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VOL. 1. No. 12. n^kir. Established 1880: Dalli. Jan. 13,1*14. ANDERSON, S. C. SUNDAY MORNING, JANUARY 25, 1914. PRICE FIVE CENTS. $5.00 PER ANNUM.
His State Wide Exeperience and Hrs Progressive Spirit Would
Mean Much for Anderson College Winch is Now Enjoying
a Fine Year Under Dr. Vines Who is Doing Double Duty
At au early hour Sunday morning
Tbc Intelligencer learned from a cor
respondent lu Colunibin that Mr. W.
H. Hand bad cone tided to accept the
presidency of he Anderson College
but would make no statement for
publication, tearing the matter en
?rely In the bands of Mr. R. S. Ligon
to bc announced. The Columbia cor
respondent steted that that office had
tried without ecect to get Mr. Ligon
over the 'phone, hot that there Is no
Mr. Hand's acceptance docs not
come ns an cutir? surprise, uliiiough
it is not yet official,
The management of Anderson Col?
lege has for he last year been Io' the
hands of Dr. J. V. Vines. It Was with
reluctance that Ur. Vines, added
tMs great work to his already tre
jjtciido'.!" responsibility as nssor of
the largest church In the state, bot
tbat he hus handled the acaire With
great success has been pleasing to
doubt of the fart that Mr. Hand I?
coming to Anderson.
Tho Daily Intelligencer had tho
pleasure of staling a fen days ago
that Mr. Hand had had this matter
"ii dev fut ot able consideration. Ile
came to Anderson last Tuesday und
brought Mrs. Hand with him. They
were entertained st the beaut ifni and
hospitable home of Mr. and Mi-*. (\ S.
Saliivaa, and it is known ths> Mrs.
Hand expressed great admiration for
the. city of Anderson. The-news, of
eil of the friends of the college. Dr.
Vines was ono ' of the first io ?eg
gest the name of Mr. Hand, and fae
h:\n urged the well known school aaa.
to take the position. Mr. Hand was.]
for several years superintendent of ?
the schools ut Chester and is now J
supervisor of high schools. It i?
understood that he wilt COOM to An
derson with the understanding that j
be be' allowed to carry ont the board*? ]
Intention to make this college unique
as the his hen t of all the nish grade I
colleges In the state.
Haitian Revolution
?ft Gaining Headway
Port A?^Princ?, Jan. 24.-The re"o
lutlonary/movement is gaining head
wayJ in /he southern portion of Ha
waii ana the position of the govern
ment is considered critical. The au
thorities at Port Au Prince, however,
(hope'to chock Ute movement and pre
vent disorders, but the absence of
foreign warships for the protection of
foreign residents is regretted.
In an interesting letter .from our
Six and Twenty ' correspondent, re
ceived too .late for publication In this
Issue',' we. leam that Mrs. Hester
Watkins, mother of Mr. Jas. Watkins.
ls very ill with pneumonia. She is
SO years old and her many Monds
are fearful cf thc outcome
Cyclone In G-crgia
Destroy* House*
Moultrie, ?a., Jan. 24-A dozen j
buildings were wrecked and many
trees , uprooted by a tornado which I
ploughed its way through an outlying
section of Moultrie, today. So far
as ls known, no person was seriously
?injured. The tornado, accompanied
iby a torrential downpour of rain,
passed from west, to east, taking
down a planing mill, a dry kiln, and
several small houses ls tts path.
Postoffice Bill
Record Breaker!
Washington. Jan. lb.-The post of
fice appropriation bill carrying a rec?
ord-breaking total of $$05.000,000.
was passed today by ?the house. It
includes an amendment which ex
Women and Children
f j
Massacred By Rebels
Mexico City, Jan. 24.-One hundred]
T'JS?? asd children - &o twit,-, 11
soldiers were in* sean rod, by rebels
recently near Vanesas, north of San
Luis Potosi, according to reports
received hers Saturday.
The soldiers, with the women; sur
rendered to the rebels and were tnk
" . ' ? . ;; .
en to a ranch near Matehuala, where
Iii? hutchftry itt txlUkpA in har* OC
Maj. Rebelo and Capt. F.'imjerea
and a handtoll ot men wert the only
ones to escap-Y They arrived here to
day bringing news ofthe affair which
occurred several days sgo. .
tends to post office clerks, letter car
riers, rural delivery carriers, mounted
letter carriers and post office mes
sengers, for injuries received on duty,
lull salary fqr one year, after in
Jury with an additional salary for an
other year if necessary, and a $2,
000 ij;iynieni in case of death.
