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Entered April 23, 1903 at Pickens, 8. C., as second clase matter, under not of Congress of Marc
Oigin Of Flames Unkn
Up In
Talk of Incendlarisn and Race Haterd
When Sifted Proved to Be Groundless
Town Was Quiet Yesterday, But
Stunned By Great Losm.
Seneca, Oct. 17.-The prosper
-ous young city of Seneca was vis
ited by a disastrous fire last night,
in which two hotels, three stores, a I
restauraut, a meat shop, a resi, I
dece and a barber shop were i
completely destroyed. I
When some of the guests of the I
Oconee Inn were retiring last even
ing they thought they could smell 1
smoke and thoy made some little
investigation and finally decided it (
must be the smoke from the lamps g
in the building. Shortly after E
nidr ight Mr. C. H. Ellison, the t
owner and proprietor of the Oconee i
Inn, was awakened by a heavy
smoke in his room. He, with his t
clerk, Claude -Sitton, came down t
atairs to investigate the trouble
On reaching the dining room, t
which is on the first floor, they dis- t
covered the building on fire. When I
they reached the scene there was t
only a small fIme which, it seems, I
had started under the floor of the I
butler's pantry between the dining S
room and the kitchen. Mr. Elli. E
son and Mr. Sitton made heroic t
attempts to extinguish the flames, I
but on account of the scarcity of t
water, the flames made much head- a
way, and 0he buildsing was soon in t
a imass of 'games., thtO waa a ii
basement under the kitchen- and t
butler's pantry, which contained
about five tons of soft coal. The e
basement was securely locked and l
right in the basement the fire E
The fire quickly spread and L. t
A. Moore's grocery and glassware fi
store was soon in flames. The a
Seneca pharmacy came next and c
then the large Palmetto hotel. a
After the flames had reached the 1
Palmetto hotel it was only a matter ii
of a few moments before Hunt & t
Harper's fine dry goods store was 'y
on fire. On the other side of the g
Oconee Inn was a boarding house t,
kept by Mrs. John Anderson, but tj
owned by L. M. Coleman. This ti
building was a two-story frame a
bulild ing and was inviting to the b
angry flames. Garrett's restaur ant,
next door to Mrs. Anderson's, was n
next in line and the flames leapr-d 81
to the roof of this building. and it a
4 .did not take many minutes to a
make this building look lik~e a mass lt
-of coals.
Mr. B. F. Soan had a small ii
frame building next to Garrett's a
restaurant, and it was necessary l1
to place six sticks of dynamite and 1I
a keg of blasting powder under fi
9 this building, and a nice job of ie
''blowing up" was accomplished, a
which in all probability saved the
next large brick store building. c
A Certain Cure for Croup Used for Ten
Years Without ai Failure, a
Mr. W. C. Bott, a Star City, Ind. hard 3
w ere merchanit, is enthusiastic in hist
praise of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
His children havo all been subject to r
c roup and hie ha~s used this remedy for I
the paset ten years, and though they
much feared the croupi, his wife and be~ C
always felt safe upon retiring when a r
bottle of Chaimberlain's Couich Remedy
was in the house. His oldest child was
subject to severe aittacks of croup, but s
this remedy never failed to effect a
eedy cure. He has recommended it
to friends and neighbors and all who t
have used it say that it {s unequalled for
croup and whooping cough. For sale
by Fickens Drug Co.
-H. A. liohey has jat-t received a
car loa~ of Roxannie &a nd Obelisk
own, Both Hotels Go
".9ett Soaps" Those People and "Blows"
This Paper.
Cateechee, Oct. 15.-I wish to (
%ongratulate the proprietors, man- c
igement and evtire office force on )
he decided improvement in the c
aet number of the Sentinel. It L
vas a good number and ranks a
vell with any weekly in the State. n
have beard many happy com. p
nents on it and here "is hoping" 1i
ou may all "live long and pros
>er."1 1
As you will see I am out at p
3ateechee and still on the same old ii
rind. But I am growing weary C
,nd often feel that it is about time "
o throw aside the brush again, hit t
t for pastures now and join the 14
print shop" gang. There is some. b
hing more agree'able in the odor t:
f printers' ink than paint. t
Last week I took my first tour s,
brough a cotton mill. Some of 8
he machines seem to have almost c
inman intelligeace, but I shall not t
ry to tell you "how the old things m
rork " for it is all Greek to me. h
lut as the mill is neat, clean and t<
iry, and the work light and pay %
pod, if I had a few more years on e
he sunny side of life instead of o
ast the ridge pole with my face to n
he setting sun, I would join the t:
rmy myself and become an opera- d
Dr. Now, Jim, don't smile for it ii
not on that account, although o
hey are a mighty good looking lot. I
Cateechee is very prettily situat.
