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Cha, ces atARO
Enormous Stocks In All Departments.
Never before have the trade of Greenville and surrounding country had such magnificient stocks from whicl to make their fall purchases as
we are showing this season. Now don't take this information with "a grain of salt" as you do a good many "ads." Just a peep on the inside of this
big store will soon convince you-,a careful investigation of stocks and prices will enthuse you to the buying point. You do not have to make your
selections from a mere -handful, but a large variety of styles and prices. Again, thisq is a store of many departments, You dea't have to run all over
town to get fixed up. We carry everything from Shoes to Millinery--'n other words, we are head to foot outfitters. You can buy your Dress, Hat
and Shoes, or anything else you wish to go-with them without leaving. the store.
Unmatched Array of Dress. Goods. SP
We call attention to a few of the many temptingi
Fabrics and prices, which is only an index to hun- vari
dreds that go unnamed: siml
40 in. grey plaid Panama, something new; per yd. 5oc -
42 in Cheviots and black Navy Brown and Garnet 50c
40 in. Panama in black and navy, per yard.-- 50c
44 in. Panama in the new Shadow checks,,per yd- 75c
54 in. fancy Plaid Suiting, per yard --- S c
56 in. fancy Plaids for children's dresses, 25 and 50c we
50 in. Cheviot, Serges and Meltons, per pard....- 75c
A grand line black and colored Suitings for dressy SeV
dresses, per yard........... Gc
The handsomest Broadcloth in the State for.........$i.oo
Large line Waisting in wool materials, both plain -
and embroidered--..--..-.-.--.-.-.- 25 to 69c
Grand Showing of Silks.
When Silks are mentioned people who know think tc
of Arnold. No such values to be found in these "dig- w
gins" as we have on sale here. We claim to be the n
Silk leaders of upper Carolina. aE
Handsome suit and waist Silks, all shades, per yd 59c N
36 in. Cream Jap Silk for evening, per y.d- - 50c B
Handsome Plaids, all colorings, per yard-- 75c
27 in. guaranteed Black Taffeta, per -yard 75c I
36 in. guaranteed 1.25 Black Taffeta, per yard.. i.oo E
,36 in. guaranteed Black Peau De Soi, per yard...... 1.oo
36 in. guaranteed i.5o Black Peau De Soi..--.. 1.25 1
For any want in Silks come to Arnold's
FWR TfH E CHILDREN thing that may be hanaod to thon
student of parrot habits says, how
'wisted Animals. that this nuty be accounted for hW
Here is a game that eqrybody wouldt fact that people use the right hai
enjoy. It has one advantage that should giving anything to a parrot, ani
coromend It to young and old alike; it bird inturally extends the claw tli
may be made quite simple and easy t nearer the object.
play or quite dilicult if so desired
that Is to say, you may use a list of Don'ts For Scholars.
4tetila, such as we give here in illus- Don't think your object in stui
tration, or a list of phrames or sen- I is to please your teacher, for he
tences, the latter being of course the is not affected by your future suct
Enore difficult to "untwist." - or failure. The education she is t
ta preparing for the. gauge you write to help you to get Is wholly for
a list like the following, all the names own benefit.
being twisted, or "pled," as the )rInt- Don't cheat at your exams. I
erstsay, with the letters arranged in do, the day will come when yot
coiplete disorder; it Is much better to regret it, for youth and early
make a typewritten list, for ordinary tunity como but once, and whei
handwriting wouk not bo" plain lected there is no means of rt
enough: tion.
Peesh. Aimcosh. Don't make a tiresome task of
Duggop. Grabed. study, but engage in it with the
1=oast Slab. Retirer. spirit which belongs to the delli
ap Then. Pacopeo pastime of acquiring knowledge.
Torte. Somsoup.
flugaja. Unnopig. "Walking Stick Inseet."
Give one 6f these lists to each play- The "walkling stick insect" of I
er, with a duplicate list of the numbers it one which has t t goo.
at the bottom of the sheet, and, having of notice uniong students of 11.
fixed a time limit, say, of half an hour. history. Tis huge isect can St.
offer a prize to the player who first b called a freak sice It is I
succeeds In writing the real, names of whch th6usamld may be foi
posite to the numbers. certain parts of Brazil.
Here is the "untwisted" list: It Is very difficult to obtain, ho%
S eep. Chamois. beauho It so aqhrlyretenbles thi
ug dog. Badger. ok atreo in apeprancothat one
lbatros. Terrier.
lephant. Tapir.
firaffe. Peacock. know It. It is about eighteen
Otter. Opossum. long.
