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That stand
the Test
We mean more than wear .when we say stand
the test, we mean the test, too of popular .ap
We are talking now of Knox & Knox Beacon,
King of Hat makers, Leaders of Hat styles.
Here are soft hats, in the latest shades, Seal
Browns, Knox Grays, Light Blues, Artichokes,
Pearl Grays and Greens.
Let us show you.
Advance Spring Styles
_r% i <
?ure tveaay.
Ed V. Price & Co., Clothe?.
Gotham & Vindex Shirts
and Lyon Coila s.
TA." Iii Celv Co
0 h the only place
available in 3!my town"
for those Who are discriminating.
Anderson Real Estate
& Investment Co.
E. R. HORTON, Pres. L. & HORTON, V. P.
me universal ^ar.
Anderson? S. C.
. TowvtUe High School *
. * *?,**
Sywilei to The Intelligencer.
Next Friday evening M 7.30 tatra
be Siren a free entertainment at the
school auditorium. The feature *?f the
evening will be a lecture on School
Improvement, by Dr. B, A. Hines, of
Seneca. Dr. Kind* 4**#**rfr enthusi
astic school worker, having given
the first medal *ite*oJ in th? stale
for hygiene. Besides the lecture
gram consisting of a play. Two of a
kind, daclamation an? music, the chief
?vi?owrs cf which will he rendered
hy the Townvllle quartette and-MUM
Dunlap, the music teacher. After the
completion of the program boxes will
.be auctioned oft. Come gild bring,
all of your friends, if you have say. :
hut if you haven't, make friends with
some oae and bring her.
Question of Dividing District
Still Pending With The
Judiciary Committee
Representing the Anacreon Ber As?,
iodation, T. Frank Watkins and K.
P. Smith are la Columbia where they
are appearing before the judiciar
ooounittee of tho general assembly
to nrge that steps be taken to divide
the tenth Judicial circuit.
A delegation from Greenville has
also gone to Columbia, beaded by
Judge Earle, to urge the passage of
the measure and the general opinion
?with the lawyers of the district con
cerned seems to be that it is a wise
A glance at the cases left on the
docket when the last term of court
of general sessions for Anderson
county was concluded shows that
there is groat necessity for action
of %ome sort being taken. The coun
ty at present ia being put to great
extpense on account of cases that
cannot be brought vo trial, since all
of the attention of the court is taken
with the hearing of Jail cases.
Proctor A. Bonham, solicitor for
thia district, strongly favors the
proposed step 'and saya that in his
cointon it ia absolutely essential.
H is plan/ed to divide the district
into two parts, Anderson and Coonee
forming one with Greenville and Pick
ens comprising the other.
It had been' expected that some
statement would be forthcoming from
Columbia last night in regard to the
matter, but since no action was an
nounced it is presumed that today
'will certainly bring forth some de
Send A Hurry-up Call
For the Police, Quick!
There *?e <v>TT>e people in thia oifl
world who do not exactly work them
selves to death trying to keep other |
people free from annoyances. An
derson- certainly baa one of them.
Not long ago there waa a musical
recital in Anderson when almost
every man, woman and child In the
town wanted to hear the singer. The
auditorium was crowded. A deter
mined little old woman, well ast mid
dle age, wlht an aquiline nose aad
an underslung Jaw, bustled into the
auditorium where'possibly one thou
sand people were straining to hear
?very note. She almost broke up the
gathering. '
She dragged-with har. at the end
of a slender chain, a little rat-facftd:
black and tan terrier, WITH BELLS
ON! It had a sort of harness-Uko
thing over Its shoulders with tiny
sleigh bells all over lt.
She went well up to the front with !
the dingling and Jingling pet at her I
heels and choosing, a . place where I
there were two vacant seats, she ar
ranged one for the "purp" and the I
other for herself. The man who badi
the dlstinghisiieO honor nf ?1114?? 1
just nest to the dog/arm in ?rm, ssl
lt wore, could not move away aa there!
?rere other people on the other sWe|
ot him At one part of the program,!
where the singer's voice, waa soaring
almost' divinely, aa though inspired,
the dog was attacked tr a regiment of
fleas. Everytime a tiea bit him he
would scratch himself and every time
he scratched himself' it sounded Uko
Santa Claus coming down the chim
ney on a Christmas morn. People all
around in that immediate vicinity
were miserable-but little did that
old lady care. . She enjoyed every
minute of the entire performance and
looked as though she would like to
holler for more when the program
waa completed.
