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VOL. 1. NO. 1.
Weekljr, K t WUhe4 1860;Doily, Jan. 18, 1914.
George William* Gage, of Chester
? to Succeed Chat. A. Wo
pointed Fed
(Sp?cial Correspondence1
Columbia," Jan. 16.?The Senate
committee on manufactures will rec
ommend to the Senate, an amendment
to be inser. ;d 'to the child labor bill
proposing to i <e tho age limit to 13
years in 1915. and 14 years in 19lt>.
The amendment, in accordance with a
compromise suggested at Hie meeting
this evening, is to the effect thpt chil
dren between 12 and 14 years be per
mitted to work in the mills eight hours
during the day time if they attend a
regular school term.
Xo children under 12 yearn of age
are allowed to work in the mills.
Jos A^sMcCoullough and other mem
bers of the child labor- committee. W.
H. Swift, of Greensboro, N. C, secre
tary, of the ?wo Carolinas, and repre
senting the National Child Labor As
sociation.' and Henry J. Hardy and
other representatives of the Federation
of Labor were present and urged the
passage of the bill.
The mills were represented by J. K.
Hood, of Anderson. 'Chairman Lide,
of Orangeburg, will make tho favorable
report on tho amendment bill in the
Senate Friday.
(Special Correspondence)
Columbia, Jan. 15.?Chief Justice
Eugene B. Gary was re-elected Clr
*. *<*?t?-" *. l<i* ' v?r'
Tl-.-Z_? C_i_IT?_? tS_1
uuureK ucwuiWy uauquci, OIIIUR
er and Trip to Clemson Are
1 Features
V.'ith a'l olans f? ?aily completed
Andersoji this mm hin? has the de
lightful ii?"'i-->rt".;r.i-.y. of ^tending ?\
hearty w ?Uta to the !.vest of All
live wires it: fiouth ( rr cllna?tho
S<Tr, tai-ics of the ya?'otiS tomme/
. clal bodies of the State. Anderson^ is
proud or the fact that these men have
come here to hold their convention
and the people of the city are anx
ious for an Opportunity to make this
day Ha pleasant and profitable for the
\lsltors as is possible.
The plans made for the ont?rtaln-t
nient of the visitors afro ^juite elabo
rate and indication;; arc that iho
day will be full of pleasure for those
who attend. Some of the especially
interesting features of the day wil be
the addresses, delivered by men of
note' from South Carolina and other
States, the dinner, to be served -at
the Chlquola hotel this afternoon, the
smoker which will he teed?red in the
local Chamber of Commerc? tonight
and the trip to Clemsca college to
;. morrow. The Secretaries will go to
Clcmson as the guests or the college
nt the invitation of the president. Dr.
W. M. Rlggs . . v
Om f the features to be stlresBSd at
the meeting today will b?s for a closer
cooperation between the various
workers and a more determined ef
fort to help one another 1 The work
of the sv-o k-tarlo* fa inch town !b
practical!/, the same as that of some
other in another town and by lead
Ina aid to one another the work ca be
greatly benefited hi s number of re
ds. Lucius K. Watson, who put the
imisslon form of Government
tiayion, Ohio will be a distinguish
he following Is die complete p
m for today's events as announ
, Elected to the Supreme Bench
od, Who Has Been Ap
hral Judge.
CBlt Judge, (?no. V?. Ga^e who eiecied
Associate Justice over three oppon
ents. Retting 99 votes on second ballot
to 37 for Judge T. S. Sease. 7 for Judge
J. W. DeVoro add 17 for representative
Geo. S. Mower. . . .
Ernest Moore, of l^tncaster, was
chosen Circuit Judge to succeed Mr.
Gare winning out on the first ballot
over Solicitor Henry, 0. W. S, Hart, ot
VorkvlMc and G. \V. Itagsdale, of
Circuit Judges Bowman; Shipp, Rice
and Krank B. Gary were re-elected to
succeed themselves.
