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VOL. 1. NO. 5.
Weekly, Established 1860; Daily, Jan. 18, 1914.
Senator Sulllvun Would Hare Journn
Special Correspondence.
Columbia, Jan. 16.? -Senator Sulllvai
asked fOr an executive, session to con
slder the matter'of supervisors of reg
istratlon for Andcroan county for 1 Si2
on the ground that so much of the
record which the continuation of on*
Lindsay was erroneous and offered t
resolution as follows.
"Whereas, van error appears in the
Senate Journal. of 1912. on 24th ol
February, page 851, showing that I*
X. Lindsay was confirmed as super
visor of registration- for Andersoi
county, he being absent from 14th u
28th of February, sick at his home it
Anderson county. Therefore, be it re
solved by the senate in executive ses
sion that said error Is hereby correct
ed by striking from the list of appoint
ments from Anderson county on 24tli
of February, 1912, the name of P. N
Lindsay is supervisor of registration
and that this resolution be printed it
the Journal."
F. Barren Grier
New President
Columbia, Jon. 10.?George W. Gag?
took the oath of office of associate jus
tice of the supreme court this after
noon. The court adjourned over until
Tuesday morning.
F. llarran Grier, of Greenwood, was
chosen president of the state bar as
sociation, which brought it annual
session to a clone with a magniliceni
banquet. Prot. Roscoe Pound, of Har
vard University, delivered the annual
Go sE?f
John Davis;1;t??d In ?911, Wsu
Yesterday Sentenced to
Two:; Year*
Ono of the most Interesting evenu
transpiring during the present ?terni
of the Court of General Sessfons for
AndnTKon county was the .sentence
imposed upon John Davis at the ses
sion of the ?couri yesierday. Most An
derson people are already familiar
with some of the details of the case
hut the-fact that a man drew,a sen
tence of two years in the penitentiary
when he was expecting a fine of $250
or $300 Is an unusual feature. '
I)?vis was charged with seduction
and was arraigned for trial at fb?
May te.-iu of eimrt. lSll? Ho?wa?
tried and adjudged guilty, und his at
torneys ga>? hot!cl?''for a newt "rial.
This was. neveP'perfected liut caused
considerable delay. "?dS?vhv hid-mean
while been released eh'a'bo*d of ?500
Wlien the defendant -was .-called tc
receive sentence it was dlscpyored that
be had disappeared and seal?dVsent?aw
was handed down in the {case ? ; and
judgment was flmUly entered on tin
bond. Hcvrere?^^da^sa?d. ; ;
j _ _:
Before the association of commer
cial secretaries 'adjourned Let night
the following resolutions were unaul
mouHly adopted:
"It. convention assembled in tl-.t
the city of Anderson, South Carolina
this, the 16th day. of January, 1014
we'the South : Carolina Commercia'
Secretaries Association* * cengratnlsU
the people of South Goroiina upon thi
unbounded and uapacalelied prosper
il y now cxisiiug thruuRhnui - ev?rj
fiuctloh of tb?? fltate, and look for
ward to tae 6ni<?^St>',*yoar * as Urt
greatest in the Qiatory of .the Painiet
to State's growth. We enudrsV - tin
action of lien. \ W. W. Long, SUK
agent in'his work in'Bie erad'.catlor
of the cattle tick and respeetfullj
request too l?gislature to appropri?t?
money to assist in the week in .coop
! .on with the United States gov
We'endorse the efforts being pu
forth in the upper part of the State t<
build up the Live Stock and dniryln?
industry, and the organisation as ad
I Columbia, January 16.?Special.
Uepreaentaffve Stevenson will intro
duce a bfil providing for tlie election
i of United States aeuators and permit
' ting tl.'o govornor to (ill a vacancy
". In case of death or. resignation for a
I period not exceeding ninety days, after
? which lie must order-a special elec
1 tion. W.F.C,
j State Hospital
Pellagra Patients
I *?
Special Correspondence.
i Columbia, Jan. 16.?Representative
Summers introduced in the bouse Fri
. day a bill authorizing the trustees
of the Anderson graded schools to
1 ckarge and collect au incidental fee;
; also a bill making it a misdemeanor
I to smoke in public places and cafes
where ladies are accustomed to as
semble. This bill was offered , in the
senate by senator Sullivan also.
