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Happcn)~ aLocal and .
-See change of ad. of H. B. M. Co.
-Don't fail to read the ad of
Craig Bros.
--FolgorThornley.& Co. change
their ad. tlis week.
1-W. H. White, of Anderson, is
visiting in Piakeds.
. -Mrs. B. C. Baker is quite ill
with typhoid fever.
-Dr. 91t has his hands full at
tending fever cases.
--There is an epidemic of sickness
in this noighborhoodf.
--Grand display of Hats at Heath'
Bruco-Morrow Co. October 10th and
-The Barnett Smith farm, to
miles from Pickens, will be sold on
saleaday in November.
-It will pay Ion to sre the grand
display of 1lats and Dress Goods at
Big Store opening days.
-Speci-d prices at the Big Ptore
opening days. Don't forget the date,
* October 10th and 11th.
-Mrs. Christopher, wife of
the head machinist at the oil mill ia
very ill with typhoid fever.
Mrs. Martin 6ilver, of Horse
Shoe, N. 0., is visiting her mother,
Mrs. Naomi Moseley, of Pickens R.
No 3
-Holder & Bivens are buying
cottou seed and seed cotton and dea'.
ing in meal and hulls, See them
before selling or buying.
-The Twelve Mile River Baptist
Association will meet with Salem
Baptist church on Thursday before
the secoud Sunday in October.
--Married by John T. Lewis at
Turkey, S. U., on Thursday evening,
September 27th, 1906, Rev. B. F.
Murphy, of Murphy, to Miss Lizzie
Ohastain, of Hcily Springs. All of
Pickens county,
-Rufus W. )urham died at his
home. in the Crow Creek section of
the county Tuesday evening from
fever, after an illness of a mouth.
lie was about 26 years of age and
unmarried. His remains were laid
to rest at Mount Bethel Wednesday.
- George Welbourn, son of M.sJ.
Welborn has closed a ver3 success ful
t iem of sohool at Twelve Md anschool
house, and has since entered Furman
University. George is an exception
ally bright young man and will stand
- lasses.
,sman George S. Legare
left Friday for their home
n very much improved in
neann. ?ur. Legare has bought the
(iriflin residence in Pickens and will
make additions and im~provemients to
it and occupy it 4ext summer. We
are glad that he has become identi
fled with -our town.
-A regular convention of Pickens
Lodge K. of P., No. 123, will be held
in their Castle Hall on Monday night,
the 8th instant, for work in the
Esquire and Knight ranks. Refresh
ments will be served after addresses
on Pythianism by Dist. Dept.
Grand Chancellor and others.
-Mr. J. M. Nealey has bought the
,home place of J. H. G. McDaniel
near towvn, the consideration being
$11,000 Mr. Nealey has a splendid
4hcme and in a few years will have
one of the finest farms in the county
' He has sold his Morris property in
West End to Mr. D. A. Allgood, who
will take possession the 1st of Jan
uary and will open up a stock of
goods in the store house.
-..Miss Myrtie Holder 'delightfally
entertained 'on last Wednesday night
in honor of the visiting girls of
Pickecns. Fascinating games w r
indulged in. Those .present were:
Miss Zoie Giazonor, of ]i.sley, Miss
Ernie Keys , of Anderson, 'Miss
Bright, Mies Eliza McDaniel, Miss
Ethel Jenkins, Miss Lois Newton;
Messrs. Jack L'ewis, Sam Craig,
Avery Looper, Lee Roper, Dr. Law.
rouce Iloper, Furman Holder. Miss
Myrtie knows how to make every one
enjoy themselves, espacially if at her
- -Piekens and community wi U
greatl.y sholked Tuesday night when
. word wai e myveyed arou'id that Mr,
Loonard D. dtepheus was dead. lie
had been in bad health for a year
and bad returned about a. week ego
from Hot Springs, N. 0, where he
had gone seeking impi ovemmnt but
he wra not bensfitted and gr.daily
got worse. HeIowas at~out 01 years
of age and wasi well and . f avorably
kniown ?.11 over the county, having
seived as conty sug 3tyisor for four
A yeato, aud s! .d well limo in the peo.
ple. He wea an honest, upright,.
*' 'necientiong citizen and Christian.
