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VOL. 1. NO. 1.
Weekljr, K t WUhe4 1860;Doily, Jan. 18, 1914.
Bill Hooby Freed by Jury
Other Defendants Adjudg
Charlie nnd Reather Henderson]
are Today on Trial for
Their Lives.
The third day of the court of gene
ral sessiunu for Anderson county
passed yesterday with few interest
ing events. The catse of Bill Hooby,
jointly indicted with John Hobinsou,
Dick Gaines, Buir Gaines and Rob
ert Garrison on a charge of murder,
went to the jury about noon, after
having been Jn progress for an entire
day. After considerable deliberation
the verdict was rendered as follows.
Doc Gaines, guilty of manslaughter;
Bub Gaines, guilty of manslaughter
with a recommendation to the mercy
of the court; not guilty as to Bill
Hooby, John fobinsnn and Robert
Gaines. The prosecution was repre
sented by merely Solicitor Proctor
Bonham while A. H. Dagnall of the
local bar appeared for the dofense.
These negroes were charged with
killing another negro, Isluh Kay, by
name, on the plantation of J. D.
Smith in the Septus section on De
cember 21. The affair la said to have
occurred following a social session of
some bort held at the home of Bill
Hooby and was more or less veiled
in myEtery, it being almost Impossi
ble for the witnesses to swear as to
who fircd'thc fatal shot.
The case of Charlie Henderson and
Reather Henderson; charged with
murder, was .taken up yesterday af
ternoon and at/the time of adjourn
ment was sflt ' in progress. T.
pranir Wnttrin? is sppcarliii? Tor iue
SenteiiLf of a fine of $300 and im
prisonment for one year "was passed
on Feaster Walker, who on Tuesday
had entered a plea r* guilty to the
charge of forgery.
Vdditirnnl true bills returned by
tho grand.jury yesterday before the
completion or their duties were as
fo'lovvs: r*. 3. ?U'B?ii, disposing of
property undor Hen; George Sims.
ErneftT Keys^ Berry Carter, J'.rrs
Jordan. Will Genry violating dispen
sary taw; George Clinkscalcs, Ma
haley CHnksc?Ies. Mordecal Garrett.
' G. W. Smith and \Y. \ST. Adams assault
and battery with intent to kill. 15.
F.. MfcAllster, larceny.
Sixty. Gallon Plant Destroyed on the |
J va, Jan .12. fipecial.?H W.
"Murff, a revenue officer of Greenville. |
In company with local officer, J. S.
H.tmby and policeman ?. E. V.'il
made a raid on the Savannah one day ]
last week and captured a slxty-gl
._ ? ...i,_? .?Lt?- ? i.i. - .
lift* uimiic i,' iwn^ mill ?. ?\,, ..v,?
gallons of beer and mash, which they j
The operators of tho plant were]
taken by surprise, as they were Just|
on the point of firing up the ouflt
and narro\vly escaped capture by |
swimming to th? Georgia aide.
dreenwood^ Jan. l?.-^-Spe?lal.r^
Greenwood fans are very much in
terested In the baseball league of
four towns, wfeonvHle, Spartunburg.
Anderson pnfr Greenwood,'which haB
been proposed by The Greenville
News. During last Summer this city
bad a first clasB team and tho Iwneball
fever reached the boiling point before
the end of ?.he season. It Is believed
that Greenwood can and will sup
port a team In the tvol?ey league. "If
the matter Is aumclently agitated.
It has bro?'i 4?i?????w that r meet
of representative fans of the
towns interested l>e held at an early
date ror tue purpose : or rorniinp; an
(fci,..-. ,jh \ -,
Pacific Mutual to Make Still More
Investments Here.
Notwithstanding the fact that al
ready the Pacific Mutual Insurance
Company has something like ?lT.?,
000 invested in Anderson, this sum is
to he increased, according to a state
ment made by J. \V Dixon, State
manager for thin concern. In dis
cussing the mutter .Mr. Dixon said:
"In ti". future we intend to make it
an annual loan affair and will bring
more money to '.be city ant- county
than ever been the cafe hereto
TV? local manager poiuWl to the
fuci. that Ms iouv any peins, located
at Loj Angeles, did not make any
investments in this section of the
country fer a number of years, but
when Ihoy did decide to invp.et mon
ey lu th-j But'erh States, Anderson
was (be first c'iy and "ounty they
selected and the first money that
came east of the Mississippi?was to
Discussing business conditions Mr.
