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Eutered April 28, 1903 at Pickons, B. C., AS second olass matter, under act of ,gress of Maroh 8, 1879.
Tobacco the "National' Vlower."
If the great' republic must have a
flower, why not adopt the tobacco
plant Nicotiana tabacum)? It is a na
tive f this country and was first
found in Virginia. There is nothing
sectional or local about the plant, be
cause today it is grown.in most of the.
states from Florida and' Louihilna to
Connecticut and Is now used i every
nation on the globe, civilized and bar
barian, if it Is posible to obtain it. It
is not commonly known that the to
bacco plant bears a very pretty pink
blossom,- which 'might come into the
flower gardens but for its rank and
disagreeable odor. The Indian corn, or
maize, Is another plant indigenous to
the United States .ndl was found in
use as food by the Indians from Vir
ginia to Massachusetts. But it we
must have a flower that is esteemed as
such without regard to any economic
considerations or utilitarian qualities,
why not adopt the laurel (Laurus lati
folia), mountain laurel or broad leaf
laurel?-New Orleans Plenyune.
Vegetablem and Fruits.
The term vegetable has reference to
the whole or any part of a plant culti
vated especially with reference to use
at the table. But the use of the word
1 'getablo doesn't always depend upon
cooking, for celery is a Vegetable and
apples are fruit whether eaten raw or
cooked. One would suppose the toma
to to be entitled to the term fruit, for
the method of its raising resembles
that of fruit. But it is usually called
vegetable, whether eaten raw or cook
ed, in spite of its appearance. The
quince is so fruitlike in appearance,
so. resembling apples, pears, etc., that
it persists in being called fruit though
eaten only when cooked. Sometimes
the vegetable is a bud, as with cab
bages and brussels sprouts; leaves, as
spinach; stems above ground, as as
paragus; stems enlarged (tubers) un
derground, as common potatoes, or
roots, as sweet potatoes, turnips, beets
and carrots.-St. Nicholas.
The Wonen of Tehuantepee.
The climate of the Tehuantepec lath
mus coniparel most favorably with
that of Panama, being mild and health
ful, writes Itene Bache in' Technical
World Magazine. Coffee, cacao, to
bacco, vanilla and sugar cane are
grown in the region, which has a pop
ulation of about 50,000. The Inhabit
ants are hardy and Industrious. those
of the plains on the Paelfie side being
descended from the ancient race of the
Zapatecos and boasting that they were
never conquered by the Spaniards. It
is saitl that the women of this race
have from time immemorial been able
to maintain supremacy over the weak
cr male sex,..leaving the men at home
to take care of the house and children,
while they carry heavy burdens to
market on their heads. They are very
handsome, these women, and their na
tive costume Is most artistic, including
a picturesque headdress.
Why Cut Glass Dreaks.
Cut glass makers explain why it is
that there are frequent reports of cut
glass suddenly breaking or crumbling
on a table, shelf or sideboard in homes
and elsewhere, although the glass was
not in use. They assert that whenever
the tone of any cut glass article comes
into contact with its responsive chord
the life of the glass will go with the
tone, by which it is affected, and the
glass collapses or crumbles. It le on
record a famous opera singer could
b~reakc cut glasswvare by reaching high
C in her singing. Several tests were
made in New York and Paris, and by
her singing she brokce several pieces of
cut glasswvare. The tone of a violin it
attuned so as to be in true accord with
cut glass wvill destroy it.
Hebrews and the Sabbath.
There is not, and there never was in
tended to be, any such feeling of Puri
tanism or of Calvinism with regard te
- our day of rest as there is connected
with the Lord's day of our neighbors.
The Jewish Sabbath was to be a de
light, and we read that inm the medlaeval
ghetto dancing, among other recrea
tions, wvas common on that day. There
is nothing contrary to the spirit of
Judaism In the playing of games or -in
4 dulgence in any form of light recrea
.tion on Saturday fio long as it is com
bined with a duo regard for the sacred
claims of divine worship. - Jewish
The White Headed Doy.