Washington, Jan. 24.-Capt. Wil
liam P. Fullam, Secretary Daniels'
aide for personnel, it was announced
today, will bwoaie superintendent o?
the naval academy at Annapolis, re
lieving Capt John li. Gibbons, who
will assume command of Oie battle
ship I .mi siana. Feb. 7. Secretan
Daniel? has not announced Capt. Fus
hun's successor as aide' for person* i
The Bil! For Votes For Women Mas
Killed. i
Columbia, Jan. 21.-The votes for)
Women bill died without u struggle
in the house Saturday morning when]
it waa unfavorably reported by the j
judiciary committee. Its young ap-j
thor. Mr. Nhc-MUlan of Marlon, made|
no attempt to save lt. Apparently I
he Introduced tho suffrage bill mere-i
ly to have a little fuu.
Local Bill Dead
The Dally Intelligencer learns that
Oie bill' to provide for Ute asess
ment of taxes on abutting prop
erty, in ordo to have paved streets
waa ki"ed in the house hy Mr. J. A.
Hol i had tho bill tabled and
th . drew IL 'We ?re informed
tba-, mit was a senate bill and lacked
hut one reading in th? hbueo to bo
law. This SO tili v-t u'ch
hes .been endorsed by etty council
and the Chamber of Commerce and
was a copy cf the acta j relating to
other cities. There is time y??t to
got another, bill through, however.
. -flaTTersIry'Tllrla^
Columbia. S. C., Jan, 24.-Favorable
action was taken Saturday by the
ways and means committee of the
house on the Joint reoolutlon hy Rep
resentative Lumpkin of Richland
County, providing for Ute co-ordi
nation of the university of South
Carolina and the College for Women
at Columbia, and transferring the
property - of Ute latter o the former.
The property of hte College for.
Women ts valued at 9250.000 and the
resolution provides that 9100.000 must
be raised by popular subscriplon for
the improvement cf thia college. Nine
directors r.ro provided to control Ute
College tor Women, nil to be select
ed by. Ute university trustees.
The Purdon Roll
Columbia. S. C.. Jan. 24.-Gov.
Colo Blease today replied to tho legis
lature":: proposal to strip him uf the
power of executive clemency by com
muting the sentences of fourteen con
victs in the ' state penitentiary, in
cludng four musterers. This brings
tho governor's commutators for Jan
uary up to rory. AU that' number
will be put at work on the roads In
in4??i?.n . .inj?. ' -?-1
-H*" - - .. "-^ ? -----*'- .-??.??-*...
sentences. Among Ute fourteen com
mutations, seven were sentences of
pr iso ne ra from Spartanburg County.
Approximately forty convicts have
been released from the state prison
this month by Otis procedure. Gov.
DloaSf. contends that Ute convcta will
be oii greater. service on the county
: Change of I ront I \
Columbia, Jan. 2-1.-- Th? asylum in
vestigation was in circet. asked by
Governor Bleaso In his special mes
sage to Oto legislature, transmitting
a letter which Senator Tillman had
wiStis? ~ member of Ole Legislature.
NotwiUtsisndlng this fact Bleaso
forces- in the legislature have almost
to a man fought the investigation
while Ute antirBlcase forces have de
manded IL
As the resolution was offered - by
Representative Stevenson lt ts prob
able tiiat he will be chairman of the
investigation committee.
Alaska Rejoices
Ove? the Big Graft
Seattle. Wash., Jan. 24.-As scon as
news of the passage today by Ute sen
ate of thr Alaska railway bill was
received in Seattle, bombs were
thrown jato the air and a band and
wagons bearing banners paraded
-through the streets. The toannera
.?oOUfi??d that Ote senate had passed
ths bill and that a great celebration
waa being prepared to take place
ter President Wilson had signed/ the
Alaska is also preparhoaf a ce?ebra
tto*. ? W%
KA? fi" rvrr* inc.
Over $40,000 Additional to Re
cen! Outlay la to Be Spent
On the Power Plant
Mr. li. A. Orr,'general manager of
the Anderson plant of the Southern
Public Utilities Company, has just
returned from New York where he
has been purchasing some machinery
for the plant nt Fortunan Shoals.
In addition .to the electric genera
tors recently ordered, and shipped,
the company1 arter receiving a Qve
year renewal or its contract, decided
to spend about 140,000 additional on
modern and improved water turbines.
Four of these ?ave been purchased
and will be shipped in the next 40
. Mr. Orr stated that Mr. W. S. Lee
had Just returned to' Now York with.