4Hoe leaves a wife and two children by
his sto~nd maratage, besides several
cbildren by a former union. His
remamns were tai.l to et tlhe day fol.
howing at Secona oherokh Peace to
i s ashes.j
81 4
W~have ged&dred ageiro y
B. A THOMAB aIMcOaVe fo 2
3 pound package for 254
8 pound package for 50
25. pound pa ckage for $
Poultry food and hog ]
ders are also inc1dod
Pickens Drug Cc
Tresurer's Notic.
County of Pickens.
Office of County Treasurer, Pickena County, So C.
Pickens, S. (., September 15
The Rate of State, County, School ani Special Tax, Includi
Poll Tax and One Dollar and Fifty Cents Commutation
In accordance with an Act to raise supplies for the fisoal y
January 1, 1906, notice is hereby given that the office of Coic
Pickeno Uounty will be open for the collection of taxes for sAd
Monda, October 15th, until Monday,Docember 31. Rates per ci
0s folows:
Levy For State Tax.........................5
S Ordinary Cointy ax............. 3
" Constitution School rax ............3
44Ron.1 Taix...........................1if
" Sinking Fund 21
For Rebniiding bridge............
Total levy for Slate and County Taxes.........151
Levy for interest on Pickene R. R. bonds. Pikens 0. H. T,
Levy for interest on Pickens R. R. bonda, Hurricane Towna
Levy for interest on Pickevs R. R. bonds, E'statoo Townshi
Special Levy For School District No. 8 2 Mills.
44 .' .4 44 49 4. 9 4 4
69 ~ ~ ~ "o r 4 o 10 1 -
s Cc I 11 5 "
Go 66 48 4 1 6 g 13 6 '
do i 66 16 2 ''
44 it 192 '
28-2 "
11- 3o . 1 ( 1 61 ''
to Is is it of " 36 2 "1
49 4 6 Cc 4 " 42 2 "
.o .o . -- " s 47 2 "
A Poll Tax of One Dollar per capita on all malo citizens i
of 21 and 60 years, except- such as are ext-impt by lav, will be coil
A oommulation Road Tax of One Dollar and Fifty Cents v
at the same time as cthelr taxes from all male citizens between the
50 ye'rs, except such as are exempt by law. -Unless said tax isp
March, 1907, five days work upon the public .highways will be r~
Texes asre payable only in gold and silver, United States en
Bank Notes and coupons of State Bonds which become payable
Parties desiring information by mail in regard to teir taxea
the location of their property, and include postage for a reply, mu
taxes by cheek nmust inolnde the oharges for collecting.
'.1. W. F Al
Treasurer of Pi
--The annual meeting of theo Old. Tbet n
Stone Church and Cemetery Associa- Js oRBi o v~
tion will be held at the Old Stone Aot100Tbes
hurhOctober 18th. Rev. Henry. sal oefrik o
Alexander White, of Columbia Theo-feasyuwnato
logical Semin ary, has promised to collteS.Ano
deliver the annual address. Copies Dcinre ~ I1
of the Old Stone Church. History Uarde. ''
may still be-obtained through R. N.
Brackett, Clemson College, 5. 0 , or snsfn esy nlt
direct 4fromn the R. L. Brmyan .C,ougirdBrkaaE
publishers, Columbia, S. o., at $1.50atheJnFegofr
in cloth, and $1.10 paper, carriage
paid. tw rcutyo m
- ber.lad ortw an
AT 1,00 ATEabet, I
N OTICis heeby gven tat we w as__youwantat_5__,
ma~ea pplitionoritosJ10B.tNew1o1,
Eaq.,Judg of PobUtnforidged.s C T.~
coutyin he tat ofSouh Uro omsa fTATEO Jessioti
on the 1staty ofhNovembeF1906,natar
o'cockin he oreoon oras eonthe wn orCounty of bP
hee . ai plctoncnb o r, lan or13 Nwny I
fotilcae o Fmna Soinettlement ofDishaeJde
T.aeo.D.J . ogn eesd WhEANDM , 1.' n
N oTinE is herygiv hat er ofmw t rnlhl ~t
coudnett.J Lta, tnteSaeo otaoion oTAT tO EstaeofUT
on the31sA.daoroanNovembmrth1deceaaed.
