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llliailAlU mr- sr- _^_ .
Devoted to ttseruriBunmf^ of Belton andV!fcmitytanrj as
a iVledium fbi* Communicating News ai^?^ertl^liii
U?tHut UtiUIBt POti
Be it obtained by intendent and'
.wardens of totwu of Beiton, that cv-,
?Vy pc-ton, firm, company or corpo
ration doing business in said town
of ' Belton shall obtain on or
before the fifteonth day of
February, 1914 a license therefor in .
the manner hereinafter prescribed.
Every person, firm, company or cor
poration commencing business after
the Bald 15th day of February, 191?
.nhall in like manner obtain a license '
,therefor before entering such trade;
.business or profession. All revenues
arising ?rom such licenses shall be:
collected and used by the town conn-j
eil for the purposes of defraying the'
current expenses of said town and
making such public lmprovemeuts as
thc town council may deem advisable.
Soc.2 Every person, firm company
or corporation required by this ord
dinance to cbtain a license to engage
in any trade, business or profes
sion for which a license ls required
shall at the time of applying for
such license make a statement and
file the same with the town cicrk
.setting forth, first his, her or its
nairne or style and in case of a firm
or company, the names of several
persons constituting such firm or
company. Second, the trade, busi
ness, or profession for which the
license is required. Third the place
where such business, t.ade is to be
carried on. Fourth, in those cases
in which such information is requir
ed the amount of business \ of the
previous year, upon which thc
amount of the license" Shall be as
sessed, and In cases where the
business has not been carried on the
year then the amount or capital to be
.invested in such business (and the
nm.ouni of license tar eh*!!" be then
fixed by comparison with some almi
la rbusincss having reference to
respective capital invested- all
of which answers to questions re
lative to which shall be given under
dec. 3"""?Tany 'person,' firm, com
nay or corporation shall exercise or
carry on, any trade,' business or
profession for the exercising, carry
ing on or doing of which -license ls
required by.4hto..Qrd}n.$ace and in ad
dition thereto for each and every of
fense shall be subject to a penalty
of 20 per cont of such license' tax
and the penalty abell be recovered
'as herdnbelow provided and if any
pvr?~-3, firm, cr K-Vpoxation zha" re
fuse or neglect to take out or dellv?
to the clerk on or eefore the la?i
-day named a statement aa required
by the second section of this ordin
ance, or chal? make a fa?se s tat y.
-ment or shall refuse or neglect to
take out and subscribe or. oath at
. . thc train oC such statement or anj
v . part theteof, or from any cay?!
Bhall tai' to take out license ra mlij
.be requWd by - this ordinance, tfci
clerk shall proceed to immedlatel:
.ascertain the business of. such person
firm, .company or corporation,
which he, she or they shall'be sub
Ject to the payment of a licenei
tax as prodded in this ordinance
And for tho purpose of such investi
gallon, the clerk sholl at once nott
'fy the person firm, company or cor
poratton, in default to appear befor
him at thia office at a time nr.med i
said notice, whfcm shall not be long
er tl ?cn three ' days from dato o
samo and also such other persons !*
?he clerk may desire to examine an
tho person nought' to be charged wltl
?tho Icenso iax, if he shall attend b
' gather with any witness called eXari
' Said, be examined-hy said derk I
authorised; to administer) touch tn
the nature and amount of the bus'
nissa of such party and overythln
said party sharl be liable, under tW
ordinance; and the Information thu
??eurtd shall dctciintno the arnon?