Mr. Z. V. Taylor from a trip to. a
point above- Quebec, Canada, wbero
Mr. J. Ek DukQ ^ having great over
tures made hhm. to spend a lot of
money la developing water power and
As to ??rrii . cc??i?icnr My. Orr had
not had time t?. inform himself and
Bays-that the -comnany has acted Inj
good faith a.11 tho way through and
ho deena'. cecwpany can
Washington, Jan. 24.~Senator New
lands la|e ,-today Introduced thc Inter
state trada^aoomailssioQ bill, previous
ly presented In the house by Repre
sentad ve Clayton. It's appearance lo
the senate ?md' been delayed' by do
nate on tho Alaskan railway meas
IWashington, Jan. 24.-Fo
Fair, coldtr Sxnday, prob
Monday fair, cokW east porti
j nof^lj winds.
Only Eight Young Men Want
To Go To Either Naval
Or Army School
it had been expected that there J
would be a large number of. young!
men to r.opear for the examination
hold .Saturday for the'scholarships to
Annapolis and West Point, Qmt such
wea not the case. All told there were
only eight young men Co'appear wheo
the examination was started yester
W. W. Bradley of Abbeville, secre
tary to Congre*wT?An wyatt Aiken,
was in charge of tho elimination and
notwithstanding me fact that there
ere two scholarships vacant nod both
ot these open , to the entire third con
gressional distrie?, there were only
eight applicants when the examina
tion V AS started.
Mr. Bradley stated yesterday that
certain bianka on the examination
forms gave the young men sn oppor
tunity te sute which of the etfo
scholar .tbipe they desired and r also
that the age limit would materially
affect thia, as there is ? difference
between the two schoarshtps.
The following ls a list of tbote Whp
were registered et th? court house as
trying for the positions. Thomas
Davis. Clemson College; W. M. Les
ter, Clemson College; BL W. Tarking
ton, Croenwood; E. C. Norman. Sen
eca; Charoo Daniels. Anderson; Guy
Cromer. Anderson; J. F. Agnew, Due
Weet; Wv P. Kennedy, Due West.
Mr. D4eksoa of Anderson county,
also stood the examination but ow
ing to his inability to reach this etty
tor the examination lt was given by
Col. Bond, '.he ?up? ri aten dent of Ure
Citadel Academy at Charleston. Tho
?sane examisMlon papara ware used
aa those at the local" examination.
. *'?? v.
- I
A Number of Prizes Offered-j
Anderson has been Catting .
"rot. J. M. B?rgel;? of -liaison Col-i
lego, lias tent The tnirUigoncer a
I?rogram of the anneal <::cer'.r.g of!
the South Carolina ?leek association >
which ls to be held in Coiun.j'.u Feb-j
mary 4, 5 and G.
? The butter contest for that occa
sion will be a big event. Anderson ;
county uhHially'showa up well, Nr.
M. D'. Richardson of Pendleton hav-i
lng taken numerous first prizes.
Mr. Jas. lt. Mslntosh of Doneevllle,
ls the president of tho association[
and Prof. Burgess is secretary ?md!
treasurer. Ateon** the twaUom willi
bo J. H. HcClaln of Washington, D.
C.; A. C. Haskell of Augusta, Ga., Al
vin J. Reed of RaleUh. Vt; C.; R. H. i
Mason of Clemson 'College; Prof. F?.
S. ?heilds of Clean.on; J. A. Klor
nou of Birmingham, Alu.; Phil Q.
Honer of Taylorsvilie, Ul.; Ur. E. M.
Nlgbert of Atlanta; Pref. W. W.
Long of Clemson; Dr. S. S. Under of!
Union; Frank Cv Hara of Clemson;]
T. C Moss. St. Matthewa; J. TJ Wiatt,
Clemson and Dr. Sorrell of Spartan-J
in the butter scoring contest, $25
^fn-cad?v- ?411 be dividei? tutoohg all
'contestants-?<ho receive a score of
more than 90. Tho amount ot cash
will be in proportion to the score.
Other prizes will be a silver trophy !
cup, a barrel churn, a butter worker,
a package of Wyandotte cleanser; [
parchment paper for wrapping but
ter, -inscriptions to periodicals, etc.!
recast:-Stulls Carolina
ably close to f/sTxine; at night;
yat, tr~d:;r?t? northwest to
Former Anderson County Man
Dropped Dead at the As?
Of 72
A telegram wes received in An
derson yesterday, from Jack county,'
Texas, to the effect that Joseph B.
