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The Abbeville Messenger.
Entered at tho pofttofDc? fed 2nd-clu?H matter.
WEDNESDAY, MAY 27, 1885.
~^~Onr Inter-State Drills.
No Uniformity on Cortaln Points in
the Opinions of Different IJonrds of
Judges?Eohoes of the Now Orleans
[From The News ami Courier.]
New Orleans, Ma}' 18.?(Sood drilling
has bocomo so common this week in
New Orleans that the eye of the most
nmnilitary citizen becomes filled with
critical glances when it detects the
slightest flaw in company mancouvres.
There have been bnt one or twocompa
nies here that have not shown hard
work and long practice.
Individual errors are fast bocoming
the controlling element of the results.
Together with the rulings from the war
department ami the Army <nid 2T(tv(tl
Journal there is springing up a new tac'tics
especially adapted by its flue points
to fancy companies. Kvery inAn's personal
equation as to time and nervousness
now forms a factor of the result,
and the winning company is invariably
composed of the coolest men. All of
these crack companies usually have a
thorough knowledge of tactics and fine
points, but all realize that a wrong command,
a slip upon the grass or twelves
inches of distance may loose a victor}'.
The judges do more work on a drill
day than any one on the field. Fmmcrly
they sat in a handsome pavilion
and record their notes upon a convenient
table. That is changed now. They
are always with the company and by
their active scrutiny remind one of expert
mechanics examining the workings
of some complicated, piece of moving
The most attractive sight of the week
was the line and platoon movements at
double timo. A company in line would
sweep across the limited space followed
and preceded by judges at a full run ;
then-the platoon would wheel, while
every spoctator shuddered as the fence
was missed by a hair's breadth
The following account of the crack
companies of the Union may be of interest
<?he Mobile Rifles, Capt. Lewis T.
Woodruff, were organized January 10,
1836. Their war record is brilliant, and
since their cntranace into the competitive
field thoir record is as follow? : At
Mobile, May 3, 1881, defeated Nichols
ltiflesof New Orleans. AtMobilo, May
20, 1881, they came out sixth in a com
petition with tho ' Chicks," Crcscents,
League Guards, Houston Light Gnurds j
and Vnundry llifles. At Nashville, May ,
18, 1882, they defeated the Crescents,
Treadway Rifles, Houstons and Lawrence
Light Infantry of Boston. May 0,
1883, they were fourth at Houston.
Immediately after, they were lirst at
Dubuque over five companies. Ma}',
J885. first at New Orleans.
Tho Chickasaws, Capt. S. T. Camer,
organized June 30, 1874. Their vietories
and competitions are so numerous
that only a brief summary will he given :
At Nashville, May, 1875, they were second
; Memphis, October, 1875, first;
Memphis, Majr, 1878, first; St. Louis,
1878, second ; Chattanooga, July, 187s),
first; St. Louis, October, 1870, first;
Nashville, May, 1880 first; Now Orleans,
1881, first: Louisville, 1882, second
; Indianapolis, 1884, first: Mobile,
1885, withdraw on account of accident;
New Orleans, 1885, they were third.
In some of these competitions eight
companies engaged. Their record is
the most brilliant of all. Capt. Carnes j
and Private Proudfit have been present
at every contest. First Serirt. llichar.l
Wriorht has noted ?u rl.rlii ?. ! ! > 1
- o"w b"""! "
Houston Light Guards, Capt. Thorns*
Scurry, organized April 21, 1883. At
Austin, November, 1875, first place.
Houston. May, 1878, first place; Ilous
ton, June 1878, first place; Houston,
1880, first place; New Orleans, May,
1882, seoond place; Now Orleans, 1883,
second place; Houston, 1884. first place.
Many of these were state contests.
The most wonderful company in the
United States is the Uusch Zouaves, of
St. Louis. They have their own tactics,
and have novcr taki?n any prize but the
first in inter-State Zouave drills. Most
of ^liein are athletes, and execute the
maniialand manoeuvres with| lightning
rapidity. <l)hey have a special four
whose exhibition of skill in handling
arins is truly wonderful. Two of this
four have also a double drill in front
*i.~ ? -
n n|c uuill JNlll V IS III plilCO IVSt I'llC
pinoes, with bayonet* fixed, are re.