d and is probably the most k
ealthy of any mill town in the fi
tate. The drainage is absolutely k
erfect and the houses scattered ci
Lrough the groves, most away o;
*om the maiD street, and as they 0
re not all painted of the same hi
Dlor, the town does not have the w
ppearance of one of those towns ol
here the white houses are stuck ai
i a row like tombstones giving ti
ie town a grave yard look and tI
bhere a stranger involuntarily
lances over his shoulder expecting y,
see the "Ghost Walk" when
2e clock strikes twelve. One of
lose towns gives me the "horrors" ya
nd sets me thinking of the "dry
ones in the valley.''
The operatives at the Cateechee w
Lill have many advantages and pi
'jould be contented and happy
ad I believe they are, as they are at
iI well dressed and prosperous di
>oking and I see but fewv idlers.
The future welfare of the young ra
not forgotten and Cateechee has ye
good school. The building is a hi
irge two story structuire, well is
*ghted and ventilated, neatly ki
nished within and without and at
quipped with modern desks anid I
The school is in a flourishing o
ondition, with Valley Woodruff as rc
rincipal and Miss Neita Clayton lo
Ssistanlt. The young ladies are r
'ery popular with the older set of m
hie town, and being possessed1 of a ri
emariikable degree of patience areo
oloved by the pupils und-r their rne
harge. Perhaps they may not4 di
ate with Job itn this respect, but w
re find no record of J b ever pre-. i
idmng over a mnill towni school. ~
toils ar~e not in it with some of w
hose kids. n
'Tle company con(tuCts ai general e
t(or", the buiildinig beinig very large g,
ommiodious and situated at the c
atersection of several roads mak- hi
iig it very conlveni.-nt, not only C
or the operativeshbut :for the far- 0
Mors of the surrounding country.
A very larg6 line of general
merchandise is carried and is
unuer the management of Mr. T.
A. Gary, with Mr. S. W1. Craig,
Mr. T. W. Young and Mr. J. E.
Jhristopher as assistants.
Mr. Norris mtde a very happy
election in his corps of salesman,
iaving an eye not only to businees
Lbility, affable and gentlemanly
nanners, but also personal ap.
earance, as these young men are
dhat the ladies would term "de.
idedly pretty."
For the beneft of "whom it may
oncern," I wish to state. that Mr.
rarv is married and therefore out
f the market, but Messrs. Craig,
roung and Christopher are not
fly willing, but are on the matri.
ionial anxious seat and smile
like on widows, spintsers, old
iaids and misses,. with a decided
reference for handsome young
This comes as a reminder that
advertising counts." Under the
ersistent and effectual advertis.
ig of Alonzo Brown, N. P.,
ateechee is fast becoming the
Gretna Green" of South Caroline,
ie Mecca of runaway couples and
ve sick youngsters and Alonzo is
uilding up an extensive and lucra.
yo business in tying of the "knot
iat binds." But Alonzo. has his
)tbacks and his troubles. Last
unday be received a hurry up
ill from Norris to tie the knot ;n
rue to dodge the irate old man,
ho was in hot pursuit. In his
mote to reach the station he failed
) notice a low hanging telephone
ire which caught his buggy top,
trrying it by the board, leaving
ir "worthy" in the buggy box
linus % 4eat. The result being
at Alonzo miqsed his job and his
ollar, and he is now busy study.
ig the code to see if he has not
se tor a damage suit against the
ell Telephoue Co.
We cannot vouch for the fol.
wing, but it is told that when he
rat received his commission he
Dew but little about the marriage
remony, never having had any
rperience in that particular -line.
ne day a couple appeared before
m and as might ba expected he
as somewhat irustrated, but love
the dollar overcomq his modesty
id he told the couple to join
ieir right hands and then got off
t following:
"Do you take this woman to be
ur lawful wedded wife?"
'I do."
"Do you take this man to be
ur lawful wedded hnsband?''
"I do."
"I now pronounce you man and
fe and bind yau over to the Su
rior Court of Pickens county."
Evidently Alonzo was not aware
that time that there was no
vorce law in South Carolina.
Jim, I am still able to eat three
tions a day and never fail. I am
ry pleasantly situated at the
me of G. W. Poore. Mr. Poore
slasher in the mill, if you
mow what that means. I don't,
d as he sets a slahing good table
ask no questions.