Dlxson said that the temporary de
pression folowing the Christmas holi
days 'was now a thing of the past
and that the business for the new
vor?r WAS opening up in a splendid
manner. His understanding is that
this was by no means confined to his
particular line but is general through
out this section.
Several changes are to occur in the
local office of the Pacific on Febru
ary first. Miss Louise Oubernalor.
. irlib has been cashier for the Paclfiv
Mutual in St. Louis for the past 17
years will ccme to -Anderson and as
sume the uo.iitlon of cashier here and
Mine M. J. Sparks who has been in
the Louh.v'.ilu. Ky., ofilce-of the coni
panv for llvo 'saura will "nine to as;
sumo the "position of assistant cash
ier at the local office. ; 0. S.r Mar?
>rqjt, who has-been caaltier or the An
dersen office, has been promoted to
the position of district manager of
the Greenwood office and will go to
that town to assume his duties on
February first.
on m
???UiLU? ?? SU
niciacnii nmicnt
Commercial. Secretaries to be
Entertained by College-on
In response to a telegram received
from Dr. W. M. Higgs, president of
Clcmson. College, Se<:retary Whale'y
of the Anderson Chamber of Com
merce yesterday telegraphed invita
tions all ovr the State to the various
Secretaries of the Chambers of Com
bh the guests of the collego, ' fol
lowlnc their session of tomorrow In
merc?, to go to Cleuison on Saturday
this city.
Secretary Whalejr said last night,
that he had ree?tved a uuniber or ac
ceptances in reply to his telegrams
and that in ;\11 probability there
would be between 20 and 30 of the
various representatives to make the
trip to Clemson College
Dr. Rlggs First extended the invi
tation for Friday, but when it was
explained to him that the program for
this clay was ahead- scoomlp
this day was aheady bo complete
that a further feature would bo Im
possible, he asked that the "booster
men" come to the college on Satur
day Willie no definite progr?s. Mi
been announcc-l for th? _ day's, evonts,.
h is'undxstood that Clemson will ar
rabge a number of features which
will be enjoyed by. those who make
th trip.
Mr.Whaljr has arranged for the.
party \*> Kmve Anderson In automo
biles at about 9:30 o'clock on Sntur
dny morning and then the entire
party wil return \o the city J\\ time
r<.r the eyntng trains so 4hat very
secretary can report at his home town
by Sunday.
11 1 I """-" "
W. E. Oreer> cashier or the Dank
of Tie)ton, was goes on the streets of
- LO.J'.WJ-.-Jm-._^m^?mm
111*3. Cliy JVOWJIUn^. MBB. .BIVPL nmmjW
iti'.ito.j is hustling .thia.yar.
Grand Jury Would Have Such
a Law Enacted by the
County Delegation.
Urge That Members of Law
Making Body Consider
Homicide Here.
The following special presentment
wuh handed to Judge Arlson Wedues
day, by the grand jury.
' Wo desire to agatn recommend
that the county's delegation in the
general assembly lend their sup
port to the enactment or such legisla
tion as will compel the attendance of
children in our schools and we f urth.
er recommend that tfle couaty's dele*
gation co-operate in any effort that
is made for an enactment of a law
subjecting pupiis urttending th? pub-1
lie schools of the State to a physical
examination." LSuch was a para
agraph in the presentment of the
grand jury rendered yesterday af
ternoon to Judge J. S. Wilson.
The presentment alBo urged that
the members of the general assem
bly from tais county lend their best
efforts to the enactment of a law
making pistol carrying a more se
rious offense and liable to more sc
very punishment and pointed to the
loug list of murder cases on docket
at this term of court.
The presentment in full is as fol
To the Honorable J. 5. Wilson, pre
siding jud^e. .the grand jura o| An
ifeeson ?oniity irrnkcs to your court
their presentment as foliotva:
Foe the purpose of systematizing
tfab? work of our body the following
nimniltlnni hovo jinan nnnriillted* On
public roads, . brides and chain
gang, K. A. ?;ul'i>uh, P. H. Karle, J.
K. Watson, B. M, Duckworth, J. it.
On public, h?ii??ngs and county
honte J. It. Anderson, W. C. Clink4
scales. I.yman MTPha*.!. J. F. Mo
Donald, D. P. Drown:
On schools and school' buildings, S.
A. Burns. T. J. Clatworthy W. R.
Mauldin, W. J. Saylors.
On county oflicers and oiiices, II.
V. G. Cooloy, S. N. Gllmer and II. W."
Tribblc. The reports of these seve
ral committees will be made and in
corporated in our final presentment.
