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VOL. 1. NO. 1.
Weekljr, K t WUhe4 1860;Doily, Jan. 18, 1914.
Nagasaki, Jan, 14.?It L
be in need of food on account oi
volcanic eruption.
Tokio, Japan. Jan. K5.--A tidal wav<
added its horrors to earthquakes; and
volcanic eruptions which ; strack Ka
goshima, in Southern .Inpau, Monday
according to official advices. It Is be
lieved here that' ilie Kago.-himn dis
aster will prayc to be one of the most
serious in Japan's history. The losi
of life and property Increases with
fuller news from, the scene.
Sakura-Jima , has been quiscenl
for more than a century, all hough li
rears Its cratered peak In a vcrtiabl?
land of volcanoec.
Ashes to the depth of six inches
have fallen In the seaport of Klyasakl
on the east Kiushiu. A postal em
ploye who fl?d from Kagoshlma states
United Missionary Campaign to
Meet Here January 27th
and 28th
With Characteristic Hospitality
Homes Will Be Provided
The United Missiouufy Campa ign,
a laymen's movement. Is cr?a: a;
much enthusiasm and /avorable com
ment !b heard everywhere tho .pro
moters holu conference. Two duya
are usually taken a', a conference,
and Anderson 5s i.ideel fortunate in
) .<-::ig incluwci In the cities whole,
these work>r.s will come. Prof.
Oins, of 'mIISm i?md odiKt.c. will iT.ive
charge of tli-v eeryiceV, t?nd such v Ml
l.n iwn spo'tkirs as !>?. K. M. Port?t
and Prof. .tttbi 0. Cliakftcsles will od
J-OH:* thf? \'".tilings.'
The- scsijons are to be held in the
St. John's >lothodlet church and will
cnbraco the 27th and 28th of January.
The conference Is interdenomination
al, and every church In Anderson
county is urged to have n good live
delegation present, and in addition
as many other members an care to
come. Homes vll be assigned all
delegates who send in their names to
Dr. J. It. Young by the 20th Inst.
According to anouncemonts made
at the Andorson office of the South
ern , Express Company, yesterday,
sweeping changes in the present ex
press rates to. all points and on all
packagos wil soon be in effect. It is
understood that the changes are to
take place on February first at whleh
time the rate to many points on some
goods will be lowered, while to oth
" cr points on other nrtteles it will be
one significant met that will doubt
less call for much attention form' the
thirsty citizens of the community It
the changes on liquid refreshments.
The rate on whiskey baa been ma
terially towered and that beverage
will now come to Anderson- at a
cheaper rats while that on beer bas
been Increased and the kegs win not
come as low as at present.
St. B. Johnson, manager of the local
o?is? cf the -s?pr??" **>?,p*ny; tn dis
cussing the matter with a reporter of
The Intelligencer, said that he did not
know what exact, if auy. the parcel
post might bave had and did not know
if *h?t of the raali service
had anything to ?*o with the change
the. rates, rar. be mentioned as
changes .-which are soon to be seen
which Ik soon f.o be made.
Some of t!>e, mors Interesting
follows: From Anderson to Atlanta,
now (i.40 per hundered pounds, |1
per hundred; from. Anderson to Chi
Mieved that ten million people will
the earthquake/ tidal wave and
l that t!u> big postaj building there col
I lapse) and that a great number of
residences were ruined, killing many
, people and animals.
Nagasaki, Japan, Jan. 13.?Reports
:] hore todav wore that the death list
i| around. Kagoshlms will run into the
11 thouE-andB. <r
Kagcshima, which is almost com
: pleteiy burled in volcanic ashes and
stnoes, had a population of 60,000.
i at the last census. The population of
the adjoining island of'Snkura, the
i center of the disturbance, in give as
i l5,000T~"'On this iBland~hundrerts are
- reported to have perished beneath
i the et reams of lava.
Anderson Official Has Collected
Sum of $4,030.60 In Fines
and 1303 Days in Labor
Worthy of more than passing no
tice is the splendid report which has
just been made by Magistrate. Broau
well concerning tho discharge of of his
?'i?u u?tc.1 fluni ?ii; same dais of 1515.
During that time many cases have
come before Magistrate Broadwell and
he has discharged hie duties In a most
able manner.
