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VOL. 1. NO. 1.
Weekljr, K?t?WUhe4 1860;Doily, Jan. 18, 1914.
Grand Jury ' l?as
Number of jfruc
- Foi* |i?
; lu
Court of gen?ri ? /sessions for An
derson county c livened yesterday
Morning at tea o' ock willi his hon*
or. Judge Johu !. WUaou, ol Man
ning, presiding ;ud .Solicitor Vmc
tor itonham and ijimogr?pher Clyde
f Smith la their resAjUvo positions.
The court room wi? crowded .when
the court wa? owned and many
people from ever>i sectlbn of the
county wor-e in attfcidance, some as
Jurors, some with legal business,.
;.\yl?f?e nian> were .t ire from curloi
ity.-^done.* '' .?'
? Tho fiW.t case cal ?d for trial was
thnUof Jarrett pod! in. a negro, who:
sf?ini?K charged, wll i ?Hiing Zekei
Bradley, another n gro. la$t sum- '
The killing .curred in, the ?
Pleanant Grove sectl n of the county |
... and look placo at a icgro gathering]
?.. where a chur. ii BC rlce was beingj
held. The derenne Ji the case has !
put up a niea o? bei E ?e?enne, cinim-i
ng that lk-rdley wat on the point of j
killing Dodson, and .hat tho defen-j
daui Tired to nave hi > life. T. Frank]
Watkins of the lora har, U uppear
or the defense, v hile ?the.-aol iel-1
tor is unasBlBted in lepresenttrig' the|
JffAt?. The case O? tupied tho at
tention of the courij throughout the
dnv and wh?a auioupuiieiit waa tak
'J?*tt? n'Jght- was-s Ittjn progrese.
s-Th?"a|?o.Tuey -tor Ike e?ehse hud con
"Who Opened Court in anderson Mon
day M?rafts
eluded Iiis argument int the ?;r?;n
mont of the solicitor vcniain* tn bin
lizard. Adloiirnniput. ?i? taken un
til 9.30 o'clock today, f .
Judge Wilson's charaajto tba grand
jury, although brief, wi? lo the point
?nd commanded the cpse attention
of.bbl hearers., He coiled oltontion
to tho fact that it waltho duiy of
grand jury lo 6ee tfe?jit tliut prop
repori wan made pi any crime
jch might cumtv uiuM t^t>knowU
ie and--urged that tlfc; Jurors bear
fact in mind.. He {took, occasion
With all Us triiJH and trouble
simple tank when <lmuarod. ?o th<
lng itu readers the^aws while it 1
and coming l iday \rtli 4u Hirst 2ai
may posfjibly int?r?t many read?
first Issue ?IV The litelliaencer aiv
!? mattie rap
tbeaton A
The First A.P. "Flash"
Washington, Jan. 12.-Ail the" Moh
ican soldier.-, now in the custody o?
tile United States bordar patrol (prcis
at Presidie. Tex,, will be transferred
to Fort Bliss and Interned there li
Secretary Garrison ordered rae
transfer late today/ with pennis.1I >n
to the refugee women and children to
accompany the soldiers Ii they desire.
The above is a Verbatim of the fl-at
piece of telegraphic stuff to come* I ito
Ute off?ec of The Daily. Intel lige a ?r
over tlie leased wire of the Associi :ed
to say to the jurors that when llfcy
wero demited to Inspect the various
office.; ihui il was their duty todo it
in a conscientious manner thrukch
oitt and assured C:em thai they tere,
expected to mako a rjloao inspeiiion
and: u thorough' investigation of ali
records, ile catted attention to| the
fact that thc actual ?a fei y of a om
ni un i ty depends to ' a large e leni
upon tho faithful performance o du*
ty on the part of every juror and
asked that the members-of ttys jury
do their ditty In every instance
I'p until G.30 o'clock . last eight
when the court adjourned, the rand
' jury had brought In the foll* wing
j true bills: Bill Hoovle. ?ether Hen
t derson, Charlie Hendersons C arlie
! Sniitlr, Robert Cameo, Bul Clines,
f John Robinson. Dock Gaines, 'rank
Williams Will White 'all dirged
with murder,
j J. H. Vernor end . Columbi i Ag
1 new, charged with larceny, J true
I bill as regords Vernon and DO dil In
? tho case of Agnew.
