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2_founded IMO _
IM ?ortb Mala Strati
_AJTOEBSOff, 8. C.
WttLIAM BANKS, - . Editor
ll W. ?MOAK, . Business Manager
..l?nl According to Act ot COB?
gartas M Secoed Claas Mail Matter at
Mt Postofflce at Aaderaoa, 8. C
PahlJt&ed Erery Morning Except
teari. Weekly Edition da Tuesday tad
Friday Momlags
DaDy Edition-9&M par nanam;
MO for Stx Mentas; ?146 for Three!
.?saMTeekly Edition ~ fLSO per
jLMam? ?? cents for Six M?ttau Wi
?tats far Foar Months.
.Member of the Associated Press and
Mssdilag Complete Daily Telegraphic
A larger Ctrealatloa Than Aar Ota.
gJgWW la Tal? Congressional
Intelligencer la delivered by
la th? city. Ii you fall to
a*t your paper regularly pleas? notify
ta? Opposite your name on label
?f poor papar it printed date to which
rsm saper lt paid. All cheeks and
thoa ld be drams to Tat Aa
-Osasjet?Bie? In the work? the thing
Mtfcaa the common elod a king.
Amt him with the liberty,
fflbtl ?hall set the spirit free.
Etosxrjpe kim master, make? him vie
Wttn the utmost and the high
Vbr the (better fruits that life
Serres her favorites ta the strife.
_. -Anon.
<W?abiij*ji?n. Jan. 26--Forecaat:
(Sbufb Carolina-Fair Tuesday.
. mwm?t ia interior; Wednesday tn?
craastag cloudiness.
The modern Gordian Knots-tot er
rpckiac directorates. .
. lAttdersoa la My Town-Prof. Jno.
0? CUnkacale*._
(Honesty ls the best volley-lt the
premrtflKS do come high.
The .nstloaal flower of Mexico
bull rushes. _
Voder a democratic administration
thajweather seems ta fcc perfectly ali
The way to sn?p the "war" In Max*
jgl^g^b^thots little armies for
-' kfcay a maa who is just plain
tifet^aatt chumes himself on being
a ak??Mc. ( ., . .
Hetty- Gross say? that the secret
of awiath is ta eating onions. How
tong^tecrot? '
? Huerta it ? disposed io ima* he is
ano??wr Napoleon, Ties, torward the
flttisk , ; " . I .V;
tfoba Lind till have to inora bis
headwaiters over'Villa's way as tho
Mfe?*?Kieg- Shifts.
' Tbt Sway ot the transgressor may
fi? liti?. bat tho limousine makes him
forget lt at the time.
Tte tatoola t*d colleges will have
'ib -thaWuratc !hatttjalt departments
gs'fetSn for tht^ntw leagues.
. Joe $ackaon's: refusal of a contract
for $IT^O00 tor three years shows
Whit; ls swat tn baseball.
'Oram? stand builders do not care
*e^raM*y new baseball leagues are
> Oat thia? that will be hard to ex?
Disla te a baseball novice will be that
thc:?ratca art act outlaws.
J fortune stattet at some men. and
ahoy aro mvno?y pleased "when ii is
the ?Irl whose face ts her fortune.
?tft?s ls beautiful weather for the
aaMt Joe drag. Every farmer should
<l"ras the road to his neighbor'-. Hoe.
?The weather bureau made, a mis
ta**, tn announcing that 'Col. D.
Pti' wat coming. He isn't here
m ? ;_j
.fha legislature nat as ret failed to
?o ?a record ts opposing tnt tango.
.Thar? moat,be some mock sessions la
?ow? la the square meal tow?
?bara art to maty doctore they will
tova sjtttr owa skyscraper. Cause
tod effect. /
St** AMtrsoa hare more teres in
bermuda Usan any other coast? ?nd
?kaf? will be fat calves enough for
a? rte prodigal sons.
it ta essy for a mt? to bo the ar*
chiteot of als tram fortune if some
yt?b reHt?v* left tba trame.work to
?Cart on.
'it IS ?^ght to ?? prrtiii?^ . -v.
-paragraph*. Old-Blaise Pascal tome
SOa yea? ago said, that "a maker of
gg^lsmt 13 a btd cbaracter/
Mr. E. C. Megchine/ftbc well known
LowndesvJlle fartS^r^'aiid scientist,
recently wrote to the'Chamber of
Commerce in regard to reopening
Bowman ferry. Secretary Whaloy
took the imvtter ' up at once and
wrote: J*
"Replying to jjyir ijgyor of the 12th
with regard to the construction of a
ferry at BonMman's ferrv. Wo a rn
pleased to advlso that w? have taken
-this matter upi \>tth our buslncas
men, all of whom favor it, and we
bavo today Bent o^coramunlcatlon .to
our representatives at Columbia ask*
lng th.-ni to introduce such bill and
to try to secure tadoaseage of same
before the legislature.