bf *he license tax for which said pai
.sy.mry bd tmied, or w^hieh may ten
;to? evince such taior.Tr VJon as may i
acquired T?ott or froto gooerc
reputaron or fVch>- his own Uno
ledge of the tacVs, tho c!or* siis
'upsn eviriratlen or she tiuio stated i
?the nofelco at once assess a:?Kr':
We are making a Nev
Stvle of
-fost uartJa
Cal? and see them at
Belton's New Studio
KM Winter Goods a. ari.belo
JOP?ED M 13,1914
.nell person, company, or corpora
tion, whether they shall have attend
ed such Investigation or not, such*
license AS upon the facts ascertained
by him. sod under the provisions of
this ordinance, adding thereto a
penalty of 20 per cent thereof, and if
tile amount of such license tax and
penalty shall not be paid in ono day
thereafter; the town treasurer shall
i3Bue his execution thereof to the chief
of police certifying therein the said
amount and thc said chief of police
shall at once proceed to collect said
licenso tax and penalty by distress
ing and sale of levy and sale in thc
Bernie manner as is now provided bj
law for the collection of other tax el
together with the costs allowed bj
Provided further, that In lieu of thi
remedy hereinabove in this sectioi
provided for th0 license and penalty
thereon, suit may be brought in thi
name of th? town of Belton, 6. C., li
any court of competent jurlsdictloi
for tho recovery of said license ta:
and penalty or penalties.
Sec. 4 The license granted unde
this ordinance shall nat authorize
Uie person, firm, company or corpora
lion mentioned therein to exercise o
carry on the trade, business or proies
sion specified In such license In an;
other place than that mentlone
th uro til. (??^Ap# UtByorn_ r>hy?idH.H!
dntlsts and auctioneers,) and ever
person, firm, company or prefosslon
doing any act for which a license 1
required,'shall keep'said If censo t
ti'?, iirrie vt business in a conspiciou
part of the. business place, and o
demand of any authorized official <
the town government shall produc
such t?cense and unless be shall i
so shall be deemed to have no llcei
se. It shat be the duty of polk
to detect and report all persons fal
lng to take ort license as herein n
quired. They shall in syatemat
manner visit " each and every " pla?
of business *Aer the 15th day
February; 1914, and ascertain ai
report ito who town clerk the nam
and places of business ed all pe
eons falling to take .out a license.
Sec. j> Upon the removal ot ai
license from the house or premises
which the trade, business or prate
sion mentioned in the license w,
authorized, it .may and shall bo laf
ful for tho town -clerk or treasurer 1
ead?FtttSifer.t up?a such license
authorize the said license remov?
<?a aforesaid. *o any other place
carry on trade, business or profs
6lon specified In such license ct t
place to which enid license may ho
Sec. 6. AU licenses granted und
this ordinance shall continue in for
until January 1915 at which time t
making of a noa- or ratifying of ti
ordinance as provided for by limb
lion for a shorter.^oriod, the toi
treasurer shall prepare proper foi
to be Issued in each case
Sec. 7. Applications for llcem
af all kinds shall be made to the to1
clerk and wherever In this ordin?r
the license tax to be' paid for exerc
lng any trade, business or profeaai
ls to be based bp'tho amount of sal
In/.nm'A'nrAinllimo VO?U??ie O? bl3
doss during thc preceding year.
Sec. S. Applications for treno*
ut license shall be made in writ!
to the town clerk and the trans
Bhall be made subject to tho appro
zt thc intendant
. Every license tax. ;' heroin impo
ia !?!??ndod to cover fdt?"*??eiVt'e/.'*'1
strued ta?0*%every person,,firm
corporation whether' sot'-.--?apr?s
stated bf not. engaged Iii ?Vfthall
gage in business, trade or profess
for which Bald license is impose*
Sec. 9. For license to carry,?** <
trade, business or profession heh
utter mcnttoned, within he limits
tn tr town ot Belton/8. C., the ?oi?
ing^autos' shall ho paid to the'tc
treasurer, who, upon, receipt of
?ame, alihli issue therefor tho pro
license as hereinafter provided
Class No. 1.
1 Kxptess ' companies or
:. . 6
2. Electric 'and Power
Companies 15
Z ?tr?lro?da, electric and
steam cacti. 12
pi.- ? . i it,rir.y E
4. Telegraph Companies , i
G. Telephone Companies, local
and long distance
G. Bill Paters distributing
circulars and samples, sign
painters " ^
7. Ker* ompanios de
livering oil from tank or bar
rels 3 1
1. Insui
agencies, including fin
accident .eic.
2. ??rg:? rraternftV tn
g. AfontR or solicitors of in
licecaed cc4t??Jes
Cuss No. fl.
