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e Piedmont Insurance Agency*
Is a consolidation of the firms of Tribble & Mattison
and Farmer & Linley.
<?We give prompt and careful attention
to all kinds of insurance, including Fire,
Tornado, Health and Accident, and Lia
bility Insurance; as well as Fidelity, Offic
ial, Judicial and Contract Bonds. We
assure.you your patronage wMI be appre
ciated and-will be given our very best
Vice President
C. EUGENE TRIBBLE, Treas, and Mgr.
JAMES L. FARMER, Assistant Manager
Offices: Second Floor of Brown Bldg., N. Main. Sf.
ing Erected on West Whitner Street at a Cost of About $25,000; Steel
and Concrete; Excavations Started Last Monday.
Dirt hat; boen broken and the
work of building ?he new home for
the local cxcliauge o' 'be R6|l T?l?
phone company was .tarted Monday
morning. The contractors aro i:vans|
Brothers of Birmingham, Ala., and
.Mr. c. w. Prickhoeffer of that city
lu here In charge of the work. Air.
Clarence Osborne han the contract
for making the excavations. Tho
basement story will be 10 feet dee?.
Mr. Frickhouffer was surprised that
MUK company had boon uble to get
such n good lot so. close to tho heart
of the city. Ile Bays thut .this will be
a very great addition to the business
section - Tue building, will be of steel
and concrete, and will cost about
$22,000, and- tho contractors expect
to have it connected ami ready for
occupancy by the 1st, certainly l??th
of .May. The lot on which lt is to be
erected is 50 by 100 feet, and the
building will cover practically all of
this space, lt will be of raiurorced
concrete construction, trimmed lu
skull-colored brick ?iud terracotta,
three stories and basculent, and when
completed, will be one of the hand
somest buildings to be found any
wherc in-Ttrhr-Kccrt1on~?r the" Sfaf c".'
Arrangements for the erection of
tho new building and for other im
provements In Anderson were per
fected by the company a Bhort
time ago, when the Stute railroad
commission approved, the Increase of
50 cents per month per station for
telephones services, alter council had
granted permission for the chango
and a majority of the subscribers had
agreed to it.' The total cost or the
changes aud improvements planned
will he approximately $00,000, in
cluding the erection- of the ern.anent
home, placing the wireB lr. the cen
tral business section underground and
M H ut ni Ung rijur switchboard z"? ether
equipment in the exchange. .
The latter port of the work will hr
taken up ns s >on as thc building ha:*
been completad and the transfer pl
the exchange made from the present
quarters. This will come along aboui
the middle of May, according to the
statement of the contractors, who ex
pect to have the building finished by
that time. The moving from one
building to another will be done very
largely at night, and it was statec
the manager today that there will
be the slightest interference to
the service "while this ls being done
The cut-over will be at night, and In
such a manner as not to interrupt the
service in any way.
. p
An examination will bo held in the
courthouse at Anderson ? Saturday,
January 24, 1914, to select nominees
to two vacancies In the 1'nl.ted States
Military academy at Annapolis.
Applicants must reside in tho Third
Congressional district roust be be
tween thc ages of sixteen and twenty
years and must be free from serious
physical dofoots,,
Applicants wlfl be examined men
tally on arithmetic, algebra, goorne
irv th rr. ii i* ?? ni?nxy "'?oruetry, geeg'ra
,ph>; English grammar, Haltedfitzes
hl?*3ry. ?nd. fenersl history.
Wyatt Alkon. M. C.
And Give Us the Time to*
Take Pain? With the Work
-? - ?
On? 8'mple Litt I* Wore Vanquished
tho Entire Schoo..
