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VOL. 1, NO. IS
Tfeeklj, EsUbiiflhed i?Mt Daflj, Jab. 15,1914.
Strong Allegations Are Sobmitte
. Reciting in a Technical Wi
ion and Los
Norfolk, Va., Jan. 31.?Declaring
the sinking of his vessel was due to
the negligence and carelessness of
those in command of the steamer
Nn??ickri, CajjI. e. m, Johnson, com
manding the ill-fated steamer Mon
roe, filed a libel against the former
vessel late today. He claims a million
dollars damage?. The libel was filed
in the United States district court at
the point and served on officials of
the Merchants and miners' Transpor
tation company at Norfolk and Balti
Capt Johnson alleges that the
Monroe was proceeding at half speed
or less before the accident and hgd
laid to after hearing fos whistles.
He s?ys the Nantucket came upon
him at such speed .that a collision
was unavoidable, although he had or
dered his ship ahead at full speed to
avoid the onrushing bow of the Mer
chants and Miners' steamer.
After describing the disaster from
a tecnnical standpoint, Capt. Johnson
says: !
"The libellant' further alleges that
by reason of said collision be baa suf
fered damages in tb'e total loss'of the
said steamer Monroe, with her stores
and munitions, lier cargo and freight,
and the effects of the master and ma?
riPBT*ae*ea?jfr ?-*tch *******
Film? Caught fey Qgers+jag R>?ggt
and Spread Throughout
Fire gt 9 o'clock last night practi
cally destroyed the Pastime Theatre
la Belton. The theatre was being con
ducted as a motion picture show, this
being operated by Messrs. Campbell
and Cox.
The fire started from a film, the
flame Jumping from the current and
igniting the very inflamable strip.
In a very Bbort time it spread
through the operating box, driving
the machine operator from his post
and before the/ fire department cculd
arrive had entirely destroyed all the
films in the place, burned the operat
ing box, and when It was finally ex
tinguished had banned a large hole
In the roof of the building.
Rain* flat nrrfoy Sight, the thCStTC
was crowded, and it Is regarded aa
hardly -less than miraculous that a
panto of some kind did. not ensue
when the theatregoers discovered
that the place was on fire. However,
nil of the people e?emed to keep their
heads* and' in good order they filed
from the building without any one
being hurt er any semblance of a
The work of the Belton fire depart
ment was jfcplendid and they suc
ceeded in getUug the blase under
control before very much damage
had been done.. It is estimated that
. the entire less will not exceed 3200,
whereas Intft for tho splendid work of
the department the entire theatre
building and additional buildings
might h?ve?, been completely de
Felix Diaz Plots
to Overthrow Huerta
Mexico City, Jau. 31-^wlth the ar
rest today of Jose Luis Kcque-na. chief
of the Felix Dias political organisa
tion, and two or three other men. and
the discovery of the several hundred
i ? -OT?rca in-the capital, the war
department believes it has well in
hand a new plot, which, it is alleged,
bad ?s i'Jj object aa attempt to over
throw the government tomorrow. .
The Saille Lengae.
Savannah, V>&., Jan. 31.?President
N. P. Cornish of the South Atlantic
league announced hire tonight that
the circuit for the 1614 season would
eeejtsv - of eight clubs?savannah,
Jacksonville Albany, Columbus, Ma
con. Chsriesicr., Augusta and Colum
bia, the latter two clubs having, com
plied with the conditions iajd down
at the league meeting Thursday.
d in His Bill of Complaint, After
ay the Causes of the Collis?
of Life.
well as the baggage and personal ef
fects of the passengers, which were
lost, and on account of the expenses
arising out of said collision, in a sum
wnich the libellant 1b at present un
able to state with accuracy, but which
upon information and belief he avers
will amount to upward of $1,000,000.
A Serions Charge.
"The libellant further recites that
the collision was in no way caused
by the fault or negligence*of those on
board of or in charge of the naviga
tion of the steamer Monroe, but was
"due solely to the carelessness, negli
gence and faulty navigation of those
on board of and in charge of the
steamer Nantucket, and especially in
tho following particulars.
