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Eutored April. 3, 1903 it Pickeua, B 0., a" seoud olaaft watt.: r, tiuder a t* of oongre.; of Marob 8 89
i -------
I- u uuI r ace.
Almost the last work of the Belgian
astronomer Iouzeau was an article in
which, while arguing In favor of a dee,
imal division of time, lie pointed out
the origin of the double set of twelve
hours represented on our watch and
clock faces. Tito ancient inhabitants
of Mesopotamia chose the number 12
as an arithmetlical base because it has
four divisors-viz, 2, 3. 4 and 6. while
10 has only two divisors-viz, 2 and 5.
They counted twelve hours in the day
and twelve in the night. measuring the
day by the progress of the sun tiand the
night by the progress of the stars
across the sky. This, system, prevall
ing over all others, has conic down to
us, and so our watches bear on their
faces a souvenir of those anielnt dIays
when the sun served for'a lock' hiand
half of the time and'the at-'s the other
half. -
Inanklen and I111Hmse
Animal (rainers of the ol daiys led
adventurous lives. In 100 all London
was talking of a, man naomed B1uzikes,
servant to the IEarl of Essex, who had
taught his horse to counimt and perfori
it number of feats. ineitudlh miountilng
to the top ol' St. Paul's qathedral. while
"a number of isses." as the historian
Puts It, "braved below." Sir Walter
Raleigh inl his histary says of Bankes
that lie "would hav'e shamed all the
enchanters of the world, for whatso- I
ever was most famous among them
could never master or Instruct any
beast as he did his horse." When
Bankes took his horse to Rome both
were burned for witcheraft.
A PomNible Exception.
A high schoolteacher was examining
the physidlogy class.
"How many ribs have you. Charles?"
he asked.
"Why - er - I don't know," said
"Didn't the text books state?" he
then querled somewhat sharply.
"Yes-oh, .yes-of course, but, you
see, I'm long waisted."
Den Butler'n Retort.
An old lawyer in speakilg about Gen
eral Ben Butler said: "Ben Butler was
a terror and a torment to the judges.
On one occasion Judge Sanger, having
been.,)ullied,qud..bgdgered out of all
patience, .petulantly asked, 'What does
the counsel suppose I ,am on this bench
for?' - Scratching his head a minute,.
Butler .replied. 'Well, I confess your
honor's got me there.'"
Eany -AAnwer.
A Liverpool paper tells the pathetic
story of one A., who Is compelled to
grow a beard to ward off pneumonia
and other ills. The woman with whom
he has fallen in love, however, declines
to marry him unless lie will shave
"What," asks our contemporary,
"should A. do?" The answer seems
easy: Keep the beard and cut the
There Is a certain development of
love in'which the covetous longlug of
two people for one another has.ylelded
to a higher mutual thirst for an .ideal
above them both.' But who hes found
such love, who has experilenced it? Its
true namile Is friendship.
On the Safe Side.
Schroeder (to his iieighibor, a widow
er)-Why didl you send( your housekeep
er away, since she was such a goodI
cook? The Widower'-She iniade such
splenidid puddings I was afraid I should
mnarry her-Fliegenmde Blatteu'.
A cubic foot of distilled water
weighs vecry nearly 1,000 .oiinces.
'lh Story of a Medicine.
Its name-" Golden Medical Disdoveary '
was suggested by one of its most import
knt and~ valuable ingredients - Goldera
Soal root,
-Nearly forty years ago, Dr.:Pierce dis
covered that lie could, by the use of pure,
triple-refined glycerine, aided by a cer
talin degree of conistpntily nmalinta ined
heat and( with the aid of applaratus anid
ap~plianices desig~ned for that tpurpose, ex -
tract from our most valuablie native moe
Sdicinal roots their curative propertIes
much better than by the use of alcohol,
so generally employed. So tlte -now world
lamed "Golden MedNileal DI1scovery," for
the cure of weak stomach, inidlgestion, or
dyspepsia, torpid liver, or biliousniess and
kIndred deranugemnents was first made. .as
It over since has b~een, without a particle
of alcohol in its make-u p.
A glance at the full list of Its Ingredl
ents, printed on every bottle-wsirapper,
wvill show that it is made from the roost
valuable- medicinal roots fomluid growing
in our Ameriean foi'ests. -A1l these in
gredients havo~received the stronigest en
d corsemnit fr'onm tihe leaingi~ mt'dicai ex
.rvedica who reconmend them (ts the very
best remedies for the dliseilses for -whle h
"Golden Medical Di'scovery " is advised.
