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Tbe, neW
that dpe not rip
or na
Pleasant to tswe. L
Farmers' Union
Biureau of
-Conducted by the
South Carolina Farmers' Educational and
Co-Operative Union.
oommuncati0ns intended for this depart
mont should be addressed to J. C. Strilnling,
Penidletoll, South Carolina.
Owing to making a change in
the printing establishment that has
been setting up our Fariners' Union
Bureau column for us, our proofs
have not gone out to our papers in
a satisfactory way recently. But
under our new arrangements our
column will go out to the press
promptly on Tuesday mornings,
released to the press Wednesday,
which we trust will be satisfactosy
to all parties.
Whilst we are on this subjoct of
the press we take this opportunity
to thank all our papors that have
been publishing our Bureau column
for us.
Our committee of eight promi.
nont farmers, whose duty it is to
look after the good of our organiza
tion, have done a wise thing in
their efforts to educate our farmers
on the business side of their farm
ing through the estabhshed press
of the country in preference to
accepting any one of the several
selfish propositions mado to the
Union to patronize only one paper
as an organ for the Union.
From the beginning it has boon
our opinion that in order to protect
the interest of our farming popula
tion through an organized effort
that it was not necessary to uproot,
tear down, or undermine any of
onr necessary industdles or legiti
mate business or subsidise any part
of the press of the country or split
off any choice pieces of politics to
aid us in upbuilding our farming
interest, which all sane pooplei, re
gardless of their occupation, will
admit that the farming interest is
the basis of the prosperity of our
whole country.
While the farmers' movement is
0(ducating the farmer in his husi.
ness, no note that the businest
fraternity is also learning that his
prosperity dlepends upon the pros.
perity of the farmer, too.
Now is the time to begin to pro
Kpare yourselves to battle agains
the cotton bears that are sure t<
come after you next fall.
Begin now to put in a large cr01
of winter oats. We never fai
making a good crop of winter oat
when we can get them in th
ground just right before the first o
Plow the land deep, harro,
Bsmopth and drill the seed in opc
I use a commion cotton plantE
with a fertilizer attachment an:
put in from 150 lbs to 200 lbs c
10-4 acid phosphate to the acre. I
ia waste of -money to use vera
soluble ammoniatod fertilizers or
small grain -sown in the fall.
We use a shovel plow about sisi
~r eight inches wide on the plainter
,ot to open the furrow and make
eo rows just close enough to not
flow any loose dirt to roll back in
ie open trench just planted. Be
r'eful aind dlon't allow any dirt to
~n the open trench, and run the
s nearly on a level but should
empty out gradually at eac h end.
Never on any occasion sow seed
oats in the fall that has not been
S ~ ~rown ,from fall slcwing at least
bhree yeare; at which this seed
may be considered as having the
established habit of winter .grow
We would also give the profer..
once to seed already grown by the
open trench system over that seed
grown from broadcast sowinrg,
though we have no positive proof
that the open trench grown seed
are the safest?
We caution all now beginners
securing first-class pure clean
Most any up-to-date farmer
tell you that seed oats or
planted with cheat, cockle or
tty stuff wotld not only fill
r lands with -these' foul seeds,
at they redtice the yield to ani ex.
~'tout that would make it profitable1
pay five or mnore prices for pre
'I ~ a *4.han to take foul seed at no
~A'~ ~';;L flow prepar ng to mow
4o*~ ~4p of about two Lone o
xative Frat Syru
is Drug Company and Dr. R. F. Sm
pea vine to the acre on land that
was abandoned three years .baok
by an improvident ntor that
failed to get more thf ive bushels
of corn or 150 lbs of seed cottol
to the acre,
Deep ploughing, cow peas and
from 150 lbs. to 200 lbs. of acid
phosphate to acre on each crop is
all the secret there is in this.
This simple application of a
little common horse sense, a good
deal of horso sweat in a co-opera
tive way, with nature, has made
this land that was barren bloom
again with profitable crops that
average over thirty bushels of oats
and from one to two tons of pee
hay to the acre all in one year.
