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Headache, Souton
sch, Torpid Liver and
Chronic Con pation. j
Pleasant to axe
Pickens Drug
Farmers' Union
Bureau of
~~~~~~~~. .. ..............................................
-Conducted by the
South Carolina Farner' Educational and
Co Operative Union.
CommuniCntions intended for this depart
ent should be addressed to J. U. stribiJng,
Pendleton, South Carolina,
ile for Cotton Is the Bettle Yell of the
Fairmers' Union.
Over seven hundred thousand
white farmers of the South who
grow this cotton have braved the
storm and spokon aloud this rea
sonable and equitable price of 11c
for their cotton, and all they have
to do to get it is to stand firm.
-Nino cents or any other old dirty
price is the whining, submissive,
subdued croaking song of the un
organized, weak kneed, unmanly
and cowardly cotton grower that
is now seen running about the
streets with a bunch of cotton in
his hands begging some one to
take off his hands this most valua.
ble and world-wide commercial
product of the soil.
Men, do have a little manhood
about you and quit acting so silly.
Keep your cotton off of the streets,
Bulk your cotton in some way and
compel the buyers to come to youi
agent for your products just ilk(
you go to the agent for your farm
implements and go to the mer
chant for his goods.
Eleven cents for cotton now is no
more than 6o was 10 years back,
considering cost of production.
We have hundreds of cotton
warehouses now in every cotton
State; store your cotton in them,
pay your obligations with cotton
certificates and bull the bears out
of the ring.
Better still. wherever it is possi
ble, store your cotton in the seed
at home. This plan will keep your
cotton off the market, make better
samples, give you more time to
sow fall grain, and the lint will
gain enough in weight to pay 20
per cent interest. Our own expe..
rience by actual test proved this to
be the fact last season. 7leven
cents for oil in the lint is just 11
times better than selling the cot
ton seed for one cent per pound.
Put your cotton away in the seed
and let the lint take up all the oil
If your reputation is as good as
it should be, you can borrow
money on seed cotton stored in
isolated safe places about as easy
as you can get advances on a grow
ing crop.
We have heard of some men say
ing that their cotton did not cost
them very much to make It as they
and their own family did all the
work. Now, that old fool should
be took out to the thicket and
warmed up a little until his heart
moved away from his stomach to
its proper place.
Begin now to fight cotton bears
next fall by sowin~g down at least
half your cotton crop in fall oats.
If your cotton rows are 8 1-2 feet
drill in only two rows of oats, one
on each aide of cotton stalks. Use
a six inch plow on your ott~on
planter and drill about ona~ ipeshel
of pure, clean winter gmrown oats
to the acre in betweeni the cotton
rows and leave the trench, open.
The seed wilu come up and grow
all right and not freezeo out if you
have the hardy winter growiung
~ariety of seed oats.
You may knock eff a few boils of
cotton by planting in oats now,
buit these bols can be saved just the
eni#i. Getting in the oat ' crop
.StIjaWIm dMin double the yield.
y##the cow jVeateed ithight,
fne feed for maa
~ ~ ~ teon is kirg and the
~,*j~~ithe queen of thesouth.
p lQPty oats and eow peas
GVr#iulion good,
Ien~ men in
~ acan run
C~... $m, . ~busihess
axative Fruit Syru
Company, Pickens, Parken's Phar
sooner or later feel this lose of
profit that has gone to enrich
foreign interest. Have a little
talk with your friends in other oc
cupations about this matter and
let's all work together for the good
of all.
Now Omcers of the National Farmars'
At the annual meeting held at
Texarkana the name of the Far
mers' Educational and Co..operative
Union of America was changed to
the simple and shorter name o
Farmers' Union." We like the
change of name.
Charles S. Barrett, of Atwater,
Ga., was elected president. J. E,
Montgomery, of Tennessee, vice.
president, and. R. H. McCullough
of Beebe, Arkansas, as secretary.
This meeting of the Farmers
Union at Toxarkana was said to b<
"the greatest meeting of farmer
which has ever been held 'in thil
Hon. R. F. Duckworth. ex-presi,
dent of the National Farmors
Union, will start the Stato cam
paign for organizing the farm er
Into the Farmers' Union at Seneca
S. C , on Sept. 26th. We urge
every-farmer in the State to go oul
and bear this grand lecturer as ho
comes your way, it will do you good.
