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Will cure an case
beyond the reach of =
Pickens Drug
Farmers' Union
.Bilreall of
Co,duicicd by the
South Carolina Farmers' Educatioial and
Co-operntive Union
I ii ..............................................
,on nu tIioll jilteded for this depurt
inont should be addressed to J. C. StrilPing,
Pendljeton, Sout1h Carolina.
Representatives of over six hun
dred thousand cotton producers are
in session today, 6th September,
at Texarkana,, Texas for the pur.
pose of fixing a price for their cot
When these prices havo gone out
every newspaper that is friendly
toward the success of this move.
ment should publish these prices,
just the same as theyjdo the cotton
exchange prices, and let every cot,
ton growoe know what the pro.
ducers say the products of their
labor is worth.
If the minimun prices fixed by
the Farmers' Union is below your
idea, remember that you are not
bound to sell at the minimum price,
but you will surely break faith if
you sell for less than the minimum
Next week we want to float oui
banner of the Farmers' Union tt
the breeze with our prices for cot
ton on it, and we want all cottoi
growers to stand by our colors an(
fight to the finish for profitabli
What are you doing about it?
There is no getting around th<
fact tha ta large amount of cotton
-perhaps half the crop-may be
called "distress" cotton - That is,
it is in a way mortgaged and billed
out to go upon the market in a
very few months' time let the
prices be as they may - Now these
coni4-tions of the cotton situation
in the South is well understood by
the bears, who deliberately work
a combination to take an ad
vantage of this apparantly helplesi
situation of theat) unfortunatt
unorganized producers of cotton
w'ho have through their ignoratici
and the blind selfishness of th<
supply men who made the condi
tions will cause thesfe unorganizei
an~d helpless class of p~roducers t<
dump their cotton upon the mnarkel
in a way that has made these tin,
protected cotton farmers easy prea
for the cotton spEculators whc
never fail to rob these unpiotecte<
producers of their hard earne<
d ollars, said dollars going out o,
the South which will sooner og
later be felt by every industry oi
trade in the South.
The only salvation or remedt
for this condition of things is fo
the supply men--who have mnad
these debts all due at once-is t
provide ways and means to bok
this flood of cotton off of the mark
et to keel) these combines froni
robbing their customers -
These improvident dumpers whc
have complete control of the early
cotton market do not stop at in
juring their own interest by low
prices, but when they are through
with their reckless marketing they
leave the market in such a die
pressed condition that the more
prudent busin ess-l ike growers are
compelled to call for more cotton
or sell their cotton at cost or below,
These supply men know how to
help their customers if they will
do it?
These supply men know full well
that a good cotton warehouse ro.,
ceipt is as good currency as the
world should need if properly un
deretood. Why is it that a good cot.,
ton warehouse certificate is not as
good or better than' mortgage on
real estate-the basis of all our
currency aird banking business'
Cotton certificates are better as it
would take from three to four
months to turn real estate into cash
when one can turn cotton into cash
in three or four days. Real
estate may be affected materially
by local conditions while cotton is
transportable and a necessary
staple1t o lqthe. the world and,
therefote, has a market world wide
which will always be in demand
and niot stibjected to local condi.
tions hike real estate' -
te day is- not far distant we I
" hen cotton will be carriedi v
of Kidney or Bladder Dise
Ledicine. Nomedicine can d
Company, Pickens, Parken's Pharn
from the ginneries direct to our
own warehouses and put in bulk
there to be sold only in largo lot
in a co-operative, business like
manner. We want to see our pOople
quit standing around on tho streets
inviting the cotton slashors to cut
and price the products of their own
labor without any regard as to'the
cost cf .producing this cotton. If
the cotton farmer should make a
larger crop this year than usual,
from the same effort as usual, this
is rightly a fortune for tho farmer.
The speculative nonproducer has
no right to tuin tbis fortune of
the farmer into a fortune for him
self and a misfortune for the man
who made the good crops - Things
are all wrong when such condi
tions prevail, and it is in the power
of the business men of the South
to stand up for the interest of the
South and keep every dollar's worth
of the profits in our present crop of
cotton hero in the South.