"In not having a competent master
and crew; in falling to give the sig
nals required by law of a vessel un
der way in a fog; in proceeding at a
high rate of speed in foggy weather;
in net stopping h?r ensr'nen when she
heard the fog whistles from the Mon
roe; in falling to keep and maintain
roe; in failing to keep and maintain
mnking absolutely no efforts to avoid
the collision, but; instead, coming on
with uudiininished speed after she
had heard the signals from the Mon
roe; in that the Nantucket wi
Wbic! m? R .2 Si?fsi V???d ihe
. Piedmont Section Early
Breaking on the city with .terrible
velocity and likewise throughout An
derson county and the Piedmont sec
tion, a terrific wind and hal! storm,
which might be described as a young
cyclone, swooped down about 3:30
o'clock yesterday morning. The wind
blow a gale and the hail fell la quan
tities In some parts of the county.
No great'damage,has been reported
In any part of this section, although
Pendleton seems to have fared worse
than did any other town In this im
mediate vicinity. At that place, on
the old Shanklin plantation, where
Mrs. S. E. Newton now lives, t.vo out
buildings were practically destroyed,
a carriage demolished and mh?!
chimneys blown down. Window panes
ware also blown from various houses.
Pendleton people said yesterday that
the wind blew great rocks np against
their houses, literally pelterlng the
roofs with boulders. No loss of life
accompanied the damage done at
In some parts of Anderson county
bar .? s were blown down, while a num
ber of fences were moved entirely and
some completely destroyed.
' Within the city proper the damage
was small, this consisting/ of several
telephone and telegraph wires going
out of commission and the. electric
light wires also suffered .some dam
A number of Anderson people said
that tbe storm reminded them very
much of the destructive cyclone
which struck this city on February
18,1894, when great damage was done
In all parts of the county.
Northern Mining Man Pays-Visit to,
Abberufe ?ad Iva
Abbejlllc, Jan. St.?Mr. A. J.
Keniiijr, nead'of the eel Deration that
is tatrfested in the developing of the
kaolin :nire core, was in the ctiy
yesterday. He states, that they are
unable tc say now what the dcvelpp
meutewill b" at- a great deal de
pend. i,u how low a rate the railrotn
wilt, grant them to ship theprodact
:-. ix ;ou- grade, ne tmngs ir
lue i.'nirndss r)l graut them a low
enoug't.inte i<:\-y wiii be ao*e to ao
ci'i/.nl ral't'? bu^meis. it is to be
faOiM! t>ot IVey will secure the rate.
*?eifv<l as the- development* of the
vtMiv K*aci a rfrrat viral So Ai
ill- Dt:tl ::-::r.^l=g c^ar ;ij. . He
Ldt Vliiir? -vLire he is
We Can I,ow "Point
With Pride" to Our
Record, He Says.
Says New Currency Law Fur*
nished Substitute for the
Worst Ever.
juuscatine, Iowa. Jan. 31.?Pride In
what the Democratic party has ac
complished since it came into control
of the government, less than a year
ago, and confidence in the program;
cf the administration to complete the
work of carrying out the promises of;
the party's platform, tonight was
voiced here by Speaker Chimp Clark
In a campaign speech for Henry Vol
mer, Democratic nominee for con
gress to succeed the late Represen
tative Irvine 8. Pepper.
"For sixteen long and wearisome
years," said the speaker, "all the
Democrats could do was to promise
what they would accomplish if they;
were given power. Now all that is
changed. We can witli pride and
pleasure talk about what we have
dohc and also about what we intend
to do.
"At the election in 1912 every in
telligent man within the confines of
the repubiio knew that If we carried
the election there would be an extra
session o? congress, sec t??st tuo first
great premise we undertook to carry
out would be to revise the tariff. We
proceeded as promptly as possible to
the work of revising the tariff down
ward. In my judgment It is the best
tariff bill ever. put on the Statute
books. It there wero no other good
MBlMth jff
very best'tariff bills."
Referring to the currency bill, the
speaker said "the new law furnished
a Substitute for one of the worst cur
rency systems in the world."