1. Pawnbrokers
2. ?fieney lenders, on lean-co*
opor?tfvo or aid, *?i?xJ&UD?
wno as contemplated by thia
ordinance is one who carries
on tim business ci lending his
own or other people's money,
not as a stock or bond bro
ker, chartered or private
bank negotiating loans on re
alty or1 on stocks, bonds or
other marketable securities
or evidence of debt, but one
who carries on the business
of lending money on person
al security or on personal
property or other than that
mentioned above 200.00
> Class No. 4.
1. Banks, State and Sav
ing on each $100.00 of cap
ital, surplus and undivided
profita .50
3. Building and Yaw Asst I
aticn 1250
Cuss No. 6.
1. Builders and contractors 25.00
2. Builders snd contractors
not taking out annual li
cense for each contract not
exceeding $500.000 . 5.00
3. Subcontractors of building in
eluding painting, woodwork
and masonry 5.00
4. Oh eacli additional $100 or
of majority fraction ,50
" Class No. 7.
1. Hqtel- ' 25.00
2. Public boarding house 5,00
3. Restaurants, . cook shops
and public eating houses 25.00
4. Restaurants, cook ?hops
and' public eating houses
white or black a "th privl-.
Inge of selling fresh fish
and > oysters > 40.00
5. Bakeries 5,00
6. Restaurants, ?.cok , shops
and public eating houses, ser
ving lunches fdr both white
and black 100.00
Cuss No. ti.
1. Dyeing, cleaning and
pressing clothes 10.00
riu; WM. O.
1. Butcher or/ dealer in
fresh meats, fish snd
oysters, selling from regu
lar' place ; of .business 25.00
2. Butchers or dealers in fresh
meat fish and oysters sell
ing from wagon 26.00
Provided-that person not regu
larly engaged in selling fresh
meat may sell, beef and mut
ton; hy- ?h2 quarter abd whole
dressed bogs ot their own
raising;?"without license.
3. Dealers In cattle, sheep or
hogs one or all per car or
part of a car 5.00
Class No. 10.
1. Agenta , for or dealers In
. ?ewing machines..organs and
pianos Or any musical in
struments 25.00
CUBS No. ii.
1. Retail dealers in fertilizers
material 10.00
2. Dealers or agents soliciting
orders tbrv feftilUern^lst????1,
otherwise licensed 10.00]
Class No. 12.
1. Dealers ia soda-water and
soft drinks of any kind ex
cept regularly, licensed places 6j00j
z. j3cluing ivui ks or raanuf?ci
nrers ot Soda water, each'
3. Dealers In tee manufacture
wi. al?sale and retail
4. Weaves sheds 1 to 25 lot cns
26 to 50
50 to 78
75 to, 100
Class. No. 13.
1. Opticians or venders of eye
5iaSi63 or spectacles . 10.00|
:'. :i:i.orar.t, each per day 5,00 to 100.
3. Itiuorcnt each per week 1?.0?
('Liss No. 14.,
t? HawV.cro, peddlers or other .
itinerant cmv03aers, traders
eachj*er day 5.00 to 100.00
2. Venders ot paten', medicines,
comptuhds, 8t?'.ve3. or other
medicinal sturt, except regu
lar iHc?nsod drugstores, each
day 26.00 to 1C?.00 in the dis
cretion of'"tish Intendant.
Class No. 16.
1. Agenta gelling books or
piclure;? bv cauvaa for orders
. each per day 5.00
2. Each per week 16.00
m_i_ - .. KAJia
??. n ~
4. Agents, soliciting., for en
largements cf picture? Berne
6. Photographers 10.00
(las? Ne. IC
1. Brery owner or kecpe> of r\
livery, feed, or salea; -.atable ?
or public f?rey 26A8t
ini in i i i ? t -? ' 1 f- '-ii m
Your Garde?!