* * * * ay* * ?
I* ?
? * * * * * ss a a g a a g
Special to The Intelligencer.
Peiecr, Jan. 27.-Miss Emma Drake
was at home to anumber of her
friends la*}!, Wednesday evening form
8 to 12. Progressive games were
played and the young peopleenjoyed
a thoroughly delightful evening. Miss
Drake served- a* most tempting sweet
course and'frluts to her guests who
were Misses Ola Sooggins, Edith
Rigby, Maude Stewart. Carrie Crane,
Swa Cobb, Ida Mae Crenehaw, Ruth
Hollway, Misses Sue and Belle Clued
and the Misses Heyne of Greenville;
Messrs. Ernest Curry, Herbert Drake,
Clark Stewart, Milt Martin, Walter
TolHson, Dr. Joe Buford and Prof.
Pet-te and Robort'Pennell.
Misses 8u0 and Belle Cloud delight
fully entertained, the Sewing arele
Wednesday afternoon: A Sweet]
course waa served cy tba hostesses
who proved themselves such charm
ing entertainers. Those present were
?ttaaji? C-rr?e sed Hither ?
Edith R?gby. Gio Scoggins, Mandel
Stewart, Carrie Crane, Sara Cbob andi
Mrs. John Mc Br caty.
Miss Carrie Crane ot Henderson
ville has many friends ker ewho are
delighted that she will be here tai
school closes. Miss Crane taught
here asl year. She is now finishing
eat thc tors Sor ??isa Rogara.
Mrs. An?-** Lander was ia Green
vine a??rame* asoneay.
Miss Mattie Hall of Pisgah was a|
visitor here last_we?k._
air. ann stix. w . 9. morn have re-J
.-I /i a ? . -. ?- .. M rt".- -_I
miuwi ?J niOTumi :v. ?110 im? UBI
came to Peiser from Greenwood sev
eral months ago, since that time Mr. j
Thorn ha? been ta toe real estate)
business h?re.
Hr. aa? Mrs. J. C. Munday laft last
week for Hodges where they went to
be with their daughter, Mrs. Young.
Mrs. W. A. Blake of HeadersenvlPo
spent several di ya here this week
Mrs. Blake I? well known and loved
here. She aad Mr. Blake made Peiser
the! rhoove many years. Mrs. Blake's
daughter, Miss Ethel, was with her
on her visit here.
Miss Jane Lander and her guest.
Miss Ethel Blake, visited In WillU ca
nton Tuesday afternoon.
Mrs. Clatwortny ot Hones Path
visited Mrs. C. L. Stewart last Tues
day afternoon.
Mr. Aaron Guyton of Pearcctown
has many friands here who are de
lighted to see him in town Monday
Prof. Robert Pennell and Mr. Wal
ter Toil!son of the White Plain sec
tion were In town Wednesday.
Miss Maude Erskine of Golden
Grove spent last week-end with rela
Some of onr people went over to
Wllllameton Tuesday evening for the
lecture given by the lyceum atti-ac
traction. Among those who went
were, Miss Ethel Bigby, one of West
Pelzer's teachers? Miss Digbys
home ls in William (ton sn dshe spent
Tuesday night with her mother there
and returned to school here Wed oes
Our schols ehre ar? doing a fine
work this session. The West Pelzer
school ls now getting ready for a
school entertainment- to be given on
the evening of February the four
The Misses Hayne of Greenville are
visiting their slater, Mrs. R. L. SnipcH
of this place.
Misses Sae snd Bell Cloud of Gol
den Grove were in town this week.
These young ladies have hosts of
friends here who are always delighted
to see them.
Several of the ladles from Pelzer
went up to Greenville last week.
Amens them were, Mrs. Blake, Mrs.
Compton and Miss Emma Drake.
Among those who went from here
to Anderson last week were, Messrs.
John McBreaty, Jim McBreaty, Cox,
Joe Buford, Thomas. Durham, C. J.
Holllday, C. C. Hlndman and several
Our mercantile businesses aro very
much alive just now having sales
and clearing out the winter stocks
and getting, ready for a big spring
rush. .
Among the Wflllameton viidfomi in
town this week were Mesdamses W.
H. Welborn Th ynaax?JoCoexnnnadru
H. Welborn. Thursday and Leighton
Wilson Tuesday..
