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VOL.1. NO. 6. -?_
urnnnro rnrrn
nunut? fiittu
Court Refused to Hold Men
Charged With
J. W. Lee
'. If John W. Lee. Mromiient Pied
mont man, did me t\ witli foul play
the courts, of Anderson lounty are!
now no nearer the solution, or wh?H
perpetuated the deod than Ithey were I
before Jolm Uucwortb arid Homer I
Brown wore arrested, charged with I
the crime. These two negroes, both I
of whom have been confin?e in the I
Anderson county jail since Mr. Lee's I
disappearance, wore Saturday releas
ed by Judge John S. Wilson and bothH
w?lked from the court room, free I
The negroes were arrested two I
weeks ago, charged with having been I
implicated ?in Mr. Lee's disappear-1
?ce and it was presumed that they I
mid be arraigned on a charge of I
murder. However, following the ha-1
bcus corpuB proceedings brought by I
the Qrm of Green & Ear le, attorneys!
for the defendants. Judge Wilson said!
yesterday momir.;; that he co?!d ?"f?r
no reason why the negroes should bel
hole, since there was no evidence to |
connect them with th? cbbo. and ro
marked that if they were later wanted |
the sheriff could get them.
It scorns that the negroes have
been htld on very insufficient evi
dence, according to general opinion.
The only "?ossible way In which any
Suspicion could appoint to them was
the fact that Mr. Lee was said to
have been seen about one mile where
the negroes live $n? buggy tracks
and spots of blood were found in the,
neighborhood. The- blood was so
counted for by the negroes' Btate
' mer.t thst..^l?||>|)|'?ip0,ilrin#l ^
mo^atagaand ^neighbor swore.that It
was his tmggy ?passing the pi ose that
ict- taken iitf? con
sideration by Judge Wilson-ws?i the
statement 'that - -H. FVCely o* BrulUjH
f'^oH?fwAi in wnimnHfin W&hi the
affoir. ?-M*. < Coiy was repreee^ipp
yeotero^ ae-haisiog .saW tba% he ?oae|
Itlveiy Baw Mr. Lee on the .Streets ,'of
**r_.oiu nk>iiiau<> *f?v? and
u)rr......v. .?r?-->-? .
tst. **?; after he'had been suppose*
to be dead. Mr. Cely would nottua^bH
an affidavit to this effect, because lie
saifi that ne did noi u?i? UV ?<t --'-r^
ti? in thu. case but verified the state
ment that the attorney's for the ae
tendants presented to the court.
?alter taking all phases of the situ
ation under advisement tne coiu
rule* that.thei ?Aarcaa could not 0
held and the following order wrb
directed by Judge Wilaon:
'The defendants having
brou?bt before me in open court oaT
habeas corpus proceedings, and it
appearing that the State, has no erl?H
inurchar?te to prefer a?fti?st .them,
on mbtlch of defondantis ; ?ttoraora?
Green 6 Barle, It Is ordered! r
"That the* * defendants. Homerf
BrowV&nd John . ^cworUi, .be.,dlSi
charged -*?jb4a the ? custody ..of-^w"
' f^erW^tm ':ths.t they be ?yownaOT;?I
*l?a*eJ ? Heariay h* -t/ilnmbls
V- > 1; Tuesday .=<* -,
Mr J K.-Mho*. tocmcT ?t'/stt senstor
Is "at* home from CblninbU where ht
has been appearing in th.? interest c!
.?f?A?Tm?mift^tnrera wl*> object tc
tne eUit?reusing to kee?<14 yen? ol<
children o?i of iho mills anlese tbej
are r?Quired to attend select.
"1 believe that the cotton manufuc
titrera are striving with We utmpe
frankness and tnUlltgeno* to sotv*
Ulis serious pin>bl*m an*.' t'*ft\.t^C3
aro doing so from the ro>Uvcs of nu
mnnltv ?tti* tiatrloilsrn.*' ssld .< Mr,
r In the English Arrn^
Liineoiu ?&. t?^hte?fe* ef briber!
?41 ?artatiion 10' connecta- will
were tb* owwcei' ^^ff ^S'^f?K?!
aes^sft? lee^do'elirkt army e*t*er* w.
?vient ! ?Ht?Mrii?-; . " > .' -_.-:_..
TtblttHMT WAD'
Two Negroes Sentenced to Life
Many Other Sentences
The court of general sessions for
Anderson county adjourned Satur
day afternoon at 4 o'clock, all of- the
criminal cases having befin tried and
ccmpleted and - the attention cf the
court was turned to the civil cases
It Is the eu at oni for the court of
common pleas to fellow in about
one month after the court of general
sessions, but in this instance a num
ber of appeal cases of no little Im
portance were on the roster and it
was determined to attend to them
before the close of this term. There
fore the court, of commun pleas was
opened yesterday upon the conclu
sion of the criminal court.
