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VOL.1, No. 13. ireeklr, Estettbaea 18IO| Dally, Ja?. SS, ?ll - ANDERSON. S. C. TUESDA^ MORNING, JAKUARY 27, 1314. PRICE FIVE CENTS. $5.00 PER ANNUM.
Coast Country Swept from South
era California to British
(Bv Associated Press.)
Los Angeles, Jan. 26.-ThTee men
?were drowned, a hoy was reported to
have lost hie life, many persons were
driven from their homes; buildings
were damaged and steam and electric
railway traffic was either tied up or
seriously interrupted in Southern
California today as the result of the
rain which deluged this section in the
last twenty-four hours.
The deaths were those of Louis
Jone?, a retired banker of .Ytontecito;
Hugh Ffrear Hoven, said to be a Chi
cago capitalist, drowned star Mon
rovia, and Rico Rodriguez who drown
ed near "Whittier. An unidentified boy
was said to have beeb swept into the
Los Angeles river. ...
For ten miles along the Fio Hondo,
near Mbntabello, ranchers were ma
rooned. The Southern Pacific; the
San Pedro, Loe Angeles and Salt
Lake and tho ?ant? F5 railroads ail
suffered .from this deluge.
Damage to highways lu Los Angeles
county alone is estimated at $500.000.
At Seattle, Wash., .the wind attain-,
ed a velocity of sixty miler, an hour,
the highest since the establishment of
the .weather bureau there.
At Ganta Barbara, Cala, Louis
Jones, a wealthy retired banker, ad
his wife whose heme waa at Monte
cito were drowned yesterday in a
flood fi om the mountains caused by a
At atperjSi Utah, an avalanche,
eweeping clown the mountain sido
here today snuffed out three lives and
seriously injured three other persons.
Four heroes*-apsr? giflWnd to splinters.
Every tree in the beth of th* Icy
mass wau* snapped off at tho roots.
The bodia* of Mrs. Anne Packo
vitch auf two greek miners were re.
covered shortly after they met their
deaths, trapsed in their hornea.
Prominent Business Man Passes
Away After Long Illness
Well Known Here
Bipedal to The Intelligencer.
Greenville, Jan. 27.---Frank Ham
mond, one of Ute best known men in
South Carolina and one of Green
ville's most prominent citizens, died .
ut his homo in Greenville this morn
ing at 1:30 o'clock" at the age of 6?. .
For several months - Mr. I Lammond
had been in miling health and for the
last few weeks he had been desperate
ly 111.
' Itr. HamjnacOd wab prominnt in fi
nanriel circles throughout the State,
. at tho time of his death being presi
dent of the People's Bank of Green
ville and a director in a numtoer of
business iuatitutlons of the city. At
' one time he waa. president of the
' "WesterveR mSlIe ot Greenville.
He waa p?lice commissioner of
Greenville and had been aotlvely iden
tified with the movement here of re
cent date for better government.
IX? ?ran ?k nativa nt th? Rta/to nf
lowe, but had made his home in
Greenville for a number of years.
. He is survived by his wife and four
Director* of Chamber ol Com
* muree Endorsed The Meat
, The directors of the Anderson
Chamber of Commerce held the regu
lar monthly meeting in the locul
chamber yesterday morning, at which
time seven of the nine directors were
present and took an active part in
thc deliberations.
The directors selected ss a com
mittee, Bf- M. Mallison, R. J. Ray
mer, I?. A. Wbaley ana W. A. Hud
e-ena to go to Obi umbi* for the pur
pose of securing the pesuage of the
abutting property bill, now in the
senen?. psarairiiy ano use good roads ]
. CerUdh reports as to various busl.
n?**'metter* relativa to the affairs of
th&*bh&&*r ot Cor/, ve ree war? re
ceived and approved by the board, fol
lowing wbftca a discussion wa? taken
up of the Anderson Chautauqua. It
waa tba seuss of the dlr ?tors that
?Ms MUM Ko a. *'!?* t??n fnr JLwU
denton to take and they endorsed the
Ides, heartily urglag that it be taken.
GirLjU Only Eleven Years of Age
While Her Youthful Slayer
Is Just Fourteen
A homicide of more than usual in
terest occurred in Anderson county
Sunday morning when a little negro
girl. Glady.3 Simmons, wai shot and
killed by her first cousin. The unus
ual interest in the case is due to the
fact that the dead girl was only 11
years of age and her murderer is only
The affair took place on the plan
tation of El lt. Norria, about six
miles from the city and occurred
Saturday afternoon about three
o'clock. The girl lived, however, un
til Sunday morning and no intimation
reached Anderson of the happening.
