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Founded I860
?"??' ? ?? ' '
m North Main Sinai
W. Wo 8 ISO AK, . Business Mamager
..Katered According to Act of Coa
?TS?? as Second Class Man Matter at
tba Postoffice al Andanos, 8. C
fattisbei KT.npr MornJng Except
tessi-Weekly Edition on Tuesday and
Friday Mornings
Bally Edition-V*M per annum;
jg^for His Months i for Three
Besa?.Week!7 Edition - 9LS0 per
Aaaami 7ft coats ta Sis Months; ?0
.Mts ter Fear Months.
-' of the Associated Press and
Seeetvteg Complete Daily Telegraphic
.A larger Clrcnlatlon Than Any Oth
er Newspaper ta This Cengreoslonal
lateUiflancer ls delivered hy
In the city. If yon fail to
.at your paper regularly please notify
?s. Opposite your asms on label
St your paper |a printed date to which
Mr anger is paid. All checks ?nd
MSa should be drawn to Tao An
stsswm ln?*ms???r.
frf iii'2 ;;i i
' WbsbhWton, Jan. 27.-Forecast:
Booth.talina-*Wr .walmer Wed
nesday; Thursday Increasing cloudl
. ?SJPS,
The sweetest Uvtm ?? th**
lib?se deeds, both great and small,
Aire close-knit st nanda of an un*
(broken - thread -
Where love ennobles all.
Otto "world ?any sound no trumpets,
? sta? ao (bella;
The boohoo? Mie tho shining record
Thy lore" shall chant its own beati
Afjter Ho own life-working. A child's
Bet on thy sighing lip? shall make
shs? dad;
A poor man served hy thee shall soaks
thee rich,
A-Bsek:n?e triped by thee sfcall
v'r, jpaake thee strong;
. Thou shalt be ?erred thy self by erv
Of servios which shoo Tenderest,
?^mruftow Barret Browning.
Sy the way, anybody heard ot nis
ter Rm Pankhurst recently?
Reserved your seat'for the opening
tag show/to that new theatre yet?
Ti lhere ia one thing we can. despise
inora thsa a hen-pecking wife lt is
a hen-pecked husband.
?f sa investigation should be had.
tko origin or many divorce proceed
iuga night he found arith the "votes
?kW wlmmUY* movement.
And again ye can give thanks that
we do not live ia Columbia. That
city ls to have tho distinguished j
pleasure ot entertaining Evelyn Nea-j
Give a dog a had name and yon may
08'twflt ktli him. A newspaper man
fell on the streets of a dispensary
town a few sights ago and broke
hts leg.
IX tho editorials written about the
atexican situation could be pasted to
gether they would nuke a string long
enough to reach from Tirzah, 8. C"
to; the North Pal?.
We vant fir understood now, once
?nd for all Urns that w? are in favor
?t baseball ot somo kind for Ander
?on flurlng tba coming season, even j
If it has to oe old round cat
Anderson people should welcome
the opportunity presented them to
night is a splendid one end they
should not fan to- grasp it.
i_ ii?
And then agata you know. Ibero
v 'f?pbt be twice as many members of
tba General Assembly as is fortun
atfcty the. case. All ot which goes to
?bow that thinga are never as bad
as they might be. j
??.^.?t-?? i- dL?l-Z Trith Green
wood ta favor ot the TroDey league
itt preference te? the. Georgla-Cero
tlaa aasociaUoE. But than it hs? been
eur observation that what Bparun
fearg does ?ot know about baseball
would tnt a ?cod, bl? volume.
Gao thing that the people ot An
derson should give thanks for ls the
?act that we have Us bast of health
Ianthe world, mor? people dis in one
w?? imT?a oWi ? li?i usa ?rmn drink
tftg-taasa Siquor than fron an causes
cowbtasddn Anderson ia two months
' WO*. caa* tW that wo- bas* beard
?tty fceart-breekior wall from . the
ur?sku cf South Carolina over the
detent ot tho South carolina equal
?affeage measure. Wa do not honest
ly betteve the* the women of South
(vsrottna w*at ta>;'?ptajr .
A BA Bi) Tiff AT.
my reason of the fact that Le has
.been closely Identified with Anderson
county people and the interests of
Anderson county Prof. Joh?. G. Clink
scaies will attract^ large crowd to
the missionary conference tonight.
Tile fact that he rs .to bo one of the
principal speakers qf the evening will
lend au Interest to the occasion that
would otherwise be lacking and thone
people who had in charge the selec
tion of the speakers did well in BC
curing this gifted roan.