Ants n "1~tgobi.So n whttch fais arced kap booy
newspeie ofan inSiar a last onotde .on sthfiyuen ocan
Sewtrittht e asneerbeor hisey Thm huelnsclcn.e
recored. he cratars we e Whye a ilifrar arucit, as
of' with ptiousandudshyeo
vrnperats of Braig
o w ave apedu oin hs.
* *d I trops whch eemd t be~i ho' ac in fairyacett goet
kno ittIt s aoughee
Anteao ohIorseback..esenth. ciitoodm.
Frencha h noiee thdis cver a emxstp11 clr n toi
waen raced Tohesroaus byerer lef
tey hgat efacgra compran cotineduc fsare loyo
in dmp lacs. he traveled ioerp hn oftenie
nd an lare, w hich goldnmed to bfeu un-e L
the ohers Obsrvin he NolaTwhen suntum Fae.
Idly 11ISoe buyftl aitriesartiket cusy
~m~o clsey, e ote tat ac lage thner loel hes.iyque a
ant al~ayw arriediatsmlldgrausan
upo I~bac, ilosabtie rlnau4r ,t *~Aro out atry dwligh his
the toop ore~pri~o~ mi ~noitoi woodesim ~~$ are. wrapoinhs.
~vi Wold ift btfrni ilelue, r The " la ehtnyt baurs awayges
*wlftl' alon the clumn fqp~eadto dIihttlepgu ste ftyu u
dear the aprect ntly covmander thioAnt ok waynfr, littl clde
rode uo "rsebc M. Melssennlue theyoii eve condeirn.a
frenm at h no~theed this specuisr1. Heun mixe uarth so uosy andador
t wasJ atrcedt Ahs rupseby ther a ouch plesrle gormy' or a
discovering that achucompany contin-ehinn ofigrie
ed rge~~q,U tat 1.traeled suhap Aor a ot da it' n0h of u sith
"anty than he others Oservides mthemm poooot aoo ttlearis coulda
bereyosey a he vlnoted that'4 eac argo , ht lovely shardyus. let
founlwad carrid a e sml ry at 'gsre.r daity w a iri g trie
the a00 oin.Pideh.f Thie~r ggt Tere were toralusd his eary,
swifdf long tio colun from0nd to rt iel of o aater timateu
rear.at aa rt ovrlooW thr Don'nyo wdr mile frchilderi
eniae or , .ir M. Meissenconluded 4 theily ovr bundei rai ofvay
from naat he sytat thseces og apun ahe erofuystiv
ant Itp) qtsirn, i ' ner th ou pe ace Tie yfatirica
"ahsai U.. the gpiIeal rie mswh, my poorS oor tile iseha
everAou ford mo aenirr w0ain t )l--of 0emiSiit restrI os frn l'OA
k'): ft.. ndiAtnsN'l ,~i~~b' f(Armu as few m~ie sem e
It my~geg~uee to, kin coli)od40 bushades oVf graicn of a
imal, oraQU r h1e,s l~~fot Isadt iQaiy,. or an. eag ofjt~ a
in seakig~o .aa n s.May eeus -f th-ieoftey
ecial Values in the Rug Department.
landsome Moquet, Brussels and Ingrain Squares,
ous sizes in different grades and Rugs, large and a
tdl to match. la
A Word to the Bride.
Me sell more bridal outfits than all the rest of the
res in Greenville put together. That proves that I
keep the right stuff. 'Io those who are contem
ting taking a sail in the matrimonial craft upon the
of life, come here to purchase. Our Silks, Dress
ods, Wraps, Shoes and Millinery will fill the bill.
The Suit and 'Wrap Department.
There are cities twice the size of Greenville that
nnot show such stocks as we are showing in ready
-wear.garments. We have a large out-of-town trade
io come to us for ready-to-wear garments. Why
)t you? The styles and qualities all that you could
k, and prices extremely economical.
obby grey Plaid Walking Suits for.--..--.. 1 2.50
cautiful mixture all wool, fitted back, collarless
braid ers, speciaL..................-...-.... 16-5o
[andsome Broadcloth Suit............ 20.00
legant line Cheviot Suits, Prince Chap styles,
box front, semi-fitting back--- ..... 18-75
)ressy Suits in cloths black and colors, each.....