Moore had dropped .dead at Ms home
there. The message was received in
Anderson st about 3 o'clock and waa
sent to S. E. Moore, who ls a son of
the deceased.- -
Mr. Mooro was an Anderson coun
ty, mon, having been the leader of a
Red Shirt company. in Anderson in
the' days of '76, He has a number
of relatives in ell parts of the
county and. there are many Ander
eon county people who knew him
Mr. Moore moved to Jack county in
the year 1810 and .hoe made hts
home there since that time, engaging
In farming. Two brothers of his also
lived-in the Mme county, hut bo
of these d.'cd. Two other brothers,
John B. Mooro, who waa once an at
torney ia Anderson and Byron Moore
now living in California. Mr. Moore
visited Anderson about two years ago
during a reunion at Chattanooga.
Mr. Moor? married Mies Mollie
Dobbins, an Anderson county woman,
who preceded him to the grave seve
ral ye ?rs._
Great Plans for tho
Woodman Banquet
Talking of 'Jue pions and prepara
tions for the banquet which will
shortly be held for Willow Comp Na
2? of tho Woodmen of the World, Dr.
M. UL Campbell tadd yesterday that
Ce adair would be one o? the biggam
v .t iiu-i u? tuc f?t foi ??i? Vt ?vuuicu i
ci tho World of Anderson.
lt is planned to hold the banquet
rome tune in February and a commit*
tee assisting ot 0. N. CV Boloman.
N. R. Oreen, L. O. Honoycutt, Dr. S.
C.. Hreedln and Dr. Campbell will
shortly announce li. whota hands the
? eervlng of the banquet will be plac
! ed.
Dr. Campbell said yesterday that
owing to the fact that there ure
about 400 nu mi be rs ot Willow fa mp,
lt had bees decided best to have on
ly the members of that camp present
at the banquet Therefore Lhere aro
to be no ladles or members of other
landon, Jan. 24.-The powers of
Europe have decided ou a delinite
International detaronstratlon In Alba
nian waters to enforce their demands
that EB sad l'urha give up his claim
to tlie throne ot Albania. Each na
tion will send one ?hip to Durusto.
This action also ls taken us an in
timation to Turkey that the future
of Albania ls s European tuition. In
event of Essad Pasha yielding before
the arrival of Durazr.n of the Inter
national fleet, the ships will bc utiliz
ed to welcome Prince Wdlliam of
Wied, selected by the European na
tions to sit on the Albanian throne.
Washington, .Ian. 24.-By a vote o
46 tc 16, the Hsnate late today passed
the Alaska railway bill, directing the
pressent to purchase or construct
1,000 ?>Uea. of reit way In Alaska at
a cos?, not to exceed 140,000,000.
Washington, Jan. \ 24.-Problems
facing leaders in congress who are
to pilot nntl-truBt l?gislation through
joth houses were emphasized Satur
day when floods of sup ?tions pour
ed in by mall and telegraph.to sup
plement prnvirVn- ..<. ?iie tentative
bills already made public
^Sft?^ay.v.Ti.; . .
magnates oftertfwo , secret committee
afessioaY today Issued two optimistic
reports-one that 127 playera had
been signed, 88 of. tho major leag
uers and the other that tho construc
tion of all stands would be under way
next week.
Cardiff, WWe*. Jan. 24.-Boee*
dior Wells tonight knocked out Pigot,
a French heavyweight, In the nr&*.
Washington, Jan. ~34.r-The family
circle at the white house was com
plete tonight for tho first time In two
months. Mr. and Mrs. Franst?
Bowes Sayre reached Washngton
tate today after a two month's honey
moon trip in Europe.
Chicago, Jan. 24.-A Paris cable
gram quoting Jack Johnson, the prize
fibhtcr, as saying lt cost him 925,
GC9 to e BC ape from Chicago, Where
he had been convicted of violating
the white slave act, resulted in de
nial from the Federal building today
New York, Jan. 24.-The statement
of the actual condition of clearing
house banks and trust companies for
the week shows that they hold 838,
085,760 reserve la excess of legal re
quirements.- ' This ls a decrease of
85,045,900 from last week.
Chief J. V. Elgin? of the Fire De
partment expects to leave, for Ken?
tucky tonight to purchase a horse to
be used in tho tournament races In
thb state. Ile was around the square
Wednesday and i Thursday soliciting
subscriptions to be used for this pur
pose, and he expects to bear his own
expenses to Kentucky in order to get
what he wants. The local members
o; the d?pannent will contribute as
much as the citizens give toward the
-purchase of this horse. The horse
? will also be used to the llyht hose
! wagon in case of fire. By this means
I much efficiency will be added to the
department us agcod horse to the
light wagon can make it to a fire
quicker thea he two horses lo the
heavier wagon.' Those that haven't
contributed to the fund can do HO to
day. Aay members of the department
will be glad to rote!ve lt.