For Sale-*?ea vine and corn forage.
l-28-6t . Cox Stationery Co.
Propose Consolidation.
(By Associated Press.)
Indianapolis,- Jan.- 27.-The proposi
tion for the coneoltdetton of the Uni
ted .Bfino Workers of America and
the Western Minera'* Federation waa
given a basis for working' by i*he min
ers* convention here today. The exe
cutive board waa empowered to ap
point a committee to meet with a
similar ocntnittee from the Western
federation ' to discuss, the ajnmlg-asna
tion, and If a plan -should bo agreed
upon, to submit lt.to the miners for
a referendum vote.
Condensed statement of the finan
cial condition of the BANK OF AN
DERSON, Andersen, 8. C., . at the
close of business January ?1S, 1914 aa
shown by the regular report made
?Loans and Discounts . .$ 8S0.287.461
'Overdrafts .".. .. Ct j
Booda and Stocks. 6,850,00
Real Estate .... ........ 36,640.00
Cash and due from Banka 161,395.13
Total .3 1,219,984.68
CapUal Stock. 9 160.000.00
Undivided Profita' (Net).. 63,475.41
Dividends Unpaid ., 1,786.00
Deposits. Individual S7a4.87t.32
Deposits,Bank 3439136
Bills Payable .. . 25,000.00
Total .... .9 1319,984.38
Inter?at compounded quarterly era
Savings Aeeesnta,
,33M Dank for the Corporation-the
I Firm-the ludlrldbal-In fact for er
j crybody. Come In and pay lt a tlslL
Anderson, 8. C.
The SUaaycst Raak, la .tee .County I
Car Load of
"The Square Deaf* Wat Sob-;
jed Masterly Handled by
The fourth number on the College
Lyceum wan Frank Dixon, who de
livered one ot his characteristic lec
tures at the college autdtorlum teat
night to a capacity audience. His
subject waa "A Square Deal", and in
thia ho ahowed thc tendency ot the
tunes towards giving everywhere a
square deal in all things. Forcible
were many of the illustrations and
ideas need by the speaker, and con
vincing waa the argument, used to
show that in thia day of corporation
and capital on one side and'individual
on the other, it was impossible to se
cure un absolutely square deal.
Some of tho remedies offered to
correct abuses of the resent day dis
criminations were striking. Mr| Dixon
beleve8 that every drop ot water
should be squeezed out of the capital
stock of corporations, and such legis
lation passed would prevent a rich
corporation from discriminating
against one mao in favor ot another,
or one business against another. He
was especially severe in his arrai;n
mcuv of the railroads as corporations
and their discrimination by freight
ratea and relayed shipments. A rail
road, be said, ia essentially a monop
oly, and their power of discrimination
ia the most deadly weapon of the
modern business world.
In order to hasten the coming of
the time of the square deal, business
ano ponuce snouid be divorced for if
business men shape the laws they will
be made to favor the intersts of the
individual lawmaker.
A rattier unique aa well aa forceful
measure advocated by the speaker
"was that lawyers for both the prose
cutio ii mXi? <?e defense should be ap
pointed by. the State and ? should he
Impossible for any man or ooncern to
purchase either proeeoutlon Of de.
tense to influence, the ends of Jus
tice. "JuoUce." said the speaker, "ls
the most expensive-luxury under the
eua; the poor man can only dream of
it at midnight, and this is the ?hame
Of the age, that money is allowed to
Influence Justice."
The approaching of the day of
equere dealing in all things ls ap
proaching, and t* may be hastened by
the >wtse selection of leaders. All a?
asked waa an open field and a fair
chance, and tho pride of Americans
Hes on the fact that in thia country
come the chances for the realization
of this dream.
Dr. Dixon waa. happily Introduced
by Dr. Vines, president ort ?re Ander
son college. The audience thoroughly
enjoyed the lecture, which was not a
bit dry, tout waa sparkling with gems
of though*, ?ie?S st wit ??? hu
IThe next number wUl bo a lecture
rssiia? br s?? i??ward Baster Perry,
on the. evening of Feb. S th,
Discredited Attorney Wishes to Get
. Beek late Practice
Columbia, 8. C., Jan. 26.
F. Barron Grier of Greenwood,
president of the South Carolina Bar
association, has anttounccd the ap
pointment ,j? the grievance committee
of tiie association. This conste?ties
will handle all petitions for disbar
ment proceedings in South Carolina.
