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s SenliRul-Jornial
nings of L->al and Persona
8 B. LaBoon has been on the
t!t"AiEj week.
'O4veral Pickens county people
uihtmading the State Fair.
- is BlAttie Finley is assisting
rris In the post office.
.J- T. Partridge and sister,
attie Findley, vilsi ted relatives
a e sson last week,
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. lbohey are
nvo Mrs Shanvot Morrison, Mrs.
's mother, in Columbia.
- 4. W. H. Johnson, of Piekens,
CQlumbia this week visiting rel
&nd attending the State Fair.
es. R. 0. Piokeo, of Spartan.
oi MIsVEltsabeth Robinson,
ey, visited Dr. and Mr. L. P.
>M, in Piekene last week.
Willis Watkins, of Anderson
died at his - home in 'that
on the 18th instant and was
the day following stSlabbown.
- e harges, brought' against
0 *ennings in the U. 8. Court
n obadwhat , premrtnre. His
:md socounts with thegovern.
'ow that be has not. ben der.
his duty a4d that'no -prison
* siaped.
# Mims Parrott, and se'verl
erwona, have rentlynepeot
now outfit. The pretes will
nwag on Thuradat eveauge
iday farnpon.nd .on. tbse
" will be glad to have our
and sbepribers 'in -li and
ok at our plant..
0 Bown, ntlored, died at the
f her blabund, Wm. Bowen,
M, on the 10th tntant, of
.tion, seLr a lingering IbUses.
Ves seen ebilden. Tiur w.
ete bTried 06 SWoa the day
g, Revs. Botherland and Ms.
lueting the swrvies. She wi
dby %1 who kew er6 both
id clrd
- d 06 he8th OItL et CM
te~r Gti~aebbt's.". Woe,
h* e~lrV, Ga., E . LsermsiQ
TAtt.. wido" of AIM Keiit,
__. V_-htir of A&lexeAld
h .Aii. Mlgood d.eened, of
tt. %he was 4 yearsof
* o sot, three daughtnre,
th.,Ier. "-s stts and s bet
tti Ajr rieinde mouse her
ii n Ge.etilli.,
' - hle .!?suv '
VC' !Wa of~enerd
i~1 r 2 er1ont, 0. B.
* ~ st~3 Masa Onde Mth.V
*The inlterneat
- -. - .N ~h k
rt. An in this SObaty
- - oilh the carowing
- , tnder -smos
. 4 , in the Pieketme
Toefrom ep
- s he wa, being
V.V."' red together on
-- a cottnu mill genda
udoo e m through the 'or
for W y carryhag th.
- ib W' -it of th21. te
- .o er~s ih giett sasl.
~~ Vtt A. ftt4g gre 4~
- II'eaa. Th4Gm
4 ~ A4IbtIE.
Soft, Rosy (
A. soft. rosy. egonplei
Everybodv adinire it. T
woman .bould not have i
nourle'hpent of the skin wi
waebing the faoe with h.At w
nuess e it with Stearrs
will soon bring your oomple
grey looking condition. Tr
Pickens I
Itom iprom This ThrtIag Town and
Peep"Ia ano Otter Matter.
H. 0. HEtod, who Ih been Indie.
esf a umn at .M past datg.
m. P. M. Taylor- U vitig irela.
fives in Greenville.
Mis Ione Wool, of the Greenvie
Graded eb661e, waa visiting relativa
tyre lastweek.
J(. K. Oonob exhIbited a one Pul,
ud China bog at tbe Gremnville fair.
' *Ve'0093 of o5Ootomonity sym.
pathie Vith Mr.J: R.. Jackson, of
the Eno so40o, in the death of bla.
10 year-old eon, &hIeb sad even.oe.
entrd.oo khe 17th inS1. The brial
took'o he yi oowng, Rog. D.
W. HioWt ~oocia te service.
mis Nanule Wilson, a forme" tma
cher la the Graded sehool here was
hiAgwIt IAsly, t'eek.