The plan of putting up five dol
lars per bale to take up the weak
cotton off the market is a good one
Quite a lot of weak cotton has
already been taken off the market
by Farmers' Union men. But, in
order to command the situation,
we must act upon an organized
plan in a broad way.
Another splendid start has been
made by the Oklahoma Union to
control prices by each farmer mak
ing assignment of all his cotton to
their State agent to be sold by bim
at prices made by the Union.
This assignment may be made at
the beginning of the year and all
necessary arrangements for ad
v'an~emienlts can be made to b~ettor
advantage for the farmer by the
State agent than can be made by
each individual farmer acting by
himself. The outlook for a grand
movement upon a solid plan to
control the marketing of our cot
ton is very bright, and if all 'will
keep selfishness out of it, we will
surely succeed in controlling our
own affairs.
Anderson, B.C.,Sept.jl9, 19)06.
Dear Bro. Stribling : I have just
got home and oaught up with the
work in my office from the greal
Texarkana meeting, where I had
the pleasuire of meeting the. boyi
from all the cotton States..
WVe had one of the greatest con.
ventions in the history of the Far,
nmers' Union.
All the delegate. 'were pleased
with the great Farmers' Cot ton Co
operation of the South, I, with~
many others, were surprised to set
every place of importance in th<
Nursing. Mothers and
Over-burdened Womer
in'all stations of life, whose vigor ani
vital~ty may have beena undetmined am
breken -diown by over - work, exactini
sootal datinks, the too fraviet bearing o:
ohkrn r other causes, wvill lind In D~r
Pieree's Favorito Prescription the mosi
potent, invigorcati ng res torative strength.
giver over devised for their spocial bone
f. Nursing mothers will iindi it especi al
ly 'valuable In sustilning their strengtli
and promoting acaundant nouarishmnn
for thie ch ild. pxlectant mothers tec
will find it a prclss boon to prepare thec
system for bby's comin and rendlering
heordeat. comparatively palinloss. It
can do not harm in any sta.to, or condition
of the femsale system.
Delic te, nervous, weak women, who
suffe~ rom frequent headaches, 'back
aotas dragging-down distresa low down
bteabdomen, or from painful or irrog
tr monthly periods, gnawing or dis
eation In stomach, dizzy or
neselsee inmaginary specks or spots
Bfoating before eyes, have disagreeable,
pelvic catarrhal drain, prolapsus, anto,
verslona or retroversion. or other displace
mlents of womanly organs from weak ness
of parts wvill, whethegr they experience
many or only a few of the arbove symp
toms, find relief and4 a permanent cure biy
usin faithfully and fairly prsistently
Dr. aree's Fa Prescription.
This world4 m4specific for woman's
wealnes 4epeculiar ailments is a
pur~glceibextract of the choicest na
~~a roots without a dro of
aid1'oiaits make-up. All its I nge[
ents p id n plain Eglish on its botle
wrappv and atteste under oath. Dr.
Pierc thuss Invites the fullest investiga
tiori o his formaula knowing that It will
1*Iwd to contain only the best agonts
to the most adacdmedical
~uoof ah,the d~ferent schools of prac
mef~r te 'on'c of woman's peculiar
j6kness6 and ai~ents,
; fyon want 't now mere about the
)t~oiion and professionial endorse
~i of the "Fd'volrfte Preoscription.''send
det~ledjpis to Dr. JI. V. ilerce,
~if~fj&1O , er1g his free booklet treat
to dceop as a substi
E aomnpo$itLon
Cleanses the system
thoroughly and clears
sallow complexions of
p pimples and blotchis,
It Is uarantoe
maoy, Liberty.
South represented by a 'ood
AWe were all surprised when the
Secretary made his report on mem.
bership. We found that we had
passed the 700;000 mark, and now
let us all go to work and pass the
one million mark before, this year
Bro. Stribling 'South Carolina
is coming with 10,000 strong.
