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'P N,~-' TI ~
Entered April 23, 1903 at Pickens, 8. 0., as second las matter, under act of Congress of March 3 1879
Fifteen, Nearoes Are I
Niifber Seriously
The Militia is Called
Bulletin: Atlanta, (n , Sep. 23,
1 a. m.-Tho militia seeni to be a
very -slow in mobilizing. At pres- 1,
ent there is little excitement in the
center of the city. Fighting is re- t
ported on Peters street, nea, the N
terminal station. From the Asso
ciated Press office shots are heard
frequently, The Coustitution is -
authority for the statement that r
41 15 negroes have been killed. One t
negro is lying dead leis than a k
block from the Associated Press b1
oflice. on Forsyth sireet. 1
Ailanta, Ga., Sept. 22.-Four at
tempts at assault on white woi mt
)y negroes within or near limits
of the city today, wrought white c
citizens here( to a high pitch of ox
c'rtement tonight. The assaults of q
today followed two others of a sim
ilar nature within the.week, and at it
least half a dozen oLhers within the
last two months and brought a
climax tonight. At midnight-Gov
-ernor Terrell issued an order call..
ing out eight companios of the d
Fifth infantry and one battery of A
light artillery. This order was
not issued until tire i negroes had I
been -killed and 15 taken to the 6
hospitals, five of whom will die. A
These include only those cases
which the police have official know.
ledge of. The local newspaper
men claim the number of dead is
The mob began its work early
in the evening, pulling negroes
from street cars and beating them
with clubs, bricks and stones. Ne
gro men and women, riding to their
homes after the work of the (lay,
were ruthlessly' torn from the cars
or attacked on the streets, In many
cases negroes retaliated during the
early part of the night, but after
10 o'clock they were scarce in pub
lic places. The fire department
was called out to disperse the mob
* on Decatur street most frequented
*by the negroes and for a time seem..
ed to hold the crowd at bay. The
police reserves were called out and
will hold the fort until the troops
can be mobilized. The mnoh seem
od to lack leadership and this doubt
less has prevented greater slaugh
A tlanta, Ga., Sep, 22.--The dis
turbance hero tonight has taken
the form of an active and bitter
race war. The incidents of .the
day, which were given in numerous
extras by thea local papers early
this evening added immensely to
* the usual Saturday night crowds
on the stroets. A negro walking
along Whitehall street, tho princi
pal shopping section, was attacked
about 7 o'clock, beaten and oscaped
with but a few clothes on. The newvs
of this attack spread rapidly and
within a few moments the appear
anice of a negro was tlie sigar.1 ,for
a riot. The negroes scattered from
the streets, going to their homes by
- back alleys, or flocked to Decatur
street, the home of the tougher
negro element.
Soon street cars were attacked
iand- legroes going to their homes
were taken from the cars and beat.
en, stamped upon and in several
oases fatally hur't. The barber
shops where negroes were employed
next became objets of attack. One
of the hardest fights of the night
took place at the Dostofilee. A
negro barber shop across the tree
TI'NAL Assauls
leported Dead and a'
Beatl in Atlanta.
Out to Quell Riot.
,as tho object of attack, and in
-ss time than it takes to tell it, the
bop 'was a wreck and the negroes
'ere beaten, one to death, the other,
be proprietor,- escaping by aid of
he police.
Atlanta, Ga., Sept. 28.-1:80.I
-Bulletin -Reporle are being
eceived from the outskirts of the
rwn of rioting and negroes being
illed , and driven from thir
emioes. Rumora haye it tha; at
,ast.25 to 30 or more negroes havo
oen killed here tonight, but it is
n possible at this ti me to confirm
lime reports.
COowds are standiig ou street
ornors down town apparently
waiitng developmisits: Al. is
niet in the centre of the town.
On Peters street, near the terni
al railroad stat-op, a hard fight
:ok place. This was startl by a
egro shooting at the crowd lelow
-om a second story window. A
rick hit him and he fell back and
ied in a few monoiito. One negro
'ho was found with a pistol in his
and, was beaten to death on the
Iorsvth Street Viaduct, in the coen
)r of the city and a block from the
esociated Press office.
