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The Abbeville Messenger. v
> , M. L. BONIIAV, Jb.,1 AW?
.JA8. S. PEKRIN, > PaoFaiktokb ^
- - " " m
WEDNESDAY, MAY, 13, 1885. h
Sometime sine? the Medium pro* nl
pounded certain qurations to tl?e Pre*i- tl
dent of the C., 0.. G. & C. Railroad, and oi
claiming that they ar? unanswered now h
challenges any friend of the road to rc- tl
ply. In default of a Kpaedy response ho tl
threatens to hang tho scalp of thai cor- n
p oration to his belt. As it would be c<
wrong to scalp that body if alire and a w
pity to mutilate it if dead, let us seo if r?
the Medium is unanswered. \Y c think ai
that the public. Tor whoso benefit (he tl
questions purport to have been asked, ft
bad then beforo it or bus since been fur- u
lushed with nil the information sought o
io bo elicitod. Let ub cee: and for con- ii
enionco wo will group the questions. a
fn Relatlunto the Flounces and Man- q
agement oTtlio Koad since Con- (,]
I. How much money was on liand when you
to?k charge of the enterprise 1
1. How much does the Company owe fur o
work, baliirius, survey*, printing, offica rent
Atr anything else. \
3. llow much grading has been done tinder
^rour administration.
In' the lotter of the President'to Dr. (;
Wideman who asked quevtionR siinilnr H
.to the first two aliitvo ntui which h?ftor _
.was R?nt for publication to nil the county
papers including tho Medium is giv/unin
explicit reply to the sntne. We
.extract. T
' At this time" the beginning r.f the present t?
administration "the roads referred to bad iu 11
#lie aggregate aud in round numbers outstand- H
jng liabilities to amount say $4,000 and un- "
collected assets to a larger amount. These c
alijM passed into the hands of and under the ?
management of tho C., C* O. cf* C. Railway
company." ? "After colsolidation
the company received the Williams- v
|i>n subscription in part." * * * "The u
management of the present Direction may be
briefly sammarizsd. They have collcctcd and
applied to debts of the two original roads a
part of the assets of said roads placed in their ?
hands, and they have applied tha Wiliiainston it
subscription to the surrey and locution of the
Carolina Division of the lino." . g
The President further stated (see the d
latter itself) that there was now due and p
unpaid the remaining liabilities of the j<
two <oyigtf)a} roads and certain balances u
of salaries to officers. He added that e
?he now uncollected assets on the books j
of the company exceeded its liabilitiea I n
- - 1
unpaid of this date: and that writing a
without ihen, access to tho records of ?
the company he would cause to bo for- \
warded to Judge Cothran the resident J
director at Abbeville for reference a 0
transcript giving figures in detail. This ^
was done: and the figures aro, Axsuts t
$22,666 63, Liabilities, $J.6,637 16. .
The property of tho road outside of H
ihat considered above was shown to be
jta valuable franchises, its rights of way c
and depot sites donated or paid for, and JJ
an aqao^nt of work cheaply dono by p
ronrict Jabor and valued by competent ^
Engineer* ov,er $100,000. I
Dr."Wlderaan did not ask the 3d ques- *
?ion above relating to a matter of public n
notoriety. He might possibly under the "
circumstances have regarded it as fiip- r
pant. Jf the Medium has any doubt *
however in the matter we infortn it that
in point 01 lact no grading ti&s been done, f,
Question in Relation to Mr. Scbofinld. i(
4. Has any agent for the company solicited t
aid io New York, Chicago or any other moni?d
centre in thia country 1 II' not why pot? 1
A. Has Mr. Schofield invested one dollar iit Q
the stock or bonds of thti road 1 Has he
yaistd a dollar from any other source? Has
paj individual or cotn|ianv |(i veil tiin; a IokuI J
obligation to assist in builtyng the road iu any ,
? *
Extract from the Widemau letter.
"By tbe Hchofield contract." entered into
before the present management assumed oflice. r.
''Mr. 8chofleld was created Financial Ageni r
of the 0., C. G. cfe C. Railway Company with
sole management of tbe negotiations for t
funda to complete the road, his coutracts to v
?bat end to be subject to the approval only <>(
tjxtf direction of tlie company. Mr Schotield
as ia known decided to try his firrtmie abroad ij
and has been for two years engaged in prosecuting
his efforts in Kugland." a
His reasons for doing thia neem to 11
us apparent. The sum lo be raised was R
large and money is cheaDor abroad than ir
in the United States. London is the J|
money centre of tho world, and its cap- a
italists ro?trict their investments to no 1
quarter of the globe. Tho United Stated
jup, favorito field for them; Government 11
bonds, mines, cattle ranches farming r
Jands, forests, city property, rail roads in i,
this country alike attract favorable at- *
Mention in that market, j,
Thow *ro rootiopu that may have in- ?