And we are going to get that 11
cents for our cotton. Just sit still
in the boat and you will get what
you want, boys.
The Farmers' Union will have
about 400 cotton. warehouses ready
for this crop.
Our co-operation don't need a
cotton company, we have the cot
ton, and are going to keep it for 11
Say, Bro. Stribling, that green
cotton is the cotton to keep, and
put the Ulniou trade naark on it,
so when the Union mills run they
can spin Union cotton.
Say, Bro. Stribling, the mills
used 12,400,000 bales of cotton last 4
year, and don't they want about 4
16,000,000 this yoar? And we can't 4
supply then by about four or .ive a
millions, but you know they will
take it all at our price if we will g
lot them have it. I saw all that C
big cotton crop in the other States a
and it is sorry liko ours, but you V
must not tell it because we farmers c
bolieve what the other follow says,
so keep quiet.
I also hand you my cotton se
ports by States:
North Carolina plenty of crab.
grass bay.
Georgia, hay enough for two I
Alabana, hay enough for three
South Carolina, if they save it,
hay enotugh for four years. I
Mississippi, plenty burrs ad
hog weeds.
Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas,
plenty of weeds,worms and weevils. tl
Yours for success. 4
B. F. Earle. e<
The person who disturbed the cngre.
gation last S3unday by continually cough
ing i8 requested to buy a bottle of Foley's
Honey and Tar. Parkinis Phiarmay, e
Liborty, and Pickens Drug Co.
"iHail Columbia'" Fiwat R4nte. .
"Hlail Columbia" was written in 1105 j
by Joseph Hlopkinson whi~ congress, i
in sessionj at Philadelphia, 'wYas ~debaN 3
lng what attitude to assume ~in the i
struggle between Franceo and Erind. ]
Party fleeling ran hIgh, and the air -
was amitharged with jpatrioticientinisl
asmi. A yonug actor in the elty who
was about- to .have a benefit came' to
H~opkinson in dIesipair sanhd said that
twenty boxo, remained unsold, sand it
lookedl as if the proposqedibenenittwould
Vrovo a fnlure. If Hopisons~would1
irrite hlmga pats'iotic song. adaupted to
the tuneo 'of "The President's Mairch,"
then popular, it would save the i~day.
'The following afternoon the \song as
ready. It was duly advertsd, the
house was packed, and in wild~entisi
asm 'the song was encored and re-en
.one Side of the Mouth.
Did you ever meet a stranger whoe
talked from one side of his mouth,
usually in an undertone ahid with his
eyes wvandering wvhile talking? The
main's manner is not ani indication that
he is weighing his wvordis or has somne
thing'Important to tell. It is almost a
sure.- sign that he has spent years in
jail. This manner of talking is ae
quired in prison, where convermton
among Prisoners is prohibited and
whero the men have to talk out of one
side of their mouths in order to prem~at
the keeper from notIcIng that converse
tion is going on. The habit sticks to
the convicts for years after they. get
out.-New York Press.
One at a Time.
Women do not mass as weligasmen
klo. They lose b~y aggregation. ,A street
car full of women makes walki~ng seem
attractive. A regiment of mentis pleas
lng. A regiment of women ipould be
'disturbing. So there are somoi flowersg
rthat, although individually clterming,
-do not bunch well. Taken In a large 1
groups, women are objectionable.\ It is U
as individuals or in small squads4 that
they are so incomparably interestmig.-C
Two Points of View.
Ontone occasion, at a party giventby
Sir Jlbhn Millais, Lady Hlallo roset to *
play 'the violin, when to her intense i
amiusement she heard Landseer ex- i
claim,: Nlood gracious! A woman a
playing the flddleV" On the other hand, t'
an old fashioned nobleman when he
saw a gentleman sit down to the piano
contemptpiously remarked, "I wonbar
lf% the ceature can sew."'
Going to a Leetue.a r
Jaggsby (2 a. mi.)--I shay, odisher', is 4
ithish--hic--BIlankc street? Posieeitiain
Yes. Jaggsby-Wish you'd-hice-direct il
me to 411. Goin' to-hio-'tend Recture
there. Policeman-What! Attend a
lecture at this hour of the morning?
