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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, October 27, 1906, Image 2

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The uonn1owurnalinany.
ToMPoN & RIOurY Pagrs.
Sabesription $1.00 ilet Anum.
Advertising 1atees/easonable.
rwnter" At Plokes Posto3e Oa 5.eond 0as
Nail Matter -
The quality of nbither a woman
,or a eigar depends on the wrapper.
The. Jps habe bo'ugbt thirty four
fine boIre in New York state for
$11 00%W
A aohant-in.a ne3br:ng town
adverbs.e ysome lovely things in
shirt walt&A'
Bee to ft that yur wife is kissed
and caressed, even if you have to do
It yourself.
No impruvemntea has beec made on
the kiss old Adam invented in the
garden of Edn.
The Imanager of the Biote Wai.
dorf-A4toria In New York city gets a
ary of $00.000.
Thire lute of heapeched mob
but wi. believe more wives are mis
snotqthaa husbands.
Mrs,Anna Whate Gesagns al the
wadr:e of the admMaI p.rformers
if the Barnum & Ble etteoseU.
Mine. bohrMann-Hebk; -the Moth.
et of eight obidren, ogbtb to be able
to furnjih her owu opera chotos.
There are pruetualg no tiulitta
in 19aerwa. the nea are perhaps
the finest in the world phyutoh1ly.
et the P0a-mS eoal eIMbt gold
)lnsw abandomed by Spata eentatta
#gm The$ wll eon be reopned.
0*rmati potoffioe employe6 anoat
6bwM h. speciat ptrxicion of te
gIvranmt beftum they itay ovmy.
It Oed tb be that woniesWe
Antent to Look peetty, bt no them
'pant to be sttong -s weril vas bemutifu!.
1s at untadled eerpetof moret
pobrtae than gcod beuttht Snreel
znot L* thev~g soalet .your haa.
An atossobile ebnown sanoowt
Aba great golfrIeth that l& wtI1 turn
on% nent, duirable - tahieE for gOO
N~o uran bo ia ashamed. to at
motoe ~ a baby earriags has any
buisetneo butt inito the aerinonIat'
The. bueen man who talkhtn the
Bedr a nWspaper he'b. tik. to)
the ~mera h4 his sbore is the one
The k dies one hundred stalea
ga bour exoepting wheni errying
twins. te ad4. weight the makes
Ar.estaken.ior ome..e
Cqtte'nwo4Kan4., see negots,
te h f6,4 'or of larda
kr the western part of that state.
A Tenbessee saan has beeni eed
kr enoingS in ehurh. Serves hian
righst. Ogeemrs aa taaeari
Ie .a ntulisin to those w60 went to
A. eee mi e af er 4ua4e
e.--,. t .no os meuib
than b wee is d bed wit .h
As'4heee ' Abates fyb. l
Uti ettina i t fit ,
I, ib
C siee 4 astt o
Me Jesie Barttnann of Sharon,
Sinly a schoolgirl, but she t
y 4xhibited an amount of sense t
kid mol'rn that few older people .
wedjl4 e capable of. She and her i
rather were alone one day in their
home and Mr. Bartmann' was cutting
vtood. ie ax slipped and he sever
ed an artery in his foot. His daugh
pr had learned how to apply a tdur.
tiquet at schooli but Mr. Barkmann
wa4o fbeshy that she knew she could
not-twist a bandage tight enough to
top the flow of, dlood. The patient
cotld give her no help, as he had
fainted, but she thought of another
pUA and quickly executed It. Cut:
tit offt shoe and stocking and
trousers to -the knee, she set the foot
into a twelve-gallon stone jar on
about three inches of flour. Then
she filled the jar with flout and press.
ed it down with - stleid [Sieood.
The bleeding sapopped at once, for the
I'doh' culd -0'68en'th~ t6* flout.
It was four hours before r
ouid be edoar d. When he arrived
.ie said that Mr. Bartmann would
bave bied to death in a short time if
it had not been for his daughter's
presence of hoind,
Bow low your head, do reverened
tothe old man once ike you. The
vicisitudes of life haie silvered his
hair 'ad changed the round, merry
face tothe worn visage before you;.