By the way, why don't you shake
our "county fathers' on the
ad question? Just whisper
uidly that a little work on the
adsR would not he amiss. The
Li1 has gone but the hlle~s and~
ts are very much in ovidenice, and
h Lordy how had I feel," for I
(lt to Salem aiAd ret urn laqt Sun-i
Ly in company w-th S. W Cra-'g.
wmre we attemnded the Awso-la
n. Tlhere was a large number
attenda nce andl ph.uty of dm.n
~r, but I got ve'ry nervous to,
rds the last, fearful we would
cit reach homo before the shades
night. That young mwn was
ow to start, andl while he was
iod company his only sub joct for
)nyersat ion was "The girl he left
in." She had better move to'
ateechmee or Mr. Norris will lose
te of his salesmen.
l~ev. Sam Jon
Dies on
He is Thought to Have F
O'clock Mon
Funeral Will Probably le Conducted in
Great Tabernacle at His Home
Bearing His Name.
Li ttle Rock,Ark., Oct. 10.-Rev.
Sam P. Jones died on the Rock
Island train, No. 4, eastbound, at
Perry, this state this morning,
presumably, of heart failure. The
evangelist was en routo home to
celebrate the fifty-ninth anniver.
sary of his birthday with a family
He retired in the best of health
last night in high spirits and arose
feeling fine. He talked with the
members of his party for some
time regarding plans for the
future and of the most successful
meeting in Oklahoma City, which
closed yesterday.
Later he spoke of feeling badly.
Hi daughter brought hot water
and he apparently recovered. In
a short time it was apparent that
he was very ill and all possible was
done to relieve him.
When Perry was reached he was
reclining in the .arms of his oo,
worker, Rev. Walt Holcoab, and
surrounded by three members ot
his immediate family, he peace
fully and quietly passed away as
in falling into a refreshing sloop.
Mrs.-Jones, hi:.wife, and Mrs.
Annie Pyron and Miss Julia Jones,
daughters, were with him at the
time of his death. The body was
brought to Little Rock, where
Reubel prepared it for interment.
Mrs. Jones will continue east to.
night, accompanied by the body.
Rev. Holcomb went to Memphis
on No. 4 to make arrangemehts
for a special train to convey the
body to .Cartersville, Ga., where
the interment will take place.
Rev. George Stuart, old-time as
sociate, Rev. Walt Holcomb and
Rev. J. A. Bowen, of Mississippi,
will conduct services. Rev. E. 0.
Excel, noted singer, will render
songs of the noted evangelist.
The death of Sam Jones is in1
keeping with his wishes, as he often
expressed a desire to die in the
service of his Master for whom he
has served for thirty-five years.
Members of the family are well
nigh prostrated with grief at a a
hotel in this city. They go east I
tonight. Mrs. Jones and daughters
have been invited by Rev. W. F.
Andrews, pastor of the First
Methodist church of this city, to
make his residence their home
while here. The ladies refused to
leave Reubel's undertaking estab
hishment, however, until time to
take the Rock Island train this
The Shrineirs ot the city ap
p~oinited a committee to escort the
body to Memphis, th.e commiiittee f
30n'siSting of George Wood, Jobn v
H. B and, J. S. Barkman, M.
Ringlehanupt and C . C Price a
Mr. Jones held a high rank in Ma.
snry )fll'tor which oirder he held
the highetrgrd. t
F'aren For Staie.
A 110) uer.' farm for sae joining lands
'.f Rev. W.C(. Seal orai A. 11. Rtigginsand
Philip IRobinus.n 'T a'cres in cui tivation.
2' aicres mi high tate of enitivtion, 2.5
acr a we'll tiinbIere'd, t) a plendidl dIwell I.'
two good wire paster's, contains sonnie
bottom land. and( Is well w ~atered, fonr I
miles f roum Norris Cotton M1ill, six mile s 1
fromi Lib. rty uand fiv e miles Pickens (A.
H. in Prate'rs zection, a good outlet, 0
Price $:30 0)0 per acre. Adldreas Julies
bl. Bolding, Rt. F. D. No. 2. PuckenR S.
C. 28 Nov.
.es a]
Sleeping Car, r,
assed Away About Four
lay Morning.
Items From This Thriving Town and
Community. tl
Personals and Other Matters.
Easley, S. C., 17th Oct. '06,
Last evening while Earle (Pat) t
Jennings was in the store of A. G.