The boy who did thc shooting;. Ed
win Brown by name, has been lodged
in. the county jail, .(being -brought to
Anderson Sunday afternoon by tho
deputy sheriff.
- The details of the affair seem to- in
dicate that it was hardly less than a
?teer ease of murder. According to
the ?tory- told -of -the incident- the
two little negroes were out together
when the girl asked the boy to buy
some candy for her. He- refused and
she repeated her request, catching
him by the coat, whereupon, he turned
upon her and fired, the ?hot taking
effect Just below her left knee. Ac
cording to the information received'
here, it seems that he then picked j
?ber up and carried h?r part ? the)
way to her home and then ??cam ?
frightened, dropping his gruesome
burden and hiding in a near-by barn.
The wounded girl twas later found:
and carried to her home where she]
died on the following day.- - j
Coroner Harbin held an inquest'
tSund&y afternoon' and the Jury re",
turned a verdict that the deceased,
cam? to' her death fretin a gun. shotL
wound inflicted by Erwin Brown. Tho]
boy was then brought to Anderson
and lodged in jail.
The case looks extremely bad for
Brown because of the fact that be is
said to have been implicated in a
shooting som? tims ago -^hen he shot
another boys finger off.
Court. House Quarters
Are To Be Enlarged
The, quarters of the office of the
clerk of court, in the court house, are
to be enlarged at an early date, ac
cording to a statement made yester
day by the clerk of /court. Mir. Pear
man said that of course it would be
necessary for him to secure an - ap
propriation from the legislature for
this puruose but that he did not an-j
tte!pate any trouble in this respect
Of the fact that there is more
room needed in this particular de
partment there can be no doubt
There is scarcely one half vault
room enough and Mir. Pearman's de
mand that he have more room is by
no means unreasonable.
Deputy Sheriff O. L. Sanders Has
Gone to North Carolina for >
Doc Drawn*
.Deputy Sheriff Olin L. Sanders, lett
yesterday afternoon. for t?astonia, N.
C., where he goes to get a negro. Doc
Brown, wanted in Anderson county j
for murder.
Press Hutchinson, anotiber ' negro,
was shot and sailed near Iva tu'Np*
vember, 1912. Brown was charged
with tho deed but made good his es
cape and had not been heard of until
a few days ago when he waa captored
by the North Carolina town's officiais.
Sheriff Ashley went to Oastonla to
bring the negro back but the solici
tor of that district .-?fused to give
him up aa they made out a splendid
case there against him. Application
waa made to Governor Locke Crail;
for the negro ead he yesterday grant,
ed the requisition papers.
It is said that the case looks bad
for Brown aa the dead negro bed been
shot lu the back.
Some ot the Anderson dentista have
recel ?cd warning from, lammers of
their calling in other easies which
. tay that the men who have been per
petrates ?bat fm known as the
"dot-al robber**"" ere ?ow headed tn,
thir, direction and warning the "tooth |
ct?tors" to be on their-guard and to;
ase ?are tu locking up their instru-j
menta every night. The robbers made
?ag hauls In Charlotte, Columbia and;
various other cities, aknr-st deaning ?
ont som? of the dental offices in. those j
-??*,-.? mMa?m?-?nmm~?* i?-' J
Went in Interest of Bill Permit
ting Assessment of Abutting
-'As evidence of thc fact that his
latest invention possesses real merit,
Pi C. Ostaen. a local man, has re
ceived: an offer of $1,000 from a well
knowrr illuminating concern for hie
new- pVtent-an improved electric
light glbbe ' ?
Mr. oVteen, r.-ho. ?B proprietor of
the O. K. harper shop, haa tried" his
hand at Inventing a number of arti
cles and in several instances he has
been successful. He now has* before
the directors 0? several railroad com
(panles a system for. preventing
wreck* vhich bids fair to be success
ful and which may make a fortune
for Mr. Osteen. He also has pn the
market a type of sanitary shaving cup
which is meeting with popular ap
proval and ia^dfc^great demand.
Tii? ?i?w iyiie w lazily W(j*?5j he has
invented has a number of good points,
which fsct is sufficiently demonstrat
ed by the manufacturing eJbmpany
becoming interested. It has several
(principles Which are .to be recognized
at a glande as improvements over the
old style. ;?*aiJH%>-..