"We trust that thero may ba no
troublo in securing** this legislation,
and remain, with.?est wishes."
Mr. Meschino appreciates tho
promptness with which thia was tak
en up and wirijos TJio Intelligencer
that "Tho willingness and prompt
ness of Anderson people to take ad
vantage of .the opportunities offered
them ls one of thc causes of their
success." * ?.
Gen. A L. Mills, chief of the mill
tia division of the War Department,
gives the militia organization of the
country a severe going-over in his
annual repart just Issued, lie says
it is top-heavy, ill trained, and inef
ficient. "
Patriotism may be an element in
persuading young men to ally them
selves with tue National Guard. When
tile encampments are made working
affairs, with seme apr reach to the
conditions cf seal warfare, the incen
tive to become a militiaman ls great,
ly reduced.
To jet good work in any line you
have to pay the price. Mechanics and
(business ines ar? *o* going to dron
their regular occupations and run off
10 to 20 pounds of flesh in exhaust
ing hikes, mereV for a few brass but
tons and thehjjn of the annual trips.
As long as no more tangible compen
sation is offered than the aftection of
Uncle Sam andjethe dubious frolic of
20 mlle marclMs, the- militiaman
muH neeeasdRA Iba something of a
tin soldier. 9*\v
LHHt ' ? '?"? T"
Dr. E. V. Appleby, formerly a lee
turer at tho University of Minnesota,
testifying ra a ??i??itV.court cade,
says be baa made money consistently
hy wagering on th?xa/amine *ai>le?
at Mfcnte Carlo. ?Ho claims that hlB
carefuBy worked out system in one
year paid him 160,000.
It would ba impossible to compute
the-human energy and' even human
lifo that bea^been given to dovising
gambling syBlejjpaip best Monte Carlo
and ether f^>?uo ''^??i?b?i?s houses
Some people daua to have made mon
ey,by keeping .careful records of the
stopping iplacealiof roulette wheels
and halls, thus learning the peculiar
tendency and Idiosyncrasy of tho me
chanical device.
If a wheel seemed to be losing be
cause some one had learned ita-ten
doney, it ia sn? easy thing to shift
wheels every night In 1896, a sys
tem was successfully worked at Mon.
to Carlo by a woman who bad stud'
led the eccentric results produced by
the warping of a roulette wheel.
The management never lost hut once
from that, gs afterwards the wheels
were tested nightly.
If a gaming^Vplaiie continues in
business day rafter dsy, and makes
money, its system must be securely
Sruinri?vt r>n ihn Ino.- nf rhnn/??H. miro
to net the house a Steady profit. ' lt
ts like giving money away for the
....I.U - .1..... * " A - 1, - . 1. - -'-. .1 ~-*
^ww.n. w.u. *%? n>rv, uiu nivut vuu vt
these hasards.
Whenever a ^g^baul ls made at a
earning place, the management re
joices- lt views thafoln nine c?sea
out of 10, tho ,money will he lost
back soon, and move too. |
The wiiiTimesert? take some chanc
e? ls a good trait. No kimi of busi
ness could $o$per withouts it. In
productive enterprise, backed by In
telligence and Industry the. chances
are very strongly In your favor. At
Che gaming tabita they are strongly
against you.
PhotographerVW. E. Allen., threat
ens to make a movie Vim of Jim Rob
erta and. his foST'&ogs. It is singular
how some people seek to become fa
The house ofj?|. P. Morgan 6 Co.
caa manage to do a little business
even If the prudent does get the
mystical key ^*he interlocking di
During the election of two Win
throp trustees last Wednesday Mr.
Gray , of AW^intn nominated Pal
Sullivan, of Aiulereon. nominat
Hon. Sohn E. Breazeaie, of An
Mr. Breasts** .was re-elect
ed by a large vote.
Seem to Think, According to An?
der son Man, That Currency
BUI Help?
