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VOL. 1. NO. 1.
Weekljr, K?t?WUhe4 1860;Doily, Jan. 18, 1914.
liHirnTiniTinu sn
IflVnilhAilUN Ih
mn* m WV . ? WIN S ? WS? ? V
- . . ? t
Columbia, Jan. 1?3.-Hy a vote of
30 to 9 the Senate passed the House
currency resolution Friday morning
providing for an investigation of the
management of the state hospital for
tho insane, recommended by the gov
ernor in a special message and agreed
to by the house. The members of the
special investigating committee will
be announced shortly by Speaker M.
Ii. Smith and Lieut. Governor Charles
A. Smith. .
The Senate took up Friday the
Nicholson bill to regulate the holding
of primary elections but took no def
inite action on ic.
Columbia, Jan. 23.-After a hot and
lengthy debate the Senate agrees to
the passage of the Stevenson house
resolution providing for an investiga
tion of the management of thc asy
lum. . t . .
One or two resolutions of the board
of regenta of the State hospital for
tho Insane were read on the floor of
Sci+tX?* in purl by ir-ci*c*cr Wcs*v?%> j
and brought them into tho debate and
In full by Senator Crouch.
These' resolutions condemn Dr.
Saunders, a woman physician attach
ed to the hospital staff, for interfer
ing with members of the medical staff
In discharge of their duty, and for
continually having Dr. Cooper in tho
Institutions and taking lessons under
him in a certain branch Of the med
ical department, and condemns J. W.
Babcock, M? D., eu perin tendent of the
hospital, for upholding Dr. Saunders
in her defiance of the rules , and
x?Uhti ci thc board.
The second resolution pasead] by
the board was same day. Ja'
puta the board on*recoxi;
'source have buen iaade to them or
through them as to the moral charac
ter and personal standing ot' Dr.
Saunders;" and declines.a reopening
of ; au investigation ot the charges
against the woman requested by her
father, O. L. Saunders, a member of
the legislature from York, county.
Senator from Salada
Senator Crouch of Saluda, having
Anderson City and County Will
Ask Goncrei Assembly
The,. legislative delegations of An
derson and Greenville counties will
meet in joint session in Columbia
next Thursday fdr the purpose of
considering the advisability of intro
ducing a bill looking towards assess-,
lng abutting property owners for a
share of the cost of building perma
nent roads throughout the county.
The bill giving certain cities the right!
to impose thin tax on abutting prop-'
erty has been law for some time, but
thia la the drat instance in South Car
olina, where counties will likr.'j adopt
the plan/
The'people of Anderson. County are
going to be given an opportunity, to
vote on thc question ot issuing 1300,
000 ct county bonds for good roads it
tho general assembly, ."ill pasa a bill
that has been drafted and vhich will
be pr?sentes tb the county delegation
next Thuiijdoy.
A delegation consisting ot Mayer
Lee C. HoHetnan, Alderman McClure
and Karts/ P. Smith representing
thc city connell of Anderson end Por
ter A.. Wheley. M. M. Mattison abd
William Banks, representing the
chamber ot commerce will go to Co
lumbia nest Monday afternoon to
urge the passage of the bills now In
the house of representatives giving
the city th* right to a asesa abutting
property owners for a share of, the
Cost of permanent improvements and
also increasing the limitations for is
suing bonds by the city from eight
to fifteen per cent.
read the two resolutions to th? sen-!
ate Bald:
"Here are certified coplee of reso
lutlons pnsped by thc board of re
gents, and they are made up of the
most amusing statements I have ever
seen, if it were not for the fact that
they ore so serious." Senator Crouch
referring to the second resolution,
denying any clutrges against the mor
al character of Dr. Saunders said:
"If the board were justified in pass
ing this last resolution, they made a
most egregious blunder in passing
the first."
'Tho honor of a woman ls at stake," i
cried Senator Crouch, "this matter
ought to be investigated and if thc
charges arc false; she ought to be
exonerated, and If they are true, she
should be driven out of the hospital.
The Vote
Thc vote on tho concurrent reso
lution, for Its adoption, was as fol
lows ;
Ayes-Senators Ackerman, Appelt,
Danks, Deamguard, Black, Buck, Car
t?eio Christensen Crouch Ep.rle
Epps, Goodwin, Harden, Hough, Johr.
ston, Ketchin, Lawson, Lido, Manning,
McCown, Mullins, Nicholson, Patter
son, Richardson. Hinkler. Sullivan.
Stuckey, Weston and Young-30.
Nays-Senators Clifton, Dennis, '
Gross, Johnstone, Mars, Sharp. Strait
Verner and Williams-9.