flue ce,<J Mjp. Spho,field, beside the f?ci of i,
hi# haying % favorable business connec- ?
there,and having met with former sue* b
cess in England in a similar negotiation. "
Jlis efforts hava been for thu negotiation ?
tone time of the full amount to com/
piete tho through line to Kentucky: and p
jrithopt discussing the reason why, f(
though, we aro disposed to think that in 0
the depressed and unsettled money mar- 0
ket which has prevailed for th? two ^
years of his agency, any one elso would n
k?re fared w> bettor, the fupt rem sins ^
that Mr. Scbofield has foiled to date, to | |,
pl*?e pi#r bonds. lm? nut vet *e- j,
pijred tfow for the through line. f
Jt it tfris Tory eonditjon of things that j
brings ?bowt the discusxion now occupyg
ipg our pegplf, Tljoy #re yr. willing to f
await the cpptjngcncici attending the
larger enterprise; they feel t}i*t a locn}
road in needed by thorn row, and having i R
already expended timo and moitoy in j
that direction tome, at leant, think it is v
beettoepend more, and while noi u'haii- f
doniag the hope of the road to Ken- f
v tacky, to get at least a road to Abbevilla. p
For tbiajrarpose the expenditure ia not e
beyond the reionrcea of raonied centres
nearer than London or Chicago or New f
York and as we nnderstsnd it the pros- *
ent question is whether the City of ?i
Oharlaatoi aud the people along the <;
line will twee the necessary funds. c
The Wideman letter informs as that J
po bonds hare been issued up to date, ft
. v.;.
in therefore assume that Mr. Schofiold
as made no investment in oonds of the C.
. G. tfc C. It. R. lu fact his appointment
as to sell bonds to other people, and
nplied no obligation to buy thuiu hini>If.
Neither have wo heard that he
KB invested in tho stock of the road,
ut recurring to the Widouian letter for
(formation, vr? ftnd that, "He haB born"
t his own charges u 11 the expenses of
10 Financial lgoncy : neither salary or
ther expenses connected therewith
ave been paid by or are chargeable to
10 Railway Company." We aHsume
>at Mr. Schofleld and his associate* are
either fools or philanthropists. Their
nraponsation must como in some
here, and it seems to us it does not
squire any special financial sagacity to
t leaBt discover tho tail of this cat in
le meal tub. Mr. Schotteld and his
iends are casting bread upon the waurn
T t <Kiu nvnnn^Slnfa In ??! ?/.!? ?
ur bondR, vitalizes their company, havig
tho contract for the construction of
road ovor 400 miles in length and reuiring
six millions of dollars to build it,
boy will realize their reward before tho
nd is reached?and we will realise a
lirough line to the great trade-conters
f the Wvst.
Vlien will tho Whlatlc .Dluw In Abbeville?
. Did Charleston or the citixens of
'harleston promise to contribute $?>00,000 if
pe would raise a five per cent. tux.
7. How much money will be required to
rade and equip the lino to Abbeville?
8. When will tha road be completed and
quipped to this place, provided we vote a 6
er cent, tax? State the exact diile.
j ne v? laeman letter buys : "1 ou will note
udcr tlie condit ions of tliu subscription to be
oted, not a dollar is produced to the rail rond
j go into construction or any oth?r e.tpendiure,
till after the locality voting it is paused,
iefore that time the only aid it gives ti ards
construction in in so far as it may opratc
to induce third parties to put their inony
into the enterprise."
Now an Charleston is the third party
re havo in our oyo just at this tiuio lot
a hoc where she stands.
In the New* and Courier of the fith
f February 1885, appeared ihc followag
"A number of well known busiuess men asembled
in the Chamber of Commerce vosteray
at ths invitation of General Hagood to
ear a statement of the condition and prosects
of tho Cumberland Gap Road, the ob?ct
being to ascertain whether Charleston
ras sufficiently interested iu that road to
lake it worth while to hare a formal coufuruce
here later in the month.
Among those present were Mr. E. Hurry
'rost, President of the Chnmber of Cnmwrcc,
who presided ; Capt. F. W. Wegener ;
'resident C. 0. Witte, of the Peoples Nation1
Bank, President A. Simonds, of the First
lationat Hank, Mr. U. W. Williams, Mr. J.
I. Gibbs, Col. J. H. Ii. Sloan, Gou. C. I.
Vulkcr, Major W. II. Rrawley, Capt. F. W.
)awson, Mr. A. S. Johnson, Muior G. L.
luist and Col..J. H. Pock, General manager
f the South Carolina Railway. After heiirng
General Hagood's statement and discusing
the whole subject, the following reaoluion
vraa adopted unanimously.