. .- --25.o0, 26.50, 27.50 and 35.00
)vOr, ton-; of clover hay per acre. The piti
the able showing mentionod above is the
d( in result of years or shiftless nminaige
the meont on thle patrt of thle landlord , cou
at is pled with a systent of -tenancy which
has conslisted in selling the fertility
fron) the farm In the shape of grain
and hay, with the result that today Neutif a
lying the fil is an agricultural bankrupt,
life fertility lost, credit gone and reputa
esses tion badly damaged. As might be ex- fxhih
rying pected ulder such a system of nar
your agement, quack grass has gained such
a foothold that neighbors estimate that
you I If it were all In one patch it would 11 T
t will ' cover from forty to sixty acres of the
PPor- total area. As a consequence no Pelf
neg- rospecting and iiiprudient tenant will rent
para%- the farm on any terms; hence the Ott- The state fair at
er kind get it, and u111 (ote naturally the -October 22 to 21
your deplorable conditions mentioned tend cational than ever
right to grow eimulatively worse. Such any other exposition
htful handling of fertile, responsive soil Is struction and a oun
no less than an agricultural crime, every one who goes
Its this year will I
whose punishment is just as re type. Nearly all o t
that following transgression . in the outdoor o'ac avail
Irazil palm of human affairs. Iteformation been assigned and t
(eal ciin only be accomplished at the ox- nearly every kind o
tural pense of much money and the exer- There are new gas
reely else of long continued care and effort. and labor saving d
ecies If regeneration of such a farm is of- for farm and plant,
ad In fected it will come tUrough' a radical Plows, dairy utensil
change in nethodsR-stoek raishig ' and many other t
lever, stead of grain selling, a flve year in- erie articles.
twig stead of a one year system, of rental I The MI
could and the raising of clover and applica- e to gethinlti
never tion of other fertilizers instead of the officers of other so
nches gradual soil robbory which has gone on and become part of
for twen~ty. years past. it is a matter way finer shows, it
of cougratulation that such farms an at the same rate C
the one described are comparatively .This will make the
whic weall n te maagemnttoion ay ha ever
structionbes nd ur
supr- o uinny arm pontto lo amedleve ryl 1 oevr hoe
bes chiear than OV
eri --tfyo;eau haenl wf
the LCOHl. ~ Po'W'Ooutadoorlaivaes avaui
geatl hoeveringo
itlifl y mde pblicsom Intrestng acts roa. On arid
coihl ? con an pottoe foi farm you wilanten
t illalcholprouce inthecoutryis o M.nd man othe nt
0 ~ll~ffmostabunant ossble ourc isThe __M_
p~t~ltO--hlte. shet fatheaum.horite
work- one f theseouggrowo inalmostwev
part of theUnitedrStatsthred th
tea. onsittea cea yt cnvni n beoepato
pkn ourc ofrauactuethat tuhe famsas tth am-at
nhw few, but aelolfroe thattes theapeiesls
~gfwhmled pril waein thearcemen geea ofltsu
uprr-os manto f ar y po at ter h y eaminoe testm-l
wine thn. ai.Atrtecneso o oo ue niet
plaedo . Thifsso Iis. uWuly conmute i the ia te ziti
dep.'artm oen vatf o agr ltue hao cren-cmbndit th
"'~' spou tothe agntudeof te dstil an cheaoperutalveo
and rlaties abut
on codsrapdlyan isusull copleedcuresall ratesaon al
ritero s withi fortyligh some sneesn tsw uiy ,setn
ferorhous.Fro tis oit te lcooli hemroads Onemfa r
iteach conneced it the amanfetro a- at l8.S gil the
colhoderve 'from coru and pothtes. Ie- 'astyo wl Ten
purbut isivtale thtatersntt mos tro hetem all today Siad
~n ralcohol arlprouesses the ountryo~ ba to Mr. A.W. soe,
t wyll thae mnar corn, he the nex- tOia b. C. aota
ety rtielmost aby unan i! ctet possibleSsoucebysPthe
pothe atd-wceshe wtc the rasin large
work- t n Lfteel rw nams vr
qpartile of conte potatoes, and they D ~ fI
facur of atralcoho from potatoes th
Cloaks and Separate Skirts.
We do not believe we would miss it very far in the E
ssertion that we sell as many if not more Wraps than l
ny two stores in this city. We can hardly get them e
ist enough, and it's all because we handle the best -
tyles, the largest variety and offer the best garment
or the money.
Our stock of separate Skirts now complete, consist
ng of Voiles, Panamas and Cloths.
\ leader in a Black Panama Skirt - 5.oo t
still better grade Black Panaina Skirt........................ 6.98 (
\ Chiffon Panama in black and colors................. 7.98 <
Very dressy Panama in black . .. 0.00
Tremendous Lot Children's Underwear.
Soo pairs children's Vests and Pants, heavy cottpn 1
fleece, not soiled, in perfect condition, worth 25C !
garment, wreck price.-....-.. . ..o-.. . c I
rhe boys' and misses' in this lot, sizes 26 to 32, we
have marked per garment. ..-.-.----I5c
Magnifcent Millinery Display.