The joint assembly recessed until
next'.Tuesday mplit when they will re
sume balloting for other vacancies.
? W. F. C.
Columbia, Jan. 16.?A constitutional
amendment to be submitted to the peo
ple giving women the right to vote on
school elections and to bold positions
i as trustees and as notaries public was
I offered in the Senate by Senator How
jard B. Carlisle, cf Spartanburg.
Another bill of his outlaws social
clubs by making every member liable
to a fine cf $500 or imprisonment for
six months.
Senator Boamguard Introduced a bill
which would apply the Mann White"
I Slave Law to South Carolla intrastate
j affaira.
by secretary Whalcy yesterday.
I 12 M. Meeting called to order.
I 12:25 'welcome to Anderson. B. B.
[ Gossett, president- of the Toxaway
W. W'.'* Long, sEtfe"*" Agrlcultu'v
agent. "South Carolina Demonstratio!.
Work/' '
Harry C. Coles, Washington, D. C
"The Work of the Chamber or Com
merce of the United States."
12:30 to 1 p. TO; Presentation of'all
(juestions upon which united a?tion*of
the State id desired. Ten minutes
allowed for each discuslon.
,1:30 to 2:30 p. w. Election of offi
cers and g?nerai business.
?:00 to 2; SO p. Laach'
Five minutes talk by each secret'an
on. what he is trying to do for hi'
community and where he has succeed'
cd or failed.
4 to 6 p. m.
. 20 minutes. (Advertising and mlB
advertising. South Carolina, H. N
20 minutes. Traffic and freigh
Rates. Co-operation. Henning.
20 mjnute's. Agricultural Co-opera
'Hop and Keccnt State Development
W. \V. Long. '..,.
tO minutes. How a Chamber o
'Commerce can Promote Agriculture
Development T. M. Morgan.
20 minutes. The Chamber of Com
merce and City' Government E. 1
R'e'a rdon, Sumter.
Jo minutes. . Retail Trade Exten |
j sion. Porter A Whalcy.
A Chamber of Commerce?Is t
Worth While? ?A. S. Johnstone. -
?dCT??. Agricuiiure. soutn
Carolina's Greatest Asset, E. J. Wat
son. ,
South Carolina and the Panama Ca
nal. A. V. Snell.
One of the f our .New Schools
M??ls, KcCcntiy Built in the city.
Found Guilty of Killing J. Van El
lington, But Recommended to
Mercy of the Court
The trinl of Charles Henderson and
Rother Henderson, indicted for mur
der. Which consumed the attention
of the ,Court of General Sessions
throughout the afternoon of Wednes
day and part of Thursday morning,
went ?to the jury yesterday afternoon.
After1-a 6hort deliberation the jury
returned a verdict of guilty with a
recommendation to mercy. T. Frank
Watklns. attorney for the defense,
gave notice of appeal.
This case has some interesting fea
tures but was chiefly characterized
by the difficulty in getting any lucid
testimony us to the facts surrounding
the case, it Feems that all the ne
groes had been attending a party of
seme kind, which took place on the
plantation of John McClure on Jan
uary third. A difference arose be
'fewecn ono of the Henderson negroes
and a negro named Ellington as to
.vhich should have the honor of es
corting Jan^e Moore home and the
trouble began. J. Van Ellington was
shot and killed while auothcr Elling
ton received a slight flesh wound In
Re'ther Heudcrfon admitted that he
he h?eV' shot at the dead man.
Following .the conclusion of the
Henderson case the eourt began the
trial cf Will White?, charged with
murder. At the.time of adjournment
!ast night only a tew'witnesses had
been examined and little headway
had been made with the case.