The supply men particularly
ought to be interested in making
the country prosperous, for tho
reason that one cannot make
money in a country whero thero is
no money any more than. ho can
quench. his thirst continually with
water without a sourco for water.
If ii should turn out that we have
made a good crop of cotton, the
thing we startod out to do, don't
become alarmed at your own suc
coss and rush ovor each other in
dumping it on the market, which is
sure to turi your good fortune into
a misfortuno' Patronme your
warohouses and huld on to your
good pro fits in 3 our good brops
Cooperate with the whole for the
good of all, for no one can win in
this thing by himself.
One of the worst features of kidney
trouble is that it is an insidious diseaso
and before the victim realizes his dain
ger lie may have a fatal malady. Take
Foley's Kidney Curo at tho first sign of
trouble as it corrects irregulnrities and
prevouts Bright's disease and diabetes.
Parkins Pharmacy, Liberty, and Pickens
Drug Co.
Mr. Edlitor: As I have not seen
any news from our Union I thought
I would ask space cf a few lines in
your valuable papoer, which I
propose to give to the fIarmer, or at
least the follower of the plow, a
calculation of the real cost of rais
ing cotton.
j osT OF Piirt()'IN(1 Cilol.
.1Plow stocUk .95 to do two
years, which is...........22i
2. Plowi.i and sharpening.......7 00)
3i. Two hoes.................7
Shiocing mule three times......1 65
Harrow to do two years........1 25
Ilire of mule................25 00)
Food of mulo 80 bushels of
(corn at 800 p~er bus~hel. .. . 6.1 (It
3 Fodder, .1,0t0 hunidles.. .. .... 20 0()
Cotton seed to plant '20 bushels
at 20 per biushiel.......... og1
Pea seed to sow stuble, 1t)
bushels at $1.50 per bushel 15 (00
Harniess to work with...........O1
Guano........ ........... it) 01)
Hire of two hanids $15,.00 each
per month, $7.00 for board
is $22.00 for onje hand; two
hands is $44.00; twelve
months in a year.:....... 528 00
Ginning of 10 bales of cotton,
average 500 lbs. at 25 per
hundred....... ......... 12 50
Bagging and ties 75o per bale. '7 50
Hire of mower to out pea vines 1 50
Total....... .... .....788 5'2
So you soe what it takes to producoe
tihe crop.
New, Mr. Farmer., I will gIve the
amount of cr01):
10 bales of cotton, average 500
lbs. at 100 per lb., $500.00.
Deduct one-fourth for rent.
leaves--............... $375 00
150 bushels of corn at 80c per
bushel,$120.00. Deduct one
third for ront, leaves... ...80 00
2,000 bundles of fodder $40,00,
one-third for ioeni, laeavo.. 26 57
50 bushola of whet at $1.00 per
bushel, $50.00, one thir~t
for renit, leaves........... 33 34
100 bushels oats at 500 per
bushel, $50.00, one-third
rent, leaves---............ 33 34 1
I ton pea vine hay at $15.00 per
ton, one-third for reout,r
leaves...----.---........40 00 d
0 bushels sweet potatoes.... .25 00b
lardeni, watermelon and pindar sI
jatch...----------........0 00 I"
Total-------..........733 '35 co
Nowv, Mr. Iarmer, you see I have 67
iusedl you a big crop .with tw~ore
ands and muble. 1the crop aIt a (he
ory good prieh We all used to sw
Cures Backache
Do not risk having
ase not Bright's Disease
: more. or Diabetes
incy, Liberty,
think, until we began-to work the
b)rain along with the muscle, we
find out on every one,horse crop
1Yo lost $155.17.
Now, Mr. Farmer,. consider be.
oro you talk about raising 8 or
LOO cotton any more' For if you
raise it with hired labor you have
3heated the man that followed the
plow, or if with your wife and
3hildren you have done worse than
that, and that's the reason labor is
so scarce on the farm, and we aro
crying emigration. Pay the farm
hands for their labor and the
farms will be filled. Now, hoping
you paper a wide circulation and
the Union a success,
It. J. Thomapson,
You can avoid1 ('uoumonia and olhor
serious remilts from ia cold by taking
Foley's hoicy and Tar. itf stops the
cough .1n1d oXIielx tho cold from the 8y
temi R it iii Imiildly laxative, iiefuse8o niy
but the gen uine in tho yellow paclinge.