V?>lyed and thrown high into the aims
lliuy chai-go from one mnu to another.
Kvery motion is eadencuri, ami it seem*
that yoij arc loot ing at the same man
and his mirrored image so uniform ami
complex are the motions.
The outcouio of intor-Hta^c may
bo summed as follows : A peat ox?
change of money among betting nu n,
enlarged acquaintance among I In: troops,
physical training and a cordial recognition
by tho war department of the
' I';' ' value of militia. Thoy should be encouraged
more than baso ball and othor
pastimes whose attractions and advanSK
tages are naught after a contest is finished.
U f deplorable fact that there is no
r'. : uniformity on certain points In the
opinions of different boards of judges,
conversing with a Houston guide w?
? ?.; v *-> >*>*' .
wore told that in Mobile tho Houstons
executed "from single rank" and dressed
to the point of rest as prescribed by
ITpton. Hero they oxecuted it dressing
to the opposite flank, their reason being
tho difference of opinion in the two
boards of judges. Such flagrant opposition
to the tactics seems to be inuxcusalde.
There are rumors that the next interState
drill will take place at Chicago
this full, and that the fiist prize will be
forty thousand dollars. That such an
amount nhou'd be offered seems improbable
at the first glance, but to those who
witnessed the enthusiasm and excitement
attending the New Orleans contest
nothing seems too extravagant to anticipate.
It is probable that hereafter cadet
companies will be allowed in the field.
Heretofore they have been excluded .as
inferior organizations, but the judges hI
New Orleans in their report mention
I the South Carolina and Tuscaloosa
companies as competent to compete on
any field.
The following paints in tactics were
regarded as doubtful in the late drill,
most of which seem to be clearly explained
in the tactics :
1. In forming single or double rank
to which Hank is the dress? Fully explained
in Upton.
2. In forming twos or fours from
column of files, single rank, is there a
halt, or is the movement executed as
forming fours from t vos in double
rank ?
8. At trail arms it was helil that four
lingers wore around the piece.
4. In "secure arms'* some companies
turned the toe of the piece to the right
and others to the left.
5. It was held that iu firing lying
down the head miuht or might not he
lowered, (common sense and observation
tell military men, however, that
the head should be up in order that
troops may see what is going on in
6. At open boxes, the left hand may
be held either at the right shoulder or at
the muzzle of the piece, Uius "steadying
the piece at the shoulder," as prescribed.
7. Some of the companies, when loading
and tiring b}' the numbers, kept up
the numbers after the first fire.
8. The fire lying down, reduced to
firing by file, was the file firing intended
?and no other? All companies, but
one, tried to execute volley firing at
command "commence firing. *' it.
The Ex?Sccrctary of State, Ereathes his
Last in his Native Jersey.
Newabk, X. J., May 20.?The Hon.
Frederick T. Frelinghuyson, ex-socretarv
of State of the United States, died
at 5.3U o'clock this aftcrnogn.
Kx Secrelarj' Frclinghuj'son was oik? of
the most distinguished city,ens of Now
Jersey, lie was born at Milltown, N. J.
August 4, 1817. He was graduated from
Rutgers College in 183(5. Throe years
after lie was admitted to the bar and resided
in Newark. l''or over twenty yoars
he held no olfice, but he rose front to the
allwayx-diHlinguished Bar of New Jersey,
hi* neighbors, Joseph 1'. Bradley
and Cortland Palmer, being his only
equals as pleaders in banc or as jury advocates.
The fortune and social distinction
in which he was were increased by
his abilities and his virtues. In 18<jl he
vvus appointed attorney-general of the
State by Governor Charles S. Olpen. and
in I8GQ he was reappointed by Governoi
Marcus L. Ward. In the same year,
however Governor Ward appointed him
United States Senator, in place of William
Wright, deceased, and a Republican
riugis'ature confirmed the selection bv
choosing him for the unexpired term,
ending March Jl, 1809, Two years aftoward
he was chosen for a full term as
tho successor of Alexander (J. Cattnl,
Republican, and served till March, 1877.
President Grant nominated him and the
Senate unanimouslv confirmed him as
minister to Kngland. but he declined the
office, owing to a conviction which was
controlling witti him that if he ever
took an ocean voyage he would perish
on the way.