Take advantage; of this fine
weather and gcfah^arly^.f^?Wi^
it should be plantedno\v\.''
lied Bliss sad ?oi*i Cohtijpr j$$Mc^
Engfefc Peas? Onion Seta, Let?;
fnce. Beti*, Radish end Cairne
Seco.. .Alio Cabbage ami Bc:
riMad^tijlw bc Sci
5? xrC.K 1
i Come in
? Every drayman for every
two'horae dray 10.00
3. Every drayman for each ene
horee. dray 5.00
4. Every dewier in homes or
mules, selling by auction
from regular1 licensed stable
or otherwise 10.00
Class No. 17.
1. Dealers of any kind not
elsewhere mentioned whose
stock never exceeds 100.00 10.00
2. Venders of fruits, peanuts
or candies on street for each
class sold 10.00
t Selling same away from ma
chine 5.00
4. Eve ry p er son selling or pf.
fering for sale - apples in
quantities less than one bush
el or cabbage ia quantities
less than one hundred pounds
from any wagon, cart or ve
hicle or from any table or
stand on the public square
or streets or peddling said
articles and at any time
between the-first day of Oc
. taber of any year and. the
first day of April of the suc
ceeding year,. except such as
ore exempt by law, each per
day 1.00
Class No. 18.
1. Cotton seed oil manufact
ories 30.00
2. Cotton sinners 20.00
Class No. 10.
1. Grist flour mills 5.00
Class No. 20.
1. Engravers and watch re
pairers. 5.00
2. Plano and organ tubers 6.00
3. Each ppr day . . 1.00
4. Barber shops, each chair 2.50
5. Selling goods, wares or mer
chandise by auction 10.00
ti. Itinerant for same, each
per day i 5.00
7. Feather bed renovators each'
per. day.. 5.001
ft . Feather bed renovators each
. "-ec!; - 25.00
9.'* Agents or dealers for feath
er'heda, each per day' 1.00
10. . Each.per week 5.00
12. Each bootblack or person
engaged In the business of
shining boots' and shoes 3.50
14. Repair shops and garage 10.00
16. .Newspapers i 10.00
16. Printing offices, job in con- .
ncction with newspaper 10.00
, C!fti- ?!o. 31
1. Physicians and dentists 10.00
2. Itinerant, not' la eoasultta
tion. each per day 2.00
Claas No. 82.
; 1. Billiard or pool tables, one
to threfe' 600.00
2. Bowling, nine pens or ten
nen alleys, etd 25.00
3. Shooting galleries 10.00 !
4. Skating rinks 25.00 j
5. Each circus, with or without
menageries, each show $10.00
to $200.00 in the discretion
of the intendeant
6. All other shows, exhibitions
parade?,' entertainments, etc.,
per shew 10.00
7. Merry-go-rounds,-per day 5.00
8. Merry-go-rounds, per week 25.00
Class No. 23.
1. " Retail ?tierchants, or retail
dealers in Broods. warei
merchandise, etc., whose an
nual aalos. amount to 50,000 60.00
Each additional 10,000 5.00
2. Whose annnual sales amount
to 10.000 and not 25,000 25.00
3. Whose ' annual sales
amount to 6,000 and not
10,000 16.00
5. Whose annual sales aro lesa
than 3,000 6.00
7. Dealers In undertaker'^
goods, furniture and run
ning hearse 25.00
10. Brokers, wholsesale, deliv
ering goods from store or
warehouses . - 26.00
Class No. ?4.
1. Blacksmith woodwork
shops 5.00
2. Shoemakers 2,60
3. Any -system1 of waterworks
dispensing water for sale 5.00
cam *o. ss.
Th.M ?Kait K. inte thc
treasury- by - th? ow?er thereof on
every dog kept In the town of Bel
ttjsi S. C., aa ?atfUal tas inf <?1U)C),
winch said'tax shall be doe and pay
able cn or beforo April 1st, 1914.