The last cases given attenticn in
criminal court waa that of Henry
Williams, who entered a plea of
guilty to the charge of burglary and
larceny. The court imposed sentence
of two years' Imprisonment upon
the defendant.
Appeal Cases.
The court heard appeals In the
cases of Doc Gaines and Bub Gaines,
bet h convicted, of manslaughter ana
over-ruled the appeals in each in
Appeal was denied in the case of
, Charlie Henderson and Rether Hen
dcrson, convicted of murder, and sen
tence of life imprisonment was
passed. - However, in passing sen
l-tence the court advised the defen
dants that if thoy'served * part of
their time with good behavior that
thoy wo?ld doubtless be liberated
sign PtT^l^n,,to ''j^t^aet!1 saying
BtVfcfcat he*^presumed the solicitor-might
|>t Following ihe adjournment of court
. last nt$h'f;-hia>honcr;? Judg? lohn 5;
I WMsoh 'who' rAs' been presiding at
b&fft t?im or court,, left Tor; his'home
\[<M Manning "?'riuMne otner coun 01
fictals did llhesdae.*?>-?%r,-i ^ ;t\ t*>
at.' -ILVt'I'M
Uerissnrg, Pa.. a.ln. 17.?.There
\i<T^ l .141 mine workers hilled in
and rhout the minsa oi Venu?jriVBni?
Li ?SiS, aecerdies to a- -snort made
public today by the Btitc department
of mines.
Mexico City. Jan. i7.- Amorlcap
tinued to cuitivate cioafc personal re
charge O'Shaughnesay, Who has con
tinued to cultivate close ' personal re
lations with, tbe President, agniv has
brought up the subject t^ss re?*iut
?on and **a??ubaa been assured by
the President he would not resign.
ed Torpedo fedat Brltted Oat te
' 8ea
Plymouth, SCnciand, Jsn. 17.?An all
day'a search^ of White's Bay by torr
oedo boats failed to locate the British
?nibmar'ine A 7. Hope or any of ii-.e
crew being alive was given, up: The
buoy''-plalieef when the submarine was
mlnaed". was driven out to sea, and R
It believed the submarine Itself drifted.
Mount Airy Farmer
Killed by Hi* Sons
Mount Airy. N\c73an. l7.-~Charlei
and Samuel Lawson. aged 17 an* 20
years, were placed under arrest here
Saturday folowiog * coroner's in
quiry Into the death Of their fath
er. William lAWson, a farmer, whoso
body was dtrjoyered Friday in a sha
low trove in a field nAft?* his home.
thotish i
FORTH trea Ks tcabbard, pire and bright,
Flatbed the award of Lee I
Par In freut ol the deadly light.
High e'er the brave, tat the mom of right.
Its etaiaiess abces, Eke a beacon tight.
Led as to victory.
Da! of Ita acabbard, where tall lonf
it slumbered peacefully,
Roused (ran Its rest by the battle song.
Shielding the feeble, smiting the strong,
Unardiflf the right and avenging the wrong.
Gleamed the award of Lett
Forth from ita scabbard, high is air.
Beoeatb Virginia's sky.
And they whs taw It. gleaming taert
And knew who bore it knelt to awear j.
That where that sword led they would'dara
To follow and to die
OUT of its scabbard 1 Never band
Waved award frcni italn as fret.
Nor tarer sword led braver bard.
Nor braver bled for a brighter land,
Nor brighter laod bad a cause as grand,
Nor csaae s chief like Lett
Forth \om Ita scabbard ! tie* we prayed
That sward aught ?icior bel
And when oar triam sa was dclsyed
Aad many a heart grew sore afraid
We still based oa while gleamed Ike bladt
Of uoble Robert Lee I
Forth from Its scabbard I AH Is vala
Forth flashed the sword of Lee 1
Tis shroud?d new" In its shcatb again;
I' sleep* Ute sleep ol oar noble stala.
Defeated, yet without o it sin.
Proudly tad acacetully.
Prof. Harry C. Lowden Will Be
" ? Chsrge of the*
Announcement' was ruade lu An
prpf. Harry Ci-. Lowdea, au author
and composer dv note, baa -beer? &e
cureu 10 airaci. inu muoiu ?ui
37tfc Annual Sari-day School Conven
tion which is to meet In Anderson
on .Februar, il. This s??? -fe gce?
n?w> u% Anderson peoplo who are
anticipating the convention with
great pleasure. Th? fact that this
take charge of the program will in
rc ftrie music for overv ' session o?
the?conventjon. The choir wilt con
stat or 20? Choice local voices .?ai
under Prof. U>wden's direction should
reach a high state of perfection.