The p~hrase "his mother's white head
ed boy" Is as old as the hills in Ire
land. It appears in many of the Irish
fairy stories of the last century. Irish
mothers who Iknew good fairies always
kept the secret for the "white headed
boy" of the family. Gerald Griffin in
-one of his best short .dtories years ago
used the phrase as one he had bor
rowed from an old Celtic book.
mlixed as to Deninittone.
Hungry Hliggins-Woti You dunno
wet a miser is? A miser is a man that
denies hisself the necessaries of life
when he has the money to buy 'ema.
* 4 Weary Watkins-Oh, I have met some
of them fellers. JBut I t'ought they
called theirselves Prohibitionist.-In
dianapolis Journal.
F'ulF 'Valued Then.
- "We never rehlise the full value of
a thing until we lose it," remarked the
man who was fond of mloralising.
"That's right,*' replied the practical
man, "especially if the thing Ilst was
insured."-Philadelphia Ledger.
His Balance one.
Guile--Taylor bet all the money he
had in the bank that' ho would walk a
slack wire for twenty feet. Quay.-Did
he win or lose? Guile-He lost his bal
To try to be happy at the expense of
other people is to be bad,--Deland,
- St. Napoleon.
Many people ignorant of the true his.
tory of- the church will be scaudalized I
when they read the title of this article, i
Let them read It to the end. There 4
was in Corsica some hundred years I
ago a very pious family called the Bo- i
napartes. Their first child was born i
on the 15th of August, Assumption I
day, and as he looked very small and E
feeble they wanted him to be baptized
without delay. Their priest consented
to perform the ceremony, but as it was
eustomary to give to a child the name I
Df the patron saint of his or her birth- I
lay the good priest could not and I
would not call him "Assumption Bona- 1
'arte." In his embarrassment he look- 1
id carefully over the "Livej' of the
3aints" and finally found the name of
i saint. martyr who in the first centu
'les of the church had been stoned to I
leath on that very day of Aug. 15. of.
!ourse neither Mr. nor Mrs. Bonaparte I
>bjected - that their firstborn child I
hould be named Napoleon, having I
.hus the high patronago of a brave
nartyr of the early Christian church.
.etter to Philadelphia North American.
A Blunder In Poets.
"Tennyson is not the only poet lau
eatoe whom Regent street has known.
Southey relates a ludlcrotts scrape into i
which he and Campbell fell one day in I
the Quadrant. Campbell wished to
elieve a poor woman and rushed into
the nearest shop to change a sovereign.
rho shopkeeper was attending to cus
Lomers and delayed to oblige him, and
the generous poet lost his temper.
Thereupon the shopkeeper jumped to
lhe conclusion that he had two rogues
[o deal with and rashly sent for the po- 1
Ice. Campbell stood in helpless fury,
jut when. Southey explained things to .
.-he constable that worthy. who happen
Md to be a Glasgow man, at once ex
:laiamed, "Guidness, mou, Is that Mais
ter Camell, the lord rector o' Glaisgie?"
After that it was difficult to separate
Pitnmpbell and the shopkeeper, so
warmly were their hands interclnsped
in explanations and forgivenens. -
Westminster Gazette.
Cornish FIshermnen.
In the estimation of the average
Cornish fiherman rabbit Ia an omi
ious word, and should It happen to be 1
used by any one in their hearing when 1
they are on their way to sea it Is sumfl
eient to send them home again for that
occqaion for fear of accident. In Corn- 1
[Ih fishing circles many tales are told i
of t.Viasters that have followed def- I
ance of this superstition and persist- 1
Dnce in putting off in their boats after
the uniucky Woril had" been spoken.