Willie 1"luar, who Is well knows In
0h0fntr ia hold a TWOi to hl fat~hek
Irvin- Miller. nea bre. Willis ka
efItroading and is loeiwbd at Oakdsle,
Celifosxi. His wife came #th 1im.
Mr. Tillma nith died quite sud
det2It on loat Sunday morning, at his
home three milts west caf Faley.
His 'fembi were tnlerred at lealr
view oborch the day' foloid1ki
deaty. He leaves a wife, seteral
e snad a host d relative. and
firiesds to wnogen hi death, IHe wps
gales oeerbokd3r that bh
tooght' his test fight.
AmUd& with Bw Byeg for 68 Yeee.
I have haes afluited with ene 'eyer
-r. thisty-thrv .sz Thirteen e
y bes4io. ty blind andI was .nrdI
or si yma. My eyes ws badly iin.
Lamed. One ol m nleI bow Ig ted
spon m~ y t ing 'in'sla' e
$n e box of -It, -To ma
e i esean, e and my~sigII
oqe back to me.--- E~ILanS, . yn
SK. Chamberlain's tsalve .4 for
Cewetee wegcivby areneh Swaos maretw
Thesme Qtoatons are given every PrI.
4.y at noon asia. the price of antton 18
for that day only. 'Two hours after the
ices ki given the markt may be up or
. ott,on
spE4tOe.......... ....... .....,.. . . 10%
5064............ ... ......... .........a
fiu ........... ...... .................
Oeatr Presse.
13ieu.......... .... . .. .... ... e
oitas etao........... .... .. .........
P..o..................... ....me
. . ............... ... .... ...... .A
- ~* A teeaNMo$. -
a ro dyie Si '
shes began taking~ El~
have eomlebaty car *u ii.s
pghneet "it4
-*uek, fIDan orth,~' .' ,e- te
gbe mediese optn 'l'v & -
Iat d en'-:-'
07i 4' w b1: mvr be ,coer
Sand Sor 'y e' ol wae
$$50ts ew life, .t. a~ng~ 'rd ir
* - t ci
on is a : persnal ch
'e is no reason-why a y
t. Proper exercis and
il do it. After thuroukt & -
ater and pure satap, genitrv -
9del weise Cream T
Zion out of that tir
Allon's Poot-pase, , pdW % 4Ir ed. (h
Ing weatin , swollen tAg( 9 nPIcnt FRa.:
al mple FOOnN-a SyrsuT. U PAD -a
new in tolon. AdoregA. AIt01j 8. muted ,Lp
Foley's Honey al ?l T n0 -orve the
MCot Qbeinmte -ongbAN -4ex'eg s the
oo)d from the ayAtem a-I Vl id mildl
I.xative It is gnarade.-d.P Do not'risk
taking any but tie genuine td the -val
tow' Pg4*ffr .Parukin&Phtay i* be
A 1-10 eme fam for o, A
of Bev. W& O Saethf r It fa
Thilip Mobineen U aMa - on
SS acres in-hih stateAt' ei b -R
ftcres well timnbemi,-rt*rd'hod del..
ing honees and'in
two good wire psiseres,ontyp '6 me
bottom land and is .ee , four
tmiles from Norris tdt*n cIi mi
froiii 1Iberty.and fy. ei'ic e- C.
H. in. Praters -etion, a ''o e
Price 0.00 per aore. -Ad 4Jlius
M. .Bolding, &-F; D. NY"* W-Pi6kefts S.
I wio let to the loweest.dposible bid
der the building of a wood'a sajt at the
teel brie at 8aluda dam on Novem
bar 1th, M., at 1 'clrchi. 'H8baifl.
%ioen made known on (sWt'.t lettg.
G. M. LYNC .- d r,
Ro16 of FM Betulme a 1 g
Btlbe of South Caroltu%.. V
00onty o Piekna.