Mr. Osteen has made no announce
ment aa to whether he will accept
the offer Ot tho lighting conipau>\_but|
in all probability he will nor:
Special Correspondence. -
Appeals Bill Killed.
OoiurrJbia, Jan, 2#.-Tho hoUse kill
ed the bill by Kr. White ot .Aiken to
prevent frivolous and captious ap
peals which affected the Ando of "pro
cedure' in magistrate's courte.
Insurance BUI to Third Beading,
The house passed to third reading
this morning the ibdllv-by Mr. Mc
Cravey of Pickens allowing licensed
fire Insurance companies to compete
with unlicensed companies making
rates on risks lb South Carolina. The
senate bill along the same, linet; waa
substituted for the house bill., Mr.
McCray ey said-that measures h
?been introduced at the request ??
Commissioner McMister to remedy
(what the commissioner considers a
defeat in the'present law which pro
hibit* competition between dorm cati
cated and- undomesticated companies.
Boyd's BTU Debated* ,
Tu? uvfiv? ?t?mxed ?ie bili by Mr.
Boyd resulting telephono companien
to insteil gow-equipment and keep lt
in operation for six months . before
they can appear before the railroad
corniraiseion and ask to ibo allowed to
raise their rates on account of tue
improvements. Mr. Boyd sp4ke In ta
vor nf the bm ?nd Mr Wekth against
it. Thc MU originated aa a result
ot the fight over telephony rates with
the Southern Bell TelephOTBWmpany
in etpftrtanburg. ?y a vote of 52 to
22 the houfa paeaed tho "Boyd hill.
The house ineets again ni 10 o'clock
Plana for the convewBoTT^M ^ntfe
Southeastern Sanitary association*, to
(he held in Columbia February 18-1?,
are rounding into simpe, fame* il
Haynle. M. D., State health officer, and
pr?sidant, of the association was in
Greenville last week, ?>D???^?vrU>.
Clarence E. Smith, D. V. C VWetaff
of the association. Among the speak
ers -who have accepted are Henry R.
Carter and FA H. von Mtdbt* of tae
United ?tantes public health . servtee,
and drug sxhfbit will be held in Cra
ven haU in connection with the con
vention of the association.
Hope for Mr. Townsend
Is Praeticelly Gone
At a lat? hour last night the au
thorities at the Anderson County hos
pital said that there had been no
change In Mr. Vi. C Townsend's con
dition and that the patent waa very
low, ' .
It waa reporiwi Mimi u?j u?u j <
a very had day and that his condl- <
tion waa. sro wing worse every miaute. J \
Tumors Disappear Itt Something 1
Created that Pow? Blood '
-Substance Uasnown
(By Associated jfrefls.)
Washington, Jan. 26.3?adlum as a
cure fer ancor is stilt in an experi
mental ^>&ge and its us i in the treat
ment of internal canee?* results fatnlly
in a large pencentake < if cases, ac
cording to the testimd y before the
house manes' comtnitte? today by Dr.
William H. Campbell, ?J rector or tho
radium clinic of Penn yrvania. Dr. '
Campbell told thc cofinidltee, that
so far as the deeper cancers are con- i
cerned, "we cannot taff today what
the outcome of the radium treatment
will be."
"We can tell," he sap, "that there
is a disappearance od tfifctumor; that
tho rodham causes thetfSsintegratiou
of the tissue of the ^cancer; but
some th lng ls created in. that disap
pearance which is abao?bed by the
blood and which kills tnahy patients.
I cannot tell, nobody can tell, for four
or fire y cara, juut . waist the resuU
will be,"
"How many of your .patients have
died as a result of your treatment?"
asked Representative Byrnes of South
Dr. CampbeU.- demurred at this,
but finally said that ttto out of five
ot the jggm treated ended fatally. He
oddedTOat air were in oases wfaero
iii* disease would have resulted in
death in a ferr months without treat
Changes Made in
' Insurance Firms
A business cht
ordinary interest in Anderson has
lust gone Into effect, by which f. E.
Triable assumes the active manage
ment of the Piedmont Insurance
Agency. (Mr. Triable Is ona of the
best known insurance men in this
section, having held the responsible
position or cashier m the omeo of
the Mutual Benefit Life Company for
a number of years. The company
with which Mr. Trlbblc is now asso
ciated commands a good pert of the
business, in this section, dealing In
fire, tornado, health and accident and
Mr. TribLIe has been succeeded as
cashier in the office of the'. Mutual
Benefit by Mr. H. M.Dunu, who . has
been filling very roaponslbles places
theM for several yearn and ls an ex
pert accountant. The vacancy in the
force has been- supplied by the ap
pointment of Mr. Clyde S. Mattlson aB
assistant cashier. Upon graduating
from Davidson Mr. Mattlson spent
two years in the Mutual Beneilt of
fices in' Detroit and there received
training which makes him well suited .
for the appointment here.