s?re. iv. i nat whatever in mts
ordinance the term dealer ia used the
same; ahal.-J? ?man u?i ymy lue prin
cipal but i n his, her or their absence,
shall Include any agent, clerk or em
ployee maoiglt?* - the business res
pectively referred to -aid generally
where a Ucea?? is imposed for the
carrying on of any business and the
samo ia carried,, on by sny agent, dork
or employee,, rrtch agent, clerk or em
pl?yee^ahatl be subject to the pen
rein imposed, should said
be carried on without taking
ense, in the same manner aa
f Dd,1 she Or they wan or were the
proprietor or proprietors of. said
Sec. il. That the charge of license
fer any business or trade or profcu
i;!;in not orrinOerated .>above ' sltall be
determined,by the Intendant and clerk
conjointly. '
. Cfc_12ThRt in all cases ot manu*
f-^'iwnhg 'companied which' carry on
sa of Manurnetdrtdjf : biw
oin t ?(! limits ot thc town and'which
, .-..r . oh within the limits ot t*? ?o?*m
a'lf(it'. o" hUslnefla In the materials
us<d in TOfftmficiurtng and .that "ls
sc. manufactured by thom, the;, license
imroaed upon said rohrpanleS in this
ordinance ts intended to relate aol "
ct tneh tiques? caffilejt.dht'-J^" "'
limita'of the ttfwn nf
Ion. ii. C.. a?>fo:< ?..
. - . ?:]> a . ; . . -y
r be applied r*?r Ti
?ie huetassa
wbteh any Beens* 1s granted" ~u?det
th? ordinance shalt -. fcrcd
with, restrained, prohibited or de
clared unlawful, by any authority
paramount to that ol Lao town cona eli,
then and In that cane thu said town j
council shall not bo liable to any of j
licences, sr those c?ai?i?u? ?tuuage
under them, for any damage arising
from such revocation or other inter
ference with said lioense or tor the
rearalnt of stoppage of the business
for which the license was g!anted.
Sec. 14. Whenever in tuts ordi
nance a license is required take oc
cupation or business transient in its
character or limited aa to' the dura
tion of the license., herein ordained
shall he paid before such trade, oc
cupation or business shall be entered
upon and in case the said license sliall
not be paid it shall be the duty or
the town clerk forthwith to assess
the Bald license, adding 20 per cent,
penalty thereto, and immediately col
lect same, and if the said license and
penalty Bhall not bo paid the town
clerk shall forthwith issue his exe?*
cation therefor to the chief ot police,
who shall, immediately proceed, to
collect tho said license tax and penal-'
ty by distr*""'. and sale in the same
manner as is now provided by lal**.!
for the collection of other taxeu tc-]
gother with the cost allowed by law.
Sec. IS. It is the true intent and!
meaning of tills ordinance that the '
various and several trades, occupa- ,
tiens au? business exclusively within
the limits of the town and do not
refer to relate or Include any-trade
occupate on or business transacted
outside of the town limits Of the town
of Belton, 8. C., that ls to say where ?
a person, finn, company' or corpora- ?
tion is engaged tn carrying on a trade,
occupation or business partly within
and partly without tho corporate
limits of the towt? of Bolton, the li- ;
cense tax imposed on- such- persons,
finns, company or corporation ls Im
posed only on such portion of said
trade,'occupation or business as ls
exclusively carried on within tho town
of Belton and does not include or re
fer to such portion of said trade, oc
cupation or business as is done with
out the said limits, are to or inter
state commerce business . or j any
business done l'or tho United States
the United "States, UB officers o
Sec. 16. That no license issued un
-der Ute - provisions of this ordinance
shalt-be transferable, except with the
consent , of the town council
and' all Icenaeo shall be subject to
all legal rules,, restrictions and regu
lations in force at tho tur <: they are
Issued or that may thereafter be
Sec. 17. That nothing herein con
tained ahall be construed' to' require
a license for eales under foreclosures;
of mortgages or sale under procesa
ot law.