Senator Sullivan introduced a bill
putting Anderson 'county under the
[ law'permlttiug county drainage. Sen
; ator Sullivan introduced a bill pro
viding , for the establishment of " a
j '.ate pellagra hospital and providing
im appropriation of 125.000 therefor.
, Senator Carlisle introduced a hill
prrvitiing compulsory school atten
dance in the city of Spartanburg.
representative Crouch in the house
'. offered a bill preventing, the slaugh
|" t?ring of calve9 under iirtceu uiontlis
of ago. '
I ' 1 '- . - " . '
' Jtho know that rumor has reajtmed.tpo
? M?isjH?ifc^>0>v'8 f^t1?*' that, two. am*.
to?c? vw?ri a l?sa amount than the huiu
t of the bond and that probably the fine
would not exceed'over $250. Hearing
this the father-made request of Soltci
1 tor Bonhanv that ha hn allowed *o
furnish the boy and thus relieve him
. of tno1 responsibility of the bond; To
I this the'solicitor consented and yct}
I terday the name or John DaVls was
called and he appeared to receive sen
tence. The sealed sentence was open
ed and read-as follows: "Tho Bontcnce
of this, court is that you, John Davis,
In- confined to the state penitentiary
uv on the public -A-orks -of th'.e county
1 for the space of live years." No alter
native of a fine was given and therefore
' i Instead of being able to pay a small
>!...... *l? ....... ..'Ill >......, .nnl
- j ailltl HIV U.U.. .T.?4? ...... fcW .'V.. . V. ......
I the sentence,
: I v. ; . . ?-?
* * * * *,* * * *****
; I * STATE SENATE ^ * ,
* * * * * * * * * * ^ *.- j
I; '". _ r-"T ' Jt
\ Columbia, Jan. 16.?Special-Passing
, to third reading the Laney bill malting
I the period Tor chnnging text book*
every ten.instead of five years, and dis'
? cussion of - the concurrent resolution
. already* passed, bmy the hotise to me
: mortalit?, congress to repeal the 15th
> amendment took up the greater part
. of the senate, session Friday. The
\ hsKdlutiott sent to the judiciary
[ committee, to redraft.
The senate adjourned to meet
i - Tliurnu?y ?iniit. ni 3 o'clock.
._ ... -fr
- up, and would suggest that it would
? be weil Tor any city to consider the
" Co.ua lssion Form of government as a
plan of city government.
Wo recommend that the various
' commercial organizations of the State
: tuke, greater Interest la the building
of county and State highways, and en
; ilors*' the work in this direction of
;. Hon. El J. Watson in the matter of
'. mapping Out and charting State and
interstate highway h ; we recommend
J the placing of the- school aystera * of
' South Carolina on a better financial
We cannot express our appreciation
, too highly of the great progress that
r has been mace in commercial organ
; Ir.ctlon development in this State, and
. in the resultant -co-Operation nmongl.
. the people.
We respectfully tender our sincere
t thanks to tho people and Chamber of
? Commerce of Andaman 1.?? *oi?rtesiei
cj extended us while in this city, and to
ij the. Chiquola "hotel of Anderson for
*} the splendid aiUnJk.n and courtesies
I shown us. and we exnresa our sincere
fj thinks for tnc invitatio*, to be so-j
? c eptjd tomorrow, to visit Clemson Col-j
'I I^ge. that magnificent institution ofl
i\ learning, the pride of all South Caro-I
L. Martin Convicted of Forgery
Brought the Jury Cases
To An End
Trie last jury case to be tried at this
session of the circuit court went to the
Jury late Friday afternoon afad a ver
dict was rendered shortly before the
time of adjournment. This was the
case of L. Martin, charged with, forg
ery. He was adjudged guilty but no
sentence was passed lsat night.
In the case of './111 White, a negro
charged with the murder of Ollle Kln
ard, a v/blte man, a verdict of guilty
of manslaughter was returned and the
negro "was sentenced to three years in
the penitentiary. ThlH was one of the
most interesting cases called at this]
term of court by reason that the de-1
rendant In this case narrowly escaped
lynching and but for the positive
statement of Anderson's sheriff, Joe
H. M. Ashley, would have been lynch
ed by a mob.
