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\ VOL. 1 No. IO ^eeklr. Established 1SC?: Vally. Jan. 18. 1814. ANDERSON. S. C. FRIDAY MOR NI NP. JANUARY 2.1 10l A. PRirc FWP rF.MTS SK AA PPR ANNI DM
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icnniOLt Ntw?
El POBO. Tex., Jan. 22.-General
Salvador Mercado, who commands
the Mexican federal army which fled
from Ojinaga, Mex., today was placed
in command of the camp of soldiers
ken of his continued loyalty to the
and refugees at Fort Bliss. As a to
government of Mexico City, . Gen.
Mercado Immediately christened the
main street of the camp "Avenida
General Huerta." Although himself
a rofugeo, Gen. Mercado was selected
hy tho United States army officials aa
best fitted to have personal supervis
ion of his men.
Water pipes ? ere laid and all Mex
icans were told that they must bathe
regularly. Outdoor barbershops were
provided also.
Tho Mexican consul at El Paso call
ed at Kort Bliss to arrange to pay
Borne of the back arlarles of Mexican
soldiers. The American oflicerB said
they had no authority to negotiate
for the payment of salaries to the
Expense of Another Year is To
Be Borne by Col. Robert
M. Thompson
Spartanbung, ? Jan. 22.-Announce
ment that the Thaarpi on-MJcFaddeu
pellagra commission will return to
Spartanburg in March and continue
ite^Ysat^tions for another.;f*99f? t
was reeelr^ Sere "today in the. form
cf i '.citer from Capt. J. F, ?iler,
medica^. corps, IT. < S. A., member ot
the comaliaF,ioi). The letter, address
ed a local physician, said that Col.
Robert, M. Thompson, of New York,
has agreed to bear Ute expenses of
the commission for another year.
Ead Came at His Home in Parin,
Texas -
Many Anderson people will regret
to learn of tho death ot W. W. Furey,
which recently occured at his home
In Paris, Texas. Mr. Furey was ed
itor of a Paris newspaper and was
a well known citizen of that city.
Ho has visited in Anderson where
he had many friends who will regret
to learn of hm-death. -
tr jf> ^_; .. .
Will be Made at Torreen bj Huer
?A ."W t?? <>/>
Washington,:Jam 22.-Araby officers I
.believe that by tho middle of next
week at the latest. Gan. Villa will i
have transported the whole of-hts
army as tar south as Torre?n, where
' the next big battle of the revolution
is expected to follow. It is known
that the Federals are disposed to
make a desperate resistance at this
point-the key to all ot Central Mex
ico north' of Zacatecas.
President Wilson let lt* be known
today that,' while in constant com
munication with John liind, the lat
ter had reported no new proposais as
having been made- by Jesus Flores
Mason or any otner y* rson supposed
to bo representing Huerta, i
'M>farr* t,- > ' ?lia* :
/ Wishes War Again
London,-Jan. ?2..~-TT?O Vienna cor*
respondent reports that Turkey hr*
warned tBex'pbiiers that aho will ra
fuse to.accept their decision concern
ing the pegean Islande arid aili do
her utmost to regain M3ty!?r_e end
The Vienna correspondent of the
Daily Telegraph, reports that Turk?y
and Bulgaria have concluded an of
fensive treaty against Greece.
S. Baba, representing the Japanese
Government, who returned from a
conference with Gen. Villa, today said
every guarantee had been given that
tlie Japanese subjects in Chihuahua
State would bo unmolested. Most of
the Japanese in the north of Mexico
are engaged in agricultural pursuits.
Gen. Villa reported from Chihuahua
that rebel money was being circulated
in the interior at only a small dis
coutn from tho value of Mexican sil
One object of Gen. Villa's forthcom-.
ing visit to Juarez is to confer with |
representatives of mining and smelter j
interests. He is axlous to have work j
resumed to procure taxes on exports)
for the support of the rebel army.
Relying on the restoration of peace |
In Chihuahua by the rebels, a band of
twenty Mormons prepared to return
to the district of Galeana, where there]
was a Mormon agricultural colony
before the outbreak of the revolution.
OI/ll Cr
To Curb Purdon Power.