It will pay any woman whether tar or near to come
to this store to purchase her fall and winter Hats. No
3uch a stock of Hat beauty, quality or style to be found
in upper Carolina as you will find here. Nobby Ready
to-Wear Hats for street use. While not expensive,
yet they have that touch of style-price i.5o, 1.98,
2.50, 5-00, 7-50 to Io.oo.
We have a good one for our readers n(
its I Marie Bankhead Owen, reviewing t
worm, says: A practical bookman ha
since Trilby has taken so great a hold
as Graustark."
Being a story of love behind a th
scenes of adventure and impassioned
clumbia this year
-will be more edu- The author, George Barr McCutchec
before. This, like can, has given the reader a noble
Is5 a source of In
,a of knowledge to American as hero.
there. The exhib
)> of the highest The plot is thrilling and well susta
hke.oor space and told in vivid, terse English.
able' has already
ie exhibits include The motive of the story is the love
fnd sea onivance. man, and what that love emboldens
evices, machinery dare, to renounce, to endure I
kutomobiles, steam ,
a, mineral waters 'I It is beyond the province of the rei
)resting and econ- plot of a masterpiece of fiction to a c
dway. of the story. A zealous story reader
as were fortunate covery of what happened next as we:
h a number of the style and the literary atmosphere.
uthern state fairs
a circplt. In this I would as soon be given a glass o
ve bequ obtained squeezed lemon as a book of fiction
detofor charod synopsis of its contents. Graustark
enuine fun. The the pleasure of the prospective reade
seep here. More ______________________
railroad rates will
y, Th~ey Make You Fee1 Good. NOTIOI
-ithi Carolinas The pleasant purgative effect expeI-~ pound fthei
weelt, do so right enced by all wiho use Chamberlain 's nished free
to come home. Stomach and ,Liver Tablets, and the per bole alr
I inter'ested rail, healthy condition of the body and mind and ties, ji
sund trip. Colum- wh ichi they ereate makes one feel joyful- new systen
8 warm a welcome Prnce, 25 cents. Sample free at Ptick bes~t wvork
day limit. Write ens Dru~g Co. short time,
send their names ___won't have
secretary, Column. NO IEpay you Li
e can write them, N*TCE seed. Yet'
~~ - ' Tihe next t ehrs exanmination fort ny
H ouse on riday. September 21. Examl- "Ini Nov
nation will commence promptly at 9 and had I
o'clock, All applicants should be ready swollen se
hto commence work at that time. applied Cl
YoursTHur, gave me re
>t strength,nevos Co. Supt. Ed. daIys I wI
pation, bad breath, (GoBsins,
risipg., and catarrh SOME SPECIALS, ooai ain
dut indigedon., A bout 2;( 00 yards percale, yard wide,
ure Jucesof ig.. oodl heavy stuff, worth 10c. At oic na
h.ura jutomacof li ong as it lasts. A lot of standard calc > A O1ItTA
. ycow macl ' c. A little lot of Brown's Mule Tlob,.c- AllenB a Fo.
est kown nioco at 270c. Bulk soda in 1lblt lots 2je.' tr g.sweating
anl ogre indigs o$ ats 1lib lots 21c. Come while I have al mpI0
his famvous reme~dy the goods. T, D. H ARRIS. do, N' Y
ubles by cleansing,-_____
slnin then gmah Afflicted wi h Sore Eres for 33 Years. resultg froi
'sW.V. V... asare: I have been afflicted with sore eyes is quickly
lai IMY"a for thirty.three years. Thirteen years Pills. The
aoI became totally blindI and was blin d from the a
nolit Yesa Et, for six years. My eyes was badly in, vigor,,c3ur(
s % ethetri flamed. One of my neighbora insisted achie, (l issi
TT___M AO, pou my tryinig Chamberlain's Salve lng ordis
B~l~ ONI~w'and gave me half a box of it. To my Piekens D
na Drug Co. surprise it healed mny eyes and my siht '.
- -- - - came back to m1--P .EAnraI, yn
N~~thiEAn, Ky. Chamberlain's Salve ifor Etie
sae y ickens Drug Co.
ene .. -p.ates P
Beautiful creations in Dressy Hats, suitable for all
ccasions, all the new colorings and materials; any
hapes combined in these Hats. No better styles.
lo better qualities, and the prices are extremely mod
Shoe Values That Hdve No Equal.
The values in our Shoe Department stand out pre
minently alone. They cannot be compared with
hose offered at strictly Shoe Stores, for the fact that
>ur Shoe Department only has to bear a small portion
)f the expense of this business, while it's different
vith shoe stores-they have to make it all on shoes.