Dnrlne the year this magistrate has
tried 570 cases from which he collect
ed the sum of $4,030.60 in casb. The
total number of dayn to which priso
ners havo been sentenced abounts to
1,305. He has sent 94 cases to the
Court of General Sessions and in r>3
casus he rendered a verdict of not
guilty. In 140 cases a compromise was
effected and the costs of the action
paid by the defendants These facts,
go to snow tu at Mr. Broadwell has
been conscientious at nil times in the
discharge of his duties.
ills complete and detailed rcpoit by
months shows that In tho month cf
January he tried 49 cases from which
fines amounting to $224 were collected
ana* prisoners sentenced to 324 days;
in February 50 cases were tried, re
sulting In fines of $451 and 70 days'
labor; March showed fines of $964 and
SO days' labor; April, $97 and 90 days'
labor; May, 26 cases netting $354.80
in fines and GO days' labor; in July
there were 62 cased resulting in. fines
20 iu fit?- and 60 days' labor; in July
there were 44 caeea totaling fines of
$182 and 60 days' labor; in August
there were 62 cases ersulting ni Unes
of $644.80 and 270 days of labor; 41
cases weie tried in September,'""result
ing in fines of $125.60 and 120 cays'
labor; In October' there were 50
cases tried with fines of $308.60; in
November he heard 37 cases and col
lected fines of $208.20 with 60 days' la
bor; in December there were B2
cases tried, resulting in fines of $333,
20 and 111 days' labor.
This is a splendid record and one
th .t Mr. Broadwell .has a perfect right
to feel proud of.' When the courts so
ably administer tho laws, as in this
case, .lawlessness will soon feel the
Andersen's Bong Birl to ?Ive u Con.
cert Here.
.. Mr. and Mrs. Reed Miller who are
so pleasantly known in Anderson*
will bo heard here* Monday ovening,
January the 19th under the auspices
of the Anderson College Association.
Mr. and Mrs; Miller have so many
friends Here who will bo glad of an
opportunity to bear these splendid
Tho first subscriber from a dis
tance for The Daily Intelligencer was
vSenator B. R. Tlllman. The first
subscriber in the ??ty Mr. Sam
E Moore, who has had the paper to
l?ii?B ui?? tO ovuui wvvTnnt T7.,CrC
he is spending awhile on his new
cako. now $4.50 per 100 pounds, $2.95
per hundred pound? ; from Anderson
to New YorV. now $3.75 per 100
pounds,$2.$5 for the same package.
It is estimated that the change .in
dealers, although they "will share
the rates will be of more benefit to
tho larger stoppers than to tho small
somewhat In the tain of better rates.
Verdict Directed by Judge Wilson !
in the Smith
Another Murder Case Is Now Oc
cupying the Attention of
\ the Court
The attention of, the er?urt of gene
ra! sessions for Anderson couaty.
now in session, was taken up yester
day for the most part wilh the hear
ing, pf pleas of guilty entered by the
defendants in a number of cases of
minor importance. At the time of
adjournment last night at six o'clock
the court was engaged in the trial of
Bill Hooby, et si. charged with mur
der. This, case will be completed
today, probably during the morning |
session and in the hands of the. jury j
by noon.
In the case of Garrett Dodson, a|
negro whe wtB on trial for the kill
ing of another negro, Zeke Bradley,
the Jury returned a verdict cf guilty
of manslaughter and the defendant
was sentenced to four years In the
penitentiary. Do?.eon was arraigned
Monday, his trial consuming the bet
ter part of the day and a short time]
yesterday-morning. The Jury delibe-|
rated about four hours before ren
dering a verdict.
A verdict of guilty was directed
by Judge Ellison in the case of
Charles ?mgj&. charged with the mur
der of E .tterfleld In Pezler
during theroonth of December. Tills
action URs",.t >e consent
of the solicitor'iwBHk number
Df v. :ed. From
appeared thr.t the shooting grew out
of a misunderstanding or a wrangle
which began In a Pc'.zcr cafe on the
night.of December 12. Some one in
the.place shoved a boy against Scat
.terneld, throwing . him .against a
stove. He blamed' Smith with hav
ing d?no it ??<I ho* ?verda were pa.?3
ed between the two men. It is said
that Smith then left the sto-n but the
evidence was to the effect that he was
followed by Scatterfleld and that the
latter began to shoot Smith re
turned the Arc and Scatterfield sus
tained mortal wounds from which he
died on December 16th. The defen
dant set up a plea of self defense and
It was on this ground that the ver
dict was directed by the court.