His Senate service was honorable, industrious
and, so far as his party belongings
\\*oul<l allow, conservative.
With the close of his Senate teim he
retired to private life, from which he
was recalled to succeed James G. Blaine
as Secretary of State, at the request of
President Arthur, in December, 1H81.
Mr. Krelinghuysen's conduct of the
foreign affairs of the United Stales Government
was not ostentations, but in
many respects it was excellent, and in
all it was honest and honorable. He
was required to extricate the Administration
from complications engendered
by Mr. lllaine, which one portion of
Republicanism regarded as statesmanship
and the other as jobbery. -He
could not, therefore, cscupo criticism,
but the composure of our people and
the regulation of our Republic for
iSiiignity, equity, probity and the talent
if mindin# Its o\yn binum-su nnd letting
the business of other people alone wav
enhanced under his administration. The
social distinction of the Arthur Administration
was greatly aided by the refinement
and tact of th?s lYelinghuysens,
who, as social loaders, renewed the traditions
of the better days of hospitality
at tho Capitol.
?A girl with three arms is one of tho
attractions in New Orleans. The young
lady should bo very popular as she can
put one arm around a follow** neck,
while she sews on r buttons with the
other two.
i J *
? fci
"' J { ' -x ' < ' '
A Debt or Honor.
Thcro 1ms not boon, wo believe, ft political
speech delivered in any campaign
in this State since 1874, in tho course of
which tho speaker did not turn to tho
Indies' stand, und in the most gallant,
gracious and grateful language that he
could command, express to "the women
of South Carolina" his deep and abiding
sense of the important part which
they had filled in the work cf redeeming
the State from the slough into which it
had fallen. It was frequently said, in
deed, that but for the interest manifested
by the women, but for their zeal
in urging fathers, brothers, sons, husbands
and lovers to do their duty, but
for the encouragement of their presence
"on this auspicious occasion," but for
"the sunlight of their smiles," <&o , &c.,
(See old Hies of the uYnrn and Courier')
"nil would have been lost. The
fuels and the phrases thus Ijiielly recalled
are fresh in the mimls of those
who composed the audiences on such
auspicious occasions, and will probably
be remembered by some of the speakers.
What wo wish to remark, just now,
and our meaning is plain, is that the
present state of a flairs at Washington
and South Carolina affords an auspicious
occasion for paying oil* some portions
of the debt so generously and so
generally confessed to be due to our
gentle and efficient allies. There arc a
number of positions to be filled in the
postoflices and other Government offices
in uiuereni pans 01 mo ruaie, wincli positions
could bo well and ncceptiibly
filled by ladies. There are many noble
wouicn in the Stale who need employment
for the support of themselves and
of others dependent on them. It is fur
easier for men than for women to find
or make employment for themselves;
and, generally speaking, no strong, ablebodied
young man should I e appointed
to any position which a woman could
fill as well. We submit, therefore, to
those who now have it in thi-ir power to
make or influence appointments to public
offices that the women of the Slate
have a strong, if not a first, claim upon
them, and that this clnitn should bo
recognized. Two or three ladies have
been appointed already, we believe, and
the example thus set should he followed
in every instance where it is possible to
do so. This done, our Congressmen and
candidates in the next campaign can
continue their coiifpliiuentary addresses
to the ladies' stands, as at other times ;
but not otherwise.?JVcirx ami
It 1 nu if <?nr A
?* no < vur iiuui. 1 iliu LUIIIL'I1I)M rarics
have agreed to disagree on the
rail road question. The i'Ycsv and
/inntier and Jfeditun are opp iscd to
the C. (5. G> <& (J. It. It., while the Mi:ssKNiJKit
favors it. A proposition was
made by one of the papers to meet its
opponents half way, which was favorably
considered by the other side. A
meeting was held and resolutions covering
some of the objections of the opponents
of the roail were offered, but
they did not meet with the approval of
the majority of the press of Abbeville,
and we presume the P. and It- and
Medium will continue to wage war on
the road.