"It provides a working scheme,"
he continued, "for the currency when
the increase is needed and for con
tracting when the public need de
mands it. The bill authorizes the na
tional hanks to loan money on "good
farm lands, and it is' believed and
hoped that ii will to & very large ex
tent prevent panics.
"It is claimed that it lodges too
much power in the hands of the pres
ident and that it will not bear the
light of day. Power has to be lodged
umewhere. The only question In
that regard Is whether it is better to
lod?e the immense power conferred
In your currency bill in the president
of the United States, or in the hands
of some private citizen! So far as I
am conccrend, I choose the former.
"We Intend now to proceed to re
deem certain other promises In the
Democratic platform by enacting
laws on the subjects of trusts/ the
farmers' banks and perhaps od the
?S Ufc??INED
Civil Court Will No; Convene
Until Tuesday on Account
e? Jsdss's Abates.
Court of Common Pleas, Which
should havs convened in Anderson to
morrow morning, will not open until
Tutday. this being due to the fact
that Judge Wilson, who Is to preside
here, wss called ep Sumter by the
death of his brother-in-law.
W. H. ' Ingram, the Sumter man
who was among the victims in the
ship collision which occurred In
Chesapeake bay early Friday morn
ing, was a brother-in-law of Judge
Wilson's and the Judge hastened to
Sumter Immediately upon receiving
notification of the sad fate which
had overtaken his kinsman.
Little Inconvenierce will be caused
by the delay in court convening, ow
ing to the fact that the court always
adjourns on salesday, and tomorrow
Is salesday for Anderson county.
Mexican Situation
Is in Best of Hands
Des Meint?. Iowa, Jan. 31.?In s
p?ecli in Ulis Stats .today Champ
c;?rk referred oiiefly to the Mexican
jfltittation, saying that It was being
handled by the president, who. was
In constant touch with things in
Mexieo; and who "knows "more about
the situation nrobably than, any
-ftth?r rhan in America "
"It seems to me." he concluded,
"taat the people of the United States
nticht to support him end his policies
and to remember ti:at silence is
golden when we refer to these mat
ters. I ha?? n-j Bori of doubt that the
' Ideut and tho Democrats in con
gress wilt work along In harmony
for the glory and prosperity of the
Comet Back Strong at
the District At
Akerman Was To* Tender to the
Liquor Interests, Says
the Jurist.
(By Associated Press.)
Savannah, Qa., J^in. 31.?Federal
Judge Emory Speer, of the South- ,
ern District of Georgia, character- '
ized today as "malevolent distortions"
-. m ?U? -? ^- -1... ??t. I
UlUOL V. V-D ....... r.--? ...Uv.v ?, .?- ;
nesses before tlve congrest\'onal '
committee' investigathi; alleged mis- .
conduct of the jurjst. At the con- I
ings, which have been in progress/, in
this city and Macoh^Ga., for the past
two weeks, were concluded.
(Members of the congressional sub- !
; Committee declined to intimate the n?* '
ture of their report-io the housfc Ju
dietary committee. 'Judge Speer was j
given three weeks->m which to file {
a reply brief in repjy tothetestimony
of the seventy witnesses examined by .
thu committee. It l?understood that '
West Union'have alt Plans made for <
a ?final ' report to tifa judiciary com- (
mlttee win; not be '.made until two
weeks aiter thp subcommittee has
received this frr'
The intense feeling manifes.od (by
Judge Speer. whan ojlThree occasions
he interrupted the ftntlmony of wit
nesses was net ap&rent while the
jurist was oh the inpd today. Mem
bers of the comtpabee decliend to
I allow Judge^^HH^H rea^ specially
Wquld have to be "oWpr?i imtTtetJl- [
fy.as any other/ witneg*. |
When it became known that Judge]
fiiieer had agroed; to appear In this '
way Chairman Webb announced that5
no additional witnesses would he ,
heard. The jurist began his testimony j
with a denial of.the charges made |
ycifterday before the committee by;
Distiict Attorney Alexander Aker
man. Mr. Akeriiiuu testified that
Judce Speer had threatened to send
to jail any lawyer who sought to
disqualify him in a case in which
Judge Sneer's sonlin-law, A. H.
