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Theo ntnefol'uhbal company.
Tuoursoz BronBY. Pnows.
J. L. 0. H iP5N EnITo.
Bubscription $1.00 Ppr AnnuM.
Advertising Bates Beasonable.
But ipJkom ostoi an second olass
Mail Matter
PICKENS, S. 0. 2
Barricaded Themselves In Comfortable
Home and Defied Arrest.
Stood Digh in Anderson County and Owl
ed Their Own Farn-Became Einotion
ally Insane and Created Much Excite
ment-Pulled One Man from Il Hormo
-Then Tore Down a Malt Box and
Stoned OWner lien Ite Protested
Were Captured Friday and Taken
to Anderson.
Anderson, S. 0., Sept. 14.-Deputy
Sheriff Scott returned to Anderson
this afternoon and lodged William
Anderson, Ellis Anderson and Aaron
Anderson in the county jail. These
three negroes participated in the
rampage near Pisgah church last
night. Sheriff Scott did not bring
Reed Anderson to jail because the
doctor attending him eald he would
not live tbrongh the day. Sinoc
reaching the city, Sheriff Scott ha1
been advised by telephone that Reed
Anderson died from the effect of th<
wounds he received last night.
Near Pisgah church, about eigb
mniles from Piedmont, 'Reed Andor
son, about 65 years old, who is tho
father of two and the uncle of th4
other prisoners now in jail, with li,
sons and nephew became crazed witl
some religious belief. Anderson ani
his sons and all the Anderson famil,
have been considered among the bes
negroes in Anderson county. The:
own over 200 acres of fine land an(
farm on their own hook, and ar
worth considerable money. Sherif
Scott says he has known the An
dersons for some time and that the,
are good negroes and never befor
have they gotten into tronble.
Becoming crazed. t1"
do a
dbLes then proceeded to thi
residence of Mr. James Long, who i1
a hlghly respected citizen. Tney tore
down Mr. Lpng's mail box and werd
beginning to (d0 other damage wher
Mr. Long interrupted them. The no
groes and Mr. Long got into somi
argument abou~t an axe. Mra, 'Lon&
hearing the loud talking came out of
the house to see what was going on
The negroes began throwing rocki
anud tars. [-ang wn~ hit twice on th<
arm, cutttng her severe'y but nol
About this time som< negroes who
worked on Mr. Long's place were at
tracted to the scene and they over.
powered the crazed negroes and tied
them and carried them off from Mr.
Long's residence. Trhe crazed negroes
finally managed to goet loose and
went to their bomoe.
When they got there they callectedi
about a wagon load of rocks and bar.
ricaded themselves within the wa~ls,
Their home was a nice neat house
wit~h five or six rooms and was well
turnished. Now ev'ery bit of the
fnrfliture and all the contents of the
house are broken into fragments,
whdle the house is almost demolished
About the time the negroes were
barrleading themselves the citizens
-of the county were congregating.
About. twegyn.fve from IEasley, nine
anIles distant,, with a hundred or more
from the neighborhood of:-Pledmont
Coltected1 together and armed them.
selves. These 125 men advanced to
the Anderson's home to make an
arret. No arrests could be nmade
boee It was Impossible to get int<
the house as rocks were flying ani
guns were In evidence In the handi
of those who were within the walls.
D.W. A. Tripp thought that If he4
conld gain adsnittance he couli
edministet some drug to quiet thE
ceazed pegroes and he attempted t<
Into the house/' He' was well
e ~ongroes and the negros
4~stMAidtget in. As soon as the
4 ~g pad amittance, alt four oi
ajumped on him and over
~~ r~ed w iring the scuffle, Dr
ed several wounds from
)j~i ~hot~ wbhb were evidently
participating egroes, Oh e doetor
copdl get in no influence and aftor
receiviug several wounds and bruises
the negrees throw him out of the
door. About this time the shooting
began and for awhile missiles were
It is impossible to aecount for their
demented condition. It is hard to
understand why four prosperous
well respected negroes could go crazj
at the same ime and attack several
white citizens who had befriended
them and then play havoc with their
own home.
Mrs. Long is not seriously hurt. Dr.
Tripp is not seriously wounded, al.
though a number of shot peppered
him. Reed Anderson is dead and
maybe one of those in jail will cie.