The people of Abbeville have long
been trying to get another road built to
their town, but as long as they balk
and fail to pif 11 together, just so long
will they have to wait before they get
one. lirethren make mutual concessions
to each other, and agree on :? plan
that will be reasonably satisfactory, ami
then all of you put your shoulders to
the wheel and gel you a road. Remember,
that while you are contending with
each other, roads are being built all
around you, and soon you will be shut
in, and the trade that naturally belongs
to your town will he carried to other
places, where rail road facilities are better.?
Aiken Journal and liccictc.
Gen. John Bralton is a^ain announced
as a probable candidate lor (iovornor.
Ho is a good man?^oodenough to stand
on his own merits without preliminary
feeling and maneuvering. If he wants
to win let him shun the slates, avoid
combinations and conic out for a square,
open canvass before the people. He
would he governor to-day if he had not
have been one of the slated candidates
in 18812. He may bo nominated next
time; and then again ho may not.
Much depends on who the other candidate
or candidates may he.?Greenville
!,? wl" rt,ft of Cojjo. Hots or Lrs? Fc??.
If route's Powders nre nsod In tlnin.
route's Powders will cure and prevent UooCnoum.
route's Powders will prevent CUmo 1? Fwia
route's Powdnra will Incrcaf* Uib quantity of milt
and cream twenty per cont., and make tlio butter firm
and fvect.
route's Powders will cure or prevent almnat kvkrt
Jl0"** n??l ('n"lo are wil.teet.
Bold ovorywhore.
DAVID Z. TOUTZ, Proprietor,
w E have just received a Urg ate >k of
Landreth's Fresh Car lien
Seedy All Varieties
II. W. Lawson & Co.
Jkb 28-tf 20
' J '
Till Note ,
Tbkabukkr's Office, f
April 8th, 1885. f
IN accordance with the Act to raise supplies '
for tlu fiscal year commencing November
1st, 1884 approved Deeeinber 24th, 1881
notico is hereby given that the Treasurer's
ollico of Abbeville county will be opeu for the
collection of Tuxes.
Friflay, May 1st 1885.
and will remain open until June 1st, 188ft.
Tuxes are payable us heretofore in two equal
installments. The first is duo and payable
from May 1st until Juno 1st, and if not paid
unlil the sccond isdue./fre prr cent inn will be
added to said first installment. The second
installment is due and payable from the first
dav of October to the HOtb day of November
Tax nay or h can pay all in May if they desire
to do so.
The rate per centum for Abbeville County
is as follows:
State purposes Mills,
Countv current 3 "
Schools .2 "
Special I ? "
Total 12
Poll tax $1.0!)
Taxes are payable in the followrn?r kind of
funds and no other: Cold and silver coin,
I'nited Stu'es currency, national bank notes
and coupons which shall become payable during
the year 18S3 on the valid consolidated
bonds of this State known as'Mlrown Itonds"
and on the bonds of this State kown as "Deficiency
Honds" also Jurors eertilieales and
the per diem of Slate witnesses in fie Circuit
Courts will be voceived for county taxes, and
not including school taxes.
The Savannah Vullev railroad tax in the
townships of Iiowndefiville. Magnolia, CulIioiiii
am! Bordeaux is dm and payable lit the !
same time with I lie Stale and comity ( axes j
and will be collected, s>ubject to the same penalties.
Tilt* levy for (lie railroad tax is 10
mills in each of I lie fnu- townships.
All information ns to taxes will Le freely
jjiven bv mail or otherwise.
J. ?. PERM.
Coily Treasure'1,
nprfl-t f C>:t |
First Class in all its Appointments, j
ISA TICS, fi'2.00, 5t2.BO.
Kxcellent Ouiscne, larire airy rooms, Otis
I'cssenircr Klevator. Illoct rie bell ami lights.
Healed rotunda. ('en!rally located.
Oct 1, 'H-i-tf 21
"Untct int.* in illI hir ftr/m, Umrtn in
In r i jii,
In trtry yisturc tl i I if di.it In
Sn appeared Mother Kve, and so may
sliine her fair descendant?, with the
exercise of common sense, cara and
proper tr>'nl nicnt. An enorinoitd
number of female complaints are ?li* '
rectly caused by istnrbance or snpR
predion of the Menstrual Function.
