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Advertisements in this depart
ment will be classified and fun at
the foUowing rates: 25 words or
lesa, one time? 25c; three times
for 50c; eight times for $1.00.
For more than 25 words the same
rate will apply.
toa mills. This property has a nsw
eight-room dwelling house, ample out
buildings and a good barn on it: The
land ls very strong and is especial!?
adapted to truck farming. For pices
terms, etc, call on iii write to Joa E.
Le*ch, Atoraey, Risley, 8. C.
FOB BALE-House and lot where I
now live and -vacant lot adjoining on
east. House has eight rooms and
kitchen, butler's pantry, bath room,
electric Mghts and sewerage. Price
right, terms right L. E. Norryee.
FOK HALE-Farm, 105 acres, beauti
fully located, near city, good dwell
ing, four tenant houses, two barns,
gin house, land level and easy of
cultivation, at a price that is a
jj bargain. Come to see us quick or
write. Burriss Realty Company.
We will sell at public auction at the
Anderson court house on Monday Feb
ruary 2, at the usual tune, one house
and lot in town of Belton, in estate of
Mrs. M. J. Gambell. Purchaser to pay
extra for papers.-R. R. Keaton and
R. A. Keaton, Executors. l-13-3tu.
Forty-eight acres valuable farm land
situated within one mile of the city
limits of Easley, 8. C., near Alice cot
i stUl have a lot of good land in
tracte to suit you. Prices varying'
from ten dollars to thirty-five per
acre. All well located. Write to me
at McCormick. S. C.
Joe F. Edmunds.
GIRLS WANTED to sew. light work.
Will pay "board while you are
learning. Anderson Overall Fac
tory. Anderson. 8. P- t*>-i2-2m
WANTED TO BUY- ' .i .??? any
time, fat cattle, 1 iu?o au ?I calves
I have customers . for and contracts
to furnish. I buy hides and tallow.
.The Tanners want my hides.
121 W. Whitner St. Phone 694or 695
At Lilly White Market. ;
The wholesale and abattoir man.
50 head good mules, old and young;
within the next ten days or two weeks.
Bring them to The Fretwell Company's
sUbles. " . G. W. RADER.
l-9-4t-tue.&fri. i
Lots That Please
We have for sale 26 beautiful lots on Tribhlo
J* Fura?an Evans Company
Evans Building.
I supply you with. Your sight will be
much improved, the glasses . will be
so comfortable' you'll hardly know
you have them on. Come and be fitted
with .a pair that will help your sight,
help your- appearance and add to your
Dr. M. R. Campbell
112 West Whitner SL
Office P'honc 838J. Bes. 'Phone468J.
compact and efficient lighting de
vice for all kinds of vehicles. Will
not blow out or jar out Equipped
with thumb screws, so that lt is
easily attached or detached. Thro ws
a dear light 200 feet ahead E&tra
large red danger signal in back.
It io equipped with handle, and when [
detached makes a good hand lantern.
Strong. Durable. WilHast lor years.
At Dealers Everywhere v???
Norfolk. V*. CluurtMtott, S. C
.ll.?.I lillipilli.Il.IIIIIIIII.lill
did you ever notice our Electric Sign7 No doubt you- have
Most ova ry body has noticed it. Has most everybody noticed ycur
sign? An.i ore there a great many people who caa positively re
member tc : ave sien your sign at all? Why not make lt attractive
enough :*3 bo i^emhered-^ttraetive enough to draw tr?*?- direc
tive enough to Indicate your desire to' be proirre?ive^anractlve
enough to snow^people fiat ye* wish to attract them-~that yo?
want their attention and trade.
We would like to Talk Electric Sign? with you.
SM? PUnlC I??I8 G?