Application for new trial In the case
f Miss Be?lah Armstrong versus An
ersbn county, has been, refused by
tldee Rien :ieenrrHn|r tr> in*?"'?'!?ititlon
/hich was received here yesterday,
lias Armstrong was asking for $5,000
lamage, alleging that she was due this
mount for Injuries sustained through
hp carelessness of Anderson officials.;
Anderson county people are familiar
? Ith the. details of this case. A Loua
esvllle party was autoinboile' Riding
. few.miles from the oj'lV s^rae months
go,.'the'; macf?nK|*$# tatb'i? rofce
tret?hed across the. road near .where
orne rcpalr? were in Ingtattdte,J ?Ibb
Armstrong tlaiweJsi*ajd*S?^
erldns Injuries re&ultlng from the in
ldetit and alleged that it was due to.
he carel.esanesB of Anderson <^nnnty
mDloyees in nutting the rope across
_be road.
The case was tried in Anderson and
he jury found for the defendant and
.he appeal was then taken.
for Whites. Near the Bragon
Will Be Observed By This Coun
try Toward People of Mexico.
Says Se
Washington. .l?o.ijS.?There has
been no change in tnf ' policy of the
United States in regard . to Mexico.
This was the subfefaaice of replies
Thursday by Secretary Bryan to seve
ral members of diplomatic corps who
called at the State department. Tlio
foreign representatives, noting the
depressing efrect upon Mexican bonds
held by citizens of their countries
.through the default in ti e Seral-a-]
nuul interest payments, has inquired I
as to what action, if any. the United j
States would take in view of the new
The secretary's callers Inferred
that this collapse "of Mexican cvrcdit
abroad bad been full? expect-r.-d by the
administration, and ,that Mr. Bryan
was not in any sens?* apprehensive of
foreign Interfen :io working
out of the American pian-. It wja
made evident, tco, that no thought liar,
yet been given to intervention.
The Mexican situation came up U
the liouee of repres^tatij*]
day -hr~ Itepresssjt&y
publican, cf-JjBassac
in the course- of,V?M*r spc
Recognition, of/ Hearts early la the
Mexican trouble, Mr. Giilett said
had 'offered iha^best chance for quict
ing"' the/ disturbance.
"\W?i|n the war coraes." said he,
"Itewi? be no excuse that the secre
tary of state has delivered brilliant
speeches in favor of peace. An emo-I
tlonal and oratorical glorification of
peace is not surrtcient atonement for
a policy whose legitimate and logical
resuit is war."
rifinnnrnn onniii?
rnuuncaa anuwn
Ten new students enrolled in one
night with prospect of several more \
coining in within the next few daya <
will make necessary another teacher
for the Y. M. C. A. night school, which
was so successfully launched last
Tuesday night
The people of Anderson should give
unstinted commendation to this mover
ment and should lend their assistance
to the work-which hsa begun so well.
Of the fact that there are many young
men who are forced to work during
tne aay umo and cannot go to school,
yet would like to ha-o an ?ducation,
there can be no doubt. These are the
people that the night school will help,
and.it Is with the end In view of put
ting an education within every boy's j
reach that the school had been started.
The school opened Tuesday night
wit*, an enrollment of 13 und with the
ten enrolled Thursday night the total
enrollment reaches 23. Those who
ars In charge feel mucly elagsfi over
the decided gain made in the enroll
ment and feel that the work is going
to be far more successful than they
had originally hoped for.
Every student, in the school is en
thusiastic, and the hoys aay that it {a
tholr Intention to increase the number
to at least 50 by February 1. All in
dications sre that in this they will be
Prof. C. W. Riser, who is In charge
ot the school, says that the students
6re getting down to work in an earnest
fashion and that be expects to be able
to accomplish much.
Co.umbla, Jan. 15.?The House kill
ed the bill seeking to repeal the law
compelling railroads to pull mileage
m train* Beth bo-J^: ?ueci tc?norrc^r, ,
Friday, at 10 o'clock. ]
Who Passed Away at "Seneca
Kte Pht Up the $1,000 Needed
For tbe Guer-ntee?April
29 and 30.