Thc debate In Ute senate lasted for
two hours, .the opposition to the in
vestigation was ciilef ly on the grounds
that Ute charges of the investigation
? .matter for a coard cf regents
of the asylum to look into and were
too small to be taken hy ?h?jgp?h.
assembly in regard to the letter irom
Senator Tillman.
At tts session tonight the senate
passed a bill repealing tho state ln-r
como tax and refused to give tho nil
road commission an inspector. I''"
Senate adjourned to meet at 10 o'clock
Anderson Visited by "Tourists"
En R?cete to San
Traveling from "Ocean to Ocean,
the Hayes' brothers. James D. ind
Charles A. Hayes, passed through
Anderdon yesterday morning, en
mute from Charleston to San Francis
co. The young men arrived in An
. oetken iv* . 'Covered ?gen, rubber -
tired end Splendidly titted up and
will umk? the entire trip in this man
ner. They . are natives of Walhalla
and have relatives tn Anderson.
J******* * ****
* Complaints have reached us
* that the piper has not been Te
* ceiveti re?dlarty by some of our s
* subscribers In the etty. We
j * regret this and can only excuse
j lt.ion theground that the carrure
* arc new to their vo?tes, and we
j ? ask that those vb j do not receive
j * their paper regularly notify us
* promptly, either by telephoning
* the office or calling In person.
c Tula ls tho only "way. for us to
.know whether or not subff;ribers
' aro getting^thcir papers, and ?re
* do not wish one of them to miss
* an .issue. By co-operating thus
* wHh us ave feel sure we shall soon
* have a trained fore* delivering
* papero. Picase do not bo afraid
.to rorke complaints, we shall ap
6 predate thom.
* * *
EYE Ri" SATITta? AT PAY pi y, j
^ _ _ ^_ -k7*-u- ' . .-".ll
- TUT ?
A? announced sometimes ago and
pat Into-operation la?H Saturday, tho
cotton milla bf thia community are'
now paying off every Saturday. (
Tilla new plan neems to be heartly
welcomed by 'all. The .grocers andi
others who supply largely the family
supply i nthe mill villages appreciate'
the new manager, act so much
for its financial ' ndva'jta?,es hut for j
th^grc ater relief given them in dali-':
vering the goois. Under the old plan
of payng off thu first und fifteenth
of Ahe month, or every two Weeks a
great many families in like quan
tities; that is they would order a two
or three weeks suply at a time and
on pay days the grocer would he
taxed to his utmost to make satis
factory deliveries. In many inflan
ees extra wagons and men won'
baVe'to be employed tc" handlo the
big pay day business.
The new plan is working Bmothlyj
and will bc appreciated even more
SS the people generaly becom ac-!
customed to it.
Sessions to be Held at Seneca Jana- ?
ary 31 and Febrmiry 1st
This association will meet cn Sat
urday, January Slst, at 2 p. m., in
the Presbytrrian church at Seneca. |
A second session will be held at the
same placo, on Sunday, February 1st,
at 10 o'clock.
Thc Saturday meeting will be
manny lor Ute purposo of electing
officers for thc ensuing year, and for
s?lection of and giving credentials
to Oconee's delegates to thc State
convention walch will meet at An-.;
deraon February 11th, 12th und 13th
Sunday*morning addresses will be
delivered by P. I. Sweeney, Clemson's
Y. M. C. A. secretary, and Prof, D. W.
Daniel, cf Clemson. College, both
Sunday School workers in our ?pun?
asked tr? Irring tb i:- >. -of!
Suud*y ?chool super???**'?'?'?"?*? "life
Urged to bring tho matter before
thru* schools next Sunday, and to at
tend, bringing their 'beat --workers.
with them, tho b?mnty ?o'nvent??ci. ^
. ii f -tr *r <v A -"v ?*1
, -;"? ? .-'?".cl
Saturday Will Bc Spent OB Looa!
Columbia. Jan. 23.-Tho house ac
cepted an invitation extended by the
Florence delegation to visit the
?outb Carolina industrial school
near Florence on Friday, January 20.
The bill providing for the election
of a United States senator under the
provisions) of the fol oral direct pri
mary law waa taken up by the house
and passed to third reading aa a
special order.
The Harper compulsory school at
tendance bill was,made a special or
der toy the house .for. next Tuesday
when the debate upon its passage
will be opened.
The house committee,on medical
affairs reported favorably on the
ju?Bs?fv requiring ihe gathering ot
vital statistlcn in South Carolina re
commended by thc State Medical As
'Mr. Wyerie of Sparenburg and Mr.
