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I VOL. 1 NO. 7. . Weekly, Established 1860; Dally, Jan. is, Iii?. ANDERSON, S. C. TUESDAY MORNING, JANUARY 20, 1914. PRICE FIVE CENTS. $5.00 PER ANNUM, ?
Among The Civilians Kille?! Was!
A Format* Federal
(By Associated Press)
M'Aloster, OUla., Jan. 19?Seven per
sons, were, killed and one injured-dur
las; a battle at the State peuatenttary
here today when three prisoners with
pistols made a dash for liberty.
The dead: John R. Thomas, Musko
cee former United States district judge]
and formerly a congressman from R-j
iiseis; I>. C. Oakes, deputy warden;
F. C. Oodfrey, storehouse sergeant;
Trades Day Meeting Wfll be Ad-|
by J. T. Watt and
Farmers from eveFy part of Ander
son county will be present Tuesday
to take an active part In the meeting
of the executlvo committee and town
ship commissioners of live stock as
sociation. This association holds mon
thly meetings.in the Anderson Cham-'
her of Commerce aridjlhe event is al
Secretary Whaley said la?ti??itl
that he expects Tuesday's'meriting to
be an especially kW? one ah<ithat Uel
waa anticipating yt-^wiOi4 n)Uch- pica-]
sure on account of tnty gf-bd he felt i
sure it would do those who at
and took part in the'.meetlng..
The meeting te to h? called to or
der promjrtly at "tv b'clqfck 'Txieaday
morning. J. G. Harris bf Bolton;
acting as chairman. Tho invocation j
r?ll\ be de??Tcrsi,w- Rev. ?. I*. l??r-j
tin of Anderson. Tho principal ad-j
dress of the day is that to be deliver-j
ed by J. T. Watt, United Stitei
demonstrator. (Mr. ,Vatt will speekj
on tLe subject "How to Ralso Hogs.'
An address along tu is same lino willj
auto be delivered by B. M. Aulf off
. Antun, who will raise 500 hogs this!
The program for the afternoon will |
be taken up with a goncral round
table discussion of questions relating
to live stock, the proper manner of
handling and managing anlniais. the
dlete, and other question:, equally as
intorettig to thoseyJWitf are engaged
in this line of iHsW&iZ rf*06 rtcct"
ing today will be'aijsn^
I.-.Vi Birthday OowsacTwn?aows
From Seneca.
Special to The Int?s?f1ganCeW
s?neca, Jan. IS.??ulemson College
observed Lee's birthday today by giv
ing holiday and the cadet body made
merry' throughout tho day., Among
those Clemaon boys who spent the
day here with their parents were: N.
I. Norman, J. W. Strlbllng, B. L.
Str?bllng, B. L. Hamilton. L. W.
Verner and H. K. Wood.
Mrs Cunningham and Mrs. Cray
ton of Anderson, have roturned to
their homee following a visit to Mrs.
J. Q. Adams.
vjsmes Bruce of Ur.\obr is in town.
thel?ueet of his aunt, Mm. Smmett
Kelly Moore of Onkway, spent
Sunday, here with bib brother.
Mrs. F. F. Masters of Greenville, is.
spending some timr la,"Seneca;; vlsft-]
lag friendf and relsflvee
lends ai
Sleetffe Theatre Iftae Anraageateats]
Per t?epala^ AtttaetIaBw
ts halve been mads' by
theatre here to show
Mutual Girl" fflma. Aa
,d the*Satordav Ercnlng
iB a story of a young
N?w- York, gets taken
sees and does all
York society woman
.km the newest of the
rill bo ehowa on living
establishment >? N-o*
the Electric
the famous
those who
Post know,
girl who goes
up by aoclety
things a New
does. In add
new fashions
raodels in the
York/a g-eat
Thla film wi
week at tho El
less prove ?iuIt
this popular
People are at
way <hey do thi
shown one day a
Pic. and will douet
t drawing card f*?r
jiving picture theatre,
aye interested in t'.jo
I tn New York.
K. H. Drover, record clerk. Three]
Wounded: Miss Mary' Foster, ste
nographer employed in the penitenti
The names of the prisoners killtd
are: China Reed, serving two years
sentence for larceny; Charles Koontz,
serving forty year sentence for mur
der; Thomas Law, serving six year
sentence for larceny.