PRflRF nnuMimF
I HUUk ?IWnillllll^ki
Investigating Charges Against
Federal judge Speer--Echoes
of Greenc-Gaynor Trial
(By Associated Press. T
Savannah. Ga., Jan. 26.-Members
af the special congreslonal committee
which-ls .investigating , charges cf of
icial misconduct on tho part ot fed
eral judge emory Speer .of the south
ern district of Georgia today heard
tour members of the Savannah bar
testify to the. alleged instances in
which they charged that the alleged
jurist played favoritism and prejudice
conduct of cr. iee before hm. The io- ,
resttgatlon, which started last Mon
lay at Macon, Qa, was shifted to this
sity today by direction of Chairman
IVebb, of the congressonal comn't
tee. -
Echoes of the famous Oreen-Gaynor
trail, presided. over by Judge Speer,
were heard at the morning session
when Alexander A. Lawrence, mem
ber ot the local bar and one of ice <
ittorncya fr i- the defuse tn that case, :
iccused Judge Speer of having selec- 1
ed "convicting" jurors. He added i
hat in hie opinion Judge Speer never
iad observed the requirements ot the 1
aw In the ceecttou Of a jury. .
Greeae-Gayaor Case
"In the Greene and Gaynor case," i
Mid Mr. Lawrence, "Judge Speer t
Dicked the jury sud sspt the Rat sa- ?
:ret until th? trial opened." Mr. i
Lawrence related ? number of instan
ces which he claimed proved conclu- ?
lively that Judge Speer had been gail- ?,
y of repeated misconduct in office. 1
Crofts examination cf Mr. Lawrance ,
teveoped the fact that hn had been fin
id 9100 by the judge for contempt of c
:ourtby Jadgo Speer for charging the i
?dg* wth ''Axing up" tba special Ju- I
y which tried Giran sad Gaynor. j
Panama Canal Tolls and other
Relations with Foreign
Countries Discussed
(By Associated Press.)
Washington, an. 26.-President Wil
son conferred for nearly three hours
tonight with the senate committee on
Toreign relations.
For the lim time during ills ad
ministration thu president broached
the subject of the Panama Canal tolls.
Thu unrat'ifled arbitration treaties and
Hie proposed Bryan peace treaties, aa
well as tim Mexican situation and Jap
uese controversy were ? mon g the sub
jects discussed. It waa the first con
ference of Its kind, covering eo broad
a field that Mr. Wlln.on had held.
No critical - i (nat ion In any of the
international ' problems, according to
the presdem. caused the conference.
The engagement waa made more
than a week J go in line with Ute pres
Idcut'H plans lo take up systematical
ly varloUH important phases of inter
nat ion ni (juestions.
When the conference was over all
senators agreed to maintain secrecy.
Icavng to the president to discuss
what had taken place.
Tne president, explained to the wait
ing correspondents, whom he received
In- the court of the white house en
trance, that he had earnestly urged
the referring of the general arbitra
tion . treaties for renewal, 16 is num
ber. Ho said the language of none of
the irauiwB wouid be changed and ex
pressed confidence that they would be
ratified. " .
Mosby Sanger Dead.
if%y Assodated Press.)
Washington, Jan. 26.-Word waa
received here today of the death of
Capt. <E. F. Thomson, a member of
the famous ''Mosby'* Rangers" dur
ing |he CJvii War at Clarendon, Va.
Capt. Thcctuon was 76. years edd. Bur
ial will be in Washington.
O?ilrer* Quarantined.
(By. Associated Press.)
New York, Jan. 26.-Eight hundred
men and officer; were e.? iran tl ned on
the battleship Arkansas m the Brook,
lyn navy yard .today because of a
threatened outbreak'of dlptheria.
The Arkansas recently returned
from a Mediterranean cruise.
Memory of Washington.
(By Associated Press.)
(Washington, Jan. 26.-(The mem
ory of Washington the Mason ls to
be perpetuated by the erection of a
permanent. temple here. Plans for
memorial are io bc outlined at a meet
ing here Keb. 22 of tho George Wash
ington Masonic Memorial Association,
at which many grand jurisdictions
throughout she country will be rep.