(?rccnwood, Jan. 15.? Greenwood
was' represented at the horse show
meeting In Columbia Wednesday by
MesBrs. S. O. Harvey and Brooks
Marshall, who carried with them,
this city's $1,000 guarantee, required
by the association. When the an
nouncement was made that Green
Wood would be included in tho elr
itt of six cities, comprising Dar
lgton, Camden, Sumter, Columbia,
mwotld and Groevllle. The re
Lll Merchants' Association named a
committee to formulate plans for the
?s?tlon and this committee, got
at o^e with tne result, tbj**?j?.i
subscribed nearly twice the sum)
necessary within leas than two hours.
This committee was composed of
Messrs. S. O. Harvey, M. C. Wise,
W. C. Hagood. Dr. J. A. Marshall. M
It. Rosenberg, W. A. William?. K. K.
Goodwin, M. C. Strawhorn and G. A.
Tito probable dates for the horse
ulynv in Greer.wood are April 29tb
i'.nd .' Oth. Plans are under way to
have, altu, U number-oi-oiher aiii ac
tion, during the two days. Sec re
Uiy Brooks .M ir: .-ail is endeavoring
lo get baue hall games, preferably be
tween college tesxns, and the Green
wood Chctal Sv-lvly ad?l likely put
[>n "The Mikado" during the big ev
ents, using Agricultural Hall at the
Talr ground* for atnglng the opera.
Greenwood is admirably equipped
and baseball gaiuea since the coin
tor such attractions as the hose show
pletion last fall cf the new race track
and ball {grounds, hath of which are
ample for accommodating large
Y??amsron l'y tit tans Have In
stalled OfBcef??Pcf?Oii?!
WiUlamston. Jan. 15?At a regular
meeting of Williamston Lodge No. ?
on Tuesday evening the folowlng of
fleers were Installed.
Chancellor Commander. H. V. G
Cool?y, Clce Chancellor, Irvin Walker,
Pr?lat, Dan Brown. Master of Work,
C. E. Nelson, Master of Finance, W. B
Gaines, Master of Exchequer, L. H
Toliison, MaBtcr of Arms, T. J. Mar
tin, Inner Guard, H. Mehaffey Jr.
Borne of th? Willlaston- business
men arc very much lnterestea'^?M^
tentative proposition from a we'
known teacher to open a boy's mili
tary school in the fnll In the old Len
der college building. The property is
now owned by Greenville people
but the chamber of comavrce ot WT11
lamnton may be able to complete the
Mr, H. f'joid Sherard spent Tuesday
in Clinton.
The ladles aid society of the First
Baptist Church is planning to give ax
oyster supper in the K. of P. hall next
Friday evening.
Athens, Gn., Has Aroused to Ui<
Gets Information Which
of Th
Special to Tbolntclligencer.
Athens, Ga.. Jan. l.~. - It now seemr
highly probable that the Greenville,
Spartanburg and Anderson into-urban
electric railway will coni > to Athens,
as the belief Is strong that the line
will be extended to Atlata by way ol
Hurtwell and Athens, building from
Says the Herald of his City:
Mays the Herald of This City
This wll mean the operation in this
section of one of the finest electric
railroads in America, with a fast
freight and passenger service. The
interurban uses electric locomotives
for Its freight service, and makes a
specialy of operating same at night
while the jtreat hydro-electric plants
supplying power to the manufacturers
in the vicinity of its plant ere Idle, as
most of them are at night.
The Athens Chamber of Commerce
has been hard at work on the propo
sition of securing the running by this
place and are optimistic as to the proa
pects for success, i
Experts who have examined a large
number of interurban railways in va
rious parts of the United States have
states authoritively that, this will be
one of the best built electric railways
through interurban service between
Anderson and Greenville, Anderson
and Grenwood and Greenville and
Greer. The part of the line under
construction between Groer and
Mr present operated . mileaW*^
about seventy miles, but the owners
of the corporation also have a twenty
three mile Sine in operation in North
Carolina, which Is to be connected tip
Urgec American People to Come ti
Dichter sad W*a!