Hey ward was "counsel.
Denounced Akerman
lAfter this denial Judge Speer de
nounced Akerman, declaring:
"Our differences grw. out of our
diverging views on .questions in vol v
clples of morality upon which the
welfare of the people depended. Mr.
Akerman allied himself with the li
quor interests and Insisted that I
nolle proBse certain liquor casest
"I did not like, his accenting em
ployment from the Atlantic Coast
Line Railroad, while he eras district
attorney, and I did not feel that Mr,
Akerman was quite faithful in the
naval store cases."
' Columbia, Jan. St.?The inks' home
holding company of Anderson wss
commissioned Saturday tar the sec
retary of state with a capital of $10,
0C0. The petitioners are Vf. L. Bria
sey and 8. M. Wolfe.
The governor Saturday reduced the
sentences of 14 convicts in the State
penitentiary from Union. ' Lexington
and Leo counties so that the men .rill
hate to serve their time on the coun
ty exchanges. "We bave not enough
men to work the State fsruu," said
Superintendent D. J. Griffith today.
The Walhalla Light and Power
company was commissioned today
with a capital of $10,000. Petitioners
are! William A. Strother and J. W.
E. F. Warren was named as s ape
clal judge for the Hcnpton court to
Senaotr Lane "In Bad"
For Fresh Remarks
Washington, Jan. , 31. ? Senator
I -aH? r.t Cirttann ind.iv " vira* n>nut?a4 I
from th? floor of the Senate, in s par-]
1 !:r.c ; _;> ai\a>, ?,? Vi.i-res???nti
Marshall, who held that Lane had!
v?obited the rule against reflecting
on members. Senator I-snc had
charged that the interstate commerce
committee's report on its' hearing en
his resolution for an Inquiry into al
leged granting of rebates jo the steol
corporation had becjn "doctored." '
To Plan for Corning of
the State S. S. Con
Every Christian Worker in Ander
son Invited?AU Other
Churches Close.
.'ut,''rations arc that the mans meet
ing or the great body or Sunday
school workers in Anderson interest
ed in the great annual convention
which is to meet here will bo large
ly attended when it is railed to order
at the first Baptist Church tonight.
All other cherches will he closed at
Various matters relative to the
convention will he taken up and dis
cussed, and in all probability the va
rious committees will be instructed
in the details of their work.
Mr. H. S. Ligen, president of the
Weslcyan bible class of St. John's M.
K. church, will-preside, as chairman,
and Messrs, B. F. Mauldln, Baptist;
J. ft. Shelor, Presbyterian, and O. S.
Taylor. Episcopalian, wul act as vice
chairmen. Mr. Fred Burnett of Ute Y.
M. C. A. will be secretary and Mr.
Whaley of .the Chamber of Commerce
will be treasurer.
The- program .follows :
luve cation, Rev. John F, Vines.
State convention, what it means. G.
Cullen Sullivan.
- Spartanburg convention, as 1 saw
It, Rev. J. W. Speake.
Finance plan for Anderson conven
tion, by chairman.'
Two-minute talks, local ministers.
i. Rev. Dr. W.^^jrasor.
So:as" to cemfortaW^
Who'mayr come.
The exercises will begin at 8 p. m.
Hospital Authorities See No Im
provement in His Con
It was said last night at the An
derson county hospital that H. C.
Townpend'a condition was decidedly
grave. For a time he rallied and
seemed to ho! ; bis own, but through
out the mcrn.ag yesterday he seeni
ed to grpvv weaker. However,- hospi
tal after, lants ^stated last' night that
he had been holding his- own during
the afternoon and that so far as they
could see he was no worse.
Local Lade . Won in Basket Ball
From Soldier Boys Sat
One has but to glance at the score
15 to 16?to see what kind ot batiket
bait game took place yesterday after
noon when the Anderson High School
tegm and the Bailey Military Instl
tute came together. The local Jads
won the event In handy style al
tough as one of the cadets remarked
been to a' game.