The men, armed with two revolvers,,
which had been smuggled into the
penitentiary, broke -from the ranks
while the prisoners were being march
through a courtyard. As they ran
through the office they fired several
shots at random.
Next they encountered In the corri
dor Judge Thomas, a visitor to the
penitentiary, and both of tho men
carrying pistols 'opened fire, several
of the bullets striking the attorney
and inflicting mortal wounds.
Oatcs and Droyea intercepted the
men as ,they left the corridor and
.were shot to death. ' TfcSv:.prisoners,
unwouhded, continued thehtjaigbt. By
this time h*lf a dozen pa&g^-wcre In
pursuit and in a ruuning^Wftle Cod
frey and the three men were killed.
None of the other prisoners attempt
ed to escape.
Says That It Will Give Double
Light ? No Added
There are many thi&gs in which
Anderson cas be pro?c" add there are '
many things that entitle her to re
cogition but ir a luveatlon just per-1
fectod by P. C. Osteen should prove to]
<be successful and ths-manufseturer of
tin: ': ' .' 11' I- A , -
?Osteen, who conducts a'ht
, shop in Anderson, has iua$\OTH
tho invention of a new tvtML Af.dfi
light globe, <which bids fair to revolu
tionise this industry. He has had
drawings, made of his plan and ,wijl
submit them to a expert at onc? to
consider the possibility of putting
them on the market. Meanwhile he is
securing a patent, on the article, ap
pllcatiou having already been filed in
' The pl-sn of the lamp Is simple and
to the casual observer it seems that
it shoald be s success. It. { construc
ted somewhat on the style of the new |
type oi globe, with.a glass tube rtui-[
Intng down through, the center xor a
spice of two Inches, this tube being
one Inch in diameter. The tube is
silvered on the inBlde so as to give
great reflecting power and by the ar
rangement of the filament circling the
tube, together with this reflecting
power from the silvering,, the candle
>Wer of the lgnvp whl be doubled
hllc .the same amount of. current
Hf be -. consumed:
Mr. Osteen some tune ago invented
"See shaving cup : which uses liquid
soap' and ia entirely sanitary. The
(Sanitary .Shavirfg Mug Co., has been
organised to manufacturer this pro
duct and la all; probability-wilt soon
bo able to fce*rtn shipping the ?ups.
The company la capitalized et $2,000
add has as Its officers, J. O. Sanders,
pf-esideni and j. H. Godfrey, secretary
and treasurer. It Is planned to have
-the glass .p?rt of the cup made to
special order in Pennsylvania and
the remainder of the article will he
finished here, the .offices being locat
ed at 128 North Fant street. . Mr. Os
teon says that h? thinks he will be
ready to begin shipping within the
next 30 days- . I
He has also devised a system for
preventing railroad wrecks which he
hopes "Will prove successful and
which he has every reason to believe
will >o a success. Some time ago the
N. V. 4b N. H. railroad offered a prize
of $10,000 to any man who would
plan some system for preventing a
- wreck and Mr. Osteen at once went
to work on a system. . He forwarded
bis plans to the railroad company and
has received a letter from one of the
chief officials of the Hnoy requesting
that he make a few changes and al
tornationa te -the plans and return to
them. Mr. Osteen has made these
citantes and th? plans havo g?nn back
Hlth some hope for Uic'.r fc^lng ?c
ceptcd. The first pUr< provided tor
a -third ralL The latter pl*u lor a
In diM losing his met'ul with an
Lr.ieV. nicer reporter. Mr. Ostern
t tart it was <> t sini&u . ? ng
merely an automatic device, operated
by electricity, which shuts off the
steam and puts on the brake when
i*o tra?na get within ?eoh other's
danger xoae. Listening to Mr. Os
' tonu'r plane, it seems sa though it
may be feaetvble and that It may be
possible for Wm to convince tas
railroad companies of tho sound worth
to the attention of Southern Railway
Aside from taking the matter np
the Northern- line, Mr. 03t*v>
says that be is planning to bring it
to the attention of Southern Railway
officials and hopes to be able to in
terest Mr. Pairfaz Harrison.
