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VOL. 1. NO. 1.
Weekljr, K t WUhe4 1860;Doily, Jan. 18, 1914.
H. c. Town
Sterling Citizen Is Re
lieved of Terrible
Was * Leading Chken and Busi
ness Ulan and Was an Exam
ple of Piety, Courage and
Progress in Community.
"It -was with sorrow that Anderson
heard of the death or Mr. H. C. Town
send at the Anderspn County hospital
Sirnday night at 10 o'clock. The ond
was not unexpected. A week earlier
he had showed signs of Improvement
and his loving relatives and friends
bcslegc? the very Throne of Heaven
with prayers Irr hl? recovery, but the
inscrutable myatery of the Beyond
had willed that /Claude Towusend
must go home?and he was ready for
the call. Be had'fought so bravely,
so calmly, though in such terrible
pain, and when at laat the battle of
life was ended be yielded up the ghost
as a man unafraid, as a Christian
happy In the knowledge of the resur
Mr. Tpwnsend was injured on the
night of the 16th of October by being
caught under the Culling walls of his
building', which was burning. Two
other citizens of Anderson were)
crushed to death under the walls. Mr.
Townschd was rushed to the hospital
and there was given the beett of treat
ment, but appealed that his leg be
not amputated. Everything that is
knov/n to surgery was used to save
this useful, vrluablu and exemplary
lite, but all to no avail.
, Mr. Town*wfid If survived by his
wife, Mrs. X6ll?c Towers Townsnnd;
his father ami mother, Mr. and Mrs.
J. H. Townscnd. and two brothers.
Messrs. O. B, and J. B. Towr.nond.
The funeral will be conducted Tues
d?ceas^ VaV a number and officer
??f ?uiiujr y Ultra.
The following will act as pallbear
ers: Messrs. G. W. Evans, Jas. T.
Pearson. H. 8. McCully, J. 8. Siielor.
W. \V. Sullivan and .Jnp. T Burriss.
Interment will be made in Silver
Brook Cemetery.
Mr. Townsotrd was born on tin?
17ih day of March, 1867. at Uockville,
o?*..r f?liarl?cfi>?j b?iiig Mi"; a'.jSest son
of J. H. and Sarah Bisscll Townsend.
Mr. TowiiBcnd'? parents came from
their sea Island home to Anderson
during uta L-?; ?iuo? days, and Le iiad
been a resident of Anderson practi
cally all of hl? lifo. He was married
June 10, 181)1, to Miss Nellie J. Tow
ers, with whom h? lived an Ideal home
site until the day that he was stricken.
Mr. TowOBchd was- Identified v. ry
pruiniueuiiy.with the business.Impr
ests of Ui0 city, conducting a vory
largo lumber and building material
business. <: no wastao owner and op
erator of; tfo?! Towflscnd Twine mill
and a dlr?ar Jh Other business en
terprises of Anderson. He was a
builder or Anderson in the true sense
of the word, is 'tils buildings on
North Main street and Barlo street
witS??sUty. Thn.my as a'whole will!
suffis^ greatly from the removal of a
man who took gr??t pleasure in any
thing., regardless of expenditure, j
which meant its welfare.
*>i_ as^^Z _ s u-?.'' - K
nauonai roreax
in Alabama
(Oy Associated Kress.)
Washing Ion, Fcfc 2.?A national
forest at'-the headwafers of the War
rior River-In I^awrents and Winston
counties, Northwestern Alabama, for
the protection of the livers in that
region, is to bo -provide 1 by the gov
ernment. Secretary Houston, of the
department of agrlcultuie, announced
today that h<v had designated an area j
of more than InO.OOO acres of land i?
that section wfekh ho thinks should
. be purchased. The area is . almost
completely covered with forest, 92
per cent of it no vor having been
cleared. _
Gen. Francise
Ex i.
(By Associated Press)
Juares, Mox.. Feb. 2.?-Francisco I.