Parkinn Pharmacy, Liberty, ntod Pickens
Dr)iug Co.
The porson who disturbed the congre
gation last Sunday by continually cough
111 . is requosted to buy a bottle of Foley's
iloney and Tar. Parkins Pharmacy,
L!iborty, and Pickens Dirug Co.
Collier's weekly.
Mr. Bryan in his recently Issued
"Letters to a. Chinese Official," do.
scribes as the "crying evil of thw
Western World" the fact that "we
havo ollowed capital to absorb
moro than its share of the products
of huiman toi." Stated thus baldly,
th is is one of the assert i oils w hich
conservatives look upon as most.
radical in its claim an( mnost de
aingogic in its appeal. Yot many
cases seem to prove it. To capital
the possession of any sort of public
franchise has always meant more
than the most fabulously rich
gold mines. It is th0 commonest
saying in the vicinity of minieB
that more imoney has ieen put in,
in the way of iruitless prospecting
and the like, than has eveor ben
taken out. But raro, ind d, is t he
holder of a public franch ise who
has failed to ma~kO profits hoeyOnd
all ordinary ratea' li has been
estimated that a mann whoi, in thet
early nineties, subscribed to one
share of stock in Mr. .James d1. Hill's
Great Northerni lailiway and has
kept it over' since has made, in the
interveiiing .15 yeoars, in cash divi
donds(1 and~ stock dividends andir
"pjriv'iloges," a profit of over 90(0
per cent. Thie best that could uian
beon (lono by a workimani on Mr.
Juil's ril iroad, whoit put h is earn.
ings in a sa ving~s banik for thie snine
period, would be less thiian 100 pnrI
cen. Mr. JForrest F.Dlryd en. aso
of' the p~resident of the Prudent Iial
Insuiranico compantliy, staited under
oathI that onei( of the owners!i of thiat
comlpaniy who, in thme late sevenities,
paidl in, in cash, $2,200, had made
a p~rofit, 25 years later, of $327,.
103.60. The rate of profit iln this
case is 141 800 per con t--a iate whlich,
mlust seom colossal to the policy,
holder who hias taken advantage of
the savings feature of that coiu.
pany and bought ani endow mont
policy--ho hlas nmever received ali
mnuchl as 4 por1 cent.
The Cause of Many
Sudden Deaths,
There is a disease prevalling in this
country most da ngerous. because so decep.
. J tive. Many sudder.
. Q -,. ,.. deoaths are caused by
it---heart disease,
failure or apoplexy
~ I ~ - are often the reaut
Sof kidney disceace, If
1kidney trouble is al
-~L owed to advance the.
kidney.. p ois onaed
' . bloodl will attack thu
Svital organs or the
kidneys thems~elves break down and waste
awauy cell by cell.
D3.adder troubles most always result hamn
a derangement of tile kidneys and a cure is
obtamnod quickest by a proper' treatment of<
the kidneys, If you are feeling badly you
::an make no mistake by taking Dr. Kilmer 's
Swamnp--Root, the great kidney, iiver' and
ladder remedy.
It corrects inability to hold i:rine and s'caId
ng pain in passing it. and over:omnes that ''
nplea;an t noCse-;it~y of beig comfpulledl to
'o often during the day, and to get up mny ,'
mesa duiring thle night. The, n~ id and the i
xtraoramiary effect nf Swamp- l'oot is soon tr
maltzcd. It stands tha highest far its w"on-. cua
erful cures of the mfost distressing cases, l"
Swamp-Root Is pleasant to taike anid sold 'I
i al! druggists in fifty-cent and one-dollar a
red bottles. You maly af " D
've a ample b)Ottie of
ai wonderful new dis
ve'ry andI a boot' tha 41
I all about it, both laomootswanitp-nooi. 9
ut free b y mail. Adidress. Dr. Kilmer & Co. 9
ighamttn, N. Y. When wi-iting men'ltlonl Sk
ding' this generous offer in this papera
)on't make any mIstake; but romember
name, SwrampL-Roof, Dr. Kilmer's all
imp-Root, and tihe a4dress, Binghamton, fu
(., n 49ery bottle.O
It Vill pay you to take good care of
your liver, because, if you do, your
liver will tako good care of you.
