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-P~~zramyB Y wEDN4UsDAY 310BNIlio.
The Sentin -Jourgal Company.
TPO31PSON &RIcHEr, PiioPs.
Subscriptiou $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Bates easonablo.
E~ntered at PIckens Fostofilce as second ola'
Mail Matter
WEDNESDAY, OT00BE)f3, 1900.
For somo time we have been con
templating Rhanges and improve.
ments in this paper and now we have
begunito make them.
YoU notice the sizeof the pape ?
This size will be maintained and even
added to, as the patronage justifies.
We want the hearty encouragemont
and co-operation of every person in
the county, so that we can maintain
the standard we have set for this
paper. Your support will inuro our
reaching our aims.
We have added largely to our
equipment-gasolino engine, electric
lighting plant, a seven column quarto
Babcock Standard press, that runs
smoothly at a speed of 1,800 papers
per hour, a folding machine that
folds, cuts and pastes the papers to.
gether, a mailing machine whereby
dated labels will be put on the papers
sll ing your account at a glance.
pe, job presses and job
been added and, for a
'dy office, - we can not be
.A equipment in the South.
The mechanical department is
under the management of Mr. J. H1.
Beard, a very efficient newspaper
and job man.
Mr. R. E. Goodwin will have
charge of the books and accounts and
will look closely after collections. It|
his policy, which will ba ad.
o, of not accepting a single
- tion, no matter who it is,
enUjJ the cash accomp~anios it and
to stop the paper on date paid to, un-'
less a renen al is received before that
time. No man, however great, nmo mat.
ter how rich, nor who he is, can get
this paper any other way.
The editorial and local depart.
ments will he watched after closely
and improved, and the correspon
dence page will be filled each week
with bright and newsy letters from
all paris of the county.
All advertising wvili be inserted at
the legal rates allowed by law -and
everything about tbe office will be
conducted on a strictly business
basis, paying -all our bIlls in cash
* when due and all parties dealing with
us will be compelled to do the same.
Such in brief, friends, is an outline
of the policy of the paper. It will be
a strictly adhered to.
A serial story, dress making de.
11 signs with an opportunity to buy the
patterns, a department for the fairm
and home, notes ibout our rral
friends, country correspondence an d
strong editorial and bright local
pages, are among the many changes,
improvements and new features that
we offer for your consideration, and
hope that you will help us to put
forward a good paper.
We will offer several good pre.
miums in combination with our sub.
corIption price that will pay .you to
~Them fate of publication has been
changed eo as to get the paper to all
oour' rural friends on Saturday and
they go read fresh news at their
Ieisnye Sundays. The execrable nmail
eotvlee we have to reach one-half, or
oV4 l (stibscribers makes this
specssarye Malls for' the east,
~'-'04t~.~i west of us must leave this
~ ofio~k4%AM Frlday evenilng ito reach'
~on ~ orniig, so we go to
FY00 8 Rdays. If you don't
get y A~~~ uay report the
ma1~~ ~ e Will 'see
Sfne e e&tAtsM hag
4~I. . $ yJdpee
X'tbid HE ROAD.
We publish a article from Ander
son about tle yXteaision of the pick
ene Raflroitiu t that point. This is
agitation in the right direction and a
consumation that is to be devoutly
hoped for. May it materialize.
The extehtion of the road means
much to Pickens, much to Anderson
and much to all points along the line.
Much to Anderson because it opens
up a good scope of country to her
merchants and another outlet and a
connection, by a convenient schedule,
with the Southern Railway; it means
much to Pickens for it gives her
railroad facilities that will benefit her
a great deal by giving a through ser
vice from the South and Florida
points and will have much to do with
making this a fine resort 4ectiun; it
adde imuch to the importance and ad.
vantage of Easley, fo with the con
nectiou of the 0. & W. 0. Ry. at
Atnderson, froighL rates would cut an
item, because goods to her merchants
could be routed over the Seaboard
Air Line, besides the increase of
trade this road would bring within
her borders; it means much to the
intermediate section by opening up
their territory and making a market
for their products.