Gu?man, who -figured promlneuily la
the revolt agaimt President Madero
m Mexico City a year ago, was exe
cuted in the front yard o a house oo
cfoied ?>y tien, Francisco Villa here \
toCwy. iftBSmaa had just came, from
Hsvaon, ??u*?O| it was charged, he ;
bad been gtven s secret mission by
Fali? Dias to induce Own. Villa to
renounce Oer., (nrr&nsa and throw
the sertngth of the revolution to
. As soon as be beard of th? propo
sal Gen. Vitt* gave Guxman ? eon
New Governor of Virginia Occu
pies Highest Position in
Old Dominion.
(By Associated Press.)
Richmond, Va., Feb. 2.?Through
baif a hundred city blocks filled with
a multitude of cheering people, Henry
Carter Stuart rode today to the an
cient State capltol, where he took
the oath as governor of Virginia.
tOov. Stuart pocupies the unique
position In Virgin!r. of having been
nominated by bis party without op
position and had no republican op
position in the general election, the
first time this has happened since the
people took from the convention the
right to name the chief executive.
"The announcement of my candidacy",
said Gov. Stuart in Iiis inaugural
address, "contained thin declaration:
"I am not the candidate for any clique
Or faction, but ask the support of
till democrats who stand for good gov
ernment, firmly and resolutely admin -
Istercd in the paramount interest of
the tit ate.' Having thus taken th?
oatb of office I promise that ny
course as governor shall be Controll
ed by the principle thus announced."
Literacy Test
xxr_ _
TV OS M^kk^jC
U7? o_:?iAr\
(By Associated Press.)
Washington, Feb. 2.?The house!
late today rojected by a vote of 120 to |
173 a. motion of Representative Gold
fogle of New York to strike out the!
literacy test provision of the Burnett]
tnirnJj?rStion bill.
The house adopted, 111 to 90, an
amendment to exclude Hindus and all
persons of the Mongolian or yellow
race. .Malay or brown race, and Afri
can or black race, except those whose!
antry Is governed by treaties or|
Deputy Sheriff Yesterday Ob
tained More Evidence in
Murder Case.
Deputy Sheriff Olin Zanders, stated
last night upon bis rntnrn tn jL
it be had secured I
lesWrStf much valua
ble testimony in the case agsisst Use
Brown) charged with murder. Brown
?vas 'retains? to Andereon last week
from Gastonla, N. C, where he was
arrested by the North Carolina offi
It will be remembered that ho shot
and killed a not lier negro named Press
Hutchinson in 1908, the kilting tak
ing place near Iva. While in Iva
yesterday the deputy sheriff also
investigated "the rown case, witn the
result mentioned.
A Third Negro Is Now Implicated
in Robbery of Store and
(With the discovery yesterday of J
$6C;oG additional in checks that were
stolen whop the Cluck .Mill store and
postoffice were burglarised In 1908,
the : indications arc that tbo officials
will soon be at tbo bottom of tbo
matter and will know just why the
yeggmon were. Another negro, Hay
wood Johnson, was implicated in the]
case when the additional chocks oh
the store were found yesterday.
Willis McCurry and Claude Tucker
were arrested Saturday, charged with
the crime anc* ti?*? evidence against !
them was that they had scmyc of tas
checks In their possession. They i
said that they had gotten t~c checks
from another negro by tte name of
Fred Curcnton and be av?d that he
had gotten them f^ovrn Hey wood
'Johnson. jA warrant has been Is
sued tor Johnson and it Is presumed
that he wall shortly be arrested, s s
It is understood that he is still U"|
tho city. The othor two negroes are
to be given a preliminary today, at
which time tho United States gov
rament will probably bo represented
on tho ground that the negroes. If
guilty of robbing the store, are also
guilty of robbing tho .por.tofftce.