G. Sr S ii Lil
Maj. Jno. G. Richard? of tht Rail I
to Some Thing* Heretofore Mei
I* Especially
Maj. Jno. G. Bicharos, chairman of I
the railroad commission, has given H
official endorsement to a complaint I
that has been made by The Intelli- I
gencer with reference to the i nade- HJ
ouate accommodations of the G. S. & I
A. passenger station- in this city. fl
This " paper requested a copy of the I
officiai report and same has been fur- I
nished, very kindly, by Mr. G. Mc-?
Duffie Hampton, of the commission-?
ers. Major Richards reports on them
stations and general conditions andi
Mr. Hampton upon the track condi-fl
The reports are highly enthusias-B
tic, if that word may be use*J, with!
the one exception noted above. ' Ma-I
jor Richards makes valuable sugges- ?
tions in bis report, and aa Greenville!
is likewise involved, it is not unlikely ?
that if Greenville and Anderson get!
together they can require something ?
to be one in the way of permanent!
Major Richards says in his very fl
interesting report:
"On January 9th, accompanied by fl
Commissioners G. McD. Hampton, B. fl
L. Caughman, Messrs. C. D. Allen, fl
General Freight and Passenger fl
Agent, C. W. Crosby, Train Master fl
and A. C. Lee, Chief Engineer Main
tenance Of Way, I inspected Green-fl
ville, Spartanbnrg db Andereon Rail- fl
way from Greer to Greenville andi
from Belton to Anderson.
"This is the first inspection the fl
Commission has made of the depot fl
I property , of this railway, as inter-fl
I urban lines Of "the State were only fl
I placed under the control nf the Rai!" fl
rod Commission at the 1913 session!
I of the legislature.
"At Greer the station is 160 feet fl
I l?ng and 38 feet wide, constructed of ?
I red brick and white unit brick andi
I covered with red book tile. The cost fl
of this station is approximately $11,- fl
I OOO, and is also used? for freight.
"At Greenville and Anderson this fl
I railway Ture large 'and commodious fl
I freight depots, but the passenger fl
I stations consist of large store rooms ?
I located in the center of the towns!
I and are provided , with all modern fl
I conveniences. I desire to call atten-H
I tion to the fact that a part of the fl
I waiting room-at each place, is usedfl]
as s caf*, and the negroc's ?part-fl
I ment is in' the same building, in rear fl
I of white apartment, bot there is no
I provision for -the actual separation H
of the'-races. For instance, all pas-fl
sengers using this depot are necea-H
sarily forced to enter, through samel
I entrance from - Main Street, negro H
I passengers passing by the whites on fl
their way to the rea? of the building. ?
?J?[j recommend that the G. S. & A. fl
Railway ? WO?|IM4 ?A ?~=^
vision, both at. Green ville and Ander-!
son, where the cases arc practically fl
? identical,"for the actual separation fl
of the races in these two depots, andi
I that separate entrances for whites fl
and negrees bc provided to the de-fl
pots. I regard thia aa a very im-fl
j portant Buggestion ?nd it should be fl
? put into operation without unneces- j
I nary delay.
"The freight stations at these two fl
pointa are 241 feet long by 41 feet J
wide. They are. constructed of red
? brick and white unit brick and cov- I
ered with red book tile. The offico
rooms of these two stations consist
of two stories 41 feet square, leaving
freight and ware house .'room 200
feet in length and 41 feet wide. These
? stations, I atti informed by the man
agement of this railway, opat ap
proximately$14,000 ea?;h.
"The stations at Piedmont, Pelzer,
Williamston, Belton and Honea Path
are 12 feet long and 22 feet wide,
provided so as to take caro of both
passenger and freight buslncM, and
are of same construction ns' ones
above mentioned.. 1 am informad I
that they wore constructed at a cost
of approximately $7,000 each,
fl TT"P? 8t*ti?rje' at Donalds andi
Hodges are 11$ feet long, \22 feet
I wide, and or' thia type as Pied- I
mont and other stations. These
? cost about 96,000 each, owing to the
?fact that they have smaller freight
"Ai, aii local flag stops the com
? pany has provided nice timbrell:;
M finds, i?i i ct square for the accom
? modation of ita patrons, these sheds
?chating approximatif ifl?Teach. II
I ?. Ro*fJ Commended.
m A Ul?1T te ??s??d tba G. 8. & 1
l\.i?a?w?y for the. splendid depots!