Iii r.ri ry such case that sterling and
|t| nnfailinir specific, llitAiit tki.ii's 1*;: m
P suit: Hkui'latuk, will elled relief n
^ and cure. IxJ
'It is from the receipt of a most disQj
tiniruishcd physician. It is composed
j_^ of strictly medcinul ingredients, whose ^
m happy combination has never been [VI
iJ surpassed. It is prepared with scien- Hi
UJ tilie skill from the finest materials.}^
Prl It bears the palm for constancy of
rH strength, certainty of died, elejranec m
rv <>t preparation, beauty ?>t" appearance hM I
rH ami relative cheapness. The tosliimt- ?0
Q, iiv in its favor is genuine. It never (-C|
ri fails when fairly tried.
Carter* ville, (ia. hi
P This will certify thai two members JT*
[H of tnv immediate family, after having H
Psutlered for inuny years from men- j-_
Htriuil irrejiularit v, ami having been [?)
J treated without benefit by various
^ medical doctors, were at length com w
rJl /ilthly rurnf by one bottle of Dr. .1. kj
rH Hrndfield's Female Regulator. Its ef- r'
B feet in such cases is truly wonderful,
ami well may the remedy be culled
' Woman's llest Fricml."
Yours Respectfully,
Semi for our book on the "Health
.iihI Happiness of Woman." Mailed
lIuA)>m:i.n TlEfirLATou Co.
Atlanta, tia.
For sale by L). C. Dul're.
(irwcnwooil, S. C.
Warren Leiand,
whom everybody know* aa the euoocesfo!
"ntAltflfTAI* A# tliA
Largest Hotel Enterprises
of America, rays that while a passenger from
New York on board a ship going around Capo
Horn, in tlio early days of emigration to California,
ho learned that one of the officers of
the vessol had onred himself, during the voyage,
of an obstinate disease by tho as? of
Ayer s Sarsaparilla.
Slnco then Mr. Lklakd has recommended
Avru'8 Sajisaparilla in mauy similar
eases, and he has never yet heard of its failuro
to otTect a radical cure.
Some years ago one of Mr. Le land's farm
laborers bruised bis leg. Owing to tho bad
state of his blood, an ugly scrofulous swelling
or lump appeartd on the injured limb. Ilorriblo
itching of the skin, with burning and
dartiug pains ttrough the lump, rnndo life
almost intolerable. Tho leg becamo enormously
enlarged, and running ulcers formed,
discharging gmt quantities of extremely
offensive matter. No treatment was of any
avail until tlio man, by Mr. Leland's dlrcotlon,
was supplied with Aybk's SabbapaniLLA,
which allayed the pain and irritation,
healed the sores, removed tlio swelling, and
?omplotoly rostored the limb to uso.
Mr. Lwr.AWD has personally used
Ayers Sarsaparilla
for Bheomatlsan, with entire success; and,
after careful slservatlon, declares that, In
his belief, there is no medicine in the world
equal to It for the cure of Liver Disorders,
vour, tne effocte or high living:, Bali
IUieum, 8ores, Eruptions, and all the
various forma of blood diseases.
Wo have Mr. Lxlaud's permission to Invite
nil wlui may doelre further evidence Id regard
to tbo extraordinary curative powers of
Ayeb's Sarsaparilla to see him personally
either at bis mammoth Ooean Hotel,
Long Branch, or at the popular Lei and Hotel,
Broadway, 87th sad 28th Streets, New York.
Mr. Lxlavd'i extensive knowledge of the
food flooo by this unequalled eradleator of
blood poUoas enables him to give inquirers
wiTioh tiIhiNi iuMtmn^n,
Dp. J.O. AyerACo., Lowell, Mate.
0oUVyaUDnc*tt?{ |ilttsbottl?0iBr9&
< 69,
V.-/ ; -a! \
Indestructible STONE.
Over 500 j fei&jV.I Send foi
Beautiful ffeifet.ll ^anPr,co L,8t
Deeiqcna.^^^^^^j^ ^g|lcircular6
monumental bronze company,
T. I.. DOlMi L.NKK,
Nov. "(!, 1SS I.? 1 vr. A^'iil.
ii f o r mi
Wl* lire authorized t<> sell the injjf "
Tract, 22S Acres,
Near I'lnetiix, known as rhip'.oy lands, IiomiuIed
liv l.ui<lsi>r Chijdev, Tolhert, K.-.t:'.te lluleh- I
in son ami oilier.;.