[ormerly the word church iafas equal
ly obnoxious to the fishermen and
was sedulously eschewed in conversa
tion, on the water particularly. It a j
-ase arose, as sometimes it would, In a
which a sacred edifice had necessarily f
to be referred to, "cleeta" was used 1
Instead of church, and whatever was t
Dmlous or evil in the sound of the
latter was Imagined to be thereby
S IX years agc
opened oui
.Pickens coi
of a Revolution in tia
county. Year by ye
this year the increase
tations; so great has
been conipelled to ai
space to make roomi
Dry Goods, Clothing
ware, Stoves, Farm
Buggies, Furniture,
Blind From Birth.
It would be of great 'interest to know
iow much Helen Keller, losing her
ight at nineteen months, really retain
td of the sense of night. With Laura
3ridguan, a woman of niucli logs in
ellect, there was evidently -little or
iothing left, even as a memory. With
ter taste and siell were very feeble,
io that cominunleation With the world
was, indeed, through a narrow pas
iage. Her sensltlveinoss to vibration
was so fine that without any trace of
he sense of hearing she was aware of
he tolling of a bell. But her biogra
>her, giving us in detail the record of
ho 'slow steps of her education,' te.ll
is little of what Iden She wa1 abWe tW
'orm of things. It is e:penh:Inet
who gives ono hint of what we r.l1
want to know of the hol'n bilmli. 11o
lays that a nan blind from 1.Irth to
vhom sight was given by an operation
mt his hand to his eye to grasp there
ind not in their place the things lie
aw.-London Chronicle.
Yhe Crumpet Story.
Oliver Wendell Holmes profess.ed to
iave a profound respect for the Dutch,
pOssibly on account of what he used
to call "the European aborIgines of
America" being Dutch. Ile gave an
ispect of slyness to his respect which
inspired the idea that it was not un
tenpered by humor, but he maintained
that the Dutch, in spite of their stolidi
ty. had a great deal of humor them
ielves. "For Instance," he would say,
"the crumpet story has a Dutch or
Rin." "What Is the ernmpet story't"
?eoplo would ask. Aid he would tell
hen that It. had many var:ants, but
re one with which he was famillar
vais about a man who was going to be
mzinged and was anked whether he bad
my last request to make and said he
would like to have a dozen hot crum
Pets, very buttery, because lie had nev
r dared to eat more than oie beforo.
Mechaninm of the Ihuman Body.
The ituiman body is an epitime In na
ure of all mechanles, all hydramulies.
ill architecture, all machinery of every'
:ind. There are more than :t0 omchan
cal lovemnents kIowi to inceies
oday, and all of thies are libt modi
nations of those found in tihe hiimnu
body. Here are found all thae bar.
Levers, joints, pulleys. plimips, i pes.
ivheels and axles, ball and socket
movements, beams, girders, trumsses,
buffers, arches, columinns, cables; aind
mpp)rts knowii to st-iete. Aevery
point man's best niechanical work can
be shown to be but adiptitOnin of
)rocesses of the h1umiiani body, a roveh.
lon of first principles u1.4edl In iatumre.
Ote of the worst. fe a nres (f kidney
roub o is Ihiat it is an insidionm dis aso
nt; before the victim re-al z s ls iaoi
vr lie may ha:.vo a fatl malady. Take
?oley's Kidney Cure at the first sign (f
roublo as it corrects irregularities and
>reveuts Bright,'s disease and diatetes.
'rkins Pharmacy, Liberty, and Pickenm
)rug Co.
,the 4th cday of October,
-doors to the tradcing public
anty, and this was the becginni
*e mercantile basiness of PIick<
ar our business has 'ihereas
has been far beyond our exp
been the increase that we hf
Id to our'already enormous f1
for the tremendous stocks
, Hats, Shoes, Millinery, 1-a
Implements, Groceries, Wago
A m ca of ents dceltres it In the worse
of luck for- 1i pot black cat to foreaki
your horMe. A woINan Of cats asserti
it Is tho hedt of *luck. III the muiddk
ages ,-a tai's fa vorite Yorm wis a bIndl,
eat. . Wltehs -always lli e a cat a.
