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It Isn't necessary to let the city rub
pe natural bloom from your b~oy and
.. rIn order that they maty become ac-|
ainted with the ways of the world.
During the hunting season It Is pret
hard to round up a trespasser and
supported by the law unless there Is
houeproof. That meansm fences upl)
.! good shape and patrol duty onl your
Thie raising of alfalfa In the eastern
tshas not thus far proved at suc
-s, though there Is reason to hope
better results and thant the distleuil
Iof Boll aind cultivatio.fmay be over
great denl of lost; Is suistainedi after
harvest Is begunl, but not finlishied,
the fall rains whkleh come onl. It
t always easy to overcome this con
n and prevent the grain and
wv from being blown about. Keep
.gs in shlape as far as pd~o
good deal of unealled1 for disorder
damage cofdd be prevented by re
ng to allow the chihiren to nmlke it
-ground of the barn or -workshop.
-i quite as- oftenl thle visiting chil
tfromn the neighbor-hood who niake
tronible ais your own. P1-'ies often'
nate Inl this wvay.
I (I
hoe porassible takr your o n
'aittile to market yourlf. T i
-5 you ordn opporitatmity to eftupar
in with others and ofi the m wo.
I thn standpoint of teo itrket a
hable You to profit by past nx
U o (t. Inl fat eattl wveIght IhS not
t for hape anch atrl cuty and yon
-tn as ople's front Yards remind
> th overtrimmed rwaonan' dress
eaty and symmtry of th lawn
marred by an overiiundane of
A gretdevl beds, flowering bushes
shrub' trees. When first pult out
seemi all bl.ht ut aift-.3r a Fmason01
o of grw t yu have imo o thall
thargained for.
reent bulletin isu : the gv and
a fxrmeingn stlion arrt. the
gsin hich ahfras :!a-ol .ene
zig to aow the ildr- t mke a
*groun o-> til.:marn~m or w0 f he
4 ~ithi a oftrn ti iig hl
nmt itis that nrw. u ei
he 1t 1h-51 :ta e yown i '. -tln ef t
4 vi u an itert :t t en(:pioin
neutry 0to ':Te adm rthie tlie o
purcst brdiT htr wi 1 011m t a ben
enalseyotolt by 1mnSt cx-in
'ln-i. ith cn te weigt yi ea nt
m )~e'frnt ardsee sred.
iind yule of tibed laoy
* aen by mansuvrd by the sze of
k11:)etoo. Manyi the~ parut wot
toof latetl ytha iilve nd rhe
hzraInotdh mesuedoucr.s
w ~ithr darsndcetsan
hol.ur ich1 in po~'* in of mater'ia
por an71i'lmd destitute. iti'7
fello whor~e: II ll loa.:f aroud -
ii'ei ot sittdsing on dry goods boxes
heret tsuan-rent alfrhl
hea ishulet n of thw orkr boy$
ris aut lrpoiteon tha b ingh ai
whosnae wivIfetil ha to thakt
* hould bne ae byw comeing o
~thisk Min th e busy'l or 'lto
ms ipa toone a plile wond e
bofihI potatt roer wl tis
* I tho mothe eedh in thoir
fellowe hoy Will loet aove
he i rop. An uge-4l made
bukea aout Jutn o r osl)1.)te
len te iweed1 uren(l or 1t th)
- he gimlound of thork at vin
md ile likel tan be Inuth lifor
toz e' ar livug nxt fal.tThi
* hot btages ah weeds cand atli
f thknd euls towe uyor' trop
- insameipalc tofe led. l h
11101 out po frors~l thcil
* e and p1Wlesue~d h Intatei br
n oe th auit at ore much
Aok pio Is er: ha-tring, hats
mny il aneds ben to etthir
* 'he and'wiz th ghlrens ristead
t ig da nte faner ill
n I tht th ige oly weay tiad t
'4 ( te reny t o what thoe'owant
h time1( beom'e es aitt wt
ren. Th oe thony hs etumle of111
g 31 ahe chil cuie In muchad
I ntatn the ony,~ tatte
A i oyt owa hywn
Profitable Use In Changing Fro
( ans to Dry Food.