RtaolvtJ, That it iit the senseof thisincetng,
that earnest and immediate support
hould be given to the railway from Aiken in
he directions of tho mountains. That the
ine of the Carolina, Cumberland Gap eft Chiago
Railway, is in the judgment of this meetng
the most practiceble for obtaining a good
qcqI business in South Carolina, with the
ossibility of extension to the trade centers
f the West and also for uniting with the Saannuh
Valley Road. That a committee oi
even be appointed by the chairman to confer
rich tho President and Directors of the C.
!. G. A C. Railway, tu determine upon the
ioat practicable i?lan of irivinir aid tn Mint
uterprise, and that the same count) ittc
do alno confer with the President and I)icctoraof
the South Carolina Railway with a
iew to enliuting such company in any plan
hat may be adopted."
On the 4th of March, the formal coneronce
above rwferred to, was held, and
5 reportod in the yaws and Courier of
ho next day. It was not only had with
he Presidont and Directors of tho 0. C.
}. & C. Railway, hut with representaive
business mon from all along the
ine, whom the people in their reawaened
interest had sent to attend. Pickn?,
Kaslwy, Helton, Willianiston, Duo
Vest, Donalds, llonea Pnth, Abbeville,
Jdgefield, Trenton and Aiken were repescntcd.
The business men of Charleson
filled the Chamber of Commerce in
rhich iho meeting was held.
The stockholders of the South Caroina
Railroad Company, who had just
djourned, forwarded, and the Chairnan
had read the following resolution.
" NitolttJ, That this Company views with
real interest the line of ltailwuy from Aien
;n the direction of the mountains, pro,.>..1
l. - .u- 1-. n <1 ? ~
.ncu itj iuc v>, v. u. ct m. ituiiwar tominTi
and will sanction any effort in aid of
uch enterprise, which, in the judgment of
he Hoard of Directors, may be proper."
After free and ample discuBnion, the
neeting itself expressed its views in a
osolution unanimously adopted.
"lUtulvtd, That this meeting is confirmed
j the opinion heretofore expressed, that it is
matter of great importance to the City of
Iharleston that the Railway of the C., C. G.
: C. Company should be built. That it rennsmends
to its fellow citizens sncli conti ibuions
in aid of that enterprise as will assist
i the building of said Rnitroud, and that the
ommittee heretofore appointed, be requested
n report, to a meeting to be cnlled hereafter
j tho Chairman, such plans for giving subtantial
aid to that Railroad Company us they
lay in their judgment deem most "likely to
ccomriliKh the objectdcsired.
Subsequently the Directoru of tho
oad and the committee of seven conprred,
Tho result was the acccptanco
f the position that Charleston's aid could
uly be given in the purchase of our
tonds; that a pledge of local subftidy
must precede apy successful call upon
Mijirleston investor*, and that #500,000 in
>ondx was nwccBiat-y in addition to the txr
it'eted local aid to complete and equip tho
oad as far as Abbeville! These reaontions
werp all reported b? tho dele
ates from the eountry on thejr rctijrp
o their constituent*.
r?n* in further denning Charlestons
oxition, the committee of seren hav?
lan spi?k<?n. On the 21st March, Maj.
ka\?*l?'v, Chairman of that committer,
>'ag interviewed hy thv Xatr.i and (Jouierp,nd
apuko freely. The interview
ran published in full in our County paera,
but we make the most important
xtracta froin it.
"The committee only wait now for a report
rom Geo. Hagood of the rcault of the effort*
rhieh we understood were to be made to scare
local subscriptions. When we know
hat, we can sty what In onr Judgment
Charleston ean and ought to do." * * * *
We could not, with any prospect of sue ss,
appesl to the people of Charleston, to
ike bonds enougb to build the road unaided,
nd unless the people along the line are sufciently
Interested in,it to grade It and pre
- - " : pare
it for the rails, I should doubt very much *
whether any bonds could be placed here." n
Now will 5 per cent, of th? assessed ^
valuation voted along tho line from Aiken
to Abbeville, raise a sum equal to
the cost of completing the preparation
of the road for the lails?
The estimate of the Chief Engineer, i
Kirk, submitted and discussed a: r
Charleston is to complete the grading, *
bridging and trestling, . t
From A.iken to Edgefield : $ 8,780.00
M Edgefield to Abbe- J
ville : 81,276.00 a
Cross-ties for whole dis- ?