John Boldea entered a plea of
guilty of housebr?aklng and was sen
tenced to one year In the negro re
Hubert Carter pleade? guilty to a
charge of assault and battery of a
high and aggravated nature ud was
sentenced to nine months lmprison-i
Ed Lcck was sentenced to two
years, following a plea pf, guilty to
the charge of larceny.
Feastor Wnlkor entered a plea of
guilty to a charge of forgery but
ben tenet* has not yet 't>een passed.
Henry Thomas drew a sentence of
two years when he entered a plea
of gtillty to the charge of larceny.
George Sims wae sentenced to pay
a fine of $100 and to serve for thre?
months, following a plea or guilty on
the charge of violating the dispen
sary Urw. A similar sentence was
also passed on Ernest Keys, who also
pleaded guilty to a charge of violat
1ns the liquor law.
. Jer?msn Sloan entered a plea .of
guilty to a charge of bigamy and
was Bentonoed to throe months Im
Four additional Jurors were select
ed yesterday to take the place of four
who were excused at Monday's ses
sion. The four new Jurors are: Er
nest Johnson, CM. MeClure, R. 1?.
Grifnu and L. P. GsWe
Traffic Manager Hakes Report of Mon
ey Returned
The report the work done bj
D. A. Henning, traffic mansger, during
the month or December, has Just been
received. In this report It is shown
that there were only three instances
of over-charge by "the railroads in
handling freight during the month and
these were small amounts. The en
tire amount of tne over-charge
amounts to $13.75 and this amount was
<n cMnmMtA to Ltron ft Led better,
Sullivan Hardware Company and H. C.
The trsmc manager goes ou w my
in bis report that the small amount of
over-charge may be due to some ex
tent to the tact that the railroads
knew of the checking that follows them
and therefore more care la exercised
In ordfrr that no errors may occur.
He makes the additional statement
m h?? report that the rate on cereals
baa been reduced from 62 cm ta per
100 pounds to 33 cents per 100 pounds.
W. M. Brown Elected Mayor
Over M. C. Long
----- f
Perhaps the Warmest flection In
the History o$
x Oconee City^
. '. ' *
Walhalla. Jan. 1.3.4SpecIal?-In J
perhaps the hottest municipal election
In the history of WalhaUa, W. M.
Brown defeated M. C. Ixjok for mayor,
by a majority of two vo*k. the rote
for mayor standing lor, to 104.
Tho total vote was 2l4 and there
were 211 ballots in the boi The man
agers threw out one ballot which was
for Brown.
Two aldermen. Dr. J. j'j Thoda_and !
Mr. Schumacher, wero on loth tickets.
The ful vote was as follows:
For Mayor:?Brown, lOR Long 104.
Aiderman:?Vernor 106. UMr\rk
105, Walker 108. SchumjMiher 2?6,
Thode 209. Bentley 107, Kaufman 104.
Phillips. 102. Selgler 103. Hughes 102.
Board of Health:?Dr. J. W. Bell 107.
Hunt 107. Selgler 107, ffirlon 103,
Ford 102, Cross 102.
?F 8?f eie
Found In the Rxtins of a Cottage
On His Laurchs
Laurens, Jan. 13.?That 'George P.
Young, a prominent planter, was
murdered in his hofue last night, and
.the cottage burned to cover the
crime, was the v?wdie-t of a coreaer's
jury here late Tuesday. Young's
charted body was iuuud aunmg the
ruins of tho house at Stamp Springs,
B& ea ? here, thin morning.
Ho was the father of' J. St?bo
Young and uncle of John T. Garling
ton, who were convicted in con?cc-j
tlon wltli the "Semlnole" cases. Otr-i
llngton Monday received a full par
don from the governor. * I
Two negro suspects ore in jail.
Young owned an extensive tract of
land and spout much of his tinic
alono at his .plantation home, his
family remaining at tho' city resi
dence here.