By all means let's work to extend
the Pickens Railroad on to Anderson.
How does this proposition strike
the people of A nde'son?
Instructions have been sent out
from the postmaster general in regard
to a late order of the pestoffico do
partmeut concerning box rent, it,
which the following language is usta:
"No box can bu assigned to the use
of aly individual, faily, firm, cor
pora'.,ion or, public offlicial until rent
thereon has been paid in advance foi
one quarter or the unexpired portion
of a quarter. - If box renters do iot
renew their rights to boxes in use by
them by the payment of rent bolort
the 10th of January, April, July and
October, you must close their boxfE
against thom, placo their mail in thl
general delivery and rent boxes form.
erly Used by them. No exctption tc
this rule will be permitted." Boi
renters should comply with this order
and save themselves annoyance and
the postmaster embarrassment. It
you desire to retain your box have
the courago to inform the postmaster
and pay up.
The postoffiw deal)rttmn'ut has
made a nflw ruling on mail matter
addressed to patrons on rural routes
which wil1 bo of great benefit in this
country when the reorganization of
the systo'u goes into effect this fall.
Under the new ruling p)ostmasters
are allowed to forward papers as well
as mail matter from one oflice to an
other where the person addressed is
on a rural route. In tihe many
chianges from one postomice to another
that will result when the new routes
are established it will require several
months for tihe patrons to have their
mail prop~erly addressed, and while
there will necessarily be delays, mamil
of every character will finally reach
the party' to whom it wvas addressed.
How many battleships will event
ually satisfy the navy? wvas the~ ques
tion recenitly put to a naval oflicer b~y
-the Washington c3orrespoudent of thme
New York Evenmng Post. "Seventy,"
was the answer, and1 the neceseary
disposition of 72 battleships was1 do
tailed as 16 on the Atlantic Coast, 24
oui the Gulf of Mexico and the Carib
bean Sea, 16 on tile [Pacitie Coast,
and 16 in tihe Phillippines. Seornty
battleships would cost at prevailing
figures about $550,000,000, mom e
rather than less.
No city of sizeo and enlterpriso
should be without a comnmittce, even
if there-is but ono on it; to see that
"the stanger within the gates"~
worthy it ho welcomed and shown
the residence and business attrac
tions. The disposition is too often
"to take him in" to his immediate
sorrow and occasionally lasting re
gret.~ Our citizens could profitably
employ some one of integrity, eour
tesy and good judgment to get busy
with tbe visitor hero in ai right way.
.Wiscopsin newspapers are all send.
ing out 28-page supplemonts. Under
a newv statute, the laws enacted at
each sessIon of the legislature aile
published in every paper in the stot
whose publisher is williog to perfor~m
that serv'ice for $100. Few deline,
ma thus there goes a copy of the
ession laws into nearly ever y home.
r e Wisconsin plan certainly makes
gnorance of the law as inexcusable
norally as. legally.
Talk about race suicide. Why
les not the government tax thme
achelors and thodse people who are
tarried and do not have cheildren
nd give oeh motimer who giv a birth
a clhild ii certain sumD of money?
Sdo somoegood.
Three lundred binese wore 4d
witted into -the United Atates last
month. There is no 'evidence' that
they have beenwnisesd frms the ign
hundred 4nd *, e nIlI6OO of 6th6
inhabitants of the" Ohinde onp'ire.
Mrs. MAry Huber, of Nov York,
claims that her husband, whsoe sal.
ary is $4 a week, has. been leading a
double life and supporting two fami.
lies. Here is a financial expert who
seems:to have-therpRll bten.
A New York paper says most of
the pretty chorus girls were formerly
servant girls. But you must be-em
ployed as a domhestic firet in order to
obtain that dignified and aristocratic
"Men who stay at hone every
night are not good for anything,"
says Dr. Julia Holmes Smith. We
don't know who Mrs. Smith is, but
hurrah for her anyway.
A machine has been invented that
will manufacture forty pips a minute.