A little book of thiese enduorsemienits hams
been com~,ylied biy Dr. Rt:-V. Pierce, of
BfanyoN. a and willtg.jalhs1 free to.
lnytte arskian am by ptal cardl, or
lerom tddese to the Ioctor as abov'e.
- I ed lorsizteit copied from
atand se oiio .D ka $1 $
that the ingredliemits composing thxo "Gold
-d aes bth a aoxogo n ttonied
tarrhaul, lirochial ~raafc
accomnpained with i (rhdischarge
hoarseness, sore throat, iui'gr
hang-on-congvhs, andi~ all' thoi - atIr r
aff'ectlons whnich, if niot p~rompitly anN
hoperly treate'd are llable to ternwhuuts
n consumptiton. .Tako D~r. Pierce's DiJs
covery. in time and persevere in: Its use
until you give it a fair trial mand it is not
like ly to disappo111 it. Too) muich inulst not
beexcted of it. It w~Ill not performi
m~rOac es. It will not cur" consmnptionm
In~ its advanced stages. No medicin wlou~il
It il- cure the affections that lead up to
consumntnnL Wse rt t tim.
The stone looked like a -piece of darl
gray granite. It was a. foot long am
several inches thick. Lifted, it beii
this way and that" like rubber. "It h
itacolumilte or flexible sandstone," sai(
the owner. "It is founhld iII California,
Georgia and several other-states. Ile
sides bending, it will stretch. Look at
it closely an1d y(YOU will see that it Is
formed of a nonbi1iljer ofr sin1li pieces of
stone of variou;i tiits all dovetailed to
gether loosely. so as to allow of a slight
Movement. This Iloveilent is what
causes the stolle to hend. See how it
bend-s! Like rubber preelsely, eh? Iut
if I bend it too fill it will break."
1i1M Speeldiqtie. '
Captain spIjcer of the (hurhel army
oncie aisked- a ('onviet what he (lid for
a iivinag whei he left prisonl. "'Well.
in spring I ' does a bit o' o!ea lekiug
and in slmler I does a hit o' fruit
plekinig and( Inl the(- aujtonn j I does it
bit 0' 'op pi'cIINg." "Yes," said the
captalil, n1111d what do you do in the
wiinter?"' "xeIi, uiister, I may as
well hev holest with yer. in1 the w%inter
I does a bit 0' pocket picking!" ('ICp
tiniu Spencer inext asked, "Anid what
h1aippens then?" The colvilet r1epilled,
"Why, I comes 'ere and does a bit o'
oakui plekilng!"-London News.
I10o1uosickr Sipner.
When Herbert SIpenCcer was a boyhils
father sent hii a1way fr'omii 11011 e to
school. The yolngster became home
sick and, with'2 shillings In hi pocket,
made his way home, over 120 miles, in
three days, walking most of the way.
Ile did forty-eight miles the first day
and forty-seven on the second. On the
third day a friendly coach driver took
him most of the way for nothing.
Mintook Him Destination.
An editor of a western exchange re
cently began worrying about how he
would get his shirt on over his wings
after reaching paradise.. Al envious
contemporary sarcastically. observed
that 1)1s difficulty would likely be in
finding out how he could get his hat
on over his horns.-Gayman (Kan.)
Relief at Launt.
Housekeeper-I hear your brother,
who died In California, left you $1,000.
Dinah. That will be a great help to
you. Washlady-' 1eedy it will. missis!
Ah's been needin' a plannpr.an' a pho.
nograft an' a oil paintin' ob mnahsalf in
a gilt frame fo' yeahs, an' now. -bress
do good Lord, Ah kin hab 'em!-,Puck.
Every inan will find his 'own private
affairs more difficult to manage and
Control " than a public alfairs in
'yhich he may be engaged.--Lord Mel
opene~d Ou
Picken'- cc
* of a Revolution in t
county. Year by y
* ~ this year the inlcreas
tations; so great has
beenf compelled to a
space to make iroor
Dry Goods, Clothin
ware, Stoves, Farm
Buggies, Four- iture,
Nothing New Under the Sun.