It has been called to our attention
:that In dry" weather and early in the
morniug itl s almost impossible to
crocs Savannah river by ferry on
account of the dam at Port man
Shoals. We have therefore, empow
ered our committee on roads and
bridges to Investigate and see what
relief can be had and report at a
future term
On account of the increascu number
..of homicides in our county, we rec
ommend that the county's delegation
In the general assembly use. their
best e?T-?r*n *? Uav? more stringent
laws enacted against the carrying of
concealed woapous.
We have passed upon all bills of
Indictment handed to us by 'the so
licitor at tills term.and reported our
findings thereupon to this court. We
are advised that there Is no further
business of this nature demanding our
attention for the present term.
Respectfully submitted.
j. R. Doutb.lt, Foreman,
* *
Special Correspondence :
Columbia, Jan. I4.r-A committee
from Richmond conferred with a
committee from the State Bankers'
association hore Wednesday and
decided to urge the placing of this*
section In A district running north
and South instead or east end west.
? committee from hero goes to
Richmond Thursday for further con
ferences. In hretmr Shrelmf oxhr
feyences. If Columbia cannot secure
? r^gh?r.ai h?S?: she W?! pyl!
Richmond! w. F. C.
Citizens National ahd Anderson
Banking &. Trvki Com
pany. 1
Consolidation Will be Effected
in February Witii J. H.
Anderson as Secretary.
Of hiicreet generally tliruuKliout
the city and county of|Anderson in
financial circles is thl, deal which
wan put through yesteiHAy when two
well known banking Institutions wore
merged as had beer. Jutluiatcd last
week. This move was (consummated
following a meeting ofjtbc directors!
of the Anderson Hanging & Truet
Company which took
day at noon und it
that the business of tt
would be Consolidated
the Cltiens National H
son, giving the new business a capi
tal of IKiO.OOO. Iiiforu&lon yester
day wus to the effect thati'luS amount
A# n,^?i. I-a _ I_? LI JtSsJ:-. -.
~ . *jw*,n tt.vv. .i.iva.... trooit U>OOUU-|
ed with guarantees of good ''faith.
The directors of the two Instltu- i
tlons had favored tjhe plan^for some
lime. This mutter had Wst h'?en
submitted to ihe stockh^l?rs of the
Cltiens Nftttennt bank ?t^ir mcUIng
held Tue.- : was
taken up IJy the oth
with the result that
have lu the new bank
even stronger than
it is n.uicrvtood-.
offlcera Sttf
luttons had been rcelected ?
will continue to serve until all plans;
for merging the two businesses have;
been couioleted, whleh^'wfll In all;
probability be some 'ijhjei n Febru-j
ary. At that time ' av meeting will j
be held-and' the matter of. directors |
and officers for the new bank will he
definitely determined. Jtcport says
that Julius 11. Anderson, now presi
dent of the Cltiens National r*r.nkj
will remain at the head c? thn! nftti'u
felon and that the row hank will re-'
tain that name. ' .0 additional cfll
cers or director* have yei been an
Q. N. C. Bok-mas, who has boon
president of the Anderson Banking &
Trust Company intends retiring from
the banking business and giving nil
his time to his numerous other bus
iness Interests but he has been se
lected to give as much time as possi
ble in the Immediate future. for ar
ranging the details of the consolida
tion and having the plans perfected
for placing the two businesses under
one head.
&cc YVednes
>k of Ander
l'houe Interested in Live Stock Will
Heid Convention.
Of Interest to every breeder of
Hvo stock in Anderson county Is tue
announcement that a meeting of the
Live Stock Association is to take
place in Anderson on Tuesday, Jan
uary 20. J. W. Uothrock. Demonstra
tor for .'Anderson county, has sent out
a circular letter to the various breed
ers of the county In which ho urges
that as many as possible be present
for the event.
Mr. J. T. Watt, the new lave Stock
demonstrator, will confer with the
members. It is very important that
each commlttecinsn and officer be
present, but if not possible to attend
send a representative.
Mr. Ttothrock hns said in his letter
to the breeders that he hopes ov*ry
one In the county who even feels an
Interest In this Industry will be
present and assured them that the
department of agriculture of thefed
irsl government Is not only willing]
but anxious to do anything within Its
power to build up the live stock in
dustry In this section of the coun
The Inauguration of a roov.-r.icni
for * monument to Andrew-Jackson
recalls the fact that Co. ' renowned
Andy x;iokr of South Cnruiiim k? 1
native State.
Hardwood Industry in Oconee
is Growing
The Mountains Nearby are Filled
With an Unbounded Wealth
of Raw Material.
Special ti) tlic Intelligencer.