The following story is roached for
by A. J. Carter of Curbur, Center. Pa.,
b's griiuduuut having been a wltuesa
of tia* lucldeut, say? thu Philadelphia
lu Armstrong county, Pa., in thc year
of ISSO'or therciibout. wheneducational
facilities lu the rural districts were de
ctdedly crude, and tho burdon of the
currici/luui lu tim old lug "tkulehouse"
was Involved lt spelliu' 'rltlu' and
'rlthmctic, with considerable high
pressure on the Bpallin*, ai exploited lo
periodical spelling -ttauuaa--Uaiween
rival neighboring school*, a "skule
.niisler," with nil Iii? proverbially
.plaint attributes of his tim? and call
ing-long, lank, cadaverous, spectacled,
prominent nose and Henry Clay looks,
even down to, tho threadbare frock
coat, broad brimmed bat and blue cot
tou umbrella-piloted lils flock of
llnsey clouted ami skirted "sebolars"
to a neighboring *<r-iiool to brenk a
lance or two tn tho orthographical pas
time. The en-ding "spolttn' bee" was
spirited, the visitor! Dually bciuy; van
quislicd ofter ll lOiigiSet:to.
The visiting muster then requested
to bo pennule 1 to test -the opposition
with II few special "twisters" he had In
preparation for then. His host con
sentina to the ordeal, tho entire school
was lined up and proceeded to unwind
the twister? with moro or less soc-'
cess until their examiner propounded
one that caused them nil to stutter and
trample their toes In dismay-"Egg
wi jied." .
They all had n try, many tries, and
the master pronounced the word over
and over for them, enunciating clearly,
distinctly, syllnbically. "Egg-wined!"
Every iiody missed to his or her own
discomfiture nod confusion, und (o
their own master's humiliation. Again
and again they wore asked If they gave
it np. At last the premier spellers of
the school sin me fa ceil ly acknowledged
their I liability to spoil tim word mid
The schoolmaster then spelled lt for
them with a flourish ofvtriumph nftl
unmixed with contempt, "E-g-y p-l!"
Jut?. Liko a Roil "Uncle."
Nat Goodwin wm* once the victim of
an amusing Incident In the theater
In one of his parts hu bsd* to come on
the stase with u cont over bis nrm and
rail out loudly, "Uncle, uncle!" Ac
cording to the book, be should have
received no reply, but one night ouo of
th; "gods" answered him with: "All
right; I'm coming In a minute! How
much do you wu nt on the coat'-"
Qavs Him a Hand.
The Her. Dr. George W. l-'lold ot
nan?or (9 a tory abseut minded man.
When on the street. In tue cara, or
ev? u nt dinner, bis mind ts ofteu sn'
fit I lc ?wt?-., '/iii t j-.i *<? I tte
oRAsrao nu- i . i irsibk? HA\<?>.
his next sermon that he atv***
I tjnifm, ?w; ~...<~.. -? -jdtT? clrCUIU
smncT* ~~?7YneJ?fia?TF4vellng be
tween Bnngor^OTiiHtoti. *? ',M> COD'
AUVU?TJ****T train, ptuwlog through
tju><??sTinaklng collections of tickets.
me to Dj. Field with hand out
stretched, tho reverend gentleman,
Glancing up quickly from n, reverie,
looked into his rare n moment, then
grasped the extended Hand und said:
"Good afternoon. ? r. hut 1 think yon
har?? n little nd van Mu*' Of :nu. * What
Dodging tho. Doctor.
Jo?epb .le!Ten.'i;i. Jr.. ia fond or re
peating n yum tj?jj li!? father !s?':l tn
tell coner.-ii!::y a Frii-Ud of ! h-i ?AC?vt
Jefferson w.bo va? ah Inveterate *tnofc
sr. The man was gening ulong in
yeam and found hhoaelf. nillkted v.!:n
some flthnent whk-h canned bim s
great deal of anxiety.
"Why don't you consult a apodal
UtT* Jefferson* nsked him.
After thinking lt overee decided bs
would, several day?) later Jefferson
met him ami Inemtred ss to hts health.
Biking him If he had seen a doctor.
"Yen. 1 went tb see ooe.,? auld tho
old man.
"And what did he ?ay?*
"Well, yon *e*-. ?'0i ? great *|jK>Rer."
hi? answered, "ami I knew he would
xsk mr the first thing how much .
?moked and tell me to go rt little slow
.'..smoke about twenty cigars a iii
and, when he asked me bow many
consumed, t told bira en aa are; ar
of forty. That's too many.' be asl
'Just cut-'the number In half.' 1
cow smoking ont twenty."