A true biii was returned In the
case of Ryon Cox, charged w* :h as
sault aud battery with . int nt to
i kill.
j A true bill was returned i the'
case- of .f. II. Veruon, Perry Acken
; and C. W. ?Lock, charged vv h iar
' ceny. f
iutement -Wes .Hade In ^derson
Saturday Afternoon!'
E*i*&ttoh) -4\s^^
home at ?S?neca. Friday after, ?on at 1.
uV.ock. was burled in Andel ?on' Sat
urday afternoon at 4 o'elocl.'ln the j
graveyard ot the First PTC by terian ?
chinch. Tho service wan'hVal-at
Seneca, and the Interment v aa made
from, tho station tmmedlatjly afteTll
tao arrivai cr tue train. F
Mrs. Lowery ' was ahout 30 years
o?c'. Sho was a daughter of the late
John Baylis Karie of thia cc mtv. Her
death was unexpected and < ?nie sud
denly. Though s!:e had nc been.Jn
tho l>es,t of health for sou t time it
was '.thought only a short while be
fore'tbc end came that hoi condi(^p| -I
Mrs!; lowery had been ?Vice mar?
A-ied, her first husband Ming J. .41.; >
Adams. Thc following chjdrcri ?ur: '
vive lier: -J. L. Adams. B|:J , l-: S.,
S. rf., aud Mit>h uiiie Lowery of .cen
erm and tl 8. Lowery, of felzer. She
had oho living "sister, Mrs. 'A. W.
K::rte 'of Greenville. j
i The I>t>?o Ridge rail wi- operated
! a special train to bring jhc funeral
I party herc. Mrs. Lower* aaia
ter or the late Mrs. J. SJ Fowler .of ,
1 tlrTa city. MYs. Jos. H. Earp of Green
ville aiV, Mrs. Dr. To? Karin of
Coi. v, B. Cheshire, rymer cditof
and proprietor of The .atelligc ncer.
? was. arunns the first td record lMa
subscription to Tho DaiB Intelligen
cer, and said "Just telljihcm that I
stn toe frasy running foiiimaaress to
write, anythmr. hut tbl editor of
tue pape* has my best ?riaht
s. Issuing a'newspaper tiday ta ti
i monumental undertaking of giv
ras still news lu the oafs of 1860
uo of the Morning Intelljgoreer. it
irs...of this paper to kniw of the
en to the publie. j
ho Ss/Mifilne; e? the. Asdctsusn ?r.tr?
ernoon, August 14. 186?. It waa
The New Council is Composed of
Representative Men of the
Belton, .Tau. 1-2.-The municipal J
election hero today passo^otf. very'
quietly. In the mayor's race th?? in.j
otimbent; Mr. Clement, was defeated]
by Mr. -Ross .Mitchel by a vote x>f I
of no to 4'J. In the new ward, 5, Mr. J
Pres Acker ?UH elected, in the oth-J
?er wards, tho Incumbents were re
elected without opposition as fol
lows: Heese Parker., J. T. Cox, W.
A. Clement and J. T. TojiUoa. Mr.
Clement has made on ex?el?enY- may
or and the peuce of the town has been
fine, vmder his administration.. Mr.
Mitchell is a progressive young busi
ness man of the Cob-Mifcheli Lam
ber Co., and will no doubt niako a
?rec class mayor.
Deaconess Bessie. Smith formerly o?