This land next year would grow
a good prolitable crop ol corn with
out any fertilizer, or with the ap
plication of about 150 lbs. of acid
phosphate we beliovo it easy to
grow 1.000 l1)s. of seed cotton to
the acre.
After a good crop of peas we
don't ned to add any more nitro
geneous manure. Ordinarily we
have plenty of this costly fertiliz.
ing ingredient stored in the soil by
the cow pea crop.
On one side of the creek we pan
show you a farm that was once
c-nsidered one of the finest farms
in this country. but for the last 18
years it has been run in cotton and
niggers, until a larger part of the
once fertile soil is now, in the lower
places and in the streams, until
these small streams are all filled
with the washings from the lands
above. These once rich bottom
lands on the filled up streams are
worthless now for crops. This
whole farm now has a skinned,
desolate and barren look about it.
Stock raising here-excepting lit
tle niggrs-is at its lowest ebb.
Not far away from the. above
farm is a farm that is farmed like
the nian who was after taking car(
of himself and his lands, too. Or
every side, on the hills as~ well ai
on the lowlands, he has fine cropi
of grain and grass and pastures
roaming wvith cows and calves, hogi
and pigs, mares and colts an<
p~oultry. The gaulded and naket
places are nearly all covered ove
with grasses. The lowing of th
cows and~ calves, the squealing c
the pigs, the neighing of rompin
colts and cackling of the heona, a]
chime in one grand chorus of farr
music that make the heart of th
true farmer leap with joy, and hi
city cousin wants to swap place
t with him.
Compare these two farms' prc
y ducts. .One is covered over almos
a with grass and live stock and th
land and the mnan is growing richre
r T1he cotton planitat ion is growin
jpoorer while this man is raisin
flittle niggers.
Take youir choice. As for on
part we san manage the stoci
better than we can the little ni~
gers, who generally go away ti
town or-othier places just abiut ni
soon as they get big enough.
Foley & (Jo., Chicago, originate(
Honey and Tar as a throat and lung
remedy, and on account of the groal
merit and popularity of Foley's Hloney
and( Tar manyv imitations are offered foi
the genuine. These worthless imuitations
have similar sounding names. Bewuare
of them. The genuiuc Foley's Honey
and~ T'ar is in a yellow package. Ask
for it and refuse ainy substitute. It is
thme best remedy for conghs and colds.
Paurkiuis Pharmac~y, Liberty, and Pickonis
Drug Co.
This is to certify that all druggists are
authorized to refund your money if
Foley's Honey of Tar fails to eure your
sough or cold. It stops thme cough, heals
thme lungs and pre ent serioue restults
rrom a cold. Cures la grippe doughs and
roven ts pneumiron ia and consumption.
Jontains no opiates. The genuine is in
yellow package. Refuse substitutes.
rParkins P'harnmacy, Liberty, and Pickens
D~rug Co.
The surprise of the yeaF 'in
he great filly stakes at Sheeps,
ead Bay when Killaloe a 40 to 1
ihot, 'easily defeated the Keene;
mntry. Court Dress. The stake is
waor h $10,000.
One of the wvorst featu'r~ed of leidney
rouble Is that it,~ is an inisidions~ disease
umd before thme yiotim, reallzes his dan
set lhe ma have a fatal malady. Take
tFolcy's K,1daey Oure at , the firs sign of
troule'ad it corr6c' 'irrdgularities and
)revenits Bright' disong~o and diabetes,
Prl~Iini Pharmayy, Liberty, and Plckena~
D~rug (so.
tr'ou eand
Chronic Co.nstig ati
th, E~asley.
BoIt *4mo. '"d se
a g runu the soutt
Wes IatottenIted States, an
for this reason they have been tror
ancient times prized as a most value
possession. '%e people who d*elt i
this region, says Walter Hough h1
"Mrdee 148,r saw in the
sources of 4givhr ater the fount
Of VOUUii4in P04 Well' being., ank
tear t th atedibelr pueblos
Save air, no elements of nature am
nearer to banou Ifteithan tbse com
bined into the primitive iluid. whic
must always be within reach o$ met
who put themselves Into the grspi) o
the desert. The primary knowledge of
the tribes who were the pioneers and
of every human being who has sine
made his home In the great Amerleau
desert was complete as to the loatlon,
distribution and Idosyncrasies of tix
water supply.