The Grnvillo News: "One of the
burning questions of the hour is,
'who will be the governor's private
secretary?"' Why not put out the
fire ani keep Ed. Norment there to
again fill the place he has, so far, so
acceptably filled? -
Cupid is a cunning old coon and
will get in his work if the plov
stands. The last place he visited
was at Mr. Elberson's, near Liberty.
It was at that place where he per
suaded Miss Essie Elberson to decid<
6) change her name to Mrs. McDon
ald. As she had to e-nploy lega
talent to make application to hii
honor for the nece-sary teohnacalitief
she chose Mr. Will McDonald to be
her guardian adlitum through life
so on last Sunday at 4 30 p. m., Mr
Will McDonald appeared !before hi
honor, J. Alonzo lBrown, N. P., with
his client, Miss Essio E'.berson, and
after a very brief conversation it
which Mr. McDonald explained the
case, his honor decided in favor o
Mr. McDondald, and now Mr. an<
Mrs. McDonald are at home t<
friends at Liberty.
In a few minutes thereafter, a
about 5 10 p. m., Mr. Earle Lavendei
and Miss Elvie Adams, of Cateechee
were made man and wife by tho
same officiating officer, J. Alonzi
Brown. May the happy young
couples have a prosperous life is tho
wish of many friends.
As Christmas is coining on J
Alonzo lBrown desires to say to all oI
a matrimonial inclination that hE
lives at No. 22 Main stroo'
S. C., n
uonlth a number o
a ikolcted with sore mouths and
im many cases, sore or tender foet
As the diseases seems to be goner
ally prevalent, no doubt as a result oj
the long continued wet weather, th<
following information concerning it is
supplied for publication:
Tihe dlisease is known in mfedicine
as mnycotic stomatitis. It is not con.
tagiouls or infectious but is caused by
fungi or moulds, which grow upori
forage or grass. These fund-, which
grow luxuriontly in wvet seasons, have
a very irritant effect upon the lining
mnembrano of the mouth, the mom
brane covering the tongue and upor
the soft skin betweoen the claws.
Aflected animals eat and drinl<
with great difficulty or not at all, the
saliva forms froth around the lips or
dribbles from the mouth, the mnem.
brane lining the mouth is rod and
hot and contains ulcers, the mom
brane covering the tongue is ef'ected
in the same way, and a very offensive
odor is usually present. Sometimes
the skin between the claws and just
above the hoof is affected and then
the animal walks stiffand sore. The
trouble is usually confined to the an
terior limbs, but all four legs may be
attacked. In milk cows ulcers may
also appear on the udder and( teats.
Herds of cattle in which animals
have been attacked with this disease
should be removed from the pasture
in which they have been running.
The affected animals should be fed on
soft food, such as bran mashes, meal
and gruels. They should have free
access at all times to clean, cool
water and two heaping teaspoonfulb
of borax should be dissolved in each
of the first two buckets of water
given each day. The mouth should
be washed out daily with a solution
of creolin-one tablespoonful of oreo.
in to each quart of water-and fol.
lowing this a half-tabespoonful of
alum or barax should be placed on
the tongue. Diseased areas on thef
feet should Le washed daily with the
creolin solution and afterward cover
ed with zinc omntment. If this treat
ment is properly applied and the ani
male are carefully fed the disoast
will rapidly disappear.
FOR RENT,-800 acre tarm 2 mile
above Pickens, good tenant house and
out houses. Apply to Edwin Earlo,
P'ickons, S, ci
M'ouJ O~bgiUessmeai be, res
Noted?". asks 4 Spokano paper,
and io. a' column editorial the
"question" is discussed. The con.
OlU3ion reached is that if a Rep.
reseitative is honest, able and am.
bitious, he should be returned to
Congress as long as he manifests
growth and the willingness to serve
his party, his State and the Nation.
But why shculd there be in the
mind of anyone a question about it?
During hi a first session the "kid"
in Congress even 'the "kid" who
ioes to Washington With native
ability and the ex erience as' a
lawmaker that may be had in a
State Legislature, is lucky if he
learns his way to all the committee
rooms in the bowels of the.Capitol,
to say nothing of the more impor
tant matter of learning his way
to the hearts of chairmen of the
important committees. le is for.
tunate if he has the opportunity to
do more than to make a speech or
two that will be read in the colums
of the "home" paper, and perhaps
lietened to indulgently by some of
the old guard in the House. Ho iE
more fortunate if he is assignel to
places upon committees which play
a part in legislation instead of the
committee upon ventilation and
acoustics, or other bodies which
may never rnet from December tc
July and which perform no impor.
taut junction when they do meet.