Skelton Williams
Gets Appointment
Washington, Jan. 13.?The Presi
dent sent to the-senate Tuesday the
mmatton of John Skelton Wil
liams of Virginia, to the comptroller
of the currency and ex-offtclo mem
ber' v' the Federal Hewrve Board-,
which will administer tho alfa? of"
the new-currency systeife.
It may be some time before thej
nomination in confirmed.
.Mr. Williams is now assistant sec
ry of tho treasury in charge, of I
the fiscal bureau and Secretary Mc
Adoo s first assistant In matters of j
government finances.
It le said that the so-called great |
financial interests were Opposing Mr.
"No Dark Pictures/'
Says Mr. Underwood |
Wushington, Jan. 13.?An Indus
trial awakening "that will put the I
panic preachers to shame 1j was J
promised today by Democratic Dead
er Underwood after Republicans in]
the house aaa painted dark pictures]
of ruin, the result ot D?mocratie
"The Democratic party," declared
Mr. Underwood, 'h'as achieved for the
American people more than bas been
accomplished in the history of our
government. I look forward to un
usual prosperity throughc-^fc the
country in the next year."
Pleaded Guilty' la the Lexington
?_i_._a rt >?<2._M?*'' ?l
la^BolVe*HRa'aqdT'Walter B. Ourgan
ous, Jotntuy charged with attacking
J. Milton Hite, thef onnr's husband,
with intent to. "kill, oday pleaded
guilty in court here. Mrs. Hlte
was fined $100 and Gurganous S125.
Washington, Jan. ll-i-Forecast:
South Carolina?Fair, slightly warm
er Wednesday and Thursday.
Mr. Richard I. Manning State?
That Charges Had Been
Matter Growing Out of the Mes
sage of the Governor to
the General Assembly
Columbia. Jan. i:t. ?Special Cor
respohdeasc.-?K. I. Mannlg of sum
tcr. candidate for governor^ Tuesday
nfternoco save out a statement In re
ply to the criticism nude of him by
Governor IJiease In hij anno:'! mes
sage to the legislature today, tho ba
sts for the criticism being the fnct
that Mr. Manning Introduced In tho
t?te Democratic convention of 1912
resolution ordering?an Investiga
tion of tho primary election follow
ing charges of rand and corruption.
The Governor's statement was pub
tCmU?A 1**11 !.. 'im. j.>,:
. ' ? *' ?'*?.?.,
"I did introduce a resolution of in
vestigation and did it because 1 wan
unwilling that charges of wholesale
fraud should remain unlnvostigated.
Theee-ebsrges were-made by friends
of both sides," says - the statement of
Mr. Manning, who quote3 the Gover
Dor as having charged his opponents
with fraud. "As a member of the ex
ecutive committee. I aitcd In the ca
pacity of Judge, not a partisan. I
felt that the surest way to put an
end to those charges was to ascer
tain If possible, whether or not they
were true."
Mr. Manning states. (hat he sup
ported Judge Jones for governor, but
when charges of corruption were not
sustained.,he later introduced the res
olution declaring Governor Blenso tho
nominee of the Democratic party of
-This Stater ' '- -
The statement concludes with, the
assertion by Mr. Manning that be had
done what ho considered his duty and
did not believe that he would be cen
sured for his conduct.
"When shown the statement of Mr.
Manning this afternoon Governor
I i?i,v,.)?; made tho i??.&".v.?ig s-%n.t?m&nt.
"I will take care of Mr. Manning and
hin tv?*;v? ad the itsmp in 1*14 ? he
runs -for governor or for United
Stator, senator just as I did in 1906
.. !: -. ! retired him from the gover
nor'. : and. Governor AuboI was
eiorted. lie may offer excuses but
white men lu South.Carolina vtho vot
ed tor me v.in never forget that he
charged then] with being perjurers
and corru. Con',u and that when lie
was appointed ?-n a committee dodg
ed the iffiie and throw the respon
slbllityon others,;' \V. F. C
principal sii:aki;k friday."
Harry C. Colon to Address the Meet*
lug of Secretaries.