The evidence submitted in this case
wont to show , that Kinard. together
with two other men, were cn*'route
to a resort near the city on the day
of the trilling.
They overtook While and it is al
ieje^ that Kinard began to belabor the
negro, striking him a number of pow
erful blows. The negro drew his
knife but put this up when told to do
so. '
Later, wheu the negro atarted away,
Kinard is ? aid to have-overtaken him.
aj^dr^<^j-U^~?"yt" ^WtfJg
.pon the negro-'t& w?WI* waftf
dud-slashed ut the white man, Intiict
lag a deep wound. The.ne$Mfflflj?||
to have been,l??rTOKOT thMfaci *pax
he had killed the man, but went to
tile home or j. r. wotson, near wpere
the Incident occurred, to get him to
go on his bond, knowing that be would
be arrested. J;,Wncn ire'.returned he
found Hint Klnnvrt wai dead, th,e knife K
having severed the 'main artery' lead- ?
tng to the heart. j
Follow in;; the arrest three white
men \vetit to Sheriff Ashley on the
first sight th"t the negro was? 1n
and asked that the sheriff make a
bluff at refusing to give, up the pris
oner but then to turn him over so
that they could apply the lynch law.
The sheriff indigently refused and
informed the leader of ine band that]
they woutd gut the negro only over nts '
dead body. No further effort was
made to secure possession of the negro,
although at the time a guard was main
tained at the jali until all danger of
uch happenings had passed.
ttceu Saved to the Commuent
In Contracta,
Washington, Jan. 16.?Another mil
lion dollars saved to the. navy wsb
announced by Secretary Daniels today,
when he placed contracta for $1,917.
340- worth of projectiles. At las.,
year's prices, the projectiles would
!,?,... niitri <? Aft- AAA
nave Cuov fu,v?u,?uy.
Famous Danish Violinist and Other j
Artist?. Personals
Clcmson College, Jan. 16.?C'emson
people had an unusual musical treat
Friday evening, when the famous Dan
ish violinist, Skovgaard, assisted by
Mme. Elliott-Heness, noprano, and Miss
MeClung, pianiste, appeared for a con
cert under the auspices of the College
lyceum course. v
Mia. L. N. Iirackett. of Princess
Anne. Maryland, is ? visitor at Clonl
son, the guest of Dr. and Mrs. It. N. ,
Jackett ,... ,'
: Mr. i3 -KV Sherard. a Clemson grad
uate, who has spent several, years In
the Philippines In the government ag
ricultural work, was here thhj week,
on a brief Visit Mr. Sherard will not
return to the Philippines, but will farm
in Greenwood county,
Mrs. W. M. Rlggs, who lies been
spending .the Christmas holidays in
Orangeburg, has gone to Richmond,
V?., where she will , visit her sister,
Mrst Harry Builth.
Mecon, On.. Jan. K.?Charles R.
Pendle ton. for fifteen years cdin>- and
part owner of the Macon Telegraph,
died at his home after an. Ili.fesM of
flvn weeks. , Death was due* primarily
to Orient's disease.
"LIV? ST??K"
J. G. Huri?? of Bel&tjSWlll
side and J. ..T?n?(tt
The Trades Extension 4KjViinitt.ee of
the Anderson Chamber {^Kotanicrcu
announced Monday, tJi? ?migrain for
the occasion of .the TradM^Day Exer
cises TueBday, Jun. 20? next., Ow
ing to the .'great internet taken in
live stock raising and toj-the fact that
at the regular monthly u^oetlng of tho
Anderson County Live'.Stock As so
elation held ou Jan. r.th, last, Mr. .?.
