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VOL. 1. NO. 1.
Weekljr, K?t?WUhe4 1860;Doily, Jan. 18, 1914.
- ?> nui
i Missionaries Opoo^cJ
Step, Sut Do Not Think It
WOl Impair Their Work
Peking, China, Jan. ?9.-A bill prc
northing Ute worship of Heaven and of
Confucius by the president of the
Chinese republic was passed today
'by the administrative council, which
took the place of the Chinese parlia
?neut recently dissolved by President
Yuan Shi ..Kel. The measure was
submitted to the council by Yundi
Shi Kai himself.
XLt is understood that tho president's
Idea is to set an example to tho
Chinese nation, which he thinks needs
tlie moral-buildtns Influence of
1 igloo:
The president will worship at tho'
templo of Confucius ?nd* at the temi
plo of Heaven annually, in the sa* |
tWajr -es the an*m;uu emperors did.
but without wearing the diadem.
Question of introduction of a stat?
religion has created controversy in |
China, Christian missionaries of al
Beets opposing such a stop. For
several months a Confucian Teviv;
movement has been in evidence andi
a league waa formed by representa
tive* in China, not only nt /. 'hrlnti.m i
Hy, but of ' Mohammedanism, Taoism j
aad Buddhism, to oppose the adop
tion of tv state
Bettgious Freedom?
Washington, Jan. 29.-As the]
Chinese provisional constitution whlcl*
Yuan Shi Kal swore to uphold pro
vides that : "citions shall have free
dom of religion", officials here were!
somewhat surprised at the action of!
tho administrative council.
Religious freedom in China, how.
over, is guaranteed by treaties with|
at least a doon world powers.
A Political Move.
New york, dan. " 29.-Pol?tica!
rather than religious significance ts
attached by ofucerg of foreign mis
sions organizations hero to the ao
tlon Ot tho Chineaos president.
Secretary of Stele Has Issued
Permission to Interurban
For Inciense
Tho secretary bf State of South Car
olino yesterday granted the right to
the Piedmont ft Northern Lines to
Increase its capital st??k from $5,
000,000 to $1G,0000,000. Tho appllca
tlon for this increaso was accomplish
ed ?by tho cohipany's chock for the
sum of $1,30250 aa the charter fee.
Tho interurban lines wso charter
od nuder, a special act of the generali
SJWombly In 1911. with the right to
build and os&ato an internaban linet
In 8out> Carolina._> 1
House litotes in F<
Tteo Cen
Columlbna, Jan. ?9.-The house this
morning passed to tbmird readiug
the bill introduced by Messrs. Stanley,
&'jifnm and Hunter providing for a
flat passenger rate of two ?enta a
milo od all yantad* In the State after
July 1 next.. .?An effort to amend the
bill to bass tho rate per mile on the
annual receipts per mile of the
passenger Utia'service .failed by a
vote of W to 21.
Th? bill r<a? ordered to third read
lng without a roi) call, consoqurniiy
there is no record of how the mem
oorsef^ahouss stand on the propo
sition. The t^o wat rats bill roads::
"The rite fir transportation ?f
passengers, n all railroads to which
the provisions of this chapter shall
apply, *h*tl not exceed two cents
per mlle for every mile traveled, and
such railroad shall not bo required
lo have second' class coaches or
to ?ell second class tickets: Pro
Gov. Blease and. Gen. Moore Ex
change Words at National
Guard Meeting
Columbia", Jan. 29.~There
was much feeling tonight over
the special message of the jpov>.
ernor. It is inferred that the
executive sessions and fne/inter
missions were due to an effort
to get the governor to appear
and state what he kncws. The
message was referred to the jin
dietary committee an dit ls re
ported that the governor will be
asked to appear before the com
The Intelligencer's exclusive!
story that there might be a clash i
in* the meeting of the national
guard officers was verified ' to
night when ' Governor Blease and
the adjutant general had a bitter!
exchange of verbalitics.