Columbia, S. C., Jan. 22.-A joint
resolution was presented in tho gene
ral assembly Thursday to amend the
State constitution so to prohibit the
granting of pardons or paroles by tho
governor except upon recommenda
tions of the pardon board. In caso j
the governor "does not adopt recom
mendations of the board, the resolu
tion fprovddes that that his reasons
for such refusal must be submitted
to j the general assembly. The reso
lution was referred to tho Judiciary
Supporters of the measure pointed
ont thai; during bis three years as
chief executive. Gov. Bloaso has p?v
donod, paroled or commuted tho sen
tence of 083 convicted persons.
Tba* ls the Wish ot the State Legis,
Columbia, S. C., Jan. 22.-The South
Carolina general assembly today went
on record as favoring the repeal of
the fifteenth amendment to the Uni
ted States constitution, which in ef
fect gives negroes the night to vote
Such ; a/.ttion was taken - when the
senatr passed the house resolution
in ar.-.onded (form, which provides that
me^-Oers of a delegation from this
State ; and congress be notified that
the legislature ot South Carolina ls
opposed to the amendment and
wishes lt. repealed.
Asylum Injury
Is Being Opposed
Colombia, J*n. 22. - Considerable
jpposltion to the sweeping investi ga
lon of the State- hospital for the in
sane, recommended In a ' message
'rom the Governor and agreed to by
die House, has developed in the Sen
Senator Mc Lau ri n of Marlboro,
nade a set speech on his, state ware
house hill before the Senate. The
measure did not come to a vote..
L'antleld Defeated for Flare on Pris?
on' Boara.
Columbia; Jon. 22.-The joint as
iembly reelected A. H. Hawkins, a' di
rector of the stste penitentiary Thurs
lay morning on the first ballot The
rote stood: J. A. Addy, Lexington, 31;
r. A- Livingston. Orangeburg 7; W
ri. Canfield. Anderson 37; A. H. Haw
One 07.
W. H. Glenn of Anderson, waa re
jected m ??rrcior of the epnitcntlary
Dr. W. G. Hot'seal, of Newberry.
J was reelected a trustee of the South
j Carolina^ Medical College, without op*
. poHltloo. . *
The General Assembly having Ail
ed all the existing vacancies, adjourn
ed erne die.
It is Planned to Spend $25,09? la
Brat IL
Columbia. S. C., Jan. 22.-At a
joint meeting of thc board of mis
sions, presiding elders and lay lead
ers of .the South Carolina Methodist
Conference held today, plans were
laid for the evangelical missionary
and financial op?rations of the church
for the year.
In addition td the regular work by
tho church, lt twas decided to raise a
special fund of $25,000 to he directed
to the mission field in Brazil.
Anderson Road Tax .
To Be Straightenedj
Colombia, Jan. 22.-The house
passed the James bill requiring the
State superintendent of education to
keep a record of teachers in high
The house killed after a longthy
debate the Boyd bill requiring the
labeling of convict made merchan
dise aa such.
Tho house roi used to pass the Mc
Queen bill making thc legal rate of
interest 6 per cent.
The bouso passed to third reading
the Barnwoll bill amending the stat
ute in regard to ?KRU?I J checks wheu
the drawer has no funds on deposit
' so as to make the law applicable to
so es to make the law applicable to
corporations as well as Individuals.
The house passed tho bill Intro
duced by Mr. Thompson reducing the
hours of work a week by women In
mercantile establishments from 60 to
54. This bill provides that women in
mercantile establishments shall not
work more than 9 hours a day for
six days in the week.
Aft ?he request of MT. Gray of An
derson,, the house made a special or
der of bis bill providing for tho pay
ment ' aAion road tax in An
derson county and passed it to third
reading. . Senator Sullivan ls rush
ing the passage of,a similar bill in
tho senate.
Willow Camp No. 26 W. O. W.
Is To Have a Happy
Members of Willow Camp Ko. 26,
of the Woodmen of the World of An
derson are looking forward with much
pleasurable anticipation to tb' coming
of next week,' when the camp will be
treated to a banquet. The event is
to take place in Maple hall on Ben
son street and the "choppers" who be
long to Willow Camp say that it will
be one of the most pleasant fraternal
events Of the year In Anderson. The
banquet is to be served by members
of the Philathea class of the Central
Presbyterian church and will be a
three course affair.
All told it la expected that there
wilt be well over 200 guests present,
these consisting of members of WU
low camp, their wives, sisters and
Capital Law s ' Against Basing.