No matter whether he be of the
majority or of the minority party,
the member of Congress does not
become really usefui until after his
first term - The exception to the
rule only proves it. Statecraft is
not learned in a day, and a measure
of statecraft is needed by thi
Representative upon either side of
the House who would do things
In the North, more than in the
South or West, it is recognized
that the lawmaker should be a
trained man just as the successful
lawyer must be. If he cuts his
parliamentary milk teeth in a Stat(
Legislature he goes to Washingtor
with that advantage over the Rep.
resentativo without such expori.
once. If his first session's work
proves that no error was made in
selecting him to rro"
trict I'
oiioughi to tempt
..aJI w ho is most capable of
representing his people creditably.
Thei~ representatives to whom the
salary is the indlucement are mom.
bors of the majority, which, if nol
silent, is not listened to when
laws are being made. To a man oi
ability and ambition there is an
opportunity in representing a dia.
trict that will reward merit with a
long term of office. To the district
that wvill keep a good man in Con
gress as long as5 he will stay and
can demonstrate his increasing
usefulness, thiero is ani opp~ortunity
not only for 'spor'k" anid such
material rewards but an opportu.
nity to become known as a district
which desires andI sustains credit.
able represenltation in' the national
lawmaking body. The question 01o
''whether good members of Coi.
gress should be re-elected'' is not
open to dliscussi.-Louisville
Courier Journal.
A. D). MANN'S Newv Thiren 70 Saw
System Ginnery will be read~y to receive
o ustom by the 25th inst., or before. I
promuise the people that I will niako it to
yonur interest to give mc v'onr eustomi by
saving you mfoniey anud time, asu I amn
prep.'redl to meet all competitioun and
can do your work right and cheap aind
not detain you buit a very row minutes
with a bale of cotton. R ~p 3tfmull'
yomia, A. D). Mrmn.
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t as no opiates. So d by Pickenis Duig
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on Salve and the Bal'o will do te st."m
Quiocet euro for Burns, In'isth res,
Bcalds, Wounds, Piles, Eezer, ors,
Rheum, Chapped Uandsk, Bore 1'F n
Sore Eyns, -ri. u 25u0 at Plokens Drug
If you want to sell you land in
town or country or buy farm or tim
ber land or town property see or
writo me and I will save you money.
T. E. ALEXANDn~II Real Estate Agt.
Wa~llto r1 0
Singing Assoolation.
'Itie Liberty Township Singing is.
sc'iation met with Enon Baptist
church on the first Sunday in Sep.
tember. (President P. C. Cartee
bing in the chair, arranged the class
and sang 15 minutes;. Prof. L. C.
Chapman 15 minutes; Prof. T. B.
Onons 15 minutes; Prof. J. F. Le3ley
15 minutes, and Prof. W. E. Smith
15 minutes. The Association then
gave an intermission of one hour and
30 minutes for dinner, and right here
allow me to say there was an abun
dant3 of which the good people of
the iEnon e -tion administered in a
mosui hospitable manner.
T'Iho committeo hand I in the fol
lo,' ig program for the afternoon
pet vice: Prof. J. F. Leslie to arrango
the vlase and sing for 15 minutes; T.
B. Owens 15 minutes; W. T. Merritt
1~> ininu -s; L C. (h)apman 15
ninutes; W. E. Smith 15 minute.;
C. Al. Miller 15 minutes, and P. (.
Cartre 15 inintes.
This was said to ho one of the beit
singings in the history of tho associa
Messrs. Simith and Coopor, of the
1lv:ley cotton mills, worni with us antd
asisted in-the imsic with their cor.
ne s. Tim association adjouricd,
after a very enjoyable day for all
prtaent, to convene with lubamach
Mothodist church, about two mile3
south of Liberty, on tho first Sunday
i' October. henry 0. Rodgers,
It's a signifIcant fact that the strong
ot animal of its size, the gorilla, also
.ms the largest lungs. Powerful lungs
.nen us powerful creatures. How to keep
the breathing organs right should bo
Inan's chiefest study. Like thousands
')f others, Mrs. Ora A. Steph ens, of Port
Williams, 0., has learned how to do this.
dhe writes: "Three bcttles of Dr. King's
New Discovery stopped my cough of two
years and cured me of what my friends
thought consumptiqn. 0, it's grand for
hoat and lung troubles." Guaranteed
oy Pickens Drug Co. Price 60c and
1.00. Trial bottle free.
News from Elusjay, Ua.