(All told the officials have now re
covered S?7.G0 worth of the Stolen
Mates Message
j fercnen and after making sum of the
j nature of the visit, ordered the u&e
j seogcr shot. Within A few minutes
I after Iris arrival, Guxmen was led oui
; of Villa's room, stood up before an
adobe wall-and with h's hands tied
and eyes blindfolded, was executed.
The shooting was done by a rebel of
SMf>-1? a.ww the r^itrowM?-' *^??C
lmppened to be present when the ex
ecution was ordered.
. The execution of those upon whocs
the rebels look ?e political enemies
Is said to be in line with a recent
order from Geu. Car ran *a that all
those tceit ? active aart la the
overthrow of Madoro must be killed.
James Eskew, Thirteen-!
Year-Old Boy, Was
When Boy Asked to See Weapon |
It Wm Discharged, Carting
Death?Prominent Pied
mont Family.
A? a result of asking a negro to
let him sec his pistol, James Eskew,
a white boy 13 yearn or ago. died at
the homo of his parents near Pied
mont yesterday afternoon about 4:30
o'clock. The negro, Henry Poole,
will probably be given a bearing when
the coroner's inquest lu held this
morning St 10 o'clock
Information obtained last night
was to tho effect thai ibo negro was
employed by Charles Eskew, the fa
ther of the dead boy, and Die lad ant
tho negro were in some woods to
gether, where the negro was felling
timber. The boy asked the negro to
show him his pistol, which was a
3S-cslibre gun. an* a? the u?gro
started to comply with the request
the weapon was discharged, tho bul
let entering the boy's abdomen, pass
ing entirely through the body and
severing a number of Intestines. The
lad was at once picked up by the ne
gro and tenderly carried to tbo home
of Iiis parents, Dr. Mock meanwhile
being summoned. Little hope was en
tertained 'rem the start, <but Dr.
Black was summoned from Croi n. '
ville and the two physicians per
formed an operation. This however,
was in vain and the boy breathed hi*
last shortly before five o'clock.
IDiacusslug tho shooting with Itls
parents, before his death, the boy
said that it was purely ?cc'.d"Cis?
and that the negro whs in no way to
WgW. Ho entirely absolved Po?lo
from *ny intention to c?urmii the
jPoolc is a negro or some 18 years
and bears a good reputation around
Piedmont. There was clearly no de
sire oh ids part to Injure tho boy and
tho entire happening was an. acci
Corcuor Hardin will go to Pied
mont . th'.s morning aud an inqiic?t
itiiu the affair will start at 10
o'clock. j
~ : ' = i
* Norfolk, Va., Feb. 2.?'Divers
* recovered the Monroe's papers
* from the Old Dominion steam
' "ter, Monroe, which was sunk In ;
6 collision with Urb Merchants' I
* & Minera' steamer Nanluckot
last Friday morning. None of *
.^f 'tho forty-one bodies supposed
'to ibe in staterooms on the Mon- *
* tos were recovered today.
4: * * * m
Myers Found Fortune in North
f iimimuiii Din
Life, in Effort*
(uy Associated Press.)
Duluth, Minn.. Feb. 2.?A romance
made pathetic by a lonely death in
the wilderness of Alaska was reveal
ed today in a telegram received by
Mrs. D. II. Ilaslam from Candle, Alas
ka, whfcre the body of William H.
Myers, her brother, was found.
Myers had extensive holdings In
gold ?bd coal mines about Candle and
White HroEo passes. For 16 years R?*
had operated in Alaska, where h? siet
Misa L. B. Hayes, a Kentucky girl,
who went there to teach school. My
?ned to emerge from the wll
Christtnaa and marry her.
thought to be in Seattle.
.Uw? plan t" havo tho body
lit to the place of bis birth,
flh?e Edward's Island, when naviga
tion opens in tho spring. Myora' last
letter said bo had a fortune
ve Agreed On
Football Games
(By Associated Press.)