Ocethefre.n or a96.sEsoos Thers- aCouty oP
focrv omk inlstlmn fte ditre. hes
otat o.ND.-J. J.aMrgar dearn-deeas, tM. Te bn
end notai ohargefo ay daeugtr, of me, in gathim Coutte
said estte. J.eK Liham, puction thertaeof at
B.A.Mrgn,'orenoontoh o de a
et. 8, 1906.Executors.hy ther sore
mshlad sinbegand
lAY*71mthe '10h clay ofOto
17tOe li.fl pubearo heefa
You cantrust . medci. shouildntie b granted.
Poor Blood u SyotemoGney and b
tested 60 years! Sixty years pep"red to.no~ all
of experience, think of that! OSca do your workrih
Experience with Ayer's Sat- "vith 'a io ofu tt
saparilia; the original Sarsa- yours,
parilla; the Sarsaparilla the
doctors endorse for thin blood, otrLfr h a
weak nerves, general deb;11y. a ~coe .0,.
l. yo ted.ior the best~' p os elllme-d o
1514 IC AGU8 CURB. >o AE-~
We ~V~s ,u~x TORL Novebr toweo Bana
IWamw~ wel tmd. G
ZGEST and most co-lothing! Clothing! O
lete line of General Mer-I
ise ever shown in Pickens. On this line we hav<
ie past month we have competition. There are t
receiving almost daily car essential things to make a
hiirnents of [)ry Goods, of clothes what it should be
itg Hats, Shoes, Hard- these are fit, style and qti
Groceries, Furaiture, lhiying clothes as we do in I
ies and 'Wagons 'till we quantities from five of
Wy prepared to show you largest clothing concerns it
rghst, best selected and country, enables us to give
Zed stock of General all of these qualifications
liandise in the u)-country. very reasonabl(e price.
floor- in each deoartment for children 3 to 17 years I
:ked almost to the ceiling 75c to $6.oo; suits for yc
3oods bought at the right 1 3 to 20 years from $2.5(
. Goods bought right $12.50; suits for men, st
:hemselves and we buy slims and tegilars, $3-5
ig but the best goods at $25.00; overcoats for bo,
prices- to 2o years from $3.0(
e Dry Goods department $io.oo; overcoats for
pletein every detail. $4.co to $25.00. Extra I
thing In 'Domestics, Out- for boys and men, all sizes
rpm 6c t6 12 2 c. Flan- a!l prices. Among the diff<
er&ns, Kerseys, Percals, lines or clothing we hand
iams, Plaids and Drills. the celebrated Jane HoI
st lot of Blankets ever make for boys and the 1
in Pickens, at 50c to Shoe brand for men.
per pair.
0Goods! Dross Gods!! Shoes, Shoes, Shoes,
The increase of our
rsteds, Casseniers, Pan- trade has been phenom
Serges, .Broad Cloths, The reason of it is we sell
ettas, Brilliantines. Em- shoes. We can hardly si
red Mohairs, Dress the demand. Shoes havt
is, all colors with silks vanced from to to 40 per
minmings to match. The but we are holding tc
g colors' for this season prices as much as pos
ack and White and Gray The old renowned Battle
We have a full line of still leads them all. The
rsn . - shoe made for the m'
Sand Skirts, Battle Axe Shoes are wo
- everybody. They come :
ll and remplete line- in sizes, all styles-and all p
latest st'les and colors are sole agents fo
.hildren, Misses and Walkover Shoes for
Jackets and Cloaks $350, $400 and $5-oo.