The gam? was called by referee
the Central High School and some
splendid playing wa \ done by both
sides. Wasters for -Bailey, was easily
the star of the visiting aggregation
while'earn Jones, captain of the lo
cal team, was the best plsyer on the
field, regardiez of side. He put up
did Holder tor ht Anderson team. .
The following is the way .the line
up appeared when play was begun :
Anderson?Jones, captain and for
ward; Bruce, center; Ballenttne, sub
center; Daniels, sub Center; Holder,
and Bowen guard*'. *
B. ML 1.?Masters, forward; Tark
??K-?en and eirickiand cente.-s; -wai
ters and Crosby, guards; . Peeples,
OSp?~~a and guard.
The development of athletics at
the Anderson High School !s a matter
demon. ^'
HK.lt HK? Hl KT
Mftvfe&tercr'.-' '..\ -.'r~- .: ;v,
lx>s, Angeles. Cal., Jan. 31.? *
* Lincoln Bsaekey was severely -i* 0
* Jured late today when bis aero- *
plane fouled a tree in a race"
with an automobile. The- tern
* plane was smashed.
for -mm
of the tei
Governor of Virginia.
Richmond. Va., Jan. 81;?Henry ?
Carter Stewart today took the oath ol
office of governor of Virginia. He
will qualify on Monday before the
joint session of the general assembly.
Kern Peacemaker.
Indianapolis, Jan. 31. ? United
States Senator . John W. Kern, in an
address \o the United mine Worker;;
of America here late today, urgtd the
organization to put aside petty squab
bles and join together for a fight on
the enemies of organized labor.
A Tug Downed.
New York, Jan. 31 ? The steamship
Concho of the Malory line, outward
for Qalveston, today rammed the tug
Dinsdale, off the Statute of Liberty,
sinking the tug almost Immediately.
Two deckhand h were drowned. The
'oncbo. undamaged, continued oh ber
Wnv ' rPhia tU*' w...* aw?aH hv a ioCSl
coal company.
Insane Passeuger.
Bremerhaven. Germany, Jan. 31.?
An insane steerage passenger killed
F. Wcndt, third officer of tho North
German Lloyd steamer ?Brandenburg,
on the voyage to this port front Gal
veston, Texas, .whence she sailed Jan.
12. The madman tired six shots from
a revolver into'the body, of ths.offir
cer. ' .
Charge Rebating.
Chicago,. Jan. - 81.?Indictments
charging rebating were returned by
the federal, grand jury here today
against Swift & Co., tho Pennsylvania
railroad, the Penhandle lines and the
Chicago. * Northwestern railroad.
Member* I. ('. C.
Washington, Jan. 81.?President
Wilson today nominated Winthrop
Morp Daniela of Princeton,-N. J., and
Henry Clay Hall of Colorado Springs,
Col., for members of the Interstate
Commerce commission.
To Offsst B dss
or Negro Population
Washington. Jan. 31.?Southern
States will get more than their just
share of the funds for farm demon
stration work provided for in the Le
ver agricultural bill, according to
Senator Cummins of Iowa, who today
contended that the funds should not
bo distributed by a basis of rural pop
ulation, but on farm land acreage.
Senator Vardamaa replied that tho
South had to carry the burden of a
negro population and that the money
was needed to offset that burden.
Senator Hoke Smith said tha rural
population method was not adopted at
his suggestion, or that of Represen
tative Lever, but at that of a commu
te* representing State agricultural
cr ileges.
An Official inquiry
Has Been Conducted
Norfolk, Va., Jan. 31.?A thorough
investigation of yesterday's disaster
at ssm, when 41 persons lost their
llv.^s on the Old Dominion liner Mon
rcc, has been completed by govern
ment port inspectors. Their findings
probably will be made public next
Ja?. H. Craig Resigns
His Post as Cashier
J. H. Craig. who has been the or
ganiser and cab bier of the Dime Sav
ings Dank, has resigned his) position
with that Institution and will shortly
take up other duties. Mr. Craig has
made a capable and efficient banker
and the people of Anderson who have
business to transact with that instl
tutlou will regret to learn that he
will no longer <be connected with it.
fitted him for this work.