Joscsrlll?, Va., Feb. 8.?Charged
wlUi burning tho 4-year-old child of
deceased relative, Will Cnltoway and
wife are under arrest in the local
jail. According to atterlflTa officers,
the negroes confeseed.to the crlhio
upon being taken to the scene.
Cialliyivmy tu* aRIa**7* atetJt- in hin
confession is alloced to have ado*
ted having stripped the ehlld of
[ clothing and burned It -aliv on
Caib*ifire. The rwaott given,
cording to alleged confession, w
thut Oalloway and bit* wife tired
tho eblld. The burning lu Mil
have occurred late yesterday.
Gave Added Stimulus to Presi
dent's Desire for Social
' Justice.
(Uy Associated Pre?s.)
Washington. Fe^p. 2.?VAnneu work
ers who toil daily in the wills and ,'
the mines and in the sweatshops and
the mactories of the nation, pleaded
with President Wilson today for. his
assistance to the cause of woman
suffrage. The "president regretfully
told them as he did a delegation last
December, that be eould sot .irge
anything on congress which had not
received the organic consideration of
the democratic. party
Today's demonstration?not the
brass band, the street procession, the
colored pennants ,knd 'battle flags' of
the cause, bat the tale of hardship,
of he struggle to live on low wages,
of the struggle to live on low wages,
of the sanitariums for those who
sickened at their work and the
heart-breaVlng tra* edles of poverty
?affected the President deeply.
>As the delegation left the executive
office?, discouraged and disappointed
because they obtnind no positive aid,
they did not know* that the President
himself, was depressed, perhaps even
more than tbyeV ?s he went to lun
cheon with ht? family, die told his
friends afterwards he -wished he
could help, but saV no way to do It.
There is every reason to believe,
however, that the - day gave added
stimulus to the President's desire for
early legislation on social justic and
industrial reformsmentloned in his
first annual in cadre.
Executive OffidsJs Hold Meeting!
to Discuss Ways and
(By Assorted Press.)
New Ycr?:, VA. 2.?Exei-uuvu oi?i
ciajs of the five1 big express com
panies met today to consider econo
mic of operation which they say
will he neccBSitsfed by the reduction
in raeta which went Into effect today
upon the order of the interstate eom
mefce mniTiiiaia^ . ^pt'ait In g for
! the' companies, F. Flaggi; first vice I
i?nt* sMlCTwerisafv Expressi
"The companies- felt that, the" adop
tion of such greatly reduced rates!
must be viewed with the gravest ap
prehension as to the outcome. They I
are, however, confronted with threeI
alternatives: First, an appeal to the I
courts; second, the dissolution of thej
companies through liquidation of |thn
giving of a fuir trial to the low rates."
Men of Grace Episcopal Church
Are to Have an Or
At a largely attended meeting of
male members of Grace Episcopal
church, held at the residence of Mr.
R. C. Webb ou McDuffie street last
night, the Churchmen's Club of Grace
Church was organised. .
Gen. 91 L. Bonbam was elected
president and Mr. Harold Well Sec
retary-Treasurer. (Short talks were
made by Gullen Sullivan, J. J. Bald
f win, c. Oslgian, formerly of Ar
menia, F-3V. Mr. Glbboney and others,
aftor which a delightful lunch was!
served by ladies of the Guild of
Grace Church.
The nest meeting -of the club will
u? held ?t the residence of J. J. Bald
win, at which ilroe pmoa will be out
lined for the participation of the or
ganization in tho Laynien'B Parade
here during the State Sunday School
convention. iAU members of tho club
pledged themselves to enter the pa
rade, which will firm for the Episco
palians at Grace Church. All mem
bers of tho club also .pledged them
selves to enroll as members of the!
Men's iblp Class at . Grace Church
neat Sunday.
rail school
fobjoung MEN
Anderson Y. M. C A. and Clem
son College Inaugurate New
Night Initiation.