Inereasing attention is being given
by intelligent farner3 and stock keep
ers everywhere to the use of concel
tiated feeds, mill stuffs and similar
substances. This is so because such
aIttenTlt ion almost invariabiy yields a
hands.tome return. The ol( haphazard
imethoils of feeding are giving way to
more (,:t reful, mor . practical aind
therefore more scientific methods. It
is ecominlug imiore couinion to ralse
clover, IIlalfa, pea Viine, hnorse bean
or cowpea hay, so as to ihave dry fod
der or roughage rich in protein1 to
supplement the ordinary hay Inld grain
fodder which are relatively poor in pro
teln, but rich In starch and- woody
Gralis, mill stuffs aInld ground feeds
are also 1ing employed with 1o0re
intelligelCe Iid greater prolit than InI
Lorm)er yVer1Is. Wherie the protein con
tainiiig h Ways above mentiolned are inot
grown it is entirely practicale to hal
an1ce up the rations of ordinary hay,
corn fodder, corn grain,, etv., by fe.d
Ing slitable proportions of aly of the
high grade colcentrltes, such as ol
or inew protfess linseed meal, cotton
(eed IIetl , glut(Il reil. gillten ine-i .
etc'. Of )1(ourse' inl beginlnilng to feed
these coneltrate it is inipwtant to
start with a relatively itsmil (Initity
per cow per day an iicreause the :al
lowncil as the creatu1re's 'onlitionlu
Itid prodilet warrallnt. Speciail care is
necessary in this mIatter at this season
ald vlen the cows biie fro) grass
or green feedi to the Iry eeI Of win
One of the sat'est mnixtuores to use at
this critical per11iod is earn. out.4 :111d
barley, gro ul an milixed ill prope'r
Whlen these grainls arv fille!y .'roli.i
(Onluides tlnri:1l A; .ricutil i -.1 id
the resnlting feed is kiln dried the feed
svem1i to 1w Iin'. di.'stible lald is C.00
tanily Very appet %:nA.
Severtal smts of Ilooi ConaI'venfert 0or
. 1 : .~'norlh.w u ei: 111h Isar-l 1 li(
)() ( io4f 14i0 ot each st);Ie. :1i: 1
sh~frpy i s (> 0.* i m :n~le;)sy. .
::lln ;' 1ugh Ito be kpt nearl at. ha.141
10ut we :11s w:lilt lw's that e:In 1:e
usedvq in wv' 'Iinz I ! .:11 esime!;:illy '21
wetl('(d1l2 044)ns go'wnil' liy the 11:11n
inches ap:1t-:41 I will :1 .l'it of werkt!*
*v '-r '.-. : :'. i'nh.:n het ; I. n' x
;am thrn'iha '4tn Iri ((4(w. hhide'i holas.
I 118'l to) takeC an oh, wl.''il or hoe.
one iiracti'ally3 i.:lt its usefuhwss1 5, tinal1
('uI Il hb' ii le do wn4 at bot h shles, so4 as
to) l'4ave' it fram411 C0arnerl to. corn4e1' onlly
two or4 t w~O and1( onie-half inches wide,
and thei Corn'ers thiemuselv~es at anl acute
a1ngle. says a wri1te'r inl 1-: 'arituid Fir'e
side. As to thle new~ style hoe, it is
surelt'y sharpi and I helieve of just the~
right f'ormnnto bie serv'ieable for' use as
a weeder inl onions5 ain1 other close
pla~nited stuff. Ini shorit, wi th hloes of
thne righnt kind it s(ems t he0 nlot muitch
of aI curIse to lbe "the manL1 with the
1R4auhar11'b May Hie Uivided.