Wyatt & Co., in compiny with a
Richard Wyatt and others and in. is
specting an "unloaded":32.calibre
pistol, the pistol, while in the S
hands of Mr. Wyatt, was discharg- o
ged and the ball ploughed its way re
through the calf of Jennings' left M
leg. It is not a dangerous wout d,
and as the bone is not shattered it w
is to be hoped that he will be all gi
right in a short time. The shoot- R
Ing was entirely accidental and no 0
ane was to blame.
Last week we stated that in one ti
lay twenty cars of goods were re. ai
3eived here for our merchants. A w
like statement was published in ui
)ur paper here aswellas in some of
)ur nearby dailies, so I took it as a,
a matter of fact, but since then on ri
making inquiry I find that while h<
the twenty cars were set off here, j(
Pxteen of them were for the Pick. H
ans merchants and twelve of them c(
were carried over in one day by the ti
'doodle'? leaving four for our town lo
but we arerstill doing business, all
fight neyeitheless notwithstanding. M
Little Miss Marie Hiott, daugh. ti
er of Rev. D. W. Hiott, is quite %
iick, and has been since last Sat- g
urday, with fever. It is to be hop.
ed that it is nothing serious.
A building boom has struck our J(
town and everybody either has a lo
structure under way or is contem- p:
plating erecting commodious build bE
ings. Bob Lathem has one of the w
prettiest building sites in town and
is putting up a fine house on it.
A good deal of cotton is being
old here; the prevailing price hast
been around the 11c, mark. 0
Our graded school is in a very c
lourishing condition now over 200
>Upils being Anrolled. We have aa
good corps of teachers and this is a
;he best towni in the Piedmont ina
vhich to educate your children. M
The oil mill and ginnery is run
ling full blast, and 600 bales of re
otton ginned was their record for es
ast week. c
R 0. Pickens, wife and little son
re visiting relatives in to)Wn. Jc
4r. Pickenis, who is a former Ess- Ja
sy boy, is a resident of Spartan- Ai
urg where he has a nice business.
C. H . Alexander, of Pickens, thi
ras in town yesterday on his way inj
o A tlan to. Ael
Several of our citizens attended th
he fair at Greenville this week. $1
Mrs. R F. Smith, of this place,
nd Mrs. A. R. Ansel, of Green
ille, visited in Atlanta last week. Wi
We note that Rev. D. W. Hiott
very' popular JBaptist divine, has
een reelected as pastor st Pisgah. 'i
C. B. Hag~ood has sold his beau. 'i
full home here to J1. 0 Pickrens- Ot
rr. Ilagord will shortly becomo a rid
itizen of Pickena,. a.
Miss Zorna V. Stton wans miarried Ji
n the 15th inzstant to G. W. Pop.., L
Cambridge, Mass. Rev F D. the)
[int, of Greenaville, officiatec1.
'he marriage was. a quiet affair uak
,nd took pl'ce at the home of the
iride's mother near Easley. S
Easlev now has a wholesalo firm, Sa
G. Wyatt & Co. have rented
be warehouse near the depot and
re jobbing hay, grain, etc.
Mrs. J. M. Browne, who was
robably known to many of your
aders, died at her home at
quality on the 11th Instant of
araly8is. Her iemains were laid
rest at Sandy Springs.
We saw Mr. and Mrs. E. B.
ichardson, of Liberty, on our
reets last Friday.
An all day singing will be held
Rock Springs church on Sunday
ie 28th instant.
An all day singing will be held
ie coming Sunday at Golden
reek church, near Hunter's mill.
Mr. J. C. Smith of this section,
ho has been suffering for some
me with a lame foot, has recently
id an operation performed on it
a Greenville Sanitarium and he
pronounced as improving.
Smith & Jamison and Hagood &
mith, our two enterprising firms
stock dealers have each recently
ceived a car of fine horses and
The Easley Camp W. of W.
ill unveil a monument over the
ave of John Looper at Cross
)ads church at 3 p. m. on Sunday,
otober 28th.
Our two mills held a meeting on
ie 10th inst., and declared a semi
mnual dividend of 4 per cent., I
hich %ill be paid onulmt of Jan.
Mr. Keith Allgood, of Equality,
id Miss Zoe Henderson were mar.
ed on last Sunday evening at the I
>me of the bride's father, Mr.
)bn R. Henderson, Rev. D. W.
iott officiating. The happy young
mple have the heartiestoongratu
Dns of their many friends fora
ng and happy life.
Mr. A. T. Nix, of the Eighteen
ile section, is making prepara.
)ns to move to Alabama this fall.
' think he could do as well in
)uth Carolina.