tanco : 40,000.00 1
$iso,G55.oo ;
Five per cent upon assessed Yalua- j
tions sb reported will yield. I
AbbcYillH : $ 28,750.00 1
Townships Edgefield : 58,000.00 1
Village Edgefield : 5,000.00 J
Troy and Trenton : 10,000.00 ,
Aiken Townships : 47,009,00 i
$149,159.00 1
But we haYo not yet fixed the exact 1
date nor the hour on that date,- (
when the whistle will blow in Abbeville. (
A little later, perhaps, wo may be will- 1
ing to bet on the day and tho hour
when that note of glad tidings will bo
sounded. j
Tlio Route of tho Ronil. I
9. Ilaa your company decided ex RCtly upon '
the route tho road will take, or will another '
.....p... K.. 1... -1 9
Tho Act of the Legislature incorpo- <
rating "The French lirond and Atlantic '
Railroad" (the South Carolina division ,
of the present C , C. G. &. C. Hy.) which <
Act was recently republished by the >
Press and Banner, fixed between Ai
ken and the mountains the following ,
points through which the route should ]
run, with power of variation by the <
company in certain exegencies : to wit. 1
Trenton, Kdgefield C. II., Troy, Abbe- (
ille C. II., Due West, Relton, Williams- j
ton, Kascly and Pickens C. II. At tho
date of consolidation into tho C., C. G. '
A f!. flotnninv n?j ia wnll Ifn^u-n tk<>J
" ? 1 "J 7 **? "% 4MV j
survey had been made through theso j
points, ftnd nil tho grading that has been i
dono is between these respectively. In 1
the consolidation contract with the ,
Bchofteld Company, set forth in the .
printed prospectus of the C., C. <"?. it O. <
Railroad, widely disseminata 1, it in pn - 1
vided (Article 1) that, "The line of the '
route of tho said railwu}-, from its |
southern torminul northward, shall be
such as has been already selectod and
; in part located."
When (treenrille made tho Company
very advantageous proposals to deflect
the main route by her bonders,
it was decided that the foregoing proi
visions precluded the consideration of
her proposition.
Wo think it may be safely assumed i
that Iho road will run through the towns
i named, if tho towns will let it.
Tlic Residue or the ltemuiiidor.
II?TC you mado an effort to aeenre the I 1
shipment of iron rails by any olhcr Company <
1 at a cheaper rate thai> the Houtli Carolina ;
' Hailroad i
Well roally ! We must beg the Jfc- i
diinn to let us off from this question un- 1
til after the election. It will hold water
till then.
We have given tho public little, if any (
' information it did not possess before,
but we submit that our neighbor is indebted
to uh for collating for his behalf
that which has strangely escaped his
usual watchful attention. i
We have always believed tho people 1
of the town of Abbeville' were not so
unmindful of the vital interest* of the
place as to refuae to at least attempt to
secure further rail road facilities. The 1
petition presented to the Town Council j
asking for an election on the" rail road'^
question shows that wo were right in i
our belief. We belivve, furthermore 1
that this is but a precursor of the future,
and when the election doe* come off, it j
will be cartied overwhelmingly for nub- j
scription. Those who have opposed it, ]
wo believo has acted in good faith, hut '
wo trust, now that they see, so largo a j
majority of the property holders desire, i
the election, that they will be willing to i
assist them in the good work. Minori- '
tics, it is true, havo rights, but tho greatest
good to the jrcatefit number is necessarily
the foundation of the government. '
We all arc called upon sometimes to
inaku great sacrifices, and the patriot is ,
ver ready and willing to tnako thede i
sacrifices, when in the opinion, of the
majority ot, the State or coupty-or town iS|
such becomes necessary. Let- us now ,
dwell togc/ther in peace and harmony,. <
promoting our own wellfarc, by advancing
the interests of th? town and vi '
. ? -I
' Bros. Wilson and Hemphill have
been funking n gallant fight ngainst the <
C. C. (>. iV C' lUilroad. But why will i
lite men fight a corpue ? Tuke olf your j
ivnr paint, gentlemen. That thing is 1
dead. It died of too much Schofield."? '
'"Brother" Kirkland iu Church lite- \
Ord, \
Wo were under tho impression, hut rIah
! it may he and doubtlea is a dtlu- i
aion, that the paper from which the shove
extract in taken, together with the reverend
"brother." who hits the honor
to edit it. mT" d' voted tntite intercut of )
1th? church which ii represent*. 11 uw {
the church has any part in this "fight" I
as the reTerend 4,l?roth?r" rhoosus to j
term it, we arc at a Iohb to know. He (
may he ami doubtless is, supreme in his ,
church, and his dictum may b? law, but i
he will probably awake sometimes to 1
the fearful reality that kki church is not
the whole State *or even the whole of 1
Abbeville county. He will also proba- '
bly find the C. 0. G. A C. Railroad the
livest corpse he evet attempted to preseh
funeral over When his services are j
eeded they will doabtless be requested. |
i'ake off your funeral robes, "brother,"
nd don't be in such a hurry to officiate.