His Song Composed .on the City's
One of the chief events of Reed
jollier's musical at Anderson Fe
male College last n$bt was the ren
dition of. "Andersoj* Is My Town",
the words being by George Miller and
the music by Reed Miller. It made
a splendid bit and the audience en-'
Joyed it.
The attendance at the recital last
night was splendid, the auditorium
being crowded and Mr. and Mrs.
Miller received a hearty welcome, be
ing encored a number of times.
Aa usual Reed .and Mb dear lady
were very obliging with the encores,
and sang a number of new pieces, in
addition to tbe strong program which
has beep published in The Daily
Anderson is My Town. F.<eed and
George Miller?And Mrs. Reed Miller,
Thinks His Chances For Governor
Are Fine.
Special to The Intelligence?
Laurens, Jan. 19,?Hon. R. A. Oobp
er, solicitor of the eighth circuit, is
very much pleased on account of the
outlook in his candidacy for gover
nor. Mr. Cooper has been devoting
some time to the interests of bis race,
and has received much encourage
ment. Mr. Cooper's circuit is com
posed of Saluda, Newberry, Laurens,
Greenwood and Abbeville counties
and in east county he is very strong.
As he was reared in that portion of
Laurens which adjoins Anderson, Mr.
Cooper is expecting a good vote In
Anderson. At the conclusion of the
legislative session, Mr. Cooper will
give .the public a. full statement of
his .views ,on public questions 'and
* will announce his platform.
tas bethens
Tuesday Is The Last Ray to Make
City Tax Assessor's office will
; until 7 o'clock tonight?the
ins a return'
lSK for new laws
To Permit The Gty To Increase ;
Its Bonded Indebted
. -
A matter of Importance to practl*
ally every, progressive citizen of!
Anderson was discusued and acted!
ipon by the city council when a|
committee consisting of Mayor Hol le
rnen and Kurtz P. Smith, former mem
ber or the house of representatives,
ws* named to go to Columbia to urge
the Anderson . legislative delegation
to use-their Influence In getting a
bill passed authorising the assess
ment of abutting property owners]
for street improvements.
Along with this bill will oe an
other bill authorizing ah increase tnl
the limitations from eight per cent to
:16 per cent Sor bonds. The Chamber
of Commerce will, it Is understood,
send a delegation representing that
body, and th? two delegations wit!
work together in securing the pas
sage., of the desired law*. -
After tee general assembly gives
its approval to these mattere, the
propositions will have to go before
tho people Of the entire State at tbe
next general election, which will be
held , next November, for raUfioatlon.
A? change of the SUte constitution
is necessary In order to make these
law? - operative.
It is understood that the matters
nl\i bboa : be before the general as
sembly. Such a bill as outlined was
submitted last session, and passed
the State senate. It was held up in
the boose, however, and the bills
will likely become law within the
next fortnight.
The main benefit to be derived
from thr? legislation now proposed
wOl be street paving. Every ctqMdt
any size and importance baa secured
this sort of legislation, and It is ab
solutely necessary for Anderson to
secure ft if this city is to go ahead
with street paving and street im
Opinion of City Atte?ry? W?
That Changed Could>?ot B?
Made Last N
No action was taken ? the city
council last nlgkt in chlfelng the
wording or the fraachfflT recently
granted to tho Bouthern^?hltc Util
ity company. In s^tlftg-fha subject
of the meeting Mayor Hoeeman said
By Attor
under tho
d at a
ncil un
in the
en as to
that it is the opinion of
ney Q. Gullen Sullivan^
rules of tho council, n
could be introduced and
sp?cial meeting of the
less the council would
mously to suspend the
There was some qu
minds of somo of the al
the legality of. the ordinance even
should the rules bo suspended by
unanimous consont, so It; was decid
ed, in order to insure the legality of
council's action to takeiv?ie matter
over to the uext regular meeting of]
the body,. which . Is scf?duled for
February lOtb.
