
Ilatioji wishes to extiend to the
nanagement of the Jamestown Ex
)osition' hearty good obeer, and
learty wishes for success; there,.
First. That the thanks of this
Association are due, and the same
are hereby extended to the manage
nent of the Exposition. partiou
larly to the gentlemen who met us
Secoud. That Honorable A. L.
Button, Chief of the General Press
Bureau, lHon. R. H. Soxton, Chief
f Department of Congresses and
3pecial Events, together with Hon.
.)harles H. Pratt, Superintendent
Lilt Euginor in charge and Hon.
. t Keiley, Culibf of the Depart.
nieut of Press and Publicity, de.
orve the praise and commendation
f the South Carolina Press in
encral and of the members in
Third- That it be t.he sense of
his Association that each and
very--member of tho newspaper
raternity in South Carolina aid
nd abet the Jamestown Exposi
ion in eiery way in his power.
Fourth. That the news columns
>f the newspapers in South Caro.
ina be open to the Publicity Com
nittee of the Jamestown Exposi.
ion, and,
Lastly. That the newspapers, as
more direct representatives of the
seniment of the people of a great
3tate, do maintain, and the same is
hereby offered, that the people of
3outh Carolina extend hearty
greetings to Virginia and well
ishes for the success of the James.
Lown Exposition.
N. G. Osteen,
A. W. Knight,
J. R. McGhee,
Jommittee from South Carolina
Press Association.
'h Cont y should do her share
ard helping the State to make
editable exhibit at this exposi.
, and all of our people should
e arrangements to go to it next
r; The- exposition opeons on
I and closes Decemnber 1, 1907,9
ipfore' losing thist a11ple it is
per that wy'shouli stletk of the
aunded -hospitaity of the
irleston people, who did Overy.
)g in their power to make the
r of the press gang in their city
easant one, and Muaj.' 3J. C,
iphill, backed up by the other
spapers of that city and the
ene, workedl mighty hard to
resolution passed by the Asso.
on to make Charleston a per.
out meeting place for that
e-up-cennery gang .Wmas 4
J~etter Erof Tqxas.
G4lnesville, Texas, 'August 26.
I will try and give you a few line
from this part of Texas again. Th
health of our community seems ver
good at prqsent.
Threshing is over at last. NY
have just pulled our separator, engin
and breod wagon under the shod
few days ago. The average yield
wheat for Cook county was about 1
bushels to - the acre, tho oat cro
about 40 bushels. Corn is very in(
We will gather seven or eight huE
dred bushels off of 80 acres, and ar
glad to say we have some fine swin
to es4 this corn. Cotton crops bav
been very promising, but the bol
worms are simply getting the be-t v
it all over this part of Texas.
Our annual picnic was a success a
the Gainebville Park. There "a
plenty of amusements for both young
and old. Baby Jim, the Biatimon
colored. giant, was here: age 19
weight 750 pounds.
Mar. J. W. Bailey was here pioni
day and entertained us for 90 minute
with a grand speech or address.
A few lines about our city and w
will quit. Street paving is going on
using brick and cement. Work i
plentiful,. for all tumen are wakin
four dollars per day hauling grave
with- poney teams. -Vork will b
plentiful this fall and labor is scarce
'I he negro works a little and fishes I
lot out here.
Sam Lai k.
It's a significant fact that the stron
est animal of its size, the gorilla, alsi
has the largest lungs. Powerful lung
ihoans powerful creatures. How tokee
the breathing organs right should I
mnan's chiefest study. Like thousani
of others, Mrs. Ora A. Stephens, of Pa
Williams. 0., has learned how to do thi
%he writes: "Three bottles of Dr. King
e-*. Discovery stopped my cough of tm
years and cured me of what my frieni
thought consumption. 0, it's grand f<
fhroat and lung troubles." Guarantee
by Pickens Drug Co. Price 50o au
$1.00. Trial bottle free.
stone mountain Dots.