The Pickens train is again mak
g its accustomed trips. Engineer
ianes is out Jon the road doing a
l of work to the bed, such as re
tiring trestles, ballasting the road
hd and other necessary work to a
all regulated railroad.
One of the true bills returned by
ie grand jury late Wednesday
'en ing is of particular interest to
ioole in this community. In the
Lse of the United States against
C. Jennings, of Pickenis county,
true bill was returned. Sheriff
Innings is charged with allowing
number of prisoners to escape.
ost of these prisoners were serve
g sentences for iolations of the
venue law, and when they
aaped some time agoconsiderable
miment was caused.
The prisoners who escaped were
hn Gantt, George WV. Powell,
ck Stenseti, Dillard Dodgins and
idrew Masters.
Jeff D. Stansell plead guilty to
a charge of removing, conceal-i
Sand retailing whiskey and was
itenced to serve three months int
Pickens jail and pay a fine oft
Will King plead guilty of remov- e
and concealing whiskey and
s sentenced Lto seive one month a
the Pickens jail.
How to Oure a Coldi,
'h question) of how to cure a oold
iout unnliecossary losqs of time is 0o10
ri b we are all mo or loe in~t.r
d, for tile quicker a cold' is gotten
ofi the less the danger of plneumonlia
other serious diseases. Mr. B. WV.
Hall. of Waverly, Vat., has used)
ierlainU's Coiugih Rflmledy for years
saysi: "I firmly believe Chamber
's 'Cough Remedy to b)e absolutely
best preparationi on tihe market for
Is L hlave recommended it t ) my
nlds and they alil agree with me." For
by Pickens Drug Co.
ore Nipples and Chapped Hlands
quikyued hy applying Chamiberilk~
Friends of the Dispensary Tell That
They Wnll Be Able] So Saye it in
Spite of Antagonistic House,
Columbia, October 16.-It seems
that the State dispensary will go
before the next legislature heavily
indicted by the summer primaries,
but whether a pro-dispensary sen
ate will be able to save its life in
spite of another anti-dispensary
house remains to be seen. Still it
is confidently calculated among
the friends of the dispensary that
even if the legislature does repeal
the present law and pass something
in the nature of the Morgan local
option law affording the counties
choice between prohibition and
county dispcnsary, with perhaps
high license for Charleston, the
state dispensary will remain alive
for at least two years, and possi.
bly forever.
They figure that out by saying
that in case the state dispensary is
abolisbed injunction proceedings
will be immediately begun with
vigor, which will tie the matter up
in the courts for two years at least.
The injunction proceedings will be
based on the contention that was
made from time to time during the
state campaign, and in fact in the
last legislature, that any law of
he general nature proposed by
;he Morgan bill would be in conflict
with the constitution.
So whatever else may be said
hbout the coming contest it is cer
ain that the anti-dispensary peo
Ale have no bed of roses ahead of
Poultry and eggs continue to be
the most valuable farm product in
spite of bumper crops.
There are private estimates out
bhat the 'corn crop would aggre
gate 3,000,000,000 bushels n over.
The Cuban government has pur
shased 500 horses to be used in the
-ebellion in that republic and want
L,500 more.
America can and will under cer,
,ain conditions grow over 30,000,
300 bales of cotton, nearly three
times as much as is now grown.
Furm lands in America have in-.
creased in value six biliion dollars
since 1900; in other words, in the
past five years the increase of value
amounted to one-third.
It is said that the Government is
doing all possible to aid the State
of Florida in its efforts to drain the
Everglades and thereby reclaim 1,.
000,000 acres of virgin soil.
Nebraska expects to have enough
corn this year to feed the civilized
peorlos of the world for six
months, if necessary. Let the
coal trust beware. We can all
urn corn next next winter, if
It every farmer would be as per
iistent in cleaning the roadsides of
veeds as the railroads are in keep.
ng their right of way Clean, it
vould add greatly to the beauty of
he contry, Compare some of
he p~ublic roads with the railroads
und the former suffers by compari,
Make a bin in the stable and
tore up several loads of dry loam
lust these hot days. It is inval
iable in keeping dowu stable odors
mnd in catching and holding am
nonia and stable liquids that
>therwise would waste. 'This dust
s as valuable as plaster anid may
3e enfely considered worth $2 per
oad. It is indispensable in the
poultry house also.
They Make You Feel nood.
The pleasant purgative efrect experi.
enced by all who use Chamberlain's
dtoimach and Liver Tableta, and the
healthy condition of the body and mind
which they oreate makes one feel joyful.
Price, 25 cents. Satuple free at Pick'
euns lDrug Co.

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