Spring water 1i naturally more prized
by the inhabitants of those desert soli
tudes than that from living streams,
because it Is always drinkable and al
Ways at hand, while the watercourses
which for the greater pmart of the yeni
are slnuous reaches of dry rid furnial
at flood a quickly disappearing supply
of thinned mud which will not be touch
rd by man or beast except in the dis
triess of thirst.
One is not surprised. therefore, tha
a primitive people will regard thest
springs as sacred. Ii fact, the Indian
of the southwest are not peculiar in thm
worship of springs. The sentiment I
worldwide, has had a vast rango o
time, perpetuates itself in the folklor
of the highest civilizations and present
hi its manifestations a most interestiit
body of myth and fancy. But In th
southwest the arid environnent has m
intensified this feature of primitivo cul
ture that no spring in the region I
without evidence of many offerings t
the deities of water.
It is small wonder then that the Pl'
eblo Indians. came to regard spring
with special veneration that they wov
around them myth and tradition nx
made them objects of religious worshl
Tb one acquainted with the enviror
maat and its radical needs this seem
to have been a natural, even thoug
ue sselu 'generalization. Perhall
offerings to springs will not admit c
such simple explanation. Perhaps th
lnyetery of the undergroutd source c
water welling ups from unknow
depths, impressive always even to t(1
obeerver who believes himself free fro
the trammels of superstition, has alb
had a powerful effect on the mind <
the Indian, leading, like many othc
natural phenomena, to an attitude <
worship of unseen powers behind thei
masks.-New York Tribune.
What happy lives farmers lead-I
story books.
Never judge a man by the opink
lhe hae of himself.
IA dozen men may make a clubs bi
one woman can make a home.
r When a mani borrows trouble he pu
'up his~ peace of mind as collateraL.
Men andi~ women should look durli
f courtship antd overlook after mairrli
I happiness has a peculiar way of a
1pearing and disappearing uneOrpe4
3 It's an easy matter to symnpath1
a with the poor when yodr pockets a
B empty.
Try to be agreeable. There are t<
B inany disagreeable peeple in the wor
as It Is.
.It's so hard for some mna to sa'
money when s'iugle tJlat thcy doi;
think It worth while trying after th4
0 marry.
WVhamt a man and lis wife say
Stheir guets and what they say abol
.themii after their departure are" dliffc
ent, quite dIifferent.-C-hlengo News.
WViudomu of the Ancienits,
To the ailcients for wisdom! ID
Pinches at the University college
L~ondon brought out in a lecture ason
advice of general interest given by
certain little known king of the A'
syrians. On one of' the maonum~ents i
the Briish muuseaum Is'tie followina
insacrip~tion: "Theli eggs of an owl give
for three days Ina wine bring on
d run kard's wea riness. Th'ie dried lun
of sheep taken befiorehaindl drives a wa
d~runkennmesms. Thm ahes of a awa
lbwv's beak ground up with myrrh an
prinikle~d ini the wvino which is druna
wvill umake secure from dlrunk~~mens
Ilorus, kinug of the Assyrians, foun
not drink ini vaiun if he "'found1 thee
things out."
P'utting~ out a FI.re.
When trying to p)ut out a fire re
miember that one gallon of water a
the bottom of the blaze will do more
to put it out than ten gallons at the
top. "P'lay low" is the mtotto to followi
while fighting fire. A tow gallons al
thle bottom of .the flames will rise ir
cloudis of steam when the fIre Is rising
and quench it. A big blaze on the ie
ward side looks foarf ul, but play lon~
with the water ont the bottom of tix
fire on .the windward side n'nd yet
have the speediest way to quench thE
flames and will noet require a rIver,
Disease takes no summer
i you need flesh and
strengik use
Scott's Emulsion
sunimer as In winter.
Seed for free tainle,
scovr A~ -hoW e
409-4s P'earl Street, . New York.