At the present hour, 1:30 a. in.,
is making bi
Our buyers ar
fall will be headqu
Watch this s~
H E)
the downtown streets are quiet;
Occasionally a membor of the local
militia p- .sses and is yer-d anid
hooted by th i mob. The possi
bilit.y of retaliati-m by the negroes
is amiong the serious .hngs dis
cuss9d in the street and newap-11tin
offices tonight.
,TWhckeray and Dickens.
This In the way George Henry Lowes
once characterized Thackeray and.
Dickens in the way of service to a
friend: Dickens. ho said, would not
give you a farthing of money, but he
would take no end of trouble for you.
He would spend a whole day, for in
stance, in looking for the most suitable
lodgings for you and would spare him
self neither time nor fatigue. Thacke
ray would take two hours' grumbling
indecision and hesitation in writing a
two line testimonial, but he would put
his hand luto his pocket and give you a
handful of gold and bank notes if you
wanted them.
BowliDg is one of our games that
originated in the middle ages. The ex
act date of its introduction is obscure,
but it has been clearly traced to the
thirteenth century. The first bowling
greens wore made i England. In bad
weather these could not be used to ad
vantage, and this led to the construe
tion of covered bowling alleys.
Hard Luck.
Caller-I have here several bills which
are long overdue. Harduppe (desper
stely).-I am sorry to say that our cash
icr is out today. Caller-Oh, well, It
doesn't make much difference. I'll call
and pay them at some future date.
Good day, sir.
Hilm Best Bedroom.
An Atmerlcan physician says that
while in England lie saw a vaulted
tomb in a London cemetery which had
the following inscription engraved on
the door:
Dr. John Gardner's Last and feat fed,
'The Lid 01.
Johnnie-Say, pa, who was Pandora?
Johnnie's Pa-Pandora, my son, was a
little girl who started a lot of trouble
because she didn't keep the lid down.
Princeton Tiger.
There Is certainly somethinV of ex.
quisite kindness and thoughtful be
nevolence hi that rarest of gifts, fine
One of the worst fealures of kidney
troub!o is that it is an insidiona disease
and before the victim realizes his dan
ger he may have a fatal nahidy. Tako
Foley's Kidney Cure at the first sign of
trouble as it corrects irregularities and
prevents Bright's diseaso and diabetes.
Parkins Pharmacy, Liberty, aind Piokens
Drug Co.
redu1fctions~ iin many I
e now in the Easter'i
atercis for correct me
ace for our advertise
Tse Stars Were Once Ume= asyes.
The most remarkable bellof or super
stition concerning tho bu'an eye "is
one that I current ini Australia. Z
Alpong the natives of that country it
Is the general belief that the loft eye
of every chief becomes at star the mo
ment the chief in question Is done with
it. The sun, they say, Is the eye of the -
"greater god" and the moon the eye o.
the "lessor god." All the star:; were
once the left optics of human holugs of
high rank. Shungle, a Cel .ibrated chlef.
once ate the eye of a valiant chier.
thinking thereby to increase the hri
lianey of his own "eye star." But the
eye burned through Shungle's helly
and killed hIni, whereupon his own left
eye became joined to the one h- had
eaten. and the t wo may now 1h, et-:ni
as a beautiful double star lying just to
the east of the Southern Cross.
Liuld Corn.
An easterner was- prosipeting in the
north Georgla mountatis when he
camne on a native apparently ellinig
to the side of a steep hill tilling corn.
The prospector stopped for a ebat,
and the mount-alueer. nothing loath for
a rest -in the shado from 1a fatiguing
toll, was agreeable.
"Say, friend, how ii) the world do you
get the corn down off that hillside aft
er it is ready for harvest?" asked the
"In jugs," was the laconic and prob
ably truthful reply.-Atlanta Georgian.
Senin Learnint to Swim.