? which it has constructed at all of its I
? nmttona. vrfth s^ enMisption, as J
fl have indicated, of the stations at I
Anderson and Greenville, where I be- I
:b?Lffi,8iiu? W ma?e
'.I desire to call attention to tho
? TeU*?? which this company has
? adapted of heating ita passenger de
? PfWp^t^ge drum heaters are con
? structcd in the Nar of . the agent's
office and neceaaary fuel is kent
B^I?* V** hcat ?o* *?. passenger
station is supplied; by largo pipes
which are connected with this heater
.and the rooms are therchy made verv
eororortabie. The noora of the ??Z
?sanger stations are of concrete and
? SSuT^^i^ free of th* cor
roding ?nd other undesirable influ
??L J0 ^ erection if
steves and keeping Of fuel in th*
?*a^SW?. .a? ut the custom
;JOp***k*-da thfootbeM the
' ; dW * T"*1- find ' water coolers or
;7**2Lfe* 'tt^'tww &? any of the
?^?J^-:h** bat: was told by
^ ?n*v??ment-that they would be
JJ JT**}** & A. Railway,
J^'?^<^./'*"<>tT'a? conditieia te
m????^&*^ ?nx *u ??in
?I??U^S^T* ^ Belton ?- An
dersen, ?o pound raj. Maximum
road Commission Calls Attention
lUoned-Otherwise the Rond
grade 1 per cent. Maximum curve 6.
I The ballast at present is dirt fend cin
der?, except about seven miles of
stone ballast. The policy of the road
is to continually put in stone ballast
until the entire track ia covered with
it. The drainage is all right, sur
facing good, alignment good. All
trestles except two are steel struct
ure. The coaches are steel under
frame and wooden body. Maximum
speed about 45 miles an hour. These
cars are operated by 1,500 volt. Cost
of these coaches about $16,000.
"The timber and ties are. of course,
new and in first-class condition.
"I would mention the very credit
able steel bridge over Enoree River,
on the Greenville and Spartanburg
link, costing $60,000. The construc
tion is of all steel and masonry via
duct type. The spans across this
bridge are 60 and 30 feet alternating.
Total length of bridge 910 feet, and
65 feet high. Concrete abutment at
each end with steel towers on con
crete pedestals, near Chick Springs.
Greenville to Belton-27 Miles.
"At Wiiliamston is the Carolina
Stone Company, with very large ca
pacity per day. This road secures
its ballast from this quarry and it is
the policy of the Piedmont Northern
Lines to continue this placing of rock
ballast until the entire line is cov
ered. At Williamston there is one
wooden trestle.
"There is' only one grade crossing
on the entire system and that is at
Belton to Anderson.
"This line was purchased by the
Piedmont Northern from the Ander
son Traction Company. Maximum
grade-S per cent and h ivy in grade
many places along the linc.Maximum
curve 8 degrees. Ballast dirt; ties
about 50 per cent new and 50 per
cent fairly good. Are being replaced
now with new ties. One wooden
trestle and two of. steel; Drainage
good condition and only objection ya
same is heavy grade, which has not
been changed since recent purchase.
Belton to Greenville-31 Miles.
"Physical condition of track excel
"The general phjtaical condition of
the track, ind rcSsSii i= soil till
able for a hew road. The alignment
is particularly good and the curves
in most, places slight. There have
been some very heavy cuts along this
line and the fills arc in good condi
tion for the length of time they have
been built The general spirit, if
fjrogressivenqss shown by thK*u?s4
n having everything as far as pos
sible up to dat?, both track and de
pots, ia highly commendable, and this
road may bo -t this time considerr?
a first-class railroad, both in con
struction, rolling stock and the con
venience shown In operating the
?nazjcp lOIIlp
t lAivay
r Sure prevention
IkB coats but a trifle.