Westminster, .ijn. i4.-tA now shut-!
tic mill Is belus started in Westmin
ster by Dr. C; M. Wulkcr. aud Mr. W.
n. Brown. Mc. Blown Ij c::e of the
best .shuttle men In the t'^uth. hav
ing been lor a number of years con
nected with the Southern Shuttle &
Bobbin Co.
There Is a great harvest
to rear* in Ulla line fur houiu Indus
trien ; ad vve predict for the concern
crciit su^coss. They rellll Draper
shuttles and innkc the plain s'nutiies
and guarantee satisfactory service at
reasonable prices.
Messrs. J. &. J. S. Carter have pur
chased the buildlttK of the old South- i
ern Shuttle and Dobbin t'o.. and are
eolne to lustall a Hardwood factory,
making wugons. spokes, rims, picker
utocks, coillnH, etc. There 1? un
bounded wealth In hardwood in the
mountains near this growing little
town, and with business Inon of thiB
reputation behind such u proposition
we are sure their efl'orts will be
'.r^ncd with success.
Church News.
It is rumored that it is jJbaSlblc
Nc? Wj atiuipstcr Uaptlst church
^vtt^'gMBou -hfej^a -plan*nfor^ th?-^rcction.
or a hamlEome church in Westmin
ster, to cost SI 2.000 and cmt vbgm
ster. to cost between $12.000 and $18,
000. This church has recently cbang
-.-?1-1-1.- .1 il BUIU.a<
CU JKl.TLUi n vruiilr, . vv. . , ... . h . im ,
of Woodruff, S. C, one of the strong
est pastors in the state. This church
has a?80 gone to full time, having
lorvicc i . : Sunday aud Sunday
!?ghL Thl? means progress.
Bcnk Xews.
Mr. 1\ P. Sufllvan was elected prea
ident of t'.e V?: s Uu in* ter bank, juc
ceedins ?Jjf. \V. P. Anderson. The
Westminster ' ok \fi' l?o Bt^ngest]
bank In Concv oun.y and enjoys
a proapcrce.3 ba?i:ses3. Mr. Sullivan
ts one of t'.:o best known business
men In the count/.
Mr. P. \V. ( ui'.non has recently
been el?st?d president of the West
minster Loau und Trust Co., suc
ceeding Mr. L. A. Edwards. This
hank is comparatively new, but is
enjoying good business and we hope
for them success.
Westminster Ira in Her vice.
Westminster is sadly in need of
better train service. They have been,
througg their board of trade, work
ing on the Southern for trains 41
and 42. They are of the kind not toj
let up on a thing of this kind, until
their -purpose is completed, und we
should think the sooner the South
ern elves them this train the less
trouble' they will have. They are
entitled to it. The effort of The
Intelligencer to get the changes are
The Intelligencer wjil be glad to
publish short articles from its frieud?
and patrons on Interesting topics,
but such communications must be
sighed by the reel name of the writ
er, with postoflVce address, to re
ceive attention. The Intelligencer
will not be responsible for the views
of its correspondents. We have In
hand a very Interesting article from
"Slnbad'\ in the nevt issue.
If you dot not receive your paper
promptly please report same to the
Intelligencer and we will correct any
mistakes which are likely to occur In
handling a large number of names
which nave come In practically all at
oner.. The city subscribers should, no
tify the office'?f any error in the ?*>
livery of Uielr papers by the carrier
boys. *
Discussion on Cotton Warehouse
Trustees Begins Today?Chi
Several Spec
; jjfy I
Special to The Intelligencer:
Columbia; Jan. 14.?The defeat of
the bill seeking to provide medical
examination for male applicants be
fore marriage license should be Is
sued; the pausing of (Senator
Crouch's bill "Tightening up!' the
requirements before a charter can be
issued for the social clubs and an
attack on the social club system; Un
making of the warehouse bill a spec
ial order for next Wednesday, and
includiug in t. concurrent llxiug
tomorrow as the date for the elec
tions to the position of State librnrlan
and Judge of the llrat circuit, fea
tured the morning session of the sen
A message from Governor Blense
dealing with the militia controversy
containing an attack of the Pick bill
was, received by the senate. Three
other special messages went to the
lions.', one asking for an increase
for salaries Tor the board of par
dons or thd abolishing of that of
fice; another reerrlng to tho send
in*, of the veterans to the Gettys
burg celebration and the third to con
ditions on Foit Fremont on St. Hei
na island.
Tbe Marriage Hill.
The house spent some time dis
cussing the b'll seetdng to repeal the
l?V requiring t'.'e railroads to pull
mileage on trains, but did not ad
vance the measure. There was some
discussion on the warehouse bill on
the house side.