Mutual Life L?s^j
lit junctionFailed
' Charleston, S. C. Ja.n. IT.- -Judge
H. A. H. ?rallhAj^tliie;F?^^jl court,
in ah order Uted this
solved : a temporary \
straining .insurance
t?ifc Insurance Company Of ^N?w
York from doing business in this
State. Tb? paves the way for tbt
commissioner to proceed to revolt*
the company's license if he sees ii\
under the. laws of tho State.
Commissioner McMaeter last sum'
mer notified the company to shov.
cause why their license should nol
he revoked. By way of reply. th<
company secured a. temporary In
junction in the Chited States dlstrlc
court. The commissioner all?ger
that the comprihy coca not ccmplj
with the terme of its contract.
Constituted President ; WH*>*** Hat
urday Program.
Washington. . Jan. ' 17.?Presided
Wilson today returne? to his pro
gram of banishing official busloes
on Saturdays. Be golfed in the fore
Upon, but instead of taking a trmi
automobile rlda. as has been his eus
^.--^ ^?ftadad a -??ir?T: m mane
of a musical cbmsdy, accompanied to
hja youngest daughter, Miss Sieano
Wilson and Secretary Tumulty. 1
was the President* first matinee vis!
to a local theatre and he enjoyed i
* * * ?'s a*
* THE WEAsTrlE? *
no "mmm
to be From Tennessee *
Francisco, Jen. 17.?Tlie double
nii-ida nu H v tod* v nf & vous* WOfDAtSil
nbwn ;as Blanche Weed and: a man j
?ivu..a? her uncle. C. B. Wood, e?td {
ce *o have been on the Tennessee
sc court bench, has ysttf?ed
Ute investigators. .
The double tragedy occurred at a
al hotel, while Miss Wood and a
Svnci, Ktefcr$ Roberts, were trying
dissuade him from carrying out a
rear of suicide. While Roberts war.
Iking with Wood, Miss Wood shot
rsolf dead. Miss.Wood had found
note from her uncle saying that he
d deckled to kill himself as he had
st hi? money and hia friends had
erted him.
Roberts and Miss Wood hestenod to
e hotel and.burst in on Woo-?. Rob
and Misa Wood upbraided him for
nat the,'woman termed * "ghastly
ike." ? Suddenly she took a revolver
m a bureau drawer, and shot her
U. Wood then killed himself.
?ys the Legislature Is Gradually
, Shaping I'p
Mr. H. C. Summers, the new member
the Anderson delegation in the
?lslatnre. was in the city Saturday
lernoon on his way to Pendteton. tie
lye-that things are getting organized
id shaped up for business. -
He has Introduced a bill, and Sen
tor Sullivan has dnne the same In the
mate, providing a punishment for
laps who smoke In the hotel dining
ims or restaurants. He says there Is
law.-and hotel people are alrr ^t
alpless where the people are .<st ill
[iuerta I? Slipping
The End U In Sight
Mexico City. Jan. 17.?Many romo**
current In Mexico City. One fact
inds out. Friends of the pr?sident
convinced the end is nevfar away
id have renewed the'.r efforts. to
Ing about his retdgnstton.
A break between Oen. Huer ta and
\e Catholic party is feared as th? re
lit, of the summerly treatment of the
?nd nf the party, Gabriel Fernandez
)niellera. Bomellera waa arrested,
it to Ver? Cru* and Interned today
San de Ulua fortress.
; I?a Nscional, the Catholic organ/ has
?n impressed.
DAMAGE $500,000 *
* * * * * * * * * * * *
f Jacksonville. Pia.. Jan. 17.?Damage
iniated at approximately 1500.000
resulted from a fire which con
sir destroyed the tert.lnal wharves ]
ie Atlantic Coast Line Railway.
* ! I ; . I. . . ;, \ j.
* ,t ????? j . x
Interesting Communication From
Claude I. Dawson, Val
encia, Spain
. ?
7"!io Daily Consul?/ and. Trade Re
pcrtx. Issued from the government
prititery at wesmngton, contains a
Y?ry interesting commimlcatlon4roto
Claude i. Dawson, Valencia. Spain.
Mr. DawRon's article deals* with the
regulation of Valencia orange ship
ment^ asid ' oatslna a number of very
interesting iiaragraphp. He deals
with various nha*e? of the orange
situation commenting on * the effect
of the fo-oyoratlon agreement*, reau
lation of shinmento hy committees,
the operation of the plan and prices
and snipm^nts.