Announcement wsa made In An
derson yesterday of a decidedly pro
gressif? step which has been taken
by the Anderson Y. ?. C. A., tef?*hflr
wiui Clemson college. This is the
Inauguration of a textile night school
for- the benefit of the young men of
Anderson who work during the day.
The teachers of this school are all
to be. graduates erf leading textile
colleges and will be assisted by mem
bers of the faculty of Clemson col
lpim and l?v KtMinlSi an <1f>tAiled for
this work, i??crei?*ry V* M. Burnett,
a ho is connected with the movement
said last night that they expected to
have aa enrollment to start with
consisting of st least 75 sad possibly
100 and that number will &** largely
nugtne??t^? when the school is dem*
onstratlng what it will do.
Secretary of Navy Or
ders Inquiry in Mon
roe Disaster.
No Specific Charges Have Been
Made as to the Actual Neg
ligence in the Big
(By Associated Press.)
Washington, Feb. 2.?Secretary
Red field late today recommended
that charges of nellggeno shrdlu pu
that charges of ?n?gligence be pre
ferred against ("apt. O.-num Berry of
the Merchants and Miners' steamship
Xantucket. which collided with and
sank the Old l>oinlnlon liner Monroe,
with a loss of 41 lives, oc the Virginia
coast iast Friday.
Investigation of the Chartres will be
entrusted to the local board of inspec
tors at Philadelphia.
This action followed a conference
at the department of commerce on a
report rrom H. E, Tspley, the depart
ment's inspector of hulls at Norfolk
He announced that the evidence
brought at the Inspectors' preliminary
examination, held on board the Nan
tucket while that . hsel .was making
her way into Norfolk with the Mon
roe's survivors aboard, "tended to
show that there was negligence on
the part of Cupt. B?rry." Ho added,
I however, that It would lie "quite im
proper to pass upon that question at
this time."
No v,>eclnc Evidence.
No Intimation was given as to the
specific nature of the negligence to
bo charged against the Nantucket'e
A statement from the department
I announcing the result of today's con
ference said:
"The department has given instruc
' t!"i: Ui Inspector Tip'^v . **? pro?tr?
charges ognlnst CapL Berry. This
will bo done without delay, and the
; board of local inspector.! at Philadel
phia will bear all the testimony which
may be produced on both sides and
render Its decision."
Wellington, Feb. 2.?Senator
Tilinmn of South Caroling re
turned to his scat in the senate
today, fully recovered from the
Illness tlmt had confined him to
his residence for several weeks.
Owing to unavoidable delays, all of
the dozen or n.?,~e attractions of the
Tropical Amusement company were
unable to open List night, only a few
of the shew.i giving exhibitions. The
grand opening of the North Anderson
carnival will, therefore, take place
this afternoon, when everything will
be in readiness.
Sharp Fighting Bei w eis* Rivai
Revolutionary Leader?
In Republic.
(By Associated Press.)
Port au Prlnco, Feb. 2.?Sharp
fighting has occurred at Gonaivcs be
tween followers of the two rival revo
lutionary leaders, Senoia Davilmar
Theodore and Gen. Ore^to Zamore,
formerly government delcgato at Cape
The German cruiser Vineta left im
mediately for Oonaives to investigate.
Senor Theodore, who announced
several days ago that he would take
supreme command of the rebels, was
understood to be marching With bis
followers on the capital. Senior Is
reported to have left Connives for the
seme destination.
Judge Has Arrived
and Court Begins
rrho Anderson county court of
common please, scheduled to convene
yesterday morning at 10 o'clock, will
begin this morning and the roster of
cases taken up In accordance with
the published list, except that each
day's events will bo one day later la
The delay in beginning Ibis term
of court was? due to the tact that
Judo-o John S. Wilson'who Is to 'pre
side, eras summoned to Sum ter by
the announcement that his 6rother
la-law. W. H. Ingram,-had beer, lost
in tho ship disaster when the steamer
Monroe sank last week.