If rhl' rb11'. is to bet dliv'ided' it shouhl1(
be d(one in1 the aultumnl and4( not, leltI to
the spr4ing, wh'len tile phis~ shnouhli ho
bud wilIl have a goodl pie(ce oif r'oot, andi~
set wi'thl manlIure belo0w tihe soii on
w'hli('h thel roo(t lests and1( m1anur~le abo ve0
the sii c'ov'erin-r it. thie 1:ainl and( sno.w
of winlter will sto tihe rest. Later', if
('arly .outdoor(41 stal ks are't wan ted 41' 4mi
'stalished r'oots, a Itall box 01' barrel'o
shioul te pult over' each(1 root withI
ot w.e1l' otted~ mialnurie lasidie tihe inl
lure14'. Tihere w~iii(lx)robab3'ly b a
gooid growthi of01 ten~dr' stalks~ II in th
4early 5j4rinig.
Winter ''urn4ips.
(Good mello1w ground4( is best to use4
for' turn'ipls, but aiilmost any43 kild will
dlo. Pliow uip a pie'ce oif oats stu1bble
or pull1 youlr oionuis :14(1(nti iitit t ha
ump. 11 sure your41 gr'ound4( is b41larr:>w
dIowni we';l. Seliect a1 good( willter va:
riety ofl'rl seed I thinuk the wintel
1iack age of' see'd in a hail' g~iai (1f dI'3
a1s11s and1( sow' thle whole 1br1oa1d(aSl
over the grouu:i. hlarrow~ inl lihitt1y, :a
if there arie g901d fal l lt :s you are :1
sur'.ed of a go id cropi ot' turni p.\l is
sqoul'ian .
'rhe 4enuly Whieat.
rva'1t10on, ai wr4i tel' lai an exrlhang',(
thlinks It mnay he4 aiI'merd tha:t th1
multch prlaised1 m1ea4ty what is likelIy 1
iuc(ceed 01u sandy (l:13 or' loaml soil 0
some1W elevationl, bult that onl biottoll
land and rich black{ loamis someW morf
universally acellmated variety is mor
Interest In Thin Winter Growing
-Plant For Cittle.
Il1 the southern sectoi btir clover
pronises to he a great crop. In, Wayne
county it Is growII in bil lelds, and
many farmers are afraid it will take
the country. One f1armner of iy ac.
quaintance down there drove me1 out
to Ils farn last November while I was
stopping iII the little towln of Jesujp.
and lie showed tie a field of forty-five
acres that he had cleared of stiumps
and solved to hurl clover. It wt's theni
two feet deepi all over the plice, and
hogs and3(1 cittle wNere doing all they
could to destroy it. The farmers for
many miles around gathered and want
ed to know what to do t keo) oil
farming. In every little corner that
was not closely cultivated the hur
clover showed Itself in fine shape. I
told them to plant more of It and buy
cattle. That Was a good way to settle
the labor (uestion, I told them. I in
qluIrecd of the owner of the farm.
which, by the way, consisted of 321
acres. liw iuchi he valued tle lie
at. To tis Ie replied ie had 1heen1 of
feri ng It at $3,0010. here were. ill tl,
10f) are of Iand ( ared. aid I -it
vised himin to put it all in clover ati
huy a h1unidred lie:ld of high gra1e efIwo
cittle 'Ind raise cattle. lie cond I'e
the Ile : land for p:Istutrage :l,1 put
them oi tlie clover wlen he desired to
(10 so.
I leariell since that le Is doie t.is
1111d now puts the vai lue of the i- L ::
(outle what he did. If the f:ariners o
that territory vill go into the w-' oW
raising r-:itle and hogs n tho e rh'
p:ln, they will soon va1lu1e their latol
at $10) qI aC-re. Th oy11 reason it
stays Ill low i price nI, 1s tie f-irI:
ers do not realie what Imi-n4e rev
nuie (-:In h 11I INur et t h rouh th e?:
pea3 :mld bmr clvor crols -J. C. M. inl
Southern Agriculturist.
A Prtietent Device -For 31aiiingx n
Q11i1. Cleun ("it.