Now let the dyspepsia tablet mantn c
facturer see what he can do to keep h
up with the times. - 0
Wizard Burbank should hurry
along with a few of his perfect mnou,
for some of the dear girls are gotting
dreadfully tired' of marrying the
other kind.
The cost of the wotld's wars since
the Crimean war has been $12,263,.
000,000, or enouagh to givo $10 te
every man, woman and child on the
A handy and convenient way of
paying debts withont money would
be greatly appreciated by many peo
plo. Would-be investors kindly take
notice. -
It has been estimated that should
any one desire to purchuse the rail
ways of the world his outlay would
amount to something like 836,580,
Wizard Burbank is reported as
having developed a golden plum. Tell af
us where the tree is and the best. t
method of shaking it.
-- -- ~ c
The peaco envoys are to receive C
$200 per day. No ao nder they are I t
taking their time. The job is good th
for all winter. U
An Alaska town has been named h(
after Vice President Fairbanks. It ot
is cold there nearly all the yeur round. iv
At theL Blaldwini Locomotive WVorks P
at Philadelphia, an average of one
man is killed per clay accidentally.
------ -_ be
The cost of the pension roll is $1.75 he
a year for every man, woman and tr
child in the United States. ra
Many men give laviably of gold,
To build bridges and castles and towers
If yon wvant everlasting fame, a bonefac- A
tor' ho, 21
Give .the poor and needy Rocky Moun- T
tam Tea. Pickons Drug co. A^
liotIce of Final Settleonent and Disciar'ge. 2
NOTIcE is hereby given that we iil th
maike tappjlienition to JT. B. Newbery, gi
- f4q., Judge of Probate for Pickons
county, in the state of South oatrolina, tn
on the 1st. day of November, 1900, at 11 th
o'clock in the forenoon, or as soon there. pr
aifter tas said aplplicaition can be heard
for leave to make final settlement of th' fal
estate oif Drt. J. J. Morgan, deconsed, mi
atnd obtain discharge an Executors of fi
said estte. J1. K. Lmatham, m:t
B. A. Morgan, vi;
Oct. 3, 1906. E'xecutors, to
A I)WiCld TO ttOiStIi'Ly tr
No hiomt, is so pleasant, regardless of ac
the comforts that money wvill buy, nae ar
when the entire fuamily is in perfect
health. A bottlo of Orinio Laxative Fruit to
syrup costsi 50 cents, It will cure every bI
membetr of the faitly of constipation,
sick headaicho or stmach tr'ouble. Piar -
ki us Pharmacy, Liberty, and Pickens
Drug Co. en
The season's first cold Et
may b~e slight--may yield ce
to early treatment, but the 2
next cold will hang on afi
longer; it wviil be more s
troublesome, too. U n -- an
necessary to talke chances of
on that second one. Scott's =_
Emulsion is a preventive
as well as a cure. Take al
when colds abound and so
you'll have no cold. Take it
when the cold is con tractLed ef
and it checks inflamma- Ph
tion, heals the membranes 28
of the throat and' lungs in
mid drives the cold out.
Send for free sampt'* frn
SCOTT & BJOWNE, Chlemists 1
409-415 Pearl Street, New York M.
50c, and $,00 - . . MIldraggIsts
adl night long
neuralgi. o
kills the pain
nerves exnd
At all dealers. F
Earl S. SIoM, I
Foley's .foney and,) Tar cures thu
ost obst'nato coughs and exptls thii
)'d from the system as it is mild1l
xative. It is gnaranteed. Do not risi
king any but the gennine in thn yel
w package. Parkins Pharmacy, Liiber
, and Piokens Drug Co.
State Fair
)ct. 22 to 27
Everybody is going to the Greater
Late Fair this year. Preparations are
sing made to entertain about twic'u
I many as were there last year, and
at was about the biggest crowd in
to history of the fairs. This year the
Iremost feature will be the "home.