Relton, addressed the Y. W. A. h?rc
thia nrtnygnrtg Ti?e z'2~rz~, -
greatly enfoye'd by the Y. W, ?/i.}
Mr. John A. Hudgensoj POIK?T, 1
was a business visitor in town todaysi
.Velber of ilea. J. Ret e Pant, Passed i
Away Ia Rochester, S. Y. I
Pant'-received fi tp.\
niornihg containing
Mrs..'Xaraiuore Ls survived by her
six children. 5J".r. W. A, Naramore,
Mr. Chits. Nnramore. MrsV Ella Vfor
iden al?\uf Rochester^ N. T.. pr. Prank
Naramoro of Odgen. U?ah, Mr?. John
Erpesmere of Buffalo. N. Y., aud
Mrs. Pant of Andersen Mrs. Ernes
mere will li? .remembered by her
friends us Miss Marj Xtiuuiuore and'
pr Xananioro "practiced his profes
sion lier for some time. Mm. A. E.
Nu ru mo re was : a".sister of the late
Dr.v?'2 and lysander Childs of Co
lu'uhla. S. C., and has other relatives
In Ih?vcdty.. ......vv.. ?;.?. *M$BK
lYas s t'e??ederii.fe Yetara? and N'a
lire of Tennessee.
Aliui an itiu??rt? 01 a lune mon;
then a week Mr- J. M. Blackwell, whs
was in the eighty-fourth year of his
age. di?d at thc home of his u?u&utcr.
Mrs. lassie Blackwell, on L>on street
Friday eveo?nK. Mr. Blackwell came
to this co'enty from Tennessee early
in life; and has lived near here prac
tically al?.V' hlB life. He spent four
years in the Confederate army of
Ho was a member of the Baptist
church, his membership being atlxmg
gM?Bch. Funeral services wore con
ducted by ?ev. H. W. Stone, pastor
o? Orrvillr. Baptist church.
ninj.'.imur TJl I
Teddy's "DeeHghied."
' Si/Rrtantmrtr. -Inn BJ'.^-*JpeciaI.
lTi.'. ident Wlfson ,and >#ar<y ou their
W*/V north froni Pass Christian, pass
.c/, "through Spartat?mrg Monday ev
ening shortly after dusk._The
hundred people whom he r.aluted
with "Howdy, folks" when he ap
peared on thc back platfoiui. of hi?
car lie was ?miling, ruddy . and
seemed in tho boat of health. WV J. C.
/lr> W. S. L Wishes D?Hy Intel
ligencer Well ass Its Voyage on
Se? of NeWsp*i?erdom
President Willson, Whose*Sister Once Lived
In this County, Sends Greetings to
Anderson's Nc vv Morning Paper,
i . ?
Pass Christian, Miss., Jan, 7, 1914.
Mr. WilHam 1
\, My sincerest best wishes for the success of The
B|i1y I?l^HHHp: May it expound to its readers
evj?ry day genuine and thoughtful democracy.
Gongr?tu?ation Messages T* h a t Are
I Greatly Appreciated.
. tT'N!VG!> STATES gfSSATS " \
.;- January litbj U>t4
Mr. William Banka, 1 Jj
Anderson, S. C.
- Dear Mr. Banka:'
I congratulate you and tr.e people of Andoom on tko evident
prosperity which haa come to tlmt noble couV.iy. Wita hath a morn
ing und'an afternoon paper, lt .sh.-.uld move than "keep ujp ivith the
, procession." . - .
I Mall myself of your kind offer to bid my old friends' in thc
county a$ Happy New Year, and ho?? for them and all my old ant?jim
nista <|nj| speed. ,
pior^be put my name on'-site Subscription list of Tho Daily Intel
ligencer und send lt and the hill to Washingto>
Wvith best Wslhes, I om, '
j . ~ Sincerely yours,
Mr. vf minni Hunks. Editor.
I Tpc Dally Intelligencer, Anderson, S. C.
thc Cv.u???tutioii'K congratulations on *iie appearance of
the Intelligencer as a daily newspaper. You have a wonderful Held
aud unless^ I greatly underestimate thc enterprise of the people of
Anderson"?nd the surrounding territory they will glvj every reason
.u " ?I V.