T:ilkii)K to un Intelligencer reporter
yesterday, li. o. Evan*, who has been
upending a fortnight in New York
etty and other Northern markets, Haiti
that the outlook for tho approaching
season's business was good as ho
could ever remember. He said that
conditio ti H in New York Just at tills
timo were a little hard to under
stand, sinco with the retail dealers
of Norw York, the pant season had
been a very poor ono, due In all pro
bability to tho fact that the fall had
been so warm. He said that another
fact contributing largely to the de
pression of business in New York
just at this time was the failure of
the immenso firm of Spiegel, which
occurred last week. He aleo mention
ed the failures which had occurred
among the clothing concerns in New
He said, however, that the whole
sale clothiers of tho North seemed
to bo in splendid shapo and that they
were all looking forward to the pres
ent season for a magnificent busi
ness. Ho commented on the fact
that tho Northern clothiers are en
thusiastic over President Wilson's ad
ministration and that they approved
heartily of the currency bill. Accord
ing to his impressions, the Northern
people think just as much of thc pres
ent administration as do the Southern
One fact that Mr. Evans had im
pressed upon him by his vi Bit to New
York was that clothing will not be
nearly so much cheaper as many
people think. The prevailing opinion
is that the tariff legislation enncted
by congress would make clothing
much cheaper thau lt has been. Mr.
Evans said that the manufacturers
explain that this ls clearly impossi
ble because ot the fact that there is
a reduction, morely on the raw ma
terial and not on lalbor. For instance,
the cloth to make a suit will come at
$7.00 possibly, but at the same time
the labor to make lt will remain at
$7.00. Therefore, the buyer in're'y
gets a better price because of tho
reduction in tho cost of material.
However, this aili of course be an
Mr. Evans said that all the South,
ern Anns were buying heavily this
year and that he did likewise, bc
cauue he anticip?tes an era of p ros
pe tffvr such as has never -been ex
perienced by this section of the coun
try he ore
; (Continued from page 1.)
a* conducted on the demonstration
plots at public schools.
In Anderson county there are five
schools following this line of work
in connection with the regular course,
these (being Lebanon, Pelzer, Threo
and Hwenty, Long Branch and Den
Each of the schools have a three?
aero demonstration plot, whore they
can receive training that could not
he obtained fruin the texiwbouks.' They
see the gradual result of tho labors,
see the plantings appear and learn
-what ls tho best means for getting
results. Two acres of the plot will
be. plantod in cover crops each year
ned tho other acre in oats and vetch.
Tho rotation pian is then followed
and In thia manner it is impressed
upon tho child that sclentilc fanning
can get better results end malus big.
ger yiolds than can ever be accom
plished if old methods are pursued
forever. J .
?The good that can be accomplished
in .this work is incalculable. The
child is impressed and in many in
stances that may lead td the father
being impressed when ho is told by
the child ot th?) work done and when
he sees for himself that the method
followed is getting results, ho is very
likely to attempt lt himself.
(Anderson county ?chool authorities
say that they wish it were possiblo
for every school in thc county to have
ono of these demonstration plots
and do the work that is being done
ny mose scnools where the pian is in
Special Correspondence.
Columbia, Jan. 26.-Senator Sulli
van, of Anderson, was one of the
senators who voted in favor of the
sweeping investigation of th? State!
Hospital , for tbs Insane; He is rec-j
ognized as one of the ablest members J
if the general assembly and ia wide-1
swake to the interests of Anderson
County at ail times.
Mr. Ashley has withdrawn his bill
providing for a defense of murder in
certain cases.
The house has passed to second
reading the bill by Mr. Scott, of An
derson, amending the lav/ so as to
allow the foreman of the Anderson
grand jury to swear witnesses in the
grand jury room as is done in other
counties. The object of the bill is
to facTuUtv court proc?dure in An
derson by relieving the solicitor of
the trouble of swearing witnesses.
The house last Friday sent to the
senate Mr, Gray's bill, fixing the com
mutation road tax iu Anderson Conn
Si Senator Sullivan -ha* a similar
Il pending in. the senate for which
he will probably substitute Mr.
Gray's in order to Tush'the passage
of th? measure.
Mr, Gray's bill prohibiting the sale
of cotton seed meal containing less
than S per cent ammonia was sent
to the senate daring the jtzzt -rssk
by the house.
C. M. Robbins o? Lebanon, was in
Anderson yesterday for a few hours.
<B. E. Massey of Greenwood, spent
Sunday in the city with friends.
T. T. Wakefield of Septus, was in
tlie city yesterday on business.
Sam Girard of Green Pond, was
among tho business visitors to thc
city yesterday.
Tugaloo Heron of Townville, spent
a few boure in the city yesterday on
Warren Fleming of Honca Path,
was a business visitor to An dei son
.?Eogistrate lt. S. Pant of Townville.
was among' tlie business visitors lo
tho city yesterday.
Miss Evelyn Free of Williamston,
is spending a few dayB in tho city,
thc guest of M ru. Lungston.
Willett Sloan, a well known young
business man of Belton, was in tbe
city yesterday.