Jaggsby-Yes. Thash's where --io-. ,
Jive, ant. l'm married. Bhee hicSgO
News. a ..
The trouble I4 your livet's
sick. One of its products,
"bile," Is overflowing into
your blood. -
You can't digest your food,
your appetite Is poor, you
suffer dreadfully from head
ache, stomach ache, dissi
ness, malaria, constipation,
etc. What you need Is not a
dose of salts, cathartic water
or pills-but a liver tonic
This great medicine acts gently on
the sick liver. It purifies the blood,
renews the appetite, feeds the nerves,
clears the brain and cures consti
It is a true medicine for sick liver
and kidneys, and regulates all the
d'gestive functions. Try It.
At all dealers In mdidlcnes In
25c packages.
No appetite, loss of strength, nerveu-I
ess, headache, constipation, bad breath,
eneral debility, sour risings, and catarrh
I the stomach are all due to Indigestion. 1
lodol cures indigestion. This new discov
ry represents the natural juices of diges
on as they exist in a healthy stomach,
ombined with the greatest known tenio
nd reconstructive properties. Kodol Dys
opsia Cure does not only cure indigestion
ud dyspepsia, but this famous remedy
ures all stomach troubles by cleansing,
urifying, sweetening and strengthening
te mucous membranes lining the stomach.
Mr. &. S. Ball. o(* Ravenswood, W. Va.. my&:
I was troubled with sour stomach for twenty years.4
:odol cured me and we are now using it in milk t
Kodel Digests What You EsL
Wtiles only. I .00 Sub holding 2% times the triI
asoe which sels for 30 cents.
repared by B. 0. DeWlTT A 00.. OIOAGO
Sold by Pickens Drug Co
Cleans.e and beautt the hair.
1e theaorigi luuna x c ng syu
Ne0ver Fails to 'j 2ssttes
>fnine to its You hnsaror.
S0O~aD Nn at U4
Kenniedy'st Laxative Honey and Tor is 6
ae the origiual laxative cough syi up and a
itubines the qualities necessary to re- 1
vO the cough and purge the system of 0
>ld. Containes no opiates, Sold by the t
iekens Drug Co.
When two strong men come to bWows,
von it thyare well matched, it is not a
leasing siht but If the man who gets
bie worst of atwill use DeWitt's Witch
lanel Salve,'he will look better and feel
letter in short order. Be sure you get
)eWitt'st. Good for everything a salve
used for, including piles. Sold by
icokens Drug Co.
Graded School Notice.
The Pickens Graded School will comn
ience its session of 1906 1907 on the 10.1h
f September, 1908. Each pupil will b~e
equired to pay a matriculation fee of
ifty cents on entering school. Pupils
an register, and are requested to do so,
Luring the week prior to the opening, at
rhich time they will pay matriculation
ee. Riegistration books will be open
rom 9tol11 a. m., and fromt 4 to S p.
u,, each day during week begiraning
loptember 8 in principal's room at
oltool house.
A tuition fee of $1.00 per month for
~rades one to four Inclusive and $1.50
or grades five to nine inclusive, will be
harged all pupils matriculatin g who
'e8i(e outside of the school district.
By order of Trustees,
Kidney Trouble Makes You Miserable.
Almost everybody who reads the news
papers is sure to know of the wonderful
I,.Al cures made by Dr.
Kilmer's Swamp-Root,
Ithe great kidney, liver
Sand bladder remedy.
- T it is the great medi
cal triumph of the nine
Ienth century; dis
covered after years of
scientific research by
Dr. Kilmer, the emi
. -- " nent kidney and blad
""" der specialist, and is
ronderfully suocesaful In promptly curing
mine back, kidney, bladder, uric acid trou
lea and Bright's Disease, which lsathe worst
arm of kidney trouble.