Sick liver puts you all out of sorts,
makes yon pale, dimy, sick at the
stomach, gives you stomach ache, I
headache, malaria, etc. Well liver
keepb you well, by purifying your
blood and digesting your food. -
There Is only one safe, certain and
relable liver mnedicine, and that Is
For over 60 years this wonderful
vegetable remedy has been the standby
In thousands of homes, and is today Q
the favorite liver nedicine In the world.
It acts gently onl the liver and kid- '
noys, and does not Irritate the bowels.
It cures constipation, relieves con- 1
gestion, and puriies the systent from
an overflow of bile, thereby keeping
the body in perfect health.
Price 25, at all druggists and
Test It.
No appetite, loss of strength, nervous.
ness, headache, constipation, bad breath,
general debility, sour risings, and catarrh
of the stomach are all due to indigestion.
Kodol cures indigestion. This new discov
ory represents the natural juices of diges
tion as they exist in a healthy stomach,
combined with the greatest known tonio
and reconstructive properties. Kodol Dys
pepsia Cure does not only cure Indigestion
and dyspepsia, but this famous remedy
cures all stomach troubles by cleansing,
purifying, sweetening and strengthening
the mucous membranes lining the stomach.
Mr. S. S. Ball, of Ravenswood. W. Va., says:
I was troubled with sour stomach for twenty years.
Kodol cured me and wo are now using it in milk
for baby."
Kodol Digests What You Rat.
Bottles only. $1.00 Size holding 2% times the trial
size, which salls for 50 cents.
Prepared by E. 0. DeWITT & 0O.. OHIDAQO
Sold by Pickcns Drug' Co
Clenn r t triai t;rte- cato hair.
rumotev a imartnant (rrowth.
Nevier F.ail,. t t,'ate ke Gray
Itair to its Youttru'l Color.
Cuef falp di'ps. s : i ir f ailing.
V1c, Alti 1 a I 1!u. li'.
Kenlledy's LIxativ' I Loney :m[ 'I' is
the tit1 oirigiaitl laxallt' o cough syrup and
coibinles tile goaliti ncteary to r.
Hove the ouhl an purge the syItm of
old. Containo- no opiates, Sodl by the
Pickena Drug Co.
11ears tho Ap lh Killd Yotl i at Always Bougli
WI enI two strtontg men01 (como to blows,
Oeen it they are well intcheled, it is not. a
t he worst of it will two~ DeWitt.'s Wiu-ht
better in short order. lie s.ure yon gel
1)eWit Ils. Gtood Ifo1(i' Ir tig a mvt
is us'edl tor', imel Rting liiles. Hoild by
Picklens Dr)ny Co.
Graded School Notice.
The Piekens (Gra'fei School will COml
meLnce its session of 19061 19107 on the 10)Ah
of Septembler', 1906., Eaich pupil will be
retiuired to i'ay a martrtictulation fee of
fil'ty ('ei on en Oterinig sc'htol. PuipilIs
Eman register'1, andi at'o re'tluted to do No,
luring thei week prior to the opeingit, at
whicht tiin' thety wiil pays niatrictulatijon
trom It in it . li., iad fr'ot 4 to p.
mt,, eac'h dayt luinig wve-k be'gi .iinog
school housite.
A ii L'e ee oif .31.00 pe'r unanthi for
girtdeis one to four inclusive and $1i.fi0
for gratries live to ni no i nclusive, will be
charuge1 all puimpil:,mttricultin ug who
reside outs~jide of' the school district.