4-0t >250. SFrt I1he Stetson Shoe for
.5 to $.00.rt $5.00 and $6.oo, and
Zls. c.Q.$6O ZeeKeyn igler Shoe for ladies, i
~oatfor hdies and men. and $3.50
Big stock of Hats and I
hing, Shoes H ats and Gent's Furnishing Goods a
shoes, Stetson Hlats, Kenyan Rain Coats, Iron King
Folger, Thonk
fState. '1 iM Iu ~l1: No i
of the supersedesT ime T able No 4
~ p o E fec t iv e. ar.h 1 0 l9(X I
rter, in.- Reaid l)own 10 IRead Up R[
M4( inei 'f.1 tM iel l 'I'k- Ii Mr ..r i d Lr plin
4 :4, pin 10:-15 am b'Inont !2:-1ipm 7:30? pm
4:'5 pm11 10:55'inl *Pariion 2:;Vny m 7:30 pin
F.:00 pmin I:00 am *A rn il 's 2:2Symi 7: i5 pmn)i
,d~O~ ' 510 pmn.I1l:05 amt glatd in 2::'ipmi 7:10 pmn
ttl .:1 pmn 11:15 am ar asey lv 2: I5pmi 7:05 pm" llave C
ol Lay All trains daily except Sian.uay j g
* No. tO connicts with Southier ni Rallway No 39 1 niO
No il connieclts ih Southiern Itallwayv No 12
- No. 12 conniects wIthI So uthtern. lIIway No ii
No -I I, conniets With Sou thiern Itall way No40
MI*For any informiation app'y to
JD.. -. T1 TPAS'LOR lou Meanager
ptaue 4 nraval imd lsepa'rteiro of Tralnu., Greni
I dwell- ville, t4. UI. Effectlive A pril 14, 19oon, p rofit.
840 -~r 0:3101a m, No.18 danly oxcept Suniday, for t~au.
~~ ~ repsu and Iitennedliioatesatlion, af live at r
nt.Iaui renua 9:00 ia im.
no ea~y. 12:5 tp in, No. 53 daily for Itatrenis, (:linton god
)OitV, or Newborry, (Colimbht,1, Sninuter amdi(Charle.
-. and. eastern clIte, andI at batnireni wIth U. ,&
- W. U. TJralin No. I for Spar tanibuirg. anal
tralin No 2 for (3reenwnood , A ughusta, etc.
A rrive Lauirons 1:35 p in, Clitin
2:22 P in, Newborry 3.10 p. mi, Colinmia 1:.15
Suu. Sm ter 6:20 r mi Chiarlestoni 9I:40, Spartan-i
Srv; burg 3:30 ;,~ m, : Grenoo 2:11 Afm, k'm
4:40 jim, No. 36 l)ily except Su wily, for Lnn -.
>mute e rmeiae taio:.Ar0v.a
aIn tab- AuluvAi..
mrte~n by r0:20 a im, No. 87, dlaily except Suii.ay fromt
Wis. ' Laurens. and-ilntermiedhtto Mittions.
EOL .0o0 m , No.- tI., dahy ex-cont Sunay, frm
*aurotjs and I ntermiediate st atlins.
3:25 p ni, No. 52, daily from Chatrlestoi n iumter,
(olumbla, h dwberry, ilttin, Spartanbunrg,JI.11ari
H ^""""'"'"'**"''""''""""'"'et".self
Trainm gNo. 5'2 and 53 run throughl betwedn Cr
C S chle etonm wIthout Change. (eAi hnie
I . ILgii, Agt. (Geo. T. llryan eniAt
GZltE-K-N V.1LLI-:, S. C.
- rad, rnext WVIlams, (. P. A..4~)~
R.M. ranTaf. Main. A nigusta, Ga. ohrt
rFrom" tis date I w'li the whichr
S vlora, office every tw wek seedy
1.00 day's aft' r SAlvday in each month and
r at- .Tucaday two weeks after each saleaday H
"r r . t,transtact brisiness.(1 -.Lk1I
~~UDG i-visor.
May &h10r8,
7 .
lilgi for men and boys. If you
would wear the best hat buy
no the Bomar Hat at $3.00,or the
hree Stetson Hat at $5.00 or $6.oo.
suit Hardware of every descrip
and tion. Just received a solid car
Llity. of Stoves and a car of Barbed
arge Wire and Nails, with prices
the right,
the Big stock of. Harness, Sad
you dies, Bridles, Robes and Horse
It a Blankets. Large Assortment.
uits of Trunks. Art Squares and
roMi Rugs, Furniture, Buggies,
uths Wagons and Surreys.. The
to entire second floor of our build
)uts, ing, 70 x 120 is devoted en
D to tirely to Buggies and Furniiuire.