_- . .'. I
Norfolk, Va., Jan. 3.O.-rInfor
mation received here : at 2:30 a.
m., stated that the steamers Nan
tucket and Monroe have collided!
of r n n(( U?or MmHiM-*UA V?T- !
al Oil isvj, umiiu oil IC vu-]
ginia coast.
; .T Word that the
: -.
The Nantucket plies between!
Baltimore and Boston, while the
Monroe plies between Norfolk
and New York, both of the Old
Dominion line. The Monroe has
been sending out thc wireless "S.
O. S."-call-for help.
A long distance telephone re
port from Norfolk to Richmond
stated that the Monroe had gone
down shortly after the collision,
but this report was not official
confirmed at the time of going to
The Nantucket is due to arrive I
in Norfolk aboui 5:3$ this morn-1
ing, when full details of the the j
collision . wiii be available.
:crctary Barnett Is Trying te Ar
range a Special Car
F. M. Burnett, secretary ot the Y
M. C. A., 1? trying: to arrange for a
special car to gb Over to Greenville,
Saturday night, January ?th, to take
a party, from here to hear the address
ot Hon- Josephus Daniels, secretary
of the navy..before the Y. M .C. A. of
the two Carolinas.
Mr Surnctt' says that ?!r T^s?i?sli
is a great? man and that ho baa in
auguratcd the Y. M.?. . A. work Oil
battleships. Th? party from Ander
son ls already large enough to Insure
the running of the ear, but lt any
others wish to go, Mr. Burnett would
like to get their names,
avor of
t Passenger Fare
vidod, however, thar uny railroad not
over rive milos Ut length nnl operated
Independently may be allowed by the
railroad commission to charge and
receive Ave cents par mile for the
transportation of passengers. It
shall toe unlawful for any ogent gr
conductor or r fail road ? to charge or
collect any extra compensation from
any passenger for crossing any
etaoelbiw tlyhmyalhrwho ola shrdl m|
?brldg or any river which may toe
?wholly or partially within this ?t?te/
The bill amended placing a flnr of
'il,OOO a day on each railroad which
tailed to put the two cent passenger
rata toto effect by July i. WM. nad
charged the railroad commission arith
the enforcement ot tba provisions of
the bill.
The objection advanced tho pas
sage of the tull iwas that a two cent
rat? would toe satisfactory gjgtf
would be so held by the courts.
A .D. O.
?ttilunnu'a; Jan. 29.-The senate
finance committee Thursday Axed thc
salaries of the -Anderson county
treasurer j und auditor at $1.900 a
year. The* salary aili not apply to
the present ?treasurer and auditor but
to the\o.r succes5ors,<'?Tse county
pays half jnd- the State half.
Columbia. Jan. 29.-The house re
ceived a message from the governor]
Thursday night in'regard to appro
priations for the state institutions of |
higher education. The governor re
commended that the amounts , in the
appropriation bill for the colleges be
itemized. Thc message on motion of
Mr. Stevenson was oredered printed
and refererred to the ways and mans
Dr? Sa wy rr Moy Enter the Bare for
.Columbia. Jan. 29.-It was reported
today that Dr. Olin Sawyer, of George
town, a former member of tho house,
Would B? a candidate for governor
next summer. He has been in Colum
bia for soveral days but returned to
his home this afternoon before ' he
could bc intcreviewed. Durinfl his
term tn the house. Dr. Sawyer always
voted with tire administration forces.
'.Jd Lamar Discussed in the United
States Senate.
"Washington. Jan. 29.^-R*?*^?*?oe to
David Lamar aa the "Wolf of Wall
Street", hy Senator Newlands during
tho debate in the senate today
brought Senator Bacon, bf Georgia, to j
bis feet.
"LHI thc record show," interrupted!
..Mr. Bacon, "that this man'? name !?'
.not Lamar; that he is masquerading!
under an assumed name."
"I knew tho name of Lamar is J
Would Limit the Hoars ot ?Vt rt For
Columbia, Jan. 29.-{By a vote of
GO to 24 tho house killed the James
bill .prohibiting women from working
more than 8 hours a day in manufac
tun..,- plants.