Mr. Dawson was originally from
Anderson and his friends ii?<? mill
be glad to know Unit he is eilmbine
so rapidly and is making a name for
himself In the consular service.
Civil Service, Jobs
May JBft Political j
Washington. Jan. 17.?The tight ovv
er the proposed exemption or 2,400
'assistant postmasters from civil ser
vice, proposed In the postofllce ap
propriation took a new; turn today
when Chairman Moon, of the Meuse
Pos to nice committee, Introduced a
special rule to include an annual ?2,
500,000 good roads appropriation in
the measure and provide, for the
passage of the whole hill, carrying
tS30.000.000 under a suspension of
the rules. The rule is expected to be
favorably reported.
Those contending for the exemption
of the assistant postmasters count
oa the good roads advocates for sup
Representative Borland, Democrat,
of Arkansas, attacked the proposed
legislation, declaring the plan had
no purpose in view except to provide
jobs to be Riled by political adher
ents. Representative Willis, Repub
lican, of Ohio, also attacked the civil
service exemption provision of the
bill, declaring the Democrats propos
> od to "prostitute and defeat the ope
ration of the civil service law at a
time when the government was ex
tending its functions, and when the
merit system should be carefully
ksOSY?.-i-F- niVKKR
Gets a Prison fteatence For Crimes
Convicted sf
Knoxville, Tenn.. Jan. 17.--William
H. Gass, a former mayor, formel
president of the Knoxvfllo Bankin?
* Trust Company, which went Intc
the hands of a receiver a year ago,
was convicted in criminal court today
of having accepted deposits when he
rud good reason to believe the Insti
tution was insolvent. The verdicl
carries a prison sentence of fron
j two to au years.
on nnrniTinu
Senator Borah, of Idaho, Created
Sensation in Washington
Washington. .Ian. IT.--Co-operation
among farmers Instead of competi
tlon, that "the farmer may receive
the whole of the consumer's dollar
for his product instead or Xj t? 45
per cent., as now U ihe Case," 1?
the' aim of a bill introduced today by
Senator Borah to create an "agri
cultural capital" or clearing house
to be run by farmers under govern
ment charter or subsidy.
T'.tc bill would furnish machinery
for scientific marketing and standard
laatloa of farm products under dtrec
tion of a country-wide erganlzattoa
of producers irrespective of govern
ment control. It created' quite a
stir in the senate. Senator Borah ex
plaining later that ha..bad not writ
ten the measure, but had introduced
It at the request of E. H. Itettig, a
farmer of Opportunity. Washington.
Xh a memorial accompanying the
bill, Rettin submitted that farmers
?--? ~~???ictcd i;v the --> --??'-"<
and . he made the declaration that the
"big trusts" had done mere good fer
, the. public than the government.
Assertion that 'competition Is the
mother of waste", Air. Rsttig said,
"'the law of hustaes's success Is no
"Think of the stupidity of our na
tional government," he continued,
"encouraging its citizen* to produce
wealth and after U has been produced,
tn?tatm,g on these saassacltUens coa
i testSag: against each othjir for poaaes
I alon of the things they save produc
I am j\?lng to venture- the fc*a?r
! tloa- that,the Standard Oil Company,
Interaatioaal Hot vaster Company.
I the Steel Trust and ether. ae-CKMed
trust the government has sought to
disrupt, ?ava dea? mar? real Samarl
.tan servies ror the beacHt. af the Mas
ses thaay our government."
Cities irt France
Are Facing a Famine
Vans, Jan. i7.??ws?y cities of
France are facht g (Milne owing to
the .cutting off of trafic by the heavy
<KallWay communication between
Paris and Bordeaua has come to t
France branch li?es are blocked.
More ?ftar. 1,200 travelers are held up
at Cerb?re and it has been almost
Impossible to find toed and accom
modation for them..
Navigation of the canals and rivers
bau ceased owing to the Ice. Pos
tal service between Algeria and
Franca has been suspended and it is
reported the temperature In North
ern Africa hsa fallen to freezing.
Washington. .Tsn. l7.~S*oator Till
man. of South Carolina, was con
fined t:i bis bed today with an attack
of erysipelas. The Senator has not
been in robust health for a long iii??
and his friend* are anxious about his
condition. Blieciallsts tonight said
the patient was not In dancer, and
will be out in a day or two.
Bay HKe Vor Ike ifc^W State Hes-I
Columbia. S. C Jan. 17.~-Am?ounee-I
ment was made .today that the board |
of trustees of the State Baptist Hr?--j
pital Company had purchased a tract |
of eight acres near Columbia for $16.