I say hoorah for Annel and Lyon,
ind God bless the good people of
South Carolina for h
*.utioulr can -
..stanst him, all the ' omnbines
and a train lead of vitupjeraieon and
thoui ho got about four votes to their
I have been up here for several
days and find that Jim Parsons, of
the thriving city of Liberty, is favora
bly known here, wvhero he taught a
bond a few years ago.
Teewas a small fire here lest
niight, Mr. T. W. Mc~arland's store
caught fire at an early hour last
night, but the bucket brigado soon
ext~giuished the conflgations with
.le has been raining up1 here for
over 40 days; dog danys are surely
hit eg longer than coinmmon.
'i hIs is qu ito a business city, they
do at large lumbering businese here
and a lot of produce is shiipped from
l was~ s proud of t he result of thme
elction in South Carolina, 1 just had
to give vent to my frolinigs and( I
know of no better' medium than the
Sentinel-Journal to express them
through. I remember in 1892 1
vol ad a prohibition ticket and in 1894,
the last time 1 voted in South C2at o
linb, I voted for nio dispensary for
l'iekenms county, and I atn of the same
opinion still.
I will return to Atlanta and College
l'airk, Ga., in a few dlays. Wishinog
you and the host of rehdars of the
Santinel Journal all the prosperity
possible, I am yours as over,
L. C. Reid.
Ellijay, Ga., Sept. 12, 1900.
The Taking
Cold Habit
The old cold goes; a new one
quickly comes. It's the story
of a weak throat, weak lungs,
a tendency to consumption.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
breaks up the taking-cold habit.
It strengthens, soothes, heals.
Ask your doctor about it.
The best kind of a testimonial
'Sold for .over sixty years.''
I We have no 110orit e asmbusb '
the ommaa of anl our sneotioms .
epthe bowels r utar with
News from Liberty.
Fartnes are hustling around try
ing to save their foddor. There has
been a good portion of the crop taken
up in a damaged condition owing to
so much raiu,
We have a large and Ilourishing
school in session hero at piesent.
E. P. Taylor, of Texas, has buen
visiting this section.
Several new buildings are under
-way in town, but building material
is very scarce.
There has l'een several cases of
fever in this section, but most of them
are getting able to stir around a
Tho old Pickens road, just north of
town, has had to be chiugcd as the
old road bed had caved so bad until
it was dangerous and a few more b!g
rains was liable to ronder it imipans.
The cotton crop is very short this
time. There has boon s:mo very
bearish reports sent out notwith
standing. Somo an high es 90 per
cent. Who over writes such reports
has either not been around to see the
Crop, or is a rank onomy to the agri. ...
culturnI interests of the cotton belt.
We are having just a little too much
unnccessary rottenness just now
long more than one line.
The Contral Township Singing As
sociation will mot with Golden
Creek chnch on the fourth Sunday
in September. All lovors of music
are invihd to attend. Bring song SC
books and well filled baskets ePnd
have a good time.
Mrs. J. H. Gregory and her charm
ing daughter, Annie May, from
Birmingham, Ala., is visiting her
father, Mr. R. P. Hamilton, at Liber- a
ty. They will be out hero about a
month. Their many friends wish L
them a plesant visit.
Married, September 9th, at the
residence of the officiating officer, A.
B. Riggins, Mr. Henry Watson to
Miss Lola Pilgrim. All of Pickens
09L'Oty. -
_' U0101,r I WIa W
was I induced to l'*y th
aric Bitters; with tho wonderful ro
sult that imp)roveOr~Lt began at one,
and( a compljete ouro followed." Best
healthi Tonic on earthI. 50e. Guaranteed
b~y Pickens Drug Co.
News fro m 1(ont e No. 3.
Thei health of this commtunity is
Ye' i good at this writing.
Fodder pullmng and pea picking is
the order oif the day.
Rev. U. F. Morphce nn~d llev. W.
M. WValker held a good revival meet.
ing of, Mountain Gr~ove last woek.
Mrs. lleed Stnan all and daughter,
Miss Addie, were the gues~ts of Mrs.