At 10:10 o'clock Thursday sight
the house adjourned until 1 o'clock
next Tuesday.
People Elated Over Son.!
cess of the Conference
Held Here
i Thoso Anderson people, and more
especially the ministers of the city,
wno were Identified with the Inter
denomination Missionary Conference
which has Just closed in Anderson,
feel that the two days spent in the
week here mest result in great good
for , the community.
I They feel that thc mission of work
ers of Anderson have been given a
clearer conception of th egreat reuse
ot missions than they ever had before
and that they hare been supplied with
an impetus for tho greater work yet
to be done.
-Borne of tho ministers wh owere
Sun oe ted with tbe movement said
it night that the conference bad
been tar more successful than they
had dared hope for lt to be.
Wilson Temple
Jno. K. Temple and Miss Ines Wil
pen, both bf Level Land, were married |
Wednesday afternoon by Rev. M. C.
Sendere, pastor if the Second Baptist
church. The many friend? of these
young people will wish thom a long
voyage over life's sea.
?-? ? i ? i.i ?
Enthusiastic Over Prospect of
Getting Northwestem Elec
tric Railway
A prominent busnness man of A/b
boville, spending yesterday in Ander
son, said the people Ot Abbeville and
the. outlying districts, surrounding
that place are enthusiastic over tbe
Northwestern Electric railway. Ho
said that the general opinion pre
vailed to the effect that lt . woold
mean much tor this entire section
o? the country and that the people
of Abbeville could <be counted on <n
do their part.
Booko ot subscription to this rall
way are to be opened on February
9 at Augusta, Abbeville ard and
of other points to be served
the road.
The Matter of Pay for the Second]
Regiment Band is the Starting
Columbia, Jan. 28.-There is likely
to bo something interesting at the
meetus; of the national guard officers
here Thursday. Thia meeting is held
overy year for tho pur posa of ascer
taining what laws ac neended for the
building up ot the ftniUtla. But K is
not unlikely that something, else may
como before thc meeting as a result
of the rontrovcrsy" between tho gov
ernor and adjutant general.
It will be recalled that Oen. W. W.
Moore recommended, tho disbanding
o? certain companies' last, spring be
c?use they did not come up to'the
military requirements, and that thc
govornor refused to disband them and
that the war department sustained tho
adjutant general and refused to pay
tuc nm i vin. t.yinjpuaivr} l,iim. 11 Ba 1 UOv
como np to the standard.
There'han been no love lost bc
.. ."..-kl : -
Hoad of the 8tatc War Department-|
At O ut a With the Goveruor
tween the governor and h\? c.his?
of < staff-alnee that time. Gen. Moore
dalma that he was entirely vindicated
and tho governor clalmB likewise, be
cause the war department gave the
companies another trial and some of
them came up to the requirements on
second inspection. Whether thia was
exactly fair to the other companfhs
was not considered, but it did save
a regiment to the state, and. this
means something.
Andersen Company
: The latest embrogllo ia o fer the psy
of the Second Regiment band. The
matter carno out in the court martial
of Capt. E. A.Legare, adjutant of the
Second regiment who had been ac
cused og getting a check from the
?war department and keeping the mon
ey for a year or such matter. Capt
A. C. Doyle, the regimental quarter
master, preferred '.he charges, for the
band had repeatedly asked him for the
money. It came out at'the investiga
tion that Capt Legare had finally
turned over tho amount of tue check,
something like $25, but that he is even
now withholding a check for $100 due
the band for 1918. Capt. Legare stated
on the examination that the band had
some missing property and that he
would not pay thom until the prop
erty: was'accounted for.
I Adjutant General ??uure called thin
matter to thc attention of tho gover
nor and the latter reproved the adiu
tant general in a characteristic letter
in wh)ch ho said that General Moore
had refused to pay some companies
for the very same reason that is now
advanced by' Capt. Legare. General
Moore replied tho?, the cases are en
tirly diffrrnt and', that ho waa acting
under the adrices of the war edpart
Thiu called forth another hot state
ment from the governor and Gen.