Ronp Remedy ft?-aS
.Doy ;
profita. m
K*? til
?4 144 Ct Pratt, W Pto* PovUr?J3<x?k. ?
JaeMnr ?bote flack by'th* _
,tevi8mUns?8??tacf 1
For Sale by
FOTJCHE DRUG CO, Anderson, S. C.
W .H. HARRISON, Andersen, S. C.
W. A, POWER, Anderson, a C.
?VAiNTS PHARMACY, Anderson, S. C.
J. T. McCoan Sons, Anderson, S. C.
PEOPLES GROC. CO., Anderson, S. C.
Anderson Cash Groce. Anderson, S. C.
M. M. Hunter, Pendleton, & a 8303
Cared a Severe
"I had .been* gnat sufferer'with back
ache so thai. I Va* unable to bend. A
friend recommended Dr. Jones' Liniment
and tbs ftr*t application gav? me rebel.
Ons bott!* entirely cured me.
"A few days ago a lady callad who com?
pbined ot great pams in ber back. I gave
hW a little et Dr.. Jones' Liniment ead abe
waa Sieved immediately after applying it.
"We et? vee?ertDendi?g it to all oat friends."
^fs^iirntaa M. P. Stotsmaa, of Regina, Pa. '
F~~? -a the beek are often mistaken for
kidney trouble, and so-called Iridney euros,
and plasters are resorted io, wbleb, failing
to wlisvij, only tend to aggravate the di?.
?sae ead prolong the ssterlag. Dr. loess*
Liniment rehevee. Itticumafisin, Nen
raltfl*. Headache, Cramps, Cold
hi Chest, or any pain or ache that csa
be reached toy ?rtemai application.
Ask your Deighbors what Dr. J0a?e' LJn.
iineat hsa'doae' for lacia.
l?vaa^'Faara?ry, Anders**. ?L ' ft I
-gama.. lt ls .particularly convenient,
as ino traina< are run about every
two hours and stations are very cloao
together, averaging about twp miles
"From Greer to Greenville: this
portion ot tho track was first put in
to operation December 1st, ldlfl.
Greenville to Bolton, December 8th,
1912. Greenwood to Belton December
22d, 1012. Anderson io ileltnn was
purchased in the spring of 1910.
"I want to thank toe officers of thu
railroad for their courtesy in fur
nishing information and convenience
of special car, giving us every oppor
tunity to make a thorough and care
ful investigation."
Premier Carrier of the Sooth.
Schedul Effectue Jan. 18, 1914
CC. B. the following schedule figures
are published only as information and
are not guaranteed.
Arrival and departure ot trains from
Anderson, S. C.
No. Arriving From Time
20 Greenville and Belton.. 8:30 a. m.
22 Greenville and Belton. .11:60 a. m.
16 Charleston. Columbia and
Belton, through sleeper to
Belton.11:60 a. m.
12 Atlanta, Walhalla and
Seneca.8:31 a. m.
26 Greenville and Belton .. 1:26 p. m.
10 Atlanta, Walhalla, and
Seneca. ....4:62 p. m.
Seneca.6:02 p. in.
17 Charleston. Columbia and
I Belton. Through coach
from Columbia to Wal
halla .'. . ..8:03 p. m.
Lear Jog For
20 Belton, Greenville .. ..7:40 a. m.
22 Belton and Greenville. .9:20 a. m.
24 Belton and Greenville ..2:25 p. m.
10 Belton Charleston,
Greenville and Columbia 4:52 p.m.
12 Belton, Columbia, Char
leston and Greenville ..8:31 a. aa,
9 Seneca, Walhalla and At
lante. . .11:E? a.-sa;:
ll Seneca, Walhalla through
coach from Columbia..8:09 P. m.