Those who have in charge the
meeting of the South Carolina Com
: mercial Secretaries, which Is to take
place in Anderson next Friday, were
jubilant last night over tho announce
ment that Hurry C. Coles, general
field secretory of the Chamber of
Commerce of the United States, had
been sectfred to deliver the principal
address at the Anderson convention*
The. Invitation to attend the meet
ing here Friday was extended to Mr.
Coles by. a. V. Snell, secretary of the
Charleston Chamber of Commerce
and his acceptance has already been
received. ThP will bo another de
lightful feature of the Interesting
day and Secretary Whaley and those
who are assisting hi m feel that the
event will be one of profit and pleas
ure for Anderson and for the secre
taries of tUe State who attend.
Officer Hughes MM la the City Hos
.Enquiry last night at the Anderson
County . Hospital, revealed the feel
that little change was to be- tu/ttced
In "the condition of Officer Hughes
of Honea Path. It will be remember
ed that Mr Hughes was found In an
alley in Honea Path Saturday, suffer
ing from a fractured skull and an
air of my^ery surrounds tho entire
affair. Two men are now confined lu
the Anderson hill to await the time
w/hen Mr. Hughes recovers suffi
ciently to tell of bow the assault was
made end by whom.
Several Anderson srehttests have
tSv~j 'n^.tatioft* b? present in
Columbia next Tuesday, Jan. 20. at
wht' ? time the Columbia architects
will entertain *he South Carolina
chapter of the American Institute of
Aochltoct* and the South Carolina
Association of Architects. Elaborate
preparations are being nude for
showing . the vtsltors a good tune
while they are in the "Square Meal
For Places to Be Filled By the
South Carolina Gen*
eral Assembly
Dr. Wyche Elected Speaker Pro j
Tern ; Quite a Number
of Absentees
Columbia. Jan. 13.?Special Cor
respondent?Promptly ct noon Tux
day both brandis of th South Caro
lina general assembly convened in
tltelr roBpoctlvo halls and Immediate
ly got down to business, disporting oi
a number of routine matters. The
message of the Governor was r tad
and itb various sections reforred to
the committees to which they proper
ly belonged. The Intelligencer was
J the Brst paper In the Stnte tn ;h>'j
Hsh the message.
Seveu new members were sworn in
the hom.o. thcae taking the places of
decooecd and resigned members. In
the house )0S of the 123 racmhera
were present. In the senate eight
I members were absent.
Dr. C. T. Wyche of Nowherry, was
elected speaker pro-tern of th? house
by unanimous vote. Representative
Lyles or Drangehury. was nominated
but withdrew in favor of Dr.
Wyche. who fills tho place of former
member Whalcy of Charleston (' now a
member of congress la or diff?re at
political views from his ton, t\ U,
Wyche of Nowberry, a Rloaee man.
In the house a concurrent resolu
tion by Mr. W. H. Nicholson was
pussed setting Thursday at noon as
the time to begin balloting to gll the
various vacancies on the bench, di
rectorships, boards of- trustees i nd
tho like. ?u the senate the rcoUi
tlon was referred to tho Judiciary
committee which will likely report
tomorrow. ,
Mr. Welch introduced a blU in tho
house providing for a. board of trus
tees ct State library, which .shall
have the doty of selecting Its libra
rian, etc. If this bill becomes a
law the legislature w'tl not till tim
position for which more than a score
of ladies have applied.
(ireenr?le sHnhers Passed Resolu
tions on the Regional Rank.
Messrs. Lee G. Holleman and P.. H.
Gossott attended a meeting of. the
bankers in Greenville where resolu
tions were adopted endorsin? the
movement of Richmond, Va., to ; "
cure a regional bank. Greeuvillo de
cided unanimously in favor of tin
Virginia city that has done so much
for-this State In the past.. .Mr. Oos
sett received an invitation by wire
from Richmond, asking him t appear
with the committee in Washington
to press the claims of that city, but
he was detained by Illness in his
A Pleasant Supper Was Served at
" Belum Monday Night
Belton. Jan. 13.?A delightful sno
oper was given .Monday night in the
Wllllhgham cafe in honor of Mayor
Ross Mitchell, Policeman Joe Mar
tin. W. F. Acker, John White. It. F.
King and the five aldermen, Messrs.