Also Tract 120 Acres,
Part of America Ilnckcl Tract, hounded hy
lands of S. 15. Urocks, Tolln'rt, J. S. t'hijdev,
sr., and ot hers.
ALSO lot. in the town of Troy, known as j
Loi 8, Block B.
Also the Simmons lot near Mod-res,
33^ Acres, ?<Icre or Less 1
Hounded liyT. J. Kllis, \V. C. Norwood and
ot Iters
Also Stare ISisusg and Lot,
in 11m- Town of llr.ullfv, on Main and (Jrilliu
Sltvi'is, liilclv owned 1 j\ Tims. II. Walker.
A11 \ lor F. Vi*. WdjieiiiT At Co.
Xov I'.'-ir ' 10
Coo<l your name ard the '-nnu mldrcMnf fiva oi
Jour mithlmr* or flltH.il* til h p<ot? cmd .
lid k*> ifpc forynmnlf >tilu>ch ,i
of lie ii> ? spconxui ii.jij of 1
!1g "Allans CopIMm."
qi o / "UNCLE fc.. .iUs*S" wortd-fameot I
V SV&'.chM of the eld Plantation Darkey.
TllhlE ) "BILL ASP'S" tUmorow Letters faj
ITUSt'OIi 0U3 } tlic Home and Hcirtli Sionc.
wr.iTFP- ( "BETSY UAKILTOK'S" adv?.iturw ,
? ^ told in tho "Cracker" delect. j
l**?r Starlit, fiJitliAt] of Tinr<(, .Vnn,
iVnut, / ? ?, ^liifuluro, "? >? A?i in,u
ihr Jluuii hold, (nri'<a|,?iii!(iirt|
A Wixki of Instruction and Entertainment.
' Vug' a. Tiir Kii?Mc?t a?:d l>t?l Wccbtj",
cvory iboai tor of lUu ritwUy.
yi?l;hvS3 "Til* ClINblJl'L'i'KiK." /..MaulA. Ua. ,
Out of the Jaws of Death
Tho jrentltMinn who outlines his enso hetovr
Is a man coiiKidcrulily udvanced in lifo, and is
llofi-il fi.l- lilu afnrllti?liitii.irilii in- ?
Is Yutesvllle, l"i?sou County, (i?or;la. Tho following
Mr. John Pearson 8 Statement.
In tho Sjirinjr of 18RS I was attacked with a
very bad eoujrh, which continued to grow
wor.'O nntil Full, when I got so weak that I
could not pet ahout. I tried a preat many
kind:i of medicine, lint continued to ri-ow
woreo. I Wis notified that I had consumption,
ami would probably die. lir. llolloway finally
told r.io to try Brewer's Lun?r Hestorer. They
Kent to Ward's SL;rc and pot ;; bottle, anil I
commenced taking It. right away After taxing
two or tlirco do?es, I bitsHO to improve, and bv
thotl:no 1 had unod up one bottle I was able to
pet on my foct apaln. I am now In excellent
health. I am confident tl*it tl>o I.ung Restorer
saved my life, and my neighbors aro of tho
Fanio opinion. It is tho best I.unj Itemody
ever made, in my opinion. Iir. II. promised mo
that lie would write to th? manufacturers and
tell them of tho wonderful euro It made in it* 7
case. j
Staten^csit cf rt?r.3erj.?.!!sarndon:
Karly In November, 1S?!, whllo aewlng on tho
inn?:Wn?. my wife wn? taVen with a severe pain
in lier which was n?<n followd by b*?v?rrli:tj.-ij
frvm lit-r lurtiM and a rerer* coti/h.
Fever rr.r.v.newod, she couM ncit l.-*r e-M nor
sleep, and i? a few weeks site tya.-* reduced to a
living skeleton. Thu attending r.hr?ici:.n told
me that he thought one of licr liinc* win entirely
gone. She could not retain the most ,
doliiatu nourishment on htr sioic.ach. I then
agreed wiili Dr. Sulihun, ir.y f:ivdlr physiw'an,
to call Dr. llolloway in con-jiiltatt'-n. They
matio a final examination of tiic patient, t<nd
pronounced thu ca.?o hopeless. J>r. llolloway
then Eii.v,-e?tc.l tho Brewer's I nn^ Kcsfi r,:r as
alust ror-?rt. I Kent, for a bott>, n: d cnvc her
adoac. I f -und tiuit shecouiJ retain it on her
stomach, and a.'for about the third do::o i be;:an
to notV-o f'.i'nn improvement in h-.-r condition.