Onps.tbo hesar beab with apiratione,
crushed by disappoiatqent as youre,
pefrhaps,. li destined to P% 1. On*
that forM st4lked proudjy throngh
guy Ines of pleasure the beaq idal,
of race; noW the hand of. time that
withens the flowrs of ytsterday, h"e
beab that flgtrr and destroyed that
aDbie earriage. Osee, at your ape,
he Pas hd te thdusand thoghte
that Pso through .your brain, now
*iaing to scopIish deeda egnal to
a noo ItW fame, anon imaningto hfWe
drem, that the soone he awokefrotb
It the better. Bub he he lived the
dreai emy 6esr through, the "aim to
avk 6sry nea a$ haudj his eye
nee kilb4e at o14 4eads of dadag,'
and the hand btake a gamtw grap o!
the st. BoW low the head, boy, :
yoU WoOd4 1yow old sW be eve.
i0 e#zhange, atd themigpooi,-sto,
Ane tie I&tion thlyu toe
Ig6bto tiv, ae dgh $ tShidand 6
r sght to work alsoedght in ote a
had py tkese and to Ba.-Aitlh with w
wverybody and ovevytingu he Eoa'6
its. flanha ?wiholt ofrighe
bt esould e etbsthen si1liksa e
The omteof ts Bavarian Tyrol j
Wear long loose tauoneer. during the
nuer. Bob the appearanes of a BI
anei"itbrseespin einber
*ol xie a ie- arpride
ba4 commuent as it .wuh%4in the 0.1*. ~
.,dstaL. woe ithams d.
pondent ono the season. In this C
spot of the world, tsost of the onu f.
doqr wk tyose;4y the ~'e
"The American woma'efoot t I1
the prettiest," says a shoemeker. "It 3'
is at ende slender and robust ad a
very aupp)e. Thelinstep is high and p
heautifuL. In aword, a pqastoot a
-+ehbaramgand setoesebtesaike in'a if
pfank sai slipper, is s' ballroomn or
Is a white, rbber.oled sbee. os a r
tenautsent,or in apair of old oeg I
hi fbiasltoken, . . - - ..
The masyor * Atlastle City, II. J., e
Ieued an order thsense tha $e
gfte ;goleg in butbing monst .weer.
Mkfrs to the aune and the aertal
4os se bef too fhib stuE. VBek.
hoss et ts .~ietwerp endedbt
LIstuaror ad be pased ~dmi
st he tgta ab dsee-o.' Thef
e e.a8 de* a
l*hu. Ms44tbt A e pt .M s
AIer awg006ses o
wa ia n a:(6''Te
.4th .. .
As idenoe that te 1dian Terri.
rry hAs reabed a stake of civilize.
lou that entitles ter to.statehood,
ne druggist .s- adversitelug' "house
laint, face paint and nobe paint.,'
The British Medioat JoWjo a.
erts that men's ncks than
bey used to be.' To 0 some folks
[rink Whiskey from a bottle you'd
ippose thOe wete all neck.
Conrad E. 8pens, recently appoint.
41 geneal freight agent of the third
listrict of- the Burlington system, is
he voungeSt general freight agent
in the country, being only 80 years
A ge.
At Solomon, Kan., a farm of 160
mtes is operated entirely by five wo
men-a mother and four grown
Iaughtera-and a boy of 12 years.
IkOh of the women has her own do.
partrnent. The labor is- distributed
equally 'atmo(( thoeM.
euelt of Neglect
In . mot senes eonenmption results I
from a negleoted or improperly treated
301d. Foley's honey and -Tar oure, the
Iiont obstinate coughs and prevents
dorios resnits. It oote you no reore
ban the unknown preparations and you
'hould iNsist apon s'ving the genuine
ii the yellow peekaqe. Parkune Parm
wy, IAberty, and Piekene Drug O0
Marie Barkart, of Mendate4 Bl.,
reeently appolited aestatent comptrol
ler of the Great Northern Hotel.Wt,
hicago. 8he is proticaly manager
>f the place s the. comptroller is
here only en hpur a day. She. do
3,doO nployes Onder her "r.