Soc. and $a.46 all dsugghafs'
Foe's Kidney' cure
enake. kldneys and bladder rdgbt,
NO appetite. losis of *tifrngtl.i nfvvoul
ness.iheadaohe, constipatqon, bad breatt
genefia debility, sour risings, and catarr
of the stomach are all due to indigestlor
Kodol cures indigestion. This new disqoi
cry represents the natural juices of dige
tion as they exist in a healthy stomact
combined with, the greatest known toni
and reconstructivo properties. Kodol Dyi
pepsi. Cure does not only cure indigestio
and dyspepsia, but this famous rened
cure* all stomach troubles by -cleansing
1 purifying. sweetening and strengthenin
i the mucous menbranes lining the stomact
Mr. S. S. Ball, o Rhvenswood. W. Va., says:
Siw a troubled with sour stomach for twenty year
Kodol Cured me and we are now using it in mil
fora WSW DbfWE, You -not.
Bottlonlr. 1.00 Ice holding 2% times the trih
sIze. whict selils for 50 cents.
Prophred by S.0. eWITT A 00.. OHI0AGC
Sold by Pickens Drug Co
Cleanse, n beautife the lIn.
l'romotesa a tuanrient
eVer Falsa to Aiestore ?may
ir to Its You 9- Ior.,
are a symptom of me most serlo..s
trouble which can attack a woman,
viz: falling of the womb. With this,
generally, cones irregular and painful
periods, weakenineg drains, backache,
headache, nervousness, dizziness, ir
ritability, tired feeling, etc. The cure is
OF Cardul
The Female Regulator
that wonderful, curative, vegetable ex
tract, which exerts such a marvelous,
strengthening influence, on all female
organs. Cardut relieves pain and
3 regulates the menses. It is a sure
and permanent, cure for al female
- At aU druggists and dealers in $1.00
in my womb and ovaries," writes Mrs.
Naomi Bake, of Webster Grove, Mo.,
"also in my right and left sides, and
my meniss were very painful and Irreg
e ular. Since taking Cardul I feel like a
a new woman and d not suffer as I did.
o it is the best medicine I qver took."
Kennedy's Laxative Hone and Tar
the the original laxative congh syrup l
combines the qualities necessary toa
Lieve the cough and purge the system
cold. Containes no opiates, Sold by t
Pickens Drug Co.
Ii Dears the 10h8 Kind YOU Have MlWays Bou
Bignature/ Ve 7 T
it of d'X !e[4
ts When two strong men comec to blov
even it they ate wvell matched, it is no
gpleasing sight, but if the man who gi
the wvorst of it will use DeWitt's W~ii
Hazel Salve, lie will look better and f
Sbettor in short order. Be aure you
SDeWitt's. Good for everything a sa
is tused for, including piles. Sold
(0 Piokena Drug (Jo.
Graded Schuool Notice.
ld The Pickens Graded School will co
mience its session of 1006 1007 on the 10
of Septemibor, 1006, Each pupil wviil
a required to pay a matriculation fee
't fifty cets on entering school. Pup
y can register, and are requested to do
dluring the week prior to the opening,
whichtimothey ill ay mtriulaLti
- m,, each day during week bettinnii
September 3 in principal's roomn
sichool house.
A tuition fee of $1.00 per month f
r. grades one to four inclusive and $1.
n for grades five to nine inclusive, will
r.charged all pup[ils matriculating wi
reside oaltsidle of the school district.
a By ordler of Trustees,
II 1Principa
What Do They Cure ?
The aboivo question is often asked coi
cerning Dr. Pierce's twvo leading med
einos, "Goldent Medical Discovery " an
"Fa~mvorite~ P'rescarptiotn."