Young seals do not know how to
swim. They have to become gradual
ly accustomed to the water either by P
entering it to paddle about by them
selves or by being carried 'nte it In M
their mothers' jaws. They have great ac
fear of the waves that break into foam, di
and as soon as they see one approach- m
Ing take to tilght in terror and do not to
turn round until they have ascended
to a very high place above the sea. m
It Happens.
"You are a very successful prophet," cu
%ve said. "Will you tell us the secret
of your success?"
"Certainly." the sago replied in a
kindly tone. "As It Is always 'lie tin
expccted that happens, I merely proph- ro
esy the unexpected."-American Spec
tator. Ba
Winebiddle-I bear that you dictated W
to your new typine nill impassionIed love o
letter to another girl. Gildersleevo-.
Yes, it 'as a lietitions sweetheart. I
wanted to nip in the budny design.s U
she might have on me In a Tuatrimonial
way.-London M111.
- Li
Y nu c I.n r.Void pneumonia and othok' ti,
serious rusulits fromn ai cold biy taking d1o
Fojey's ltoicy and Tar. It stops tlie an
cough ind exl eli the cold from the sys- tll
temn as it is mildly laxativo, Refuse any
but the genuine in the yellow package.
Parkins Pharmacy, Liberty, attn! Pickens
Drug Co. SI
inles to maike room for
markets and( alreadlyi
r'chandise at thme right 1
ment, we have someti
s Pretty Afatron: Iad hleadache and
Backache-/er Condition
Was Serious.
99 Eleventh street,
Milwaukee, Wis.
,runa Drug M'f'g. Co.,
DearSirs:-A short time ago I found
y condition very serious. Ihad head.
he, pains in the back, and frequent.
rzy spells which grew worse every
onth. I tried two remedies before
.runa, and was discouraged when I
ok the first dose, but' my courage
on returned. In less than two
onths my health was restored."
-Mrs. M. Brickner.
'he reason for so many failures to
.re cases siiflar to the above is the
PELVIC ISEASE fact that diseasew
YOT RECOGNIZED peculiar to the
pelvic organs are
. -.ARRH.. n o t coinmonly
oognized.as being caused by catarrh.
D'atarrh of onb organ is oactrty.the
me as catarrh of any other organ.
hat will relieve catarrh of %nl ead
[1 also relieve catarr-h of the pelvic
gans. Peruna relieves these cases
nply because it relieves catarrh.
Most. victims of a-ppendicitis are those
i6 are hiat'itually Constip .td. Orino
Lxative Fruit Syrup cures (hronio con
patico by stimuliting the liver nnd
wol8 and iettor(s the natural action of
. bowels. Orino Laxitivo Fruit Syrup
em n1o1 nausento or gripe And is mild
d pleasant to take. lRoiuso substi
es. Parkins Pharmacy, Liberty, and
okens Drug Co.
ops the cough and healelunge
the enlormous stock
ewW goods have beg
nip to tell you.
F you think all ready-made
Clothes are alike, you
iaven't seen ou r Schloss cioth
.s. The way they look is one
lifference and a big one. Ex
ra good styling and tailoring
s responsible for that and the
naterials are as good ar, the
:a ilori ng.
Just drop your prejudice
against "Ready-Made"- long
nough to try on a Schloss
Suit. You'll find it far better
than the averagc custom-tail
or's work.
W\\e have all the latest styles.
Come and see them.
Suits $10
H. Endel,
Where you find Shield Bra
it is a safe place to trade,
they are sold by reliable n
everywhere. Be sure to a
Kiser's King $3.5
for men, and you will get
money's worth Made
styles and all the popu
Leathers, Patent Colt, V
Gun Metal, Box Calf, etc
P. C. Riser Company
Job Printing-the tal
(r Advertising in this p
of new fall goods.
an olin i, and( The .I
COY -7byV
Fine ClothesMakers
4f* v'Nw )'QM
to $30.
2o South Main street,
ireenvilee, S. C.
nd Shoes
sk for
n 37 -
Style 375.
Pat. Colt
ty kind-weI do.
pe(-r bringos resuls.
- I
- .~2,Y. .

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