-Ex Parteo
lames R. Vandiver. Fxaefet
in Ae
The estatie of D, R. N rtsi,. dEe&d
Petition. for Wia~leemeni* and Dhi
On. hring the pelEsoun for-a Pinal
Settlemnt ad Di.ebagein thi nbdye
onee IiIs ordered, t~jbat the 94tfr a of
flual settlement of f hi o th.& K
Norrie, desesed..- - - - -
Is if fIter orderm d , i f
disawarge by James it'
Stor' of maid estath. b '
Piek.aa Sentinel-Jodr~maf o 4s
fotrione inouh and tgb~;p. r.- . aId
ehagge be sered at pw a itA(me
tio e the petition 'cd literated
Plokene, 8.0O., Oetoberi 20: 190.
- Joph N Bown A d'y i Petonr.
Not ics to Debtors and;Creditore
'1 wtpsanns boldinp s'AltdA sgueSe the
amduyproven..a rei
. e1 dAy of Jannerj 1907,.r4 be birred
pa nt and sll peris ih tMted~to.id
estate mauat make pay -n 'iilopy'rberme
the above date, tot *~ ..e--' . .
Notice to Debtors and: Creditors.
AS) peisone have~t e -'.~
estat4e of J. L. '.-.-.- .. .
Sgg. . C nP, -.. --. .wi
'r. . All ii, a - a i'
.1mi1 maike payvm -- . <
Ayb of D~ecember, *- --'
*. ." '-.- . - .F
Atm Ce.ram L. -;*(1
- t
LARGEST and most com
plete line of General Mer
chandise ever shown in Pickens.
For the past month we have
been receiving almost daily.car
load shipments of Dry Goods,
Clothing, Hats, Shoes, Hard
ware,... Groceries, ,Furniture,
Buggies and Wagons 'till we
are now- -prepared. to show you
the largest, best selected and
arranged stock of General
Merchandise in the up-country.
.:very floor in each department
is packed almost to the ceiling
with goods bought at the right
prices. G6ds bought right
sell themselves and we buy
nothing but the best goods at
right prices.
Our Dry Goods'department
is complete in every detail.
Everyth'ig in Dornestics, Out
ip 's from 6 to: -1 4c.F
nels, Jeans, , Ketseys, Percals,
C6inghams, Plaids and Myls.
Largest lot. of Blanceas ever
aown in Pickens, at- eotW
P.oo per pair.
Dr -G oods! Dress.6 ods
Worsteds, Cassemiers,.Pau.
amas, Serges, 'Broad Cloths,
: Henriettas, Brilliamthies. Em
broidered Mohars, Dress
F. nnels, all col6rs with. silks
and tritnmings to inatcI.: The
leading co'lors for this season
;Jre Black and White atnd Gray
*4ads We .have 'a full'line of
these cokors.
A full and compeie .ine .in
all the atest sry and. coloes
wa (.Mildren,.., Misses -and
Ladies. 'Jackte gl Coaks
from $1.50 to $ 25O. Skirts
fromn$a-5 to $6..
Raim Coat far ladies and men.
H '*'; akover Shoes, Stetson l'ats>Ke
e-Mitecel Wagons.
FJ ~ Harris iastili in business at the same old a
self.., C~ome around and get some *ieaa in ;
ch~andbeit don't all come at onve.: ,1 sagt .
4~ poumnd sack of good Ilouir (odo acenta'
other things according, minus Mea~t and.DrI
owhichbisasbig.BB H amnan rahunig. Irlish
* ued, BRiss, Early Rose, Burbaniks god B~ea
- iebreoi, by the p~ock ~t - rold. pr
Notice to bebtors anqd Credito~s AIIAe
Ain o*re tuadingtW ', -4 sh - If~
be Mae. vn e . -' U ipgema 1 ndW~?
~nnht- d to hj E ,bV -- r- s~ u ga- TI k elk aab ?