Frank G. Vance of Columbia, spent
Sunday in Anderson, the guest of
J. R. Thompson of Pendleton, was
among the business visitors to the
city yesterday.
B. F. Gentry of Starr, was among
the Anderson county farmers to spend
yesterday in tho city.
Mrs. J. F. Todd and Mrs. W. E. At
kinson, have returned from a short
visit to relatives in Louisville.
J. A. Piper of Greenville was
among the guests registered at the
Chiquola hotel yesterday.
S. B. White and Mr. and Mrs. How
ard L. White of Abbeville were in
the city yesterday.
D. E. Massey of Greenville spent
Sunday in tbe city, a guest at the
cniquoia notei.
Arthur Sullivan and daughter, Miss
Grace, of the Fork section of thc
county, were shopping in Anderson
yesterday. ' _
Wants Politicians to
Love The "Peepu?."
Editor Intelligencer:
I see in tho papers the legislature
of South Carolina is in a fair way
to solve fhe great problem that has
perplexed' the statesmen of our na
tion for many months. They have
trailed it Jn bot pursuit and are about
to tree it on the back of fifteen month
old calves. Now all they have to do
1B to k*ep it there and starve it until
it ?B willing to surrender all its abi
lity to living up to a nigh pitch. What'
a blessing it is to have men wise
enough, and endowed with keen scent
as to be the first to strike trail and
creo the high cost of living before
the greet men of our nation had even
struck trail ot the vampire that has
sucked tho lifo blood of so many and
played havoc with oar nation.
Better keep an eye on lt. or it may
leap off and run through a flock of
fowls and make ita escape and di
vide itself into a large number of
units and be hard to tree again.
Keep it sate while you have it bl
your grasp. Once itmakcB its escape
you will never, see it all in ono body
again; you will have to trail it. piece
by piece, and tu?t will be a difficult
Save the people while you can do
eo, ndo't let the vampire escape; if
you do the fanners will be forced
under a heapy penalty to raise more
hen ' fruit to sell direct to the con
sumer. A ban will be placed on over
production of cotton ; food products
laregly increased; farmers who get
a little money ahead will be required
to invest it in mill stock or some
other company where they can com
promise for twenty cents on the dol
His cow must give a stipulated
amount or milk or go to the butcher,
or go to the buzzards; his hogs must
o? a certain breen : in short, he "must
do as we say or we will make con
victs out of the whole push. True
We farmer? na t? riana aro haHlv In
need of a guardian, but as you'are
in the position to protect all classes
and ? till give the farmers a little
freedom, now. ia the time to show
your love for him'. >'
latter from Architect Bryan Says
That Deal for Financing
Almost Cloted
According to a letter received at
the Anderson Chamber of Ccantnercf
yesterday, the deal for financing the
new Anderson theatre has been
ipradtlcally closed and there is now
no stumbling block la the way of the
iplans for the handsome new play
house for th? cRy.
Architect Bryan, whto waa hero for
the purpose of conferring with the
secretary or the Anderson Chamber of
Commerce. Porter A Wbaley. yrroie
Mr. Whnley yesterday that the people
in Richmond. Va., wtth whom he had
taken up the ?natter of a loan for the
a?Marcoo O* u???C??g th? DCUCL?C liad
looked upon lt ?oat ftavor?bly and
-would be ready to close the deal at
anytime. This definitely decides that
Anderson is to nave a modern thea
tre and that at an ?arly date.
J. P. G ri H'm of Craytonville, ?pent
yesterday in tho city on business.
Wll! Kay, a well known Townville
citizen, was in Ander son yesterday.
S. C. Templeton of Atlanta spent
a few hour?? in Anderson yesterday.
M. S. Chiplcy.of Greenwood, WSB
among tho business visitors to the
city yesterday.
R. V. Whitener of Spartanburg is
spending a few .days in the city on
R. L. Chipley of Greenwood was in
the city yesterday fur a tow hourn,
a guest at the Chlquola hotel.
Gcorgo N. "Wilson of Richmond, Va.,
a well known traveling man, spent
yesterday in Anderson.
J. Iv. Kal ney of Savannah township,
wa? among the business visitors to
tho city yesterday.
J. 13. Darnell of Williamson, wa?
among the business visitors to An
derson yesterday.
MTS. J. E.- Davenport and Miss
Eloise Mahaftey of Williamstpn, wore
shopping in Anderson yesterday.
. Miss Felicia Perry has returned to
her home in Greenville, following a
short visit to Mrs. C. M. Patrick.
John Hood has returned to his
home in ConAn?rce, after a, day with
friends in Anderson. '. ',
Boss Mitchell, the newly elected
.mayor of Belton, was a visitor to
the city yesterday.