T 1he answer is that "Golen Medier
Dil~scovery " Is a mnost pten~t altAeraitive c
blood--purlIfer, and~ tonic or Ianvigorato
-andl acts especi illy favorably in a cure
* tive way upon~l all the raucous lIning sum
i faces, as of the nausal patssaiges, throal
bronachiial tu bes, stomach('l, bowels ani
bladder, curing a lar-go per cent. of catat
rhal cases wvhether then disease affects th
nasal passages, the throat, larynx, broni
chila, stomach (as catarrhal dyspopsial
bowels (as mnucous diarrhea), bladder
uterus or other peolvio organs. Even I1
the chronic or ulcerative stages of thes
affections, it Is often successful In affeot
Tho FavritePrescription " is adivise<
for the eniro of one0 class of disoases-thiosi
peculiar weaknesses0, derantgemen~tts amI
irregularitIes incIdent towomern only. I
is a powverfunl yet gently acting invigorat
ing-tic and nervlieo. For weoak worn
out, over-worked women-no matter wha
has caused the break-down, "F~avorit<
Proseri ptlon " will be found most offetive
in bulding up the strength, regutlatingj
the womtanly functions,' subdutinig pala
and bringiung aboti a~ }tealthy, vigoroua
conidition of tihe w tOo syAtom.
A book of particulArs wraps eaph botth
giving the formul adt Uoth Medicines atm
qiuotinig what scores of Onminentt med~
teal authors,.-Whose workfs Aro conisultn<
.by physiclana of all-the schools of practice
ss guidos in prescribing, say of each in
grdient onterling hitto thiesC medicines
The words of praiso ' stowed o~n th<
eAveral ingredibnteiiete~ ng into D1octo
Plree's c~nt~~~thwrters shoutk
si o n o g tst moniais; . beeants
4jaien at-writti for th~e guldaaceo
ne Ilibko U~n and' knowV whereo
j m eicin renon- leobo lenon
'piong. sI cofnposedo gl$berI<
acs oro~ ofp e mericar
dIcina? forbAt' at. oy a rbt
sod.)doa ers~ l hiedicinoe You can'
aj~rdj a~~~i~as usubstitu1to for one o
t~us~VtedclM of knm'ownl comipositionl
nsedro af anlsgrcao
Dr I & a), -cae
R EDITOR: Please say to y
Complete line of Reliable g
fact, at the prices which I
carry a little of "anything and evt
From now until Christmas,
Will make the samne offer a,
Trunks, Valises, Gents' Furnishii
Flour, salt and barbed wire
A complete line of the good
Iron King stoves aid Chattanooga
the best of their kind on the marl
wears well.
A full line of Undertakers'
Your patronage solicited ani
P". S.,All persons owing th<
as early as possible.
Thiuiands Have Kidney -rrouble
and- Don't Know it.
how To rind out.
Pill a bottle or common glass with your
water and let it stand twenty-four hours; a
sediment or set
- tling Indicates an
' unhealthy condi
tion of the kid
neys; if it stains
your linen it is
evidence of kid
ney trouble; too
--. frequent desire t6
pass it or pain in
the back is also
convincing proof that the kidneys and blad
der are out of order.
What to Do.
There is comfort in the knowledge so
often expressed, that Dr. Kilmer's Swamp
Root, the great kidney remedy fulfills every
wish in curing rheumatism, pain in the
back, kidneys, liver. bladder and every part
of the urinary passage. It corrects Inability
to hold water and scalding pain in passing
it, or bad effects following use of liquor,
wine or beer, and bvercomes that unpleasant
necessity of being compelled to go often
during the day, and to get up many times
during the night. The mild and the extra
ordinary effect of Swamp-Root Is soon
realized. It stands the highest for its won
derful cures of the most distressing cases.
If you need a medicine you should have the
best. Sold by druggists in 50c. and $1. sizes.
You may have a sample bottle of this
wonderful discovery,, ft
and a book that tells
more about it, both sent
absolutely free by mail,
Address Dr. Kilmer & Rome of swampnoot.
Co., Binghamton, N. Y. When writing men
tion reading this generous offer in this paper.
Don't make any mistake, but remembea
the name, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer'a
Swamp-Root, and the address, Binghamton,
N.Y.. on every bottle.
A bath cleanses the skin and rids tb
p ores of refuse. A bath makes for bet
ter fellowship and citizenship. Not onl,
should the outside of the body b
1I cleansed, but occasional use of a laxativ
d or cathartic opens the bowels and clear
' the system of effete matter. Best fo
ofthis aire DuWitt'a Little Early Risers
ePleasant little pills thant do not gripe o
sicken. Sold by Pickens Drug Co.