McMllan of Marion, Jointly introduced
in the house thia morning a bill pro
viding for thc establishment of a pel
lagra hospital by thc state and tho
creation of a commission to study
the cause of the- mysterious disease.
j >?!^?3**1 A???mfciiy ol Sooth Car?
olma Has Tho Question
Before It
Columbia, Jan, 23.-The feminist
movement struck the bouse of repre
sentatives thia mo nins io tbs form
nf two billa, one providing for votes
for wotton and the other providing for
lue admission to procuro taw. Hot!,
measures wer? introduced toy M>. Mfc
Ml'?n o' Marion, odo of the youngest
iataxfcers ol tho house, and both billa
wera rsU*r?d to-the judiciary commit
iiiiniiuuj Ul
Falling Off h$9* to Cutting of!
Re?eip? \{|?Pm Hosiery
Columbia, Jail! I.:.--Financial state
ment for the ewe penitentiary wat
Issuoa yestcrde^fuy D. J. Griffith
superintendent. Tao statement will bi
included in his remuai report ,.t<fl
bo made to the |?pSrat; assembly.
C&nh receipts 4?the year amount
cd to $100,70??jBB?Lt the clo?e ol
"1912 the offlcialiPld $102,746.70.
"Thc crops o|ttc state farms,'
says thc report^qBrilh thc exceptlot
of tho cotton, ^tjret%ood. The fanni
produce plcr4jrJB^orn and . wheal
/for flour to ?utfpSBti?e convicts on thc
farms and at tl?Senitentlary ant!
hay to sell. The wye stock are ell
ba good shape ant}}'.the lands are all
improving in value to the. Mate. J
iP. Harling, J. H. Irby and 6. A. Lind
say. managers of the farms, are firsi
class farmers and'
and work hard
"The financial
-does not show cr
for the reason
the year 1912 f<
for hire of
.Du rit
business mer
ie be* results,
of* the report
?jr mill
and re
6M. Accqieeta duo amt.. avullabh
amounted ^?D $8,500. The directo ri
bave 345,. f?ales of cottony, unsold
t Valued ati?20,700. :
Following la the financial sta tom cn
[.for tim state prison:
-De3au*surd Farm, Dr.
Prod ?Q on hand. Doo. 31,
. $14,587,61
Pey rolls_._ 2,956.0.
Coc?misary account. 1,527.7'
Fertiliiere... 7,109.61
Go ?ital SUferplisa-1. 5,60S.ii
Balance, net earnings. 12,572.41
DeSaesKYiro Farm, Cr.
Sale 195 bales cotton.$13,135.3.
140 bales cotton on hand
iostlmaied) .8.120.01
Cash and prodeco. 7,835.21
Produce on hand, Dec. SI,
Bf;/1913. 15,171.2;
I 'J|;Y $44,261.7!
Statement of financial results:
Bold Farm, Dr.
Produce on hand, Doc iJK
1012 %. $it?,'JlG.G
Fay rolla. 2*5*S
Cemmisary account. 1,581.2
Fertilisera. 7,108.4
General supplies. 3,832.6
Balance, net earnings .- 13,499.9
$4 5,795.6
DeSsussare Farm, Cr.
Sale 207 bales cotton .....$14,692.5?
100 bales colton cn hand
(estimated). 5.920.?I
Cash and produce. 9,138.1!
Produce on hand. 16,045i0t
Mr. H. C. Townsend
In Dying Conditio*
Ail Anderson was saddened yestr
day by the report that caree frc??
the Anderson County Hospita!, re
gardtug the condition. of Mr. H. C
Townsend, The reports, 'wert to tilt
effect that he was in a dying condi
tion, and whib> since Cnrlatmas da]
whe-.t he bad had s very close sall 1
bad been expected that he woub
have a hard time to get well, th?
nowa from his bedside wss indee?
Mr. Townsend has been confined ti
the hospital since the 16th of Oeto
ber. when bis office building wa
burned and be waa caught in as?te
in? arre for eec Kunoay BcBeel
Mr. J. Shrove Durham, of ihe In
ternational Sunday School Associa
tion of Chicago State Sunday School
wtl be one of tho speakers of the con
vention. Mr. Durham waa at tua cou-}
vention a few years ago in Spartan
burg and made a fine impression on
the Sunday school workers of the
State. The elementary work for the
convention will be Sn thc hands of
Mira Mary Foster Dryner, of Chicago,
who io ? great favorite with the ele
mentary .vorkert.' of lilith Carolina.
Mrs. Syrier will he most ably assist
ed by '..irs. Mury Fawcett Hurts, of
Spartanburg, who ls State elementary
superintendent. There will be several
noted denominational leaders from
outEide thc State.