Columbia, Jan.- 22.-Tho State sen
ate put itself on record Thursday, as
opposed to hazing in the colleges of
the State, but did not pass the house
bill which makes hexing ot any form
a misdemeanor. The bill was sent
back to the house with amendments
leaving it to college authorities .to
suspend students In case of hexing,
An Augusta Banker
In Serious Trouble
Augusta, Ga., Jan. 22.-Four indict
menta were returned here today
against Jaimes P. Armstrong, cashier
ot the defunct Irish-American Bank
charging bin? with forgery. John C.
Hagler, John Lt Armstrong, J. M.
MQalhtwln and Charles 8. Bonier,
wer** these whose names, it ia al
leged, he forged to a note for $20,000
In favor of the Citlxens' and Southern
Bank of thia city.
v j ' * . ? ' i. ? r ...
Invited, the Lad?? to Attend when
He Held Court at
Macon. Ga., Jan. 22.-"UnitedStates'
court 1B tn session on the island. La
dies cordially invited to attend.
Tills is the substance of a placard
which W> H. BurweU, speaker of the
Georgia house of representatives, this
afternoon testified wah posted In a
hotel at Tbxa?way, Nj C., where Judge
Speer, of the Unit* States court.'
southern division of Georgia, waa
holding a tpoolal session of court.
Mr. BurweU was introduced as a wit- j
ness before the sufe-eommlttee of tho
' judiciary committee S of the house of
representatives, lu the investigation
o? the charge that. Judge 'Speer at
time; held co uri.- wKuoui his juris
diction and by so doing, inconven
ienced attorneys and? others required
to attend. -
At the morning session of the
committee J. M. Barnes, former Uni
ted States marshal, testified that
Judge Speer had picked the grand
jury which investigated charges of
defrauding the government in the
Grefnc-Gaynor casfes Savannah. Mr..
Barnes charged! thaitiudgo Speer se- '
lected the jurors av$rlll Crom a list
of names which nangeen taken from
the jury box, and theft two of the ju
rors were
out proc?dait In the court; and waa
"You have thanked me beautifully,'
but what do I get out of IL" are tho
words credited by Barnes to Judge
Speer, following an interview in '
which Mr. Barnes had expressed
gratitude- st being slowed a liberal
custodian B fee in a bankruptcy caso.
Local interest tn the congressional
investigation ?was largely stimulated
today, and at the afternoon session,
the court*room was packed. Scores
of feminine members of Macon so
olety were in attendance.
Judge Speer was again present at
the inuulry, constantly advising with
his attorneys. This afternoon when
a witness paid him a tribute, the ju
rist displayed considerable emotion,
tears welling into his oyes. -
Sot Club Circuit of Gocraia and
Carolina Cities Has Now
Been Proposed
From around the circuit comes
aewB to the efleet that the proposi
tion recently mado by H. G. Kalb-1
lelseh, chairman of the Augusta Base ? 1
itali Commission, of a Caroljna-Geor- < 1
ria league, is meeting with much fa-j
ror. The proposition of the Augusta. '
nan was that sn association bo form- 1
>d to consist of Augusta, Athena. Co- I '
umbi* . Anderson, Greenville end <
?partanburg. Granville cud Spar- '
anburg have already stated, that they J
viii .enter such an association and I
lave said that they are ready to do- 1
vosit any . necessary forfeit at any 1
line. -If Anderson wants to hare base- J
?sll during the coming Sommet' this <
s a greet-chance for her to brea'.' t
n. t
A dispatch from Augusta says that' \
?y Cobb, after being told of the pr..,- (
osed circuit sud the mattera reba-,
(ve to mileage, etc., said that there 4
rae no doubt in his miad about tue 4
eastbltlty of auch an organisation 4
nd that he thought the new league j
.cu* ssa!? a "so."
Both Columbia and Augusta made 1
ppllcation to the 8outh Atlantic <
segue for re-admloalon to the lea- I
gue, but the opinion genera'!; prc- '
vail." throughout the Bally circuit
that neither of these towns wl?l ho
able to get In. If this be tho case
it is certain tiiat they both will be
glad to enter the new league sud since
Spartanburg and Greenville ere now
ready, there ia merely the question of
While the matter has not been very
Athena and Anderson,
genorally discussed In Anderson and
few or the fans have been Interview
ed, lt is understood that thcie ls el
healthy sentiment ?n Anodr?on for
sui h a lcuRue and many believe that
"My Tov.n" will be ready to do her
part when the definite proposition
Ambassador lo Ituosia.