For YOUNG LADIES, Rounok,, V.
fo Young I ~e in the Mouth.New u dlngs
p-anos nd equ.nvt ampus tevn acres.' rad
s Ful ihcu1 e* oserv iuy avantagesteachrt,
t.a oui and Elocution. Certlicates Wellesley.
MAT8 d Ft fro 30 Rtts. Fre ecatalogno address
chi Sta. o(arInSTR liARlus noATW~uouT, ViCO-'Pes.
"Wo earnestly request all young persona, no matte
how ihrnited their means or education, who wish t
obtain a thorough business training and good post
tion, to write by first mail for our got half-rat
m-. offer. Success. Independencebnble fortun
h r guaranteed. Don't dlay. 'ite today.
be ZieGa..A a. u .ne. Colleges Nacon. G
i The sworu statement of the manun
at faciures protects you from opiates i
nKinedy's Ljaxat ive Honey andi Tar--tb
a cough Hyru~p that drives iho cold out u
p, your sysem. Sold by Pickens .Diru
ig Company.,
at _________
be County of Piokens,
By J. 11. Newbory, Esquire, Probate
WVherons, A. .J. B~oggs, (1. 0. P., ha
.l mad( suit to me to grant him letters oj
administration of tilt estate of and ci
fects of .J. L,. Collins, dleonsod.
THnsEn ARES TuHEiiRORE fo cite ami
. admionish all and smgtular tihe kindred
d and1( creditors of the said J. L. Collins,
dleceasod, that they be aind ap.
perbefore mc, in tihe Court of Pro
bate, to be held at Pickens Court House,
. 8. 0., on the 17th~ d'ly of October, 1906,
.after publication hereof, at 11 o'clock in
,tile forenoon, to showv cause, if nny they~
Ihalve, whly the said administration should
-not be granted.
- 's Given under mny hand and
. ~SEAr. L seal, this tihe 6 hlday of Sep.
- ' tombor, 1906, in the 131st year
o our Indlependeonce.
J. B. Newbery,
I will apply toJ. B. Newbery, Probate
Judge for Pickens County, on tihe 3rd
day of October, 1906, for a final settle
mfeit of the estate of RI. J. Haumeiton,
deco..sed, and ask to be dismnissed as
Mrs. Hattie F. Hamilton,
Sept. 5, 1906, Adm.istratrix.
Notice of Final Settlement
and ischmarge.
OIEis hereby 8iveu thlat I wvill
-ok ap~plication to J. ii. Newbery
l1., Juadge of Probate for. Piokono
bunt y, in the State of South Carolina,
on thle 19 day of hsept, 1906, at 11 o'clocks
.in tile forenoon, or as soon thereafter as
said application can be heard, for leave
to make a final settlement of the estate
of Nero Halum deceased, and obtain~
discharge as adminmisirator.
* '22atmgiwIsiano k~ainm.
Bears the Illo 1 Kilnd Yoi waat u80 i'
aur readers and my friends that I am'
Dods which I have for their inspection
nu quoting I consider the goods are:Ra
trything," and am selling at a close pi
INTER SHOES, We have thrm a
,TS; also, a goo<Lline of OVERS1OR2
we invite the ladies to call and we wil
NOTION0, etc.
a the aboye to the mon folks on Clothi
ges, etc. The nicest line of these goo(
by the car load to go at prices that de
. kind, of furniture and nice matting,
Plows-two very necessary things in o
et. Chinaware, Glassware, Agatowai
,oods and a nice Hearse.
I you will be treated right. C
3 estate of W. T. MoFall will please e
The Land of
and PRO,
Are you making as mueh oil your f
making all you can1i. Th trouble is the
money to buy at big farm, and so you are
or perhaps you are renting one and pity
rent. WN ouldn't it be better to go whor
you can own a lig farm-wheie every i
and till you raise is paying you good pr
There are thousands of acres of ferl
the Cotton Belt Route that can be bou
land is increasing in value each year.
See the Southwe!