The franchise passed by : the coun
cil co December 22nd, wflich must
be accepted by tho Company, accord- j
l,n* ^?*JProvI??0tH th?reta^^^ed.'
forwarded to the' ftiBch??. ?
company at Ch???ott*, Jfi
dlately after its passage
later the mayor, received
franchise, the rbyjjetoos be
that part of the franchis
"Memorandum of *?r
a request that coun
.ter under consid?ra
seven. ^Tne first insert is the word|
'now" referring to the water njsH
rants now in use. and the other in-j
sorts being "first" and "next" r?fer-j
ring to the-rates to <he charged torj
lighting. AU three erords are
terlal, and were iMiitasd unlnt
ally by council when the franeWee}
was adopted. Along ~wiih the rsraaSf
franchise the company Bent Its ac
ceptance referring, of course, to. the
In order that tnere should be no
question at all as to the legality of
council's action. Mr. MsClure thought
boot "to d??sr action, iS??>b ? ???
franchise matter take lia regular
course. Be said that he thought it
would u? fair to the Southern Pub
lic Utility company as' well as to the
people of the city; that the company
most * assuredly \?ould not want the
council to pass a francht?e which ra
ter may be decided as Illegal. It was
on his motion, or rather on his ob
jection to a suspension of the rules,
that the matter was .can led over to
the February meeting.
Comptroller G?n?ral ?1res Dae Wem. j
Columbia, Jan. 19.
If you make alt the appropriattona
(asked for, it wfll^be necessary to
dollar to raise tr.em," says A. W.
Jones, Comptroller General. In his
annual statement showing the neeis
of the State. He says that this does
not include the one mill special school
tax, which will raise $296,441.12. The
Comptroller G?n?ral estimates that
12,478,440.30 will bo necessary to meet
all demands on- the State Qorern
ment, as compared with $1,857,117.01
in MIS. - : _,
! Places That are to bo Filled Is Joint
The joint assembly adjourned at
1:55 o'clock to reassemble t 8 o'clock
Tuesday night, when the elections will
be resumed In the following order:
.State Librarian Insurance commis
sioner, two trustees of the University
of South Carolina, two trustees of
Winthrop Normal and Industrial col
lege, three trustees of Clerason col
lege, ' one member 'of the board of
visitera or the citadel, two trustees of
Mechanical college, two directors of
the State colored .Industrial and
the State penitentiary and one trustee
of the medica Colleg of South Carol
ina . s
Death ef Mr. Janes Crawford.
Mr. James Crawford, a well known
! farmer living Just South of the city.
Idled at his home there about 1 o'clock
Sunday after an illness of some time.
I He Is survived by his wife and four
: children?three sonn and one daugh
ter. The funeral and Internent took
i place today at 2 o'clock at . Mount
ain Creek Baptist Church.
Start ?nd Bars Proudly Wared
At a Spiendidi Event
A scene, more dear to the heart of
a, Southern,born and bred, would be
bard to imagine than tltnt presented
yesterday when the F?obert K. ,L-eo
Chapter pf the United Daughter* of
the Confederacy entertained the Con
federate' Veterans of, Andertiot) coun
ty at a splendid banquet. The com
bination of tho veterans in - their
gray with their brass buttons bur*
nished until they thone like gold,
the matronly ladies in charge of the
dinner and tho. blooming youth of
those young ladies who are to act as
sponsere and m&ld-of-honor for the
veieiun:, at the.reunion, presorted a
picture which could, not but be touch
ing and which never fails to awaken
within the hearts .of .the coming gen
eration the fires.of.patriotism which
are never, to. be quenched.
! The dinner war served In a recant
store - room on Whltner street and
the long ball was crowded with vete
rans and friends ' when tho exercises
were opened. The first foature on
the program was ' the singing of
fDUte'l'as the veterans entered, this
petng ?plendidiy rendered by tue
members of the U. D. C.
fWjhen th? veterans were-seated
the welcome, on behalf of the chap
ter was tendered by Mrs, R. c. Webb
lb a few timely, nnd weli delivered
jrepatks. 'vj&Z
\ A telegram ' of greetings to the
was read sad itotfcasTasSSe^
?d. The invocation waa rendered .b*
Father Edward yka ; Duff, of. < ?t. ? Jos*
?phs? Catholic church. In a very fit
ting manner,, original verso bouts
employed,. ...... <
The dinner which rf?jh then served
was-a splendid aff??<v jo single feaj
turc havln-j hem neglected , whips
might go to j make tho day one of
happiness ' for the veterans. 'It was
well served and the filling menu left
nothing to- bo desired.
tel. Brown Spoke. "
Following tho conclusion of the
dinner tJ*~ ;-v.".ir "f tonetma???r was
oocupiod by Gen. M. L. Bonham, who
Intreduc-^u 23 the first speaker,'Col.