T. Watt, who had been announced as
to bo present, but could not be, it
has been deemed best to > have a joint
meeting on Tuesday, to bo made up
of Trades Day and of Live Stock As
sociation Day. j?? ;
At 11 o'clock a meeting- of the Exe
cutive Committee and fjjucers of the
Live Stock Associattoowill ut held.j
and at- 12 o'clock the oint program i
of the Live Stock association and oil
tho Trades .Extension movement of]
the Chamber will be hold. i
The leadlrtfe .feature of the raeettoi:!
will be the a?W?Ba.whlckwlll.bt!
livered by M?-^^.^?t^or ertK-^f j
Oreeuville, Al
or the largest. .live' atotVvranct
thft South, in
?edraont section;?2to?t*U will not
$p** make an addaeslPbut he will al
ftj^dlBcuss in'uetall the amnaled
nlans for oarrvJ-ff on o*.lie work re
cently inaugurated for Ithc Live fetxJci*
Association in Anderson county and
Vicinity. r
I Lv.is expected that a record break
in,; attendance will take In, the Joint
program exercises on Trades Day.
aud It Is especially to be hoped that
everv person interested in live =toc':,
whether'a. member of the association i
or not, attend.
Trades Day.
Anderson, S. C, Tuesday, January I
20tb. 19?!
Exercises begin at 12 noon.
Chairman, J. C. Harris, Belton.
Invocation, Ucv. O. L. Martin, An
lerson " < '
Address, "Live Stock Raising in the j
Piedmont," by J. T. Watt. U. S. Oov.
ivc Stock Demonstrator.
Ad^'cis?'Iiow to Raise Hogs", by
M. Aull of Autun, secretary of the
iderson County Live Stock Associa*
ju. - ', ?
Evening Session.
2:M P. X
Round table uUeuasiun. part to ue
ten by all. farmers and others in.
srested In live stock raising.
Important Business Discussed And j
Was Considered at the
Colombia Mfetinr
All over South Carolina peo
ple a.v interested in {the affairs of
the Baptist State hospital and espec
ially the cholco of sttfe for the new
'Th? board of trustees met in Co
lumbia Wednesday. The member-* of
the board who were present at the
meeting were: The Rev. Z. T. Cody, I),
D. Greenville; The Rev. L. J. Brin
tbw, Abbeville; the Rev. Ohas A. Jonos.
BennettHvllle; Jno. M. Ktnard. New
berry; the Rev. W. C. Allen.- Latta;
E. C Rldgcil. ?wtesburg; C H. Roper,
baurena; Robert Lide. Orang?burg. and
the-'Rev.Chas E. Burts. D. D, and the
Rev. W D. Wakefleld, Will Evans ab
sent and J. A. Bethn, Columbia.
Several available sites for the loca
tion < t the hospital were considered
by t^<e board of trustees, but the mat
ter was referred to. the executive
committe** for final disposition. It is
understood that the executive com
mittee will make an announcement in
a short time.
This Is the Only Post On the
Pacific Coat Friendly to
Huerta Now
Washington! Jtm% IG.?The Huerta
government Jo Mexico is menaced by
a new dar.gev, according to- tfrhcial
reporta Friday. * There rejJoTrtf'aatd
that SldrriY If?d booh t^us'ett *>jr .fcus
plcioW circumstance:; growing out of
tho failure' oi .lie Federal' campaign
in the neighborhood of Aiupulco.
The Federal garrison In Haid to have
shown. JUeJf. strangely apathetic in
the prtiicuce-cf au- alert enemy, Gen.
Blanco, the Constitutionalist leader,
Itvpcateti ihftlructiods from the war
minister (o GeuV Mariscul to institute
un active campalgu have tailed to pro
duce any effect; and talk of a warm
friendship between Alarlucal and Blan
co baa led to ah investigation of Mar
Iscal'e ibypjty..
- Aside from Sal inn Cruz, Acapulco
now la virtuaMy the only port on*the
Pacific that .haH reliable rairoad con
nectlon . with;'! the capital in the pos
sepsion the Federals, its loss to
them' mlgUf 'bisse it impossible" for
military^ supplies contracted lor.- In
Japan to report'the. Federal arsenals.
[Large Class Initiated Last Night
and Splendid Banquet
Was Served
.... , . ?
Im a a'.g! t was a busy night with
I Anderson .Mcncm? when Wynn Coun
I c'.l No. 4 u::J Burning Hush Chap
ter No., 7. lnU>" ted a" large class from | ,
Clemson.;. The event was ono of thai ?
most in;n nn-.it fraternal events of]
the your In Anderen und excited no
little iuti r, st in sccrot e'.reles. The
Andersen lod;e had the distinguished
pleasure or eutertsiulag last, night
as its giu-at. O. Frank Hart, Grand
Secretary and .lohn M. Graham Il
lustrious Grand Muster, bothi of Co
At the chapter meeting, which was
the first event-of the evening, a num
ber were glveu tho chapter degree,
following which a splendid banquet
took place at the Elite Cafe on Main
street. At the supper a few extem
poraneouM reniarlin were heard.