A trip to the Southwest would conA.
settling there. The ti
On the first and third
round trip ticket to an:
Cotton Belt. Route at v
lowed for you to exami
Write at once for fre
0._.__ derful country and for
L- P. Smith, T. P. A., Cotton Belt Rot
We Never Disapp
We Fulfill Every Promise and
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Uakem Kldaneya and Bladdese RIght
-"I have been aflniod with kidney nld
bladder trouble for years, passing~gravel]
br .atones with exoruciatlng pain," eays
A. I,. Tihurnes, a' well known coal opera
tor of Buffalo, 0. "I got no relief from
ea1tbineft tuntil I began taking Foley's
i(dney ;ore, then the result waus sui
Ping..A fow~oAes st~arted the brick
dust-iko ati~aane ad now I have no P~
haini across my kiduoysi and I feel like a 0
~ew man. It haus done mue $1000 wvorth al
if good." Foley's Kidney or will bi
buro every form of kidney or bladder a
Hisane. For nale bv3 Pinikonnf lDrng Co.. Si
"still at the Old Staud,"' with a
and sale at very closeo figures, In1
,re Bairgains. Tell them that 1
.1 make them close prices on
ug, Shoes, Hats, Underolothing,
Ls we .ave ever carried.
fy competition.
carpeting and rugs. Agent fl
very well regulated family aund
1, Tinware and other ware that
Auy McFall
owle forwaid and make settlemeinit
amill Ias yoI ought? No doubt you are
la111 costH oo mu(C). It Intke4s too much
trying to make a livil I on a small farm,
ing a good sharo of uIlmit. you raiset, in
e the price of good land is so little that
toe of the ground isi Worlkiig for you
of its?
ilo land in Southwost. Along the line of
ght for from $3 to $10 In aelo. This
Bt at Small Cost
'61n1.0 yon Ihat. your hedt interest. lay in
'ip caill ho mado at very little ixpl-nse.
ruenday of each month you purchase a
r point inl the Southwest on via of the
ery low rat e. Sto)-overs will be al.
no any locality you are intojested in.
. copics of books docoribing this won
full information about cost of tickets.
ite, 203 Equitable Bldg., Atlanta, Ga.
olot Our rationte!
lever Hold Out Falo opes,
inife or bougie And VarIdocelo Witt,
k businesa; Cont agous Blood Polq
y or mineral mtl re; Loss of b
y enredi niesrnualan t but Doriambe
ietalo. is nt nstitution orrofae4Iz
of Goorgin for tbe trtnatinc sand or
into ediseas. Dr. p. KC. KI9, Ulo a 14 r
astbeo uonsktno spet t er Ud'
iet physiciunu and sl~rgeotqs.
tho ttecament of chronul 0a0 Sw gI U assp
niedia sul einecttl age ".
!quipped with ;ai tbe lasia 0, f lawadas3t
ray, and lusr ray: -n eeartn,
watothomedloi "lprofoat'lu opa4ja
V rcpeots, od we ump 07161 1511ce%
tc autles. recgularl q6aUIe4 V~a
nu cberigo.
aIts ofln money t ino the contry
du ande ill for theioa% ~ rag fmony
Jh (eayus arueu) dan ges. Open~
cuyurmo ey i Cbeee
Hrcd rts.CL. hr, Cahi r.
at with the Liberty Bank
ear es and dnbi s-aln
Cgsypom s o'im rcia~
eads, BlNead
ts dt oney n etly try
alts ries
Alleun's IFoot- tCase, at powdter, ourca iredt Achl
,g, Sweating, Hwotien fe. .Snplo tent FIttu1~
Is smple of Foo(T-ICAuj5 XANIT'At (Y COHN 1'AI,, ml
Ow invetionai. Ahddress,. Alen .Ol tdL
A. A. Ilerren, Firich, Ark. Writes:
Foley's I onoy and Tar is 4then best
reparatore for' coughs, coldt and lung
ouble. I know that it haa cured eon
inmption in the first st ages." You never
oorat (of aniy one0 uinig Foley's Iloney
ad Tar and not betinig satisflod. For
alo by Pickelis D~rug. Co., anid B. F,
mith Easloy.

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