's 6 We buy both in solid car- lots
to and can give you rock bottom
men prices. We carry the largest
ants stock of Furniture in Pickens
and county. A look will convince
.rent you we speak the truth.
e is Everything needed for the
,kins house. Oak Suits from $15.00
orse to $65.oo, Oak Beds from $2.00
to $19.00; Dressers $5.0o to
$15-00. Hall Rockers, Centre
Tables, Dining Tables, Kitchen
shoe Tables, Sideboards, Safes and
eal. Bed Lounges. We can save
good you at least 1o per cent on
pIply anything you may need in
: ad-. Furniture, Stoves or the House
cen Furnishing line.
old Just received a s
sible. Chase City Buggies
Axe of Mitchell Wagoi
best are looking for the
>e carries the load, runs une
mby lightest and runs the longest,
n all buy the Mitchell, you won't
rices.have to carry it to the- shop
r the every time the moon changes.
men I Bring your cotton to Pickens
' for this is the best market in
men: the county, and while here call
the on us for anything you need.
3.00 We app~rcrate your busi
ness and will treat yoiR right .
asevery time.
Yas ours trully,
Specialty. Sole Agents for Stetson and
Stoves, Ncw Home Sewing Machines,
~y And Co.
Store is full of Fall and Winter Goods with
es right to everybody. Mrs. Freeman will.
rgc of our Dress Goods lDepartment, and, she
is to sell every lady in the county.
rrUR. fora
h .nile nothing but the b.est flu tClOse
g in the chicken~s and eggs while prices are
A4 jcG BaROS
is still in business at the saime old stand by him
e around and get some bargains in gener4 Me
but don't all conme at once. I will eel*.your .a
d sack of good flour for 50 cent. -4tid all
ings according, minus Meat and Dried ruit
s as high as H-laman was hung. Irish potato
Bliss, Early Rose, Biurbanks and Beauty ~
bron, by the peck at any old pri..
for s mMW
L.50. 7.
h 1999
RO3w-, .
is pa<
sell i
11, right
OM -MOND)AY, -i ol
'ft 3.1st. E
g Oie Dollargs
Road Tax.
3ar commonoingGig
ty Treasurer of Largc
fiscal year from show[
L. of taxation are
Mills. broic
,ynship, 21 m1illa. -
ilip, 2.1 mill s. F
, 21 mills. 1a d ty
are B
7 Plai(~
etween the gs o
ages of 21 and
sid by the 1st of 0T
luired........-... -
ereney, National .
during the year Ri
i will please state.
Slate. *. itchlaid4
onie laretheike
e tor pencl;l ot .t
As wor r (
ad osealing,
dO.1.ate s.
1 our lad io e
e frm ornim- Anocionfrth
ropeaty ore or
iV piece moey x TT 9 OT C~O
d of yearelintar
We, hheadideofgnd ciior
N. aboe Stat an Walknty r!t
titt~ntht yu igat achl
okeas. a the WAppitona forn Ch
el Esae Agit to ('potUTY OFbPittENd.
alball, 8 0 ToHon. . . a .nIt Secrery
to cite anda- the__ nderigned__ citizens
teknrdabov Stt an-onyrset
akndspa as Ah BARIteOa Iprm Chi
squProe, Probe Crta onhp tt n
[os,.0,on 0afores. ninlndi
Isif mae suthe u to d Rtbuev .. JM oore, I
rofAdministrao Isrtakel Sickpson, be ha. Wrigh
d eeet ofJobMaore, A. sH.e Ogesrb, ail
thd kndel hsi iot ll od and t
and apppeaanbL
, Probtle, to-e
Tset 70. an te Rong Mdoutins Tet i
radminiraeive fA Buydicicneh for s epe
oran beor, tis irnety Ttles goot d anlefd ter
6,u .ontom 1819 ., A ply toubW.. Vrapa n, LCZilf
e. o.d. haR obinet son, g P icken s. I
The as0 Saw Rocych. M otai n T c
roieady i receive su feied eiCn e for Hus eopne.
time a I nlod, na (;reath, aol.
- efuly --.=- -
[eell atpu!iQ K I L LTHE CO UC
r( HousO door. AND CU'RE THE LU N
'. sales ~~~~j~
gta; .w"1 Dr. Kig's
d f''"SWr", Nm is o
T wo branch.., j0 NSUMP7T0N 'Pric
s. L. A. Smi h. FOR 00IGHS and 600&1
----OL...0.S Free 1
ens, near (b4' 'Surs-anlQuioost'Oure fc
THR~O* an1&: LUNG TRA(
J. J. L.w i 84i, r NONY BA0H.

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