V. S. Attorney Appointed.
(Oy AjMAMn?ed Pl1???)
Washington, Jan. 26.-The sena to
Judiciary comonltteo today voted to
report favorably the nomination of
Francis D. Winston to be United
States attorney for the eastern dis
trict of North Carolina.
A box party ia to be given at White
Plaina on next Saturday evening. The
proceeds cf the affair aro to be given
to the White Plains school, for the
purpose of making a numoor of im
provements and the public is cordially
invited to bo present and aid in th' ?
laudable undertaking.
Anderson Man Elected
President of Club
The annual moeti'.g ot the South
eastern Ufo insurance Company,
Hundred Thousand Dollar Club, waa
bold in Greenville, S. C., Thursday
afternoon, January 2?nd.
At that, meeting Horace J. McGee,
of this city, was elected president
of the club loy reason of tho fact
that he had paid for roora business
in 1913 than any other agent in the
Mate for the company; bia personal
paid-for besinnst amounting to $310,
George W. 8p?er. pf thia city, also
become * member of tho Southeas
tern Hundred Thousand Dollar Club,
inasmuch aa bis personal ^aid-for in
surance amounta to $115,550.00.
The company baa had one of the
moot successful years in ita history;
(wring closed the year 1413 with *?,-}
?1,913.00 insurance m force, on
paidjfor basta. . - ' 1
Prof. E. R. Gaines is Coming
From Richmond to Direct
Meeting: Tonight
Tonight is a night of importance
?with those Anderson people who are
interested in missions and they ore
legion. Thc fact .that the Inter de
nominatlon Missionary Conference is
to be held with the Methodist church
aignifles nothing. It ls a conference
open to all denominations and to peo
ple of all (belief and g hearty wei.
come will await every one who at
The exercises are to open at seven
o'clock tonight and those who are in
charge say that Indications point to a
record breaking crowd when the con
ference is formally called to order.
Prof. R .E. Gaines of Richmond,
Va., will direct the conference and
the fact that Dr. Gaines will be in
charge ls a sufficient. assurance that
every person present will learn at
least one thing of importance from
The conference is to be held In
Anderson at St. John's Methodist
church, and. those in charge pf Ute
arrangements, W. W. Leathers, J.
Irrwln Brownlee, LP. Smith and G.
N. C. Boleman, have done everything
possible to make all plans complete.
This movement is by no meena con
fined to any Bingle church or denom
ination. It is planned that every
denomination in thc county and
church in Anderson county to take
a part In the work.ead all have been
urged to aend large delegations and
together with that every member Of
every church will (be warmly wel
The promoters of this, effort, which
vgCf? suider tho name ofjftfcffi
Missionary ?Caaupetga&gaaafri,
fact that scarcely one haut
adult population of America ara!.,
members of any church. The Pro- j
testant churches have about 23 mil
lion of members in the aggregate, and
the roman Catholic church reports
of 13 millions Including all baptised i
children. This leaves about 35 mil.)
iioiia of pc?p?o over iO years of age
who are not members of any church,
included in this unchurched popula
tion aro a multitude pt foreign speak
ing people of scores of different lan
The people of Anderson have made
great preparations for this event and
it is confidently expected teat much
good will result therefrom. From
other parts of the State where Dr.
Gaines has been in charge pf similar
conferences, much praise la heard of
feds splendid ability.
The following is a complete pro
gram for tonight and tomorrow mght
Tuesday, Janna ry 87, ? P.M.
Devotional service led by Dr. W. H.
The' new. situation in China-Rev.
C. J. Thompson.
The individual responsibility ' in
world evangelization.-'Prof. lt. B
Wednesday, January SH.
1C.3G a. m.-upon discussion on
missionary education, led by Pro*
3.30 p. m.-Open discussion on
missionary finance. Led by Rev. C. J.
7:30 p. m.-Address. A plea for
greater efficiency-Prof. J. G. Clink
scales, ?
Socialism or the Kingdom.-'Pres
ident E. M. Poteat.
Officers Dispatched to Colombia
To Bring Back Men to
Quite an addition is shortly to be
made to the Anderson county chain
gang when John M. Kay and J. C.
Rampe/ return tonight, from Colum
bia. These- gentlemen have gone to
the capitol to secare the eight con
rte ts who recelvedAClemency at th?
hands of Governor Blease last week
and they will be brought back to An
demon and pot to work on the chain
The following ie ev Mst of thee? who
are to be returned to this county:
The ?entonce ot life given John
Scott in 1898 on tbs charge of mur
der waa reduced to IT years.