3 T. Cox. W. A. Clement and J. T. El
lison. Tho tfupper was given by Mes
srs. C. C. Wllllngbam, W. H.. Cobb,
I Mr., L. P. Wllllngham and Topsoy
Cox. The spread was served at 9
o'clock and the. company sat quite
a long time in social session.
Washington, Jan. 13? The senate
Tuesday passed a Joint resolution
for ft eomlmsston on a plan for a
national taid to vocational edu?n
- Anderson. C. C.
Gentlemen:?Please enter my name a
llgencer. I am (or am not) taking th
NtrTK:?if von arc a subscriber
scriptum is paid in advance, you may i
The subscription of the dally Is $5.00 p
fieasa enclose cneck or money orne
Jl. F. D. or St. No
ollows the Example of Neighbor
ing Towns of Pendleton
and Bclton
\nnual Meeting of Stockholder* of
the Citizen's National Bank
Show3 Good Resi'lle
.li?ocial lo The intellitfcueerr
Honen Tilth, .inn. i;!j~';t.;e*/ial?
During U?o pnr*t week a };roat deal
or interest has Leon manifested in
the approaching municipal election. <
There were two avowed candidates
tor mayor^ Mr. McKeusle, w!io has
served as mayor for the past two ,
venn:. standing for re-election, and -
Mr. I* L. Wright entering the race.
Thin waf rathor cu unuatral situation
for this covuiiiuuhyi and was the
cause of much spirited wprit being
Jone for tho rivnl candidate- . The
?lcvtion was hold Tuesday with tlio
following results:
Ii. L. Wright, mayor, and the fdl
lowing wnrdens: Mes.n. .1. R. Calla
ham. ,f. ?. Allen. S. F. Donald. J. B.
Ileachjim, W. E. Gilbert and Joe W.
Clement. Mr. J. W. Abarcrombte
r-as elected to Ml tho vacancy on the
board of commissioners of public
The anuual mooting - of the stock
holders, of the Citizens Rank was
held Tuosdky at noon in tho bank
jullding. Tho report of the president
mowed the ba.nk to be in a splendid
jondiliou. The usual dividend . was
ioclared with a nlco surplus set nflde.
rim following ii?isii
|^>r'. the .year.
Brock, vice prcs'ld
ran. cashier, and
ststant cashier. AH'-'B
)f directors were r
The high school
*f this jllaec au-i t':>- Aui?erson
?chool team at Helton last Eri
sfternopii and received their first
iefeat this s?aapn. The game was
:ard fought throughput, but hnaily .
eaultcd In a victory- for Anderson,
22 to 2?. The girls are trying ' to
arrange a game for Friday arternoon
vith Wdlliumston to be played on.
.he local grounds.
GupL J. ?. iiurabert of Princeton. *
vac in town today for the bank meet
ng. . ^
Dr*. -E. lt. Donald. D. L. Allison
ind Mr. Cordon Brock went to-Green
rille last night to see "Within the
Mr. G. K. Mooro. editor of the Hon
ja Path Chronicle, went' to Col.uni
?la yesterday to be present nt
convening of tho general asse
vir. Moore has held tho posit
durr.al clerk of the senate
iast 10 years.
Messrs. J. T. and C. F.
on, were business
rosterday. .
CapL W. A. Hudge
vh? here for a few. h
Mr. C. U. Harper
rem a business trip'to Atlanta, Ga.
'radically nil Members of the Local
Bar Woing. .
Association will go to Columbia on
lanuary- 15 to attend the State Bar
Association which is in session there
hroughout tho 15th and 16th. An
lorson county Is alwayp well ropre
lented at these i*inur.l events, duo
loubtlens to the fact that the county.
>ar association has been so w?H per
eeted and is so well , organized.
Tlio mooting of the association In
"olumbla ia one of the inost iiupor
a<it events of tho year with the at
orneys of the 8Ute and is always
ull of Interest.,
j, Clyjo Green of Helton, was
imong the Kiicsts registered at the
jhkiuola hotel yesterday.
?NCER. ' '.*-'
s a subscriber to The Dally 2ntel
o sdml-weekiy Intelligencer..
to the semi-wiftklv and vo?r sub*
receive credit for the amount paid,
er year; S2.S0 for six months.
' '> ' : "(f^^?^'^^^&i
inie . .

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