Andersen County Veteran Says There
is Good .Management
Editor of The Intelligencer:
I have t>een au inmate of the Con
federate Home for four years, and
willie ?>f ru short while I may li ava
had some little ill feeling to the man
agement I will say it wau due to out
side Influence, and I will now say that
I heartilly regret such a feeling, as all
of the - 'trw 'als conected with the Home
have done us much for mo aa WUK In
their power, 1 say thia not only for
no'self. but for the majority " of tito
inmuten, und all that you see In the
papers ure from people who have noth
ing to do with the Home and I doubt
if tiley ever have seen the iuB'do of
our home. I am thankful for all that.
1 have received from the home, and I
assure the public und all interested tn
UH that there is nothing but happimum
here and only outside BUSY UUUIES
are creating all the talk, and not tito
old roldiera in tho Ironie.
Asking you to publish this for the
gooo of the home end the Veteruna in
the home. tashrd ,nt. .0
Hie home, I am,
Yours truly,
Columbia. S C., Jan. 8th, 1?14.
In addition to the vacancies in An
napolis there ls also a vacancy lu
West Point .Military Academy.
I have set January 2i, 1011, at An- .
derson in' the -courthouse to select '
nomin?os for the Annnapolis appoint
ments, and applicants for West Polbt
will bo selected ut tho saino timo und
AU applicants must reside in the
Third Congressional diatrict/
Applicants for Annapolis must be
between the ages of l<; and 80 years.
Applicant? for West Poin? .mu-'t ho
bot'.vecn the ages of 17 ami ?II, yeats.
Appllcnnts can select either placo
by notifying the examining hoard on
me day of the examination, prior tb
taking thc examination.
The same questions will bo givon
applicants for both potations.
AU applicants must he free from
serious physical defects.
The mental examination will em
brace arithmetic, algebra, geometry
through plane geometry, geography,
EngllBb grnmmer. United States his- .
tory and general history.
Persons destrtug to take thiB exam
ination sh?'Jld prepare themselves
thoroughly for the successful candi
dates will huv^ lesB than two months
in which io prepare to enter the Insti
tutions named.
Wyatt Aiken, M. C.
Our stock ls select seed stock
us eariy in jan. as posaussassHSsna
V.r-d B11S3 and'Cobblers 40
peck-$3.50 per bag.
_ _?M-- a-ij^^^HS^H5
ru: Minn r-mnn--mn?: u-JlUoUHW,
/' nuns HAMS T" ' "' ' V
? ; ? / Nene emiline without tbe ? * '
Beaver trade-mark.
Crippled with
Anothe r Badi Case Cured
"My wife was crippled , and unable te
walk ss the result of rheumatism. Hbo fell
og in weight from. 100 to 113 pounds.
.Doctors and various remedios failing to
help her, we lost all hopo of har recovery.
Dr. Junes' Liniment having been highly
recommended, we tried it as a laut resource.
Kine bottles entirely c?red her.**
W. H. KMILEB, - '
333 Woodward Ave., ktijuty?**^
? r-****^*est remedy made for Lura*
>4Sgo, Neuralgia, Lameness, or any
I pain that can bc reached by external
application. Mc. per bottle. Trial
Sold by Evans Pharmacy Co., Frier
son's Pharmacy, Belton and all drug
Statement showing evictence
of growth ot
The Batik
of Anderson
token from the books of the
bank on Oct. 21st, of each
Oct. 21ft, 1003 Deposits |S?M?7.49
. " 2lat. JWS t36i?,4i?t.40
(."? yrs lalor)
1 " 21st. t008 " ?...,0.714.61
" ?l*t. V". " |?7?.807.*1
ii-r .ni - ff. 13,896.82
'.' Jl-.l. 11M2 *' $<520^49v7l
" 2 te' J " $S^t?.t41.09
The ability and willing
ness of this Bank to take
care of its customers is
shown by its growth.
D. F. Mnuldln.President,
?. E. Clinkscalef, ... .Cashier.
J. A. Brock . ;.Vic? President,
A ML Sharpe, ...

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