I y ortder o''r Tistees,
That onr A meriant forests aboun id in
metdiclinal virtues is ahutindanttly attetsted
by scor'es ot' the most em intnt idh-al
writers, and teaticher's. Even thelt lni
toredi 1( Indians hado t discovered the ust'ftul
nes5 iof mauiny nt.ive plaits be'fore' the
t.Ii.ntpattted freeliy to lt'e wiites. led
the lttr t~a con.uthiic inive'stigiatins lil i
vai tluale' Atiter'lea riaitedic inale roots.
Dr. Pierce helievesi that, (ott' A tmierian Itfor
('tsi's. It wt' wottl li ,t'ii lroperl istiateC ttt;
and.ev' b l iiathm oft thitttt v't ii n, he. t
iNotlts with lrVets t the ab usti marI-lous(
tinrei s ffortd~ti by i aljtf t Wutttfs o
covery."' l-leh htat tove itelft~'0 te bt the
mottsttt o t tleh' listom cl tni, lie r in i g~r
lator in-ay ruif oic attis gltt, andi' bt'lod
'ids.i, o riitltin. toruli s -ar. tiit (I er C
ind teen'ts vah-oar ad ith erk affons ofe -0
Oiason ieriiud knrestfeelon an (other
or mins, liaverty sow meinltte, bndok
iot exn fr& h tandard~fe medicnae k
boleh israded fro i l anycohh-.extract of 41d
Lvee. of dienalo.t. Y,totWall'S ening
tyned fir the nartie.~atr vr rgia
Nh les. marvelo.stin h . ar care.nb
it'ed itut i tiIIILanty thain ltrofe w ot -
adno entir aiv eeti, walcoho a
trs~ tufa, ai ttting di'tigt'tsui D . A-rB'
iolist l'rwtion. i a'~ls is n l ttested1
bu ltd~ bygateful ir nswohaebe
ru, .reuaite. rlpu an. ohe
Makes Kidneya and Bladder Right
"I have b en'oll flioted With kidney i.nd
bladlr trouble for years, paning gravol
or stones witi exriteiating paini," paye
A. 11. Tlinis, a well known coal operai
tor of Ililo, 0. "I got no rolief from
mediciie until - belgn itking Foloy's
Kidney Cure, thei.nU tho'rcmilt wis naur
prising. A few dgien started the brick
dust -liko 'miistabino aud now I iavo 110
pallin across Imly kiduoys anld I fool like a
new Vii. ft halts done muu 4,'1000 worth
Of go'd." Foley's Kidly 0uro will
euro every form of kidney or bladder
Jisoase. For salo by Piekosll Drug C(o.,
und R. F.SmhEaly
Curu Boides; roventa Pneurncuiu
.\ltt-iu's F'ot-. nt hi:oder,e cire Tc i, .\ehi
ilig. Sweal in , Sw elil fit. s.iiikletit
n ilk tt iii f Foo' I.A l: S.x; I AIny ( u 'ol . 4 l
new im(o 'ition. i lesS. A: I'l S. Olusted. Le
ztin . N Y
f'or children sarie. -.Xn o opiates
A. A. 11'ruen, Finch,. Ark. writes:
'Foiley's HJ.on'y mnd Tair is ti best
p repilholl for caugis, colds anl lung
trouble. T kno-w thait ii, hals mired (o.01
sumt i ption in the hofirst stage4.- Youti never
b a.1 of anyl on* using Foh'y's tiney
n' Tar tw not vig siltisied]. Por
Z le b: I P I 'iCke1' )IgIt. Co. , a 'M il . F.
V-oley & Co. Cicago, origiaded
Honey an I TIr as a throat and hm11p,
iemwldv, anld on accounut of the great
lierit and poptmilari ly of Foley's Ioney
Ili d Tar niuv imitiflin aUire ioffered ftor
tihe gnun 'iihese worthl'es imitations
have similar soundiing anames. How .ro
of them. The genuine n Poley's linyov
1A illr is inl a yelTow packango. Atsk
for it and refuso a111y .lIbstittute. .I L is
the )u at iiliedy for cougbn anitId colds.
Parkins PIharmaicy, Liberty, and Pickens
Drug Co.