)ming" celebrations. Every South
arolinian, no matter where he lives
3w, is expected to be in Columbia
iat week. Indications are that
ousands of people from all over the
nited States will take advantage of
is' opportunity to come and renew
lendshIps and see their dear old
>me again. If you have any relative
friends living In other states, write
em about this "home-coming"
ek. Do It right now. And make
em come. The rairoad' have been
evailed uplOn to give the cheapest
As to the fair itself, everything will
in great shape. The new buildings
ye been put in apple-pie erder and
a grounds trimme~d up. The en
mnces and exits have been rear
ngod so that there will be no trouble
to handling crowdls twice as- large
h'erctof ore.
The fair will start this year on
onday, October 22 and wvill run flye
11 (lays, ending on the night of the
th. IEvery day will bring forwvard
me new and Interesting feature.
id the races-four days-will be the
iest ever seen in the South. Th'le
uck at the fair grounds now is the
Itost in the South. Some of the
at horses on the track will be in
ese races. John L. Sullivan will
,o pugilistic exhibitions.
P'or those who enjoy such things,
3 theatersi and dances wvill be of
3 highest order, even eclipsing all
avious years.
@verybody you know will be at the
r this year. Make your arrange
mnts and be on hand from start to
ish. Ample arrangements are being
Lde for the accommodation of all
titors. And the street car service
and from the grounds will be
Iped out by the railroads as special
LinS will be run every day to and
>m the Fair Grounds. There will be
inconvenience. Just lots of fun
d a jolly good time for everybody.
If any information is desired, write
Mr. A. W. Love, secretary, Colum
a,, 8. 0.
IFoley's Kidney Cure will enre any
10 of kidney trouble that is not beyond
dicai aid, Parkins Pharmacy, Liber
and Piokens Drug Co.
tice of Final Settlement and Discharge.
OTICE Is hereby given tha t we will
make application to J. B. Newbory,
q,., Judge of Probate for Pickons
unby, in the State of Sonth Carolina,
tho 1st day of November, 1900, at 11
ilook in the forenoon, or as soon there
or as said application can beo heard,
lonvo to imake final settlement of the
ate of Mrs. N. E. Morgan, deceased,
Li obtain discharge as Administrators
said esato. J. K. Lathamn,
BI. A. Morgan,
et. 3, 1906. Administrators.
:f an ari icle is imitated, the original is
anys heat. Think it over, and when
go to buy that box of salve to keeop
uind the house, get DeWitt's Wilch
zol Salvo. It is the original and the
no is stamped on every box. Giood
eczema, totter, boils, outs and bruises,
I especially reco0mmnended foi piies,
d1 by Pickenis Drug Co.
Farmi For sale,
k. 110 acre farm for sale, joining landls
1ey. W. C. Seaborn A. h. Rilgginmsandi
llip Robinsc.n 75 acres in cultivatioin
ace in hi gh state of cultivation, 2.5
cs well timbered, 'vwosplendid d we II.
honses and necessary outbuildings,
) good wire pasteres, contains soni.O
tom land and is well watered, four
es from Norris Cotton Mill, six mnil, ma
'n ILiberty and ive miles Picker~s e,
in Praters section, a good outle
ce $30.00 per acre. Address Jaul 'a
Boiding, R. F, D). No. 2. Pickens 5.
28 w{o
Suf fer
from toothache
e rheumatism
- quiets the
induces sleep
'rice 25c 50c 01I.00
The Gri'ffir
lands have beer
cut in to lots and
laid offin streets
They are leve:
and well located
and the sizes vary
from one-hall tc
five acres. This
is a golden oppor
tunity for you tc
own a home ir
the best town o:
the Piedmont
Real estate is ad.
vancing rapidly
but the prices or
these lots havE
been made foi
quick sales. First
come, first choice,
For Plats, Prices
and Terms see
, J. McD. Brutce,
kee'p the bowels open when you have
a cold and use a good remedy to allay
the inilamnmtion of the mucous mem
branes. The best is Kennedy's Laxative
:Honey and Tar. 1t contains no opiates
moves the bowels, drives out the cold,
18 reliable and taistes good. sold by
Pickens Drug 0o.