Moore replied UjtawlSe. Tho matter
has not been given to the papers hy
either side, but the question may
come Thursday at the meeting of the
National Guard.' The governor has
not stated ?whether be wllr raqui re the
aujutant, Capt. Legare, to turn over
the money /te the band.
In bis last "note,'' the governor In
formed thr ad rotant general that ne
V ou! dh a ve nothing further to do with
him, that Central Moore was Incom
petent, or words to that effect, and
war tao tooting ta.a manner to Inspire
discipline In the national guard.
Gen. Moore retaliated by accusing
the governor ot attempting to divert
money from these companies in the
Washington. Jan. 29.-Representa
Live Palmer, of 'Pennsylvania, and a
lelegatlbn of United Spanish war
rctcronit today asked Presiden Wil
son to Bpeak at a c?l?bration of that
organization at Easton, Po., -when a
nonumcnt to tit? veterns will* be
?nv'eited on Junit Sn. The Prclsdent
.old them tht he^voiild ho so happy
hat lie would go. T'.io monument ia
to be erected In a lev tod II on the
mteklrts of Easton, named Wilson,
(By Associated Press)
Atlanta, Ga., Jan, 20.-Centralisa- ]
ion of authority in three newly creat
ed general ""managers ls contemplated!
n reorganisation plans of the South
on Bell Telephone & Telegraph
Company, made public here tonight,
d. O. Jackson wll lb ecpraa division
general manager with headquarters
1 Atlanta; David Lair J, division gen
iral manager with headquarters at
racksonvltle, Fla., and M? O. Spier,
livlston general manager at Charlotte
?. C. Mr. Jackson's territory will be
mown as thc Atlanta divinion. Mr.
.aird'.H an thc aouth Georgia and Pro-1
Ida dlvlHton and that of Mr, Spier |
LS the North and Sooth Carolina divi
sor.. The appointments were nn
loum-ed hy J. Eppe Brown, frist rice I
?resident of the company, as effective
rcb. 1.
Columbus, O., Jan. 2D.-Oor. Cox
oday granted a recite nf sixty days
o Leslie Humphreys, under sentence
o be electrocuted nt midnight to
light for tho murder ot Samuel E.
Celley, of Lanark, Va. Hu mph roy B
son fessed ?'to the? murder, but later
ie repudiated tho confession and in.
dated thia Ute killing"waa tlie result]
>f a fight.
Also fa Baltimore
Baltimore, Jan. 29.-Twenty-three
mses of smallpox, many in advanced j
tase, today were reported hy the
taltiroore county health authorities.
)f thia number 21 were found at
Varren, a mill village on the Gun
K>wder river, fifteen miles north of
lite Asylum Inquiry
Cli-i. . ll
uinris wiuvlMiy
Coltmibia, Jan. 29.-The committee I
o Investigate the a'sylum organised!
Thursday afternoon thy electing 8eua
or T. J. Mauldin chairman and C. C.
VVche, Eocretary. The first meeting
if -tho cf i-n'tto? will he hold next
r?es.1r<y aftersoOSt -
.Senawr -rumian, will bo sum I
uoned. trena Washington to testify j
jefore tr:?- committee.
Clcna'.or T. J. Mauldin is from|
rMckeus county and Representative
.Vyeho ia from S.iartanburg.
Small' fox Epidemic
Raging in Niagara
(By Associated Prese.)
Niagara Kalla, N. V.-Jon. 29.-Dr.
Sd ward Clark, of Buffalo, repreaent
tlg the state department of health,!
oday promulgated as an order tho |
ecommendatonB of Dr. Herman M.
?lggs. state health commissioner, !
ooklng to the stamping out of the
mallpox epidemic here. The order
-equlrea tho cloBlng of churches,
heatres, dance halls, and other places
>f public assemblage;. the. exclusion
'rom the schools, factorisa and hotels
.f all unvaccinated persons and the
tonipieie isolation of smallpox cases
ind suspects.
A public meeting of cltisens and j
inalness men was held today at which
t)r. Clark was ensured of the co-oper-1
ition of the authorities) and business
den. There are now 130 cases in |
he city.