T continued tho mcilicinii re:*i;larly, and hvtho
timoshn hiul taken two bctile>< .-tin) w?.? able to
walk a)H>ut tho h.iusc. isho in now in better
health than kIio hr? enjoy el f rs?'".irj.l years.
1 helievn t I'M I mi? i'ostffer mivci her life.
Mr. lieurndoii'a po.-d n.lrco Is Vt.te.v? iile. ITpso:i
County, 1'.",. Ii?> i.< a throughly reiiuble
man In ovory particular.
LA&Aft, RANK!?!, & LAHAR,
New Store on the Corner
under I he new hotel. When you come to
town call in tc. see them.
Sept.30,'84. QUAULES A THOMAS.
Boat and Shoe Maker. |
FIRST-CLASS work made and repaired at
abort notice. AU kinds of work made, t
Ladies and Cents Kid Top Gaitors and Ladies
Button Gnitors. All work guaranteed.
Beat French Calf and Kid used. Terms?
Strictly Cash.
Feb 18- tf 10
' i.\.\ l!h l (MM) Tin; F.AKOKST STOCK OF
^ ) Itoinl ('iiiis, I'lanliitinn Wamms ( all I i
inl<llc<, l.fiitlici-ill' all kimls, W'.i^iui Mali
liati M.iutiMclimM'.-T 1'iiri-s. 'I'lii'su llu^jti.-s ate
liii. ll I ill ii:ir:inl i-f |mil In I lis.' ln-.st. V.ill illn
lull they :no hIiiiiIiiIi: I.attains.
A. It. (i
( Sucrcsiidi' In It. II. Mily Jt C*?i.,) Ol'l*.
?AI.KS KOOMS. I V r/'rQT \ ( 1
7111 I {mail Mfci'l v I
Oct f>-Oin.
Are Now Itccoivinji ;i 1*1
find Never Before Attained in tl3
Wo arc ennbUd to give our cit
|)iirclinsini>* our ^oods :.t the el
call and be convinced.
The fiii'.'st :i<sm hi mm:! of !! A \ 1 ! A < ?S a'nl
TIM'XKS. Willi's am! I'MIIKI- 1.1.AS.
Til K \YI LS<)N, r 111 Mrs v\ < :o. S I'll I LA
TKXXKSKK WA<i()XS. I, 'J, :i?* I i llorsr
Axh'S, Splines. !lul>s. Spokes. \'c. UuMi
Are the VA.$V 13 VISU M
]I?n*!ii(!lii<. One good dose
I'ills, followed l?v one pi 11 eve
n,an machinery run as royal a
fy ami put new life in a liroken-d
loss. IMcusaiir, Infallible,
bv all Druirgists ami Medicine
tZfWl\$S& STAN'KA !tl> Ct'ttl) <'<>.,
ITaIwJ \nfi\^ Kmory's Idttlo ('illltur
*dl|ry \J\J lii be the best Pill ever used I
\3U' \V. II. (ioiiKii, llarmonv <?rn
jf are the most popular of all th
^1 X. ('. Mv agoil mother usi
KMORY'S LITTLE Hakkk, Locust (Srove, Ohio.CATt^RTIO
PILLS J)., Uhens, Texas. Thev i
*rHAv'tA'pi.k0m Tlicv arc unexcelled.-Mh
M\ I \ 13 I A I" all its forms positively <
AiiAlV 1 il I'ills, a never-failing rcnie
poison of any kind. Kndoraedby physicians and :
LJ."> ContMHllox. STAND/
a~7t? r*. y xtMBWBBBMBDMBBBarni
o Y a :
Mas SS-&
The Furniture Bi
ny OUR LOW PRICKS. Our stock is si
ture Business in the South, ami defy c<
keep everything in our lino, besides all tl
Revolving Book Cases, ltr-?l Lounges, Yionr
Patent Hahy Cribs, Insect Castors, Knrnitui
Mark's Adjustable Folding Chairs, Invalid <
IKIIsw..^ -Cr.. /-i'l'/I iiu y * *?!! ? /<!? '
Tiios. IVEcC
PROIMUKTOR ?f the largest SALOON in (bo u
tomcrs by false advertisements. The half i
l>:i]?ers. He is well |iru|mrC(l for failF trade. The I'
hing in the line of
Foreign and Domestic
the best tlic market affords. lie has got 1.