No: baggage will be bandied on
I motor ?ars Nos 20, 24, 21, 25. 22. 23.
Connection ia made at Belton for
Southern tra?na and at Seneca for
trains to. Atlanta and beyond. Itor.
further information, apply *b ttokot
onto or
W. R. Taber ?. ?VT. Am Greenville,
18. C. *> ' t .
w, BL McGee, A. aV r. Columbia*
Gsns.al Paud?seor A^sat,
Greenville, 8. C.
> Bedaced Ronnd Trip Fares from
Anderson, 8. C.
RICHMOND, VA...$12.76
Account ot National Education Aa so
elation. Tickets on sale, FebT^J,. 22,
28, with return limit March, 4th, 1914.
New Orleans, La. $19.65
Pensacola, Fla. $15.00
Mobile. Ala. $16.45
Account Mardi Gras Celebration.
Tickets on sale Feb. 17th to 23rd, with
retur limit March. 6th 1914.
For further information call od City
Ticket Agent, or write.
G. g. * A. BY.
I and YOU cati wear a smile ali
I the time as they enable you t >
I turn out the neatest and best
I class of work? Let us show
you our latest Model No. 6
and you will be convinced.
We sell all other makes of
re-built and second hand
machines, also repair all
other make machines, and
our work is done by first
cia? experienced workmen,
qjye us a Trial.
Dealers. Charlotte, N. C.
w.o. ULM ER,
Agent,. Anderson? S. C.
Progressive Bankers Invite Your
We urge those who nave not yet btarUrU a bank
account with us to START one. Those who are already
our customers know the value of always keeping their
bank balance growing. Money put into our bank right
here at home stays in our own community, and this helps
develop it and helps everybody to prosper. < ?
Why send money away when we can increase'the value
?f^DUR.OWN^property by building-up our own town? *
"~' Mak?CoUR Bank' YOUR bank
We pay 4 pcrtcent.. interest quarterly.
Ptrr?Pi frc nAwt-.And?T?? S C
has made a lemarkable increase in its business dur
flu? noof nanti
?.aw ?/i%BV jr'
There is a^ason for this, try us with a por
tion of your business now-later you will give us al).
...We P a y ^Iti t e r e s t on gav ings...
J. J?. Anderson, Pres. J. F. Shumate, Cash. \
iii M ?.?iiwiiiniHiMiiiwiniMi i mm\\mim%mm\W?Wmm
[email protected] Bsurak
? FaffiEaesrs Leas* msA- Tiraos* Ofr.
Whose combin?t! resources cure a &tt!e tibe rise cf Caa
?Va.aiioa Kvc?iu?? wffp fwnSii?g uSs SB?ife HOW' accounts
esy day tuan* ever before. . .\ .*. ,\
Small deposita and small loans are .especially desired
and are especially appreciated and receive especial
aKes-t??n. Merest p&id ott deposits.
A nc r
Iva, Now Ready for
The Farmers Bank of Iva is now ready
to receive deposits and transact a general- bank
ing business.
Taxes wifftfec collected for Corner and
Hall and Savannah Townships, and remitted
to County Treasurer free of charge. The
new bank building will be erected on the
Wharton lot at the corner of Broad and East
Front Streets, ami work on same will begin
the near future^ The stock of this bank h
been placed la?^ly with the farmers aroui
Iva, and every^re^sonable favor and accom
modation will l|| ?shown its customers.
B. F. MAULDXff, Pr?*.
[Capital Stock $25,*?0O. W. R. M?XLIN1X, Cashier.
[Our Jewelry l^eeds no Special ?!a!tti
There is'nt any use claiming ones gooda to be tho .finest anlese the goods
themselves warrant tbe.jjaaertton. An inspection of oura will convince
you ot the superior quality and workmanship, combmeftwllh that indeiin
able air ot supreme refltfement that mark them as the highest product
Of'the Jeweler? ?rf: v

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