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root is not rec
mmended for everything but if you have kid- 4
cy, liver or bladder trouble it will be found I
ist the remedy you need. It has been tested C
iso many ways, in hospital work, in private a
ractice, among the helpls too poor to pun
hase relief and has proved to successful in E
rery case that a special arrangement has
een made by which al readers othis paper
'ho have not already tried It, may have a
imple bottle sent free by mail, also a book
>lling more about Swamp-Root and how to1
nid out if you have kidney or bladder trouble.J
/hen writing mention reading this generous j
ffer In this paper and
and your address to
)r. Kimer&Co.,Big
amton, N. Y.Th
iea 'a fycetan e w am ,.
o a ie r odby al ood druggists.
Don't make any mitae, but remember
i name, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer's
wamp-Root, and the address, Binghamton,
.?., on every bottle. . -
eys Kidney Cure:
a~eb ~dava ad Mbkde r24e.
111ke Kdenvm amd Biadde RIgM
"I have been affioted with kidney and
Pladder trouble for years, passing gravel r
ir stones with exoruoiating pain," eays
L. H. Thurnee, a well kno*u coal opera i
or of Buffalo, 0. "I got no relief from
nedicinoe until I began taking Foley's
Cidney Care, then the result was sur
>rising. A few doses started the brick
last-like substance and now I have no
lain across my kidneys and I feel like a
kew man. It has done me $1000 worth t
>f goad." Foley's Kidney Oure will
mire every form of kidney or bladder
lisease. For sale by Pickens Drug Co.,
nd R. F. Smith Easley.
Oures Ooldss Prevents Pneumonia
Allen's Foot-Ease a powder, eureaTired, Ach
ng, Sweating, Swolfen feet.'Sample sent FIt 614,
ew invention. Address, Allen S. Olmated, Le
to, N. Y
for esuren. -afe. auree Are opiates
A. A. Herren, Finch, Ark, writes:
IFoley's Honey and Tar is the best
>reparation for coughs, colds and lung
rouble. I know that it has cured con
iumption in the first stages." You never
ieard of any one using Foley's Honey
Lnd Tar and not being satisfled. For
isle by Pickens Drug. Co., and R. F.
imith Easley.
Foley & Co., Chicago, originated
Eloney and Tar as a throat and lung
remedy, and on account of the great
nerit and popularity of Foley's Honey
iad Tar many imitations are offered for
ihe genuine. These worthless imitations
iave similar sounding names. Beware
)f them. The genuine Foley's Honey
md 'ar is in a yellow package. Ak
,or it and refuse any substitute. It is
he best remedy for coughs and colds.
Parkins Pharmacy, Liberty, and Pickens
Drug Co.
This is to certify that all druggists are
uthorized to refund your money if
Toley's Honey of Tar fails to cure your
ough or cold. It stops the cough, heals
he lungs and prevents serious results
rom a cold. Cures Ia grippe coughi' and
oievents pneumonia and consumption
Yontains no opiates. The genuine is in
yellow package. Refuse substitutes
rkins Pharmitey, Liberty, and Pickens
)rug Co.
fin tt* Early Risers
TeM famous little pills.
A bath cleanses the pkin and rids the
ores of refuse. A bath makes for bet
3r fMlowship and citizenship. Not only
hould the outside of the body be
lensed, but occasional use of a laxative
r cathartic opens the bowels and clears
he system of effete matter. Best f r
his are DeWitt's Little Early Risers.
>leasant little p ills that do not gripe or
icken. Sold by Piokens Drug Co.
Fr 'YOU NG L.A DIES. ono' V.
for Youn L.d In$ the outh *Ne unldins
pin'tan qupment*vCampus en avcsraes rand
foai ealth.oropean busns Araicgand teacheos.
Ifare Ean loto delrifiteteisly
STdntsf swo states.n Fo cthe adres
Weaeurestprotetallyoun frmi opiats i
Kiwned' Lth ive Hneyand c ,wows Ta-te
ibaa eough u hadesth colnd goutnl of
yiour sywstem.yy Sol byrou Pirent haDratg
Doma ,ny., dneadroslfcti
T C IorntaofPecenste anl
Bytue J.rB.tectberyo, fsrm opiatei
adinisratiofve Hoeyteo and arth
deceasyrup that di the be cold oap-o
bae, stoee held Pbyen 1okers Due
Dom peantd,
>Cournt ofpenden
By ~~ J. B. Newbery, qie rbt
Wheres, A J. ogga C.J. P., has
Iud swit topm to.an B. Newberot
dinesfratiokn Cotysat ofndef-r
fect of O~ .Cto llins90, decafnsetd e
andedntr of the saido R J. .amelon,
leceased, aat te be diminsd ap
dinsrabefrix. n h outo
a~te , t1900,l a Adekusiurtrous.