Washington, Jan. 22.-Tho nomina
tlon of H. M. Pindell, an editor of
Peoria, Ul., to bo ambassador to
Russia, waa ord?red favorably re
ported today by the senate comandt
tee 0:1 foreign affairs. The nomina
tion had been delayed because of
cortain alle-god corre, per ich.ee with
Senator Lewis eaylae 1'IIKIOII had
been selected to represent ll:e United
States In Rnsr.'an for a limited pe
George McConnell Learns 0? wans of
tho Bisons.
George.McConnell, who will proba
bly ho in the line-vip of Bat?alo in
the International Lcaguo, Thursday
received notice thai the training
camp of the Biso .. will ba al Char
lotte, N. C.
The dispatch aays that the umpir
ing staff and the spring training
quarters of the International League
clubs were announced today. The
names of three new umpires sopear.
They are Rorty, who comes from the
New England League; Harrison,
from the New York State Lcagu?,
and Miller from the Carolina League.
Tho training camps, are as fol
lows: Buffalo, at Charlotte, N. C.;
Rochester, at Annleton, Ala.; Toron
to, at Marlin Springs, Texas; Mon
treal, at CharlottesvtHe, Vi
more, at Hot Spring*,
dence, at Savannah, Ga.;
Columbus, Ga.; Jersey City, at Dur
ham, N. C.
Rochester trained In Anderson ene
Congressman He?in Has a Bill in
The House for that
Washington. Jan. 22.-'Representa
tive HeQin, of AUbama. Thursday
urged legislation that would return
the cotton tax . alca he said was il
legally collected from the Southern
States during the civil war. Ad
dressing the house committee on war
claims, he said a bill be had in
treduced would give those who paid
the cotton tax an opportunity to
prove their claims and regain their
money. Citing the requirements that
direct taxes shall bs uniform through
out the United States, he declared
some of the States patd none ot the
cotton tax.
"While many things Im ve been done
to adjust grievances and heal the
wounds of war." Mr. Heflln urged,
"until the government removes this
last great act of Injustice, tho peo
ple ot the South can Justly say 'one
thing thou lackest yet'.
"The land tax collected about the
mane titoo that the cotton tax waa
levied baa been returned. The land
which was granted In lieu of pen
sions to soldiers ot the Mexican war
who afterwards fought In the Con
red erato anny* and which was taken
From them by the federal government,
iee within the last twenty-five years
i>eon restored to Chem.
"Alabama paid ten million dollars
>r this cotton tax. My bill provides
hat when this money ls paid to the
reaeurer ot Al aha mb, it shall' be
?ed aa a, good roads fund and a pen
doa fund for Confederate soldiers.'
t ***** * * * * * * *
Washington, Jan. 22.-South Cero
ina-?Fair, wanner, Friday; Satur?
lay unsettled, probably local raina
n interior; wanner la east portion.
New Ycrk, Jar 22.-A grand Jury
investigation was begun today into
the story ot William Sulzer that
Charles F. Murphy sent a messenger
to him during the trial of the. Im
peachment charges against him a?
overnor and offered to call off the
.rjal if Sulzer would quit his graft
investigation into the state depart
Sulzer repoated before Ute grand
Jury tho whole story of his alleged
dealings with the Tammany chief,
and lt was mado known by . District
Attorney Whitman that UIIB part of
lt and relating to the alleged . at
tempt of James E. Gaffney, Murphy's
business and politisai aspociato. to
a exact a political contribution of
$100,000 from James C. 8tewart, a
state highway contractor, would be
mado thc subject of the two-fold In
Mr. Whitman said Murphy would
be called as a witness in the John
Doo inquiry, by means ot walch the
district ut torn oy has frequently ad
duced evidence fer prcssntotlon iu
tlie grand Jun'. Murphy today de
Blt Cotton Flnw
Fort Worth', Texas, Jan., 22.-'Fire,
believed to have started by sparke
thrown out by a passing locomotive,
cotton and about 35 loaded freight
oars here late today. The loaa la1 es
timated at 1350,000. Another fire?
started by a piece ot falling wood
from a stove while the occupants of
the house were viewing the destruc
tion of the compresa, destroyed thir
teen small dwelling bouses. This
loss was Lpproxtmatcly $20,000,
Would Rival the Canal.
. _ .... !
Detroit, Jen. 22.-United States
Senator Charles E. Townsend, of
Michigan, told the members of. the
Lake Carriers' Association- at their
annual bouquet here Thursday that
the annual volume of commerce t on
tho tff? lakes would be ten times
sa "th^most optimistic estimate" of
annual commerce through the Pana
ma canal, if the natural waterway
course from the head of the lakes to
the gulf of St Lawrence were suftV
Blenoly Improved to enable ocean
going vessels to reach lake ports. .