\fessrs. Editors: A copy of your last |
ssue made its way to my abode and was
eceived and read with pleasure, I asure
you, its presence is no insult to my 1
lousehold. I feel grateful, and my
'partner in life," who is a lover of ntwatapers,
also, express thanl to the donors 1
or the. gratuitous contribution. You '
>re perifoctly welcome to mail it to my
iddrcss as long you have been duly au- ;
horized. The time stipulated was for
ho "year 'round," and 1 hope its visits
*ill be weekly, until the time expires.
[ entertain the expectation of denying a
benefit from its columns, of a more in.rinsic
character than the importance of
:iaving my nasal protuberance fastened
to the grindstone, in being taxed "eternally"
to build the Cumberland Gap rail
-oad. I have no idea that your journal. I
which, I presume, is the organ of this
ail road taxing scheme, will eversuc:ted
in muking a prnsulyto of your hum
jlc servant. He is Ephraim-like "joined
to hiH idols." Howevur, his mind is
'oncn to conviction" and will carefully
undergo the ordeal and risk the sequel,
->f course, at tiro expense of the charitable
party making the experiment.
It is one acknowledged fact, of which
pon are aware, that diversity of opinion
prevails in human nature. Such has
tjebh* Its chnraoter from its inception in
ihirt mundane rotundity and will continue
to exist until the wheels of timo
:c ase t-> male a revolution. I recognize
the right of every rational man to
;?xpre*s his opinion, however, insignifi:ant
it ma}' seem in tho eyes of a "lew."
jn whatever subjects that may be promulgated
for discussion, if be seen pr??p3r
bo to do. f'fully accord to your lord
ship the absolute right of expressing
your views on this contemplated Cumberland
Gap rail read tax and adiniro
pour hcroitiin in essaying to maintain
them, until, you are conscientiously
sonvinccd by reason and experiment,
that they aro based upon false premises.
I do abominate an editor, correspondent
or speaker, .to advance ideas on disputed
points in a manner arrogating
"what they don't know is not worth
knowing." If you can achieve hucccss,
upon an honorable and equitable basis,
in impressing upon the tax payers mind
that itMs to lh(4r inioj*es(t.lo aid in building
this road, all right.' if'your adjoining
contemporaries. (Jfetlitivi and Pratt
rind JJ (inner,) whose comments on
this subject are equally entitled to credit,
which 1 endorse in toto, with duo deference
to the contrary, can establish opposite
results, all right; Let no advocate
pro or con. become offended "keep cool."
Let no stigmatizing epithet or reproach
Itrand any ones sentiments. Due Went
townuhip has voted the tax. It is not
my purpose, in this communication, to
narrate uiy belief how it waH done. If
tho advocates pf this tax, and they are
men noted for erudition, iutegrity and
iiobriety, can faM tho world and their
t?od and say with a clear conscicnce
that they resorted to no unfair means in
iny shapo or form to obtain this result,
*11 right. 1 renistod it with all my mental
villi and force of atitTrage; 1, knowingly,
made no requiaitions upon any
foul means to. trvko unduo advantage of
any ovation. -,I-expressed views consistent
to my bel.rof and the people were at
liberty to ?rt"di)fse, *>r ignore them. I,
Confedorncy-lilfe, itfas *\not whipped but
BVerJiowored."'"Next thing, required, I
pivauiu*, nm oc iron-viau "OKIIi Ol allegiance,"
id Railroad tux. I would
Luke the liberty... of Baying that a portion
r>f the intelligent class of citizens in l)iic
West arc Tory ungenerous in bemeaning
ho sarcastically the sentiments of tlte
Maliuhi and iVe** nnd Manner on this
rail road enterprise. They aro the
mouthpieces of the public and have the
liberty to advance thoir respective views
in whatever W,ay thar concieve to be
firo bono publico. They harbor no ill
feeling for the propriety of Due West
and would not,,by any mean, advance an
idea, if they thought, would have the
least weight to diminish her measure of
Rucceas in any praisoworthy undertaking.
Their past record, in eulogizing so
repeatedly th,e. jnerits of the place, is a
sufficient guaranty to testify to this fact.
I do not think they aro proper subjects
upon whom vials of wrath to be uncorked
in this Christian town discharged unspairingly,
derogatory to their reputation
48 jo.uruaii?l8, siiuply. becauan a little
difference <>f 'toWhion is'brought to hear
on the Hailroau." Courtesy and respect
should characterize'all debatable topics,
ospooially when public interest is at
cttk u ' P fs (f? An Ol /V f fUn
x-. vihu. va ??n- n|ic4mrm ?clectod
for tho recent Railroad campaigu
io Duo We*t township, in favor of imposing
a tax, anil by the way, ho mad*
commendable efforts in his faith to
mako eon verts, wax an oxception of being
too prefeuuiptuous in knowiug everything.
His speeches did not ignore tho
right of diversity of opinion and were
tempered with less sarcastic slang. My
nature is to give the ''devil his due."