their famiiliar-ai stray bilack pussy ir,
prefur.=evC. If it white ent race.s acrosi
your yard : chid Is goIing ta dii. If
stray (at of :uiy color take; t4) witi
you, isin.:: yo.ar house, its home, yol
will hav1%e go. Nuk.Klpoleon Bona
parte s;hovel a morbid horror of eats
1 Tihe iight bef'ore the hattle of Wiater
loo 1 blatk eat pAsed )( 1e1 him, anl
at the sight the preat warior was comt
pletely uimenrs el-'. H tIw an oe13
of defea-t. I inry 1I. of I ran-e swoon
eii wlnovi' ho a .i, :1ul one o
th( iordinlanlids -of G 'rzmany wouMl
treitibl in his boats If a harimless tabb3
Sgot in the IIe of hIs vIs!on. Ai'moul
t h lomnxus (:it w.s a syibol of lib
erty. The E:.-:th1aus ehld the aiinima
tu rener.tion u:ndor the niami3e of Aelu
ru11s, a diity wIh 11 ihua111 body ilid I
cat's head. Wh-oeer killed a cat, eve
by ieeldent. was put to de:ith. Dlnut
nssniiied the fori of a cat and ercite(
the fury O the ghtits.
-Yellmvtnil FiNiig.
Theie are no "betweni rounds,'. n<
breathiiig sptlin. with ti yellewtail
Ile I% flghtiiig for his life desperately
no riuarter givenl nor asked, with ali
aminn.IJI, stayinag power akii to that
marv'elous Ifa culty of the .leaping tuna,
h'lle in-rder' is 1;I orl likely to be
he first onev exhausted; the Inches of
Hine ;radually enillted to the "pumllp.
lIn;" rod ar ' t.11-i: ed 1,y,* the sweat of his
brow and th3 :.- 'I!paralysis of tile bI
I got 1i fish or a devil't" ex
claimied a we.iiry Eigiish:nan after a
half hnoirs w'ork, with Sir Yellowtail
still gaiboling- at the end of 200 feet
of line. Aimtl mnanty lnve shared his
nstonishmllent wh.]iIle "entehlIng" these
a3inmated ; ie hatterls..
Tiat Imion hans l lived and lived In,
tensely to w\hoiste bendting rod a half
doen. iny :v llo.v1il have Capitulated
irr bi;i:Iht -I biroon. M1ay his re
mnif hs. Iry be ever so humldrumi
or pmie.totcrisp encounlter wnOI
ll13unnto th dullest noiteuts.-F. L.
Ilnrdlang InI ild anld Streaml.
ili .Size.
chioly N(v-' D'ye know, NlIso
.R. ;-(, ihn I've( only Just melt You,
the:-- ~ : -e s iae a .mrt of liltellectual1
symanhy ~ y~n be:h i Yukow Just
hov to : . 'ily tasite0. yr)u se.
rS o C. 1. : --1 . ol tefg ? lly
Smr.a - No; l' auL 'Iriten teaicher,
Y it .. v1. i(e'nmonia IId other
.e-l* - n1-s 1 ' ii a cold 1y tak'iig
Fkol.'ys li' .ey umi 'I'iar. I stips tie
ouiigh uind exph tihe cold from the sys
tt n as it ir in:ibl!y lax ,tivo, Refuse an
but the geunine in fhe yellow package.
Pat kins Pharmiacy, Liberty, and Piokons
Drug Co.
[ Iiilinery Opening. ~
October 10
gOn the ab)ove (late 'i
HnS iats anid D ress Goods.
D epartiment all the latest
low as good material will j
all the~ ladies to attend our
>or. .
ofyou all the latest nlovelties
of&c., aind wvill have many b;
1roider'ies to offer you.
nis Wednesday and Th ursday,
Did you knowv that W
.. . . . . . . . ....c
AManof Prominence in School Circles
and Overseer of the Poor Says
Pe-ru-na Has Proven a Most
Efficacious Remedy.