Sec. 18. - That it shall bo, tho. dut
or the town clerk in issuing il
to. persons running hacks or ether
hieles for hire, to cause; the same-'I
bo numbered consecutively and.
keep a record of tho same and to
oort the number o! said' vehicles
tho. license tnereof ; and it shall
the duty of tho license or ow;
driver of vehicle to pince said num
ber in plain., legible characters tn a
consplcIouB plac?, both on said ve
hicles and on the driver thereof, aeVtSl
le ?eon and easily read. And nd]
owner Or- driver of saW vehicle ??h"l?1
chatgc mc re than 25 cents for adults i
nor more than hilf price for childi Cn i
under twelve years of age to any
ot the town, and any such ll
owner or driver who sholl: vieil
fall or neglect or friiifi*^ conform
to the provisions of this section", shall
be guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon
oottvietloh thereof shall'be fined ,not
Uss th m ?i.oo, nor more than $100.00,
or Imprisoned not more than thirty
days, in the discretion ot the inten
Sec. 19. That all ordinances or
parts of ordinances in conflict here
with rae hereby repealed. ? *
Sec. 20. Any person who shall in
the town of Belton. S. C., during the
year- 1914 conduct, engage in or fol
low ony of said callings, profession,
trades arts, or cccupallpns without
having paid into the town treasury
in advan j the Bum cf moaey^hore
?*. i
Thirty-aero,* tow ov\^*w?u,w?
PANYU Fertiliser* 1 '
your dealer for o*mm$? and acct
A bettor Fertiliser wttl prod
gast plantera tsTTi^j^^n^ tt
Beaae^i Merca?iHe Uo* Eadley.
P, F Xoi, Orfc?wrule.
and many other dealers in Aodersc
roftcnUUve at Anderson, Ute. B. as. ?
obtained & license trota - ?thc town
clerk shall be deemed suilty ol aml*
denmnor. and for,, each and every
time or failure to do KO. uprri con
viction thereo^4^^J||Mff "vJ
less than one dollar ($1.00 ? ncr inure
than one hundred, dollars ($100.00),
ol' imprisoned hot lee? than th'rty
days; in the discretion of tho tnU'a
dant,' ? vF&o.'?'.fj -.. .
1. Salvage or Bankrupt sale,
per.weok 50.00
8. Coal und Wood yard 10 00*
3. Motto a picture Shows lO.OO'.
-Jfc U?R%??a?90i. ?M v hilliard
tables, lunch wagons, shooting gol-!
1er Iee, skating rinks, dance hulls.)
howling alTrfrW^rctw performers. |
circus parades, fortune tellers, slot
machines and all.other shows, exhib?- j
lions, jgt?&pkt?mttiiM or public,
amusements shalt bo issued exc?pti;
upon 'tue approval of thoi mayor. j
[' .Doab* agd'MWMWsa Ma council . os-1
stmblcd kniter'the hand cf thc inten
dant, attested, by the town liefst and'
fte- seal of the saHTlown hereto nf
flxed, tills 13th, day of January. 1D14.
W. P. ACK?R; ' '
j. * *src^^ * j;
(Special to The Intelligencer,)
WilllamstOE, Jan. 26.- Little Miss
Peart Timms, the eight-year bid
daughter, of Mr. S. Rv. Timms? , died!
at the home of her father on the 3Utj
Inst., and was burled at Six ?dp"
Twenty on the"4 folldwteg day.1 Tbjai
funeral service?' being conducted by
tis. She waa a beautiful chll$lv ?M
was- loved by - evett* one who, knew
. fer'y?arsr Tee ?rf4f *trtesaa family
tavtrthe sympathy . ot a \ noaa >*fl
Fi$lei?*p rlactpal ! Of^P^rtS^SSS
school has had' to give up her work
: in the school : rpo? J^A-has^gjOjo? to
ber home neer*<*U"*enMt?*' He? many
frfends wish tor' her?. a ' speedy re
Miss ABnia-Jrtae FuMor has ,Uea<
ter in Werc^^mjiSSoT.
I Piedmont* were visile*'"*hete lost
I Thursday.
I lPng!rdTb]a:i?n?n?^ the*n?cest hoa?e
I in tills part of tho county. .
Mr. Tom Rodgers^ ?ill soon move
to his taftersjMM^TInaM Mill.
Tom ssyjTtfe w^wvSw If the right
I Mra. -HeVef Wattlns; mothfer- of
? Mrst- . jft*.-;w-M???e^.?^'*a.'t-??9ieT*fy.' -Ul
wUh- priesiujfola*. Qa account;.pf .her
I age, she being 80 years old, her many
l| friends ate feartfir^r^tftw opt?ome.