TIhis is to certify that al I druggists are
mtliorized to refintd yoir money if
FIo'ey's 8Honey of Tar fiails to cure your
colgli or cold. Lt stops ilho cough, heals
the(, lungs and pre-vents serious results
rmc 'in a cold. Cures Ia grippe couighs an)d
pelovenlts pumiCuoia aind Colsuitluption.
CIIltains no opiates. Tiho gen 1 uile is ill
a y-llow packuge. Refuso sulibsitutles.
Parkins Plh'iiiaucy, Liberty, aud Pickei
Drug Co.
Foley's Kidney Cure
makes kidneys and bladder right.
A NMIh elenises tho skin and rids the
pies of rfuse. A bath i makes for bet
ter fu'llowship and citizelsilip. Not only
shoiuiil tie outside of the body ho
olellsed, biut ocasional use of a laxative
or enitiarlie opel)ns the howels faull elears
(lie sytem of llcte lmalter. Rest for
this tre DWitI's Little Varly Risor.
Pleasanit little lpills t int dot. no~t'gripe or
siekon . Sold1 by P j~ilcn Drui' (1o.
For YOUNG LADI ES, Roanoke, Va.
(ptuis x ept.'r. lzm.. olii'oot thei i".cruig M'Iiiuols
for Youuiig 1.i. it' in thi' Stitl . Ni w inanhhiigs,
uiiit iu i'a itnry. in vi'alii-y or \-lrgi,u faruneu
for hitilh. K'iiriipaii itrui \ruiu,-rl'anu techciers.
Ful 'oirsi-. ('ciiorecatoiry iiti t's Inua A rt.
.-tiule-'iii rrin~ :0 isites. For icatil ,iLtne lireluss
We Car'ncstly reriuesit nil young persons, no mnatter
howv limited their menss or edlucation, who wish to
obtain a thorough business training and good pos!
tion, to write by first mail for our great half-rate
offer. Success, independence and probable fortune
are guaranteed. Don't delay. Write today.
The Ga.Ala. Business College. Hlacon, Ga.
'1he1 sworn~ statemnt of tile m- 1nn.
tacturelts1) proets you from opiates ini
IM inndy 's Lax Itive Hoy anid Tar- -the
conuigh I.yrup1 that idrivta th lcol~d ottit of
yiour( 8y.4tem. Sld by Pickens' Drugt
3'T.ATI'E 01.' ROUi:'il CA iHoiliN
CJounty, of P'ielmnslu,
ity J. ]B. New'bery, i~.squiire, 1Prohilto
WhTlereas, A. ;1. I loggs, (', C. P., hasi
1m11l1 suit to meit to granl.thimi lethosa of
usbtin istraition of thIeu estate of uad cf..
andt creditors of tie siJ J. L. ( olins,
1)0ar befiore me1, inl the( Cour1t of Pro
b aite, to be( ibeIl at [ekesi' Cour House11(1
S. C., Oin thle 17thi day3 of1 October, 19011,
after pub ilicationl huereof, afl 1Jt (o'k inl
the( forenoon01, to show usei.i, if any) they
have, why tilesaid adminis'traltlonl shIould
(Givtn unlder' liy h~an~d and
a SIC L sel, iis the 5t hiay of Sep
S'.;t taobr, I 10, -in I he t:;14year
oIf 011nr Idepenlden1ce.
J1. I 1. Nowheriy,
O4'I'IO jit 4 F4 F'' A 3 L M '4.
I wiII pl.v' to J. It. N ew be lry, ProledIlI
undge for' Pickens5 co0111 y, (lii ilh ;ir'd
:ay of Ocltoberi, 190lti, for a 11inal set tie
blat if thie estaite of I H. . hiia toi
(i(n 151d, an id as8k to bei d ism i$~eu 11
Notice of' Fini Ne4tti(enaena i
mallke alppuieoto LJ. it. Newvbory
;a.Ig o~f Probaute for Pickejns
mlunty, 11 the Stuato of South Carolina,
tiith 19 (lay of ept, 1906, at 11 0'clock
.tho for'onOOn, or an son theorafter ans
idi appliceation can bo board, for leavei
1make( a final settlementi of the estato
Noro Hahi 11d1(ecensed, and Gbtail
sch~arge an admlliistraIl'o.
ant331w1A dminstrato.
oars thae - 1lhKind ot0j d Awa Boti0ti
Don't be thisled by high flown talk and high sounding
names and whole volumns of slush describing big stocks, mai
moth bargains and all such rot, to rush off and part with yqur
good, hard-earned money for goods that are inferior. Trade
at home with people you know and with folks that stand ready
to always "make good" on any trade that proves nnsatisfactory.