Vanderbilt's Yacht
Wrecked Near Colon
Colon, Jan. 29.-The steamer AUnl
rante late today arrived here having
m hoard Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W.
Vanderbilt, the Duke and Duchess of
Manchester and Lord Falconer, who
were rescued ?rom Mr. Vandervllt'a
Facht Warrior, which ran ashore In
? storm Monday off the ?east ot Co
totrjrblQ. *
Apparently Mr. Vanderbilt and his]
guests Buffered no Ill-effects from
their experience, which included al
lay and night of uncertainty while]
the yacht was being pounder* by hi g
leas, and a trip through the breakers I
from the stranded vessel to tho)
Almirante. ...
itate that had qualified, by having the
itate military, board to appropriate
l?verai hundred dollars to the Item,
'regimental headquarters/' when as a
natter of fact the headquarters had
required about ? 100.
Gen. More saya ia bis letter that
ie did not make a fight on the pro
>o8ition. for Ita suddenness left him
mable to defeat it He says that he
-nallsee that tills, money ls to be paid
a companies that th? government
laid were not legally entitled to re
solve lt.
W. H. ii HAS
T? il mann and Bleat?
"Will Be Subpeoned
It Ia Reported Abo That ames
M. Payne of Andereon viii
Be One of Witnesses .
Columbia, Jan. 29.-United
States Senator Tillman and Gov.
Blease of South Carolina will be
requested to appear, before the
legislative committc*; to investi
gate the alleged scandalous con
ditions at thc state hospital for
the insane. The first testimony
will be taken Tuesday. Sub
poenas will be issued for the su
pe r in tenedent'of the asyium, the
secretary of the boarder regents,
the members of the board ( the
.secretary of the asylum commis
sion and the members of this com
Jas- M. P^yne of Anderson is
one of the members of the com
-- v
Splendid Meeting Took Place At
The Central Presbyterian
Anderson, .people last night had the
opportunity of bearing a splendid
speaker when an address was de
livered at the Croirai Presbyterfan
the Salvation army. Capt. Mb-bce is
church -by "Staff Captain Mabee of
to speak' again tonight, this time in
the courthouse.
T?fOr TaW*rnSo?swBSU Vf. IUiv."'.1?)"." Wi1!
Il Fraser and tho npeakcr introduced
hy Rev. D. Witherspoon Dodge , psa
tor of the Central Presbyterian
- Capt, feVoGee made a splendid ad
dress and deeply tmprtssed hts largo
audience. He showed that he la
- scholar of parts and he mads a
great, plea for the work that thcSal
tlon Army is doing.
(The benediction waa was proncunc
ed by nev. J. T. Slack.
Capt. MsJbee's address at the' court
house tonight ts being . an i ici paled
with much pleasure and daubtlescs oh
will boudttbloso will be greeted by a
large audience.
Attending Physicians Think That
Some Improvement Is
A consultation of those physicans
attending HI C. Townsend, who la
critically ill at Uie (Anderson county
hospital, was held yesteray after
noon Present at the conference was
Dr. W. A. J?oughty of Augusta, Ga.
The physicta?s st hramr amfomfamt
Thc physicians stated last night, fol
lowing their consultation, that in
their opinion the patient was acme
what improved sod they aro slightly
encouraged Over his condition. This
will bo splendid news to Mr. Town
rend's many friends and the fact
that there ia room for even the sw al I
est hope will be welcomed on every
hand in Anderson.
E. J. Pringle of Sumter, arrived
Inat night tor a short stay._L
Compt?gory Attet
Passed by
j Columbia, Jsn. 29.-After a brief
and perfunctory debate the senate
passed to third reading tbs Harper
bill, providing for the compulsory
attendance at school of all children
between the ages ot s and 12 years
after a majority of.the qualified vol
.ter* of each school district has voted
in favor of the law going into effect
Hy Agreement with Mr. Harper. Mr.