"Representative Lumpkin offered
a bill for the university to accept
the property of the college for wo*
men in Columbia and Mr. Delaui
Declare That Growth of Electric
,City is Remarkable.
' No surer indication of tbe business
conditions of a town can be furnish
ed than that obtained from the bo
*gt with the arriva, of the
traveling salesman,' their busy huia
of talk and the eVcr-prnsent nuit
cases aud sample bags, the business
thermometer^ takes a bound and in
the case of Andorson .this condition
Is certainly . true.' When asked yes
terday If the inactivity of these busy
salesmen during the Christmas holi
days had ceased, at the Chhiuola, Bob
King said that It Certainly had. "Why,
do you know," ho continued, "It does
seem to mo that the lay-off during the
Christmas holidays must have given
ten or twelve more a chance. And
1 know there must have been dozens
here within the past two days who
bari nnvnr been to* Anderson bo
fore." .
Traveling' men for the most part,
making this territory, report that
An demon's nrowth. when compared
tho that of some other towns and cit
ies in the State, seems to be hardly
leas than miraculous.
-' , ? >,?.? a
According to figures furnished by
the directors of the census the total
cotton Rinnings In Anderson county
there had been 69,618 bales of cotton
ginned In this county up to January
1. ThiB is a great Increase over the
figures for lust year to the same
Anderson, C. C. ?* . '
Gentlemen:? Please enter my name
ligencer. I am (or am not), taking
NOTE:?It yon are a subscribe
set Intion 1? paid in advance, you ma
The subscription of the daily ? $5.00
Please endear check or money or
R F i> or St. No.
Bill?Election of Judge* end
Id Labor Bill UndVy Discussion
ia! Jud g e a.
; introduced a bill with reference te
license tor Insurance companies..
In the senate Mr. Carlisle offered
a bill seeking to change the selec
tion of a Stale librarian and leave
it to a commission.
A resolution waa offered authoris
ing the bouse committee on eduoa-.
! tion to secure quarters lu the Cntoa
National ?ank building on account
of the crowded condition of the State
lb P. McMaster wbb sworn In as a
member from Hichlanld county la
the house.
Pounders, day at the university
ill be celebrated in tbe hall ef
the house Thursday night.
Child Labor Hill.
The bill increasing the age limit
for employing children in factories
from 12 to 14 years was recommit
ted to the committee ob manufactur
ers. A hewriug on ?ne bill will k?
bad before this committee Thursday
afternoon at 4 o'clock. .
Senator Sullivan introduced a kill
correcting the code so as to make tke
commutation road tax in Andersen
county $1 instead of 12.
There Ib much rivalry for the (tUS
teeahip of Clemson College, three of
whom are to be elected Thursday.
C. P. Hodges of Marlboro, Is a new
candidate for tbe place.
A bearing on'tbe bill giving Char
leston the right to vote on the com
mission form of government act will
be held before the house committee
next Tuesday afternoon at .4 o'clock.
Both houses meet tomorrow morn
ing at 10.30 and the Joint assembly
convene* at it o'clock to bc^in bal
Architect Writes of Hie
for an Early Start on the
New Flay, House.
Porter A. Wtoaley, secretary of tbe
Anderson Cham bei of Commerce, re
tect Miyant'of Richmond, Va., aad
which the iir'-hitetrT seemed %0
very hopeful of getting an early start
on Anderson's Bplendid new theatre.
The letter stated there was na
vious reason why work should
begin at an early date.
It is expected that
theatrical managers will
derson today to confer
of directors of the tl
concerning the leasing*
theatre. The meeting between tks
managers and directors Is to take
phu t* In the Chamber of Commerce
5tovara1 flrma hov; siSSlfied the!?
1 intention of being present at the
meeting today among these "being:
C. H. Bellch of Hopklnsvlile. Ky.,
Lynch Bros, ir Smith of Columbia;
Raleigh and Ashevllle and S. M. note
of Washington. All of these frets
are well known and enjoy splendid
reputation ia the theatrical' world.
Mr. Hugh Wilson, the venerable ed
itor emeritus of tbe Abbeville Pres?,
and Banner, was, among the visitors
to Anderson yesterday. Oes. WH so a
took occasion to make some very
complimentary references to The
Morning Intelligencer.
OENCEIt, 1 "
as a subscriber to The Daily Iatel
tho semi-weekly Intelifgeneer,
r to the semi-weekly and your sub
y receive credit for the amount paid,
per year; $2.50 for six months.

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