>J*idge Wilson srrived la the. cRy
last night at si: r.'dock and the
court will open ou time this morning.
Killing Cause by Mean Whiskey,
an Inflamed Temper and
a Woman.
The worst combination in the
world, mean whlekoy und u woman,
may bo ascribed us tbo cause of tbe
kilting of Richard Ivoebuck, a negro,
t>y Will Belcher, another negro. Roe
buck was shot SaAtfrday night about
II o'clock and died Sunday night
about the same hour.
Coroner Ilardin held an inquest ov
er the body yesterday, the Jury re
turning it verdict to the effect that
Richard Roebuck came to his death
From gunshot wounds inflicted by Will
Belcher. The uegro was then brought
to Anderson and lodged in the count}
fall. The evidence soetns to be ugainst
The shooting took place on what is
known as the Tucker place, two
miles from Iva. . The negroes were
holding a hot supper of some kind.
One feature of the affair rj! more
than usual .interest is the fact that
In the house where this happened o
negro named: Harris shot and killed
bis wife two years ago. The house
had not been occupied from that
time on until, last Christmas when
Its present occupants moved in. 'It
Is not presumed-that It will ever be
Decupled by negroes again. The Har
ris negro, when tried for killing hit*
wife, entered a plea of Insanity and
was sent to tho,asylum where he has
since died.
Structure Wfll Cost $7,000 and
Work W01 Begin at
' -One*.
!' o
'Anderson Lodge No. 1206 Benevo
lent and Protective Order of Elks,
win at once begin the construction ot
a handsoniit aifir? "Home, the net:
building to be located on tbe corner
jf Sharps and MeDufflc streets. Thl
la what- the Anderson Klks have loin
hoped for aud they and their friends
are well pleased' over the-fact that
such a step has at lust (become possi
; The Klks Holding Compny of An
derson, .wo? ?aturday granted a com-.,
mission Uy tho.Seoretary.of State." th*
capltai stock being.placed at $10,000
The petitioners for tbe commission
are named as W. L. Brissey and S. M.
Members of the order said last
night that so far as they knew there
was no reason why Ute place should
not be started by March 1, and local
Elks hope that It may be possible to
bave It oomptet*?d ' in time for the
State Bssoclatlon ot Eika. which will
convene in Anderson in June.
To Command Marine Corps.
(By Associated Press.)
Washington, Fab. 2.?Col. George
Barnett, comftnandant of the marine
barracks at Philadelphia, has been
selected to Buecoed,*SnJ.>en. Wta, B.
Diddle as commandant of the marine
corps, with the rank of major gene
ral, f
KSupreme Cour? Takes Beeess.
Washingttih, Fefc^S.?The *yprem*
court today took m recess until Tu.es-i
day, Feb. 24, without announcing de- |
cislon In nnv of tre more important
Fatally lajared by Automobile.
Lexington, Ky., Feb. 2.?Lesllo Ed
wards, 21 years old, was frozen to |
death and Duford Tcrhune, aged 22 j
years, probably will die from expo
sure as a result or being caught un
de> an auUMNObile which turned tur
'Ju in a creek near here last night
when tho steering gear failed to
Twe Aviators Killed
?Bourges, FrsJkfe, Feb. 2.?Losing
control of their biplane, Capt. Gaston
Niuet. of the ret artillery, and Lieut.
Jean Louis Delv?rt, ot the iwsnty
flrst artillery, were killed today .
(By Associated Press.)