O.1\ H.
Trenton Follows Due West and Troy.
The election, an regards voting a tax in
lid of the Carolina, Cumberland Gap
md Chicago -Railroad, took place at
l'renton on Thursday of last week. And
the municipality voted unanimously in
rivdVjpjf-th*: k Aridrthutrjtonr Trenton
ctince that she is abreast of tho spirjf
the nineteenth ccr\tury. Tronton,
Troy, Diic West! 53"ow let the Townihips
of l'ickens, Wise, Moss, Blocker
iVul Hiblepr;> i?ll nobly into lino !?
Edgefield Advertiser.
Three Cheers for Trenton.
At trie cfctftion in Trenton Thursday
in the Railroad subscription question, a
lolid vote waa polled for tho Railroad
mhncription, not a single vote having
been caHt against it. The people of
Fronton knovr the advantage* of Railroads
and like sonsible people they are
(rilling to assist in building them.?
Eilyejleld Chronicle.
i 1 mmmmmmm?
p. a. r, m. a.. t. h.
G./O. KOBINSON ft CO. offer a Mason
fe Hkmlin Organ to the correct interpretation
N.f A\ A. ,T. U. An
these'Inters hare a don hie interpretation,
each person will have two trials,
ind the winner must find out readings.
The names, with solution, will he
entered in a book, and when tb? correct
inswcT is received, ii will be- advertised
irid tho party notified. This offer remain*
open until May 1st, 1886.
A Careful Reading of our Advertisement
is Advised.
r. m. it. o. t. ft.
80 Augusta, Ga. j
'' /. x ' ' ' fL*/ ? jgfe ft' vs . >
! V, " I TS it
: '. .
Speed &Neuffer
KKKI' constantly on haud a full, and well 1
selected utvck of pure J
Drugs, Chemicals etc., etc.
All ilu? Infest nnd i oj>ular linos of Patent
m>l l'r<i|ii'i?tary Medicines.
in- ur?i i.i*er nil-memo, cures l?yapepiiia,
for Su It i.niy l-y v*.
Summer Cmimlnint ; niui ?mr Compound Hr rup
Sorsaparilia with Iodide l'otauh, for "the
bki> nvu rorsoy,
the 11111*1 cnnvcul?nt way of dcatroring these
induct a.
all the Staple aud Fashionable Color*.
A full line of Fancy <>o<xlw,
Toilet Articles, Stationery etc. etc.i
The beat brands ?f
Clears, Tobacco, aiul|Ciffftrette8.
A complete stock of White Leads, I'ninta,
Oila, Varnishes, etc., etc., Paint Brushes. J
Window Ulass.
Golden Machine Oil.
We sell the celebrated Harrison lirothor's
Prepared Paint; the best in the market.
Special attention paid to the ,
Prescription Department.
PhrMician'B prescriptions and fa.nily re- ,
cipes filled at all bourn of day and night, br
experienced and coiniu-tent hands.
Orders bj hand or Mail, promptly attended
April 2?, 1885. tf 83.
I"f IQ Dow.? To more tht bo?>
*U 0**tlp, 2 (o 4 Pills;
^ ^ thoroughly, 4 to 6 Pills.
PI f T Kxperitnc* will dtcitU ihs
ft proper don in sdcA case.
For Constipation? or Oolttrnwii, no
remedy is so effectlvo as Aykb's Pills.
Thsy insure regular dally action, and restore
the bowels to a healthy condition.
For Indigestion, or Dyspepsls, Area's
Pills are invaluable, and a sure ears.
Heart-bam, Lois of Appetite, Tool
Stomach, Flatulency, Plato?s, Headache,
Numbness, Nausea, are all relieved
and eared by Am'l Pills.
la Idrer Complaint, Bilious Disorders,
and Jaundice, Aril's Pills should bo
given in doses large enough to exalte the
liver and bowels, and re more constipation.
As a cleansing medicine in the Spring, these
Pills are unequalled.
Worms, caused by a morbid condition ot
the bowels, are expelled by these Pill*.
Eruptions, Skin Diseases, and Piles,
the result of IndlgssUon or Constipation, are
ctltod by the um of ATtK'i Pills.
For Colds, take Ateb's Pills to op?n
the pores, romovo inflammatory secretions,
and allay the fover.
F6r DUnhiM and Dymtery, sensed by
sudden colds, Indigestible food, ct&, int'l
Pills are the tra? remedy.
Rheumatism, Ooat, Vcmlgls, lad
Sciatica,often result from digestive derangement,
or colds, and disappear on removing
tho cause by the use of Ara's Pills.
Tumors, I>rop?jr, Kidney Complmlnts,
and other disorders eaoaed by debility or
obstruction, are eurod by Aybb's Pills.