Clerk's Sale.
I. ~In ~Wljace (of a deertal order madE
in the following named cas.. and on fit
in the Clerkc's ollice, I will sell to the
highlest bi :dur dulrinug the legal hours foi
sale, atL Pickenus Court lilusu, S. C.. or
Salesday in Novenmbar, 19.0. the follow,
img descri bed real estate upon the terma
hereinafter mentioned to-wit:
Mary M. Rtoger s. et al. Plantiffs;
Mary V. Wilson, et al. Defendants.
1st. All that tract, parcel or piece of
land lying and boing iituated In the
town of Central, County and State aifore
said, south of R. & D). R. R .fronting
Main street on the road leading from
Central to P'endleton; on the9 south one
hundred and seventy-four feet (174):
fronting -street Gfn the west two
hundlredt and twenty-eight feet (228); ad.
jominig land of Juggy Mauldin and
Alexander Mauldin; on the east one
hundred and forty-ftva feet (14b), run
ning fromi Main street to Rt. & D). I, H ,
ann running down right of way of aaid
railroad'one hundaeed and seventy-four
(t'94) feet on the north to said street on
the west containing three--fourth of an~
aucre (0) more or less. The same being a
>art of a lot derded to us by Arra
~lilton D)avis and W. S. Davis Septem
ber 27th, 1892.
2nd, Thoe cortain lots of land in the
town of Central in State and County
aforesaid, known in a platnmade'byJdohn
A. H1. B. inson as Jots Noa. 9 and 7 aind
part of a lot joining number 7 bought of
Mrs. Ehiza A. Eaton, and known as HI
C. Shirley dweling house and lot and
more particularly described in enid plat,
reference thereunto being hand. Bounded i
on the east by Mrs. E., A. Eaton, south
by Main street, west by Jas. 11. Gaines,
north by John W. Biock.
3rd. All that parcel, pieco or lot of
land lying and being, situate in the
town of Central, State and County
aforl said, joining lands on the east by
A lexander Mauldin and Juggy Mauildin,;
on the west b~y lands of J. I). Wilson; on
the north by Southern Rtailroad Co., 72
feet fronting Pendleton road or Main
street; on the south. (72 'feet) soeent3'
two feet, Thle same heing a lot dieeded
to mc b~y Alexander Mauldlin and Juggy
Mauldin on the 25th day of January,
1804, containinag one (1) eighth of an acre
more or bi s,. reference thereto will more
fully appear ini Book "P," page 1'i6.
Tlermns-Onie-lf~l enbh and thec balance
an a credit of twe.lve months. Thle credit
portion to be-securedl by a b'mnd of the
puirchaser aedl a nmortgage of the premi
ies with Interest fromn day of smale on the
>redit portion,.wvith tho privilege of t e.
>urchaser or purcha*Iers payipg all cadb
m day of sale.
To, ms of sale must be comnp lied with
n one hour after sale or it willl pu, retold
)i nam day.
Pumrchasera or purchitsoe are to pay
oer all papers and for- the. recordin~g of
,heo same.
A. J. Boggs, rSe'al.]
Olomk of ourt,
Dry Goods
'We are now al
largest and bost
Dry Goods we ba
sisting of Cotton
yardlto' 'ool Go
yard. Notwithet
higher prices, we
to where we sell j
as little money alo
be sold for. We
thing you want ii
Our Wool and Co
good as can be he
money. Our 25 4
that monev can L
Wool and Cotton
variety from 50 ci
We have all t
want for Men, W
better goods thai
same price. Hoe
ways complete.
dress shirts, the
Big Stock neckwe
iterest. When 3
of any kind for ai
family Uome Her
L $ ranted shoes.
Now is a good time when t!
in our City, to find out how j
selling our merchandise and
goods now than the advertise<
We have still in our always
some two and three piece suit!
ably low prices considering th
Of Coca-Cola and other Ice
line of
I can fill your bill for any oc
ners, Picnic or Sociable occasi<
pany drops in. Send your or
will be promptly filled with fre
the market affords.