Rev. Vf. 1. Herbert of Sumter, is
president ol' tho association and will
preside at all tho main cc?nons of
thc convention. Hov. W. il. K. Pen
dleton, chairman of tuc State execu
tive committee, will uVpal?e ut the
anual meeting of that committee,
which will be held tn tho Uaptlnt
church on Tuesday evening, Feb. 10,
fl After the business su.*;lon, the ?n
I nual srslon. the annual banquet will
.j bc held tn tho dining room of the
i j church, 'i ho executive committee,
J consists cf ri!i>- four men one from
t| each county and ten at large. The
i\ banquet for this committee is one
li of the most pleasant features of the
[ . whole conrctitton.
A number of denominational con
i ferences aro to be held on HYiH-ty afj
tcrnoon, Feb. 18,.- These conferences
are to be in the hands of th denomt
?attonal leaders and will be largely
atended. On Friday evning there
will be a parade of 2,000 men and
.boys. This will bc ooo of the grcat
r witnessed in the
State. Each mali wilt 'corry &
lighted , emnlnm of tbs organisai
proceeded .by a conference ted by ;
one of tho most faxnour- superinton
dents in the South.
Marlboro Man Wim Forced Soil
to Yit.U Record Prize ts Rare
Chrsmpion .
Blenheim, Jan. 24-A man of mos? I
agreeblo rorsc-allty. a gentleman of
wthe old rchool, ls Capt. Z. J. Drake
i of Blenheim. who rt?i holds the rec
i. ord os thc c'uuv.ploa corn grower of
-j the world.' He ki.n mea of raro Intel
) loctual gifts, and altltough nearly, If
j not quite 70 yep.ru of age. can quote
passeges from B?ros and Scott and
other famous authors with the ready
and graceful ea?o of youth. Also he
ls a mathematician of high order, and
few can excel him In that branch.
? He ls a man of most cordial and
hospitality disposition and the strang
er, be he evr so lowly, s sure of a
ktodly reception at hts door. In
Irpth. it may be justly said that hts
heart beats warmly and kndly. to
ward his fe'.cw sion, and & Hst of hi?
benmara IQH?
.would be a long ooe indeed.
Many a man who had grown ?66
3-4 bushels of corn to the aero would
.ikowise have grown rich In the dis
position of the seed and tn the dts
semioattonof advice, but not sow Ith
Capt. Drake. Ho Would not have it
HO. He would not take advantage of
his own success to win wealth from
his less fortunate fellows.
Modest a nuns da us
.Modest and. unassuming, one woul-1
scarcely believe that he had woo such
a splendid trophy from the soil. But
the record stands yet unreached by
others, with Marlboro county lead
ing the vanguard of the cora growers
of the world. They press hard toward
the mark for the prise, but Capt
Drake leads them yet.
the-Calling wall J. one leg being bro
ken tn several places. He has berne
his suffering with great fortitude, aad
not until two days ago waa he told
that tn the opinion of the physicians
ho could not get well.
Representing aa he does so mach
of progress and development tn An
derson and belog auch an exemplary
maa. In - his christian character and
fair and sq oars dealings, air. Town?
send's death would bo a loss just at
this time which Anderson will feel
sscst sadly.
ewe TDAiyiun ?
?inIL iimiiiinu i
Columbia. Jan. 23.-The House Fri
day by a vote of 67 to 40 agreed to
the eHtabllshrcent by the State of in
dustrial and textile schools in coun
ties lu which more than' 2,000 people
are engaged in the cotton mill indus
try. The bill provides for the appro
priation ot S5,00'Jfor establishment
of the schools in counties which have
the sufficient number of workers tn
mill and for the appropriation each
year of 85,000 for the maintenance of
the school*.
Tho bill was strongly supported by
its author. Mr. Clement Haynsworth,
of Greenville. Mr. W. F. Stevenson,
of Chesterfield, Mr. Boyd of Spartan
Tho advocates of themeas ure point
ed out that it would give the work
ers in the mills a chance to receive
expert training in their calling and at
the snmc time any of them who wish
ed to do so could earn a living in the
mills while they attended school.
Local Backet Ball Team Came
Off Victorious in Game
Probably S33 people, stood on the{
side lines and enUtuslastically cheered
Friday afternoon a;- UK
High School- basset bail team
'While both teams pitt up a splendid
game, the Anderson team showed the
result of more careful training and
much of the credit for the victory b?
longs to the local team.
The following WOB the line-up pre
seated when the referee's whistle
was blown by Mus Rosamond Bur
dine of Hones Path:
Frances Major, Captain.