Bryan For tba Senate?
Washington, Jan. tt.-Democrats
ia the house were discussing toddy
whether Secretary Bryan ment to
launch a sensational boom when at a
Democratic dinner last night he de
clared lt had been his ambition since
toyhood to sit in the United States
tenate. His own career, be .-said, all
itrough his earlier years bsd 'boen
aased on a hope that he eventually
?vould go to the senate.
Jackson, Miss., Jan. 22.-The low
.,r house of the MBsalsstp, ! legisla
ure today defeated a resolution seek
ng to amend the constitution to
;lve full suffrage to women.
;_ 1
Change in Mr.
Marten's Condition
C. F. Martin, whose son Is crit
mlly IU in-the. citadel hospital at
itarleston said last night that there
ad been no changedla hts son's con
ltlon. Mr. Martin had inst received
telegram froth the hospital authori
os at Charleston. Th? yous* man
i suffering with pneumonia and while
ia recovery tee not been finally ???
atred ot lt la known that his con
ition la very grave. He fa about
1 years ct age and fa a member of
ta graduating class of the Clfitdol.
nounced Suiter's story as false and ft
ia said that he Is willing to testify
and would waive Immunity. The dla*
trlct attorney also said that United
States Senator O'Gorman, who. Buller
testified, told him that Gaffney was
Murphy's chief "bagmen" and had
"held Stewart up," also would be call
ed. Senator O'Gorman today notifi?t
Mr. Whtman that he -would be willing
to appear.
Sulzer testified yesterday that while
the trial of bis impeachment waa la
progress, Murphy had sent word agata
and again that lt I'd quit, he would
quit. Suiter is alleged to hare ex
plained before the grand Jury today
that th 1B bargain meant fonr senatcre
would vote against his Impeachment
and that these four negatives wocld
have been enough to prevent a ver
dict against him.
The deposed Governor will be callad
again at a later date. In the mean
time he will send for documentary
evidence In the possession of his for*
mer secretary, Chester C. Platt, with
whicn be promised to corroborate
some of his statements.
Roster of Canon Announced Pol
ing Meeting of the Bar
pleas for Anderson county wtich. con
venes on Monday, February 1, In
the long Hst of cases to be triad are
to be found a number of more than .
passing Interest and thia session of
the court bids fair to last throughout
thc entire, eight darn.
A saeet?n? of the b?-r ggjectetic?*
was held yesterday, following which
the roster of cases waa announced:
? Monday, February fi.
D. B. Taylor vs. 8. H. Blowers.
Mrs. Basle Fant vs. C. Foster /ones,
st al. *
First National Bank of Chattanooga
va. J. H. Bowden.
Commonwealth Shoe ? Leather Co.,
va. w. A. Hammond.
T. P. Dickson vs. J. F. Martin.
S. M. Callahan va. WU linen Ma
J P. Bagan va. W. A. Shirley.
T. T. Wakefield vs. P. E. Spoon
Pat W. Major va. U G. McKinney.
?easa?ag & Christian Co., vs. fr;
K. Hammond, et al.
-Taylor Christian Hat Co., va. W. A.
tfastaaond, et ol.
T. I* ceiy co.. va Centrai ivationai
Fire ins. Co.
Poole, et al, vs. G. S. At A. Ry. Co.
Leveret*, * Co., vs. A. P. Barka
Willlame va. Milliner.
Roberts vaT' Insurance Co.
Mayfield va. Catie*.
Mitchell, et ol, vs. G. ft & A. By.
3o. *
Brock, et al, va. Life Insurance Oe.
Equity caaes.
Second vTeek.
Monday, Feb. ?.
Sharpe va. Cabar.
M. Q. Pant vs. Anderson county.
Mrs. Annie Fan*, et al, va. Ander
on county. . ., ? *%2
.. fa ead ay. s ??MW
College va. Maynard.
Colleta va. Spear.
Anea va. HalL
Bank ot MteCormaca va William*.
Miss Alberts. Bowie end V7. M. Mets
rere married ht the home ot tho bride
i tit* Brugnon m??i village wednes
ay afternoon ai Ava o'clock, the oar*
mony being performed ly Hov. S. B.
/hito. These young people will have
ie best wishes of a host of fr icu da.'

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