McCravey of Picken? substituted for
the measure cf the Darlington mom
bill passed'last year cv the general
assembly^, vetoed by the governor,
passed by the abase over the veto, and
?ost ea the t?to itt the senate by a few
1 The'opponents of compulsory achdtol
Wtteacanednrwlhte apparently the iu
tiliity of opposing the Harper bill on
And the Future of the Institution
Seems to be Very Bri^t Tn
deed-Vbitir3 limbers
At a meeting of tho board of trus
tees of And?rson College held Thurs
day afternoon, Mr. W. H. Hand waa
formally declared the president M
the Institution, and it was later an
nounced that ha would come to
derson on the first or July to''
charge of the duties of tho post
He cannot get through with work
he has in hand before that time.
Hand ia now the state supervisor or
high schools, and his work for ^i*
upbulldingof the schools of the state
is well known. .
The selection of Mr. Hand by, th?
executive committee was made known
some time ago through the Columbia
correspondence bf Tho Intelligencer
and lt was learned through the sam?
source last Saturday night th'at^Bj. ?
Hand would accept. The meenaar
yesterday waa merely a ratification
by the entire hoard of the work of the
executive committee. The out of
town members here yesterday were
Rev. Oravs L. Kalght of Granite ville.
Col. Walter H. Hunt of Newberry and
Rev. L?>!UH j. Bristow of Ab^er1*1*
! The local members present were. H.
H. Watkins, chairman, R. 8. Llgon, C.
S. Sullivan. J. J. Fretwell, M. M. Mat
tison? Jot. N. Brown, W. A. Watson
and P.. B. Cllnhscales.
~-4>he ontlra boar* had hP*a apprtsod
t?f thecegatlatlohs with Mri Hani and
had given approval over tho wire, hot
he wished to have a presonsl confer
ence with the entire board and ho
put before them several' questions
which were answered deliberately and
prayerfully. It ls not Mr. Hand's de
sire, Intention or wish to make of thia
a mere collegiate Institute. Ho wishes
to see Anderson college unique tn that
It will hare the highest standards hi
the state. The board assured him
tua$ ii would support ii tu? ?ju?uoiaiiy
and every other way In bringing about
this desired en* The future ot the
now that the m. Uer ot the presidency
college is regarded aa very bright,
ia settled.
Members of the, board were enthu
siastic yesterday over the prospects,
and at tu? saut? iimv Lu vj expressed
great gratification over the work that
has been ddne by nr; John F. Visci.
The latter accepted tho presidency
of the colige .wUh: C?e greatest re
luctance for hS did not wish to l?se
any time from his evangelistic work,
which had been wonderfully Wearied.
But the same remarkable executive
work wblch Dr. Vines had shown ?a
pastor was carried Into the college
administration, and ho has evcrythtagj
well organized for Mr. Hand wheo tko
latter comes to take charge.
(By Associated Proes)
Atlanta, Ga., Jan. 29.-Clyde Thom
ason. In charge' nf the Adamsvi??e,
Fulton county convict camp, WSB-in
dicted here late .oday for assault ot
a prisoner with intent * to murder.
His indictment followed the testimony
before the grand jury of several pris
oners from the Adamsvale camp, re*
garding alleged mistreatment ot con
C. Y. 8orlth of ftreerivlllo, spent last
night in Andersen. ._ ' * ,;M
ndance BUI
the Lower House
the floor ot the booie ?nd not ft
8peech was made against Uta pas
sage to third reading. Kr. Harper
and Mr. Nicholson ot .Greenwood*
both spoke brlcUy in favor ot the pas?
sage, of the hill,-the latter quoting,
from the report ot the superintendent
of education to the effect that while
there were 104.000 negro chi toro ?a
rolled in the publie Schools thia yeah*
there were only 167,000 white chU
dren so enrolled.
By a vote of 66 to 82 the hene?
words of tee hill, this vote it?
as sn Indlncatlon that it the govewtaf
words of the bill. This vote ls tamo
ru a? taring; that ho would o, tho
; houBo will pass Jt over his veto by the
necessary two thirds majority ps ia
the caso last year.
; . A. D. Cy,

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