?^^?W?rc' c?rtnmhrrgla?-?ae^a? old
I time ScptWi^wr5t*r wiU agaln-.>
I fresh air and good . times. Daring
? the coming campaign WaHer will
I most assuredly tnake tho race for
I the house.Ev?nd?r Carter/for sheriff,
I John Kay for supervisor and tho
? writer for1 cornoer^? Wost ? thldg*
? hum. Traiy .Blease,wHl not be te lt.
I Av country merchant was-receialy,
? approached by an agent wh? WAS sell
I lng typewriters. After telling bim
I ot all tho good:points of^.hla^acrdap
? he asked tne merchant to ct him
I lt ?r re?
iii.liiii ?iii ifiiiifla
ts one of trw th?Waw!
rpt n soul^ijj^y,.
nee I- better pm,
J. B, Doutai^ ?a^y '
a. GreenVTO? aaa Picken* coontie*. Foi
iuxrlss or w^dxess UNION aVANb.cUu
Description of tho Site Recently
Columbia, Jan. 24.-Aol. r?cent?
rW T*W?iBa^?^o&tal 'hav? se
of the city on which the institution
will be btfflt. TfjfJe^ptfon joirw;;tiua
properte- of ' the^TWy- V^WMM
3o., known as Wales .Garden*.-".'ft
feces; on Lower "Street; directiyf- in.
front of Saluda avenue of Walen
Gardens, and is bounded on the ecbt
by Edinto avenue, on the south is the
Rote Hill frreen house property; -$?n?
on the west! the property of Abram
Stork's est?te. ' . ,e
The site comprises eight aarea ead
was purchased from G. A. Guignard,
the purchase price; being $ 1510ft.
'The executive members W? fi?ft
board of trustees to whom w: J,4CW5ED>
red the matter of buying-a alte ?Nhk
that they have made a tihe purchase.
The committee canvassed * ewf.
available siee^fi and around Colombia
and;it .was was the unanimous opin
ion of the committee that trna wwi
the cheapest and best* s(td'ihs|eehX
It is on a beontiful platead arid com*
manda a splendid, view of the dtjb
Physicians who have- seen it say titfi
it is an ideal location for ahosfSjiP
said A. J. Beabea, one ? of the trai
"The site sheeted is vdryaee*?
ble1.eeing-cnly seven blocks'frO^S?
union station, and 'right at the ttWjtf
tho cay Tin? which iv' /befog !*m*
now r being constructed. Thia prop
erty ia caatfgoeoj??iii iMWjpiil re?l
dentfnt^sectioir of ^CelMiftbttf-and . thc
Burroondingn are ell-that a*Mr>be
tfcarrf*!,* satt!Mr. Bethen.-'1 "Tbc^Mb
lends itself to the erectteii of a ewtf
em hospital in - every respect and
wore ts ampie opportunity ferou
ture development in hosp'^l?? oonijf
ment. These considerations had
their - weight with, the committee In
the selection of the site," he adftoU
The BapUst state convention^ lt
Benncttsvijle . committed * itself arnot
heartily to iKe hospital idea,' sWlt
is aaid that^aV%r?*t h?t? werthy-ift.
ol the trustees. ?
Spectal to The.IoteWgansy,
.Belton. Jan. 24.~-jyira. Hadder.'?Wy
'ja spending the win^r^pSi*-' ?
One of -the most delightful social
events of ' the week wai thc ' dinner
party given" <by Mrs. W. J; Moti^^H
gave on Tuesday. Covers MktvtWm
for lt and a four-course dinner waa
Thursday evening anotbei^Mmir
party waa given by Dr, snd JifemrW.
R. Haynlc.
Priday evening W. C.. C?tenles
friends. A temav?ug*m?nn^SM^^^H
and the evening was enjoyed amMflr.
Wl?tob-Salt?? for a feW^aa?'Sta^.
Mrs. j. T. Bice entertain'
Sunday school class oh Thursday 1 af

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