000. On this site, the Baptist conven
tion or South Carolina will erect a|
I hospital to cost about $200,001).
*nderson, C. C.
Gentlemen:?Plrass enter avy nams
ligencer. I am (or am not) taking
NOTE: - It you are a subscribe
scrtntton Is paid in advance, you ma
The subscription of the daily Is f 5.0?
Please enclose check or money or
R. F. D. or 8t. No.
President Rifgs I? Opposed
Making Change In
The M
' \__ . V
(By. Wiitr?on B*R.)
Coming as the UniRhtac touch ts
what was probably one of the ?sut
interesting; aOsstoBs'of- ira Rind' ever
held in the State. Che Commercial'
Secretaries of South Carolina, wejrh
delightfully etttertalatd Saturday at
Clemsoa College. The party made
the trip to this splendid Institut???
at the Invifatlen of Br. W. M. Rlggs.
president of the college, and it Was
as addeB feature that proved ta ?
eae of the most pleasant of the maay
things that had been arrasgei f?r
the party of secretaries.
Thv nim i w?b Stti? ???mt A??*i ?*a'
yesterday morniag about 9:3? o'clock
la automobiles, the pufclic oplrlt?i
raea of the city having placed tb?dft
stach I see at the disposal of the Ipfcfl
Chamber of Commerce. r^**)??
through the historic town of Pesa.fr
toa. psRslag by the aacleat aad
tereatiag huUdfa^ of that. ??vJ?fa,
in? ii ip t>'iiniH iir?r>i{ t? ?? b w^iijjw?
in every way. Many commonts IfM*
heard frosa the party on the beauti
ful scoaery. The i?arty arrived at
Clamsoa shortly before It o'clock
aad received a cordial welcome ffoja
Dr. Riggs a?d atemfc.rH of the <ile(pi
aon facti lty. They were . estarted
through the various hull4isgst's%#ia
ths textile.s?p=r?- .steal
?eyartmeat. the wees' working ?laat,
th" dairy, sad the huadw^s aad **e
other things or which Clemsoa may'
well feel proud *?? of which. ?e
average- citizen is utterly lga?r??t.
U>tnictor? la <?* varlo^ d?part-;
meats wrre-WiPB3WB|llHSflp?^ts
iters 'over far slant and a treate*
dous |mp**sslOB of
Werk "hel?r ieae by
from the sight ?f t
trios UBder^wsy.
At 1 o'olhfk the
formation or stui
ices oV'T'roaldeat WgwT?wlL
temptlng luncheon Wae sw*.
mean was -late-orat. aad
pr?parai -joy ??r. ?cViiieUe?
care, even to the mast mlauU
N'othiBs had sees omitted r?
tead ta make the ocenslon m
ait for the party asi th> prewjp ?7
ble appclntmen'.?, together with tie
^ apieadia aervh-r. it s?s **i?5*
moat enjoyable alaners over att***
_,y^z- a !ai"e *?e*y.
With " the olsjarsT *r. ^1**?.. ?
,j?i wf ctosse* College,,?:^- =
very appropriate remarks. Ur?
said that the Institution Was ?r
hy leaps aai bound* aci dojas _
and more every year. He. potato*
the. fact that last year praCTlf*
900 ?ludest? were seat eut fr?s
ibtitutloB, reaching a?w ateiil"
Cal*. Charge >?H*?. .
He said that the retort as xm?
sea's having more money t
needed v/as absolutely
pointed to whore at least
million more dollars wen'
mer. than put the i?stifn^??p i e* *
good footlBg. ?e ?ta*?*- that tan.
r-._i_-j-# Beul
norer'aoon asked"to contribute ???
cent to the np-keep at the institua*?
aai ssli that the har?aia maie 1?
veafs ago la this, reaped hai beam*
faithfully adheredjp. He
the fact that atudeats %a*
been sent out 'from Clemsoa
s?red his bearer* that the cell??
Iwas proud t'=?b?t-??w,W/**?T
done. Ho approved ?esrtlfr
Idea of estabilahlat a tfclheua library
at CloMson .ather than ckanglai tvs
name of the imrtitotioa.
Porter A. Whaley, aecretary, of th*
ABderson Chamber ot Ccmaiorc^
followed Dr. Riggs aai replie*. onV
behalf of_thoJbodjT^to fur. Rlggft' very;
' 77"' tc?n*1?***on w ? ?>_w
R5 ? ;,ubr.c'. !bcr te ThO t>*ily tMlitI*
the semi-weekly Intelligence.
r to the semi-weekly awl yW.??*?
y receive credit for the amount paML
per year; for stx pjftathfc
tfnllr, -m.?4t**?

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