Following the banquet the party re
tired to the lodge room where coun
cil degrees were conferred.
'D. 8. Gray. T. 1. M. of the local
lodge and John K. Hood, H. P., nave
been working earnestly on the plans
fo: last - night for some 'time and
the ?Rli-?yid .success scored Is direct
ly due to them.
I? Revolution For
Gen. Porfirio Dias
Douglas, Ariz., Jan. 10.?Refugees
wlib arrived here today from OJinaga
predicted that a new revolution, dl
recicd against both the Constitution
allste and the Huerta government,
would be proclaimed in Northern Mex
ico as soon as Gen. Francisco Villa's
army starts on Its march to Mexico
City. The refugees said the State of
Durango was the stronghold of the
movement, which was backed by form
er adherents of Porfirio Bias.
Inflammatory literature being ctr
I culated Jn tturungo refers to the Con
IstttutionalisU as "Cochlnadlstas,"
meaning literally "akin to swine."
Pittsburg. Jan. l?.?Jtobert \Brown
te) Geesler, former nig leaguer and
baseball coach, signed a contract to
day to manage the i'tttsburg team
or the Federal League, according to
announcement by T*fm. McCullough.
TM; terms of the contract were not
made know. Gesslar formerly play
: ed with the Brooklyn Nationais nn<i j
the Washington Americans teams.
Representing live towns of vita
md energy, the secrt>tarie:i of tin- va
rious Chambers of Commerce of
South Carolina were yesterday the
guests of tl\e city of Anderson when
they assembled for their, quarterly
Plans had been made by Porter A.
Whaley, secretary or the ?Anderson
Chamber or Commerce and those who
zero awnstlrig' him, ror giving tho
rlsitore a delightful and interesting
lay and those plans wore carried out
n every detail. Xbt^ne minute of
.he day elapsed without some imitor
aut affair to occupy the time and
ittcntlon ' of the "boosters" aud last
xight the visitors were enthusiastic
n describing the ' pleasures that they
lad experienced and the good they
:elt hnd bet'n derived from the meet
Beginning shortly arter 12, o'clock,
;hc meeting was called to order In
he Chamber or 'Commerce by A. V.
?nell, acting president, and the dele
??tCH - heard a splendid address or
velcome dolivored on behalf or the
:lty of Anderson vy B. B. Gossett,
?resident of the Toxaway mills.
The numiug'fc-csslon was taken up
mtlrely with discussion or questions
nost Interesting to the' secretaries,
:oncernlng the work done during the
>aat year'and un outline of the work
o be done during the coming year
akny of the secretaries have new
plans to put into operation which tl. iy
'eel confident will prove effective.
Following tho conclusion of the
?oral discussions the election of of
~'was wken up.and.vaulted in
f A. H- .lohnsj^o.otqreQu
leat; .S^^ES^tif^.iS^
on, vice-president; H. .\.
Zlark or Columbia, secretary und
treasurer. The piece tor the next
neetlng was decided upon as Sumter
ind tho association- will mont. IhorA
n April during the. progress of the
mrso show.
The Luncheon
At 2 \ o'clock, the secretaries, to
gether with a number of invited
suests, repaired to the Chlqaola ho
el where elaborate luncheon was
served. Impromptu remarks were
nade by W. W. Long, Harry C. Coles,
Porter A. "Wftaiey. a. V. ?neu and
?Villiam BankB.
A committee of three, consisting of
3. Brooks Marshall of Greenwood, A.
v. Snelt of Charleston and P. A.
iYhaiey, was selected to perfect plans
'or the srganizsiticn cf a Stat* s?sc
?ation of secretaries. .Mr..8nell. who
vas chairman of this committee,;last
tight presented a report and the or
ganization was formally entered into.