A old to muab more *aaily o .
hen the bowel sr opennd. KNmnedy's
[Alitive Mori nd'Tat beee the bo4
?si and drivs e cold..tt '~eyesim
n.198sg or old. Bol y iMneDo
bat do yop think of hmesi oil.
gh wife oiabt e o ' alt.
kneio,. and aotaany endeVored tn
br .her over t the purehmirW .
t happened to Colodo aind they
tad bee married jaet tbres week
usseety a es fo" e di
any Wmn give aviehly. of
Io build bridgm and &isen nvoev
of old
1yo want etehmtog am . b ho
,.tor b% % I&. '
.Mve th Por en need? n m osam.
I'"# Cot oewpp sh 0 th"t
lsege cnmbet of Aeriesi *owo (
h~lo manried Ha1ed foreigets hav r
eem e 6 mothers of1 tisi.s This
fibede e retocal andi etetIe nieth-i
Meto breating op the enetum of fora
gn marIge. Let the segs be
Iddly ileted. --. --
.* Dpaget Pranth T ? lase.
ftV untlee you takse Dr.S WkowB~t
lan, for Oensup on, Caugs
4d Dl' Mas. Geo Wel of Foen
ity, Me., writea "It's a .bodec to
e tivng inelim tes ier.ednghe '
em. It preve'nt Pneumonia, eures
s~iaand fay P'ev, sind malai wumk
9u ftong enoagh to. waerdf Wsd a
a wtion. Conghs and O61da. We a
1.,0. Onuaranteed by Piokena Drag ,1
p. Trial bottle fee..
The ettes are .qein kIng
utnan ovr,'eaerlioeindhe'"sa ght ci
ont'' to the taperIng uait end
arrcoer badik. The smalier waiat I. E
a #efort to be more feminIne, the i
ne'ose being to macke the sex maor e
1uractive to men than it baeralee
tuce the adrest of the athletie girl.
w5oo4 P'etnng
malts faom chtooie consttpation. whiehj
rnqu1ickiy cured by Dr. Kig NeP.~
ila hyremove Al ~ono era
roma the system andt in e f n
ears sour stewsmeb, nasade, band- e
detesand colic, wlkhoeut I.o
1 o#tsoomiost. Em, Guaran ~ .
~reDrug 06.
ttced ft ymc 69. pcem,'e kf
.4 se t esta qetit Mt
t .Me' Ybetru9.i E
e me a eer e
Flr Cough , l (
Sore Aroat,I
Rheumat sm an
At all Deom..e
Pre 25co 50c & *t
Sent- Free
soafs Bok on K
0CI. HoPa 6 .
Address- Dr. Eais,
T h e G r i ffi n
Lands have been
6ut into lots and
Laid off in streets.
rhey ar 18%
rnd well located
3nd the sizes vary
from one-hall tQ
five acres. This
1s a golden oppor
bunity for you to
Jwn a home in
he best town oi
bhe Piedm ont.
Real estate is ad
vancing rapidly,
5ut the prices on
;hese lots have
:een made for
iick-dales. First
tome first choice.
Pr lats,. Prices
11( Terms see
J McD. Bruce.
oney and , ' -ntaies o opiatue
re ~- -- oo90 . Niold by e,
Iokermv K
p0e5 - -' o91-et n
* - l asl e beon i
>u g - - , 4e t N tlt to
ont .w' - Dett ie So
-Ic - alh rii$ 4
me i x e eer beg.
rew -~ s ens anb t I
t)sad eg- ene o
mat .. ' -4aB B.Ne be
l.-, A - Tuas t ihn
ant ,of Beth arolina
igei rD Ieo una. *
- B. A' -isa ~ _
006- &metete I
Clerk!& -Sale.
Co4unty of-Thol44w..
In Oonimon Pi*.sQourt.