E. L. Craig of Columbia, secretary
of the asocJatlon, baa notified the
following members nf .their appoint
John P. Themas. ColunOla, T. P.
Octhran, Greenville; B. W. Crouch,
?aluda; William H. Parker Charles
ton: John P. McNeil, Florence: S. H.
McGee, Greenwood; H. L. Bomar,
Spartanburg; 8. E. McFadden. Chea
ter; E. C. Dennis, Darlington; Fi O.
Purdy, Sumter; J. E. Harley, Barn,
well, end B. H. Moss, Orangeburg.
Following resolution adopted try
the association has been announced:
"Resolved. That tho matter of tits
petition of John T. Duncan for rein
statement to the position of an at
torney-et-law be referred to the com?
nttiise o? grievances wKb inewfcetiona
to act in the matter according to their
Judgment ead to. assist .the suprema
court and the attorney general in
every way that ia proper to determine
the proper acdon to be taken."
At a snooting or the Richland
County Bar. aaaoatotlpn, held jester
day. the petition of John T. Duncan
to thc ?u$*reme court for reinstate
?nent as en attorney and the order
cf thc at?greme ccsrt referred tis
question to the bar association for ac
tion W*.rje imkea under consweraijon.
It was determined that the officers of
the association take the matter up
willi iii? ?JUiv iO i?ii-rt?.n muZt. ?VC
tton, if any. .the court desired tue as
sociation to take. ..^
~aTow?vUleT Jan. 27.~Mr. an? Mrs.
J. W. Dickson and children spent 8un
rtMuJxrfth.lfr- and Mrs. John Sham
at Pendleton.
eW are very sorry indeed to repart
that aflea Janie Gaines ia on tbs sick
l*L.' 8. Boleman has recetnly put out
a young pecan grove on the lawn be
tween his residence and main street.
Married by Rev. W. B. Hawkins at
hts reeWeecn ?Ns Lucy Moore and
Mr. Justen Wool right. Mrs. Wool
right, ts the lovely daughter or Mr.
and Mrs, Warren Moore af Seneca.
Mr. Wolright is the eldest eon o! Mr.
and Mrs. W. N. Woolrtp,et and ls a1
e have several nice
residences and build
ing lots for sale. ? .".
Frank & DeCamps Realty Co.
-'PHONE 246
:-: C. J; DeCamps
Jno. Frank
Everyday Aodefaon tVWeommg HMM ?nd more, Mid ?many
ways a Progressive City.
It is a fact that Progressive Cities gai? well lighted ?tie*.
Wefl lighted ?bow windows and sidewalks make progressive cities
look iwugioeiirfl
HM? merchant who UghU well ni? windows and sidewalks is
proirresaive merci*!* and? helping to maka 4?d?to* pro-,
In doing .* he not only aoWtbes Us buemett, but advert?an
Ats town. i-. -?tusT1- ? jerY
Good %hto make tor progress and crOightraert.
TV ,ll ll A h;
prosperous farmer. Mr. and Mrs.
Woolfight are at home to their
friends ta thelrhendsom? now retl
dence near Seneca, '
. Miss 8usle Sharp pf PcndJoton sprat
a few ears last.Week with He sister
The" Misses KcCarl?y entertained
tho PriscUia Club last murad*;/. H
win meei wlia mrs. ?on iwioiaau C*
Mr.' ?3cck Jc?&? of Anrtorsc.-i -*SR
herc one day last week. He waa the
guest of his son F. BJonee at Mt.
View hotel.
Mrs. Jim McCarley o?.,Anderson, Mr.
Herve Reuth, Misses Grace Routh and
^Robertson of Oakdale were the guests
1 of Mr. and Mrs; C. S. Mrley last Sun
day. .
. Married Jan vnth bv the Rev. W.
B. Hawkins, Misa Ekamle Barton and
Mr. samuel Jones Graphe. Mr. and
Mr?. Orubbs have the beat wUJ.es
of 4-heir many ' friends. They are at
booie to their friends In their new res
idence onNorth Main street
Misses Ruth O'Neal and Alice Far
mer recently visited. Miss . Ruby
Reeves near Cross Reads.
Mr. and Mrs. 8. J. Grubbs spent the
week-end with relative? at Fair Play.