Baltimore, Feb. 2.--Congressman
Robert O. Bremner, who had tho en
tire supply of radium possessed by
Dr. Howard A. Kelly, and valued at
?1AAAM *.t?<u>a In a n>r.?r lut Iln
e?rober.'ls dyin?. It was announced
today that complications had arisen
and death was a Jmattor of only a
fwe daya.
llr. Bremner rallied this morning
from his weaLoBod condition and iu
Stod on worfcsn on a ?tu ne baa.
fore congres?. This afternoon he
To Be Erected X?v Limon
& Ledbetter itvight
Away itj ^TBji
The Building Occupied by West
ern Union Telegraph Com?
pany Will Be Torn v
Reflecting the proi;icr!ty which is
'Oeing experienced at tnis t:uie, not
merely by their firm but by a'l An-.
Jcraon. Llgon. & Ledbetter will at
onco begin tho construction of ft
handsome two-story building on their
property on Alain street, just next
to tho building now occupied .by them.
The Western Union Telegraph Com
pany occupies the .nreaent buUdlng
on tb.u site but tblH^wlll be tarn
down to make way for the handsome
structure which Llgon & Ledbetter
will erect.
The building is to be Iwo-torieS In
height with a large concreted base
taent which will be 'Practically oqultr
aient to a third story, and will bo fin
ished in modern style throughout. It
will be 130 f?et tong and 24 feet wide
and will bo .constructed of the best '
?r?crlal that can be.pbtain.bd. Ca^py
ic Fant, architeats, aje now working'
on ho plaus in accordance . with the
special specifications desired by ttie
tirm god they state that the beAdr
iog will bo one of ihe handsomest \sx
Anderson, ?rhe entire building ?wfll
be -arrouiided by a cezneni walk and
the aides of the places will he cea
voted of plate glass.
The basement of the new place will
no of concrete and It Is planned'' by
ile^srs. Llgon ft Ledbetter to alsf>
concrete their present large bas?
sasfri. Part of toe new building will
i'jn?jcet over what is now the opsn
mouth of the^^.A^^j^^
Although no contract has yet been
; loped, it .1* , uudtrstood that the
V7'.*tern Union will continue to oc
upy ground floor quarter? when the
new building Is erected. The secoml
tioor will be devoted to offices, while
it Is probable that there will be &
stor0 of some sort fronting on Mela
Another ?ig VeaL
Another business deal of interns?
to Anderson people occurred yester
day when Carlisle ."SPoKioney pur-basfr
ed Lorn Bob King and Oeorge Ev<d?
I the building on Main street occupied
by the C. A. Reed Cor It la atateo
that this deal was closed by the real -
j estate company for a company ope
rating a line of business establish
ments throughout the United States
and that they contemplate the efeo
tlon of a magnificent business build*
lug on the newly acqtttred properly.
This has not been formed.
It was impossible to ascertain last
night just what was the purchase
prlco hut it is understood that a large
sum was Involved.
He* Been Susp** A?d to A^f?t
the Filing of Brief in the
Judge's Behalf.
(By AssoMftted Press,)
Washington, Feb. S.-rChairman
Webb of the subcommittee of the
house judiciary committee, conduct
ing the investigation of charges of of
ficial misconduct against Federal
Judge Emory Spier of Georgia, an
nounced today thst activity in . the
cas? had been suspended to await the
filing of al brief on behalf of Judge
Speer. The. brief will be received
within three weeks. Jt ia probable
that no report i nths case will be
made to the house tor six weeks or
two months. -
. . Patience?She says she has bean
hunting for a flat all day.
Patrice?Why, Is her hoaonad miss?
log?_ '
rted as Dying
celled his brother, Leith Bremner of.
Richmond. Va., to his bedside, < and,
telling him he realised the end a**
not far off, requested htm to tale
charge of the Passa'.) Daily HerelS*
which he owns.
Whan Mr B*?"*1** <s?ianlt?? J*?
Kelly tr December It is understcSff*
that neither Or. Kelly nor his eemV
tant, Dr. C. ?. Surnanj. because of the
cancer's else, ever had been sanguine
about a cure, but the coagiesiaitlfn
optimism w?b communic-?i-d to bus
wlti. whom h? came in contact if lb
tight has been a remarkobb} one

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