In pursMOao. 9 d. ooreftl order Wad.
in the folloWinK-g nmd c0se and on Al
in the Clerk's o416ce, I iI ell, to th
: iheat bidder daring tW legal h~ours fb
aPickens 0612rt iloune, S. Q. 01
haedyin Novwmnb~r; IWO. the followl
oni &ec~bed rW-Vt*e upon the tc
Mary DL Itakeri 4~ -0 , 64 itif
ifar'rv. Wnewnn, ep Va Deudaaits.
let. Ali "ht tfct . petool of pier,. o
land lyij ead,. beipg ctuased I th,
town of. &cetisi ()ont7.-and tftte Afove
esid, soptb of K, & P). , gt. U,. , fron tin,
MoAn e~mi~ 'pis -~ '-- kmding froc
Central t6 V ~ u.o.tw ot o
andred*-,a -our..-e- (174)
~ronu~ - -ianthe Wvet twi
joinulf. 44. g
Alwm~e~. *...On 00 e oft 0
hrwdreo4 an& 9crtY* (17 to"t (148), run
ando runitnw dowq. right okf_!ajy. of 6&1(
Wt~rad oria hnn~ccd. %a4 &senby-fow
(174) t"Vton WO .* .T~ tw;4Wd Otwut 01
vbe wn coutw4p* thres-tourtis of at
More (1) move or tOM... The mme bahV 4
rw1Of. #L U .4orded. to. as by Ari
Oud. Thoi, o"kn 16Wbf lod hti
0ovM of (mOntw4i: St.f &ndt County
Lf bao mit afr* ade by Johm
ik. H. 0% 9 nd 7 n
j8birley dwollmg houm. gnd lot and
110"e PU10lftly i409ori bed In a~d pg
efereno0 thereeatoe WDS had. J3OUn p!
M~~~ Se"b -:Eto ad outy
JolnnM94Af -A %.- oV -h or by
A. K. P
Dry Goods ar
Wi are now Nblbwli
largest and best sole
Dry (Gpods we have-e,
eisting of Cotton Fsbi
yard to~Wool Go(ods
yard. Notitbetandii
higbe'r prioes, we have
to where we sell you F
as litttle money as hon
be sold for: We hai
thing you want in nic
Our Wool and Cotton
good as can be had an
money. Our 25 eta. J
that money can buy
Woo' and Cotton Bla
.rIety from 50 ete. i
'We have all the
want for Men, Wome
better goods than'eai
.ame prim, Hosiery
wa) s complete. M
dress sehirts, the best
Big-St'ck neokwear.
8HEOSI Well., dor
interest. When you y
of any kind for any a
family Uome Here an
-unt" shoes:
f.NpW is a gqod time when there
n ouf City. to find out how reas
selling our merchandise , nd. for
goods now dan the advertised pr
We have still in our alwayi But
oome two and the ppce eji.Wjp
ably low pAces considering the
Of Coc-Cola ad ir'ce Col
line of
'I anfillyour bill for anlyoccask(
ners, Picnic or Sociable occasons
pany drop. in. Send your orders
uvill be prontptly filled *lth freeh ~
the mnarket afforde&
Country produce botught and sd
Your patronage Is appreclased.
Highest cash pri br Chkkc
-. McDi. Bruce,
.*5 Pej Cent tnteresdla
. Bfanister. B. A. Hagood
J. M. Stewart, - .E.B
TI. N. Hiuit.r -
$"d' c . a..ae Jnu
,s. C.
id Shoes.
If on of-the
oted sto0ks of
Per ehown, cou.
ioe. from 5, a
up to $1.60 a
)g the talked'of
cut our profits
rood goods for
est goods can
a almost any.
e dress goods.
Flannels are as
ywhere for the
eans is the beat
or tbat prios..
Bkete in great
Sto $8.00:
Jnderwear you
i and Children,
it year for tb
department al.
en's work and
on the market. -
t forget your
ant good shoes -
,ember of the
i Ret our war.
are so many Sales, going 0
)nable'me have aiways bei
how 'es you. can buy ot
e- of our co'M'petI oes,
g1 stock..some very. -hanc
qh we are selng at remar
Greenville, S. C
d Driake done't -forgt
>nl--Weddinge, Sunday Dii
or when unexpected con
to me and feet assured the
oods4 and the tery bet.
-- /Cashier.
d On Depesits .:
-W. M. Hagood,
gs, ..J.-McD). Bruce.
&tcey, J. P. Carey
~ lin - -
o hu o tlef
e un at ec~oj
of S tcee; I e
o.*m~ b the~ cotmetry
>u $1be I~f~ i

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