Stoe lilountainm Ga., Aug. 1
1906.-Editor Pickens Senline
Journal: Please change my addrea
from Central, S. C., to Stone Mour
tain, DeKalb county, (ia. I hav
just arrived at - this placa and ac
well pleased with the towvn and pec
pie. -This is a flne section of country
good water and plenty of raig. I a
just 10 miles from Atlanta.- My wif,
has been vgry ill siote we le'f Centre
and I have not had the opportunit
of being out any, though we have th
best ot neighbors to assist us in tim
of, need. I will write y.u again sooi
wh eg..I can give you a better descrij:
tion of the country.
* Respectfully yours,
* . C. C. Fricks.
NOTICE.-The ginneries and sa'
niilt of Thou. H. Gassaway; deceased
will bie ready. to receive custom 01
S -ptemnber 15. They wvill lbe run bi
Samuel Porter, of Piokens.
FOR RENT. ---Good~ three-horei
farm; two good tenant houses os
pliace; three miles below Pickens or
Liberty road. Apply to W. R
Kennemore, Central, R. F. D. No. 2
aysfam.Kendall, of Phillipsburg,Kan.,
"jnst cover It over with Buckien's Ari,
.a Malve and thy. Salve wilJ do the rest.'
.uickest cure for Burns, Boils, Sore's
30 dds, Wounds, Piles, Eoczemia, Salt
Rheum, Chapped Hands, Sore Feet and
sore E wau. Only 25o at Pickens Drug
to feel the more at, home by run
tug upon Prol. W. EC. Dindy,
r'ho was doing repotorial work on
le News and Courier, while Maj.
[emph ii lntortainod the boys.
It was such a go.2d meeting the
ang decided t' go there next year,
uMay, and from there to Norfolk.
Does Your
Fleart Beat
ecs. l00,000 times each day.
)Oes it send out good blond!
'i bad blood? You know, f or
oodl blood ls good health ;
tAd blood, bad he~atgh. And
rOU know. precisely what to
akec for bad blood--Ayer's
;arsaparllla.. Doctors have
mdorsed it for 60 years.
aa io. 11
er AOUS Ceae. C
CflBR PSctoA.
W* have ne seonte t We pmbIt.b
ne *rntse norsm on*
.ZooS I)anch Dots.
- As I haven't seen anything from
a this section in some time I will w. te
e a few.dots.
Y The health of this community is
very grood at present
The farmers are busy pulling fod.
der and h score of other things.
Mrs. Corrie Norris and family, of
5 Greenwood, and Messrs. Charles and
Winbern Vandivere, of Savannah,
who have been visiting tlatives in.
this community for the last two
weeks returned to Walhalla last
e Tuesday.
Miss Rosa Lawrence, who has been
visiting her sister in Middleton, Ga.,
, returned home last Tuesday.
The Long Branch school closed
B Mrs. Lola. Zackry visited relatives
I in this section this week.
Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Johnson, of
Middleton, Ga., is visiting the latter's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Law
rence, this week.
Mr. Willie Lawrence visited rela
tives in Walhalla last Saturday and
Wishing the Sentinel-Journal much
success. Mark.
When you have a cold it is well to be
e very careful about using anything that
will cuse constipation. Be particularly
careful about preparations coitaining
opiates. Use Kennedy's Laxative Honey
and Tar, which stops the cough and
moves the bowels. Sold by Pickens
Drug Co.
Notes From 0 -Iden Creek.
I am glad to state to the many
readers of your paper that the church
a at Golden Creek has had a good
p revival meeting, in 'which the church
was greatly revived and I think great
rt good was done. On Sunday, Sep.
1. tember 2nd, the pastor, Rev. Mr.
o Atkinson, led 14 happy converts in
Is the Twelve Mile river and buried
dr them in Baptism in the presence of a
d large congregation. He returned
back to the house and preached in
the grove to something like 600
people. The Golden Creek. people
are to be commended for their good
order during the meeting. There
are five others awaiting Baptism.