Miss Dora Qefciberg will leave to
day for the Northern marketa to pur
chase the spring supply of goode for
her Tnercantlle1 ekablishment._
Relying on W
HVe?r York, Jan. 24.-Tho week's
buoyant rise In the stock market
pointed to definite improvement of
th* <fivMtm?nt nMlilnn. Pornign fi
nancial fogrtiet* wo swept decis
ively into the movement.
President Wilson's message to con
gress on anti-trust legislation, waa
taken to mark, o'culmination lp the
adjustment of relit ions between gov
ernment and business. Toe volun
He Has Been a Sterling Citizen
and a Splendid Christean
The news from the Anderson coun
ty hospital at 3:30 8ucd<sy morolas
was that Mr. Henry Claud Town^
send was barely alive, but might sur
vive for several boors. iMr. Town
send had been sinking for several
days, and has been unconscious.
There ts absolutely no hope. - Hto
family and other relatives were 1 st
his bedside lest night, and tb? loving
care of physicians nres with han ?fi
through the night.
The people of Anderson have besa
shocked and saddened by the grave
turn to Mr. Townsend's illness, and lt
ls possible that nothing has so touch
ed the peoi-'e with genuine sorrow as
the news that this saan, so virile.'?
pulsing with Ufe and energy ead
spirit WAS slowly passing into ts?
great beyond. But all realise that
it is hi? loved ones and th? city gt
Anderson who will loss ???d pot I"
for all is well with Ctaud Tornas!
vit ls a sweet consciousness io
who love him to know that'his
been a well spent life, though. H
difficult to . understand a providence
which Bhould threaten to take .bin
away now.
iMr. Townsend ls a native of
lower part of the Btate, having
horn on John's Island, adjacent
the city of Charleston.. His aged ,
is injured" *
tcfflooblle accident. Mr. J. H. To*
Mend moved to this county while his
son was quite smaU and.in that way
eland-Townsend has been identified
with Anderson through all ot the "ac
tive y ?ars of his life,
(Mr. Townsend began his business'
career sa a lumber merchant In con
nection with Mr. J. E. Bartoi. tnt
after ? few years ot copartnership h?
launched out for himself,. ertaJoltia
In* a mngnlncpnt clientele In a gene
ral builders' material business. He
has bena interested in many other
lines of work, owning and operating
the Townsend Twine Mill, which has
ned a most prosperous and suooesafsl
career. He bas been one of the bnild
ers of Anderson. North Main and
Bari? streets have. several sapien
tial buildings which were built with
(Continued on page 4.)
Textile School Bill
Delayed In Transit
Columbia. Jan. 24.-The Hayss
worth bill establishing textile and In
dustrial schools In counties with a
population of moro than 2,000 milt
operatives, war. not sent to the Baa
ste Saturday, but was held over un
til Monday on a motion to recommit
!t m?ids by Mr. Sissier ci Hcrry, ^rii
opposed its passago Friday.
Mr. Stanley Saturday cunning ask
ed the unanimous consent of th?
house to amend the bill to make Its
provision applicable to the Horry in
dustrial school establl'iVeid br Dr.
F. O. Watson, one of the leading
Methodist ministers of the State, wb?
held a charge in Columbia beton
going to Horry contar to found an
industrial school to assist poor boys
and girls to get an education.
Mr. Stanley asked that he be air
lowed to make the Haynaworth bill
Inclule the Horry school. There w??
objection to the Stanley amendment:
Consequently, Mr. (Maley nvovisd "ta
recommit the bill, which would base
put an end to H had the motton pre*
Debate on the motton to recommit
.was adjourned until Monday, lt M
believed that the Stanley amendment
may be included In the bill and twb
K will be sent to the aenttSBSffe*
bill aler a bard fight against its pas?
?ag? was ordered to third reading?
Mrlday by a vote of ?7 to 40. _
ts Are Strong
tary compliance with the Sherman
raw by oorporattouc recently ?ortt?to?
the president's assertion that "th? an
tagonists between business ?.na ?*?
frovermneat ls over." His emphasis
on th? . inesperable connection : be?1
tween the "prosperity of the rafl?
roads and tho prosperity of the coun
try" WAS Interpreted In favor of tM
higher freight rates sosi&t ty east
ern earners.

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