A usoh:I .rticle folr th..:( who hWiv
any y nir l ill is th) 0, dIvic Ih
Inl the jilluSlirationl. T.ke a. tino1im
one iieb by once-'buhth of :mi in .:l.l
thi.-tyinh ln.mhasn Hhry
tire. :111 be! nd in tlu 4,11t1 tV the
l-'cr the b1:1le nv sleet of stol 1':..
iinches wvid.e oril in t'ILI ho3 lo:: o;i
to4 wp ll col 1'of IcO ' O n l .
a n 11 . fori
The !nIso thll h0:11d1 (..m !. oe
or s.n 1a. .1s lsown t11'. 1 th s 3n
Pi. 1. Fit t1e t\o par t1s i a -
F:-.~. e2 i endi~ land i .-li I:IV1 :3 i
fretn'or i- lie:,ir riis .\.L- wa- . the oe
hieliuj 1) ;:di> tho ide::uviiU- h-vnbths
tf 1:e Oidt hole, srlat i. IcIde aut
.one inch i'r a llch en much rivse oa
i farer. ke.e1 iIrCilat We ireanty
Ipieh itronwll, an the ta d. so, hn
fo:-i.e. furithe two pe o. ag t.:
F~ig. '.3 amn 03 ae thel 33(icoktn's if lo
betwen ee. Ine ti~est way,~ thi iek
can11 he biely pstced mn.t atiimai-~
naIlt.o ofC the two id e 0 wi iave hatn
tl1 imei andctroutle ay a33( reade of
Dot eeCrn to an('-iy Cest altag
W1le w'Otth3 licki er tinuiichi mi e, tul
fainersli ki~epinie bes. the are't hst
maslit'a e tll pay thel to daiso, hand
t s nl, fo the3 pursehl of arin t '.tili Xi
ptollen amn our'l3''~ earn and Itt if fi.n
ntht~ig else.foWe arel satk isti ell tat :
mak(ing~ outr trnandi cti mle doit
prblet b hy. '[ia test tiitporlitn
Sprt Wei wou d wok hav le sheepn sbar
Ireni lcilte stalikslio i coarn and usrutfy.
squaresonrour Jlet on. 'vdee
use un to h veryct51((i1 bestadvatge?
Machine Work
Theagg cott (ieron wilk i t ucine, the
milk ig mehie a iIn te icorn hustin
tahine are31 t tlo i herlui.e
It la~i' br l possible that lgienaciu wi
thatewilperorm hiuch ,wrkanw.l
or eventf bet terithan t can3 he d'onlle a
prsenIC-ito y had Theii latetmahn.
11n11)mcine whiib has . come oay.
F 5x1 hate. h-mwelcltvt
Nevr ptffh pasture HOWf ve r
kind ofdusty. l s n~tmt (0w
than utton.cin.- inb~ 111
W d. rsdasm.
Scientifei( Methsod of Obtaining U1
formity of Strain.
Visitors to the United States depa
ment of agriculture station in Conne4
cut last season were struck with I
marvelous results obtained in bredixl
for uniformity of strains. 'Tlie work
to be further carried on. The ab<
illustrates a choice plant with the ti
pod bagged. Seed saved under bag
this mainer is larger, heavier and I
susetiblet iset.se thanll when s
ill the tr ln l Iniiner0. Thle Ill
value of th.- pirocetss is t.) prevent
edeiital ur is: fertiliz.tion I iet w
poor aii gi plaits thrugh the :1.
cy of' hees and other insects;. lles1
are so l:ir ziotabl'. - Now 1ll-i
Ieaell titro ir 1 Ne-.v .1eAe::
(1 Ilot v believe ther' is a 8('i'to0!
peIt I hII t ; y I I ov o- lI I lI
tree, wtht thee 1apacty. f-o2r ii
,t I :: y' of . ir I r
I'htr 2 1 f 1 n1 i i som
c ! '. (' t (T ' q( ) .'ti2I~ i ' :11 Ay r k '] S
titru.<. I hi I'. r deo p ,; 1it' y 1 o ( I!
tih l l' I t h: 1 t Is .f Ittl v.I -a l Ir
it Co i .-w il l I.1'lu t f1 r 1 t,
sinaller quantities. to) i, sur$-. ()I
highest eatigk ' a selin 1i:iliti
11ui Jhat will tonpar aorihl,\
.sizer iti mid ()lot, with :mny (m
tain r -1- wvish to e pl izeti
fact t a ht Iltio se sandy',r Ist iI
tral t' f South ,or1rs '. \ nl :In
turund1, luto pro"fitable II nves;t " 1
throu h tlit he hee - thi itch.