'- -.ii~r - - ,s o the . Tetwin r
* *v~r. vpb o~f.
at e'4 leso,
Clothing! Clothing! Clothing!. for men an
would wear t
On this line we have no the Bomar H
competition. There are three Stetson Hat
essential things to make a suit Hardware
of clothes what it should be and tion. Just re
these are fit, style and quality.- of Stoves an<
Buying clothes as We do in large Wire and N
quantities frorn five of the right,
largest clothing concerns in the Big stock <
country, enables us to give you dies, Bridles,
all of these qualifications at a Blankets. L
very reasonable price. Suits of Trunks. a
for children 3 to 1-7 years from Rugs, Furr
75C to $6.oo; suits for youths Wagons an(
13 to'20 years' frdm $2.50 to entire second
$12.50; suits for Inen, stouts, ing, 70 x 12<
slims and 'regulars, $3.50 to tirely to Bug
$5.0; Oebtgi for boys . 6 We buy bo,
to 20 years rom- $3.oo to and can give
$io.oo; overcoatas for -men pries. We
$4.0 to $5-.oo.. Extra ptaft stcek- 6f Vuru
foi boys ad i all sizes-ard eiity. Al
al prices Aing .he-differdnt yo 'e aia
'line. -, e1oAI.I * fi
ie- lothing we'handle h; 'E6e in
the. culebraited. jake Hopkins house. Oak
Ihake for boYs arid the- 'Horse to$65.oo Oa
$he band fori-rieti. to $1 9.oo; I
Shoe5. Shoe8,$i $5.oo. Ha
Rea, on. ihft Tables, Dinir
The increaseof our ehoe Tables, Side1
trade has --been phenomena Bed *Loungei
The reason of it is we sell good you at least
shckos. We cah hardly supply anyting y<
the deniand. Shoes have ad- Furniture, S
vanced ifem 1o.to:40 per cent, rnishing 1:
but we are holding to old Just recen
prices. as 'much, 4 -possible. Chase City E
The old renownedBattle Axe of Mitchell
still leads them all. The best are looking I
shoe made for the mone, carries the
)attle Axe Shohe are worn b lightest and
erybodyITceyncome in h u the Mir
sizes,'.all sti-iegd all priws. he to
W are so agents for, the every time t
Walk o'r Shoes .for rnning you
$&50 oo and $5.00-.hsi
The onShoe ..for. .men-: th c9upty,
$5-o.and $6.oo, .rn th on~us for ai
Zeglt ho frlages, -$3-00 We apprU
BigetcC f M~ ndCp eery time.
I~igt~4 of QadYour
n A
9 2d ce nghy toe A)
4~rg of. oerDrs
ce X ons 10 Piiee~ a
- .9r
p..- iseymsAnt as
Iu 9 ee
d boys. If you
he best hat buy
at at $3.00, or the
at $5.o or $6.oo.
of every -descrip
ceived a solid car
I a car of Barbed
ails, with prices
>f Harness, Sad.
Robes and Horse
arge :Assortment
rt Squares: and,
iture, Buggies,
I Surreys, Thloe
floor of our bild
is devoted en
ies and Furniture,
in solid car lots,
you rock bottom
tatry the largest
iture in Pickens
ook will convince
k the truth.
Y needed for the
Suits froni$r5.c
k Beds from $2.oo'
)ressers $5-o to'
Mock Centr V
gTables, Kitchen
oards, Safes -and -
. We can save
TO per cent on
ou may need in
oves or the Houae
ed a solid car of
uggies and a car
W ons. If you
or e-*agon that
load, .runs the
runs the kngest,
tchell, you won't
y It to theaM o
ie moon chaoge,
cotton to Pickene
best market Ia
indWhle here call -
vthing you need,.
e~ciate your busi-.
I. treat yqg .rlght
gents for .St4sn ;ad
ie Sewing Machines~
ody. . Mrs
y in the~ 4 -4 ..
* .) .'
~'; I~d ~ / .* V 6 i
-) e~,

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