Prof. CiitJcscales was born in thin
section of the country, being a na
tive of Abbeville. Ho has also been
closely associated with Anderson
county In a number of ways, having
lived at Williamaton at one time. At
that timo ho wan in tito merchandis
ing business, nut' later'buld tho office
of school commissioner of Anderson
county, filling that position with hon
or and distinction.
Everybody in Anderson county
knows what Prof. Ollnkscalos has
meant to the causo ot education and
wo (believe that he means fully as
much in the cause of missions. Wo
aro glad to welcome Prof. Clink?
hack to Anderson, even if it is but
for a night and we bespeak for him a
large audlenco when ho delivers bis
splendid address at tho conference to
night. * tf
i -rSua
Anderson people may well rejoice
over the .result of the visit of the
Anderson' busACW1 men to Columbia
Monday. The etty-is to be congratu
lated upon tkejaact that all indica
tions now point to the success of tho
plan to do some permanent work in
ue city ana to put the city of An
derson into (better condition than it is
at the present tame.
We do not think that Representa
tivo Hall should be censured for
asking the Iocja^-delegation to agreo
to his amendmentr It ia only fair and
proper that tho people of Anderson
have a right to vote on the question
of assessing abetting property for tho
purpose of permanent improvements
and if they do np?,wnnt it, they should
not be forced to have it, but it is
generally understood as being a fore
gone conclusion (bat the people of
Andese do favor . such a measure
.and tfcer'jforo there is noshing to fear
' from the question tx?Lng put up to'tho
Those people of the city of Ander
son who hove the boat, interests of
the city at heart will gtvo thanks to
the business mea of Anderson and the
city officials, who,'by. their first visit
to Columbia, made it possible for the
oily to take a forward step.
There are aom^jpeople in this state
^rho are workw^jwho appreciate
wtsst work le. Ono of these is Miss
Graco W. Vtusdi*er. general secretary
of the State Sunday:.' School conven
tion. Therefore., wa .appreciate the
following letter from this splendid
worker and charing southern wo
man. M
"I nm delighted --Rh tba first sum
.vber of the Anderson intelligencer. I
am sure the people- of your county are
.to be congratulated on securing so
nplondid a medians. I nm much pleas
wUh the genius, ,'$rito up" of the
convention. 'J:
"From indications that Indicate, it
Jocks as if we ar* tb have the great
est convention in our history. The
outside talent typ exceeds anylthlng
we have yet brought to the State Con
vention. I havarojfttor aeen, in all
any convention work, a f.ner spirit of
cooperation than Anderson baa shown
In working up this convention. I am
aura you are^eeping things before
?he public loca?/ ,J, am enclosing a
copy of a story-^.am send i us to S?
newspapers ut South Carolina.
"Tbortklng yo1?"for yaor spiendlo
cooperation and j???at service to tbe
Association, I -em,
"Yours for Use.biggest convention
yet. Gr?ce W. Vandiver.
"General Secretary."
Since all talsgJtlk about coming
politicians ls Mute heard, we would
like to enquire as io what has become
of Cot T. B. Beer's candidacy ter
lieutenant Governor. Col. Butler is
the mayor ot Gaffney end a well
known politician. We consider that
he would stake w Splendid official and
lt the peolpe of that section had as
mach energy ss ?hsV should hat? they
would see to lt thai Col. Butler offers
tor the piece.
-????*+t. - i - ,fc *
We heard an obi lady make a
mighty wis? observation a day or so
i ago.. ' ?aying that tr.ev* was always
something over whisk-to he glad, ene
remarked: -Course?owe? I han't got
hat two teeth but thank the Lord they
hit.? " w
.". ?.? tv 1
We don't know whetlinn.lt waa Sam
Brock or Abe Marti*. S*tt tt* hat lt is
nil right at that: "JDon't-wsste your
time trying to ?g?rewVny a black
hen lays a whiic ess-get the egg!",
(Continued freon first page.)
nen (lou B results which aro just now
?coming evident.