.?..1 .."J --
effort t
They no
city in t
m?x? rai
them a daily newspaper worthy ot tho community,
t realise the value of such an enterprise, vb? importance
i public asset cannot Vu overestimated. I know of nd
auto br the sir a of Anderson, which ia going. forward
or v.ht.-h has a brighter future. Ita normal impetus
should bc vastly enhanced by tli
newspaper. The Constitution gre
tends besi wishes for its success.
.{mutating influence of a daily
rtie Daily Intelligencer and eii
Edito- Hanta Constitution.
by tl
??--?..ii. S. c.
rsl newspapers.
: wc".?"?,?..?!,
Igencsr. '.
rT with the
>le. bucked
lodo?y and
.e you will
?nterdominational Sunday School
of Delegates to Anderson
Some of the Speak!
The greatest cou volition titat An
derson has over undertaken to handle]
is the State Sunday School Associa
tion. Then- muy bc in Anderson|
from 600 to 750 visiting delegates.
This 1H a great responsibility, but An
derson Will measure up to lt. Juut
one month distant la this great occa
sion and the people of Anderson must
lose no time in'getting ready for lt.
Miss Gravo Vandi*. cr of Si>arlun
burg, wno hat- been the real soul of
this movement, mci with thu local
committee last Tucnday night ah?*
.was delighted with the prospecta. She
says. that there is nothing which HO
serves to get ,vjoide together aa tho
banquet table, oud thc very . tlrst
thing will be g .oponer given to the ]
executive comr-llttee <.f 55 members on
thu night j;recoding he assembling
of tlie convention. Mic* VandrVerj
will make all arrangement?, for thur
herself. The local people will have j
no responsibility therefor.
This convention, she announced,
will be built arouud the*theme "In
gathering," signifying the great for
ward movement to gather luto the
Sunday fcobools tn? 000,000 church
members who aro not now at.ending
Sun-iey stSsC?. She ss>s th?>
tlon will sfrivo'for.,? 20' per c?'-?t, eu
ioi!iii? jii in ino Sunday achoo?a of
the State during PU4.
Great attention will be paid to
mu-iio at tliis convention. It.Ta" prob
able that thc renowned Prof. K. O.
Excell will he here. The local choir
will bc the largest ?nd thc b'tai evs'?
organizer in Anderson. Mrs. "Walter
li. Nardin, who hus allays had auch
success in thia iine, is organizing the
great ?hoir from the membership of
the boveral choirs of the city. Dr.
f Anderson Collage, will ul
ai f?UL ?f
convention will bc procured, by
a ssS3Ti!"sr concioti?g of Porter A.
Whaley, chairman. B. F. Mauldln. M.
M. Mallison, R. 8. Ligon and Capt. D.
A. Taylor.
Thc general committee
lzort hy selecting Mi. Fr.
??tt fco chairman and Mr. Poner A.
Whaley aa secretary. Mr. Burnett il;
thc general secretary of the V. M, c.
be a trained and
man. Mr. Whaley
the Chamber of Co:
ed his usefulniiss t<
The chairmen of
committees appoint
commltta ore:
Reception-K. W
Entert dumont -ri
Finan :J--Pori
Pren? aa
j Ks h ?bit-I
g . to;??der?on has
lo Wflh. hoB maur
At? spirit a nd at
??a?a NU":
capable business
uleree, haa ^sov
whe city.'s
?he several, sub
ed by the general
r. A. I-f- Siucth
the Men's S
thu BOCOD4
It is hoped
ni'.-n in lin
: .
to he a?dr<
?eet acular feature ot.
will be the parade of j
classes. This will l>eI
' 1
d If nosslble to fill
Convention Will Bring Hundreds
For th eAnnual Meeting
ere ?nd Singers
ventlon will bc the registration. Tho1
measures of enjov'iicut which tba*
visitors will feel will bc"gauged by
tile manner tn .which they are greeted
and anbsr<|u??u(ly entertained. A
sS'Bteiuatic r?;Kif.tratiiin will bo at
tempted uud thin will.,be a tninen- .
duuK undertaking. ,^8??_^
lti ndilitiott to the*Convontioa
proper, there will bo denoiolnational
eonferomeu,Vbcld.ln the HiurehoB ot
the xospoctiv?- denomltiatlons. Each
of thean, ls expected to a,.great
meeting in itself.