I?T7a mmfl f!ni?w TmoJi oit
JL'.jft/ HUU UU1U, *11*312. Hit
.tPeach, California and Frcnch
He can cliccrfull v recommend hi* ponds te tUe i
1 rinks with all llic DKl.K'lOlJS llEVKHAdES of
DRINKS. His specialty is a lurjj? stock of I'L'RI
Gentlemen's Resort, No.
ind you will not forget again
A Good Line of Tobj
<> ?i liorso, ) finale ami Double Harness,
rial, Ac., iV<-, For tIto next thirty ?liv? I
V OI' l\ N AM> 'lor ISUUCIKS at leu*
nil l ine Norllierii and Knsli'iii makes,
I examine tliuin ai;?l convince yonrxvlrvd
OODYEALt, Agent<:i-:<>let;iv
uailuoad hank.
KG UG IA. I ''"'"""Li.,, ^
i no AssoWuicnl of
D - BUSIES! ..
18 History of the Business.
stomrrs cvi-ry advantage 1y
csosl possible cash prices.
SATCll K LH ever 1 trough I to the oitj*,
. WACONS, all sizes.
n-r I?c:ltinp: ami 1'acking.
stin the World.
l|{F.A l>, CKM KNT, KTC.
J" A TTTT ,T , Augusta, Oh.
lfrtrbfc ami Uranilc Work.*.
UK, Domestic and Imported. All
11 and Scoti.vli (ininito, a'. I.ow PrioeK.
SpKt'iai.ty. A lariro xeloetinn
' K.NN1TK WOKK always ?n hand,
AI)E for Cost ivenoHH, Indi&rMicm,
of three or four Kiunry'a I.ittl* Cathartic
ry night for a week or two, makes the hur
as clock work; thuv purit'v the blood
i?wii bciily. Ptiri'ly VcjfrtuMt', Hitrin,
(ho youngusttchild inav take tliem. Sold
Dealers at irvt'ts. a lto.v, or by mail.
Proprietors, 11)7 I'enrl St., N. Y.
tic are more llian is claimed: tlicv proTO
iitk Worth twice the money asked?W.
vc, (5a. Kaiory'M Idltle Cathurt-iu
c Cathartics -Wm. Uistior, Mills River,
ud one box with wonderful results?N. W.
? I rccomiuend them.?.Ions Collins, M.
ire excellent.? It. Hksson, Jackson, Miss,
;s. Ki.izabktu Kkyukk, Moberlv, Mo.
Mired with Kniory's Standard Care
ily; they contain no Quinine, Mcrcnrv. or
koUI bv t'ver.v when*, or by wail,
IKI) (.'I'KK CO., New York.
ria. 5ls.
ISillBSS Augusta,
i , >
hi ply immense. We lead tho Furnijiiipi'tition
from every quarter. Wo
io novelties, such ns Fohling'Beds,
in Bent wood Chairs, Baby Carriaees,
ro Polish, Patent Desks of ai! kii fls,
Dhairs. Feathers, Mattresses, Springs,
<t(<tfot[ttc and price lint.
U (JIT ST A, OA. 46
* " ' iiA
p-c???nlrv? <l?>n*t intend ta dupe kit crisis
not mentioned in the three Abbeville
ulmctto House is well atockcd with croryWines
and Liquors,
iquorn nine years *1J. G?.nd *ld
<1 Qontnll Wliidlrioo
Ilranrilc*. *v.
E?i*f -Ifc Fret.h I.<ty*v Jteer
Mihlie for MEDICINAL U<*K. and mixed ' j
the H.'n-nH. Alx?COoL, TRMI'EKATK <
5 GOODS, ('nil at tho
- - f < '&
I Washington Street,
' ' '' :
" v . . >
icco and Cigars.
. . c ' v\ / &

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