Joseph N. Brown. ' Col. Brown spoke
from his many experiences with den.
Lee. narrating the events leading up
to and. including a number of the
best kne-vn battles of tho war. He
gave his bearers a clearer concep
tion of the man nnd the hero than
many of these present had ever had
before, die- was cheered at intervals.
A message ' was presented from J.
H. Burdine,' regretting that his Ill
ness made it impossible for him'to
be present in person and assuring
his bearers that he was with them In
George Miller of St. Louis, . waa
.introduced and made some touching
remarks.. He bad never before had
the opportunity of witnessing a Con
federate . BawieTing mad he g?V?
thanks for tnls opportunity whlou
allowed , him to see congregated a
band of men who fought so valiantly
under the flag, always to be remem
bered se near and dear to every
Southerner. Mr. Miller In n few
well chosen words introducad to the
veterans, M3as Alberta Brock as spon
sor for the First Brigade, U. C. V.,
Gen. C. A. Reed cornmanrting. Miss
Brock la the daughter of Lieutenant
J. A. Brock who served with Lee.
Miss Martha Bonham, daughter of
Gen. M. L. Bonham, was next In
troduced as first maid of honor for
the brigade , and was characterized
as being "truly a daughter of the
Miss Later. Llgon of Sparenburg,
waa introduced as another maid of
honor from Cor'eo^rtAe parentage,
following -'wMuft' the young ladies
wore greeted with much enthusiasm.
The body of Vetemne ax we as a whole
and with a hearty good will tendered
their complimenta to the charming
young ladies -who i^rosent them.
D.- H. Bnseell was introduced as
the next speaker and made a moat
interesting address la every parti***
bur. He gave a number of bits Of
very interesting information which
had heretofore been unknown to
Kny of his h ear era end took up the
union of why the war was ever
forced upon the people of the Booth.
In conclusion the speaker said: The
proudest legacy that I can leave to my
children is that I was a soldler an?
der Lee."
AU Saas; Dixie. ,
Following the conclusion of Mr.
Russell's remarks. General Bonham
Introduced to the assemblage "a son
Of'Anderson and a son of the Confed
eracy, whose beautiful voice has
made him known throughout the con
t incut?Eieed Miller." . Mr. Miller
sang in fine form the song that never
fail to awoken in a Southern audi
ence a spirit of enthusiasm that will
run high. "Dixie". Mr. Miller gare
the rendition that was most familiar
to bis bearers and they Joined ha on
the chorus with ardor that made the
building rock. It was. Inspiring in
every sense of the word.
Telegrams of sympathy and respect
were dispatched to taoss who had '
remembered the camp, even from the
beds of sickness and resolutions of
thanks were tendered to the ladles
who had made such a- day possible
for th? body.
Mrs. E. It. Horten read a splendid j<
paper which . had been prepared
Mrs. 8. Bleckloy on the "New' Year".
In which some sterling thoughts were '
advanced and the meeting was duly
closed by Gen. Boubam. Thus came
to an end one-of the most,'delightful
d?vB that Anderson people hsve ever
had the splendid opportunity of par
ticipating in.
The Old Soldiers,
The following names of the vete
rans present- for the affair wvsrs taken
from the register which was passed
around shortly before the conclusion
of the dinner: Joseph N. Brown, R ;
F Dl wer. L P 8mlth, W OTOr.??k, M
A Cobb. M E Eolful, E H Gr.mbrill, '
4 B Hubbaro, J R Cochrane i F :
Clinkscales, Edward Whltten, L E j
Campbeii, J M Dunlap, Sam McCra- .
ry, B T TollcBon, J C Wilson, Eu- ,
geno y&TKB ? J Henderson, J A Es
kew, W"W* Russell, John W Thomp
son, A C Keys, G W Iwln, J M Har
n*r. .g f. ttni.m.1? J j.m.??5??f j -*?