The sentence of life given Leo Hen
derson in 1907 on the charge oftnur
der was reduced t?Lzo years.
The sentence of Re given Pam el eu s
Banks in 1907 on the charge of mur
der was reduced to 20 years.
The sentence of six year* given
George NorcSan for larceny tn 1909
aaa been reduggflvto five years*
The sentence of life given to O. B.
Banks Ul lil* on the charge of mur
der was reduced to JO y ears.
Bill for Establishment of Textile
Schools in Certain Counties
Sent to the Senate
Special Correspondence.
Columbia, Jan. 26.-The house did
Utile at its morning session except
?end to the senate the many local and
uncontested '. hills passed to third
reading Saturday.
This afternoon the house heard Dr.
K. M. Nlghbcrt and Dr. H. H. Raw I,
two experts from, the Federal Bureau
if Animal Insudtry, President Riggs
of Clemson and Congressman Lover
?peak on the problem of eradicating
die cattle tick in South Carolina
Tba government experts touched on
the technical side of the question. Dr.
Rigg? told of the work already done
?long this line by Clemson and of the
willingness of the college to co-ope
rate with the bureau of animal in
dustry in starting a Statewide cam
paign a gains the cattle tick.
Congressman Lever made one ot hts <
bes* efferts and vr-^s frsq-usctly In
terrupted by applause.
House Favors Textile Schools.
At noon Mr. Stanley, of Florry, re
jpeued his fight to have, the Horry,
Industrial school included In the
rtaynjtworth bill establishing tort Ho
rind Industrial schools in counties
having a population of more than 2,
900 mill operatives and appropriating
15,000 annually for the maintenance
ot the schools.
The bill was passed.'to third read"
lng atter a hard fight Friday.
Saturday morning Mr. Stanley ask
ed unanimous consent to amend tho
bill to.include,Horry industrial Bchooi.
When thle was denied by the house
Mr. Stanley moved to; recommit the
permission .
Including thc Horry school, _
tho annual appropriation was con
cerned. Objection was raised to the
Stanley amendment.
Mr. liles of Orangeburg, offered an
oeendment providing th?* the anana!
tppropriati?n from the State ehould
lot be available until the county la.
rtx'rch the school waa established had*
given a sum ifor its malntainaace
?qu?l to that given by the State.
Mr. tilley of Bamberg, wanted to
?mend the bill striking out the pro
visions as to the number of mill op
urat?ves Irring In counties in which
schools could be established.
Objection was raised to the amend,
xvfcnto of both (Mr. Wiley and Mr.
biles. Ufr. Miley offered another
wnendment permuting the establish
ment of the schools in any county in
he State, which waa also objected to.
Ely a aye and nay vote of 60 to SB
he house sent the bill to the senate
without including any. otthe amend
as ats offered on third reading.
Committee Sained.
Special Correspondence.
Columbia, Jan. . SS.-Charles A.
smith, president of the senate tonight
.._.?? aascunccsscnt cf thc' ccmsnittes
o investigate tfce~8c-uth Carolina state
toMrttal for the Insane. The ap
)oiflbent of ibis committee bas been
tfwaHSd with probably more Interest
haw any other action at this lmme
liate time. The following are the
gentlemen who will compose tho com
nittee from tho State: Senator Wes
on ot Richland county. Senator
auuldtn of Ptchena county and sena
or Strait of Lancaster county.
Ja thia connection it is interesting
o observe that Senator Weston, the
irst named of the committee, led the
lgbt tor the investigation, while
Senator Hauldln was heartily in favor
rf it and voted for the investigation.
)n the other hand, Senator Strait
va? opposed to the investigation ead
Ought it.
(Another important bill which was
wased by the senate tonight w?a the
Colly bill, whick provides that the
ext-booke in use in the public schools
.f the State be changed every_ five
rears. Thia wno a meeeure of im
lortance in all part? of fha State and
na -attracted crest attention.
The senate also passed a large
comber of local abd uncontested billa
o a third reeding.
demonstration Plot* urs Doing
Much in This Ccimty for
A work of vastiy mor<* hneportance
kan- most peep"? will realise la go
ng es, in. certais. Stbcol?j ?- Aider
Q^conW. 'Thi? ?B the^soti st
(Continued en pago 4.)

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