Carrie Moore. Sara Balley, For?
Gierma Barrett, Mattie Bolt,
Claudia Martin, Lena Clark, Field
Frances White. Captain.
Grace Campbell, Annie Little, For
Fannie Holcombe. Bessie Wilson,
Rosa Mae Austin, Amanda Shirley,
Cheer leader-The Unknown.
Ea&Meiastte Meeting Held Last ]
Night-Plans Made for
Future Work
. A meeting of the Palmetto Rifle
men was held last- night st which]
tims plans for the future were dis
cussed end those members present |
bec?mc enthusiastic over lue out
The mealing was called to ordor
about 8:30 .o'clock with Lieutenant
J. J. Trowbridge presiding ena lt
wss unanimously decided to bring
the company up to a higher etat?
of perfection than it nae recently |
It waa unanimously decided that
a drill ba held next Thursday night
at 7:30 oTcloek Ona on the Sam)
evening refreshments will be served.
It ia urged that every member of tho
company who dealreal ter continue his
active work'with tba organisation be
C. B. Fretwell of Macon, Ga., waa |
among the business visitors to An
dersen yesterday.
tf?fifii o
The successful conduct of a school
of this kind at Spartanburg under tko
control of the Methodist d?nomination
at the Spartan mil's was pointed out.
The bill was opposed chiefly because
it henefitted only the Piedmont coun
ties and a few others in which Vie
mill population ls above 2,000.
Mr. Stevenson made a ringing .
speech in favor of the bill, although
there, are no cotton mUlo tat his cou*?
ty. The* measure waa supported by
the entire Piedmont membership of
the house and by the whole Charles-*
ton delegation. The strongest/ argo?
ment advanced In favor of the Mir
waa that the schools would giro th?:
mill operatives a chance to obtain a
good education as well aa a technical
training in their calling at a mini?
All the members of the Anderson
delegation voted for the bill.
C & W. C Railway HM Pais)
Sara of $3,000 ra CM? of |
Wm. H. Chancellor
A *av imerc-s*. it Au?Vr.-,
reason . '. tue tact'tl-?v t? s.sT I
.hearing <A other ?iuil.ur :cu?;?
HHnifnt' a." plot??, "xi. t.*?inf ^a?fj"-"
Market -rtet owned by ne n?gn?.
T';* ?at been a rs* t interesting
c?se in fiery respe . . Tl.? railroad
t.ts rccoutly spent some'hlne i.ke
like tWuQO in ooa .clio:? with itv
Andern Improvement/: and amcag
the other real estate necessary for
these improvements was the let -
owned by Chancellor, lt fronts 35
feet on Market street and runa back
71 feet When the condemnation
proceedings were first begun the at?
tornoys hr'fie cass, K-sc? ? SulU*
van, for the negro . and Bontuuny
Watkins tc Allen for the railroads
agreed on an arbitration board bot
this, board waa unable to agree and
a third party to constitute tho
board or to agree as to the wort)?
of the property. The case waa the*
tried before a jury which found for
th? negro and the raliway company
gare notice of an appeal. ??GwsT?r,
thia appeal waa yesterday abandon*
ed and the ifum of $3,OOO waa paid
over to tho negro's attorneys by the
railway company.
Salvation Army
To Have Big Raiiv
The local post of the Ssl vatio?
Army is looking forward to a big
it Imo next woek. Ensign A. Belcher,
officer in charge of the local work,
announces that W. B. Mabee, Staff
captain and. one of tho editors r * tko
"War Cry'* is expected hero ea a
Kvisit . >
Captain Mabee ban traveled widely
end ia a dose friend ot Miss Eva
Booth aad of Booth Tuekev, two ??
the highest officers of tho Salvation'
tArmy. Ensign Belcher declare? that
Capt. MafecU \n a beettttful singer asZ
is a remarkable speaker. Special ?tft??
.vices have been arranged aa foltoss??
Thursday night, Jai?|ary afta, 1S14,
at the Central Presbyterian dum*?
Invocation. pr? H. W. Prase* '
introduction.Rev. D. W. Dodge
Address_ .. ROT. J. V. Blaefe
Friday night. January 3ttth, 15?4?
at tho Court House:
invocaUon . Rev. J. W. Sneak*?
Introduction, Mayor Lee G. Holism id
Address..'. Staff-Captain Mab?Je
Benediction.Hf, J, V. V?ao?
Ensign Belcher Invite* everybody fa
Anderson to theo? services. . Whits
in Anderson Capt. Mabee wll preps r?
a '-?rite ap* ot the dty of Ander-o^tf
to bo published in tho "War Cry. '

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