Questions of much Interest which
were discussed at the afternoon ses
rton might be summed up under the
leads of reform' of the present tax
system of South Carolina, the gar
llshment law or this State, aud the
natter of retail trade expansion. The
juostlon of appealing to the legle'a
i a Menage to the Virginia As
F.dchmohd, Va? Jan. 16.?An eugenic
marriage law, a State working colony
'or drunkards and drug fiends, a Bi
lle school, n circulating library, an
icademlc night school in the State
penitentiary and additional authority
"m the GoVei nui to uw the m??iiia to
snforce laws, were among the recoin
ncndatlons of dov. Mann In his mcB
tago today to the legislature.
fill 'Make (oinmenrenient Address
Pot Wofford
Washington. Jan. lfS.--Ser.ator E. D.
imlth has accepted the Invitation of
he faculty of Wofford College, of
,'hlch be Is an alumnus, to make the
ommencemcnt address there next
unOi ...
Anderson, C. C.
Gentlemen:?Please enter my name i
ligencer. I am ,(or am not) taking tl
N0TB:^-lf you are a subscriber
scriptum is paid in advance, you may
The subscription of the dally is $5.00
?lease enclose check'or money cri
R. F. D- or St. No
turc fur the purpose of securing bet.
ter roads was discussed at length. '
The smoker which was tendered ta
the secretaries and the people of . An
derson opened in the Chamber - .Bf
Commerce at. 8 o'clock with a law
attendance. Secretary WbaJey
a number of announcements, foil
ing which A. V. Snell. secretary ist
the Charleston Chamber of Comm?re?
was introduced. Mr. Snell discussed .
tho topic "South Carolina* and the
Panama Canal", sud furnished a
number of new and unique and force
ful views ou the subject. He haWr.r
led his subject well nud made a deep
Impression. i -
Last Night's Meeting.
W. W. Long. United States agricul
tural agent'for South Carolina, was
the :iecond speaker on the procfrtwfe
and delivered an able addreaaT^BK ;
Long spoke on. the subject "Demon
stration Work in South Carolina." Mr.
bong Is probably Ahe bast poetf?
man In South Carolina on qu^ygfcn .
relative to agriculture ??a he ?a- '
tliused his hearers with his handling
of thin subject.
Harry C. Colds of Washington, D.
C , general field agent of the United
States Chamber of Commerce, drew
the undivided attention, of bis audt
enco when he arose to speak. idr.
Coles spoke from a wealth of . varied
experienco obtained in all parti:
the United States during the tlraetggit
he has been in the publicity, worn,
gave his hearers an insight lnto eeS
ditlons that? were now and strange: te ;
them and explained the workings ' of
Ute Chambers of Commerce,In sote?e ef
the largest cities in the United Stages. :
?d one of . the
"the evening,
the topic "Ag
Una's Asset."
la t Inn r\t. tho *y\
pointed to the fact that a
k fertile country to draw
never destined to accomplis'.
He showed that M?t agrtcultu
sources or a section were more
portant to that section than all the
other rlohes and resources combined.
He outlined the work that he hopes
to be able to accomplish and pointed
to some or the things he has alretjSS*
done Sinei he assumed his office. Mr.
Waibon was weil received!
This morning the secretaries an-to
Clemaon. Collego where they are ta
be entertained a? ihe ?ueeU of va?
for entertaining the party while
are the guests of the Institution,
parade will take place at the
and in this the entire student
will participate, following whl
secretaries will be entertaJ
dinner givon by the facu
cers of Clemson. The trip
lege will be made In
leaving Anderson at nine
morning and returning
catch the night tra?na ou!
him Who Know Am ferited M
?ddrecs South Carolina ;
Solons t 1
Columbia, Jan. - 16.--Congresses*
Lever. /President. Rtgg* of Cientoon
College, and Drs. Rawl and Klghbet>
of the Federal agricultural depart
ment, have been invited to addre?a
the legislature on the afternoon of
January 26 on cattle tick eradlcaUe*.
A concurrent resolution to this er?
feet was sdopted Juat prior to ad"
journment this sfternoon. , .
ss a subscriber to The Daily la tel
le semt-weekly Inteillgv^eer^.
to the semi-weekly a-jftt your safe
receive credit for the amount p?ta,
per year; $2.Se for she menthe.
er. i ...
:ully. f*
ame .....

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