NoiC ofh 1t Fiy ofetoeren06
fTIe E pbiaio hereof, gvnhat Ioclc win
makfoeapoion o to J.s.hewbcue fytey
hsv, whydgesaid admiitaton Pshkuld
unotye grnthedaeofSuh aoia
-{SA n el this i19Gt day of Se,19,at1'look
(athemreo, r0as ion the 131tfyr
)f ouro Hnalumndeesd nd ti
ilrg apl admi.Nistrat r ,obt
rudgefor ick saanty onaile 3r
OThSIere bye gsive h gwl
Don't be misled by high flown
kames and whole volumns of slush d
noth bargains and all such rot, t6 I
ood, hard-earned money for goods
t home with people you know and
o always "makegood" on any trade
My stock is complete in every-l
ioods are coming on every train.
md first-class and the prices are as
Try this store on one deal and
inoney's worth, never complain and
Yours for prosperity,
A Full Line of Coffins and Ur
A few suits of Ready-Made Cl
The Land of B
Are you making as much off your farm
making all you can. The trouble is the Ind
money to buy I big farm, and so you are tryit
dr perhaps you are renting one and paying
rent. Wouldn't it be better to go where th
you can own a big farm-where every acre
and all you raise is paying you good profits
There are thousands of icres of fertil 1
the Cotton Belt Route that can be bought
land is inoreasing in value each -year.
. See the Southwest
A trip to the Southweat would coivince
settling there. The trip 0
*f f On the first and ihird Tues
. round trip ticket to any poi
Cott(n Beltr Rite at very
lowed for you to -xamine a
Write at once for free c
______ _____ derful country and for full
L--P. Smith, T. P. A., Cotton Belt Route,
WJe Neveri Disappoli
N.K.p N tath Ds ofr
ammmmmen ONSeTAT ofu EAudNATfio4
Wbany peole have ben robbe
Saeboe s odhaveutriedbthe
adnaiedtoge t em ne1y.Del
Wnacutiht em etoday ano nyc
$roowiloO pet aconth (n
donehere weithina
Ra Kiroa n Tho,
and at Zr od onaE
Tenenotone asJo unalots
talk and high soutnding
escribipg big stocks, man.
ush off and part with your
that are inferior. Trade
with folks that stand ready
that proves nnsatisfactory.
ine. New Fall and Winter
The goods are l right
low as they can be sold for.
you will always get your
go home happy.
dertaker' Goods.
Dthllng to go at a Bargain.
as you ought? No doubt you are
costs too much. It takes too much
ig to inake a living on a snall farm,
I good. share of what you raiso, in
3 price of good land is so little that.
of the ground is working for you
and in unnthwest along the lire of
for from $3 to $10 an acre. This
at Small Cost
you that your beat intereat lay in
in ho made at very little expt use.
lny of each month yon purchase a
lt in I he southwest on via of the
low rates. Stop-overs will 1 al
ly locality you are iiitnr'otAd in.
>ies of b)>k8 depcribJug this won
information about cost of tickets.
!03 Equitable Bldg., Atlanta, Ga.
it Our Patients,
rer Hold Out False Hopga.
owr bo ad Varlte ethou
urn..'; ontluisti s B'oodeilsoR
taaedta n~o esioun bur'wer n
ai Con Ln s riatuzl rguanebdua r -
obging bar tho reourompatend ~ts~t
Ib deaso. )r an. we * R~ t~e assusl~
hyl and .robs,. ra
a ina tcroubcliaes . usurp
orelect~a age a olos.w
ofe mcloe ion thes ciaontry
soa nd kiled fmpor oe the money
atsa asregudanigerafou. p en
u' r umsoeyo will~tr be se.t~
ter. C.r Srley~ Coaher .
asoit tie t ak
am.- . oed~e.
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