One of thc moat able addresses de
Ivered during the evening was that
f Dr. T. W. Sloan, of Greenville,
astor of the First Presbyterian
burch. Dr. Sloan's- subject was
Stewardship0 and he handled it in
, masterly manner. . This was one
eature ot the program that local
teople had not expected and lt was
*8llX one ,of tho features of the oc
asi?n. Dr. Sloan ls an able dian, a
leap thinker a Splendid scholar,( and
rita it ode of tho roost entertaining
elkera that the people of Anderdon
lave ever bad an opportunity of 'lear
ns*. His address made a great lm
The meeting last hight was closed
/1th Prof. Gaines*, address. "The
ndlvidual Responsibility in World
ivangellzation." Anderson people
ad expected much of thia gifted man
nd they were in no single respect
isappolnted. Prof. Gaines has prob
bly done as much for tho cause ot
^t?s'o?? o? ?uy Diner one man in the
fnlted States and along the line.of
s address last night he gave his
carers much food for thought. He
rhlch ls now being prosecuted all
bowed how lt ls the duty of every
ian and woman to aid in this work
ver the world and pointed out that
; behooved no oingiu one tu shirk th?
nty more than another. He recalled
lie fact that lt is .he duty of every
mn to a{d his brother and showed
bat no man could fall to be remlsH
i bis duty if he did not lend a hclp
ig hand In spreading the mission
case from coast to coast and from
ountry to country.
Prof. Gaines was well received and
(Continued from flrstj page.)
tiller. MJxon, Moore. Mosley, Murray,
(elson, Odom, Pyati, Ready, Riley,
tobertson, Wi S. Rogers, Jr., . Sapp,
V. W. Scott. Sherwood, Stanley.
Itrickland, Sturkio, Summers, Walk
r. Warren, Welch. White, Whitehead,
?/?bur?? C, C. Wyche, G9,
Debate on MeuseT:
The fight over the passage of tho
nrtner bill taken up out of ita or
en yesterday at ll o'clock, was op
ned fey stpeechJ?? from Mr. For!"?.r.
lr. J. W, Ashley and Mr. Jamies, alt
f wham vxged the passage of the
dil. chiefly on the ground that white
each om in : negro schools made social
Mr Laies o* Oran gob ii rg, opposed
he passage of the bill on the grounds
hat while mon should bu ?iipw?? to
banale ?c?roes In their schools just
a ttey managed them la tho fields,
te r?m. nofwover. that -Vi? wr>\ii<> ?>o
a favor of the bill if lt prohlbHod
chito women from teaching in negro
Mr. Barna?ll of Charleston. in
rhose county stbout r>0 white women
?ock In negro public schools, said
hat he attributed tho lack of friction
?tween toe races In the law country
o the tact that the negroes were
aught hy white people early in life
o respect *>i_ >hlte race. Mr. Barn
reli opposed he passage of the Fort
ec b!K. ;
?Sr. Wyobe of Newberry ?poko
gaanet ?he passage of th? hui. "wno
ut the whites." he asked, "abell
each tho negro bis proper position. '
t_r. White of. Clarendon, advocated
he pasease of the bili and Mr. Vand
rborct of Charleston opposed it.
By ? vote of W to 38 the house re
need io ?trike out the enaction
rords of the bill.
.' v ?harlestoa Flllhoster?.
The honae refused by a vote of BO
o 40 to agree to the amendment ex
those people who heard him last
night felt that they had been more
than-repaid for the part they had
taken In tho conference morely be
cause of the fact that they had had
an opportunity of hearing Dr. Gaines
"Will* address conference tonight.
The program for tonight is equally
ii? KUKU, if not belier in 00inc- respects
than was that bf lust night. Had the
entire elute beeu scoured no moro able
men coubl huve b< en found than the
two who will deliver addresses to
night-Dr. E. M. Potent and Prof.
John G. Clinkscales. Both of these
men are W?H known to Anderson au
diences and the church tonight will
hardly be abie to accomodate thc
empting Charleston cctanty from the
.provisions of the Charleston bill. Then
the Charleston delegation started a
filibuster to obstruct tho passage of
the bill. The delegation waa ably sec
onded by several mconfbers of tho
house and the bill hung fire for about,
an hour liefere it finally passed to
third reading. iBy a vote of 6". to 34
the house refused to adopt the amend
ment-offered by Mr. Stanley of Morry,
nn advocate of the bill, to make the
measure apply to negro waiters, ne
gro nurses in private homed,, negro
servants in hospitals, and negroes
working in thc same establishments
in which ?w?i?lu women-are employed.
To reduce the bill to an absurbtty.
S?rV R't'?.enberg of Charleston offered
an amendment prohibiting farmers to
hire negro laborers, which the houso
voted down.
Tho Lee amendment providing
'That tho, provisions of.th is bill shall
also apply, to the intimacy of thc
} races in bouse* or lil repute" WSB
passed < by a vote of 100 to nothing.