Suppression* and Painful Menstrua
ties, have a sate and ready remedy in
Pull directions, fan various languages, a*
oompany each package.
fbipaud bt
Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mats,
Sold by all Druggist*
For this year will be found
Absolutely Pure Spirits.
NORTH Carolina copper distilled Corn,
Finest brands of Kentncky Rye, frem
two dollars to aiz dollars per gallon.
Imported Cognac Urandjr a apeoialtj.
Also Ales, Porter, Champagnes Ac. Is
fact all the popular and standard goods that
can be obtained.
Together with an assortment of Tobaccos
and fins Cigar* that can not be oxcelled in
Persons needing sueh goods wonld not be
humbnsrgcd br buying from them.
Th? plaee it Peeeond Door frem Court
Proprietors, Abbeville, 8. C.
jan 14-tf ^ ?
Notice to Board of Health.
THE following persons bare been appointed
members of the Board of
Health, for the town of Abbeville :
G. A. Vi8annka,
H. T. Tustin,
J. M. Gambrklt.,
F. F. Gary, M. P.
They will be required to look .aftor
(he sanitary regulations of the tnwn,
and will commsnco their inspection of
all the premises, on Monday", 25th of
May, 1885. Property holders and residents
will govern themselves accordingly.
By order of the Council.
Kay 13, 1885-2t ' 92*.
Watchea, Clocks and Jewelry.
Ma. H. D. Rbksx, of Abbeville, Is prepared
to do all manner of repairing of Watches,
Clocks and Jewelry, ana will pay all express
charges on work sent to him from stations on
the 0. and G. road.. He alwavs keeps in stock
a handsome Vine of Jewelry and Plated Ware
at moderate prices. Send in yonr orders.
Addraas, H. D. Baas*, Abbeville, 8. C.
For Sale.
[OFFER for nalo, at low figures, (lie following
1 Five-horse power Upright Edgine.
1 Fanjuhur Thresher,
1 Oin, (30 Haws) mid Condenser,
1 King Cotton l'ress.
The above property, is considered in good
iondition, and may lie bought very low bv ap>lving
to the undersigned at the Mksskmukk
Jifice. J AS. S. FERR1N.
May 0. 1885-tf SO
The Place to get What You Want
HAVINO bought the interest of Mr. JOHN
WILSON in ilie business formerly
Muducted by them jointly, will kerp always
in store a complete stork of
T? &i11 mr
jl niio) wi ucei'ics,
? AND?
of all kinds.
The Best and Cheapest
Cigars and Tobacco,
ilicinal purposes, it specialty. Also choice I
LIQUORS of any kind lor medicinal purposes.
(Jiv? him <i call. Satisfaction guaranteed.
All persous indebted to thu firm of Chris-!
tian & Wilson must make immediate payment.
l-3m-33 Abbeville. H.
ABBKVii. J*-;
The Derrlug, Jr. Twine Binder--weight
1,250 lbs.
PRICE, $230.
THE 1 tarring Light Reaper, weighs
750 lbs. price, $105.
The Derring Mower, cog gear mado of
malleable iron, the best mower in use,
price |75.
The celebrated Thomas Hay Rake,
price, $30
The Corbin Disc Harrow, with friction
rollers and chilled boxes, price, $40.
Farquhars, Cardwells and Butterworth's
Thrashers, and "Ajax" Portable
Engines. The Iron Age ?nd Planet
Cultivators. We solicit correspondence
from farmers and dealers.
Columbia, S. C. Apr 1 4n?
Grand Opening
WE inrito ererjrbodj to como and examine
our superb stock of ladies goods
of erorv description. Hats, Bonnets, Feather*.
Flowers, Ribbons, La cor Ac., in endless
varietr. Roman Stripes, Plaid Silk and Tinsel
and I.acc Scarfs, beautiful designs. Everjtinp
in neck wear, Rtichit>r?, i cents and
up. Linen and Lace collurs, Fishues, and evcrytliinir
that makes woman more beautiful.
Handkerchiefs, black and colored border*,
white and colored, Silk, Lace, kc.
Wonderful barpnins in white poods, Lawns
at 8 cents per _vard and upwards, nic? India
Linon 10 cents, colored Lawns from 5 to 12
Cent# per yard, best poods erer sold here at
these prices, (litiphair.s, Seersuckers and
suitinps, Cashmeres, Nuns Veilinp, Lace
Runtincr, Plain, liroeades and Flowered,
Beautiful Plaids in colors and black and
while, Black tiuntinps, Cashmeros Tamise,
iiazellc and Henrietta Cloth, Buttons and
Trimininps for everything.
Silk iilorcs, White, Black and Colors, eall
for our Foster "William" Kid, in Blaek and
Colors, only $1.00 a pair. Ladies aud Children's
llose and Shoes.