The total additions -to the church
0 during thd meeting were 23.
Prof. W. A. Porter has just closed
a singing school at Golden church,
in which the children were much
benefitted. I think the people of
1Golden Creek church should make
up a school for Prof. Porter for this
winter. S. Jewel
Good for t be cough, removes the cold,
the cause of the cough. TIhat's the worki
of Kennedy's Laxative Honey and Tar
the original laxative cough syrup. Con
tais no opiates. Sold by Pickens Drug
S Because her stomnacth was so weakened
by useless4 drugging that she could not
eat, Ma s. Mary H. Waltors, of St.-Olair
St., Columbns, 0., was5 literally starving
'o death. ;Shie writes: "My stomnach wa's
~o weak from uselesqs drngs that I could
not eat, and my nerves so wvrecked that
I could not sleep; and not brafore I was
* given up to die was I induced to try
Electrio Bitters; with the wonderful re
snit that amprcioeoit began at once,
I and a complete cure followed." Best
health Tonic on earth. 50c. Guaranteed
by Pickens Drug Co.
W. H. Brown, the popular pension
attorney, of PittsfIeld, Vs., says: "Next
to a pension, the beat thing to get is Dr.
King's New Life Pills." He wvrites:"they
keep my family in a leddhealth."
Q ick cure for Headac e, Cons ipation
and Billousness. 25o. Guaranteed at
Pickens Drug Co.
In these days of risi and hw ey cour
tesy is often forgotten. In the madl, pell
m. fI rush of uur life little things are
done to offend that we rather remained
undone. A hastily eaten meal and its
resultant headachei may cuse us social
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a his sort by a little dose Kodol For Dya.
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yur stomachi b..k into shape. Sold by
Pikons Drug Co.
stops the @ough and haeal.sunge
if you want to sell your land in
town or country or buy farm or tim
bor land or town property see or
writo me and I will save you money.
T. E. ALEXANDER1, heal IEstate Agt g
Walhalla, . . di
"tlT,7' Early Risers t
SThoffm o sn ittle gIlls. "
A huarateed Ore.
If you suffer from DyepesIa or TIri- a
reetion in any form ga, belhing, biger
aste, offensive bad lbreath, dissy spells.
our stomach, heart flutter, nauisea, gas
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a the stomach, back or side, dep-seate H<
idney or liver trouble, then the will na,
Ilsappear in a :-hort time after tking o
Dyner's Dyspepsia eed, made
specially to cnre P~esa, Inds
ion and all Stom 4'rtbe VOf
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teinedy expells the gasses and sweecons so
lie breaths. It cures Sick Headache,
b01b and Cor stippat(Q o t once. Drug -
lets or by exp ree cents a bottle ,rfo
lone refnnde if it fails to cure. oc.
ledloal udvio6e - nd ofrcular (roe by co
Titing to TygVe& edOo., Alsta, 8al
a, t
-tions nd iS
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Salesmen, Mr. Thomas Ligon and Mr.
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Of Coca-Cola and other Ice Cold Drinks don't forget my
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Country produce bought and sold.
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J. Presideruc . I. M. Mauldin,
CAPITAL - -$0500
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HI. SNIDER, . - Easley, S. C.
ENRY N. SNYDER, LL. D.. Presi. Ftin
Two degrees, A. B. and A. M. Four
urses leading to the A. B. Degree. Three niew brick buildings. Steam
ine Professors. heat and seh otrie lights.
Library and Librarian. Th~e W, i, Headh Master, *hree tencers and Mat.
runett gymnasium under a w'eten t ron live in the biintgs..
rector. J. B. Cleveland Science .f' Individunl attention to eachCl studeot
blotic grounds. Course of hetutres h Situated on the Wofford Campus.
a ablest men on the platform. No Students take a regnliar course in th
taion begins September 19, . College Gymnasinm,1, an~d -hav hce
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rtbu g ,n. O o'r . . a d a t r p r
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