Countryproduce bought an
Your patronage is appreciat
D. F.
Highest cash price for Chiel
J. McD. Bruce,
|PROFITS ". ..
+5 Per Cent Interes
J. F. Banister, B. A. Hag
J. M. Stewart, J. E.
T. N. Hunter, H.
I have a
Among 'them aro the recom~
Clocks with weights, which
And a new line of BILVE]
Silver W ATCH ES. A nice -1
glasses to fit eyes. All kinds
Clerk's Sale,
County of Picken~s,
Ir''Common P10ea8 Court.
In pursuance of a decretal order niade
in the following named case and on file
in the Ojoi'k'soicoe... 1Will sell to the
highest bidder during .the *legatl hqur
for 8sa10 at Pickena Court House 80,,
on Saladay. in Novemnber,e 1obi the
following described real estate up~n the
terms hereinaftdr'rntioned, tolwit:
John P. Thom~as, et al. 'Defendants.
All that p ieee, parcel and tract of land
situate in the County of Picki-ns, In the
State aforesaid,. on 8aluda river, con
taining one hu~ndredl aind fC rtv (J40)icre~s
adjoin'inir lands 6f- myself. M. Mi. Hlunt
rind Thal~d EIlb'on, and being part of the
Land bouight, by me of Dr., Anderson's
TVermis cash on day o~f isle. l'urchaser
mnust cne,,uly ith~ terms within one
hour or the promiies Will' be resold on
safne day.
Purchaser to pay3 for papePrs adthe
recording of sa me. 1)(
- .A- J. lioggs, (R'eal.)
ekrk of Court.
0 59 O
and Shoes.
lowing one of the
selected stocks of
ve ever shown, con.
Fkri9s from 50 a
ads up to $1.50 a
wnding the talked of
have cut our profits
'ou good goods for
honest goods can
h'ave almost any..
I nice dress goods.
Lton Flannels are as
,d anywhere for the
)to Jeans is the bebt
*uy for that .price.
Blankets in. great
a. up to $8.00.
he Underwear you
omen and Children,
I last year for the
iery department al.
Men's -work and
best on the market.
don't forget your
IoU want good shoes
ly morfber of the
3 and get our war
A. K. PA RK. #
iere are so many Sales going o
easonable we have always beei
for how less you can buy ou.
I prices of our competitors.
superb stock, some very hand
which we are selling at remark
e quality.
Greenville, S. C,
Cold Drinks don't forget m5
casion- Weddings, Sunday Din.
>ns or when unexpected com.
ders to me and rest assured the)
sh goods and the very best that
d sold.
ens and eggs.
.I. M. Mauldin,
- - - $20,500.00
- - -. i8,ooo.oo
- - - r 40,0oo.0o
t:Paid[O niDeposits-:
ood, W. M. Hagood,
Boggs, J. McD. Bruce.
S". Richey, J. P. Carey,
good line of
mendable ,old stylo Seth Thomas
I am selling at special bargains.
IWARE. AIRo solid1 Gold and
'no of Spectacles; I guarantee
~f repair work in the jewelry line.
- Easley, 8. C.
When a horse is so over worked it lies
down avid in other ways deolares its in
ability to go fmither, you would consider
it oriniinal sto use force. Many a man o f
humane impulses, who wouldrstot, .will..
Ingly harm a kittsn, is guilt~f of ornely
where his own stomach is concernec.
.Overdriven, overwvorked. then what it
needs Is ,someothin g that will digest the
fodd1 oart~n a'nd help the stomach to re.
opiperat. Somethmng like Kodol For
Dyspepsia that is sold by Pikena .Drug
*stes the. cough andbhense uay,
nI~,uetauriountero, no matter
o"" * * *ans or'e* cat i , W h -w * * '' t o
ton'e. t*write bj rt manl foet
Tne Ga.- . 3s,.Iaess efneds, as.,.Cs.

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