(By Associated Press)
Washington, Jan. 15.?President Wil
son, as head of the American Red
Cross, late today Issued an appeal to
the American people for funds to as
FdPt the people of Japan who are suf
fering, not only from the earthquake,
lu.t from biilure or crops..
The President''* tnnenl follows:
' Our i ister nntlca of Jaonu is m\1
krlng from two ver/ iV rious dluasters.
; Le failure of erop4 hi the nortuern
pifjii of that country ias brought hun
dreds of thousands of persons face to
Jreds of . thousands of peranos face to
face with the terrible mieery of slow
tturvation iVnd In t!i>; sc.!western
inland of Ks-ushu, a jtiddea great riM
sanic eruption has carried, death and !
lesojatlon to large numbers ?" a thick- \
It popiilatert district.
-I appeal to the hU?<^?.o/ ou?
American people that tUoy may give
?xpresslon of their symr.utr.y for tb?
jugerlng and distress of so many of
their felhv?> men by gcn?roti?? contri
butions for their aid. Such contribu
tions can to m.*de to thw local Red
>ose treasurer* or sent directly to
Anderson, C, C.
Gentlemen:?Please enter my name
llgencer. I am (or an not) taking
NOTE:?If yen are a subscribe
arription is paid in adrance, you ma
The subscription of the daily is $6.00
Please enclose cheek or money or
R. V. D. or St. No.
e Situation and After Investigation
Seems to Please the People
at City.
with the Greenville, Spartanburg and
Anderson line later.
This line was built at a cost of ap
proximately $50,000 per mile equip
ped, or much more than the average
cost of either steam or electric rail
way lines, t'slng the heaviest steel
and concrete bridges throughout,
erecting modern brick freight and
passenger depots, and using the very
latest interurban equipment, the line
U almost the last word In elaborate
ness and .efficiency.
It is unique among inlorurbans in
that It docB a very large freight
business In addition to the regular
passenger business with such busness
now amounting to from 25 to 40 p. c.
of the freight business of the differ
ent cities enterod. It IS estimated
that passenger business of the city
of Anderson a'ene and ->i:ui ? ? in An
derson as much freight as either of
the .steam Unes entering the city.
The Greenville, Sparenburg and
Anderson Interurban-will shortly be
gin operating through palace parlor
cars between Anderson and Spartan
burg, and contemplates other impro
vements of like nature.
The interurban is already effecting
a revolution in the commercial 'life
and expansion of the Piedroot sec
tion of North and South Carolina. It
has enormously added to the value of
real estate in the sections through
which It operates, and has caused a
rapid growth In general business.
The Athens chamber of commerce
way, and will cont
cure It for Athena,
big things for 191
chamber, will strive'.
d the Aid of Japan?Stricken by
tie American Red Cro??*. Washington.
D. C."
Red Cross headquarters announced
tonight that an appeal hail been sent
out to all state chapters asking 1'fcai
chapters to gather the funds.
Greenwood, .J/ah.l6.?Officers of
Greenwood Chamber of
which was recently or|
citizen's meeting, will gc
a few days after tbo
tees are appointed.,
gsnlsatlon takes much work oft the
hsnds of the Merchants' Asoeiatlon,
which has for several years bandied
all commercial and Industrial affairs,
and it will no doubt be a great factor
In upbuilding the city during the new
At the next meeting the directors
?Iii be ??s>iiued io the varions de
partments under which the organiza
tion wilt work, as follows: The retail
I merchants, of which Mr. Singleton
will be chairman, by virtue of the
fact that he was president of the old
organisation, industrial department
of rural conditions, wholesale and
Jobbing departments, department of
transportation, public Improvements,
publicity, conventions and real estate
and insurance
. . - : -
as a subscriber to The Dally Intel
the semi-weekly Intelligencer.
r to the serat-weekly and your sub
y receive credit for the amount paid,
^per year; $2.60 fur six months.
Name .
tddreba. 1

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