the tr1 :. -m - u::icioently fe.l. th"
urlis-ony hntfo ltu
he1. I~ re t ~ e Iino t -atof
inTar ArI d Mof bDOX.
p. tOP xcl: 121t 12 h inb~1'l tio.etter
theirTe will causto s.m ~~lin
tenie inooreng the face work d
bt moei e alfthy,'(u normalC tots a~r
arel~ 121(l20owed ar to rndl.Iithe mi
are workes they willt ndtot hut er I
lAk fl lex1r2ciHan hte putl tshe
tto bhe grownli propery the tir1t
T' iiQheeigravig shet owea rav,
mail loe (plangCl thto according te
rods to 1i3' rads. The~l5 greatd ~24the0
tanclelt 22ar(e thei lie to( mus hel
tuthe Ihte I'tiogltit muth tthied.
wire wtlilg terve for45 .1 rods.'t The
postis must bee wlilibac so tat
-112he ar reot d sav 211p
whnteAVF.LING MIIs'' DttOX.b
dlops wtheynot h draw thigether
thy othre losns ohe brane musi
Aterna tomal mand hasputcth
Author of " Graustark," Our Next Serial Story
nNever since Anithony llope's "' Prisoner of Zenda "' revolutionized ro
uantic literature has a o appeared so replete in bdlee love ant episode,
so thrilling and at the sarne time so tender in its heart passages as Grau
tark.-N-;. i WOC o ii.
A wonman is ai wornan, although she is a princess, is the key note. There
ils are very pretty love scenes, but the love is honest and true and inspires syml
ou pathy.-11l0usTON (Trex.) I )Auv 'os-r.
Don't Miss Glraustark If You Want to Read
a Charming Story of Love and Adventure
cont flriviins.n*
)flie f C m ty re n r, I 01-k15. C(na,1 % S. C
Ill.-i* , S C., Sep)tt tlwr 15th, 1906.
the LTHE T1'' V IiEJN O'FFICE'. Wii, M." E 1'E\ F'\i '\RNDIAX
Teu O fT l , 13 . U TIt IL \1ON1>\Y. ll? I1 UEl :llet,
- . 19 -6 \i"Il(11' V It-: \LT Y1.
ih 1,1(-t If S ai , C I i , h -, i a -ei t T In..hi lin ) a. Ib
0. 'm I 'lrl
I a 1Kb e - - 4 --' . r
a . - - -,-*. fr
on , , av auau .h. R H o -- a C . -f
dis.e ei
,aA o~ .u a * ~ alT xo e >a r an i -nswlbe ele
tl E -ar. x. t nih s ae . ntn a. Ume ] ah ta9 spmvth s
a. e1a~n i ni n n a siler Unn- Stae ur n y.N on
he a a a. a. a . W.) F R
ao t ie Sais a ut usafe z plae to trade, ~ bec.a'iuseatr'a iaara
thr ~)4' i~ C~the are sldSI'E aI )a vi a by reliable merchan ts ispat h' 1t
Ma t,10,l'". money' worth.jia 1 Maaein 37jta~ia'~'''l a'i.anrd
Gun j aiaa :,.' Me aii. Box C.af, et. al
__';____M.___C.__ 1iaiser littCompanyiisty
'I H
has a very bad effect on your sys
ten. It disorders your stomach
and digestive apparatus, taints your
blood and causes constipation, Wjth
all its fearful ills.
Is a bland tonic, liver regulator, and
blood purifier.
It gets rid of the poisons caused
by over-supply of bile, and quicIdy
cures bilious headaches, dizziness,
loss of appetite, nausea, indiges
tion, constipation, malaria, chills
and fever, jaundice, nervousness,
irritability,' melancholia, and all
sickness due to disordered liver.
It is not a cathartic, but a gentle,
herbal, liver medicine, which eases
without irritating.