Herman Roose, 18 Now Butternut St.,
Syracuse, N. Y., is Prosident of the
Board of Trustoos of Webster graded
schools, Dist. 8, in the town of SalIna.
Ho is also Overseer of tho Poor,
which position has afforded him amplo
opportunity for noting the causos of
diseaso, as well as tho best moaua of
preventing and curing the samo.
le expresses his approval of the uso
of Peruna as a very effectivo moans of
solving a problom of sue-h vital interest
to the community, as follows :
4d3xposure seems to affect the lungs
and kidneys of the poor and I have
seen hundreds of those. who, were
brokendown In health from this cause.
: I am pleased to tell you that
Peruns has proven a most efficacious
'remedy in a number of cases where
no other medicine was used.
a1 consider it a specific for any dus.
orders of the respiratory organs.*
VI.TO V - 11* k V jIli. AVO It. I P l 1 IT .
T'Wi) l A' hnb0ituall'f 1"0 tIll t it., Orm
Lnxantive- Fruiit S\ rny1 cares coi e
Mt iaticn by i t i till et u, theo liv it:.l d
h) "wf nui-I Iv: ton fite 111L url uti-onl of
t.hle howVels. Orilo Laix-tive Fr- it S:'ru p
(ltmH 1'o' tiausnte or gripo nice is iii
an1d pi Ia-eanIt I take. Ref! eo substi
lute-a, Pra.rkins Pharina y, Liberty, and
Pickt us Drug Co.
stops the cough and heslunge
ednesday and Thursday,
th and 11th,
eC will display our Pattern thi
Vou will fmnd in our Millinery D)
tyies in H-ats andl prices asa
ermnit. We cordially invite '
op~ening. We wvilI show yO
a~ Dress Goods, Trimmings, sa'
trgains in Laces and Em..
Don't forget the date, co]
October z oth and 1 i th. pkI
agons, Buggies and liar..a
Fyou think all ready-made
Clothes are alike, you
haven't seen ou r Schloss cioth
es. The way they look is one
difference akcd a big one. Ex
tra good sty!ing and tailorimnr
is responsible for that and ti
materials are as good as the
Jiust drop your lprejudice
against "Ready-Made" long
enflough to try oi a Schloss
Suit. You'll imd ; far better
than I the average custom- tai i
or's w~ork.
We have all the latest styl:i
Come anl see thi. SoHto BAOs- o
Fine ClothesMakers
O3AL7YA4QRC ond vxw QRo"
Suits $i0 to $30.
12o -South Main street,
H. E~ndei
______ _ Greenvilee, 5. C.
Where you find Shield Brand Shoes
it is a safe place to trade, because
they are sold by reliable merchants $
everywhere. Be sure to ask for
Kiser's King $3.50 Shoe
for men, and you will get your
money's worth. Made in 37 .
styles and all the popular <n
Leathers, Patent Colt, Vici,
Gun Metal, Box Calf, etc. .
.'. Kiser Company
Manufacturers -t.8Col
Job Printing--ihe tasty kind-we (1o.
6T1PAdvertisinqg in this paper br igs r'esiltfs.
ass has adlvanlced from ; to :so pe.r ce:nt., hut we
oked a1headl and unmt il Ch ristm as we w i sell you |
Iggies at the same old price. |
W'heat sowing timeW will soon be here and after|i
Sheavy rains y~our lands1 should be turned with a.
sc lIow. - A fresh car of the Chattanooga Revers-.|
Ie D isc just received, both two and three horse.
fore you sow your wvhiat e I-ue in and let us show
ui 0111 "Superinr" o ;L an unol fertilizer D)rills, it will
Our stocks~ i.:. .cients are larger and more
niplete than th av ue e:ver been and we have em
>yed extra sales forces so you will not have to wait,
1our motto Is, " Undler Buy, U nder Sell.'

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