)ur lines represent the very flower of shoe making:
n being able to buy everything you need under one
-oof, means that you can save both time and money
)y doing so. This is one of the few stores in the
State where you can satisfy all ybur wearing apparel
ieeds under one roof.
That Arnold does not handle trash. The prices
quoted are upon absolutely reliable, first-class merchan
dise. It's the kind we have built our reputation on.
[t's the only kind you can afford to buy. You don't
:-un any risk here. No old stock, job lots, mill-dewed,
"outlawed" in style merchandise, old enough.to vote,
to palm off on' you. You won't be ashamed to -tell
your neighbors where you got your new dress when
she asks you, which she's sure to do if you buy it here.
Clerk's t Sale.
A R KCouny of Picken.
A R K ~ ~~~In Common Pleas Court. dcea re
>w-GRAUSTARK, made in the following aamed ease and
on file in the Clerk's office. I will sell to
IfRONE, BY GEORGE le highest idder duaing the lega
hours for sale at Picketsf court Hotise,
S. C., on Sneday in November, '1906,
he story in the Book- the following dereibed real estate upon
; just said, ''no book the terms hereinafter metioned, to-wit:
on the popular fancy J. P. Carey and C. 0. Robinson,
rone, it teems with C. 0. Jrenemore, et al. Defendants.
romance. All that piece, parcel or lot of land
hituate in tho town Of Piekeuis, Southi
n, himself an Ameri Carolina, fronting on Bowen street and
,xample of an ideal Pendleton avenue aud known aa Lots
Nos. 76 and 91 on the towna pint, con.
taining in the nggr('gatd two and one
ined, the story being hal (21) acres more or 10w.
TLernws cash on day of su~e. Par.
chaser must %comply with the terms
of a man and a wo- within one hour or the prmises will be
resoldi on same dlay.
them to venture, to The growing crops on these lots are ro
served under this sale and does not pass
to the purchaser of said lots. Pur.
riewer to reduce the chaser to poy for ppers and recording
:mpressed summary for the same. A. J. logs, (Seal.)
delights in the dis- Clf-rk of Conit.
l as to revel in the
f skimmed milk or a
itccompanied with a STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA.
I leave therefore to *n County of Pickens.
In Common Pleas Court.
In pursuance of ah decreta order d
- - -. ma in the follwing named ase andfe
~.-Ay an evey boy wonl in the Clerk's oflice. will sell to ~
thew highst bidder uring the legal uso
cotton gined forhteursLfor sale at Pickns Coourt.. Hose
I th 1'ggig ad tes ur-S.leC., n Nalvodayin 1906b, t190llo,
of chage or or onedo tha foing deeribed real estateu h tpons
d py 5 cnt fo laggnthetsin hreinte mentioned, to-wit:
i gnney ad3 et he Jer Pay . Cartiey a. E. Robn~son
that cn he (onePlaaiverifian
Cansav )OI tme nd . Colineo, et al. Defendants
anythng t do.AlsowillAll that picei piece, porcl or tract
einako ricefor oursottn atd, ituae ton aiounPiykend Soth
Lrs _______A. P.Caan. i ate fronip onBwn Cedrtreekn
Peeeo aivenu, aonid lkndw s ota
ember, 101, I o~ ~ Ncol and an 91on teathe tnd atia con
huindred n thirtyggregae (1wo aroes
he uisy.Mythratlf (2r cresr r es
I culdharly r. the ITerms on~fcash nd the alae. n
ahaserlmust'compiy walmthanderm
LB al rght" sys tj~, pothion oe houre by ah brende ol tbe
)tterurnMieb Cha~pbre sol n aetagy. heji
Balmis alinient ~1 ~ Th goingrps onlt' thet. fre re
Fslnble or srain andseredao unerci this caredand dortsn its
r sle y Pckes Dug o.torileeo the purcobas er or os pur
it-ase a owdr~cr~s~I ebhasehrt1 tof ale must ~e can d eoring
________________fo the edn.j ae
Bloo 1'l~onflgA. J. Boggs, (Seal.)
~ choujoconsipaton, hichClerk of Comrt.
eureci byDr.lKirg'sNeSaLif
ysoI avdIae therefor to an
sm~ ~tmshinanla hed-Ins oo seasf i Wl Court. brgin
co g -ne onfort thethn 25thmnyora
rug agig n te fewaar-an tS pee
ofcageo o oneA. doollatoS.A e oto orso
d ayl65 cnts forw bggfict n ~ ieefr2obos
eme, 91 I. ough col

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