Premier Carrier of the Sonta,
Sefeedal Effective Jan. 18, tilt
I N. B. the following schedule figures
ft? published only as iaforsattoa ead
ara not guaranteed. unoH
Arrival and departure of trains from
Andereon, HL C.
No.' Arriving From Time
20 Greenville and notion.. ?:?? s. m.
82 Greenville and Belton. .11:50 a. m.
15 Charleston, Columbia and .
Belton, through Bleeper to ?
BSlton ...j^.. ..11:60a,m.
?* ?iiania, wa ina i ia and
Seneca. .....8:81 a. ir?
Si Greenville and Belton . * 1:26 p. m.
|10 Atlanta, Walhalla, and:
Seneca.p. ?,
ocuow. ... .. . .G;o5 p. sa.
17 Charleston. Columbi* and
Relton. Th rough coach
from Colombia to Wal
JO Betten, Greenville .. -v?7:*0 a, m.
tt Belies end Greenville. ;*i?* -, m.
M Belton sod Greenville . .ajso p. m.
; IQ Belton Charleston.
OfeMMtrU ma* OVIM^MM* iiU?M
! li n*?on. Colombia. Char
leeton ead Greenville ..*:ji a.*ga,
t Seneca. Walhalla anea:
laata.U:fld a, tau
U Seneca, Walhalla through
'motor care Noe 16. ?XilTleVM, 5
Connection la mad? at Belton ter
Southern tratos and at Ssacca tor
traine to Atlaata isft IwiiMiL flu
farther infometlca* appiy te feast
ateata or
g ^ R-Taber * tc .*? greenville.
Wt SJ. Medea, A. SL AV A* Columbia.
8? V: '.
Capt Mabee oT the "War icy"
J to Dsihrsr Two AJaT?w?*
Ic Thu City
i much Interest and no little pleasure
I th? com!?'.* e* % s??e to As-Israon
who la prominent In Salvation Army
work and who enjoys a splendid rep
utations ? public speaker Capt W.
B. Mabee.
Arrangements' have been mad? for
Capt , Mabee to deliver two addresses
in Anierooa, Thursday night at the
Central Presbyterian church and Fri
day night at the court house.
At both. of these , meetings
Capt Mabee will discuss questions
of Interest to every man in the au
dience and be will have a genuin*
message for every hearer. It la a rare
opportunity to hear suth a speaker.
He ls the assistant edito? of the
War Cry and la one of the factors In
the makinr ot th? magazine; he-ls
a beautiful singer and will be well
worth hearing for that part of the
program alone; he has traveled a
great deal and bas numerous interest
ing things to relate.
Ensign A. Belcher, officer in charge
of the local work, has announced the
following program for the two nights:
Thursday night at the Central
Presbyterian church:
Invocation ...... Dr. W. H. Fraser
Introduction .. .. Rev. D. W. Dodgo
Address.Staff-Captain Mabee
Benediction .. .. . .Rev. J. T. Black
Friday night, at the court house:
Invocation.Rev. J. w* Sneak?
Introduction, Mayor Lee G. Housman
Aderece .. .. Staff-Captain Mabee
Benediction .. ..-a? . .Dr. J. F. Vine?
Great Opportunity fdr
ri?e chautauqua
? ?i.
Following a conference which John
M. Cornelius of Louisville ,has been
hc?d?zs herc, an m\nz CU??<??U?UV. w??i
probably appear Within the next few
day? io the effect mat Anderson ht
to have a chautauqua.
Mr. Cornelina has been In the city
for several day? geing lets the -
ter thoroughly with the chamber ot
commerce and other organisations
and all indications are that the estV
nit? announcement may be fort boone*
lng at any tune.
The system represented by Mr.
Cornelius is one ot the largest in the
country and it is a rarity for them
to even consider towns of this sue.
They play such cl ties as _^hU*v
ten ?3d thsy do uot go after con
tracts la towns no larger than Ander
son. Mr. Cornelias said that he. had
already closed contracts fo- CSarSaa
ton md Columbia in thia ?tate.
Exhibiting a list ot attractions
which weald, he offered Anderson If
bia ^position ls accepted, lt is seen
that Sousa's band is comics among
the list Gifford Piachot ?s slated for
aa address. ex-Governor Folk.
Shakespeare's eleya, Dickana' plays,
and a large number of th&r wall
known features.
The general enhile of Anderson will
doubtless be Jubilant over th? pros
pect ot having 101?" attraction.

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