I reiouiber the surprise -with whict
I heard a cornet solo first recorded a(
then reproduced by a Scott grapho
phone, the construction of whieh, If I
am not isiltaken, altedated the birtli
of Edison. The record was nmade upor
a sheet of tin foil wrapped around ii
brass cylinder which was actuated by
imeans of a weight, a train of wieel
andt a butterfly regulator. In this con.
nection-to sliow the alitiquitk of tih
germs of another modern invention
on1e (lly hIieni looking through the fileE
of the Journal des Savans I came
across the account of a machine wvhIcl
was presented to the Acadeimy of Sel
eneqe of Pars somewhere around. the
early years of the eigh(lenth century.
This machine wats. niot hig else. but a
typewriter; thev doeription wvas very
suini11lary, but I remeunbor that it h1n
individlial type bars, the keys of wilcl
were nuid:le of ivory. It was the work
of .1. Leroy .of Versailles, yhlo A-as
siy'ed I [urlogeur (I 1oy., tile reignnlug
king being Louis - KlV.---Alfred Sang
ju Engineering lagaizine.
WIAidows exist in 111 c:untries, thius
(aunlterhalanainig tI the Il. triiiiloial do
Cdence whleh iight otherwise result
froi tIhnid inen. .iidows are ellinging
by teniperanieit and attacli themselves
readily to aly object .tiat can't help
itself. It Is generally considered it
lucky to meet i widow Oil a idark i)plaz
za by the light of 'tie moon. - In naiiy
countries to be kissed by a widow
Ileals endless trouble. Widows are
frequently accoinaimnled by children.
whose nmnber Is constantly liable to
Increase. They roamn at large over
the principal sections, and no man Is
safe when they are near. -All -the per
feet men now dead have married wid
ows, thus forming a 'contitiuons con
trast to the miserable specimens who
still live. It has been said "Beware of
widows," but this Is umnecessary, for
no man can really help himself.-Life.
An Iowa granger of a scientific and
exploring turn of mind, who seems to
have a special grudge against the
quack grass which has infested por
tions of his farm, this season dug up
roots of the plant and hung them on
the. fence exposed to the sdn, with a
view to determintn'g how long the roots
would retain theii vitality under these
conditions. He foiunil that roots ex
posed one, two and. three days started
readily when put )n the sol, those ex
posed four days "not so readily; with
those exposed five days the sprouting
was doubtful, while those which hung
on the fence six ddys were completely
done for. Ills experiment also, proved
that if covered with a foot of sol] the
root dies.
F, the 4th .day of Octobr,
r doors to th'e .trading p)ublic
'unty, arnd this was the beginni
he mercantile business, of Picke
ear our business" ha~ increas
e has been far beyond o~tx
been the increase that we he
dd to our already enoinjous Th
1for the tremendous stocks
g, H ats, Shoes, Millin&gty, -h
Implements, Groceries, Wago
.. .. . . .
... .. .. ..
There can be no doubt about it that V
the tendency to resort to surgical opera- '1
tions has been too great in the past and
that this harmful tendency is growing t
Jess every day.
Experience has demonstrated that v
many ailments which seemed to require A
surgical operations in the past are now
being cured by the C
SURGICAL use of harmless rein
. OPERAlIONS edies. Peruna has
AVOIDED. done as much as ally
other remedy to es
tablish this very important fact.
Thousands of people have been con
demned to undergo surgical operations.
Their physicians have told them that
tncy must either submit to such opera- f
tions or lose their lives.
After this they have resorted to
Peruna and found relief. -1
Other good remedies have accom
plished the same result, but it is safe to
assume that no other remedy has
equaled Peruna in its beneficent work.
Many of the' alleged incurable de
rangements of the pelvis are dependent
upon catarrh.
Thore is no cure for these except the
t'emoval of the catarrh.
Peruna seerhingly works miracles in
some of-these cases. The explanation, V
however, is vf.ry simple. Peruna re
moves the catarrh and Nature dues the b
filinery Openling, Wed
ifOctober 10ti
On th above date we'
ec- st
ye .-o aa good material wvill p~e
>odite ladies to attend'og.r c
of yo- all the latest novel tiesin
r'.&ciandwill have many .lar1
dbroideri~es -to offer you.
\\ ednesday and Thursday, C
.Did you k~no.w that We
* e-* e'
Suffered Thirteen Years With
Pelvic. Troubles,. Unable
to Find Relief.
le-ru-na, Taken .as a Last
Resort, Brings Health
and Strength.
NNA MUNDEN, Brinkley, Ark,,
'writes: -
"I suffered with femate troubles for
hirteen years, and tried the best doc
ors in Louisville, Ky., without relief.