R. M. H ADDON & Co.
March W. 1885-tf. 1
Static vr Sorni Caroj.ixa, >
Exkcutivb Dki-aktment.)
Wheroas information has been received
at this Department that an atrocious
murder was committed in the County
of Abbeville, on or about the 15th day
of March, A. D. 1885, upon the body of
Pros Murchison by Isiah Wright, and
that the said Isiah Wright has lied from
justice :
Now, therefore, I, Hugh S. Thompson,
Governor of te slathe of South Carolina,
in order that justico may be done and
the majesty of tho law vindictated, do
hereby offer a reward of One Hundred
Dollars for tho apprehension and delivery
to the Sheriff of Abbeville County,
of the said isiah Wright. Said Isiah
Wright is a dark mulatto,- about 5 feet
10 inches in height and weighing 160
pounds. Ho is about 25 years of age,
and is quick in his movemonts. In testimony
whereof. I have hereunto ?*t mv
hand nnd caused the Great Seal of the
Stato to be affixed, at Columbia, this 23d
day of March, A. D. 1885, and in the one
hundred and ninth year of the Indepenence
the United States of America.
By the Governor :
Sccrotnry of State.
March 25, 1385-tf 11
have jast recoivud a l?rg link of
Landreth's Fresh Car ilen
8eedf All Varieties
7L W. Lawson & Co.
Jan 28-tf 2t
.'v.'; '< ? . *
J* >"V - ' < '.i-V- ? '1* -
\x I
W J Mil k Son
1003 Eusnels oi Corn,
200 Bbls of FLOUR,
00 " f Molasses
Iu Stoflk mir) tn Arrivo
PARTIES in need of those goods will
do Trel) to examine our stock.
A Varied and extensive stock of nearly
everything usually needed Wy the
| trade, to be found at
jan 14-tr 18
Pnthm Ct Poppin
uuim uii a luiiiii
H.\ V R in Ktock a complete am;?rt~
ment of
Dnigs, MedicincH, Chemical#,
live Stuffs, Varnishes ?frc.
Patent Medicines new in
many of them Non-gccr*t preparation,
consisting of the Terr
best Congh Mixtures, Dispeplio
and Kidnej preparations, Rheumatic
and Neuralgic preparations
and IleHt Liniments for Maa
aud Horse.
J^YDIA PIXKHAM'S Female Rested j, ;
RRAI)FIELD'S Female Regslator.
so necessary to Woman'* comfort '
and health. Also Abdominal
Supporters, Campbell's Repository
RUPTURE instantly reliored by a?ing
tho Celebrated Fry Traaa.
Tho only truss giving an upward and inward
pressure, same as holding the rapture
up with the hand. No pressure as
the back. No thigh strap worn. - 1st
premium and medal awarded at Cincinnati.
'"xposiiioa 1884.
best Corn Cures. Cora and Bam- '-*1
ion Pads.
Also excellent preparations far .
Chapped Skin, for restoring Vigor
to the Hair, Tor Preserving aad
Cleansing tha Teeth.
will b? foand r?ry complete?
consisting of Colognes, fereiga
and domestic, Hankerckief Extracts
in great variety, Tailek
Soapa from tha cheapest la tka
Hair, tooth, nail, shatiw*. '
ALSO nianjr articles for llou&ekold and
Cooking: Purpose#?
Baking Powders, Extract* a?4
Spieos, and Yinagar.
Close Attention Given to
Hours, Night and Day.
December 24, *8-4-tf 19
Mortgagee's Sale.
Calhoun and McAllister to Mrs. C. C. Ferris.
BY virtue of a mortgage given b* CiW,
hottn and McAllister t* Mra. K. <*\ Ptrrip,
which mortgage in now dna and oWiar T
nill noli at public otitcrr, at AbbavHla C. fl.,
on Saledaf in May 18S6, tb? followiag 4*
acribeu property to wit:
One Fiue Horse-Power Parqobar Upright
One King Cotton Press, * j
One Yoke of Oxen,
One (60) Fifty Haw flin,
o be aold to satiafjr the afurenaM mortgage.
Terma, Canli. JA8. 8. PKRKIK, *
A rent of li?rl|?|rM.
April 52-tf 82
x ,
Legal Notice.
plmm iur. is hereby Riven to all parties
L' harboring, hiring or eiring employment
to ono, MKATS DAVIS, alias l-d. .
Davis, that the law will be ntrictly tn? .....
forcod aprainxt them, ok ho i? nndei; cniv-,
troct with me for the year 188f>. and ha*. ...
left without my ron?ent nnd without *
oauHo. W. 0. GRIFFIN.
Bradley, S. C. '
April 20-f f 84
SILKS, Satins, Velvets, Trimminri, Rua
ian Circulars, New Marketa, Jersey a *
Ac., Ao.
B. M. 11 ADDON A 00

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