M. HI. Lewvis last Saturday.
Th'Ie Blapt zing at Mlouninin (Grove
last Th~lur.-ay was weoll attended. n
Mr. Oecar Graveley end sister, Miss
Ella, visited1 M'r. W. P. IBaker one0
day last week.
Mr i. Willie Gillespie and1( two J.
dlaughlters, Nimmie and Arrie, visit ol:
Mr. J M. Gillespie one day lost weelk.
They had been on al iivisit to rlttives
in North ('arolina, and was on their
way back home.
Mr. Taylor Adams was the gneoit
of Mr. M D. Cantrell one niight last
wveek. FoXrgot-mo-not.
WV. II. Bron~ , the popilar' pension0
attorney, of Pittsfld, Vt., says: "'Next
to it pension, the host i ng to got is Dr.
King's New Life Pills." Ho writh s:" they
keep iy family ini splendid health."
Quick cure for fIendache. CJonstipation
and Billousness. 25o. Gluarantted at
Puekos Drug Co.
In these days of rush and hurry court
tesy is often forgotten. In the madl, poll
me-Il rush of our life little things. are
(done to offend that we rat her remnainedl
undone. A hastily eatenx meal and its
resultant hecadaches may causo us social H1
or finaucial loss. T1hei wise man oir wo
mian is the oneo whio relieves little ills of
this sort by a little dose Kodol For D)ys
ponpsia. It digests what you eat and pults 00
your stomachl b;ack into sh~apo. Sold by Ni
Pickons Drug Co.
"itt* EarlU'y EHsers th
Tbe famous ltUe niIIls, seE
TVNERI's 1)ys~I'.sI1A I1E~. C
A (inarantoeed Ourn.
If you suffer from D~yspepsia or Indi. --
gestion im flny3 form, gas, beolbing, bitter
taste, oflonisivo had breath, dJizz'y splls,
sour stomach, heart flutter, nausea, gas 0
tritisi, loating of food, pains or s welling th
in the stomaeh, bar's or side, deep-seated IkT
kidnOy or liver ti ible, then they wvill na
(disaippear in a shodt time aft tr taking o'(
TVynor's Dyspol' a Remedy, made(1 to
especially to euro D ysppsida, Ind(1iges
tion andt all Stomach Troubles, ivon o~f
the worst cases. 'Tynor's D~yspepsia_
leody expqlls the gas ses anid sweetens s(o
the breaths. it cures Sick Hfodacho,
Colic and Constipation at once. Drag. go
glissor by express 50 cents a boitle, lon
Money reofun1ded1 if it fails to curo. 5e
Medioail lldvice and circular fr. by co'
~iting to Tyner Remedi~y Co., Aug asta, Sal
- - -~.-~ ,I,~,the
A. K Park, are
S. O,-Dry Cool
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most stylish, lip-to date e
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we are selling at remark
Greenville, S. C.
Drinks don't forget my
- Weddings, Sunday Din
when unexpected comi
me and rest assured they
)ds and the very best that
I. M. Mauldin,
- - $20,500.00
- - 1 8,ooo.oo
- - l'40,000.0
On leposits.:
W. M. Hagoodi,
J. McD). Bruce.
chey, I. P. Carey,
11n0 ofS
)le .1(1 style Seth Th~omnas
selIbng at special bargains.
E. Also solid1 Gold and
Sp'etacles; I guarantee
r wourk in the jewelry line.
- iEasley, S. C.
Fitting School.
0 new brIick buiildings. teamhI
ad elecirio lights.
I Mastor, three teachmers and Mat
0 bl. thme hibbnl~g.',
vai(I attention to each1 si.~ndentt
don thei Wofford Campas,
einte take a. regularn course in theo
(lOymnaamum, aml1( havo access
~IDklle Librairy.
00 pii3 a for boa rd, tuition, arnd
.Next Cossion begins Septemnber
For Catalognoe, (oto., address A.'
N DuPR1EE, Heand Master, Spar
I, . (.
onA1LtrasT(N, M. 0. 1906.
1st Ienr R1egins Septemiber 28.
uis, Science, Esngineering. Onn
ship, giving free tuition to each
of South Carolina. Tultion *40.
and fnmshed room in dortnitory
ionth. All OOandidatos fbr admis
Li permitted( to compej)tO for vacant
cholarship) whiich pa1y $100 a
F~or cP talogne, addrees

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