Simpson. J P Oox,'J W MJcCravey, W
C Cann, J T C Jones, J 8 Gr?er, A L
??elch. J B Hall, L J Scott. I; W
Garrison. W T W Harrison, J W
Baldwin, B %* Wilson. R B Thomson,
J G Gordon, J C Jones, J N Byrum,
8 J Davis, W L. Dalrymple, Oliver
Boit, 8 V Irby, W L Dobbins. W H
Campbell, D H Russell, John Bskew.
Dr. d. E. Watson Who May Locate la
' Anderson Later.
Bpecial to The Intelligencer.
?ve, 8. C./Jan. 19.?Dr. J. B. Wat
son leaves today for New York where
be expects to take a post graduate
course In medicine. He will be gone
a month.'
Ho will f*ke Mrs. J. C>> Osfaient
with him to ftaiumorc -where she will
undergo an op'erailon In John Hop
kins hospital.
(The Intelligencer hears that Dr.
Watson will locate here for the prac
tice of medicine as a specialist.)
WB1 Be Here Tuesday Nigki at Reed
Street School.
Prof. Joseph H. Douglass, tho
world's greatest ooteod^sflollnlst,
will appear 'In grand recst?jf? at the
colored graded) school, Reed street, oa
Tuesday, Jan. to,. 8 p. m.
He is director of orchestra and
riolin ihstruotdr at Howard Unlver- <
slty. WaaWniton. D. C. It will be '
s rare treat and sit are most cordially
Invited to be present
* W. H. Qaseaway. j
Anderson, C. C.
Gentlemen:? Pleaso enter my asms i
Ugencer. I am (or ant act) taking tb
NOTE:?If yen are a subscriber
acriptlon is paid In advance, yon may
The subscription of the daily ts 15.00 i
Please enclose check or money ord<
R. F. D. or St. No.. ,A..
(10,000 PER ANNUM
Later This Wffl Be
Steadily Under This
(By Associated Press}
Washington. Jen. ltM-Ta?'a?,
hral extension biy.pro*io^e?l&*^
sr&l aid in tho dlaaeminatteB.e*
iflc farm information, was peases by
ho house. Under the measure,-.?Mt*.
>us agricultural colleges Would / ?*
:elve Federal funds to finance* plane
or acquainting farmers with facts.sa*'
abllBhed by the department of-Sgrt
As It psssd tho house. thVblll wsuli
irovlde for sn immed'ste appropria
tion of 140.000. o f which $l?.0OO would
so to each Stets complying with tag
requirements of- the law.
Special Correspondence.
Columbia, Jan. i9.-^There to qutte
a contingent hero from Anderson
working In the Intereste of Capt^
A Hudgens, candidate for State tel
suraace commissioner.. Cotta? ?aaa?
fsoturers from Anderson a?d?
parts of the State are here in
effort to get Ji
The Governor
the sentence of s?
be taken to the" county
Bossions of the general _
will be resumed Tuesday night ww
oral Importent measures are sobs*
dK.,e? 001110 ?p tor coniidsratlsa
this week. The McLeurln .com**
warehouse bill win be considered at
the session of the senate Wsdaesday.
The South n?miin? v>i**t ': ? ?
era' Association held two ivterestag
and Instructive sesifona here .^jsiay.
H. W. Br.rre of Clemson College?
was here tJday preparing tu ?bis the
South . Jai olino - exhibit 4o Dallas,
Texas, nexV week for the National
Corn Exposition.
The ?buth Carolina State._
Union In session Monday night,
dorsed the cotton wo.-*
pending before the gen
The union also endbre
of Clemaon College in
hog cholera. An app
tick eradication in I
was endorsed. The h
?ertl?l?ei? wee Urged umm
The South Cerouaa arenrtqeig stcef
at noon T\i esqay. ;
: t
Hon. Jim P. Byrnes.of Aikea,
her of congress from the Swoon!
gteaslonal custriot, makes sa aa
nouncement from Washington that as
will not be In the race for g?reras*
this summer.
' ' - - ** ?
Has Beea Coaftned te His Hegte' Fef
. Several Days.
~ Mr. W. K. Oeborne, a member si
ins firm of Oeborne ? Pearsos. II
confined to his home by titr?es. I&Vi
O?home's many friend r?t tkst hta
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