My stock is complete in every line. New Fall and Winter
Goods are coming on every train. The goods are all right
and first-class and the prices are as low as they can be sold for.
Try this store on one deal and you will always get your
moaey's worth, never complain and go home happy.
Yours for prosperity,
A Full Line of Coffins and Undertaker's Goods.
A few suits of Ready-Made Clothing to go at a Bargain
The Land of BIG CROPS
Are you making as muh off your farm as you ought? No doubt you are
mialang ull you can. The troublo is the nti1( costs too much. It takes too much
motey to buy a big farm, and so you tire trying to make a living on a small farm,
or perhaps you are renting one and paying a good share of what you raise, in
ront. Woulduft it be better to go where the prico of good land is so little that
you can own a big farm--where everiy acre of the ground is working for you
aind all You railse is ))aying you good profits?
There 1re thousands of acres of fertili ]lnd in Sonthiwest along the lin of
the Colton Belt Route that can bo bought for fromn 3 to 810 an aere. This
land is increasing in value each year.
See the Southwest at Small Cost
A trip to the Southwest would cotmince you that your best interest lay in
A settling there. The trip ean b iado at very lit tie expenste.
On the first and third 'Tuesday of each month you purchase a
roluid trip tickel. to atly point in the Southwest on via of the
i Cottcn Belt Rutte at very low rates. Stop-overs will he al
lowed for you to exiamiun any localit-y you are interoateid in.
Writo at onec for free copies of b'oks decribing this won
derful country andi for full information about cost of tickets.
.L P Smiith, T. P. A., Cotton Bolt Route, 203 Equitable Bldg., Atlanta, Ga.
We Never, Disappoint Our Patients,
Wo Fulfill Every Promiso nd Never ld Out FalseNo ,
,WE CURlE ~ " tho" e" k"ni-o:b.uie ad Varto'Aol L.o
cote nevor to return, Without mnoreiury or rninern! ruixt re; loss of ianY
Vigror Posa'ivey cur d; no ett tuulaist but~ persaoflOt
tinti uton Ia th chef consultin spectatet, being O IW
-O.by tauecs in t i t rinittor blrotito 1tieaees Is unsurpa.s
* on I v eryafr'ep"cet a d e eployno'o'u te O
tinerd nd e tcent atcndqts, regularly quai nd. gradu~
no l Ico phm e a c noscr atients
ea nag . o > or unase fa itaaerat4r~ Qr n
- to 10.00 pr nxoiitli, miedic eis Iictded) and we give the ass
flY BEST RrERENiCE IS. C}HRONIC DIS ASE(e- rc"*e' at a(niodl~a
.cL1r~ hilPJri st p e roeney nd~r ne obeewn neumna
UN1ILCURED. ieases'1iuor tni nanant trutie datari on$
N. K. KING, M. D. Ohroulec Itlanss of women suoh as Dlaplacemeit
04mer C( NauLIn PtY OIA og a ir at a ).1>. ies, and such weano osls Of wome6.
-r t i ei yott our lIterature, incluing symptom blanks for homie treatsneuS
Ten cent cotton has put lots of money in the country.
Many p~eol-e have beCen robbed and killed for their money.
Safe bloweris have tried the
and failed to get the money. Delays are dangerous. Open
an account wvith them today and your money wili be safe.
interest paid on time deposits.
H. C. Shirley, Cashier.
i.oo will open an account with the Liberty Bank.
Job work of' everiy description
d(onlehere withL neatness and dis
patch .
Railroad and Commercial
Letter and Note Heads, B3ill Heads
anid Statements, done neatly
and at r'easonable prices.
Give us a Trial.
Sentinel-Journal Co., P1CKENS, s.C.

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