W. Sam WilBon, a wei known plant
er of Oconee county, was'a business
visitor to the city yesterday.
Mrs. John E. Sadler and Miss Mary
Sadler are spending a few daya in
Washington, Ga., with friends and rel
Ailiugluu 'Milford, im iiierij o? this
city, but now of Abbeville, is spend
ing a few days in the city with
friends and relatives. Mr. Milford
is receiving a warm welcome from
his frlendB. ?
* * ' *... *
* Anderson College Note* *
* *
t,t tr ^ #$?<i*e<****
Mr. CM. Faitliful has been in
Nashville several days attending the
Southern Baptist Educational Confer
ence. .This is.a very, important meet- '
lng. composed of the representative |
educators in the Southern Baptist
Convention. Round t?b1e l^lks. will
he heid at the Tulane hotel, at which
timo topics pertaining to . the genera)
good cf colleges will he discussed by
the delegates.
The Estherian Literary Society has
decided to issue a college annual to
bo called "The So ro ri an." Thc first
jissue will be dedicated to thc much
beloved first president, Dr. Chambllss.
Tho sif of officers are Misses Sibel
Knight, Editor in chief, Catherine
Sullivan, associate, editor. Lucile Bur
ris, business manager and Marie
Elm, Assistant business manager;
Class editors, Misses Leola George,
senior. Nelle Gantry, junior. Marga
rito Henry, sophomore, Lydia Bewley,
freshmen, Ruth Brownlee, academy.
Lute Smith and Mltylene Brown, art
editors. Advertising committee ls
composed of Misses ' Marie ' Elms,
?Mary Bowie, letta Pruitt, ? Louiso
Henry, Hettie Jackeon, Lou Nelle Mc
Gee and Nelle Bewies!- Misses Ai
wa rd and Wakefield and Mr. Faithful,
advisors So far tho business men of
the city, who .have been canvassed
for advertisements, have responded
very generously, and thia support is
much appreciated by the' entire. col
lege. It is Uiought that. many ot the
friends will wish to have oin c of th eic
first annuals Miss Lucile Burriss,
the business manager, will 'take plea
sure In placing this order.
Bed Came Suddenly at Wllliamston
?ouUi will leniston, Jan. 28.-Spec
ial.-The entire town .was saddened
Saturday night when the news spread
that Mrs. W. M. Blake was dead. "'
The end came suddenly aa lt had
not boon known that abe was in til
health. During the afternoon she
complained of feeling bad- and was
forced td summon a physician. About
dusk; When her daughter we,.. to her
bedside and enquired if she waa bet
ter she replied that abe waa not and
shortly thereafter the edd came.
The deceased isms SS years ot age
and waa a faithful member of the
Methodist church: of this-place. She
waa always ready and willing to lend
a helping hand in time of need? and
her loee will be sorely felt. Bhe ls
survived by her husband and six
. The funeral services were conduct
ed Bundey by her p?slor, w?v^'xoBriin
at the Methodist church, following
which the interment waa taken in
charge by the Red Men and the Te
maina interred at four o'clock lathe
Williamston cemetery. "
The heartfolt sympathy of the en
tire community goes ont to the strick
en family in their great loss. t
SMars. M. F. Adama and 5Sss T?STS.?'
Adams spent the week-end in Ander V
eon, the guests of Mrs. J. F. Daniel, j
(James P. Goesett has returned,
boxas ?rom an extended visit to New .
York etty.
.fr. and-Mrs. Thomas Brey and
daughter of Pelxer, attended the fun*- <
ral, ox a?a, TV. H. Blake 8nnday af.
ter noon.
'? <
if -
Our daily advertisements are to
let you know the news of this
store. _ -
In advertising we never speak in
parables or relate fahy tales, we
believe you're interested only in
The fact about this shoe clear
ance is that you want to know
more about it; you want to ex
amine the goods, see the quality
and style, feel the comfort, then
make a buy if you like to save a
$5 Howard & Foster . ..$3*75
$4 Howard & Foster . .. $2.75
$3.50 Snow Shoes .$2.75
The Store with a Conscience.
. isa ? ? 4&S w & atmf te^r saa
Have a good opening
for an all round man
who is willing to work.
Frank & DeCamps Realty Co.
... ? ?
Jno. Frank
-THONE 246
C. J. DeCamps
Is the only place avail
able in "my town" for
thoee who are discrimi
nating. *
Anderson Real Estate
& Investment Co.
E. R. HORTON, *~ f M(^mmt ^ i ?ORTO** P.

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