Price 25c at all Druggists.
[,is isI oi
. 1 ' -.t
- v it.1 1 it 0.u-h1n.-l pe initiing
- 3 . i 4F ' ,CO.' :. C .. New \'ulk
10onu Railro ad i many
T IME- T. 11 t. E NO
'Super.ed 14 Titne able No I
-:fective .\ltrch 10 41R40
No) 4' No 10 S'T.\Tlf,)NS No I. NoI
M sin xV : I 1 :1 I y 'i k n ar 2:- ::IM x:I II m4 1
1 1' 1 .1: 1 I .l$r4so 21:511 m i:3 pm
I H:.in run * ' I son4p 2:40 : I::2. %%n
u ~ti~ .\ inil's ':- 'm:4.5pm44
n I 54. an *"'M n ii44t ':::!4upu4II i. 1 )
* * t: .':) nI N1. ley V ' 2... : 1 15 3:0 441
Ii' bu:11y :1xcept Sunda144
- . ': '4:4h Southe4I' pishailwa No :4:
N t.. i lb4 4 Se441ther4 1thi4 a '!4 Nol 42
u' '444,r~ wia' ith t'1iie ltily, ty N o 44
rn[4.4 i i n 414.4pp ai'y to 2.i :
~~~T06 Y,*( :1t'~ A3 if ,l jtnger
.a 1: Nva at. 4. r ur:j1 e ''' ~ t04444 al r4,-.roI..
44ile 144C II l'I'I. ' ve 1 .1 'Iiiai.t, IllI O ti.
4.041 4441" 14:441 iii in
1:2: l.. p tu, No. i.:4 .blity for 34laurenl4,(t 4 Clhi
.u 4ir,4 01luinbij, uniiel tuil Charles-4444
4 . 44 4 1 0 ir lg1 44t Sillupte11r wvith .\.. (. 1.,.
Tritin11 No44. $-2 444r 411ichintad,. Washlinagton
4nu44 emtorn444 4'ite, 11114 alt l.1,urens wIth C. .a
'' . -. Tranin No. I foar Spartaanurg aunll
1:4-44 Nit *: for (ireenwood., .\u1guta,1 Cii.
All ive Lau14ren 135 p4 t, iliantoni
222- pim, Newberry :1.10 p. mi, Co(41lubi I :45
44444er 3:' 4) m, Chairlestion 4):10, Spairtnn
buirc 3:30 p. an, (Greenwood~it 2:46t p im, 44 m
.\41.41'Ig u a -2o p. m0.
4:444 34 m, Nol. 3(1 lhaI iy except Sundha-:. for 14at4
reus 41144 intermiate i ta .tionslil. .\rrive atl
1.144-ret'is 40 ).
414:-:4 1a m . o, 7. daily4 e'xtcept Sundnily frolm
.44 44m. No. $85, dniay ex(ceptl Sundi~ay, frtom
If :-2:, y m, No. 52, dlaWly from4 'harlestona Sitimter,
4 '41olumbbt, Newherary, Claion, Spalrtanhnlrg,
.t iuuia, Greent~1wood4 unullrens, e.04.
TIrain44s No, 1-2 441nd .4: raun thtrouigh btween
4 'hibrhaottn without ehunage.
.l . W.Lg n \t. Ge .T rn e a gt
Gttlii ~~ lt di-|-IN l -: S.l . .gaw og
-i trt lt 4444( 'l-:rt W (lhms G. P.1 A.. o
Cany 1vn w? ii You reieta to wiu?
in s j~t hg tese days. of quIrestrng thr
with.'41 t ru 1inad o i 4tune.tg Ai maldngo
K 1114 d te1o i Fo yqea o'tI i cotin t.dioa
tio juis of a h(Ikt1ly stomach (o ~
body Ta dbri ithsrng -bddn
N . et wa D ysovotrylee
Paptam Of tHea I 60-rt &$n1.Osia
ior ipples aidkChapend Band
Kr uicy cL e L y THE jai CO Ctbrln
Newi~ DiscyoRvery
I ure ad u iettlue oral.

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