"I spent thousands of dollars at the
1prings. -
" The doctors desired that I have an
>peration perforned to remove my
waries, which'livould not consent to.
"I saw an. advertisement of your
leruna and bought one bottle and be
Dre I bad taken it all I could get'out of
ed and walk aboit.
"After taking three bottles I was as
velt and hearty as ever.
"I gained in flesh. From 118 1 in
reased to 186 pounds.
"If it had not been for your great and
ronderful medicine, I would now be in
iy grave..
"I would advise all women sufferers
try it.
"I would not be without it for the
Mrs. Caroline Kri'nor, Fort Collins
o l.w tes:.
"The majority of women who are suf
Dring from disordered periods and
thor troubles, have such strong faith
n doctors that they allow- theon to ex
uriment on thenfor kidney, liver-, or
tomach troubles, until they become
.iscouraged and tIeir money is gone.
"This was my unfortunate experience
or nearly two years, when my atten.
ion was called-to Peruna.
"I hardly dared believe that at last-I
ad found the right medicine, but as I
:ept on using It and was finally cured
could only thafk God and take cour
"I have had most satisfying results
rom-the use of your
riedicine and have SATISrACTORY
dvised dozens of RESULTSfROM
fomen who. Were PERU N .
u ftf-r i n g . w-i t.h
romnan'sills to use Peruna and lot the
octors alone, and those who have fol
Swed my advice are better Co-day and
iany are fully restored to health."
1 and ll1th1 B
will disp~lay ou'r Pattern the
u will fmnd-inour Millinery I)
les inI1.ts and .prices. as abi
n4it WLco ldjily ihme Be
~nitng We. will show foI
Dess 0 'x ,l Tri ii'i sa
rains lik "ee and- u Em
DIon't .forget the date, co~
)ktobey.v oth azdd i ith..Po
0ns, Buggies and I ar. anc
IF you think all ready-made
Cloths are alike, you
haven't seen our Schloss cloth
es. The way they look is one
difference and a big one. Ex
tra good styling and tailoring
is responsible for that and the
materials are as good as the
Just drop your prejudice
against "Ready-Made" long
enou gh to try on a Schloss
Suit. You'll find it far better
than the average custom-tail
V e have all the iatest styles.
Com e and see them.
Suits $14
H. Endel,
.Reduced Rates via Ch
Carolina Rc
TO AUGUWLG, GA.-ACCoi n1t Georgin.OCi
1900. Roiund trip ratp. including one a<
O:sas Fare plus 75 oents. Tickets en R
sive, with filual return limit November 1
TO AUGUSTA, OA.-A6ecount Home Comih
19n6. Round trip-rate, Ove First Class
October 27, 28, 29, with final return limit
TO CHARLESTON. S. C.-Acoonut Oalik N
trip rate, One First (lass Fare plus 2b of
9 inclusive, wilh flual return limit Noven
trip rate, One First Class Fare pluss 25 o
7,9, with final return limit November 11
Job Priiinting--the tc
LT Advert1ising in this p
s has advanced fromz 5 to 20 p
ked ahead and unitil Christmas,
gies at the-same old pritce.
W*he~t sowing time will soon be
heavy ins ydur lands should
;cPlow ... A fresh car of the Chat
a Disc .just receiv'ed, both two
ore you sow your wheat conme in
our "Superjtgr" Grain ,andl Fertili:
e you -time and.money.
Our stocks'iwalIl departments art
iplete than titey :have ever -been ai
yed extra sales fo- o you Will
L. our motto .ls, "Unidr B uy, Unde
ry -o.
FieClothes Makers
LLLDA&I *N ' A-4 )P~
to $30.
120 South Main steert,
Greenville, 5. C.
rleston& Western
*oliua Fair, Qotober 29-Noveniber 3
Imispiou to Fair Gronuds, One'Fit
nie October 27 to-November.2, inclu
i, 1906.
ig Week, Otober 29-November 2.
Fare; plus 25 cents. Tiokets on sale
Novembor 15, 1906.
Veek. November 5-10. 196, Round
ints. Ticket on sale Novemb.er 4 to
Lber 12, 1906.
Uival, Nwember 5-10, 1906. Round
ents. Tickets on aside. November 5,
isty kind-we do.
aper brings results.
rcent., but we
wve will sell you
here and after
be tuirned with a
tanooga Revers
ind .three h.orse.
min let .us show
oer Drills, it will
larger and1 more
id we have-'em
idt have to wait,
-0 e
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