I ?hon HIM hill wt>.S n;nw4 tr? third
l TftnAtna* after WMoh tl}?1 h^"4-'"
I Journed until 10 o'clock tomorrow.
Sen. Weston From
Asylum Committee
Special Correspondence.
Columbia. Jan. 27.-Senator Weston
tbday resigned from the committee
J appointed from the s?uato'. to lnr?i?tl
gaie the ?fente Hospita] for tho In
Wile. ?He said that hw had been
shown a eopy of a letter written by
Governor BJ ease to Pr? ?ideat Smith
of -, the senate chargiez chat he ap
peared aa an attorney wt, a bearing
bofore the board pf regents of the
asylum In which one of the parties
to be Investigated was concerned.
Senator Weeton denied vthat he had
appeared as an attorney? although he
admfPted that he had;. Jwh asked to
do sow " aie said he Ufen* io the board
people who will flock out to hear
theac Speakern.
The meeting today ls to open at
10:30 o'clock this morning,- when a
general round-table discussion of mis
sionary education will be led by Prof.
E. It. Gaines. At this particular time
there wll be an opportunity for all
prosent to advance their views and
opinions concerning the best methods
to be followed in this particular line
of endeavor. - This session will'last
throughout the morning,' coming to
a close shortly before the noon hour
when a recess will take place.:
At 3:80 this afternoon the, session
will re-convene, the discussion - of
"Missionary Finance" then being
opened. Thin conference will be In
charge of Rev. C. J. Thomneoa and^
like . the morning session, no stereo-1
typed form will be followed, the lay-1
man being allowed to advance opin
ions ns to the proper p.ocedure fori
the proper conduct of the work.
At 7:30 o'clock the people-of An
derson will have a rare treat'present
ed them, this being an address by
Prof. John G. Clinkscales of Wofford
College at Spartanburg. Prof. Clink
scales is one of the best known men
tu say that be .1B without a peer in his
in the state and it is no exaggeration'
particular line o* work. It lian been
announced that Prof. Clinkscales.will
speak on the subject "The Greater.
Efficiency.'1 ' " :
Dr. E. M. Poteat, president ot For-1
man University, will deliver tho last '
address of the conference, his BUbjoct
being "Socialism; of the Kingdom.",
Dr. Poteat ls a fluent speaker arid a
mah of extraordinary inisllstt and the
Anderson people of more than pass-,
lng interest.
In short tonight will be one of'
Anderdon people and it ts presumed
the, rod-letter days of ttie year for
on nil sides that lt wfll be'productive ,
of much gocd not only In thc city ot
Anderson and in this county/ but
throughout the ontire state Barwell.
of regents meeting as a member of
the senate committee on penal ?nd
charitable Institutions to get Informa
tion. . The senator asked that his con
duct in regard to the matter be in
President Sfmith has not yet ap
pointed a successor to Senator Wes
ton. A. D. O.
(Continued from first page-)
$100 per aliare and ita market value
slightly moro than $110. The wit
ness said Judge Speer's action was
taken on a bill "wt?oh had no equity
in it," and that through the appoint
ment of receivers, the credit .of . the
company was completely destroyed.H
Store Advene Testisaony.
Judge speer's alleged tove .ox-pub
licity again whs touched upon today
when Gen. Meldrtm teet?Se? thc* kc
tnad trliti MOM bofnTA Judea '. OTUil
"on-, the porch of the hotel at Mount
Airy, N. C., with an audience of la
dies." The witness declared that the
majority of lawyers throughout the
State "do not regard Joege dpeet* 'sn
a fit Judge."
W. M. Toomer, formerly an attos*'
ney at Wayo ross, Ga:, said that Judge
Speer was one of - the most haman
men he ever know ?nd "goes; vigo
rously after. the. truth." HS. o^nted
that Jndge Speer ": ha*, terrorised
(tlr?nW of hf? into pleading guilty of '?'
charge of peonage. W. M. Mackall.j
an attorney, told the committee , hei
considered Judge Speer unfit to he ai
lodge." - j
Fog In Norfolk Harbor. !
.' - 'i
(P.y Associated Vni?L)* .; '??<.
Norfolk, VS... Jan. zl^tffa&b?.
Roads and Norfolk Harbor were to.
day enveloped in the thickest fog
known hore In many years, ' River
tsante .was paralyzed for a time,
Superlatives don't do justice to
this Overcoat clearance.
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