It has been rumored that Mr:
Craig would offer In the state cam
paign for the position or Comptrol
ler General, (but this Is not the rea
son for retiring, and it 1st said that
I he has something very much better
!s view. Hi~ *5any friends will al
ways fee glad of his success._
Juarez. Mexico,' Jan. 31?Federal
reinforcements today were ordered to
Torreon. where the rebels ere to
inahe their 5??t attack. Gen. Garcia
Hidalgo, with 40*.soldters, l?n Stl
Ullo to Join d%& R?fugie Velasco.
while Guatavo Maas with 3.000 men
was sent out to maintain the railroad
Recommendations ?v?ade
by Postmastsr Gen
eral Saturday.
_______ ? ^
sent to senate
with his o. k;
The Commission Which Drew Up ,
Plans Headed by D. C. Roper
of South Carolina.
Uf.:;;,<?<,tc_| Jnr> Ol -PCitJS?Sttr
Gcrcrul Burleaon today subro'.ttod to
tho senate the recommendation* at
the departmental commission ap
pointed by him to Investigate the
nraetlea.bility *>' gnrawwot owae?
?hip by telephone and telegraph lined.
The .report declared that "the- only
way t? afford to the people the com.
plete and modern postal facilities that
the constitution makes It the duty of
the government to provide" la by ca*?
rylng out these suggestions:
"1. That congress declare a. gov
ernment monopoly over *l' t**?*5?sp*ti
telephone and radio communication
and ouch other, means for the tras?
miBHlon of intelligence as may here
after develop.
"2. That congress acquire by pur
chase at* appraised value the comnoey
cial telephone, network, except , t?*
farmer lines.
"3. Thai congress - authorize ' the
postmaster general to Issue, in his
dis?crctipsi muu under such reg...atwS
as hn may prescribe, revocable ' ?t-i
censes for the operation by private
individuals, associations, companies,
and corporations of the telegraph -
service and' such parts of the t?l?
phone service as may Pot be acquired
by the government."
The recommendations are stgMp?
C. Koons, superintendent division of
salaries and allowances, compostag !
the committee,
"The private monopoly," states the
report, "has no incentive to extend
lu facilities to unprofitable territory;
but the government must serve all
the people.
"It is. economic waste to permit
private enterprise to build up vast
properties thai eventually must bo
taken over by the government in re
BUtning Its constitutional monopoly at
a cost out of all proportion to the
value of the parts of such proparues
that may be utilised to advantage Se
the postal system.
"Telegraph facilities have' not bee?
extended to the small towns and vjjp
lages along with the government
postal facilities.
"According to- the best avallabte
data, the capitalisation of the long
distance and toll lines represents ap
nroximately $200,000,000 and the Cap
italization of the entire commercial
network approximately $900.000.000,
The cost to the government would he
less than the appraised value, since
It would be uodesirablo for the gov
ernment to purchase the real estate'
boldfng8 of the companies. Exchanges
could be leased until accommodations
could be provided in t?i? postoJP.oes
and stations."
Two Negroes Charged With
glarixing Safe and Store
In 1908.
Charged with having some knowl
edge of a robbery committed at Gluck;
Mills in th? year 1908, WiUts Curry
and Claude Tucker were lodged la
Jail yesterday. The crime committed
consisted of breaking into the store
ai the Gluck Mills and also., the post
At the time of the robbery the store
reported thst about $100 metal checke
wore lost, and the arrest of the ne
groes yesterday was based upon the
fact that they tried to pass some ot
the checks that were stolen. It is
said that the chcecks showed signa
of having been burled.
Only a small amount of money wan
secured by the robbers when the pur*?
gl?ry was committed, the total su?a
not reselling more than $40.
The two negroes, when atTCSte*
yesterday, said that they had gotten
the checks from another negro and
d!d set know Wk?~3 th?? u?? wrig
inally come front.
between Torreon and S?Hil?o, whk9?.
It was feared, the rebels might de
stroy, As a* precaution aga'.r?? reb
el advance from Durwtgo State Gen.
Argumedo marched westward.
In all. the federal garrison at Ter
roon will be ebont 10,000. which w!U
be"* slightly fowsr than the attackiog

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