Tli? superintendent* of ?l:''And?r
?on Sundi? schools wiy j. > ; u lun
ehcon'.to fkte Kiip?rint?'n'.u i.rs of the
SOMe. It is expected ?het ...tm BUP?r
'lutendenti may nttvnd tilts great'
There w'li! also bc n lunion forC
tho elementary toaeh?r&i At these'
conferences the teachers ceceivo new'
Ideas, nw hopes, new in ?pl nit ion, new
The Anderdon spirit in very evldeju
in all the local arrangements
tills promises to be th?*most ifffec
tlve convention ever liold lu tho j
Upper part bf tho State.. ,.
The main session of the conven.-!
tion will be beld in tbs First Baptist
church, of which Or. .1 if V'H?? ^
pastor. The music' of tins cbnv<
tion will be under the direction ot
H conductor or note. A platform will
he arranged #to hols} 200 singers, tho
best voices willoh* can bo Recured
from Anderson tin'tl tho surrounding
Mr. J. shrove pnrham. cf
tenia?lena) H". ir?a>- School Assoc'
tion of Chica S3, .i", be one of th? 1
Speakers of tt?e eovVentiou. Mr. Dur
ham was at tit?- con ventlcn In fc'.p
taviburg a iew years -.?go, and made
a Un? impression on the Sion;
a great ?"t\orite" with t!>e elemen
tary , volkers t? South ('??Ullina.
Mrs. Bryner will be most ft bi?'as
sisted by Mrs. .Mary . Hurt?,
of Spa;tanina;:, who is
iuT.niui T r.ti;/r-i iiM?'-iin
be- several noted denominational
leaders from outside ti*e State,
Ev v. \V. I. norbert, of Sun r
.!il'en*J of $f.u
will- presid?? ?t all the snnin f-s)flsionfl
.ofj, the convent ton. Itev. W. H. vTC,
i'cndletoii, .'ebalrtuan of th? State ex
ecutive committee will p?ffsid .
xii? aiiitasi niwtihg of that co'mmii
, At the morning! sessions .of the.,
?convention, 'there will bo prafl?lesji?
os methods ot work. Tho afn
'Sernoons will be gtV?n. over, to sf.i-*
iTcrcnr'- ': . ' i
and denominational and fl.c eVc&idg
sessions wiii he'..Inspirational.:
A number of denominational con*
ferehces ave to be held on Friday
ufter.'ioon. .Feb. 13. The"
.onces arc lo be in thc hands ??!'
denominational Iva dr. ii! .
largely attended. On Friday evening
there will he" V parade'of. 3.000 mon
?yg; This will he nce of , thc
grca?cst sights over wltncs?c?. in the
State. Each mau v ii; ? ;irry a ii_?'v>.
ed emblem of tho organised class.'
Mrfh lound rnroiicIoHx Brought tut
H?pital- Wilt Live,
J. T. Hegh.ee, ofttcer at thc Chi?
_ ?cm- lt . ?i-?. -r?_.t.
Mwx.u ??HO , ll? HtUHJ? I Util, ?mu
brou i .t to the Anderson County hos
pital' in ? - aemt-cbmiito.-o condition
Saturday nig.lt. his head having buen
much battered. It was feared that
ho would die. An x-ray examination
Was made by Or. Asbmoro and it. was
found that there was but a slight
fracture although there were aomb
a. yen or eight ?ever? contusions
.it.>wlng that ihn man had been ?
cousin, Eilis iinghes, as tho. ofiteW;
wa? proceeding to an
blas on tho charge ot being dnnMp
Tho wounded in%n was not fully con?
scious Monday, but his mind itf clears.
Attorney <.'( ner-jl Found Kot 6'ulHy
;-;t" ; .. ?n Mother Chaw. ;t: r

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